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  1. Those that did well mentally in Iraq were the ones that could tell and enjoy a good laugh. My friend and I were well known for jokes. We put a sign out in front of medics office one morning. The medic was a straight face by the book quiet guy. Sign said: Temptation Tim's Topless Tavern Base Commander cried he was laughing so hard.
  2. Yeah okay. On the other hand I am sure a good many of us have a story to tell along similar lines. or maybe never tell.
  3. Nice!!told ya it would work good. Saved many a pen like that.
  4. Acetone works well. Raid the wife's fingernail polish remover.
  5. I experienced this once. To solve this problem I installed a gauge with larger dial at the compressor. Inside the shop I hooked smaller gauge to one of my outlets where I can see it at a glance. Then I put another gauge inline where the regulator and drier are mounted in the wall. My theory being all three could not possibly fail at the same time. Okay it is just a theory people no need to summon Murphy for a visit.
  6. So the cap to the glue bottle or paint can isn't making it then??
  7. If it is on the ends as I have outlined in picture below this is a simple and effective fix. Carefully cut down a short way back to the brass barrel. Then take another piece of wood and drill hole through center. Using CA glue take the blank and glue the small piece back to the barrel and against the remaining wood on blank. I suggest different species of wood, normally I would go to my cut off drawer full of small piece and use them for this. Once the CA has cured put back on the lathe and you now have a custom laminated pen. No one will ever know you had issues during turning and you will not waste the blank. This is an example of what you end up with when done.
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