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  1. Grandpadave52

    Shoulda tied it down

    Very scary.
  2. Grandpadave52

    Pine cone pen

    Had no idea that was even possible. Very cool. Thanks Ron.
  3. Grandpadave52

    bad day

    Al, You both all are in my prayers. Have you considered in home nursing services particularly when your daughter is at work...daytime hours? Many have a variety of services they can offer from around the clock, a few hours/day or week to just a day or two / week. It could help you give a break, give you & your daughter some guidance and would be beneficial to Eleanor too. The in-house therapy services provider may also provide that service or check with your supplemental insurance provider. The hospital where she was an in-patient through their Social Services Department should be able to give you a list of area agencies. Your family doctor may also be able to provide a list of independent agencies. Just a thought.
  4. Grandpadave52

    Gorgeous maple

    Just need to add the date...at least the year. Aside from the minor detail...WOWZERS!! I'm not sure I have the adjectives to adequately describe the splendor of that grain. It is multi-dimensional with unbelievable depth. A beautiful piece deserving accolades. Thanks Steve.
  5. Grandpadave52

    Spray gun

    Per H-F site specs on this gun
  6. Weekend Update: Everybody but me, the dog & cats left ~10:30P Sat. for Florida, Gulf side. Sunday, Church, errands/groceries, then home. Few tasks at home, played ball with the dog, then went to "Emerald City" to Menards, H-F a couple other stops, had lupper, then home. Week ahead, got oil, filters etc. to service (3) vehicles plus the mower; some string trimming in today and will do more before the freeze hits tonight. Besides maintenance, mow yard, more trimming, and various other outside tasks. I was told I couldn't get on ladders, roof, use the chain saws and the like until they returned. I probably won't Will work in a trip or two to some of the Covered Bridge Festival flea-markets between now & the weekend. Other stuff TBD.
  7. Thanks Larry...you made up my mind too! No WE don't
  8. Grandpadave52

    Some good news

    ...made my day...I really needed a good laugh!!
  9. Grandpadave52

    Thank you Ron Altier!

    As always Ron, very nicely done and unique, one-of-a-kind ornaments...much like snowflakes. THANKS for sharing your talent with EWT and everyone here!
  10. Grandpadave52

    Thank you Ron Altier!

    Oh he has one stashed away in his shop...he has a private tutor to teach him the basics too.
  11. Grandpadave52


    Kudos Irish. Well done. It's great to see common sense humor and fun hasn't vacated every workplace in the country.
  12. Grandpadave52

    Tabs on the Weather...

    Current 44o...NNW wind 10-15 mph, complete overcast with rain/drizzle...hard frost/freeze warning for tonight with lows in the upper 20's.
  13. Grandpadave52

    Next Project start up

    It looked better when it was only half done! You nailed it (no pun intended) Great piece of multi-functional, high quality, great design and appearance piece of furniture. You did sign & date it on the back &/or bottom, right?
  14. Grandpadave52

    notifications (Resolved)

    True statement...much like their "no Help Desk" Thanks John...it'll be a few days, but I'll give it a try.
  15. Grandpadave52

    Making smaller things

    Hope it has a left hand prop or a fast reverse. He's still smiling though, so I guess it must suit him.

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