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  1. Working on a lazy susan for the dining room table currently. Still in glue up, oh look that would be cool, glue that too mode.
  2. Beautiful wood, looking forward to seeing this as it progresses. Sure has given me some ideas about gluing up a blank and trying something like this myself.
  3. What @Gerald said is very true. While I do like the carbide tips I still keep all my lathe tools sharp and ready to go. My HSS are inexpensive ones as well. Turned 1000 or more pens with them and they are still with me today. In Iraq I had to make something that required turning. Sharpened a heavy duty screwdriver and used a drill for a lathe. Worked but certainly not my best work. We made do with what we had available.
  4. My Dad made this very clear, "I brought you into this world I can take you out. And make another just like you." From across a room you could be messing around causing problems and he would send a glare your way that melted granite. It was your only warning. After that he went for the belt. He was like a samurai with that thing. People would comment how quiet we were, yeah well I relish being able to sit down and not squat above a chair.
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