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  1. Who told you that? Well, whoever it was may just find a broken rock on their pillow tonight.
  2. There is nothing plain about any of these planes. Talk about eye candy. I'm not worthy to sweep up the shavings. You have upped the bar off the pegs Herb. The latest iteration is beyond words. The grain characteristic is phenomenal; BTW, so is the medallion.
  3. Is that like fine wine where they get better with age?
  4. Started the day out at 25o with heavy frost. Mostly cloudy after 10 AM, but finally made it to 50o by 4 PM. It was tolerable outside if you kept moving. Still extremely damp and is going to get "damper" by mid morning Wednesday with rain on the way. Yep, it's been two days since we had precipitation so way over due. DAYS UNTIL SPRING: (0)d, 21h, 8m, 15s approximately if you're counting
  5. Is your socket 3/8" or 1/2" square drive? If you have a "speed handle" try that instead of the ratchet. If you want one dedicated, stop in at H-F. 3/8" Speed Handle is selling for $7.49...20% off makes it an even 6 bucks. 1/2" is $9.99 less 20% =$8. Pittsburg Tools have a Lifetime Warranty.
  6. Manuals? We don't need no stinkin' manuals! Besides these tools are so easy to use, even a caveman can do it.
  7. So it seems most tool companies today are owned by folks who have little or no tool knowledge..,aka Large Equity or Hedge Fund groups. Interesting Makita still stands alone and does quite well among the giants. Didn't see who made this tool line...I have several of them.
  8. I'd be a bit hesitant to do that Ron assuming the chuck is "rubber" sleeve coated? Not sure what the solvent might do to the rubber and adhesion to the chuck. Unless the chuck is worn out (doubtful) or something internal has broken (possible??), I suspect there is a piece of debris below the jaws or just a build up of "gunk." WD-40 works well to flood flush. Automotive brake clean typically will not harm most plastics or rubber although it can spot/fade paint in some instances. While much more expensive per spray can, Electric Contact Cleaner will remove the WD-40 residue effectively too. Wally-World typically carries both Brake Cleaner & Electrical Contact Cleaner as do most of the BORG's.
  9. Welcome Bob to the Patriot Woodworker. Great to have you on board. Your knowledge of the craft, expertise and professional background will be a valuable asset to all of us here. Looking forward to your active participation.



  10. Without seeing it Ron ( = literally looking at it hands-on), hard to say. My first approach likely would be fully open the chuck to max, flood it with WD-40, open & close and few times, then thoroughly dry using compressed air. To remove any remaining WD-40 residue, I'd likely spray the inside of the chuck with a non-chlorinated Brake Cleaner, air dry again, then apply a few drops of 3-n-1 oil while cycling the chuck open/close a few times. This has been my typical approach for keyed chucks after cleaning any internal/external rust. YMMV.
  11. Thanks Bob for your perspective particularly from one who has been there. Very well written. Could not agree more with your statement...The funny thing is that the audience for quality content is still out there... BTW...Welcome to The Patriot Woodworker...great to have your knowledge & expertise with us. Looking forward to your participation.
  12. Was it @Larry Jenkins to @It Was Al B? My brain cell probably is discharged though.
  13. In recovery mode today. It became obvious about 3AM, my exemption of the intestinal plague that invaded the house a week ago had expired. Surprisingly, besides some water, coffee seems to be successfully retained thus far. Remainder of the week, the only thing I have been informed of thus far is the Pinewood Derby Friday night. No doubt other items will be communicated on a need-to-know basis...when I need to know, they'll tell me. May get some garage time as we could see mid 50's for a few days...fresh air will be nice.
  14. The site works. We''ll manage fine...don't let it keep you up at nights. Shucks, I even used to like this layout...Besides I don't look like I used to either regardless how many weekends somebody tries to repair me.
  15. Sweet...the new, improved, bigger & better X.1.0 model. You are the plane master. Cool medallion too.
  16. Happy Birthday Larry. Hope today is the beginning of many more great days yet to come... To honor the day with a "hometown" flair, enjoy a slice of your special gift.
  17. Should be no issue using either Denatured Alcohol or Acetone. Worst it will do is slightly raise the grain since it's oak but assume you still have sanding and sealing to do yet anyway? FWIW, usually only a few small strips of double-side tape is needed to secure a template or two pieces together for sanding.
  18. Can't do much else...32o & snowing so I'll use the time and learn some more.

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