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  1. Numbering Post/Topic Replies

    Lucky!! Anything special? How's the weather there? Did you happen to stop by Byrd's to sample any Key Limes?
  2. Start Of The 'Season'

    Feel guilty do you? You got an excellent buy with the original box (which it is). Either item individual is worth the five bucks...actually drill 3-4x that... It's a "U" series and by the polished aluminum body and gray/black handle and gray switch, circa late 60's to very early 70's. Very GOOD drills... YOU DID GOOD!! Check against some of these for a general idea of model...
  3. Does The World Really Need This?

    See above response.
  4. Does The World Really Need This?

    Not sure where you buy your SMART phones...I can buy a new one every year for the next 15 years that does pretty much everything a $1500 one does; certainly everything I want to do and probably more if I knew how.
  5. Numbering Post/Topic Replies

    As long as your cursor is anywhere within a specific post field, the count, Report Post, Share icons are "high-lighted"
  6. Does The World Really Need This?

    Forgot to mention...I can go to H-F, pull up coupons on my phone and they can scan directly from the screen...a real time saver
  7. Does The World Really Need This?

    I'm on my second Smart phone in the past seven years. I'd still be using the first one if a new battery didn't cost 1/2+ of the replacement phone..that and the OS & software became so outdated it couldn't be updated. My replacement was an AT&T "Go Phone" which is compatible with our service...It was $99 including a 2 yr replacement plan plus tax. It serves as my camera (good enough for my purposes) as well as my main contact point device for family/friends. I've installed a Weather APP which also serves as a NWS Radio for Storm alerts. I also use for searches to find addresses/locations when out (only time GPS is on). At home it's connected to the wireless and I use it often in the same manner as my tablet; handy in the garage to bring up You-tube, search for parts, repair tips/specs etc. I'd be lost w/o the calendar feature which provides me reminders. I also have APPS for the girls various sports and other activities since that's how the schools/coaches communicate. Both girls have had phones (also AT&T go phones but with more affordable non AT&T services) since they were 8th graders. Almost a necessity when they have away events that I can't attend. Keeps me in touch when an event is over, check points along the return trip so I know when to go to the school to pick them up as well as which daily bus (normal or late) they will be riding after school depending on activities. I do not use any form of Social Media (on any device) except for a few forums. I do access email both home account and Gmail from the phone as/when needed. I have on a rare occasion logged in here with my phone. I guess I could have summed it all...it's my portable, hand held computer...easier to carry around than the laptop I toted for years. I too missed my flip phone(s) at first but would hate to go back now.
  8. Tabs on the Weather...

  9. Tabs on the Weather...

    Missed the frost somehow..was 34o at 6:30 AM...made it to 44o at 8 AM with sunshine...now 42o and completely overcast; wind ENE ~5-10 mph. Relatively nice March morning.
  10. Numbering Post/Topic Replies

    Sorry, I thought I addressed the original question as stated. Your are correct his example inferred other Forums use a sub-count of the total count. I was just WAGing it.
  11. Box Of Fancy Pine

    Looks good so far...heading up on the roof to turn the antenna now...
  12. Spent a little time cleaning in the garage today...Oldest grand-daughter (17 on Monday) has to be at the HS at 8 AM Sat. for an all day Tennis Invitational...she's 3-0 as is the team so far this week and both are 6-1 overall. I'll only get the 1st match in and maybe some of the second. Meeting my brother and nephew in the afternoon to change out the dishwasher then yard clean-up for my Step-dad. Sunday, after church, service my wife's Jeep and supervise the grand-kids & daughter picking up sticks etc. around the property. They're sure gonna' be surprised when I tell them.
  13. Hang in there Jay...we're pulling for you!
  14. Did I Tell You I Hate Grizzly?

    @lew Enough already...my sinuses are killing me... Would make a great weather-vane though
  15. Numbering Post/Topic Replies

    Here maybe? IDK, just guessing?

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