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  1. Grandpadave52

    Grandson's Coffee Table...

    I'm in it for the duration...no chance of working in mine with temperatures stuck in the single digits at nights and 20's during the day. Snow isn't going anywhere either so Dungeon Shop Build-a-long breaks up the day. BTW, looking good.
  2. Grandpadave52

    Tabs on the Weather...

    So far nobody has hauled any off so there's still plenty if you change your mind. Until this batch is gone, I've canceled all future deliveries.
  3. Grandpadave52

    Yesterday's Picks

    @Al Lark...First let me welcome you to The Patriot Woodworker. Glad you found us and hope to see and hear more about your interests and projects. Second, quite sorry to hear of the passing of the young Lee and even more so a day after Christmas. Quite a burden for any family and especially a young family. Prayers to them particularly this coming Christmas. I can empathize having lost a grand-father on December 24, 1958 and the unexpected passing of my father December 31, 1994. Even after all these years, the Christmas season recalls less joyous times...no doubt what a Heavenly father also endured. Thank-you. I did in all aspects. While there are no markings on the drill, it is quite possible it was made by Xacto either stand-a-lone or part of a kit. I did a little research and found a VIDEO of an Xacto #99 Super Tool Kit contents. The drill in that kit appears to be identical to mine. The #99 Super Kit looks to be a later version of the one you have, but very similar in content. At the same flea market at other times, I also purchased the #5 Handle with blade and the small, aluminum C-clamp as in your tool set. Last year at an outdoor flea market, I purchased a second and identical egg-beater to the one pictured above. My intent has been to give each of my grandsons one of these as their first drill so I had not considered selling either. Let me ponder on your request and I'll get back with you via a PM. Blessings to you and your family for a Merry Christmas and Joyous New Year.
  4. Grandpadave52

    Vise Rehab?

    Sorry about the saw...hate it when an old friend passes on...check your local Pawn Shops...you often can snag a good one quite reasonable. Ours usually are overloaded with 7-1/4" saws. See them in the flea markets around here too...
  5. Grandpadave52

    interesting cross cut saw

    Kinda' all-n-one machine. Creative, I'll give him that...price seems a bit steep IMO, but I'm a cheapskate 'er frugal
  6. Grandpadave52

    waiting on scroll saw blades

    I'm just gonna' watch and maybe I can learn something here. First thing I would need is one of those big, lighted magnifying lenses. Next thing would be not to stick my tongue on the table till it warms up 50-60 degrees.
  7. Grandpadave52

    Repurposing A Silver Box (New PC Build)

    Well "Doc", I gotta' trust you on this one.
  8. Grandpadave52

    Utilizing Dead Space

    Alright, this getting completely organized and even color coded where you can find stuff (shucks, where I can find stuff in your shop before I can find it in mine) is giving me a complex. Gotta' admit though, you maximize every square foot to the fullest. Some cool ideas...Thanks for sharing. BTW, some nice looking, upper end Snap-on storage too.
  9. Grandpadave52

    Harbor Freight Lands on the moon

    Never had one from H-F that failed to work until I'd forget about one stashed somewhere and the batteries leaked.
  10. Grandpadave52

    Harbor Freight Lands on the moon

    Will the 20% Off Coupons be honored there? Will the free flashlights work on the dark side of the moon?
  11. Grandpadave52

    Perfect Handle Straight Slot Screwdriver

    Hey, when you find it, I'm willing to be an assistant.
  12. Grandpadave52

    Tabs on the Weather...

    Feel free to take me up on my offer...FCFS but I would be willing to allocate some for you.
  13. Grandpadave52

    Shop fan on a track

    Great re-purpose and idea. Thanks for sharing with us.
  14. Grandpadave52

    Band saw tips video

    Me too...and the magnetic fence system, the extension "table" system. Assuming it was German made so likely will last two lifetimes. Very impressive.
  15. That minus sign will get you every time. Shucks, old age has only enhanced it...I've been doing strange things since 1941+11. Irrational behavior keeps everyone on their "toes."

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