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  2. I don't have a lot of experience of working with a variety of woods. I find that I can burn cherry quickly by my inattention. I like working with poplar as long as I don't get the green colored wood. That is usually saved for painting. I like working with pecan and cedar. I usually try to protect myself with gloves and breathing masks when handling cedar. It take finishes well and has beautiful color. I am about to try sassafras. Old tree to be cut down and this is totally an experimental thing. Mulberry is beautiful but hard. I think it may be durable as maple. And, I love working with maple. That's my limitation. Oh, I forgot that I am turning some Bradford pear. It seems to tear out easily even with a skew. Chisel is sharp enough to cut hairs off your arm, so I'm hoping that it's the dry wood.
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  4. Dan, the wand maker. I have been working on some for a few months, but nothing like yours. I will initiate a separate thread. I give them to children. One little girl one day said, "It really works!" Glad that I wasn't in the way. Great job, Dan.
  5. ...I wonder if I could pipe something directly to a wood burner?
  6. I give the ornament I make each year out to friends and family. Just a little something but everyone looks forward to getting one each year. My stab at spreading a little Holiday cheer.
  7. That's exactly what I used. It works well and lasts the longest. It must be stretched and heat treated. I also use mig welding wire for larger pieces where I want a wider line.
  8. Can you burn a line using tossed broken guitar wire? I don't think that the bass strings would work, but the ones on the bottom of the guitar should do. And, it could be that if you go to the store, you may find some for free. Hmmm. Sounds like an experiment.
  9. John, was there no way to modify the case on the red tape? Had it been mine I would have tried to remove that little tip that arrested the return tape. I really like this new one shone in BillyJack's last post. If the tape hook continues to come off while trying to stretch it out, use a small punch or awl and place a small hole making a burr on the back side of the hook. It may bite your finger, but it will stay better on your project.
  10. 0715 today, neighbor had her concrete driveway poured at about 43 degrees. Warming up to about 65 today and will be that for the next few days. Larry and Fred, I can turn on the fans and head them your way. I don't know if it will help much trying to get over the foothills of North Alabama and Georgia, Tennessee and Kentucky. But, I'll turn them up on high speed. Thanks for that beautiful picture of the ice and snow. It looks great from here. I have some wands to make tomorrow.
  11. years ago i used Red Devil polyurethane. i sprayed everything with it. Walmart sold for around $22 a gal...Discontinued and i moved on. I moved on to S&W poly and pre-cats...I'll never go back... Point I'm making is it may be time to find a more easily found finish..I've considered conversion varnish but haven't made the move yet
  12. Have a safe drive, Gene. From watching the news, I'd say there's an unusually high number of idiots on the roads right now.
  13. Turned out nice... Now can you wave it to make Kevin disappear. .....
  14. If the equipment has less than a 4" dust port, it's a hint that the mfr of the fan/device doesn't expect the air flow to be that high, and your 4" duct might not have enough "transport velocity" to make sure the dust keeps moving. OTOH, acting like a chimney sweep might be fun. Ask Mary Poppins.
  15. I won't buy Stanley because there is no anti-shock underneath...I learned but anti-shock when True Value sold Service Star tapes in the 80's. Best tapes I ever used. No longer available... I don't care for Milwaukee tapes but after Irwin stopped making them I had to make the change.. now my Milwaukee is open underneath....
  16. Also because of the height of the tape off the surface with the red one, the hook would come off the edge frequently, very frequently.
  17. I had a tape similar to that Milwakee, "Had" is the operative word here, I round filed it a month later (threw it in the can). What I hated about it, was that the metal hook sat flush with the bottom of the housing, as you see in the Milwaukee, the hooks position means you have to pull the tape out each time to use it, meaning you must have two hands to use this tape. I know it sounds trivial, but I like to just set my tape on the surface, let the hook rest over the edge and pull it back, it's a one hand operation like that,as it is with the Stanley below. I guess the red tape design is supposed to protect the hook perhaps? Because after long use, the Stanley hook can start to bend back. But I'd rather purchase a Stanley now and then with the convenience of the exposed hook, rather than purchase the red tape that pisses me off all the time. Just my own little gripe about the red tape and others like it, other users may not care.
  18. There goes any quality control. I use to buy all craftsman tapes when they offered the exchange warranty. I guess I wish Sears was Sears back in the day.....It was something in the day....
  19. A wonderful job Dan for a wonderful cause!!!
  20. ...Well I'll be darned, we made it up to freezing!
  21. That's the reason my computer in a desk build stalled. I just haven't been able to get cooperating weather.
  22. 44° for a high today, here in S. IL. Sunny. We head for Tulsa tomorrow. Supposed to be in the 60's. Looks like a couple easy driving days to the mesa.
  23. The magnet has has a small benefit to me but not so much in a standard cabinet shop. I notice Menards is selling craftsman tapes now.....
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