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    Happy Birthday

    Happy birthday Cynthia.
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  4. This is woodworking, so you can call it anything you want (and be correct). While I was also taught that a groove goes with the grain, and a dado across it, with plywood I always use the word "dado"; but that's just me.
  5. A typical ballpark measures about 300 feet on a side, right? Something like that. So, yeah, you're in the ballpark. But to continue the analogy, that device placed over a duct opening might indicate whether you're in the infield or outfield. I guess it would reliably indicate whether the gate is open.
  6. Use this internet form, switch the meter to velocity (LFM) and plug the numbers into the worksheet. Should give you the answer. I looked that meter up and I think it reads everything but feet per second...so use one of the measurements that the worksheet accepts.
  7. Here's to hoping all will be better now and a quick recovery. The hardest part is the waiting. Good luck to you both.
  8. These pictures might help you Artie! With these cans of things in a drawer one could not find what they were looking for... and if you have a wife who likes to cook then you will end up with many spices!!! Then I needed a place to display the knives out of the way...We had bought this plastic knife holder at Camping World in 99 and this led to me building two out of wood...out of the way but still handy and they don't take up any space from the shelves.. Also we won't know exactly what they found inside my wife for 7 days after the operation and this will happen tomorrow....already got the doctors belief and the lab folks the mass they removed as they were removing he gall bladder and much of the outside of her liver was nothing to send off for more inspections...….My eyes are still flowing the tears as the doctor came in with that news after he had went to the lab for more results of other patients specimens but I think he did say the complete results would not be known for 7 days.
  9. Here is a pic of my approach. Danl
  10. I guess to install the hinges...one needs proper hinge tool? Wax for the threads, cordless screwdriver for the slotted brass screws, and a couple cordless drills... Be sure to clock those slots....the fill the box up.. And close the lid... And go shopping for a latch...
  11. Gluing up some blanks for turning. Got these done yesterday. Ordered a hollower from @Jim from Easy Wood Tools Should be here few days. That should be fun.
  12. Got started on another one of those projects. Sometime back I received an email from the neighbor lady. In part, it said: "I'm at the library and the woman that runs the children's area is telling me about her wishlist. I thought of you and your amazing carpentry skills and giving heart." Does the phrase "Danger Will Robinson!!" ring a bell!! A small pretend "market stand". If I don't screw up, I can get away with a single sheet of plywood.
  13. Pete, the Anemometer that I used was a Proster MS6252A. I dont know how good this one is as I found the same one on the internet for $35 so I am assuming that is where my buddy got it from. The instruction manual says to measure CFM to select CFM mode However when I select CFM mode it is giving me readings in the thousands. As far as to what I measuring, yes I am at the 4" blast gate right before each tool. My system is made up completely of 4" PVC. I understand that I do not know how accurate this meter is but I am trying to at least get some kind of ballpark numbers.
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