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  2. So I recently acquired a couple of new to me planes that need some work. Both I need to check the soles and irons for flatness and the iron needs a serious iron sharpening. I'll clean as best I can as well. Any other suggestions? Best methods for checking flatness on the sole? I do have a 3"x18"x12" very flat granite block in my shop. While I have flattened plane irons and chisels I've never done a plane sole. Some solid advice would be great. I often look to the infonet but there's as much bad advice as good so unless you know a solid site for such advice you're on your own. I created a web page for those planes here. Thanks again for any assistance.
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  5. Who told you that? Well, whoever it was may just find a broken rock on their pillow tonight.
  6. There is nothing plain about any of these planes. Talk about eye candy. I'm not worthy to sweep up the shavings. You have upped the bar off the pegs Herb. The latest iteration is beyond words. The grain characteristic is phenomenal; BTW, so is the medallion.
  7. Now Dave you know you are not supposed to bring out your old toolbox. The last time you broke someone window
  8. Hooray, we can throw away the Brasso!!!! Great video ,thanks for posting. Beautiful Pens, Dan, love your work. Herb
  9. I knew you would win!!
  10. Dan that is so out there . Figures you would find something like this. I really like the new look seems to spark it up somewhat.
  11. Is that like fine wine where they get better with age?
  12. Hey @Larry Jenkins , Good to hear you still kicking. I made the Chess set you posted on Wood and about a month ago Mike Peace asked for thr plans I had . Seems he is doing some comparisons or something for a video.
  13. Ofcourse we can't have a day without some sort of SawStop sales pitch.
  14. Some beautiful pieces of equipment. Handmade!! the best!!
  15. The first one was that little guy that hurt my hand to use. I thought if I made it larger to get a better grip it would be better. But not so, still was a pretty plane but not so pretty to use, Then I fixed it on the 3rd try. Pic 1. is the first one you have already seen. The last picture is a reject block plane I threw in to fill out the upload. For some reason the pictures loaded before my Text ??????? Herb
  16. 38° Sunny, snow melting. Not much else going on.
  17. Started the day out at 25o with heavy frost. Mostly cloudy after 10 AM, but finally made it to 50o by 4 PM. It was tolerable outside if you kept moving. Still extremely damp and is going to get "damper" by mid morning Wednesday with rain on the way. Yep, it's been two days since we had precipitation so way over due. DAYS UNTIL SPRING: (0)d, 21h, 8m, 15s approximately if you're counting
  18. Is your socket 3/8" or 1/2" square drive? If you have a "speed handle" try that instead of the ratchet. If you want one dedicated, stop in at H-F. 3/8" Speed Handle is selling for $7.49...20% off makes it an even 6 bucks. 1/2" is $9.99 less 20% =$8. Pittsburg Tools have a Lifetime Warranty.
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  20. Can you take a picture? Did you come to the front or go out the side?
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