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  3. Rest In Peace, Ralph and thanks for all the tips.
  4. Still coming down! Starting to feel more like 2' by now.
  5. A bit chillier today. Only 91° for the high. Plenty of sun and, light breezes.
  6. Does a drawer like that come under the heading of vertical storage ? 😎
  7. Al its great to see you starting on a project. When I first saw the title of this post I was thinking that scroll saw was fixin to get a work out. But then I thought of what I made for wife's sewing room and there was not much room for any scroll sawing. So anyway if you need something to scroll I have all the pictures of things I have made for the past 20 years or more and I'll be happy to send you something to play with or any one else and I would also offer bland advise if asked.
  8. Mid 50s with rain today. Rained yesterday and the grass is notably greener this morning. Amazing.
  9. RIP Ralph, we will miss you. My recollection - I always followed Ralph's quizzes on the Wood forum and his answers to questions he might answer. Some few years back the wife had a business trip to spend several days in Columbus. I was planning to tag along as I had never been there. I contacted Ralph and arranged to meet him one morning in London so that we would visit and talk wood. It was much more than that, I don't know if anyone could simply "visit" with Ralph while he was on his feet! I met up with him at his school and workshop where he was teaching the trade to some y
  10. DonHiggins


  11. Bob, are you assuming he doesn't already have that stuff?????
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