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The Few, The Proud, The Patriot Woodworker's! Make no bones about it, we aren't many, but we are very proud of our community here!


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  1. Turn it over...SAE on the other side You need to stop in...I'd be very surprised if they won't sell you some lumber. Just don't take any pictures...at least of the people without their approval. Most all Amish shun having their pictures taken. OTOH, they probably will let you take pictures of the operation, but ask permission first. Good folks; just choose a different way of life. Shrewd business wise generally...but fair.
  2. Surprised a broo-ha-ha didn't break out with those sitting side-by-side. Very nice job on them...Should be two happy customers as long as you keep them apart.
  3. Oddly, my phone would get me to the Home page most times today and a few times let me go to a forum; sometimes would Error out, sometimes not. It was going through the same router as the desktop via Wifi vs direct connect. The desktop Errored Out 95% of the time until an hour or so ago. It definitely is working faster than it has been the past week or so. Edit: OK above took 5 minutes to Save,,,Edit...3 seconds.
  4. Well someboby had to do this so it just as well be me... Do you think this post was either appropriate or relevant?
  5. FWIW...took OP 15 minutes to post...received the above Error message twice; kept hitting the Retry.
  6. Since mid-afternoon, the site has been running extremely sloooow for me. I tried a couple of posts and after each, got the below Error message. The posts did show up however. Also, when clicking on the Notifications Icon the site would buffer forever, then the below Error appeared. Sometimes the line MySQL server has gone away was not present. I'm not experiencing any issues with any other site or search...all normal. I did clear my cache, but did not seem to help. WIN7 Pro; Chrome/DuckDuckGo. Adblocker On
  7. Thanks Derek...opened the link and did quick review...will dig further in it tomorrow...about bed-time here.
  8. I can be when provoked or it works to my advantage. ...or if we're out of coffee.
  9. We only get DIY channel on occasion as a freebie from Dish. I really like BWB. The fact they are preserving, reclaiming & recycling as much as they possibly can makes this show worth watching IMO. In a throw away society their dedication to save old timbers from a blazing fire is a rare trait today.
  10. You are the "Elvis" of scrap utilization..."no scrap left behind!" FWIW my vote is for finger holes or a curved opening like in a saw handle.
  11. Update: I've been checking the 19.2v Craftsman, 18v Ryobi & (2) 18v Harbor Freight batteries almost everyday. The Craftsman is still holding it's original charge; the Ryobi dropped off about a volt. Yesterday I cycled it a few times, then placed in the one hour charger. Checked it at 30 minutes, showed fully charged; I checked the voltage tonight and it's holding at ~19.0v. The two H-F 18v's I've run in the drill a few cycles, then recharged a couple of times. That charger shoes an output of 24v D.C. but does not have a thermal limiter. In fairness, I haven't charged or used those batteries for at least 3 years and probably longer. Currently they are holding at 19.8v. Two other Ryobi 18v, (1) Li-Ion, (1) NiCd that came with flea market tools can't be saved. The Li-Ion battery has to be one series of the first Ryobi Li-Ion, 18V. Completely different than any of my current ones. Best I can tell, it has two cells which will not accept charge. The NiCd, I can charge with my jump pack to 18V+, but as soon as I plug it in to the Ryobi Quick Charger, it immediately shows faulty. After charging with my jump pack, it will drop ~1/10v about every 3 minutes until it drops to ~4.5v. No big deal...I gave $10 for the 1/2" hammer drill with that battery and $5.50 for the 5-1/2" circular saw with the Li-Ion. I gave $1 for the 18v Work Light which came with the other NiCd I saved, so I can't complain. I have one of my Craftsman 12v in process now. I'll do a separate, similar thread on those.
  12. Probably one of the issues with some of my batteries; I don't use them often enough. Almost never during the winter months and the last couple of summers have been very sporadic. I do use the 19.2v Craftsman's fairly often spring to fall with the reciprocating saw. Works pretty good for pruning and small brush clearing.
  13. Good start...weather is moderating a little...time to drive around the neighborhood and see what new inventory is available for immediate curbside pick-up.
  14. Better question, "Is it a full deck?"
  15. Very nice!!! I like it a lot already. You might consider starting your own thread for this project to keep us updated on the progress. I'll certainly follow along.
  16. Was there a tee stuck under the valve? Did you consult your Caddie how he/she would play the hole? Maybe you should have whacked it a couple of times with a 9 iron...of course you would be 2 over par for that.
  17. NICE...ya' did them up right nice and fancy too.
  18. Thanks Patch...Interesting colors. Would be cool for next year's Pinewood Derby car(s). I've got a couple of other ideas brewing...probably should write them down somewhere. Took a picture of your picture with my phone. That way I can show the teenagers working there exactly what I'm looking for. I'll put it on a Shopping Memo List in my phone too...Helps me remember what I wanted to remember the next time I'm in the "big city." Thirty-five +/- miles away each way. I only get there a couple of time/month at most now. Before I retired I was there almost every day. My memory didn't have to be as long back then.
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