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  1. RustyFN

    New bowl

    Been working on this one for the last week.
  2. I finished my second one. Made a few mistakes. I wanted to make the bottom a checkered pattern. Half way through the first cut it hit me that there are only five pieces and I needed six to make the checkered pattern. I made the rest of the cuts and put a thin walnut strip in. I wanted to make the inside a barrel like the outside but was having trouble so I left it straight. It is 13” in diameter and 5” tall.
  3. Lots happening with our turners this week... Our Patriot Turners- @FrederickH posted a project in the woodworking section. He is making a box for his lathe chuck/jaws. From all the comments and ideas, I thought maybe our turners would like to see what he made and all the other ideas form his post- You can see the build and how he finished the inside to hold his chuck- @Smallpatch showed us his in progress steady rest. Looks like it is going to be a nice one too- Jess' post contains images of his build, lots of commen
  4. I always wanted to make a three sided bowl. This one didn't go to well. About half way hollowing the inside it Decided to come apart. Probably my fault for not setting it up right with the grain.
  5. This is my first attempt at a segmented bowl. It was fun. I enjoyed the process. The bottom is Padauk and I think the rest is some cherry I had laying around. I liked not having a mountain of shavings and it was fairly quick to turn.
  6. Walked down to the garden this morning and I see the garlic is starting to poke through the leaf mulch. I guess spring can't be too far away. Don't forget to turn your clocks forward this Saturday night or you will be late to Sunday School! Our Patriot Turners- @Gerald took some time to rearrange his turning area. No easy feat and he will probably looking for where he put stuff for some time to come! Our members all sympathized with the amount of work required to do this. You can see their comments in Gerald's post- @Masonsailor Took
  7. Here we are, into March already. Hard to believe. The robins have been here for a couple of weeks so I guess spring can't be too far away. Our Patriot Turners- @HandyDan used his machinist skills to design and build a really useful drilling attachment for his lathe. His tailstock quill was reengineered for easier drilling- Dan received lots of comments on his work! Please check out more images and some of the things our members had to say! @RustyFN 's new lathe was delivered this week! I hope we didn't cause it to rust too bad
  8. A few pics of some of the things I do. Not a lot of fancy but it keeps me occupied and just enough variety to make things interesting.
  9. We had an awesome snow here. Right around 14" of the light powdery stuff. New snow blower worked flawlessly! Our Patriot Turners- @Steve Krumanaker has expanded his Lid Making business to include pieces for spice bottles. Steve shows us some of the work it takes to create these new items- Check out his post for more details- @Pauley turned a couple of spectacular bowls. The wood color and grain patterns take your breathe away! Please see his post for the images and the types of wood he used- @Rust
  10. Pauley

    Two bowls.

    It’s so nice to be back at work. I’m starting with two bowls that I’ve done. One is a Flame box elder. It’s about 6 inches round. Finished the way I usually finish bowls, with Triple E and Aussie Oli. the second bowl is about 3 1/2 or 4 inch round and about 4 inches tall. It’s a Granadillo bowl with a black Limba rim. Sanded this one for a long time (or so it seems). I love Granadillo cause it finishes up so beautifully. Open to any criticism.
  11. I turned a quick bowl out of that Osage orange I was given. I turned it thin and dried it for a week. Then I thinned it out a little more, sanded and finished with wipe on poly. It didn’t turn out as orange as I thought it would.
  12. I hope I’m calling this the right thing....are the disc (hook and loop) sanding pads, the part that goes on the drill, are they all the same? Seems the ones I have just don’t want to hold the disc onto the pad. Or, maybe I’m doing something wrong. It gets frustrating. Any ideas?
  13. I ordered a Robert Sorby 1/2” bowl gouge with the fingernail grind. The price was too good to pass up.
  14. RustyFN

    New wood

    I saw where somebody had a tree cut down in their front yard while driving around. I stopped to ask about it and was told to help myself. I grabbed three logs for now but will probably go back for more. The guy told me he thought it was maple. What does it look like to you all. Also I have a picture of a bowl I started to turn from it. I discovered I need a large bowl gouge and roughing gouge very bad for these larger bowls.
  15. I just called the local bowling alley and I get to pick up some free bowling balls tomorrow. Been wanting to make some bowls out of them.
  16. RustyFN


    I got the walnut log cut in half and one bowl rough turned.
  17. I made another bowl. It is 11 inches in diameter and 4 inches tall. I put some wipe on poly on it and had a few bad spots show up that I couldn’t see before. I started over sanding from 60 grit back up to 400. Looks a lot better now.
  18. I made a small bowl while I was putting the finish on my other bowl. It is around 5.5 inches in diameter. Also a picture inside the other bowl I just finished.
  19. RustyFN

    New bowl

    Started a new bowl. It is a log the neighbor gave me. I think it is apple.
  20. Welp first turn of the new year. 2021. As well as the first turn on the brand new delta lathe. It took me a few minutes to figure out that forward is backwards and reverse is forwards basically. Either way I love the lathe so thanks to who ever suggested buying that one it was well worth the 600 some odd dollars I spent on it. It is extremely quiet and I'm honestly over all happy and impressed with it. Beats the harbor freight lathe by 1000 fold. I also got my new cole jaws for the larger bowls as well but I wanted to do a small little myrtle wood bowl for myself to throw my keys in whe
  21. Our Adopted Family Christmas Project was a complete success. Thanks to all who participated and congratulations to the raffle winners! Our Patriot Turners- Lots of great projects and discussions this past week! @Ron Altier started us off with a sweet little birdhouse ornament! Ron tells us a little about this turning and the little additions he added- @Steve Krumanaker embellishes some of his orders with an inexpensive laser. Steve shows us just how versatile one of these machines can be- Check out the c
  22. So, our son, who, to my knowledge has never had an interest in wood working has decided he wants to make "river" tables. That's a technique using live edge slabs, ripping them into pieces and then rearranging the pieces and pouring resin to make it look like a river. Yesterday he told me he was going to go look at some slabs in another town. I told him if they had one I'd like a piece of maple, 12" wide or more, about 1.5" thick. He brought home a monster of a slab, over 7' long, 16" at it's widest, and 2.5" thick. I think it weighed well over a hundred pounds. On the b
  23. It’s the end of Sept so for me I start getting the Xmas present stash going. My usual is ice cream scoops, salt and pepper mills and bowls. Today I didn’t have a lot of time so rather then get involved in the latest cabinet project I turned a handle for an ice cream scoop. I actually found a relative that doesn’t already have one. I have been giving them out for years. Of all the items I make they are by far the most popular and quickest to make. Usually less than an hour start to finish. This one is cherry. Paul
  24. If you don't have anything on the go...
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