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  1. Not difficult, this will save you some time. Each hole needs to be a MINIMUM of 2 3/4 inch square. That will fit the largest diameter can I had in stock. For this I tilted the flats 8 degrees, we tried a few different mock ups and this seemed to do well. All this seemed like a good idea until I had to make the jig. Once the jig was made and TS set up I made real sure we had cut enough pieces plus two just in case. Lost a extra row but I wanted them to lay towards the back and not fall out if it got bumped. Seems to work well he shook the unit pretty hard and nothing fell.
  2. Or Disney Cruise lines and such.
  3. Negative, you tell @Larry Buskirk to keep that stuff his way.
  4. Looks defective, sent it to me to check it out.
  5. My new helper showed up last night. Wanted to work. So I walked him through using the jug I made and after an hour he got it all cut. Took him 5 minutes to put together. I am going to be spoiled with this kind of help. Hold 70 paint cans.
  6. Gunny


    Exactly, and above my pay grade to worry about. Nice being a peon.
  7. Gunny

    Happy Birthday

    Happy Birthday 🎂🎉🎉
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