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Found 19 results

  1. For a burl, is it best to turn it dry or wet? I have a friend who has access to Burl's on her own property, she would like to know from turners if you like them wet or dry, or somewhere between.
  2. I have a mature pine tree around 38 to 40 inches diameter between my garden my sewer pond and one of my pond dams. I am not sure what is attacking it, but it has hundreds and hundreds of these little 3-4 inch up 6-8 inch burls growing on the branches. In the past I just considered them a pain as I was throwing 40 or 50 burled branches out of my garden each year. With my recent interest in lathe work I noticed that people specifically looking for burls for lathing due to the unique grain and pattern of the wood. I went and collected maybe 50 or 60 of these burls up from beside the garden and under the tree and hauled them to the shop thinking I might try to turn them at some point. I have been thinking about it for the last 3 days or so and I honestly find myself stymied as to how to go about doing anything with them. They aren't going to make bowls cups or vases they simply aren't big enough for such things. Not only that but I really am not sure how to go about putting them on the lathe to begin with. I am assuming that almost certainly this will be a faceplate item but still trying to work out how to go about doing that yet. I went ahead and cut one in half with the chopsaw earlier and realized by looking at the grain pattern that if want to show the unusual grain pattern I need to lathe the object perpendicular to the branch. To mount to a faceplate I thought I may be able to cut a small flat spot on the rounded burl backside to mount the burl. So far this is where I am.... Anyone have any ideas or advice?.... Let me rephrase that.. any "good" ideas or advice... lol...
  3. That's what I was asking myself as I was turning this very dry oak burl that I had purchased at the local auction. Most of the shaping was done with scrapers and it seemed to take forever. Most of my turning experience has been with spindle turning for various candle stands.
  4. Finally got all unpacked, laundry done, dog washed and settling back into the routine. Our Patriot Turners- @FrederickH wanted to know about turning a burl. Specifically, if it should be turned green or be allowed to dry first. Our turners provided some input but see if you can give him additional information- A while back, @Gerald showed us some crosses he was designing for a group at his church. Gerald has redesigned them some and posted his newer version- @John Morris has added some new woodturning links to the Links Directory. Check them out at- https://thepatriotwoodworker.com/links/category/21-foundations-and-non-profits/ What’s Coming Up- If you are in or around West Harrison, IN this weekend, Check out the this woodturning event! Click on the above image for the link to registration and more information. For The Newbies- Lots of new turners get a "starter set" of traditional tools when they purchase their lathe. Sometimes these sets are part of the lathe package. These starter tools will require sharpening before you start to turn and as you turn. Both Tim Yoder and Carl Jacobson have created sharpening videos. They demonstrate how to sharpen and some of the available equipment to make the task of sharpening easier. Tim Yoder's is in 2 parts. Part 2 is linked from Tim's channel- Carl's is a single part video- Expand Your Horizons- Another way to add interest to your turnings. This particular instance is on a bowl but the method lends itself to most any turning New Turning Items- A few weeks back, @Gerald posted some information about making a lift/moving device for a lathe. If making one isn't your thing, this just might help you out- This is available at- https://boratool.com/catalogsearch/result/?q=bora+pm+900+workbench+caster+kit&amnoroute Everything Else- The Woodturning OnLine newsletter for October is available at- https://www.woodturningonline.com/ I am still latheless but I did order the Jet 1640 EVS. In the meantime, I'm trying to get the workshop ready for the new arrival. The old Delta occupied the same location since it arrived and took the place of the Bridgewood lathe- my first one. Both of these lathes were bench mounted. The Jet will be "free standing" so I needed to make room. The bench the old lathes set on doubled as storage. I need to keep it. I was able to swap positions of some of my equipment. The old lathe's home- The area under the drill press- I was able to swap the lathe bench and the drill press area- Those drawers are filled with tools and hardware. The air compressor and a "new" small cabinet now occupy the empty space left from the where the lathe bench used to set. From the first picture, you can see how I stored my lathe tools. That was OK but when I started learning the benefits of carbide tools and my collection grew; I needed to make a different holder. The carousel worked better but, as you can see, it was mounted to the bench. Need something new for the free standing lathe. Made this wall mounted holder Safe turning
  5. Gerald

    Oak Burl

    This is a piece I picked up when I cut some limbs for a neighbor. I left this a lot thicker than I usually do but in turning there were two long bark inclusions across the tenon. I turned to finish and when it dried there was in some areas a rippled effect that live oak gets when turned this way, but much more pronounced. I left one side high and one of the club members suggested I should cut the high side down. So I carved it down and burned the edges to match the natural edge. Started to finish with Mahoney's Walnut Oil and did not like the look so added about 10 coats of thinned Tung Oil. Unfortunately I could not buff it , just too many little edges.
  6. Been really hot here in south central PA the last couple of days. I did spend a little time at the DCNR range nestled in the Michaux state forest. It was cooler among the trees. Don't forget about our site raffle! Coming to an end soon. Get your tickets for some most excellent prizes Our Patriot Turners- A new Patriot member and turner @Big B (Brian) posted some of his absolutely gorgeous turnings. Please head over to his gallery posts and see some more of his beautiful work- @Ron Altier has turned a couple new ornaments Here are his posts an these two beauties. He received lots of feedback on them. Ron also posted a great tip in the Woodturner's Forum about using steel wool on the lathe. He generated a lot of comments with this tip- @Gerald showed us a gorgeous oak burl, natural edge bowl he just turned. He explains how he finished up the shape of it in his post- From The Internet- Continuing with the natural edge bowl idea, I came across this article by Australian turner Richard Raffan. The link is to a written tutorial- http://www.woodreview.com.au/how-to/turning-live-edge-bowls Mike Peace recently put up a video on making and using a jam chuck. I've always worried that jam chucks couldn't hold the work very well. Mike certainly dispelled that thought- Over the years, I've made a few segmented turnings. Just sort of winged it as far as size, shape, etc. Here is a site that provides calculations for making those segments. There's other stuff there, too. http://denswoodturning.co.uk/segmentcalculator.php Everything Else- I'm still working on a little manzanita turning. I needed to create a dome lid and found a nice piece of spalted maple that will work. I also wanted to have a finial. A piece of hard maple turned and ebonized with india ink should do it. Starting the lid- Creating the finial- Ebonized- The entire piece has been turned using Easy Wood Tools ( @Jim from Easy Wood Tools ). Their new mid sized micro detailer was perfect for turning the finial! Safe turning
  7. Sometimes it really pays off to having so many good friends "in the business". I've been involved in the woodworking industry and have made many life-long friends over the past 35 years. Woodworkers for the most part are friendly and generous types in my experience. So I've been sitting on a piece of spalted maple for a very, very long time, waiting for the right project. We just introduced negative rake carbide cutters to our line here at EWT. I've honestly not been a big fan of turning resins / acrylics / man-made materials, always much preferred turning wood. When we tested these NR cutters I was very surprised what a difference they make in turning this man-made "stuff". So I finally found a great use for this piece of maple! I sent it off to my friend Heath Knuckles, and he transformed this piece of wood into some very cool hybrid blanks. If you are not familiar with Heath and his work, here is a link to one of his projects: So Heath took my piece of maple... and sent these back to me.... Now I just have to wait for my lathe to come back from a trade show to spin a few of these!
  8. When I picked up the lumber for the 5 Walnut plaques (just posted about those) I noticed a 'nugget' on the end of one board. So I cut that off and resawed it today and it's gorgeous! It ended up about 17" x 20" x 1/4" thick in its bookmatched and sanded to 220 form. Now I have to decide what to do with it... I have a few ideas but nothing concrete yet. The boards were very straight except for right at the end on this particular one so I had to be careful resawing it. Opened up to reveal the nugget - Lots of surfacing needed to get them equal and level - Glued - Bookmatched, sanded to 220 grit - More later when I figure out what I want to do with this - David
  9. I made this about 35 years ago. Make a guess on (what kind of wood) and what is it. Preston
  10. Ron Altier

    Big burl

    Years ago, I was at my favorite lumber company in Ohio, Keim lumber. They had this burl for sale. I would love to see what it looked like inside. It would take a huge lathe to turn it....If you can't see the price.............$1475
  11. Charles Nicholls


    From the album: Pens

    Showing off the other. side
  12. Charles Nicholls


    From the album: Pens

    Sierra/Gatsby twist pen that I finished last night
  13. Charles Nicholls


    From the album: Pens

    Side 2 from a slightly different angle.
  14. Charles Nicholls


    From the album: Pens

    Side one of this awesome pen. I finished it to a medium gloss with CA, because I wanted it to have a look and feel of more like wood than glass.
  15. From the album: Bottle Stopper Heads

    This is an updated view of an earlier picture. It's where I was rebuilding the wood. That whole dark area was rebuilt with the sawdust and CA glue that was shown as drying in the previous picture I'm pretty happy with it. It doesn't make it look like glass, but then doesn't make it look sloppy either.
  16. From the album: Bottle Stopper Heads

    A cherry burl "egg" bottle stopper head that I am rebuilding the top of, because it was mostly non existent. Using the sawdust from the turning itself to build the top and smooth it off.
  17. From the album: Perfume Applicators

    The same buckeye burl applicator with the lid removed.
  18. From the album: Perfume Applicators

    Completed buckeye burl perfume applicator pen
  19. From the album: Pens

    One of the largest pens i have created, and also one of the best looking

    © 2012

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