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Found 217 results

  1. I was at a flea market a few weeks back and found these neat table legs. After some negotiations I was able to get them. I was seeing a slab table using them but we had a customer that wanted one of our cutting boards enlarged and used as a table top. So we scaled up up the size of the boards pieces and did the first glue and then got it ready to glue in the end grain pattern. We built a large large jig for it and did the whole top as one glue up. It’s 17” wide and 37” long. Mounted it to the legs and we have a table. There is some bracing on the back and back and under the top for support. Just got to get it into the finishing room. I also got got a call from the guy I made the Ford signs for and he needed another one so I ran it this morning. And I got a call and picture from my sawyer and I have a load of Cedar ready to pick up. Watching the weather right now to see the rain from the tropical storm makes it to us. If if we don’t get rain tomorrow I’m shooting in an IDPA match in Birmingham. What’s on your agenda this weekend? Share it with us so we can see your projects. Whatever you do, have fun and be safe.
  2. Hope you all had a great 4th and celebrated our country’s birthday! As in most places it was hot here with some showers and lots of humidity This week I made an American Flag Challenge Coin Display for a retirement gift. I personally only have one challenge coin I could put on it and display but I understand he may be able to fill it up. They didn't want want me to put stars in the field as they are going to put the company logo there. Looks like I’ll be doing a couple more for them in the next few weeks. So so what’s on your agenda this weekend. Share your projects with us and post those pictures. Have a great weekend, have fun and be safe.
  3. Yep, it’s Friday and I’m way behind. Been a crazy week. My wife had a stomach bug from last Tuesday till Saturday. I thought I had dodged it but I was wrong and it got me this week. Been down most of the week but got back to the shop today. I guess it it was just in time cause I’ve had customers in and out all day and I just came in from the shop. Last week i did this Ford piece for a customer that is using it in an old truck restoration. The first one had recessed letters that is going to pour with Blue Epoxy. Next he wanted one with raised letters and he is going to pour the recess with Blue Epoxy. So I finished it this morning. I had a customer by this morning to get a cutting board and saw it and asked if I could do another one while I had it loaded in the CNC so they could give it as a gift this weekend. So I ran another one. A neighbor came down down with this base to an antique table that had busted and wanted to know if we could make another base for him. It was laminated with two pieces and the weight caused it to give way at the joint. Josh and I had to unstack some white oak to get to a 2” slab I had and of course it was on the bottom. Got it planned down the the correct thickness, made a template and cut out a new base from a solid piece of White Oak. This should stand up to up to many years to come for this table. He is going to stain it and drill all the holes so all I had to do was get it to this. All in all all it has been a good day and we got several things done. Tomorrow is a shooting day in a GSSF match at the range. I’ll also be doing the scoring for everyone else. What’s on your agenda this weekend? I love to see and hear about all of your projects. Whatever you do, have fun and be safe.
  4. Happy Fathers Day to all you dads. Hope you find new tools in the shop and no neckties. Today we are finishing up work on the cedar and Poplar double green egg table. It will have a large on one side and an xl on the other. Nice big table. I also finished a couple of small projects. I have a guy redoing an old Ford truck and I’ve got two of these to cut out. One with recessed letters and one with raised letters. This is the first one. He is mounting it in the bed of the truck. His plans are to pour it will Ford blue epoxy. And I completes a wedding board. My part was to build what you see here and then have have someone that is going to hand letter names and a verse on it. Saturday I’ll be working Glock Range Day at the range. That should be a lot of fun and get to do some shooting. Even get a chance to win a new Glock. So so that’s what’s on our agenda, what are your plans for this Father’s Day weekend? I look forward to see and hearing about your projects and plans. Whatever you do, have fun and be safe.
  5. Man seems like it was just Friday yesterday and here we are again. We’ve been fairly busy in the shop this week, however my son has been moving so we’ve not gotten done as mush as usual. We finished he’s three sets of Cornhole boards and I have pictures of two of them. The third set was plain without any decals. Next week we we will be back at it full go. Tomorrow I’m cooking burgers at the shooting range as part of their 2nd Birthday. Should be a fun day. So so what’s on your agenda this weekend? Share your projects and pictures with us. Whatever you do, have fun and be safe.
  6. Here we are on the last day of May and it isn’t raining in Indiana.......yet. We have been deluged with rain for the past 6 weeks and the farmers here are in panic mode. I have a good friend that farms 3,000 acres and he has zero crops in the ground. This has been an interesting week. Sunday was race day and all weather forecasters predicted a rain shortened race. They were wrong. In fact, they got the whole race in. I’ve finished and installed a cabinet this week and today I’ve spent the whole day building a prototype keepsake box for a customer that wants 15 boxes built as a memorial to her 3 month old grandson who died suddenly. I found a piece of buried walnut to make the top from. My oldest granddaughter graduates high school Sunday so this weekend is chock full of graduation festivities. So, what’s on your Patriot Woodworker Weekend Agenda?
  7. Memorial Day Weekend, a time to pause, reflect and remember those that paid the ultimate price for our freedom. Sometimes it seems as though many just look at it as a long weekend and don’t even think of the meaning of the name of the day we are celebrating. Freedom is not free nor is the price cheap. I’m so thankful for those that answered the call, went, served and secured the freedom I enjoy. A salute to those! This week we’ve been trying to catch up on some projects we stopped on to do the show last weekend. My two sons have been at it hard to finish this “L” shaped Cedar outdoor kitchen Egg table. Tops are done and they are just finishing up doors and drawers. Then part of it will get disassembled so that it can get delivered. Temps are in the mid to upper 90’s here and we are now having to work on assembly outside the shop. Set the tent up for some shade. My my wife and I just finished putting out 50 bags of mulch and we were 20 bags short so it’s back to get more. After this we are planning a little down time for the weekend. So what’s on your agenda this weekend? I love to see your projects and pictures. Share with us your Memorial Weekend plans. Whatever is on your agenda, have fun and be safe.
  8. Show season is upon us. I had one last Saturday and John Moody is setting up today for a large 3 day juried show in Florence, Alabama so he’s asked me to hang a post for him. I’ve spent the week running between grand-daughter school events as the school year closes down and the oldest one graduates in a couple of weeks. The only shop time I’ve had this week was dealing with quotes. I quoted a. Murphy bed, 15 keepsake boxes and polishing out a table for a local fire station. So, what’s on your Patriot Woodworker Weekend Agenda?
  9. Mother’s Day weekend will be a bit different this year for the first time in my life my mom want be there. She passed away last June. However I have a most wonderful wife and she is an awesome mother to our children and grandchildren and we will most certainly celebrate her. Today though I’m in the shop pushing to get inventory ready for our first show of the season. Cutting Boards are on the agenda this weekend and next week. Finished this stack yesterday and have a batch in the clamps now. As as soon as these come out we have another batch ready for glue up. And then the ones coming out will join this one as they pass through the drum sander. So we are in a cutting board run at the moment. What’s on your agenda this weekend? If you are getting any shop time share that and if you can I hope you get to spend time with your mom. Have an awesome weekend and whatever you do have fun and be safe.
  10. Is it just me or does it seem like time is moving faster. I don’t know it’s probably like Global warming but any way here it is already May. It was a bit warmer in the shop this morning. Had to turn on the AC. I spent this morning working on laser engraving a gun stock for a dear friend. A couple of years back, speed of or justice system it may have been longer, his son was setup by the wife and was murder for insurance money. So he has his son’s rifle and is redoing some of it and wanted this put on both sides of the stock. His granddaughter wrote it out and one day it will be hers. This is one side of the stock, And this was the other side. I delivered it this morning and was honored they ask me to do it. We are also working on a really large outdoor “L” shaped kitchen with Green Egg and a Kitchen sink. Yep! We’ve got most of the frame work done and a few of the panels glued. Got to make several drawers yet. Set up the CNC to cut out some handled cutting boards so it was running while gluing panels. They could almost be paddles but no one does that anymore. So that’s our weekend agenda, what’s on yours? Share your projects and pictures here so we can all enjoy what you are up to in your shop. Remember, whatever do, have fun and be safe!
  11. Hey gang, welcome to the weekend. This is NRA convention weekend in Indiana but I was forced to stay home because I’ve been fighting a minor eye issue. I did get credentials though. I’ve been building some accessory cabinets for the local Elk’s lodge here in town and I just finished cabinet number 3 of 6. So, I have to ask, “Whats on your Patriot Woodworker agenda for the weekend?”
  12. Here we are the weekend before tax deadline. Thankfully mine are done and been done. Hope you aren't spending the weekend with taxes and get to spend some time in the shop. Wow we had temps here yesterday in the upper 80's. Seems like we are going from frost a few weeks ago to summer and skipping over spring. I desperately needed to spend some time with John Deere today but it looked like rain when I got home and didn't jump on. That may be a job for tomorrow afternoon. This week I got the laser hooked up and working on the CNC machine and can now put my logo on my cutting boards and other items without having to use the branding iron. I was pretty amazed at how well this worked and it's only a 2.5 watt laser. I have a 40 watt one, but it is in a cabinet and is so limited by what size you can put in and it will only allow an inch thickness. So having this one on the CNC gives me much more room and height. It did equally well on the end grain boards as it did on the edge grain. Now I have a stack that will need to be done this weekend so they will be ready to go. We are full go right now on cutting boards, cheese boards and Bread boards. We also finished a nice set of custom Cornhole Boards today. They will go out tomorrow. Plans are to shoot in another GSSF match tomorrow and I'm doing the scoring so middle of the day will be taken. So what's your plans for this mid-April weekend? We always love to see the projects you are working on and pictures of the progress. Share your weekend agenda with us. Whatever you do this weekend, be safe and have fun!
  13. @John Morris I loved your post on the corn hole boards and using your SS. Nice job on the boards. We just finished two more sets the past week with these being made of Poplar. One Alabama set and one Auburn set. We purchase the logos from a licensed dealer for the customer and install them before we spray finish. We have started this week getting ready for our show season to start. Last night I was getting cutting boards ready for my son to glue up today. And he was working on this large piece of Cherry to make a Mantle for a customer. Looks like a busy weekend for us and that’s what I like. So What’s on your Patriot Woodworker agenda this weekend. Love to see all of the projects you built and your process. It inspires others and that’s what we like. Im off this morning early to a men’s Bible Study so I wanted to get this up before I left. What ever you do this weekend, have fun and be safe.
  14. Well today turned into a busy day and I just got a chance to sit down and check in. My Spindel for the CNC arrived yesterday afternoon. I was impressed that I sent off the mail in rebate and got it in under 2 weeks. Now to get it all installed. Tomorrow I’m headed to Montgomery to shoot in a GSSF pistol match. Be on the road a good part of the day and hoping to beat the rain that is moving in for the evening. Sunday I’ll get busy putting the CNC together and working on milling some Poplar for a couple of end tables. That’s about it for my weekend, what’s on your agenda? We love to hear all about your projects and plans for the weekend. Whatever you you do have fun and be safe.
  15. Weather is warming up and looks like this will be the first time this year on John Deere. However I’m looking forward to getting outside and it not be raining. Forecast is for a nice Saturday and possible showers on Sunday evening. Yesterday we pick up these Cherry logs from a tree close to us that was being taken down. Got them dropped off at the sawmill. Last last night my neighbor came over and ask me if I could turn a spindle for them. Not my strong part of woodworking, but it seemed to be close enough. I got my new CNC setup and together this week. They had to order my water cooled spindle so just waiting on it to get shipped in. Looking forward to getting this running. The rest of the weekend will be trying to finish up straightening the shop after all the rearranging. What’s on your agenda this weekend? We love to see and hear about your weekend projects. Whatever you do, have fun and be safe!
  16. This week has mostly been a week of cleaning are reorganizing the shop. We have moved most everything that was in the back of the shop to the front, and what was in the front to the back. Trying to improve our work flow through the shop. Wow what a mess I have made. Saturday we are going to Nashville, my CNC came in Monday but haven't had time to make the run up there. The new CNC is part of the reason for the shop rearrangement and should work a lot better. I am also running some new ductwork for my DC. Thanks for all of your wonderful birthday wishes. I have reached the magic 65 number and still going strongly. So what's on your agenda for this St. Patrick's day weekend? Hope the weather is better and warming up so you can get in the shop. Post your pictures and share with us your weekend projects. Whatever you are doing this weekend, have fun and be safe!
  17. Well I have been absent for a few weeks from the site. We were contacted by a design company to built a couple of prototypes for them to take to market. So we got busy working on them and finished last Friday morning and they are at market this week. We have no idea where this will go but we were ask to prepare a bid for 1000 of them. So that what’s been going on with us. Hopefully we will know something in about a week. So now back to other work. We almost finished a large custom green egg, grill, outdoor unit for a customer. Most of it is cedar, the top will be Epay Wood, something the customer had. Also going to use it on some of the trim. Saturday I’m heading to Nashville to Woodcraft to pickup a new and larger CNC machine. No idea where I’m going to put it, the shop is full! Maybe another addition. Glad to be back posting today and look forward to seeing and hearing about your weekend agenda. Sorry but but right now I can’t tell you anything more about the prototypes. Hope you have a great weekend and whatever you do have fun and be safe!
  18. Here were are on the first day of March! The calendar says spring is on the way, the groundhog says that spring is on the way, but Mother Nature didn’t get the memo. We’re supposed to get 4 - 6 inches of the white stuff this weekend, but it is basketball sectional time in Indiana. Grandpa Dave will understand the previous statement. Speaking of basketball, our local team, the Blackford Bruins (22-4) take on the #1 ranked Delta Eagles (26 - 0) in the sectional tonight. Our Bruins have a Sophomore by the name of Luke Brown that is averaging 36 points a game and on track to breaking the state scoring record. Google it and watch his videos because he’s an amazing young man. As for woodworking, I’ve been trivet making this week and just started building a California king bed for a client. She’s not in a hurry and neither am I. So, what’s on your Patriot Woodworker Weekend Agenda?
  19. Hope you all had a great Valentine day yesterday. Today im in the shop with my son and we have finally moved the kitchen island to our finishing room. It’s getting a clear finish and I’m loving the grain of the Red Elm. We are to get two months of rain in the next few days so I’m hoping we can get it delivered before the rain starts. Whats on you Patriot Woodworker agenda? Share your projects and pictures with us. Love to see and hear about all you are doing. Whatever you do, have fun and be safe.
  20. The big big thaw is on in east central Indiana! It’s a balmy 17 degrees and I suspect the robins will be flying in at any time. Last night the temps began to rise and we got 5 inches of snow. The coldest we got this week was -17 but it was bearable because I keep my shop heated. This week I had 2 major accomplishments other than staying warm. Last Monday, I braved the snow and picked up a Dewalt 735 planer 5hat I bought and I managed to complete a mantle for a client. I’ll install it next week and add a bit of trim to match. So, Patriot Woodworker’s, what’s on your weekend agenda?
  21. We finally finished the Hickory Slab Desk and got it delivered to its new home. My son Josh did a lot of the work on this and did an outstanding job. We completed the slab shelves some time back and then waited on a remodel and us as we got behind also. But it looks good and they are excited to start using it. Today I’m working on the legs for the Red Elm kitchen island. The last shelve is glued and ready for sanding. Hopefully I’ll get all the legs done this weekend and this will be ready for finish the first of the week. So what’s on your agenda this weekend? I love to see your projects and see what your working on. Share your plans and projects and post those pictures. Whatever you do, have fun and be safe.
  22. For some a three day holiday weekend and others it just another weekend. We poured the epoxy finish on the desk this week and it’s looking good. Got finis sprayed on the bottom so it should get delivered this weekend. Working on finishing up this kitchen island. Made of Red Elm. First two shelves done. Like one more shelf and the bottom legs then it will go to finishing. So what’s on your agenda this weekend? love to see your projects and how they are going. Whatever you do, have fun and be safe.
  23. We took a week or so off after Christmas to relax and try to reorganize to get ready to begin another year. Last week we got this slab top desk desk back to the top of the list. It got put on hold waiting on the customer to do a house remodel and now they are ready. It was going to have a live edge on both sides but that has now changed and we had to square up one side. We we got the legs built and just sat them on the top. They are not in place in the picture. Added a support stretcher under the top and secure the legs with some brackets underneath. It is ready this weekend to move into the finishing room to get an epoxy satin finish on the top and a spray satin finish on the bottom. Whats on your agenda this weekend? I love to see all that you are working on so share your projects with us and thanks for doing so. Whatever you do this weekend, have fun and be safe!
  24. Here we are on the first Friday of a brand new year. I trust everyone survived all of the New Year’s festivities. I wonder how long it will take us to write 2019 instead of 2018....... This year rings in with a full range of shop activities for yours truly. Tomorrow, I have an appointment to measure a semi circular mantle for a home renovation here in town. It should be challenging but fun. I have a California king bed to build and a pair of cherry bookcases for a local dentist’s office. So, Happy New Year! What’s on you Patriot Woodworker Weekend Agenda?
  25. This seems like a very fast year as we come to the last weekend. It has been a busy year for us and we were blessed with lots of projects. We usually take a couple of weeks after Christmas to regroup and reorganize somewhat before starting back. So no work in our shop this week or this weekend. I plan on a little relaxing and doing a little shooting at this range this weekend. I have some reloading to do. Part of of the weekend I’ll be in front of the TV watching the College Football Playoffs. Time now to take some time and reflect back on the year and plan for the coming year. What’s on your agenda this weekend? I love to hear what you are doing and see the projects your are working on. Have a a safe and Happy New Year.
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