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  1. Grandpadave52


    Local ice cream place has the best Georgia Peach Sherbet.
  2. Grandpadave52

    Tariffs Are Kicking In.

  3. Not the mower, but cabinet saw? Vintage Product Ads 1840-1980... This ad and many others that take you back in time HERE
  4. Grandpadave52


    Easy on the knees
  5. Thought maybe you carried those around for the squirrels Assume the two tire chucks are to air the tires on the back-hoe? The one with Maypop tires. Kidding aside, hope the Mrs. is doing OK...prayers to you both!
  6. Grandpadave52

    Missing Member

    Sorry to hear you've had no response Al...Do you (or anyone else) know the specific city/town in Iowa where he lives? With that, we might be able to obtain a mailing address and possibly a phone number or email.
  7. Grandpadave52


    Don't have to twist my arm...
  8. Grandpadave52

    Lowe's Snags Craftsman Tools

    But a Timex "takes a licking and keeps on ticking" That is if you can find it
  9. Grandpadave52

    Leigh D4 Jig

    Pat, just looked on the link I provided earlier...looks like you can download a D4 manual (PDF) as well as others HERE Appears each chapter is an individual download, plus Addendum & Appendix...Technical bulletins are available too depending on exactly what accessories came with yours.
  10. Some great information & pictures to help date Stanley planes by model numbers as well as resources for cleaning, sharpening and tuning planes. Also includes a brief history of Stanley Tool Works.
  11. Grandpadave52

    Lowe's Snags Craftsman Tools

    Could be...last I knew Kenmore brand will likely be offered for sale. Sears cut their decades long contract with Whirlpool a few months back. I've yet to see who is/will be making Kenmore Appliances if anyone. Will be interesting to see...thus far that has not occurred with Ace Hardware's (at least here) but primarily has been prior to Stanley/B&D obtaining Craftsman brand. received a sale circular from our local Ace a couple of days ago...Craftsman stuff shown pretty much same price as the Sears sale circular received today.
  12. Grandpadave52


    New & Improved, "Buy Now! Operators are standing by!"
  13. Grandpadave52

    Hit and Miss Yard Sale Day

    Looks like new...I'd say it is a keeper.
  14. Gotcha' in my prayers buddy!
  15. Grandpadave52


    Will that be before or after the TPW 1st Annual Summer Fest?
  16. Grandpadave52

    Leigh D4 Jig

    Congrats Pat on the new "family" member...can't help you on tips/techniques etc. but if you haven't already, check out You-Tube (just search Leigh D4)...lots of videos out there. Also, check Leigh's site for some instructional videos too. Good luck with the new toy and BTW, we'll need pictures too.
  17. Grandpadave52

    Ringmaster Carving

    @Gerald...just saw H-F has these on sale right now; they might work...just sayin
  18. Grandpadave52

    Tariffs Are Kicking In.

    I understand their situation and potential reasoning but it comes down to a simple equation I learned years ago...C/P/V (Cost/Price/Value)...you can raise your price based on your cost, but is the value still there for said cost? Ultimately the end user/buyer determines if the price point is reasonable or not and makes purchases accordingly. So while Grizzly (& likely others) may feel compelled to increase some items by 25% they also must be prepared to experience sales declines proportionally which could lead to unsold inventory...that then leads to lack of inventory turns...difficult position to be in...obviously individual's discretionary, disposal income will not immediately increase by 25% since "we" can't vote ourselves a raise so...
  19. Grandpadave52


  20. Summer Swim Awards/Recognition Banquet tonight & Conference meet most all day tomorrow...REALLY need to mow but the grass (& sky for that matter) hasn't been close to dry for 4 days and forecast doesn't look promising for a couple of days. Church Sunday...any free time TBD.
  21. Have fun, enjoy the show & be safe. As my mom always used to tell my brother & me, "be careful...there are a lot of nuts out there!" Bookcase came out great...like Gene said, we need pictures of the finished bowl.
  22. Grandpadave52

    Tabs on the Weather...

    Current is 70o w/ 89% RH...heavy overcast...high of only 74o today with D4 of off/on t-storms again. At least one more day like today in the forecast...Need a break... D2 watching the grass grow. Keeps this up, the grass will be tall enough to watch me grow.
  23. Grandpadave52

    Recipe Box Prototype

    Deluxe icing to the already magnificent cake!
  24. Grandpadave52

    Bosch Router W/Table Lift On Sale

    @John Morris --- @Ron Dudelston Suggest this thread be moved to Tools, Research, Reviews, & Safety? More appropriate there IMO. Lot of good info here. Thanks in advance.

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