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  1. Cal

    Food! . Food! and Grub.

    A child scoop of ice cream, for me? You're kidding, right?
  2. Cal

    My new Saw Stop is all together!!!

    Looks like a great set-up Allen. What happens to the side extension when you move it around?
  3. Cal

    Off center project

    Outstanding Gerald!
  4. Cal

    Wooden Planes Phase III

    Forget Harbor Freight, Go Herb! Those are all beautiful Herb.
  5. Let's give this a try... 53˚ and foggy in Byron this morning. Expected high today is 73° Easy peazy! Now, will I remember it And now for Stick's method... It was a darn chilly 40'so yesterday. Hey, that works too. Might even be easier to remember. Will have to check it out on a couple car sites I frequent. Thanks fellas!
  6. Cal

    Chest of Drawers plan

    Very nice Steven, coming along... fast!
  7. Wow, this has certainly been interesting and has generated far more response than I thought it would. And I have learned a few things along the way. I actually spent a bit of time researching both pine warbler and yellow throated vireo last night. Seems whenever these are spotted, a lot of discussion is done in an attempt to identify, just as we have done this week. The confusion exists even on birding sites. At this time I shall call it a Pine Warbler sighting. Definitely not a Goldfinch - to large and wrong beak. John, I do not think it was an Oriole, even though we have the Baltimore Oriole here. It hung out almost exclusively at the suet feeder while the Oriole wants grape jelly and oranges. This birds eating habit made me think it was a female sapsucker at first. The Vireo descriptions reference the "spectacles" as more pronounced than this bird has. There is a difference in the beaks between the Vireo & Warbler - but my pictures are not clear enough to see this. Should this bird return next year, I have also learned a bit about my camera - or relearned as I did know at one time - I will be able to take a few more pics that will have the whole bird in focus. And @Dadio, thanks Herb - ™¢• ; I do not have an "alt" key (I have a Mac). I am sure a degree can be found somewhere, but not today!
  8. Cal

    first show...

    Good luck Doc. Please take a pic of your booth for us. We might then be able to offer up some suggestions for your next one. One word of advise that has stuck with me as a response to people looking over your wares, and I do not remember who or where I read it, but: When someone might point out a flaw, your response should be - you cannot expect perfection, it is handmade. When someone exclaims it is so perfect, your response should be - it should be, it is handmade! Good luck again, we are all pulling for you.
  9. Cal

    Hello everyone!

    Welcome aboard DoubleJ - glad to have you here. Beautiful examples of your work that you posted up. I'll have a blueberry please, and I already have my coffee...
  10. Cal

    Ornament of stripes

    You certainly have the artist's eye Ron. I like it too.
  11. Cal

    Birthday Greetings to...

    Happy Birthday Jim!
  12. Dave, I really do not think it is a goldfinch. We have goldfinches migrate through here in the spring so I have seen them in their "olive drab". This bird is much larger than a goldfinch, and the beak is not finch like. A friend has suggested a warbler, but they do not seem to have the distinctive wing band that this one (and goldfinches) have.
  13. Cal


    Nice work Artie, please post up another pic after you have applied finish and call them done.
  14. Cal

    No 51. Shoot Board Plane (Lie Nielsen)

    A big congrats out to you John. Gloat away...

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