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  2. Big tree is right. Heck, with a few good stumps, you could get rich.
  3. Checked for dimensions. Those had to come from a very big tree. Need to find out how to keep the wood from cracking. Must have a pretty big router to get those profiles.
  4. I almost wish my truck had a dent so I could do the same thing.
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  6. Take the screws out of the lower hinge and hold the door closed by that errant cornet. See if it don't tell you to move the screws some or add some spacer or both. Spacing out the lower hinge out usually pushes the opposite upper corner in.
  7. They are Gene. They look and feel as good quality.
  8. Now, when someone asks you to lend a hand, you've got one for 'em.
  9. Nice glove you got going. Hope it fits, looks a little small
  10. Maybe this is a learning exercise and it might be telling you to draw up things that might hide warped wood in the future.....I got to where I couldn't get my wood safely home with out the sun helping the wood change shapes so I decided to only build things that was curved by design....I even bought a camper shell so the 65 mile ride home in the sun would at least be in a covered pickup bed but that didn't solve the problem completely.. Even if you find a way to unwarp wood there is no guarantee it will stay that way... Some bright guy comes on an tells every one that wood grown on hilly terrain will always warp...….I don't know of any one who would spend big bucks to get all their land completely flat before they set out the little buggers that turns in to 2 x 4's.
  11. While the paint dries. We almost had a problem yesterday coming home . That was a tornado starting to come out on the right side of those clouds. I put the transmission in the sneak gear and we out ran it.. Did I look concerned? naw. Wife had just told me an awful joke and I was frowning. We got all the stained glass thingies and away we went...Killeen is full of army folks being next to a large practice field of a few thousand acres. She said lean up and smile for the camera and I said I don't know if the insurance is paid up so I better not so I kept watching where I was going...Strange how my hands look way older than my face... This is the only stretch of road that has no mesquites blocking the side scenery from home to Killeen..or else we never would have seen what was fixin to try and catch us and do us in. I hear the guys that come in and clear the mesquite from peoples properties charges about 2 to 4 dollars a cord and they do all the work and hauling and the owner gets a clear view for a few weeks. And I don't know of any one that has a wood mill so all that beautiful wood goes to the fire places and barbeque restaurants and some is shipped all over yonder that pays for it...
  12. I ordered this exact lathe from Lowes in February. At the time it was $532, free ship to store, less the 10% military discount. Total came to $517 w/ tax.
  13. Smallpatch


    Gene, don't know yet but am thinking about the carving staying natural and all the rest a dark mahogany.. But when the time comes green might be in my blood stream... Did you see the picture of the sides I shaped from 1" maple... All the trim most places sells is soft wood so I would have had to order somewhere. Long ways to go on this box yet. Haven't even started on the insides.... but for now have switched over to a couple others while the thoughts were still there on things I wanted to do to them...I find I can rough in the carving pieces and then the scroll saw will make the curves smoother than my shaking pencil can turn out... I like to get something out there and it might give someone a push in to doing something. Not too many projects showing up lately!!!! The handle is just something I glued together and this was the excess pieces that got cut off the very bottom trim. It might sound funny but I save all the small cut off pieces from scroll sawing for a few years and a few inspirations came from that pile of pieces after I put them up on the work table and played around with them.... Matter of fact I am spraying a few pieces right now that will be a place to put my phone when not using it... My phone is only used to take pictures and I never talk on it.... Thanks for putting BOX in that heading slot. I tried but no luck...…..
  14. Well the budget allowed me to only be able to get the Wen if I had a bit more I probably would have out right bought the Delta. How ever the Wen should do alright for what I want to do until I start turning a bat or two and I'll have to buy the extension LOL. Should be here wensday so I should be able to start turning again on wensday at some point.
  15. Gunny


  16. Gene Howe


    Excellent! Gonna give it some color?
  17. 91°, partly cloudy. Winds have abated a tad.
  18. It appears that AZ has peaked and is leveling off. Hopefully it's not an anomaly. Fingers and toes crossed. We've gradually reopened to the point that schools are now scheduled to open in the fall and Little League is gearing up. Social distancing is still STRONGLY urged. I have a feeling that that will become the new norm for a long time. Restaurants are complying, as are retail establishments. Wal-Mart's one way aisles was a bust...at least locally. But, the tape remains on the floors of all the stores. Even a month ago, mask wearing was sporadic. Even less now. We'll keep wearing ours, though. Unemployment claims are decreasing as people return to work. Looks like AZ is coming back. The ADHS and our hospitals are prepared for any resurgences. Fervently hoping they won't be needed.
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