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  2. The legs you made up will have far less strength than the legs that came with the stand. You need to at the very least add some plywood bracing from the cross piece to the legs for more rigidity. Screws into end grain do not have much holding power. Be careful.
  3. Andrew I do not understand your concern for weight. This is a light weight lathe and the steel stand will be there long after this lathe quits. As to two sets of legs on headstock that is not a design feature. Look around at all other lathes and you will see the same legs front and rear. Placing more leg at headstock will create problems if you are turning on the backside of a piece as they will be in the way. As to building your own stand , yes a good idea but you will need a better joint than the drywall screws I see now. Create a joint that will use quality screws and glue. There is a lot of vibration to deal with and that takes a strong joint , butt joints are not strong joints.
  4. Tried a little work in the shop, tonight.... Drilled a couple holes...ala P. Sellers......mine drifted a bit ...trying to follow a line.. Hard to keep this on track....follows the grain a bit....Larger hole is with a forstner bit... Shaping....meh...about halfway done, here...tried the narrow beltsander.. Belt so worn, it was useless...and Harbor Freight was closed. Re-did the Dremel...new drums.. Amazing what a new drum will do...and when I back the speed off a bit...no longer burns anything.. Got to the point I could test fit a couple bolts....then clamp the plane, handle and all in the end vise....and hand sand to 180 grit...then some BLO was brushed on.. Put the plane back together.. And allow to dry, and re-assembled...Stanley No. 5 Jack plane... Stay tuned..
  5. Thanks for all the comments. The “designer” is having revision thoughts at this point. Nothing too serious but she thinks the stone ball is too small and want to go with a 5” ball instead. I am worried about the physics of the situation and that it is going to be too too heavy. We will see. Fortunately I have not mounted the existing stone sphere. Paul
  6. At least FOR NOW I know ITS NOT going to collapse under weight. These steel saw horses can hold 300 pounds each. I had a 250 pound chunk of steel on top of them with a hot forge running at 1500 degrees and they worked well for that so for the time being until I can get the legs done and get the lathe put back in order and the hf stand off of the darn thing and thrown away. I think this will work to hold it up for now. It was a pain to get it in place. With out dropping the lathe on myself.
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  8. I'm sorry, but every time i see Jeremiah all i can think is "bullfrog".
  9. Hey, i'm moving up in the world.
  10. FINALLY!!! The ball is beginning to roll. Our buyer has her $$ from her buyer. We should get ours tomorrow. Our seller will then get his and, we should have the keys by Wednesday. If all goes well, we should be moving everything out of storage and, in to the new place Thursday thru Sunday. Shop stuff first...of course.
  11. my first pipe clamp was put together with a dowel since i had that and couldn't afford a piece of pipe at that time.
  12. six hours at the restore de-constructing stuff. thought i would check into early voting... parking lot full... people lined up around the corner of the building. decided to wait. walked around HD for a bit - didn't see anything i wanted more than what i had in my wallet - left there and went home.
  13. Okay its not complete yet but this will be the stand for the head stock of the lathe. I'm considering doing something just a bit different for the tail stock since it doesn't support that much weight. I still have to put the supporting cross pieces on to complete the two sides at the distance that I want it at it wont be by that much. But I'm thinking that angle should give the lathe plenty of support. Not sure what you guys think. Even though it's not fully put together.
  14. my spell check give me "plexiglass" when i start typing p l e x i......
  15. Just FYI, it's 'Plexiglas®' (one 's') and is a registered trademark. But I've yet to see anyone spell it right this year, including journalists. Pass me a kleenex. And yes, I've heard construction lumber is up 3x this year.
  16. Just got a request from a friend to help make some stands for plexiglass. they have 2 designs in mind, one is a pair of 1x6s, about 10" long, chamfered corners, slot cut for the plexiglass to slide into, can accommodate varying lengths of plexiglass. this is for a local school district, for use in their schools. 19 sets desired. based on lumber prices, about $50 worth of materials. lumber is not cheap anymore!!
  17. So I've worked out the plan I'm going to build something similar to saw horses. I'm taking the time to cut the angles I need in order to have it set nicely on the ground. and level using a 2x4 top base so I'm doing 2 per side and then I'm going to run a piece of 2x4 between to connect the two legs on each side. as well as for the back. As well as running to length wise cross peices on the bottom towards the middle of the legs. That should work out decently enough to give the lathe plenty of support it will need. I'm hoping at least. Along with making sure I have enough space for the bolts to be threaded through the 2x4s. I will take photos once I get at least one set done. The legs for the head stock end will need the most support since that is the heaviest end of the machine.
  18. Have a 6" disc, 4 x 36" beltsander.....I did have a 1" x 30" beltsander.....Also have quite a few rasps, and files handy. Fun begins when I drill....those two brace and bits will be doing that... Paul Sellers has a video showing how he "crafts" knobs and totes for his planes.....we'll see how this goes...
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