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  1. Looks like a good first day Steven. The boss ought to love it when completed.
  2. Welcome aboard Sid, glad to have you here. In addition to the donuts, we also like pictures. Of your work... Seriously, please post up a few pics.
  3. Great tip David. And that cutting board is gorgeous!
  4. A great use of the leftovers Steven. And I thought it was for those cold beverages while you watched TV...
  5. Cal

    Log Box

    Great box Herb, sorry about your friend.
  6. Hello Doug and welcome aboard. Where are you located at? Why wouldn't you use the oak veneer plywood that you have been using? Will the cabinets be stained or painted?
  7. Cal


    It sure does. Nice work Matt.
  8. Jim, Today's deal at Lowes is a shop vac: https://www.lowes.com/pd/Shop-Vac-10-Gallon-4-5-HP-Shop-Vacuum/1000351379?cm_mmc=em-_-c-_-prd-_-mdv-_-gdy-_-a03-_-prm-_-lm_241053-_-tah-_-20190418_bnr_dd
  9. Thanks everyone for your good wishes, I appreciate it very much. And @schnewj, I did not get my pie - got a peach cake instead (it was delish)... wife gets home tonight, may go out for a piece (or whole) pie tomorrow!
  10. My vote is for your blogging this adventure... hey, I'm missing a deck - have you seen it? Looks like I will be replacing one myself sometime in the future.
  11. Stay with it Doc, can't get a home run in every game - sometimes you strike out. How were the other vendors doing? A lot of factors figure into how any particular show will do. You have some nice stuff, just have to find the right place to market it.
  12. Never had sourdough pancakes, but I like sourdough bread - and I like pancakes. Sounds like a match!
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