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  1. ..Friday again! What happened to all those days in between? Guess I must have misplaced them. So, how was your week, and what have you got planned for the weekend?
  2. Hard to believe it's November around here with the record temperatures we've had lately. Around here Murphy's been pretty busy, We've been battling him on a few fronts. Not even going to ask what next. Not sure what I'm going to do this weekend other than try to enjoy the unusually nice days while they last. So...What's on your weekend agenda?
  3. Everybody missed this was F R I D A Y? I thought I was the only one to lose a day....
  4. What do you mean it's Saturday the 10th? Yesterday was Thursday, wasn't it? ...Man has this year got me screwed up! Not a lot going on around here,...So... What's on your weekend agenda?
  5. We made it to October! Is everybody ready for Winter? Got down to mid 30's here last night. If the rain holds off this weekend I'll be helping my brother replace the rear spring shackles on his 2000 Blazer. ...So...What's on your weekend agenda?
  6. Wow! Last Friday of September, another month almost gone! I'll be out mowing shortly, wondering if it might be the last time this season. ...Guess I'd better get the ......"SNOW" blowers checked out to see if they're ready. ...SOoo..., What's on your weekend agenda?
  7. Looks like we made it through another week, my phone says it's Friday. Really have nothing planned other than yard work. So... What's on your weekend agenda?
  8. Wow, September already! ..That time of year to start getting ready for ...WINTER!!! So......What do you have on your weekend agenda? Me? ..I'm still trying to catch up to Summer.
  9. It's Friday again folks, heck of a week here. What's on your weekend agenda?
  10. Well folks, we've made it to another Friday. We hope everyone is doing well through these "CRAZY" times. Myself....still trying to work around the weather. So...What have all of you got planned for the weekend? Hopefully your weather is giving you a break, it's raining here now ...again.
  11. Well here it is Good Friday, and we've made it through another week of "Social Distancing". Here in Wisconsin the Governor has ordered the State Parks closed due to vandalism beginning today. People have been trashing the parks, stealing the Toilet Paper, and Hand Sanitizers from the public bathrooms. We also had to go out and vote on Tuesday due to the state legislature refusing to allow the voting date to be moved. We won't know the results of voting until Monday the 13th so the absentee ballots that were postmarked before midnight the 7th can get counted. M
  12. Probably a "Stupid" question as we make our way through the Pandemic gripping the world today, but just had to ask. As to us here "Two Weeks From Anywhere" the wife had to go to the Doctor yesterday, no we don't have it, Don't want it. She started having breathing problems a couple of days ago, luckily she decided better get it checked before she ended up in the hospital where we know they do have it. Turns out her Bronchitis got triggered by the "Rust Dust Pollen" our Norway Spruce trees started dumping earlier this month when we got our first, and last 60° day. S
  13. Well gang, we’ve made it to a Friday. In fact, the last Friday of this leap year month of February. Anybody out there born on a February 29th? My week has been divided between a couple of meetings and doing a whole lot of reading about ordinances, redevelopment and solid waste management. Pretty exciting stuff, huh. I have had some shop time though because I have a show in early May and I need stock. Thanks to @Fred W. Hargis Jr , I’ve been building a few cheese slicing boards and I also threw together a hickory coffee mill. So, Patriot Woodworkers, what’s on your weekend
  14. Well, it’s Friday again, folks. I’ve been in the shop working on stock (cutting boards and a coffee mill) for a May show but no pictures. I do have a picture to prove that I can clean up. I recently accepted a City Council position to complete the term of a friend that died while in office and I had to have my picture and contact info put on the city web site. If you have a rodent problem, cut, paste and print as needed. They will run. So, Patriot Woodworkers, what’s on your weekend agenda?
  15. Happy Valentine’s Day!!! I hope all of you have special plans for this special day. This has been basically a clean up week for me but I did manage to build a pair of flag cases. The large cherry case holds a flag that flew over the Capitol Building last July 4th. The smaller one I donated for an auction at a Lincoln Day dinner. It will hold a smaller flag that flew over the U. S. S. Arizona. So, Patriot Woodworkers, what’s on your weekend agenda?
  16. This has been one of the busiest years I’ve had doing woodworking. We have been throughly blessed with work. We did a large three day show before Thanksgiving and we were none stop from then till Christmas Eve. It didn’t come without some long days and nights and a we bit of stress. While working on filling orders, I got home from my part time job one Friday to the news that our Jointer had stopped working. Not the news I wanted to hear and especially on a Friday evening since all the electrical shops are closed on weekends. But after doing some trouble shooting I determined the s
  17. Well, it IS a F R I D A Y, is it not? Plan for my weekend? 3-4 coats of Amber Shellac applied to a small Shaker Table.....otherwise, I am doing as little as I can get away with...and even less IF they let me. Follow up with the Doc next week...on the 9th...and see what he says. Right now...everywhere they shaved, is starting to ITCH!... Soooo, what's on YOUR schedule? Hmmmm...
  18. Today has been a long day, started at 4:30 am and lasted till 4:30 pm. Got up early today and hit the deer blind with my son. Had deer everywhere and unable to get a shot. We were bow hunting and just nothing in the right place with a good shot. I had to come in at 8:30 am to go to work at the range. Wow was it busy today. Lots of folks with family in and some came to shoot while others did Black Friday shopping. I got home and laid down to catch a nap and slept longer than I meant too. Oh well it was all good. So we had an awesome show last weekend to finish off the year. We took
  19. So for the past three weeks or so we’ve been covered up working in the shop or at my part time job so I’ve been absent from the site. This weekend is one of our biggest shows and it started by setting up Wednesday evening and runs through Saturday evening. Today our hours are 9-9. just trying to have enough inventory has been a real push but we’ve gotten most of it done. I’ve made close to 100 boards in the past three weeks. We have a nice corner booth inside an atrium. Tickets to get in to shop are $10.00 so these are serious shoppers. I made some round bo
  20. Used to remember when a Friday meant something good was going on....being Retired, every day is either a Friday....or a Monday..... Anything planned for the weekend? Veterans' Day being Monday..... I might see IF I can add to this pile... Might be working too hard, for a FRIDAY?
  21. My good friend John Moody is building for a show in a few weeks and is up to his eyeballs in sawdust so he asked me to submit his usual Friday post. I have a show next Saturday but I have enough stock so here goes. This is municipal elections in Indiana and since I’m on our county election board life gets a bit busy right now. In spite of that, I’ve been able to build a pair of rolling 4 foot islands for the local elks Lodge. Hopefully, they can be in place in the next ten days. No shop work tomorrow because my son and I are making a trip to South Bend to watch Notre Dame take on Virgini
  22. Well I missed last Friday and have just gotten home from working then picking my wife up at her work and eating supper so I’m just now getting my Friday post done. Thanks for your patience with me. Wednesday I was invited to look at and see if I was interested in purchasing some lumber and turning blanks. A gentleman that used to stop by my booth at First Friday passed away two years ago. His wife is just starting to sell off his lumber and blanks. One of his favorite things was to turn rough bowls and then sell them so people could finish them after they had dried and stabilized.
  23. Finally some cool weather and some shop time this week. I have been working most of the week on the CNC machine, but I did get another set of cutting boards ready for the next glue up today. I found a guy that had a 3D set of grips available for download and they are very nice models. For the moment I’ve lost his name and link, but I’ll go back through my history and find it to give him credit. I cut one plain set from walnut to try them out and check sizing. I did have to open up the screw hole just a bit but it was close. The other sets
  24. The heat is still with us here in Alabama and we are in a drought situation. Seems like in the spring it rained every day and we had record flooding. But it’s supposed to be cooling off here beginning this weekend and I must say I’m ready for some cool weather, but not yet ready for cold weather. This weekend I’ll be gluing these cutting boards in the end grain configuration. Starting to get get ready for our big end of the year Christmas show. Seems strange to say that with it being upper 90’s today. But it is that time. In the morning I’ll cut them into
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