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  1. Grandpadave52

    1793 Boat Shop

    Good to know...it certainly should be...what a lesson those kids get who are lucky enough to participate in the various programs offered. I hope they realize it and continue to pass it forward. I knew it had been under-going extension repair. There is a "Hoosier" connection to the on-going support as well as the work too. It has made the news locally a few times. A little dated, but the harvest had to precede the actual dry dock and repairs to allow for special handling, processing and drying of the timbers. http://www.navy.mil/submit/display.asp?story_id=66594 This article appeared in one of our monthly Electric Co-Op magazines. http://www.electricconsumer.org/ironsides-of-indiana-oak/ https://www.woodworkingnetwork.com/wood-market-trends/woodworking-industry-news/custom-woodworking-news/Navy-Harvests-White-Oak-for-USS-Constitution-Repairs-261380301.html About midway down in this article. http://www.inwoodlands.org/ask-the-steward-summer-2017/
  2. Grandpadave52

    Bird Houses

    Yep...hope I never see that except on the news in a far far away land.
  3. Grandpadave52

    Bird Houses

    I think he indicated the spray didn't work Al... Totally unrelated, but I found using Olive oil spray on the hangars for my hummingbird feeders keep the ants away & out
  4. Grandpadave52

    Bird Houses

    Great idea & solution Ron. Out of curiosity, where did you get the thin sheets of Teflon? Locally or special order? When you describe thin, approximate thickness?
  5. Grandpadave52

    1793 Boat Shop

    Al, I assume this facility is listed as a National Historic Landmark. If not it should be...it would help them obtain grant money and funding to help preserve the heritage. I really do enjoy the posts and pictures you share from your visits there. I find it fascinating. Really enjoyed @John Morris post of the video a while back too. Unfortunately, probably as close as I'll to the place. It's been nearly 50 years since I was last in Boston and your general area and has been 50 years since the first visit. Both times, I did get to tour the U.S.S. Constitution which was a special treat.
  6. Grandpadave52

    (Jess) Small Patch Status

    Yep you're back 'cause you're messing with me now.
  7. Grandpadave52

    Good Clean Fun

    Yeah right; I couldn't dance like that 40 years ago, so fat chance now. I'd have to put money in the hat for people to take just to get them to watch.
  8. Grandpadave52

    Good Clean Fun

    I like that dog ALOT! Word of caution though, don't try this with a cat or at least any of ours...at least I'll never attempt it again. However, many years ago, neighbors of ours had an indoor only cat...that cat let them vacuum him regularly.
  9. Grandpadave52

    Latest On the Recipe Boxes

    Thank-you. Looking forward to following that. Yours are really impressive and add such an extra special touch of craftsmanship to a project. I like them all you have pictured here though. Spectacular spaulted lid on the first one. Great contrast.
  10. Grandpadave52

    New Handle, Old Saw

    Nice job and addition of the handle. Glad you're progressing and able to navigate the stairs again.
  11. Grandpadave52

    Shop Projects - Mortising Jig & Beam Compass

    Most excellent and extremely well done Dan Thanks for the background and especially the pictures.
  12. Grandpadave52

    Laser Etched Cutting Board

    What he said. Thanks David! Enjoyed seeing.
  13. Grandpadave52

    1793 Boat Shop

    Great tour Al. It is mind boggling that building is 225+ years old and only a few years younger than our nation. While the historians/tour guides can re-tell some of the history, if that old building could talk, what stories it could share. Thanks for taking the time to take the pictures & to share here. Great reminder of our nation's heritage.
  14. Grandpadave52

    (Jess) Small Patch Status

    Glad you're back & posting Patch and all is well in Breckenridge.
  15. Grandpadave52

    Tabs on the Weather...


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