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  2. This was made from a PC Open the Patriot Home page by clicking on the The Patriot Woodworker Tab at the top left corner- From the home page locate the Create button Click on the Create Button- From the drop down window select Gallery Image From the Choose Category window, Click on the Select down arrow Select the most appropriate CATEGORY for your album Select Create New Album- Provide a Title for your New Album and add a Description. Then click Create Album in the Lower Right Corner The window that opens will be where you add your images to your new album Add images to the album the same way you add them to a post. Either click on the "Plus" symbol or drag the images to the white area. When you have uploaded you images, click on the "Submit all images" in the lower right corner of the window The images will be up loaded into your new album Once uploaded, you will be taken to your new album- If you need to Add more images to THIS album, Click on the Add Images button- The add images window will open for uploading more images- If you want to change other setting for this album, click on the Manage Album button- Here you can Edit or Delete the album- The Edit widow permits the following options- Click SAVE in the lower right corner to make sure all your changes are saved. To locate your new album, return to the Patriot Home Page and click on Browse. Click on Gallery. Click on the Gallery topic are where your album was created. In this example it was in General Woodworking. Your newly created album will show up here on the left and on the right under Recent Entries Hope this helps
  3. Looks like we're stuck at a misty 36° .
  4. I had been working on these a few years ago, but life got in the way. Still can't get a break in the weather, so I'll give a brief description of the machines I'll be using in my Resto-Modded version of Delta's No.575 Combination. My No. 700 scroll saw started out as basically two little more than parts machines that ended at this stage. The modifications I performed are explained in the write up I did back then. The No. 620 11" Drill Press I'll be using is far from stock in that it is comprised of the base, table, and column from a No. 620 with the cast iron head from a No. 645 that Delta introduced in 1937. The No. 620 was last listed in the 1936 catalog. I had ran across a drawing when I was researching Delta patent numbers that showed this machine, but apparently Delta never produced it. The No. 620's head casting was made of cast Zamak, and was prone to breaking. The No. 645 (DP400) head casting uses the same internal parts, and accessories as the Delta 14" (DP220) drill presses. Here's a photo of where that machine stands now. The base is backwards so the machine doesn't tip over. The "Mule Drive" pulleys are from a Homecraft DeltaShop machine from the 1950's. My favorite style of the Delta drill press pulley guard. And that leaves my Resto-Modded version of the No. 785 10" band saw. First the before photo. I found a second of this at the metal recycle yard. Out of 4 wheels only one would run true, so I used the wheels, and lower shaft from a later model Homecraft "Gumby" band saw which are much easier to find. Now if the weather would just cooperate.
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    Billy Jack Test

  6. We're cloudy and cool this morning (34º to start, 44º right now) and won't get our of the mid 40s....but no rain....no wind either, calmed down a lot.
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  8. My problem is I have to many build pictures and they need to be in an album to quickly locate. I either have to do it here or open a site online...
  9. My first try I discovered that pictures should be uploaded in reverse order. The last picture is the first one seen. The rest I just followed the prompts as they came up. Does help if you last label your pictures before loading them . Step by step I am not sure.
  10. Living in “Long Mondaysville” with the current events in the world. Working longer hours with less days per week. Having Monday to Wednesday free, I dug out a new project. It’s been a long time (16 years) since I have done any carving. I dabbled a bit at Christmas but gave up. Here is my fun attempt for the week....a bookworm! Needless to say, a bit rusty and rough out of the gate! Also getting some legs under 2020 4H prep work with the girls. Cedar reclamation for a project underway! The worm hopefully gets some color today. A few pics of progress... On a separate note, stay safe and healthy out there! Things are a bit changed up for most everyone right now but with a little faith and patience, this too shall pass! I find some positives currently in life as things have slowed down a bit. Having all of my kids for dinner each night has been pleasant to say the least. I know it will not last! My college Senior has some understandable job searching concerns the current COVID thing but it’s small in the big scheme of things! Prayers for those that are unable to work at all right now. Tougher out there for some...Have a great albeit somewhat changed week all!
  11. Can't figure it out. Tired of trying to figure it out. Step by step please....thx... Pretend it's Albums for for dummies or Billyjack...
  12. Try this with a cat. It will be fun!!!
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