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  1. I don't think it's Monday So, Happy Friday everyone. Used to be I at least knew what day of the week it was. Not much happening here "Two Weeks From Anywhere" waiting for everything to get caught up to us or is it for us to get caught up to everything? So, What's on your weekend agenda?
  2. It's Friday, Are you ready for the weekend? Here "Two Weeks From Anywhere" we're enjoying some cooler/dryer nice for working outside weather. I'm so far behind with everything I think I passed myself somewhere. So, What's on your weekend agenda?
  3. Friday again folks, we made it to another weekend! Here "Two Weeks From Anywhere" we've been enjoying a bit of cooler less humid weather. After the Triple H weather of the past couple of weeks I took it easy Monday. Tuesday was another story. I went to one of the auto boneyards that allows you to remove your own parts. I've been looking for about a year for a steering box for my 2000 Dodge PU. It's a standard cab short bed and takes a steering box that was only used for three model years, and are known for developing a leak where the pitman arm shaft exits out the bottom of the box. Mine was leaking so bad you could watch a steady stream of PS fluid run out. Glad I went and looked, the only truck they had that had the right steering box had a non leaker. I was only there for about 5 minutes when the guy that moves the vehicles around was coming to get it for the crusher. The parts stores wanted around $1100.00 for a rebuilt, new is over $1200.00 Boneyard price $75.00 if they removed it $45.00 if you remove it yourself. Of course I removed it myself. Have the blisters too prove it. And while I was there, spotted a 2008 Honda Pilot that had near perfect seats, door panels, and carpet. So, that led to a return trip on Wednesday, and a rather full Pilot on the return home. Wasn't there more than 20 minutes before a twenty something came up and asked "What are you getting from this Pilot"? I replied "The seats". He replied "I knew I should have came back sooner". Need to go back today, should have gotten the wiring harness for the drivers power seat. Well at least everything that would have to be removed to get at it is out of the way. Mowed the 2 1/2 acre yard at the Antique Mall next door yesterday. Possible today. After I'm done today, I may take the rest of the weekend off. I'm getting a bit for this $hit. So, What's on your weekend agenda?
  4. Friday again, Wonder how that happened? Here "Two Weeks From Anywhere" about the only thing going on is trying to survive the Triple H weather. I'm beginning to think we took a trip to the Tropics without going anywhere. Might get some more severe again today, haven't cleaned up from the last one yet. Might leave that job for yhpruM, that might keep him out of my hair for awhile. So, What's on your weekend agenda?
  5. Friday already? What the heck happened to the rest of the week? ,... I forgot , it'll take "Two Weeks" to get here. So,...What's on your weekend agenda?
  6. Looks like it's Friday again , it is Friday right? So in the land of "Two Weeks From Anywhere" I'm playing the waiting on U.S.P.S. game of getting the small parts needed to get the Pilot back on the road. Probably won't get the parts until Monday. They're coming from out @Gene Howe's way. Got the Aisin Timing Belt/Water Pump kit yesterday. It came from the right side of us from New York. Doesn't really matter it's supposed to rain through most of the weekend, and we really need it being over 10" below average for the season. Even the rains taking "Two Weeks" to get here. What's up with that? So with all of that said, What's on your weekend agenda?
  7. Friday July 30th 2021? What the heck happened? Another month already gone. Going to be a more comfortable day here "Two Weeks From Anywhere" with high temps forecast to be in the low to mid 70's with lower humidity, & dewpoint temps. About time. Since it's going to be so nice I'll be making a boneyard run to see if I can get a few parts that got damaged when the timing belt broke on the Pilot. I need to get another timing belt cover, motor mount bracket, crankshaft belt guide, and belt guide/stop. Seems like I'm forgetting something. Can't believe what the dealer wants for those parts. So, What's on your weekend agenda?
  8. Welcome to Friday again folks. Here in "Two Weeks From Anywhere" land we're getting ready for a scorching few days of the 90's with dewpoints in the upper 60's. Don't think it's going to be much fun trying to work on anything outside for a few days. So I guess I'll be doing early mornings, and late afternoons trying to get the Pilot running again, if possible. Might try putting an umbrella over my right in the sun work area, but I've got a feeling it won't help much. Already getting very sticky here before 7:00 AM. So,...What's on your weekend agenda? Hopefully something more fun, and cooler than what I'll be doing!
  9. Friday again folks. Here "Two Weeks From Anywhere" we've been trying to work around the weather. I need to pull the front bumper cover off of the Pilot so's I can add driving/fog lights. From the instructions it looks like a fun job. Just hope yhpruM doesn't show up. So,... What's on your weekend agenda?
  10. Friday? What happened to the rest of the week? Must have gone through some sort of time warp on that trip to "Three Weeks From Anywhere". That missed turn at one of those goofy round-abouts must have been the portal back to "Two Weeks From Anywhere". Oh well, it was a good trip anyway. The Pilot ran great, and averaged a little better than 22.25 MPG for combined city/highway driving. Today I'll be doing the 3rd transmission drain/refill, and installing the Tow-Package transmission and power steering coolers along with a pair of Filtran magnetic filters. Of course doing so requires removing most of the front coverings, but I've now done it enough times that I've got it down to about 1/2 hour. ... So, what's on your weekend agenda? Anything fun?
  11. Friday again folks! Going to be a wet weekend here "Two Weeks From Anywhere" but we need it. Helped a friend install meter box, and main breaker panel at his place "Three Weeks From Anywhere" earlier this week. Now waiting on inspection before we can continue. Not worried about passing the inspection, we don't know the meaning of the word "Overkill". Yesterday helped the nephew clear out the storage cell the BIL had, the Pilot towed my skid steer trailer with no problem. Now to get ready for a trip to the SIL's place around the 7th, or 8th of July. Will be hauling up some furniture that was the MIL's. ... So,... What's on your weekend agenda?
  12. Friday again folks! Here "Two Weeks From Anywhere" we finally got some much needed We got about 1" with the that moved through this morning which leaves us about 9.5" below the normal average. ... Of course that means here comes the "Muggies". So ... What's on your weekend agenda?
  13. Hey, what happened to May? Here in the land of "Two Weeks From Anywhere" we're headed for our first 90° day. It's been a rather strange ride weather wise, we're either 20° below or above our average normal temperatures. So before the heat sets in I'll be making a "Bone Yard" run for a few small parts to replace what mice half ate. At least they left the wiring harness's alone, but I can't imagine that foam rubber tasting good. So, What's on your weekend agenda?
  14. Friday again folks. Don't know what I'll get done today here "Two Weeks From Anywhere". We're starting out at 43° with and a WC of 34°, forecast high of 47° A couple of days ago we were in the high 70's, low 80's. So, what's on your weekend agenda?
  15. Well we're finally getting some heat here "Two Weeks From Anywhere" Been doing the bone yard run for parts for the Pilot. Had to come home for a different Phillips screwdriver. Four screws in the handles that hold on the headliner didn't want to play nice. So, I'm headed back to pick the bones of a 2004, to replace damaged interior parts on our 2006. ... So ...What's on your weekend agenda?
  16. Friday again? Seems like we just had one. ... I wonder who authorized that? Should have known. So ... What's on your weekend agenda?
  17. ... Friday again folks!... ... Here in the land of "Two Weeks From Anywhere" we're still doing some of the yearly "Curb Shopping" along with getting ready to start the "Mowing Season" . Also checking over the new to us 2006 Honda Pilot so we can take a trip to the SIL's place which is "Three Weeks From Anywhere"! ...So ... ... What's on your weekend agenda?
  18. Happy Friday Everyone! Wow, last Friday of the month already. Was talking with neighbor yesterday, and he told me "It's Curb Shopping Season" again starting this coming week. So .. What's on your last weekend of the months agenda?
  19. Friday again folks, and supposedly the last day of winter. We shall see. The past few days here have been batten down the hatches with winds approaching 50 MPH. The weather reporters are saying we'll get into the low to mid 60's for Sunday, & Monday. I'll believe it if it happens. If it does happen I'll be getting the electrolysis tank set up, and start cleaning up the cast iron, and steel parts to a couple machines. ... So, What's on your weekend agenda?
  20. Friday again folks, and this month is already almost half gone. Some of you may have seen that I (literally) will be removing one of my long time machine searches from my "Bucket Wish List". This is what's in the bucket. It will end up as part of a combination unit. It's missing a few parts, but I have most of the missing pieces except one. Now I'm waiting for the weather to cooperate, so I can get the electrolysis tank set up. So... What's on your weekend agenda?
  21. ..Friday again folks... As to me, ..Have to go shovel a couple more inches of white stuff. So,...What's on your weekend agenda?
  22. ...Almost forgot it was Friday Folks! ...Well now that I've remembered that,... it seems like there's something I do on Fridays. ...While I try to remember what that is. ...What's on Your Weekend Agenda?
  23. ...Friday already again folks! ...Seems like the past week went by rather fast! Guess it's like they say, "The older we get the faster time goes." So that brings us to the eternal question of... What's on your weekend agenda?
  24. Lucky for me the komputator shows the date, still getting used to 2021. Friday again. Right now I'm watching "Not In The Forecast" ...SNOW coming down rather heavily. Earlier we watched our new morning entertainment "Toon in with Me" on MeTV. Tomorrow 3 Hrs. of the good "Old Cartoons". ...Oh yeah, What's on your weekend agenda?
  25. ...Friday again? ...Wonder what the heck happened to Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday? So......What's on your weekend agenda?
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