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  3. I have a friend who moved to a retirement home a few years ago. Some mutual friends helped him sort out his shop (but it's still not cleaned out). They found 95 hammers, no two of which were the same. In the last week his health has taken a turn for the worst and I don't think he is going to live much longer.
  4. Got 3.5 inches of rain overnight. Neighbor's basement flooded. And wind with lots of neighbors' trees down, one around the corner smashed right into the middle of a 3 car detached garage. My sump pump battery got drained by 9 am, the generator would not start. Kept it running by swapping in the RV battery, then a trip to HF for a new generator, then another trip out because they sell without crankcase oil. All the neighbors have generators running. By about 2:45 power finally restored. Stressful day.
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  6. @RustyFN Thank You! Hope you post pix of your Longworth chuck! @Gerald Thanks! Just lucky that it fit on that old jig. @HandyDan Thank You! I've seen some of the stuff Ruth Niles has done with it. The designs are pretty much unlimited. @Gunny Thank You! BTDT. @AndrewB Thanks! @Cal Thank You! Sanding is done. Just need the finish.
  7. Lid got a re-design....ends were trimmed a bit...about 3/8" off each end.....then the front veranda got changed to just a finger-lift...after I had to level a glue joint.. Still working at it... Then had to go back and redo the round-overs, and remove the burn marks, again....everything, box and the lid was then sanded to 220 grit....and dusted off. Clamped the box and lid together... Might as well add the hinges.... To install those TINY screws, I need a pilot hole drill bit....cut the head off of a small nail...instant drill bit..rest of the t
  8. Honey: we’re going to burn it as firewood to signify our burning love for each other!! her: SLAP!!!
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  10. I did a lot of keyed joints recently. I have tried putting painter's tape on the corner prior to cutting the slot. Then glue in the key. Remove the tape after the glue has set and it seems to keep the glue out of the grain on the piece being glued.
  11. Drove to Lafayette IN yesterday to have dinner with a daughter from UP of MI. She was there for a week-long class in pre-school home schooling (if that is not an oxymoron). What should have been a 3 hour one way drive was almost 5, since about 1/2 the road there and back was "Under construction" and 100% of it was filled with jerk drivers. Left at 1:30 pm and got back at 12:30 AM. Today, nephew and family from northern VA are dropping in for a visit. Dinner with them and the my daughter's family who lives in town. Tomorrow is the first live woodworking club get together since Jan 2020.
  12. I wish! The ones we installed in the house up north did a fantastic job and, were cheap to run. I can't foresee the need for much in the way of heat and, the evap cooler makes it tolerable in this 114° heat.
  13. Well, in my old shop I had 4 double tube 8' fluorescents to light 85 sq. ft more than this new shop. That was woefully inadequate. I'm of the opinion that, like clamps, one can never have too many lights.
  14. Counting the 5 outlets on the ceiling and 1 already existing on the wall, I'll have 19 X 2 spots to plug in, plus the 220 single outlet. That's probably enough for a one man shop.
  15. I have mounted several stained glass panels in frames recently. I have found that cutting the recess 1/2" deep (assuming a 3/4 thick frame) allows me to line the inside of the battens with 1/8" black foam insulation. This allows the contact on the glass panel to support inconsistencies due to differing glass thickness and give it a uniform look when clear class is used. The black color disappears from the outside. I cut the recess 5/8" wide and allow 3/8" overlap of the glass in the frame. I then use hot melt glue to secure the glass side to side and secure the stained glass panel battens with
  16. Hardly. Jumping off Empire State Building because you told your Mother you are Superman and can fly is not same thing.
  17. Holy cow, I've got more than that in my tiny 12x24 basement shop. plus the 220 one. Obviously, more for convenience. "I wish I hadn't put in so many outlets," said no one ever on his death bed.
  18. Moving dust collection system and air compressor from the floor level to the loft. Freeing up space for a Powermatic 2014 lathe. A buddy wants me to build a box around a piece of car audio equipment. Doesn't want a lid or bottom, just the sides. I think his mother dropped him on his head when he was little. I'm thinking about how I wan't to go about it. I've got some 1/2" oak stock. .40
  19. I have to agree Jim. Sounds like very poor service. Happy I decided to go with Record Power now.
  20. I was talking to a friend at out last meeting about vacuum chucks. He has the same one as me but his holds better. He told me he took the two O-rings off and put a new end on it. He bought it at www.rubberchucky.com. I went there and bought one for mine and was amazed at all of the products they have. They have the drive and end for three sided bowls, sphere cups, drive and center for pepper mills and many other things. If anybody is looking for anything different check them out. I am not affiliated with them in any way. I was just impressed with the selection of products they have.
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