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  1. Pretty neat Lew. Needless to say, I have not seen one of these
  2. Cal

    New lathe

    Looks pretty sweet Rusty. Looking forward to some more of your experimenting on it.
  3. It looks like you have a good start Jess. In the absence of an available VCR I might suggest, in no particular order - You Tube, contact the company if it is still in business for a DVD or even better, a download version, get another tv that you can use the VCR with, go visit a young one that has a VCR hooked up, take the tape to someone who can copy it to DVD/flashdrive. On a related note, about 25-30 years ago I taped almost all episodes of NYW and PBS Victory Garden. I tried to watch the shows, but taped them with the thought that if I got sick enough to stay home from work I wou
  4. Been busy, plan to stay busy... Did get a start on building a dresser. In all my life, I've never had a bedroom dresser - always had chests of drawers. So, this build is practice to do a simple pocket hole joinery dresser from some plywood and pallet scrap. I did buy a couple 1x4's and a sheet of ply for the top. Still have a ways to go before finish but it is shaping up. It seems awful low, like I may have to get on my hands & knees to get to the lower drawers. But after we've used it for a bit I will make whatever changes I think we would like on the next "for real" buil
  5. Gene, what kind of trees did you plant? Will they require irrigation?
  6. I actually got some shop time in yesterday. So I got a good bit started on the dresser I've been planning since... well, a while. Over the last month I've had a few minutes here and there to start, but yesterday was good! I've got a pile of brush to burn if I can get a permit. And I need to mow the weeds in the front yard...
  7. That sure looks like it can make your life easier. Well thought out.
  8. Here is a taper that I did on a small corner table a few years ago.
  9. I don't know who loves popcorn the most - me or my dentist... I would lose a cap and the dentist would just smile... So I've given up popcorn and hard nuts. My dentist might have to give up his Mercedes!
  10. That's what I did with our front porch spindles. The pic I had based it upon was pretty intricate. By the time I finished my practice I had it down to a pretty simple easily replicated piece. And then turned about 100 of them... I am sure there are differences, but no one has ever pointed one out to me
  11. Do you have that machine all cleaned up and usable now Larry? An updated pic would be nice...
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