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  1. Welcome Rich to The Patriot Woodworker. Great to have you join us. Hope to see & hear more about your interests. Always great to have CNC users come aboard. Looking forward to seeing you on the Forums.



  2. Gonna' take a whirly wind or two to dry this swamp up. Some sunshine & heat would go a long way too. Corn planting season is 3 weeks away....standing water, mud and cold ground temperatures are arch rivals of corn & soybean planters. Without corn, there can be no High Fructose Corn Syrup
  3. Actually an hour longer for you since you're CST Seems like it's been a little over year since we last had summer...the dog said it seems more like 7 years.
  4. Those shore r purty! They look right smart and fast. Great idea putting those personalized medallions in them too. Go H-P (Herber Plane) Probably about time to buy another box of band-aids isn't it?
  5. Was 52o earlier before the rain came...dropped to 46o. Current is back to 52o, light showers, wind, S 5-10 mph, giving a real feel of 50o. We need the rain though...almost some drier looking dirt at the edge of the sidewalk where moles have tunneled. Fortunately it's back to mud again...close call. 88d 20h 24m 15s until SUMMER.
  6. That is my understanding...not good when you lose the propulsion engines...thuster's might keep it from capsizing for a while depending on sea/ocean conditions, but it's a matter of when not if, typically.
  7. Glad that worked out for you...he's a salesman no doubt, but he really is a straight shooter with a wealth of knowledge & hands on experience. As you experienced, a very approachable person willing to give as much of his time a possible beyond the constraints of the show schedule. Well grasshopper, lesson learned...rookie mistake we've all encountered at least once.
  8. Headed your way...been here about 1-1/2 hours or so.
  9. Must be you "west-siders"...Mine's working great today...in fact faster than usual. When I have issues like you're describing, usually a "hard" reboot of the router is needed. Should be a concealed button on the backside of the router...depress with an opened paperclip or maybe blunt end of ballpoint pen cartridge.
  10. Sweet find and save. Dividers will clean up nice. +1...Never can have enough (H-F) clamps. You get any allocated space in the new shed for wood storage?
  11. Good on you and all the rest. Great looking work and extra nice touch re-cycling the scraps into something useful. Thanks & blessings for sharing your time, talents, & resources with those having need.
  12. Oh no. @Tas & @derekcohen are from "down-under too. Just haven't dotted the map.
  13. We've had more than our fair share it seems since mid October. Even when it's warm, it's not with winds like that from the North. "Real" feel most of the day was upper 30's.
  14. ...and the plot thickens...RK is one of my favorite stores. Had not seen Craftsman at RK yet. I'll do a better walk-through next time I'm there. I'll check my email ad alerts too.
  15. Got home about an hour ago from the Pinewood Derby event. "We" did pretty well...grandson won first in his division winning 3/5 heats with two second place finishes; missed best of show by 1 point and lost overall fastest by .00019 seconds....We improved from 2nd in his division last year and missing overall fastest of .00140. He's got big plans for next year. Good meal prior to the event. Kids start spring break and will be leaving with their dad for 5 days heading to Phoenix Sunday morning. Saturday will be busy getting everything in order for that. Sunday. church...any other free time TBD.

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