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  2. I sure hope loosening the nut does it. Now that I am older, my eyesight, fumble fingers and patience sure ain't what it used to be.
  3. I agree Al, it may seem that way, but we have a history here, every time this subject comes up, my friend Woodie makes that exact same statement into the topic, and it's getting old. We all know how Woodie feels about new planes, and we are just simply a couple guys trying to discuss the differences between a bronze and iron plane, the topic is not about if older planes are better or if newer planes are a waste of money, Woodies post is his opinion, but Woodie inserted his criticism into the wrong topic. Honestly I don't understand why anyone would deride a man for spending his own money how he see's fit. Are we going to tell a man that he wasted his money buying his 2019 Pickup Truck when after all he should of purchased that 1972 Pickup Truck, because it does the same thing, it'll get you from point A to point B, that man must of purchased that 2019 for bragging rights, since he spent so much money on it. If I seemed defensive I apologize to all and to Woodie especially, it was not my intention to sound so gruff, Woodie is a wonderful contributor to our community, Woodie made his point on this subject in the past, and now it's time to just lets folks enjoy their new tool purchase topics for the decision making process, that's all.
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  5. Al B

    Bronze or Iron?

    As someone who has given up on planes, I like this little difference of opinion. Steve is set on the older planes while John is bound to the newer products. In both cases, the work performed by them ( John and Steve ) looks pretty good. John, you're sounding a bit defensive with Woodie. It's just his opinion.
  6. I used to have one of those, before my divorce in 2006. Can't say I miss it...… or the ex..
  7. If it works now you fixed it, it ain't broke don't screw with it.
  8. I was just joking with @Artie But couple of years ago the neighbor up the street had a dead car battery one evening. So since he didn't have a 12 volt battery charger he figured a 25 ft extension cord would be okay to use in place of battery charger. Plugged it in and touched the post on the battery with the wires. Battery exploded, knocking him back about 10 feet. Chemical burns all over his face and upper body, the shock gave him a heart attack and off to the hospital he went. Car went up in flames. Oddly the Fireman were not to keen on the idea of letting us turn on the siren and play with the firetruck. Told me and the other neighbor to grow up!!
  9. More or less, but their sales are primarily on TV. Order can be made on line at QVC.com
  10. HMM, yes for the most part.
  11. ouch!
  12. I dunno, if I ever win the lottery or a wealthy relative leaves me a large sum of money, I might buy a new one...Maybe. I am enjoying reading how you guys have he various versions of planes and such. And the rehab work Steve Newman and others have posted, excellent! Really liked Herbs work with the mass production of masterpieces he ran awhile back. Do I use them, umm no. My wrist pins have spoken and they were not happy about that motion...at all.
  13. I guess there really isn't a reason to purchase a new table saw, ever, because the table saws made 80 yrs ago are just as good, after all, it's only a motor with an arbor that holds a blade, why spend all that money on a new one? Heck, why would anyone buy anything new, ever.
  14. RustyFN


    Thanks. Been busy so haven't done much. I have had it glued up for around a month and it was killing me so I made time to go turn it. I have been coming in and reading often but not posting much. I have one more glued up to turn. I will try to get to it soon.
  15. I'm always spending someone else's money. Just ask Phyllis.
  16. Hey AaronC welcome aboard! Love those axe handles they look very well made. @Woodbutcherbynight I love the ring! Thing had me rolling!
  17. so if it ran for 8 years with those tight nuts you are saying it was the tight nuts all that time...??? It was never, ever that tight. I never tightened the nut more than finger tight. It may come loose, I'd retighten. That is why I was surprised that I couldn't loosen it with my fingers. It was NEVER as tight as I found it. If it goes another day or so.......I think it will be Ok
  18. Afraid I am still firmly in the "Iron Age" as far as what a plane is made of. The main reason I know as much as I do about planes.....I spent a lot of time researching, rehabbing and putting to use almost 500 planes. Took me a LONG time to find the ones that suit me best. Bragging? More like..."yeah, yeah, that 62 vette you just bought might be okay....but you should do an "immediate up-grade" to be consider a serious car buff..and save for that C-8 model....." Always fun to spend other people's money, ain't it....
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  20. I've just about given up on mine. In the winter it keeps perfect time and chimes correctly. In the summer, the chimes are off by 15 minutes exactly and it only chimes about half as often as it should. I just wind it and let it do its' thing.
  21. so if it ran for 8 years with those tight nuts you are saying it was the tight nuts all that time...??? And all the nuts do is keep the hands from falling off... Yea sure you got to blame it on to something. Was the hands bent where it would rub the clock body?
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