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  1. We made it to Friday folks! Here in the land of "Two Weeks From Anywhere" I'm getting a few days break from the Astro and Pilot while we wait for the Factory Service Manual for the Astro and a hollow end mill so I can get that broken off bolt out of the Pilot to come. I'm beginning to think I'm getting to for this crap and need a break from them anyway. Hopefully I'll get a little time to work on the "FUN" projects while we wait for those items, but the lawns need mowing, and this that and the other may prevent that. With that, it's time for the "BIG" question,... What's on Your Weekend Agenda?
  2. OOOPS! I almost forgot it was Friday! Must have been that Labor Day thingy. That's my story and I'm sticking to it! Things have been a bit hectic here "Two Weeks From Anywhere". Was on earlier and "Bruce" called wanting to know if I wanted to go with on another "Boneyard" run so I kind of forgot it was Friday. Bruce got a radio/cd player for the Astro van, may as well put it in while the dash is already half apart anyway. Still waiting on the ignition switch housing. He also picked up a headlight for a Ford Focus for a friend of his. Since they're usually destroyed by the fork truck when they move the vehicles around I got one good running board off of a Pilot. Figured it's probably the only way I'll get a set is to grab one if it's not destroyed. They're the same for both sides. If it stops drizzling here I'll try to get some photos of the progress of my two ongoing projects. As far as my plans for the weekend, I need to look up a range/neutral position switch for the Pilot. (Trips CEL when SWMBO drives it) Try to get some more done on the projects. (How much depends upon Bruces switch delivery and weather) That's my plans for the weekend, what's yours?
  3. Friday again folks! Been a little busy here in the land of "Two Weeks From Anywhere". Haven't had much time to work on the Limken desk or Komputator case builds. We've been trying to get Bruce's 1999 Astro van running. Got the Pass Key system bypassed but finally figured out the injector system problem late yesterday afternoon. It will require a trip to the "Boneyard" to get the connectors for the ECM. One of them is being very touchy about keeping electrical contact with the ECM. Also hauled over an old Craftsman TS (From Bruce's) so I can get my "Komputator" case build on the road to completion. My Delta is to buried at the present time. So after doing a boneyard run and replacing the "Suspect" connector sometime this morning I hope to get back to more fun things. That's my weekend agenda. What's your plans for the upcoming Labor Day Weekend?
  4. Friday again folks! Here "Two Weeks From Anywhere" I'm reconstituting from being a "Hair Pile of Melted Itt!" after the past two days of heat indices in the 113-118° range. Today I may get started on the "Victrola Style Komputator" case build. Still rolling those "Mental Images" around in my "One Celled SketchUp" mind. I'll post about that and the Larkin desk rebuild a bit later today. With that being said I'll ask, What's on Your Weekend Agenda?
  5. Friday again folks! Here in the land of "Two Weeks From Anywhere" we've been enjoying a bit cooler temperatures the past few days. (It's 54° here now) Looks like Sunday might get a bit warm at a forecast Humid 90° My plans for the weekend will entail working on the 100+ year old Larkin desk and trying to get the plans for the Komputator case which will set on top of it out of my head and possibly onto paper. Much easier said than done because I'm one of those Dyslexic people that visualizes things in 3D while rotating them in my head. (Could be why others think I'm dizzy. Since the desk is pretty much being restored versus modified for the project I'll be doing a separate topic for the Victrola style Komputator case build which will set on top of the desk. That's my plans for the weekend, what's yours?
  6. Yep, it's Friday. Just got back from 'Three Weeks From Anywhere", feeling a bit of lag from going through the one week time warp twice in four days. It was a great visit for the wife and her sister whose birthday was yesterday. The Pilot ran like a top for the trip. I'll be getting back to the Larkin desk project tomorrow. What's on Your Weekend Agenda?
  7. Last I looked, this IS a..... F R I D A Y?
  8. Friday Folks, Not much going on here other than trying to survive the heat, humidity, and air quality alerts. With that being said, what's on your weekend agenda?
  9. Friday again folks! Here in the land of "Two Weeks From Anywhere" I'll be checking the Pilot over this weekend for next weeks upcoming trip to "Three Weeks From Anywhere". We'll be leaving Tuesday and coming back Friday morning, so I'll be a bit late with next Fridays post. The trip is the wife's birthday present to her sister. Other than that, I've been going through boxes of "Stuff" while at the same time abusing my "One Celled Sketch-Up" as I find "Goodies" for an upcoming project. Problem is, I keep finding "Stuff" I totally forgot about having that could end up as part of the project thus the "One Celled Sketch-Up" abuse. Well, that's my weekend plans. What's on Your Weekend Agenda?
  10. Friday again Folks! Ever have one of those days where everything you touch turns to $#!t? That was me yesterday. Came in from mowing next door after a couple of hours to take a break. Tried turning on the wife's W10 Komputator only to have it show power on, but no boot menu or video. So, messed with that for a couple of hours, and got nowhere. Decided to go finish mowing next door. Wind decided to come up so of course I came back in after finishing covered with grass clippings looking like a "Scarecrow". You wouldn't believe how much of that itchy, scratchy grass got inside my clothing. So, go take a bath to get rid of the itchies. So, then this morning I pulled out the W11 Komputator to set it up. But before I could do that the "STUPID TV" decided to play games, I think they did another software update. Wife went to change antenna channel, and somehow the "Crazy Thing" went into PIP mode. The remote has no PIP function. So spent about an hour going through the menus getting that back to "Abby Normal". Finally got this W11 Komputator hooked up, and of course it had to do a bunch of updates before it would let me use it. I think it's going to take the wife a bit to get used to this. So, What's on Your Weekend Agenda? I think I'm going to go back to bed.
  11. Friday again folks! Here "Two Weeks From Anywhere" I'm trying to figure whether the weather is going to give me enough time for a boneyard run. Need to see if I can find a good A/C compressor for the Pilot that won't break the bank. Did manage to figure out how to get a bit of rain,...Plan to do anything outside, it will rain! Might have something to do with Harley Davidsons 120th anniversary party going on this weekend. Can't say we don't need it, some farmers have started to plow under what's left of their crops due to the borderline "Severe Drought" conditions here. Not sure if they're going to try replanting or not. So, as I try working around the weather,... What's on Your Weekend Agenda?
  12. Oops! I almost forgot it was Friday. Not much going on here "Two Weeks From Anywhere". Just enjoying a couple of cooler days after going through a few days of the "Mugglies". Not sure what I'll be doing for the weekend, if much of anything. What's on Your Weekend Agenda?
  13. For those of you still working you made it to Friday, for those of us retired it's just another day. Here "Two Weeks From Anywhere" I'm not sure what I'll be doing this weekend. I'm moving a bit slow due to throwing my back out yesterday. Guess I should have used the floor jack to lift the zero-turn mower so I could get at the blades. So, as I work at trying to get moving again,...What's on Your Weekend Agenda? Oh yeah, I almost forgot, have a good 4th everyone!
  14. Friday again folks! Here "Two Weeks From Anywhere" I've been spending the past few days working mornings, and then late afternoons working on the yard. Just can't take being out in full sun like I used to, that and we've been under an "Air Quality Alert" the past two days for Ozone. Today we're under an alert for the "Smoke" from the Canadian Wildfires. As far as woodworking goes, I'm making firewood, and alot of wood mulch. Not sure how much I'll get done today, and tomorrow due to temps forecast for the high 80's to go along with the air quality issues. Did manage to talk Bruce into hanging on to another "Toy" for doing yard work, so will be playing around with it for a bit. Amazing what can be found "Curb Shopping". So, What's on Your Weekend Agenda?
  15. Friday again folks, sure was a fast week. Well, at least it seems like it was here "Two Weeks From Anywhere". After the rain we had earlier in the week it's back to mowing, mowing, mowing. Mowed the North field next door yesterday afternoon, leaving an area grow due to Native Wildflowers coming up that I plan to relocate. Also left an area that I thought the Bunnies were done using for their dens, but found out they weren't done when I ran over one of the dens. It sure freaked me out when the mothers fur cap over the den started moving after I had ran over it. Thankfully no Bunnies were injured. Today I'll hopefully get back to chipping so I can get the branches and brush cleaned up and out of the way so I can do some mowing here. That's my plan, hopefully I can stick with it. What's on Your Weekend Agenda?
  16. Friday again folks! Starting Friday at 48° here "Two Weeks From Anywhere", supposed to make it to 81°. The tree trimming, thinning, removal of seasoned in place trees continues. Hopefully the bearings for the DR Chipper get here before the too small for firewood brush piles get much bigger. I've got three piles that will probably take at least two days to run through the chipper now. It's almost getting to the point we can see the Forest through the Trees on the West side. Did I mention I hate Buckthorn? Now when did that Multiflora Rose show up here? Looks like this is going to take longer than I thought, so it looks like I know what I'll be doing. What's on Your Weekend Agenda?
  17. Looks like it's Friday again Folks. Here "Two Weeks From Anywhere" it's been HOT! We've been setting record high temperatures for the past few days, and it looks like we'll be doing so for today and tomorrow also. Still no rain for us as it's been passing West, and Southeast of us the past two days. Sure could use some as we've entered drought conditions again after having a small surplus of precipitation a month or so ago. I've been doing what I can yardwork wise, trying to stay out of the direct Sun trimming trees/bushes from the heavy wet snow damage done in late April, cutting up seasoned in place trees for Winter firewood, and transplanting Wildflowers, Etc.. Not easy when the trees you're trimming are one of the main contributors to the current "High Pollen Alerts" Achoo! Achoo! Achoo! Oh Well, as I sneeze my way across the yard, What's on Your Weekend Agenda?
  18. Memorial Day Weekend Folks. Here "Two Weeks From Anywhere" we've been riding a roller coaster as far as temperatures go. I spent yesterday cutting firewood for the wood-burning stove, still cleaning up winter/wind storm tree damage. If ( That's a big If ) I manage to get caught up to that, I've got about a half dozen or so seasoned in place trees to take down. For some reason I'm not as fast as I used to be, must be that getting thing. So I'll be out doing more of the above this weekend, "What's on Your weekend agenda"?
  19. Friday again folks, we survived another week. Here "Two Weeks From Anywhere" I'm sitting here listening to it rain. Of course it would, I all but finished the mowing yesterday. Talked it over with the Wife, and we're seriously considering turning a good portion of the yard into a Cottage Style Wildflower Garden with wandering paths mowed between the beds. I left the areas where the Wood Violets and a few other Native Wildflowers have taken over. Mentioned this to our neighbor Bruce last night, and he gave me a big bag of Wildflower seeds he found "Curb Shopping". I'm sure this will lead to a visit from the "Mowing Police" but I don't think they'll have much to say about it once I show them the Wildlife Sanctuary Permit we got from the D.N.R. That's about all that's going on here, What's on Your weekend Agenda?
  20. Friday again Folks. I'm back from "Three Weeks From Anywhere" but now I'm not sure if I'm caught up a week, or another week behind. We did manage to get enough of the heavy snow damaged trees cleared out, the ground mostly leveled, and the camper put into that area. Whew! We also installed an outdoor water spigot in the rear wall of the barn, and ran a temporary hose, and electric cord to the camper. We'll be putting in underground water/electric lines for an RV hookup in at a little later date. Clearing the storm damage took a bit more time than Mark had figured, but I didn't think we did too bad for a couple of mid 60's misfits. As to the weekend, I think I'm going to try to take it easy. I slipped while moving some of the storm damage, and landed on my butt! Way it feels I may have jarred that KS loose. I've been taking meds that are supposed to break up what is about a dime sized cluster of those things. Well, that's my weekend plans anyway, What's on Your Weekend Agenda?
  21. Looks like we made it to another Friday. Here "Two Weeks From Anywhere" the saga of broken vehicles continued last evening when the SDIL called when "her" 2011 Ford Focus died about 1 1/2 blocks from their house. So took a ride into town and put the code reader on and it showed several codes. Did manage to get it started and drove it back to their driveway in "Limp Mode". Will be checking it over better either today, or tomorrow. It was getting to dark to see much last evening. Well, looks like "my" weekend has been planned. What's on Your Weekend Agenda?
  22. Happy Friday Folks! Here "Two Weeks From Anywhere" I started the first mowing of the season yesterday, got about halfway done. Will be trying to get the other half done today before the next three days of forecast for our area. If I don't get it done, I'm sure it will still be there next Wednesday. That leaves the BIG question, "What's on Your Weekend Agenda"?
  23. Are you ready for the weekend? Or are you ready for the week to end? Not sure which here "Two Weeks From Anywhere". What's on Your Weekend Agenda?
  24. Friday again folks. Been a heck of a week here "Two Weeks From Anywhere". Bruce is now up to needing transmissions in two out of five vans, and possible fuel injectors on a third. Did manage to get the 92 G20 running right after replacing the coolant temp sensor, and electronic spark control module. The 2000 Express requires a model 4L60e transmission that was only used for the 1999, and 2000 model years. Bruce isn't sure if he'll bother with the 95 G30, Mother Nature has removed a good portion of the body. So, Bruce, & Jim are out "Curb Shopping" for the weekend with the 92 G20, and 05 Express and a trailer. Me, I'll be trying to get the mowers ready and some of the yard cleaned up this weekend providing I don't get a "Resue Me" call. With that, What's on Your Weekend Agenda?
  25. Friday again! Here "Two Weeks From Anywhere" it's the beginning of "Spring Curb Shopping Season". Still have a bit of work to do on a couple of Bruces vans, and have to rewire a landscapers trailer he picked up. Somehow whoever wired the trailer got the electric brakes tied into one of the brake/turn signal lights. Of course they must have used at least three rolls of electrical tape to cover the mass/mess of wiring. Looks like one of those messes where you'd be better off cutting the mess out and starting over. Might get started on that today, weather permitting. That's what's going on around here, What's on Your Weekend Agenda?
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