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  2. So hot, you work up a sweat just typing!
  3. Both sides have 'teeth', which are obviously meant to hold something in place, but why TWO items back-to-back? Wire rope is out, as one hand could not apply enough force to any good, especially for two at a time. Hair would have to be threaded through the gaps, which would be very awkward, especially since the tool would be heated for any crimping application. Just thinking "aloud" here.
  4. Busy as usual. Fixing roof on this extra storage building. Tree dropped a branch through it. It landed in such a way you could not see it from ground. Found floor wet yesterday morning. Yeah fun stuff.
  5. well now, got wrong cable for truck fix, gonna head over in a bit and pick up a new toy, pictures to follow, just gotta figure out where to put in shop, i need an addition i think, lol. need a couple more tons of gravel to fill in some washouts, and contactor showed up for the dust collector system, had to up the amperage and design, hopefully this one works. gotta hit up the chinee store and grab a couple tarps, seems the sun has eaten some on my lumber stack, really need to empty a container and make room to store in side, been selling stuff like a fire sale, but still short on space. happy monday, pics to come in a bit on new toy, to me anyways, it will have a huge learning curve for a guy that knows nada about techy stuff. rj in az glad to be here
  6. https://www.sunhose.com/pool-spa-hose/
  7. This is the problem to have, I guess. I need a hose about 50 feet long and about 2” diameter. That part’s easy. The hard part is (A) it’s gotta be very flexible (think Pool Vacuum hose) and (B) it can not be made from regrinds because it’ll be flexing 24-7 and pool hoses are made from regrinds these days and they all break after a few days. I can get food-grade virgin plastic hoses, but they are nowhere near as flexible as I need. I can get flat cloth and rubber hoses but they kink when they flex They make fine discharge hoses but don’t work for my purpose. I used to use pool hoses and years ago they were made from virgin plastic so they’d last year after year, but no more. I have some PVC hose that is pretty flexible and has a spiral steel wire molded into it for strength. I’m going to try it but I don’t like the idea of the wire. If it breaks I’ll have that sharp wire whipping all over the place. The damage could run to 4- thousand dollars. Making up end connections is not a problem. Got any ideas?
  8. Managed to get 95% of yard mowed, some of roadsides. Still need to finish fence rows and part of roadside ditches. Gotta cool some. Mrs. is home today thus today's plans TBD. Online auction PU tomorrow; only about 5 miles away...no tools in this one. Church business meetings Tuesday & Wednesday evenings. Rear shocks to replace on oldest granddaughters car, various other projects to choose from. Still working on revamping all the to-do lists. So far, I've created several new lists establishing the sequence and priority to attack the current lists. Very exhausting process.
  9. Same here. When did August arrive?
  10. Well Pilgram, let me tell you how I lost these fingers and one eye.
  11. The storms have let up for now. Humidity up to 93%, Dewpoint up to 71°, Temp 73°. Still cloudy, hope it stays that way.
  12. Happy to hear you're back in the shop Paul. Interesting thread. Will be following to see updates. Thanks.
  13. Muggy night and start today at 72°. Supposed be be a little cooler than yesterday; only 89° vs 95°. Humidity & dewpoint will remain in untolerable range. Chance for storms late tonight through early Tuesday.
  14. Cool. Can't believe how green your grass is/was. Ours hasn't looked like that since May.
  15. 99° today. Well, it ain't 100°. Got a nice shower early this morning. Chances are good for more, this afternoon. The monsoons turned out to be wetter than expected. Humidity is 40%.
  16. Cloudy with lots of humidity again today, mid 80s. Maybe some rain tomorrow to break the spell.
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