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  1. Yesterday was a dreary, overcast, gloomy drizzling day albeit warmish at 44°. Rain began again during the overnight. At 6:55A, EST, still raining; 40°, wind 5-10mph from the South. High of 43° forecast with rain off/on during the day. Low around freezing tonight. Scattered rain still in the forecast for tomorrow plus well above average temperatures for the week ahead.
  2. You and Eliie are in our prayers as well as those in our Sunday school class Al. Peace and comfort to you all.
  3. Excellent Paul. Better not let the Mrs. see that one or you'll be short another.
  4. Currently 43°, 95% RH, WNW wind ~5-10mph, some lingering fog; high of 46° forecast with clouds. Scattered rain returns late tonight through Monday.
  5. Went to town late afternoon. It was drizzling light rain then as it had been most all day. Spent an hour plus in Walmart mostly trying to find stuff since the entire store has been redone and deorganized from the last time I was in there. Just another reason to despise going there...but I digress... When I came out, still drizzling, 44° with a heavy fog. In town it was hard to see from one stop light to another. Once I was out in the country it was still foggy, but nothing like in town. At 8:40P, 44°, drizzle/ light rain and foggy.
  6. Love it Bob. That is awesome. Your patience is amazing with that many blade placement moves.
  7. Beautiful piece. Thanks for sharing.
  8. Can't go wrong with a fresh batch of potato soup especially with some bacon and shredded cheddar added.
  9. Domestic duties then errands this afternoon. Supposed to locate a couple of Christmas trees out of storage also. Saturday AM, oldest grandson has county basketball tournament. Some Big football game on TV down in Indy tomorrow night Sunday, church responsibilities, then depending on times, youngest grandson travel leagues games. Oh yeah, wife's birthday on Sunday too. Better get a card today.😜
  10. Made it to 54° yesterday even with cloud cover and 25+mph SSW wind. 1st wave of light rain showed up about 5:30P. Various waves of showers during the night. At 7A it was 38° and pouring rain. Heavy rain lasted about an hour. 39° now, light rain which looks like it's about to wrap-up. SE wind gusting to 18. Mid 40's for high. Drizzle and light rain off/on remainder of today. Clearing tomorrow; rain returns Sunday.
  11. IIRC, @Masonsailorwon one of those in a local to him raffle a couple of years. I've tried a couple of times locally here but alas went to another contributor. Beautiful gun.
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