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  1. I need a prescription filled for medication to bring me back from that shocker!!
  2. Replaced timing belt and water pump on PT Cruiser last night. Took 2 1/2 hours but the old girl is back on the road again. Good for another 100K.
  3. Thanks, was my plan. One side I have to dig a trench so that is side I will bang the 1 1/4 pipe through. In theory this should be simple, how that holds up to real life application only time and some sweat will tell.
  4. Very true with the temp issue. One thing my Dad noticed with his small set up was that the exposed PVC got whacked on by different things and of course cracked. Learning from this I put my CPVC inside the walls and transitioned to a metal coupler when I came out to install the coupler. Solid bracing is recommended, I didn't on a couple of them and had to go back and fix that mistake. I would switch to PEX as it is convenient and flexible. Maybe next shop. For the moment the budget says stick with the supplies you have on hand. LOL
  5. If you are putting t belt back on turn by Hand say, 2-3 revolutions. If it turns you could skip test and just crank it. If it runs good, no problem. If it skips isolate that cylinder and check compression. If will not start then you need to check each cylinder. Now if it will not turn at some point go other direction. If same result, that would be bad. I have done 3-4 with broke belts on that 3.5 engine. All ran after replacement.
  6. I have. Here is the thing. Have plenty of PVC and fittings from these vans I clean our for a guy. With stock like that I have no money tied up in using it. Just time. Which I still need more of.
  7. My back hurts just looking at that deck. Truly a job requiring a TON of patience.
  8. Working on cleats to install under steps for staircase to roof. Paint work expected to be done this weekend. Next project up is to run a air supply line from shop to finishing room. Has to be buried. Largest obstacle is a 40 inch walkway it must go underneath. That promises to be a fun excavation project. Son comes in tonight from Alabama. Tomorrow evening we get to put timing belt on my PT Cruiser.
  9. Gunny

    Grampa Dave

    Good to hear he is still around. Tough with back pain though.
  10. Gunny


    How did this happen??? Surely you could have gotten a better rate and gotten done quicker without the messy government people getting involved.
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