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Found 203 results

  1. Hope you all had a great Valentine day yesterday. Today im in the shop with my son and we have finally moved the kitchen island to our finishing room. It’s getting a clear finish and I’m loving the grain of the Red Elm. We are to get two months of rain in the next few days so I’m hoping we can get it delivered before the rain starts. Whats on you Patriot Woodworker agenda? Share your projects and pictures with us. Love to see and hear about all you are doing. Whatever you do, have fun and be safe.
  2. Last Friday I got busy early and my good friend Ron stepped in and posted for me. I worked quite a bit at the range and tried to squeeze in some time in the shop. Josh has been doing most of the work with me coaching. We we have worked on and off this huge cross for some time and they were finally to hang it so we got it finished and delivered. Made of Solid Cherry and dyed a blood red for the Blood of Christ and the white Maple down the center to represent the purity. They got if hung and said it was very heavy. They had access to the back of the wall and put blocking in to attach it from the back. We’re about ready to start assembly of the Red Elm Kitchen work table. I just like turning the feet and I should get them this weekend. And we are close to finishing a White Oak slab top executive desk. drawers on the left and door on the right with shelves inside. Door fronts will have a live edge on them. A center door and we will be ready to assemble. So so what’s on your agenda this weekend? I love to see your projects and pictures. Share your projects here and show us your plans this weekend. Whatever you you do have fun and be safe.
  3. The big big thaw is on in east central Indiana! It’s a balmy 17 degrees and I suspect the robins will be flying in at any time. Last night the temps began to rise and we got 5 inches of snow. The coldest we got this week was -17 but it was bearable because I keep my shop heated. This week I had 2 major accomplishments other than staying warm. Last Monday, I braved the snow and picked up a Dewalt 735 planer 5hat I bought and I managed to complete a mantle for a client. I’ll install it next week and add a bit of trim to match. So, Patriot Woodworker’s, what’s on your weekend agenda?
  4. We finally finished the Hickory Slab Desk and got it delivered to its new home. My son Josh did a lot of the work on this and did an outstanding job. We completed the slab shelves some time back and then waited on a remodel and us as we got behind also. But it looks good and they are excited to start using it. Today I’m working on the legs for the Red Elm kitchen island. The last shelve is glued and ready for sanding. Hopefully I’ll get all the legs done this weekend and this will be ready for finish the first of the week. So what’s on your agenda this weekend? I love to see your projects and see what your working on. Share your plans and projects and post those pictures. Whatever you do, have fun and be safe.
  5. For some a three day holiday weekend and others it just another weekend. We poured the epoxy finish on the desk this week and it’s looking good. Got finis sprayed on the bottom so it should get delivered this weekend. Working on finishing up this kitchen island. Made of Red Elm. First two shelves done. Like one more shelf and the bottom legs then it will go to finishing. So what’s on your agenda this weekend? love to see your projects and how they are going. Whatever you do, have fun and be safe.
  6. We took a week or so off after Christmas to relax and try to reorganize to get ready to begin another year. Last week we got this slab top desk desk back to the top of the list. It got put on hold waiting on the customer to do a house remodel and now they are ready. It was going to have a live edge on both sides but that has now changed and we had to square up one side. We we got the legs built and just sat them on the top. They are not in place in the picture. Added a support stretcher under the top and secure the legs with some brackets underneath. It is ready this weekend to move into the finishing room to get an epoxy satin finish on the top and a spray satin finish on the bottom. Whats on your agenda this weekend? I love to see all that you are working on so share your projects with us and thanks for doing so. Whatever you do this weekend, have fun and be safe!
  7. Here we are on the first Friday of a brand new year. I trust everyone survived all of the New Year’s festivities. I wonder how long it will take us to write 2019 instead of 2018....... This year rings in with a full range of shop activities for yours truly. Tomorrow, I have an appointment to measure a semi circular mantle for a home renovation here in town. It should be challenging but fun. I have a California king bed to build and a pair of cherry bookcases for a local dentist’s office. So, Happy New Year! What’s on you Patriot Woodworker Weekend Agenda?
  8. This seems like a very fast year as we come to the last weekend. It has been a busy year for us and we were blessed with lots of projects. We usually take a couple of weeks after Christmas to regroup and reorganize somewhat before starting back. So no work in our shop this week or this weekend. I plan on a little relaxing and doing a little shooting at this range this weekend. I have some reloading to do. Part of of the weekend I’ll be in front of the TV watching the College Football Playoffs. Time now to take some time and reflect back on the year and plan for the coming year. What’s on your agenda this weekend? I love to hear what you are doing and see the projects your are working on. Have a a safe and Happy New Year.
  9. After a busy week I finally got the mirrors all done with the initials and ready to assemble and picked up in the morning. Whew just made the deadline. Insert the handles and spray on finish and they are ready. Cornhole boards everywhere. Most of the will be picked up today or tomorrow. One set left to finish and they are in the clamps. Hope you are all ready for this Holiday weekend. Have you finished all your projects and ready for some rest? Hope you all have a Very Merry Christmas and thanks for being a part of TPW.
  10. Wow, been in the shop since early this morning and time got away from me. Trying to finish up Christmas orders and at times I’m not sure I’m making any progress. Last week I was working on some hand mirrors and I’m still working on them. But today I’ve made progress. They get a Maple insert in the back and an initial will be engraved in the Maple. Today I got setup and I’m cutting the inserts on the CNC and getting them fit. I hope tomorrow I’ll have all of them engraved. We've been getting finish on cornhole game boards and a cedar table we have to deliver to Nashville, TN tomorrow morning. And I had someone order a small engraved sign for a joke on a friend of theirs about a new garage he is building that seems to keep getting bigger and bigger. I didn’t think you could get one too big! So What’s on your agenda this weekend? Show us what your working on. I love to see all the different things that get made here. What ever you do, have fun and be safe.
  11. December 7th a day that will live in infamy. A special day to remember. A day to stop, reflect, self-inspect and support those of the “Greatest Generation” that answered the call. May we never forget that they didn’t hesitate but gave their all to make this the Greatest Nation on this earth. At the shop shop we are busy filling Christmas orders now that we have finished our last show of the season. Cornhole boards are are still high on the list. Two more sets in the assembly area. and two more sets in the finishing room. Six more sets to finish this coming week. I started last night roughing out some blanks for some Walnut hand mirrors. Turned one down close just to check my measurements since it’s been a while since I’ve made these. The back side will get a Maple insert with an initial engraved in the center. That’s what it looks like right now in my shop, what’s on your weekend agenda? Share your projects and pictures. Whatever you you do have fun and be safe.
  12. Here we are at the last weekend in November. Where has this year gone? Seems like a few weeks ago we were wrapping up the season and here we are again. Our shop hop has been busy these past come of weeks readying for our final show of the year, Sugarplum Marketplace. A three day show that started yesterday and runs through Saturday evening. Yesterday was a busy day for us and we more than covered our booth cost so now it’s on to selling out. Cutting Boards! Slab Boards and some signs made on the CNC. Breadboards and Cheese Boards. And even a few Porch signs that have become popular! What’s on your agenda this weekend and as we head into the Christmas Season? Share your projects with us and post those pictures. Love to see what everyone else is working on and the wonderful craftsmanship that you all bring to the forum. Whatever you do have fun and be safe!
  13. Here’s hoping you all have a great Thanksgiving and got to enjoy family Food and fun! We’ve been busy getting ready for the last show of the season next weekend. I’ve finished a large batch of cutting boards of different sizes. We also finished another set of cornhole boards and only have seven more sets to go. Thats our shop, what’s on you agenda for this Black Friday? Finding bathing or spending time in the shop? We love to see and hear about your projects so share with us your holiday weekend agenda. Whatever you do, be save and have fun!
  14. John Moody is on the road today so I’m filling in. Last weekend, we did a large holiday show on Saturday. It was a 7 hour show with 168 vendors and over 2700 people came through the doors. We did very well at the show AND I was able to get a piece delivered this week that I had been building. Right now I'm building 6” cheese boards since I sold 32 of them last Saturday. Tomorrow we have a charity auction to attend and rest on Sunday. So, what’s on your weekend Agenda?
  15. Hey I’m back at it again. I had a couple of Friday’s that just got busy early and Ron came to my rescue. This week we have been working on Cedar shutters for a customer. Got them all sanded and ready for delivery today. While we were waiting on those to dry we got a panel glued for a kitchen work table glued out of Red Elm. Still making stock for our last show of the year. Glued a batch of cutting booand last night got them all run through the drum sander. This weekend will be more of the same. Take time out out this weekend to recognize our veterans and let them know how much you appreciate them and the sacrifices they made. So what’s on your agenda? We love to see and hear about your projects so post them and pictures so we can see what you are working on. Have a great weekend and whatever you do have fun and be safe.
  16. Can you believe that we’re into November already? The good news is that in 5 days we can retake our televisions from the politicians. As I’ve mentioned before, I’m on the local election board so this is a very busy season for me. This afternoon is poll worker training and Monday is traveling board to vote the shut ins and Tuesday is the general election. I’ve been building a unit for a customer and today was stain day. Hopefully, I can shoot the first coat of Endurovar Sunday afternoon. It is scheduled to be picked up on the 14th. I think I may make it. The pix are with stain only. so tell me, what’s on Your Weekend Agenda?
  17. Mr. Moody is busier than a one armed paper hanger and has asked to do his Friday post. It is crunch time in Indiana. I’m on the local election board and we have been prepping for the November elections. Plus, I’m building a shelved cabinet that has to be out the door by December 1st and I have a show to do on November 10. Busy, busy, busy. Today I’m rebuilding a door for the cabinet because I just didn’t like the way the other one looked. The customer wants inset doors to match an existing piece of furniture and that piece isn’t exactly high quality. It’s been a chore. So gang, what’s on Your Weekend Agenda?
  18. Well it seems as if fall has arrived. Last week it was in the 90’s and this week we are in the low 70’s. I love the cooler weather and we are busy in the shop. Today we are working on making and 8’, 2” thick Cherry Cross. Working on the half lap joints right now. At the assembly table we are ready pieces for cutting boards. And of course we still have cornhole boards everywhere. Last week I build this display piece for the range to put AR rifles in a horizontal position. i used my CNC to cut the mortises for the upright pieces. Finished it and took it to the range. So lots going on here and we are readying for Christmas. Whats on on your weekend agenda? I always love love to see your projects and hear about what you are working on. Share your photos and projects. Whatever you you do have fun and work safe!
  19. Well, the farm table is finished and will be transported to my nephew’s house tomorrow for my niece to apply stain and finish. Today I’m building a matching bench. I’m growing really tire of cutting tenons and drilling mortises. That’s what I’m doing. What’s on your Patriot Woodworker Weekend Agenda?
  20. I’m pinching hitting again today. John Moody had his eyes dilated and can’t see to type. My nephew helped me side my house and now we’re building his wife a farm house table. This beast is 84” long and 40” wide and weights a ton. The top is 6/4 popular and they are going to put some kind of gel stain on it. We also have to build a matching bench. That’s my weekend project. What’s on your Patriot Woodworker Agenda?
  21. It’s beensaid that every good pitcher needs a backup so here I am. Today, I’m John Moody’s hairy legged backup for the Friday post. Finally, we finished siding our house and I’m back in the shop. My to do list has gotten only longer in the past month while I turned siding expert but mama is happy. I have a show in November and I’m building jewelry boxes but tomorrow I’ll start building an 84” x 40” farm table. So, as John would say, “What’s on your Weekend Agenda?”
  22. This weekend is the beginning of fall and it’s hard to tell here. Yesterday was a record setting day for temperatures, we hit 100. I’m not a fan of real cold weather but I could take a break from these long super hot days. My AC is working overtime. We finished the table with the metal base and expecting it to be picked up today. It has one bench and the will use chairs on the other side. Today we will finish up a Green Egg Smoker table made of Cedar. Thats going to be about it this weekend. Saturday I’m traveling to Talladega, Alabama to CMP Range to shoot in the GLOCK XXV match as part of the GSSF. They are expecting some 200 shooters and the range is located behind the Talladega Motor Sports Speedway. Looks like it will be a long hot day but I’m excited to get the opportunity. So so what’s on your agenda this weekend. Share your projects and pictures that you are working on. We all love to see them and hear about what your doing. Whatever you do this weekend, have fun and be safe!
  23. Tables have been the order of business this week. We were sent a picture to build a base for a table. They already had a top they wanted to use so we got it going. Yesterday we got all the little accent pieces put on and now it is in the finishing room. it is is going to be painted and they are dropping the paint by so we can start today. Since it was being painted we used up some small pieces of wood laying around to do all the accents. While that one was being put together we started on a large Maple table top and 2” tubing base. The top was to be 48”x60”x2”. Had to do it in a couple of glue ups to keep flat and ensure good joints. After we made the last glue up to be just over 48” wide we sent a picture to the customer and they quickly decided it was too big for the room so we will be cutting it down. The Base is 2” square tubing so the shop turned to welding. Both my sons are certified welders so I left it up to them. The base is now together and the end pieces for a bench that will go with the table. A little more grinding and sanding and a primer will get sprayed this weekend and then it will be sprayed Black. The frame and bench ends will get levers drilled and inserted to protect floors. We are hopful of finishing all this over the weekend but you just never know. Saturday I’m shooting in a GSSF competition. So that’s our agenda, what’s on your agenda this weekend? share your projected and pictures as we all here at TPW love to see everything you are working on. For those in the path of Florence, we hope and pray you are safe. Whatever your plans this weekend, have fun and be safe.
  24. This weekend begins dove season here in Alabama so I’m planning on being in a corn field at noon Saturday for some shooting fun. Probably wont get a lot of shop work done so I’m going to the shop today for a while and help work on more of the oak tables. Two more tops are stained and about ready to be mounted to the bases. So that’s what’s happening here this weekend and in the shop, what’s on your agenda? All of us here at TPW love to hear about your projects, so share your photos and agenda with us. Even if your just relaxing and having Coffee. What ever very you do this weekend, have fun and be safe!
  25. Labor Day weekend and the beginning of College Football and lots to do. Still in the dog days of summer here, but you can tell that cooler temps are on the way and fall won't be too far off. I'm already thinking about readying the shop for winter and it's been upper 90's all week. I've been working all this week at the range so no shop time foe me, but the boys have been busy with several projects. Corn hole boards and Oak Table tops in glue up. Corn hole boards are Cherry and Maple. All of the boards we have been making are hardwoods, no plywood or MDF in these. We have been tuning them out as fast as the two of them can glue up tops and put them together. Frames cut out for the next batch. I am spraying the final finish on the Walnut/Cedar chest this morning. Hope to have it out of the finishing room and delivered this evening or tomorrow. Had a run around the "G" and had to sand it down so I can fix that. The finishing room as been so full we have been moving pieces in and out to try to finish as quickly as possible. Not sure what we would have done without this finishing room. Like everything, now I wish i had made it twice the size! So this weekend will be busy in the shop part of the time, no volleyball this weekend. I am shooting in USPSA this weekend so I have to get some reloads done and ready at some point. So what's on your long Labor Day holiday weekend agenda? As always, we here at TPW love to see your projects, shops and hear about your weekend plans. So post those picture and share with us what you have planned. Whatever you do this weekend, have fun and be safe!

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