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Found 141 results

  1. Steve Krumanaker

    Demo Prep

    Our club meets this Sunday and I am doing the demo. Have decided on a fairly simple project from a video by Steve Jones . A seed starter pot maker. Many club members don't do demos and don't realize what goes into preparing for one. The demo I'm doing is "skew heavy". Steve Jones is a production turner from England the best I've ever seen with a skew. Even though I'm fairly adept with a skew I can't hold a candle to Steve. Even so, I want to do the demo using as many of his techniques as possible. With that in mind I have turned several pieces to get it down. This is maybe half of the ones I've done for practice. Add to that, transporting tools, materials, making notes, rehearsing, etc. etc. and doing a demo is a significant commitment in time and effort. On the other hand, I truly believe, the person doing the demo learns much more than anyone who watches it and the benefits far out weigh the inconveniences. Steve
  2. John Morris

    Cherry Rocker Rear Leg to Seat Joint

    From the album: Cherry Rocker

  3. Ron Altier

    My First Spoon

    I thought I'd try to make a wooden spoon. I gathered some scrap Cherry and yellow hart and came up with this one. My wife didn't care for it because of the size and shape of the end scoop. She wanted a flat one. Oh well, my daughter loved it. My next one will be better now that I have done one. Most was done on the lathe and some on the small band saw. The finish is mineral oil and is not quite dry yet
  4. From the album: Glenn Davis

    Pegged Mortise and Tenon Construction gummy cherry bevel glass mirror
  5. From the album: Glenn Davis

    Details showing dovetailed case joinery and keyed waist moulding
  6. From the album: Glenn Davis

    Multi shelf two door cherry and hand painted crafts storage cabinet
  7. OC3

    Cherry display cabinet

    From the album: Glenn Davis

    Cherry display cabinet with curly maple raised panel back and bulletin board, mortise and tenon doors, pegged construction
  8. charles schmitz

    Live edge coffee table

    From the album: coffee table

    Live edge American cherry coffee table. Top measures 50" long and 24" wide and stands 21" tall. Danish oil and 2 coats of wipe on poly to top surface for added protection. Legs are made from the cutoffs from canting some of the logs. I try to use as much of the tree as I can for conservation and to add some interest in my work. The legs are the corner blocks for the skirt and can not be removed and , I may add a lower shelf after I talk to the person it is being made for.
  9. charles schmitz

    quick table

    From the album: coffee table

  10. charles schmitz

    3 new tables

    2 small lap top tables or end tables I made for a close friend that has brought me a lot or rough sawn cherry. They are solid cherry with 1/4 sawn cherry center panels. Tungoil oil finish the tops also have 2 coats of wipe on poly for added protection. The small kitchen table is made of live edge cherry. The top is only 48 inches long and is 25 1/2 inches at its widest point and 30 inches tall. Again tungoil followed by 2 coats of wipe on poly. Took a bit of looking through my stock to find the right looking pcs for the leg shape I wanted.
  11. John Moody

    Blanket Chest Arrived!!!

    I got the Cherry Blanket Chest shipped out last week and I have been worried about it getting damaged in shipping. Today I received an email from the person I was working with and she told me it arrived in perfect condition. She sent me a picture of the chest in it's new home. I am so excited that it made it and it looks like I got the stain about right for the Sleigh Bed it is sitting at the foot of. Now I can breath a little. Shipped it on Old Dominion and they did an excellent job getting it there.
  12. We have a travel trailer (19') that has one of those dinette tables that folds down to form a bed. Well, the mfr made the table just a bit undersized (or the seats a bit too far apart). and it only took a couple of times of sitting on the bed when the table was not perfectly set to mung up the edges of the particle board with laminate top. So I make one a bit closer to the right size. Got some cherry plywood at a local lumberyard (first time there, nice place on a farm (sheep and a pony shared one of the buildings). The big challenge was the edging. I didn't have any T-molding that would work, and I wanted something a bit nicer. Decided not to use laminate (e.g., Formica). So I settled on some shop-cut veneer. Decided needed 1/16" to make the 4 curved corners, and then double them up to make a 1/8" edge band. Table is about 27" x 35" So I worked my way around the top, using two pieces. I don't have 16 Bandy Clamps, so Improvise. Straight edges get clamped with a caul, the bends get stretchy packing tape to pull them tight and into position. Add clamps as I went. Had dinner while first round set up. Second round offsetting the joints after dinner. Spare the clamps, spoil the job. Hope it works. Green tape is masking tape to keep from glue splotching. If all goes well, I'll trim the edges, sand all over and put on a coat of BLO Sunday.
  13. kmealy

    15 minute box

    I needed a small box to hold my Breathe-Right strips that I wear at night, since they changed the box not to come apart in the middle any more. Grabbed some scrap wood waiting for the right project (cherry). Cut some miters, grooved along the bottom edge, bottom board with tongues all around, glue it up, had dinner, sanded, and sprayed on two coats of aerosol shellac between TV shows. About 2" tall. I used a favorite trick technique to glue up the box. Get some packing tape and lay it sticky side up next to the table saw fence. Lay down the pieces in order, as tight as you can get them and flush to the fence. Add some Titebond No-Drip, No-Run glue to the joints, rolled it up, checked for square.
  14. steven newman

    Simple little candy box?

    Seems there is a second project tied in with that desk project....A friend of the Pastor has requested a Candy box like the one Pastor has....that I built a while back, soooo Have a 7/16" x 6" board of either Cherry or maple... Had to get five pieces out of this one board...Front and Back, two Ends, and a piece for the lid.. used the old Langdon.. Got my Cardio for the day.....five parts, cut to size.. Used a mortise chisel to lay out the finger spacing... Now,I could do all them little cuts with a handsaw.....NOT. Started to use the bandsaw..heard a strange banging going on inside it.. Lower wheel had a "blow-out" Saw still runs nicely enough without it, and quieter, too. Got the cuts made, time to do a bit of chisel work.. Got out a few tools...the mortise chisel was put away, though... As this old Buck Brothers 1/4" Firmer chisel needed a work out. Just like on dovetails, I chop halfway from one face, flip it over, and complete the chop. Trying to save my bench's top, I clamped a pine scrap under things. Got the fingers done on the front and back parts, need to do the ends....ran out of Mountain Dew IN the shop...BREAKTIME! Maybe later, I can get back to work? Box will be delivered a week from this Sunday, hidden inside the desk. Might be able to get this done be then? Stay tuned,,,here we go again...
  15. steven newman

    Next Project?

    OK, rehabs are done for now.....have a small stack of thin Poplar boards... Hiding in a corner for a reason? Mainly 1/2" thick 1x8s and 1x10s,with a couple 4/4 slabs thrown in. Why are they hiding? Because there is this stack of Cherry.. Lots of 4/4 x 6 and 4/4 x 8......Some of them are 6/4 pieces.. Some of the shorter stuff is 14"+ wide Single Brain Cell Sketch Up will be working overtime.....on this stash from Charles Neil at the Shindig' scrap pile. Might take a while..stay tuned for updates...
  16. Rlbailey3

    Blanket Chest

    After about 3 months of off and on work I finally completed the blanket chest I've been working on. This is definitely my most challenging project to dare and it required to try many new techniques. Some of the firsts included breadboard ends, hand-cut half-blind dovetails, and a dovetailed case. This took me quite awhile and I made several mistakes but it feels good to get it done!!
  17. Gerald

    Carved Cherry Vase

    From the album: Hollow Forms

    turned and then carved with burn in on fold to add depth
  18. MEBCWD

    Horse Trinket Box - Cherry

    From the album: CWD CNC Boxes

    A small lift top trinket box with two compartments made from Cherry.
  19. MEBCWD

    Celtic Trinket Box - Cherry

    From the album: CWD CNC Boxes

    A small lift lid single compartment trinket box made from Cherry
  20. Mike Mathieu

    New Born Plaque

    Hi Everyone This is a photo of a little Cherry Plaque that I did for a client. Cherry plaque is 8" x 10". The recess for the intarsia was made using a template and a small hinge mortice router bit. The wording was laser engraved Fun little project. Woods used; Background-Australian Lacewood, White- Holly, Pink-African Pink Ivory, Green-Argentinian Lignum Vitae, Limb-Peruvian Walnut, Black- Gabon Ebony,Yellow- SA Pau Amarillo.
  21. Gerald


    This is a platter from cherry crotch working on for DIL birthday. Had to show both sides with the flame. Only 2 coats Watco on now.
  22. Michael Thuman

    Large Hamper Holder

    I need some advice. I have some rough sawn cherry in the shop. I have a request from the better half to construct a housing for the hampers. Basically a case with feet and two doors that open then a drawer with full extension slides. The bedroom is a traditional cherry veneer over partical board. What do I need to consider if I make the case out of edge joined solid Cherry? The expansion will be across the depth of the cabinet. How would you keep it from breaking the face frame apart? The back will be rabbeted for a 1/8" plywood which will flex. All my previous furniture was made from plywood with oak veneer or maple or cherry or walnut. I am very concerned that the case sides bottom and top may destroy itself if not designed properly. Should I keep the cherry for the face frame and go buy 3/4" ply with cherry veneer for the box? See the latest wood magazine's traditional ice box design then modify for size and cherry with two plan doors.
  23. Gerald

    cherry plate with beads

    From the album: Bowls and Platters

    Cherry plate with beads on lip
  24. John Morris

    New Lebanon Shaker Rocer

    From the album: Shaker Furniture

    A great project, I highly recommend anyone to build these chairs, suitable for most skill levels. The weaving in this seat was considerably more challenging than the square stools I weaved. The trapezoidal shape of the seat created some interesting challenges, but I got through them.
  25. John Morris

    Shaping the Arm Tenon

    From the album: Shaker Furniture

    After I cut the tenons out, I took them from square to round in just few minutes, testing the fit as I went.

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