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  2. lew

    Need Some Fonts?

    A collection of free font sites- https://www.creativebloq.com/typography/download-free-fonts-resources-912696
  3. Thanks Dave. Although I think that I am here to serve HIM, at least that is what he thinks lol..
  4. Glad you're feeling better Charles and able to do some turning today. Good to keep in mind; you don't have a cat; HE has a servant.
  5. Grandpadave52

    Yard Sale.

    I knew you'd be on this before the sun set yesterday. Quite the transformation. Enjoy following the PIP's...keep them rolling to the see through shavings...
  6. Hi guys and ladies, not much gong on this weekend. I was sick most of yesterday, so I didn't get anything done, but today, i am making bottle stoppers. I am also still trying to plug all the splits in that old bowl blank that I displayed a week or 2 ago. Supervisor Shadow, is making sure I do things right the first time. He is a rather demanding sort after all. lol
  7. Grandpadave52

    Tabs on the Weather...

    Yesterday. just a few miles North of here, they received ~1/2" of rain...we got damp sidewalks... Current is 90o....wind, WSW 2 +/- mph; fair amount of clouds but plenty of sun...with heat index, real feel currently is 99o... Grass is turning brown...way to hot & dry for this time of year. Tomorrow is supposed to be a carbon copy of today
  8. Today
  9. Dadio

    In Memory of 58,220

    The Tahoma National Cemetery. Yesterday.
  10. Fred W. Hargis Jr

    Hey Y'all

    Some really nice stuff! . Welcome to the forums!
  11. Today i take a knee in remeberance of several fallen friends. We were all aviation so its a rare thing. I miss them so much.... i dont have a picture for 1. Spc. Zachary Shannon (top) SGT Nemo Tuala SSG Marc Scialdo (bottom) Clear blue and 22 boys. Well rally at hevans gate at and undetermined as of yet time brothers...
  12. BernieW

    Memorial Day, May 28th, 2018

    Sgt Edwin Penn my cousin. He was 7 months younger than I was and was like my brother rather than a cousin. I got drafted in 1967 but enlisted instead in the Army Security Agency. He was drafted in 1968 in the 101st ABN. He was in Viet Nam for 29 days when he was killed in a fire fight. So proud of him. He left a wife and a small boy. I found his name on the Wall in DC along with 2 of my high school classmates who were killed over there. I still miss him to this day 50 yrs later.
  13. brianpoundingnails

    Hey Y'all

    Thanks everybody for your wonderful comments. I'm looking forward to seeing how others are using one of our most precious natural resource.
  14. Chips N Dust

    Hey Y'all

    Welcome aboard! Awesome looking work
  15. lew

    Yard Sale.

    Another successful raid , I mean, purchase.
  16. John Morris

    In Memory of 58,220

    What an awesome image Ron. Thank you for sharing. I have never been to the wall, I did get a chance to see the moving wall in our own town, and that alone was an amazing experience, not only the wall itself, but the men and women who showed up to touch it. I did not touch it, it did not feel appropriate for me to do so, I can't explain why. But my family and myself stood back, and we watched men and women who had an obvious connection to the wall, touch it, and become emotional, it was a deep, profound experience for us all. Thanks again Ron for posting this image, truly one of the best images I have seen of this monument.
  17. Stick486

    Lacquer As Natural As You Can Get.

    spray I can't use.. tried it... poor control... the glaze comes in some fairly large quantities...
  18. HandyDan

    Tabs on the Weather...

    It was supposed to be nice yesterday and rain today. Rained yesterday now supposed to be nice today.
  19. HandyDan

    Lacquer As Natural As You Can Get.

    Confectioners glaze is supposed to be the same thing. https://www.honeycolony.com/article/common-coating-on-candies-and-pills-is-made-from-bodily-excretions-of-asian-beetle/ Here is a spray can that may stay good for quite a while and is not much money. https://www.amazon.com/PME-Edible-Glaze-Spray-Ounce/dp/B00482H2FW/ref=pd_lpo_vtph_79_bs_t_1?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1&refRID=4G1DYJDJM96G6NE68THN
  20. lew

    In Memory of 58,220

    Thank you, Ron. Touching those names, on that wall, is a profound and sobering experience.
  21. Smallpatch

    Got a Question?

    I do think some blades are treated steel. I have a Zero turn mower made in Kansas called a Hustler. They claim to be the very first maker of that type of mower.. All their metal like what the mower decks are made of are thicker than the cheaper riding mowers.. I do get longer use out of their blades before they need to be sharpened. One sharpening is about all I can do before the mower starts shaking from me getting the blades out of balance. I use mulching blades and my deck does not have a chute on the side of the deck and it keeps the grass in and mulches it really fine and redistributes it on the yard....I would recommend this kind of set up with a riding mower... It keeps the lawn looking better also with a lot less labor involved. Just google blades and read up on them..also if interested google Hustler Mowers. They are in Kansas All the undercarriage on the Hustler is two or three times thicker so won't wear out so fast and more stronger than a regular riding mower and I use to go through mowers real quick mowing the four acres at the go cart track and golf course so my experience grew by leaps and bounds keep equipment running and in good shape.. And yes I think some of the blades are heat treated to hold an edge longer.
  22. lew

    Hey Y'all

    THose are some awesome projects! I really like those swings!
  23. schnewj

    Hey Y'all

    Welcome to the fun fest, Brian. Some retirement hobby you have there. Your mill IS something else...I like how your mind works. Looking forward to seeing more, so don't be a stranger. Bill
  24. Stick486

    Lacquer As Natural As You Can Get.

    ummmmmmmmmmmm.... (banging head on keyboard)... yes...
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