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  1. My wife actually enjoyed last night's program too. This Old House first aired in 1979, the same year our daughter was born. As we reminisced, she used to watch Julia Childs, I' then I'd watch TOH, then we'd both watch the original "Victory Garden." We both learned a lot from those shows.
  2. 33° this morning here an hour before sun up but no frost. However little over 1/2 way to town, plenty of frost...no pumpkins but in ditches, soybean field stubble, some house and barn roofs. Closer to town along the creeks there was low level dense fog. 70° now, full sun giving a real feel of 75°. Only a light wind. Absolutely beautiful, near perfect Fall day. I'll take these til Christmas, then it can warm up some.
  3. wish we could have "dry cold" weather like that. Fans don't need no stinking propane
  4. Mrs. was off work since she worked the weekend. Got some of her projects done. Quick trip to our small town to fill up lawnmower gas cans. Later, reinstalled the front license plate kit dealer had removed for IDK why on her new to us Jeep Grand Cherokee. Didn't like the look of the holes left in the front bumper cover. Spent most of the rest of the afternoon figuring out how to program everything thing. Watched "The House That Norm Built" PBS tribute show to Norm Abram tonight. Well done program. Tuesday is haircut day, quick stop at Menards, maybe H-F, then Rural King. In between buy lunch for my "little" brother. He turns 66 on the 10th. Later, youngest grandson has a soccer match. Hopefully will get to PU the Trailblazer too???? Rest of week, pick up sticks/limbs, weedeating, mowing, putting stuff away for winter. Maybe some tool refurb in there too. Whatever all y'all are doing, Safety First. Remember, nothing more important than wearing PPE, and as Norm would say, measure once, and cut twice...or was it measure twice, cut once or perhaps, just keep cutting til it fits or go buy a board that does? IDK, something about measuring, cutting, wearing glasses while reading operators manuals and keep the Yankees out of your shops...all so confusing.
  5. Enjoyed the program. Great tribute to a very humble craftsman. Show was done exceptionally well IMHO. Friend or foe, he has inspired unknown numbers and now generations of DIY'ers, woodworkers and trades people. Very fitting the show aired on his 73rd birthday (b. 10/03/1949). The greatest statement by Norm I heard tonight was "we have to get out of this mindset everyone needs to go to college...we have to generate a greater interest for the trades..."
  6. If you're running out of yard John, I have five acres of storage available however no room for donkeys.
  7. That hurts Fred...almost offensive...saying she's from Pasadena, CA
  8. Went to just look at a vehicle for the Mrs. Friday evening as the Buick saga drags on. It (Buick) was originally intended to be a temporary for her eventually becoming my daily driver. Her '05 Jeep Grand Cherokee (bought off lease in '08) is worn out. She needed something safe and dependable to drive. Anyways, she now owns a new to her '12 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited. She's 2nd owner. Never guessed they would accept my offer. They even "stayed open longer" to accommodate us. It's her 4th GC (3rd from this dealership) however her first that's not red. Still trying to figure everything out. So far, so good. We'll see. Not sure Grandma needs a Hemi though She seems to think she does
  9. Flat out beautiful grain in that old pine Jim. Mesmerizing.
  10. Chilly again at sun-up, which BTW is getting later each morning...was 38° but no frost as predicted. Currently 61° with pretty brisk NNE wind. Might make it to 70°??? Basically same forecast through Wednesday. Might see some rain Thursday as a major cold front moves through. Highs in low 50's with first hard freeze starting Friday. Ain't ready for that...no way...no how.
  11. I'll be following. Always enjoy and appreciate your carving projects.
  12. Looking good to this point which BTW is ONLY October 2nd.
  13. Beautiful fall day here albeit windy this afternoon. I saw 72° in town mid-afternoon. Mrs. & I spent some time just sitting in the sun later afternoon. NWS phone alert popped up around 5P for Frost Advisory tonight. Skies are clear but honestly don't think there's enough moisture in atmosphere for frost. It's dry...really, really dry here.
  14. Best wishes for a long and prospering life together. You did good and did it right. Now you know. Welcome to the "club"!
  15. Rookie...you ain't seen nothing yet. Just wait until that first grandchild arrives. Enjoy the honeymoon truce while it lasts. Just be sure the shop bunker fridge is well stocked
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