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  1. Cal

    More ornaments

    Wow, simply amazing Steve
  2. I have a lot of different "projects" on tap for this weekend. I started to tear down a swimming pool/garden deck this week. It has outlived its usefulness and will be recycled into other things. Yesterday the vinyl siding guy came to look over what will be required after the deck is removed, I will need to remove all the existing siding on the back side of the garage. I had already figured this to be the case - now I know it and will start to do my part. I might get some time into this project over the weekend. More on that later. Saturday, this morning I want to go look for a couple suitable pallets to recycle, I need to do a few picture/mirror frames. If the pallets are available I will be working on those this afternoon while the UGA-Mizzo game is on the shop tv. Also today I have a pic frame to stain and I am experimenting with a new mirror design. This evening we have a wedding to attend. I made a mirror and frame for this occasion about a month ago. SWMBO wants to have a yard sale next weekend. I will likely spend a good bit of tomorrow gathering up surplus stuff and preparing for that Not my favorite thing to do, I don't even like to go to them...
  3. Cal

    Happy Birthday Bob!

    aka @DuckSoup Hope you have lots of cake and ice cream to celebrate!
  4. Cal

    turning Blue ply

    I have not heard of blue ply either Ron, but that is gorgeous! And I think the glue turning blue just adds to it. What do you finish it with?
  5. Cal

    Hurricane Florence (Members)

    Thanks for checking in Lissa, glad that you made it through ok...
  6. Cal

    End Vise Tune Up

    Any chance that where you live would be enough drier that the wood might dry back out? I am thinking that it was operating at one time. Perhaps a little emery cloth action to the tubes and wax would bring it back around. Or do the sanding drum on a drill... Looking forward to see what some others might suggest.
  7. Congratulations Pete! I would like to say that we are on a roll here, but there isn't much "we" to it. Y'all are on a roll!
  8. Cal

    I be back!!!

    Welcome back Larry
  9. @HARO50 - prayers out for your son John.
  10. Cal

    moulding adhesive on vehicle

    Here is a decent write up for you: https://itstillruns.com/way-body-side-molding-adhesive-7597920.html The eraser wheels that I have seen & used are more for light & thin adhesives like decal residue. If you go that route be careful, that eraser wheel on a drill will go right through the adhesive and right through the paint too! A good auto parts store that carries paint/body supplies should have plastic razor blades, one or two should do you. If it were me... I might just drop it off at a good body shop. They have the expertise, the tools, and much younger backs because that is a lot of work being bent over. Even with a rolling stool it is difficult (for me) to get the angle on the work to be comfortable for any length of time.
  11. Cal


    That right there is a work of art John. Looking forward to your projects that this contributes to!
  12. Congratulations fellas, and thanks to everyone that helps to keep this site going!
  13. Cal

    I am BACK

    Welcome back Ron. Sorry to hear about your dad...
  14. Cal

    minwax stains

    I spoke to soon when I said I would have to try Walmart next time, although I would like to see if they carry any GF stuff. After I posted that I remembered that the last time I went to the local lumber yard for a half pint of stain they let me carry the sample board display home so that I could try and match the floor! You don't get service like that at any big box that I know of... Only problem with the local guys - they close at 5:00 during the week and early Saturday, like noon. But I do like to do business with them.
  15. Cal

    Back country safari

    Yup, a big happy birthday from here also...

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