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Found 16 results

  1. Hey gang, Friday is here again. Been a weird week in my shop because of what I built and what I'm destroying. I finished flocking the jewelry box trays yesterday but the rest of the week was spent helping two other families. My neighbor has a sump that empties the water from his basement and he wanted a make a trough with a fake pitcher pump to catch the water. The drain line will go to the bottom of the pump and it will drain into a 4 foot long horse trough. Time will tell how we did. The rest of my free time went to help my son. He bough a house across the street from his at a Freddie Mac sale and we are "deconstructing" it. Looks like this may take all summer and I'm not sure my old body will take it. This house looks like the Winchester Mansion, Midwest edition. The guy had add ons everywhere. We've been at it a week and here are a few pictures showing our progress.
  2. It's Friday! Good day Patriot Woodworkers! What y'all doing this weekend an what have you planned for shop time? Also, what have you planned for life? Any topic is welcome, birthday parties, woodworking, trips, anything. So, lets hear it, plans, we want your plans! A Good Project I'd like to share a wonderful project Steven Newman has been involved in, and it's finally done! As we all know, Steve is our neanderthal woodworker to our community, his projects always involved extensive hand work, and patience, and he works in a small space that would turn most woodworkers into, well, non woodworkers! I have always admired Steve's zeal and commitment to the craft. MWTCA "What's It" The current What's It will be drawn tonight for a random winner for a one calendar year membership to the MWTCA. Featured Image of the Weekend Just a fun collage I created of people, can you name them all? Starting from the top left working across.
  3. Hey Patriot Woodworker's! Here we are another weekend and a late Friday topic, sorry about that. But we have to ask, "What is on your woodworking agenda this weekend?" Any and all events to discuss are welcome, shoptime, outside work, honey do's, kids birthday parties, the grands coming to visit, you can talk about it here. My weekend Working on our patio shade structure again, just nipping away at it one board at a time, with kids around it's kind of challenging to get a good roll, I'll hang a joist, then I have to break away and pick one up from an event they are at, come home, hang another joist, "Hey dad, I need help with my science project" oh ya, and Mama is in the middle of it all getting things done too, as many of you know with kids, it's energy and excitement most every day. But we are getting it all done, the posts are up, the supports for the shade pieces are going up, and next weekend I should be installing the 2" x 3" shade slats across the supports. Easy Wood Tools Is in Florida, if you are in the area, drop on by and say howdy! @Jim from Easy Wood Tools may be there, I am not sure. So that's if from me folks, hope you all have a wonderful weekend, and life treats you grandly and wonderfully!
  4. January 2018..... Who'da thunk it? Many years ago, my wife's great grandmother told us to enjoy our lives while we're young because they fly by quickly. We thought she was crazy but she was right as rain. Like many parts of the nation we have been sub-zero for much of the week. One night was 12 below zero with a nice stiff wind. Luckily, my shop is well insulated and heated. Allen Worsham got a taste of Tennessee winters this week and managed to snag the flu while they were visiting. I spoke with Larry Buskirk today (he said "HI" to everyone) and he said the temps in Wisconsin were nasty. Enough of the weather. After a couple of weeks off I'm back in the shop building a pair of cherry bookcases for a customer. I had a friend drop off a never used Carvewright CNC router to learn but that's a week or so away. Tomorrow, my son and daughter and I am going to a large genealogical library in Ft Wayne, Indiana as we continue to search our family tree. This has been an ongoing project of mine for nearly 40 years and now that I have my kids interested, the search is more fun. That's my short term plan. What's on your weekend agenda, fellow Patriot Woodworkers?
  5. What's on your agenda this weekend! Well well here we are again folks, getting ready to launch into yet another weekend of fun and shop antics! As is our tradition here on The Patriot Woodworker we want to know, what have you got planned for your shops this weekend, projects, jigs, maintenance, customer stories, and or, life in general? What the heck is going on with you all this weekend? Please post some progress images too if you can, we love to see your work! And we'd also love to see your trip to the beach, your outing for the day, how about a picture of you? Yes, we are nosy, because we care and we like to see just what the heck is going on. Some happenings As some of you may know, we now have our new store open again. This time our Patriot Woodworker T-Shirts are featured along with some wonderful warm Patriot Caps! Why are they called Patriot Caps? Well because some wonderful young lady's hand crafted them, for the purpose of supporting our friends at Homes for Our Troops. All the proceeds minus shipping costs are donated to Homes for Our Troops when you purchase a warm cozy hand made cap. The proceeds from our T-Shirts go directly to supporting our community here, to help offset the costs of hosting fees and licensing dues. Click on STORE and support a great cause! Featured woodwork's Herb, or better known as @Dadio has introduced many of us to a bow sander. He has made a grip of these sanders for his buddies in his woodworking club. Way to go Herb! To see his topic on Bow Sanders click on the preceding link. Featured video I love woodworking from the past, I was perusing YouTube and found this really neat old video for a public service message for Vocational Videos. It's a wonderful video. Lastly Have fun folks!!! Take care, be safe in all you do, and we look forward to hearing all about your weekend plans.
  6. Well folks, I dropped the ball and did not cover this Friday topic for our Administrator John Moody! Our admin John Moody is getting ready for a life event, so he may not be around here for a couple weeks or even more! But he is fine and healthy. As you all know John is our Friday topic fellow, and he always gets a nice friendly topic up here on Fridays to ask you all, what's on your woodworking agenda this weekend? I am filling in, so I may not do as good a job as John Moody, but here we go. What are you all up to this weekend! I know it's late, but I had to say it, to cover my duties. So, what do you all have in the oven? I was in the shop last night for a couple hours building a wood bending steam box for the shaker chairs I am ready to make. It was a fun project, just some pine, some butt joints, and some basic carpentry, I love these projects, they bring me back to the beginnings, I had the radio on, I had a little fire pit going right outside my shop, and I had my Appalachia music in the background. Here is an album I started for the process of the steam box. Picture below is a the view out the back of my shop/garage towards our back yard. I was getting a tad chilled working in my shop, so I just set out the ol fire pit and used it for a heating source to walk out too and get warm, then head back in and keep working on the steam box. Then the word got out to the kids that dad had started a fire. So, my son joined me outside, he brought his lap top out and sat by the fire as did his home work. He is currently working on a huge project, he is building a website for the annual "History Day" project for school. The website he is making is dedicated to the men of the "Irish Brigade" during the Civil War". He loves military history, and he chose to create a project about the fierce Irish Brigade. So that's been my weekend of woodworking thus far! I'll head back into the shop today and complete that steam box. Thanks all for being here, and don't forget to tell us. What's on your woodworking agenda this weekend!
  7. Seems as though the weeks are just flying by. Here we are at the end of May already and jumping full into Summer. I hope you are getting to spend some time in your shop. I hope to get to visit in my shop a little this weekend, but I will be limited to what I can do and for sure don't want to trip over anything in there. I am working on the rehab of my new knee and it is going well, but yes it does hurt at therapy. I was able to get 85 degrees of bend today which is excellent since it has only been a week and two days since the surgery. Today they put me on the bike and told me to try to get it to go all the way around backward. I could get close but just couldn't get it to go all the way around. It looks so easy, but it just doesn't happen sometimes. Yes I was almost all the way to the top but it just wouldn't make it over. But as I have been out of the shop for a few weeks, my sons and DIL and my wife have been keeping things going and making cutting boards and other projects to keep us on schedule. My son and I were talking and came up with this polka dot cutting board. He also has three other boards with some variation in the layout ready to get glued this weekend. I hope I can get out there and maybe help do a little glue up or run the drum sander. I can sit on a stool and work on those items for a little while. So that is what is happening in our shop right now. What are your plans for this coming weekend in your Patriot Woodworker shop? Are you working on a new jig, starting a new project, finishing up a project, working on Father's Day projects, organizing the shop, doing home improvement, getting the yard ready for summer, or spending some time inn the recliner and resting after a long hard week? We here at TPW are interested in the projects you are doing in your shop and love to see pictures of your projects and information about what you are doing posted here. So come on and tell us about your weekend projects! You never know your project just might inspire someone else to give it a try. I am waiting to see what you are doing, so come on and post.
  8. The countdown continues and next Friday I will be officially retired. As I understand, it really just means I change bosses. But for a while I will be here by my self during the day. We'll see how it works out. So a few weeks back I posted a picture of a couple of Poplar tables I was working on to become Lego building tables. At this point all I had to do was put the trim piece around the top that helps keep the pieces from falling off the table. So this week I got all of that finished and got the tables painted Lego Red and added the Green 10"x10" Lego bases. This gives them something to start building from. I made one of these for my grandson for Christmas and had several people wanting one. So now these two are ready for pickup and should bring hours of fun in Lego building. I used epoxy to attach the bases to the top. Today I am working on gluing up and hopefully getting these two Walnut panels cut into a circle 27 1/8" to be used as a table top on a Bistro Table. I'll take them down to almost a 1/2" thick and the bevel the edge after it is round. And while I am waiting on that to dry I am working on building a cherry base for this Marble Chessboard that came from Italy. I also have this small veneer repair to do on this old coffee table They saved the piece of veneer and taped it on so I will get it glued back in place for them. That's what is happening in my shop, what projects are you working on this weekend in your Patriot Woodworker shop? All of us here at TPW love to see the pictures and projects you are working on so share this weekends projects with us. Have a fun and safe weekend in the shop making sawdust!!
  9. Charles Nicholls

    Weekend projects

    Hello all. Here's what I will be doing this weekend, making tops and other items. This one is pretty much complete, It just needs a bit of sanding and finish. I was hoping it was going to be a bit wider so that it might balance a bit better but it still should work. I'll try throwing it tomorrow after the glue sets and see how it does.
  10. My buddy John Moody is on the road pickin' today so he asked me to ask you, "What's on your agenda?" No shop time for me this weekend. I'm spending tomorrow at the range with a couple of 9MMs and of course, my beloved Fighting Irish plays Navy tomorrow. Sunday morning the missus and I are flying to Washington D.C. for a few days. So what do you folks have cooking for the weekend?
  11. Still pinch hitting for John Moody as he recovers from hand surgery. Fall has hit the midwest with wind, rain and cooler temperatures. I'm in the shop wrapping up a few cutting boards and trivets for an upcoming show. So, what's on your weekend agenda?
  12. I'm going to pinch hit for my good friend John Moody today. John had a redux on his left hand today so I'll be his hairy legged secretary. Today the love of my life and I traveled to Gas City and Fairmount Indiana to do a little pickin' and a whole lot of street rod viewing. Fairmount was the birthplace of James Dean and the last weekend of September of each year is dedicated to his memory. Thousands of street rods come into the area and we stroll hand in hand listening to the old music, looking at the cars and getting our allotment of junk food. Fred, you and Judy need to trip up here next year! So gang, what's on your weekend agenda? By the way........ Get well soon John Moody!!!
  13. My good friend John Moody normally starts this topic every Friday but he's stuck in traffic leaving Mount Vernon near Washington D.C. With any luck he'll be rolling in to our house tomorrow and we're going to join 400,000 of our closest friends for the 99th running of the Indianapolis 500 on Sunday before he heads back to Alabama. So what's on your agenda for this Memorial Day weekend?
  14. Warm air coming up from the gulf and cold air coming down from the North West, looks like snow in the forecast for North Alabama tonight. But it won't hang around long, will be back up in the mid 50's on Saturday. That's the way we get it, it come and goes in almost a days time. I haven't been in the shop all week, taking care of my wife after she had some surgery this week. She may about ready to send me to the shop though. Several projects sorta stuck in the middle right now, but I should be able to get back in the swing of things next week. I have the corner benches made from the church pews done except for some trim and the table is cut out and glued up, just needs all the parts assembled. So we are getting close to getting it out of the shop and delivered. I need a bit of dry weather though to get it out and installed. I also have a couple of Green Egg tables to build, one standard and one custom. Those may get on the real work agenda next weekend. So for now I am playing with a new toy, my new Mac Book Pro. I am an Apple person from way back and it is nice getting to know all of the new features that have been put in since my Mac SE days. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend and are spending some time in the shop. Share your Patriot Woodworker agenda with us. We love to see all of the projects other Patriot Woodworkers are working on. No project is too little or too big, we just love to see what you guys are making. So post them and let us brag on you! I'll be checking back in later to see what you are all planning for the weekend.
  15. I have been quite behind in doing my post lately. Wasn't sure if I was going to get fired or not, but I hope to be on the mend enough to get things back in the grove. I had worn through the bone on my right knee and it just got to the point I couldn't stand to be up on it. I had a full knee replacement just over a week ago and all is going well. Long way to go but making progress everyday. I have climbed the stairs into and out of the house several times now, quite a bit of walking and the best therapy I like is sitting in the porch swing. They tell me to put my foot down and lightly swing back and forth the help stretch the muscles so I can get the bend back. So yesterday I was in the swing quite a bit. As for working in the shop no shop work yet, but my two sons have been filling in and keeping things running. They have done four shows for me and we have sold numerous pieces out of the shop. I told them we are now Cutting Board Dynasty and I was going to be like Phil on Duck Dynasty, sit in the recliner and say, "happy, happy, happy". But even though I am out of my shop, we here at TPW always want to know what other Patriot Woodworkers are doing on their shops. So share with us your plans for this Memorial Day long weekend. Of course we are want to take time and remember those who paid the ultimate price for our freedom. I hope you will do that over this weekend and remember family members and friends who served our great country and paid the priced of freedom with their lives. WhT other plans do you have for this weekend, are you starting a new project, finishing a project, building jigs, doing home improvement, yard work, shop remodeling, or just sitting in the porch swing and enjoying some BBQ? We want to know and looking forward to sharing in your weekend project so get busy and tell us what is going on in your Patriot Woodworker Shop. I'll be in the porch swing checking often to see who shares with us.
  16. Can you believe it? Spring is actually here. Yep, it arrived yesterday and it was a beautiful day here in North Alabama. Temps were in the mid 60's, not a cloud in the sky, I think I am feeling better already, well except now that things are blooming I can't breath. Oh well got to always have something. So we have a great weather weekend coming up and it will be a good time to get in some shop work. If it has been too cold for you then maybe you can now get out there and get some saw dust going on. It is also a good time to get out and start looking for some rust. Open air markets will start up soon and you will be able to find all kind of objects. I seem to just go from one project to another and believe me that is great and not a complaint. After shipping out the Cherry Blanket Chest I took a few evenings to slow down just a bit and clean up the shop. Seems I had every flat surface in the shop covered with something. So now things are cleaned up and put away in their spot ready for the next project. This weekend I will be working on several things. First off will be this 12" x 12" laminated table top. I have a metal frame in the shop of a customer that wants this to just sit down in. So I got it glued last night and should be ready to finish off early in the morning and cut to size and ready for pickup. It is made like some of my cutting boards so it was pretty straight forward. Next of the agenda for tomorrow is to get two White Oak shadow boxes cut out and glued together. I got the pieces cut and planned last night and will take them to final dimension tomorrow and them glue and clamp. I really hope to get those finished by the end of the day. I need to but out another batch of cutting boards to get ahead of my orders. In bringing in all of the old tools, yesterday was a great day when a package arrived from Woodcraft with a few new tools to add to the shop. I picked up a Wixie digital Angle Gauge. Wow can I tell you how sweet that thing is. As soon as I play with it a little I will give you a full write up on it. My digital calipers had gone on the blink and I literally mean blink. I would start to move them and the screen would change to mm then to inches and then to decimals and only half of the number would be visible. I changed the battery but didn't do much for it so it was time for a replacement. I really like the Wixie 6" digital calipers. Let me tell you one of the best feathers on both is the ability to change the battery without a tool. My Glue line blade was getting a little dull I think so while I had the chance I got a new one and will send to old one out and have it sharpened as a backup. Those were all given to me for my birthday by my wonderful wife. So what about the rest of you wonderful Patriot Woodworkers, what is on your agenda this weekend? Are you building a new project, continuing on an old project, cleaning out the shop for the spring, making jigs, and just sitting and watching March Madness on the TV(your bracket has already been busted)? We here at TPW love to see what you are doing in your shop and the projects you do may just inspire someone else to give it a try and hone their skills. So jump in here and share what you are working on and please post pictures. We love to see the projects and it gives such wonderful description of what you are doing. Okay, quit reading now and start posting!

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