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  1. I fell into a rabbit hole this past week, involving Case Knives. Long story short, a family friend gave me an old Case Hunter Knife made from 1940 to 1965, she's a beaut, looks brand new, never used, a ton of family history in it, and through my research of this knife, I fell into the rabbit hole of exploration, and landed on the CASE Knife website. Perusing the website, I landed on this nice little page, full of whittling plans, hope you enjoy! Whittle More Blog – caseknives.com CASEKNIVES.COM Whittle More Whether it's your first project or you're a seasoned hobbyist, this blog is filled with fun whittling projects for you to...
  2. Not sure IF it is a good omen that a Month begins on a Monday So...what is on YOUR schedule for the week? I have a rehab to do...
  3. Hello. Does anyone here have the complete plans to make the wooden mini model that Jim Sevilla shows on YouTube? I have been looking for years and can't find it. Jim has a link on his page to download them but none of my 6 computers, 2 browsers and mobile phone lets me into the Google Drive for the download. Thanks.
  4. Whatchyall got planned for today and the rest of the week? Bob's nearing completion of his kitchen re do, Lookin' great, too. Bandit is laid up with his knee. Missed the tractor fest. Get better Steve. We spent 3 hrs in HD yesterday gathering materials for a fairly large and intricate automatic irrigation system. Well, intricate for me, that is. 5 zones, 400' of water line and dozens of emitters and/or soaker hoses. Construction begins Friday with trenching. Anyone else's shop time getting interrupted by Honey Do jobs?
  5. Here, it's Wednesday again. What's on everyone's agenda for the rest of the week? Bandit is probably exercising the one cell sketchup, now that his fabulous tool chest is finished.The recent storm on the east coast has likely provided Artie with some fertile hunting grounds. September is only a week away. Are we thinking about Christmas gifts, yet? Or, do you wait till after Thanksgiving to get started? You turners have been busy creating some impressive work. How can I get on your gift list? Our fearless leader hasn't posted any projects lately. What's up with that, @John Morris? Yeah, I know, my project posts have been non existent of late. Hard to produce anything in a half way (or less) completed shop. But, we're inching closer. Hoping to be doing some serious woodworking by the very end of September. We have a family reunion in OK starting 9/24. That'll take a bite out of my shop time. But, October looks promising.The The rest of my week will be still filled with unboxing, organizing and, trying to make room for all of what's still boxed up.
  6. Does anyone know where I can borrow, beg, steal or buy a pattern/plan for a turkey tail fan display plaque? I have been asked to build one which is a simple project but have no idea of the optimal size dimensions and the configuration. I have never seen a turkey tail mount and am unsure how the tail is mounted in the plaque. Thanks Don R
  7. https://learn.kregtool.com/projects-plans of course, you don't need to make pocket hole joints on all of them if you don't want to.
  8. https://www.rockler.com/free-woodworking-plans
  9. Version 1.0.0


    This is a scanned document of the now defunct Workbench Magazine of this era. Permission was granted by the new Workbench Publication for The Patriot Woodworker community to copy and use the old Workbench Magazine at our pleasure, and for free distribution and re-use. This is a wonderful example of Danish work at its core, what a great crafts project to undertake, and it will sure to be the center piece of any table setting or this would also make a wonderful coffee table accessories. I love Danish, the simplicity, the folk art that surrounds it, and this looks like it would be a pretty simple project to turn out and carve out in a day. Hope you enjoy!
  10. Anyone have any pictures or plans of jewelry boxes they've made? I am looking for something I can make out of some salvaged black walnut. Probably 3 drawers and no hinged lid. Not finding many examples of such. Since the wood is re-purposed, dimensions are somewhat limited to 8x16x8.
  11. Used to remember when a Friday meant something good was going on....being Retired, every day is either a Friday....or a Monday..... Anything planned for the weekend? Veterans' Day being Monday..... I might see IF I can add to this pile... Might be working too hard, for a FRIDAY?
  12. Woodsmith has just announced an affiliate program for people to join and get them to sell from their archive of plans https://hub.woodsmith.com/join-our-woodsmith-plans-affiliate-program?ecid=ACsprvtxhvWENpDGXi-5Qw95W8Wz0osCXuiBmb8MZ_cSBrR_WgjMHGGdlHUrt9zi_aWJCk-aoZWc&utm_campaign=WSM - Product Promotion - Woodsmith Affiliate Program&utm_source=hs_email&utm_medium=email&utm_content=73892454&_hsenc=p2ANqtz-_3iNPxn44HSn09KmXCUJRvPFEQq61-FDJeQnjQAzA9ujTbLikjyURX2UQzX252H3jwuzomi9eEAXjCjAbHxHhzVyARDRrj7kG0jJoabYc5TACIDMY&_hsmi=73892456 Be prepared for social media and forums to get filled with plan offers, just like the day of Ted's Woodworking Plans getting posted everywhere. By the way, AIM (parent company) has just bought the intellectual property of Popular Woodworking (i.e., the plans and articles) https://blog.lostartpress.com/2019/06/19/popular-woodworking-acquired-by-woodsmiths-parent-company/?fbclid=IwAR0omAQc3sJjyzlSI7SugC-4AiZaJOM0rIDuWHX4C993vmbQNkFkPXiIL1I
  13. Hi, my mother-in-law has a storage shed on her property. It’s about 27 years old, neighbors tree fell on shed, roof no longer rain tight. Shed was an cheapie, did a great job lasting this long. Doors are sagging/rotting, roof has moss growing on it, particle board has become fall-aparticle-board. So I’m trying to find out whether it’s more cost advisable to buy a new, already made one(probably not), buy a precut kit, and assemble (maybe, but quality could still be an issue), or just get a set of plans build it myself, well with some help of course (I’m thinking this is the most inexpensive, and fun, but also most work). To price out the build it myself, I need plans. Due to my MIL’s yard/driveway layout, we’re looking for a shed that is 8 feet X 12 feet. We need the door to be one the 8 foot end, and maybe a window or two for light. I found a set of plans that do this, but the rafters, joists, etc seem to be 24 inches on center, I think for strength and snow loads up here in NE I’m wanting 16 inches on center. So any recommendations for where I can get good plans would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for any help or suggestions, Artie PS I have checked the laws/rules/regulations and no permit is required for sheds 120 sq feet or less.
  14. A Few years back I lost my Drafting table that I did all my art work on, in a house fire along with most of my wood working tools. Also the desire to create anything. I am now I am in a new home started to get back into wood working again. I am also wanting to get back into creating my art again. the old me coming back. What I need now is plans for a Drafting table. One that would fit a 30X36" desk top would be great. I have an Ideal what I am wanting but would like to see some ideals.
  15. Well I did it again. I perused Amazon books this past weekend and found some wonderful book about Shaker Furniture. I know our admin John Moody loves Shaker too! I am hooked on Amazon Used Books, you can purchase virtually any book used on Amazon at a fraction of the cost of a new book, great for us, not so great for the original author and publishers. But hey, your keeping small independent used book stores across the nation busy and cash flowing! So there is an upside to the supply side of this. Here is another book I purchased through Amazon at this link: The following books arrived over the last two days in my mail box, and I love them! This first book caught my eye completely because I really want to build a shaker Mt. Lebanon style chair, and rocker. I love the style and the weaved seating. I paid $3.99 plus $3.99 shipping on this one. How to Build Shaker Furniture by Thos. Moser, the Moser's are one of my favorite woodworking families in the entire world. I get their catalog of furniture every year and I drool and I also get inspiration for design ideas. This book arrived in excellent condition as well. I paid $1.99 plus $3.99 shipping on this one. Here is another Kerry Pierce book for Shaker furniture and storage. I can't wait to dig and read this from front to back. I paid $4.99 with free shipping on this one. All three of these book were listed on the Used Book Scorecard as "Good Condition". Folks, these books look brand spanking new! These are the actual scans of the books I received, if you look at the first book above, you'll see a little turned up corner at the lower right of the cover, that is the only visible wear out of all three of these books. Each book ranges in prices from 24 to 30 bucks retail based on the tag on the rear covers. I paid a total of $18.95. You can't beat these deals, I would like to encourage anyone who wants a book, to avoid purchasing new, and re-purpose these used books at a fraction of the cost. Thanks for reading! Interesting Links Kerry Pierce Kerry Pierce Furniture Album Thomas Moser
  16. Got an email from Woodsmith today announcing they now are offering plans with metric dimensions. Woodsmith Metric Plans Announcement
  17. Well, time to draw up a "Plan" of some sort.. Yep, that's it. Bed is in the next room...involved laying a board on the bed to get heights worked out....checked with the Boss on head board height...Now have the lengths for the sides and the ends.. Needed these...to lay out a few lines on a post.. Ok, need to get 1 foot board post, and one head board post out of this thing.. Stuff like this wasn't included...will be headed towards the FirePit later.. Ditto...laid out a cut line to cut the two posts apart.. Saw kerf sized. Used a couple other boards to layout for the head board parts.. 24" wide? Not quite..23-7/8" wide. 2x4 will be the top/bottom rail ( bought two). Once I knew where the bottom rail will be I could also lay out for the top rail. "Notch" is just to locate the size of the plywood panel. Also laid out where the frame rails will go. Lay out for this thingy was done...might as well cut the posts apart...make it easier to layout the other post.. Boss said "NO!" to my cutting the post in place....had to haul it to the shop.. Post was too long to lay ON the bench...laid it across this bench, and rested the end over by the grinder, on it's bench..Took a while, got my Cardio Workout for the morning.. Shorty is for the foot board end...."Jeff" is for the head board end. Debating on completing all the cuts, then layout the other two, or just lay things out and cut the second set. Side rails will run past the head and foot boards. Sliding dovetails to connect all four rails.....then the posts are installed to the outside of the frame...leaves the interior clear. Posts will get a few lags to attach them, no glue. Want as much that can be torn down for any future moves as I can..Head board may stay as a glued up unit..we'll see. Well, it is a start....stay tuned...
  18. Dane Franco

    Walnut Chair Plans

    From the album: Dane Franco

  19. Good morning guys/ladies, I was wondering if anyone could share a set of plans for a 3-4' outdoor lighthouse? I have many paid links and the dreaded 16,000 plans ones but was hoping for a decent free set. Thank you for any help. Pat
  20. I have plans to build a miter saw station, but it's pretty far down on the list. Anyone have one of these and/or comment on suitability? Not sure I could build one for $99 unless I get a lot of free material somewhere. https://www.ruralking.com/universal-miter-saw-stand.html?utm_medium=email&utm_source=2017-06-24+Product+Spotlight&utm_campaign=34450013&utm_contnet=34450013&_bta_tid=40394734835476410414092769078826458601265630212476166980842161197823536953237897877835910512335843805801
  21. WOOD Magazine has always provided something free for us woodworkers.
  22. Hello, I'm going to be a first time grandfather in the fall. My son has asked me if I could build a sliding rocking chair. I was wondering if anyone out there has built one and has plans? Best regards to all, Ron
  23. Large collection of public domain plans, organized by type and searchable
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