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  1. Steve, I am glad and relieved to see you back! And very happy that you were able to weather the storm without a huge loss. It is tough to see those images on tv of areas of flooding (or other natural disaster) and see people that lose everything but themselves. I have two drawers like this, one (over) full of screwdrivers and one (over) full of various pliers and vice grips. I think I will take a two pronged solution to this; weeding out a bunch of screwdrivers, I mean do I really need that old one I found on the side of the road as a kid that obviously was used to open paint cans? I did use it though not too long ago - for opening a five gallon bucket of primer... And following @p_toad advice and getting another drawer for the vice grips, or some kind of rack for them. That should free up some space for a few more pliers
  2. No doubt that 800 grit takes you to a super smooth surface. I don't usually take bare wood to anything over 220-240 and only to that level if it is getting stained or dyed. I would use the 320 between coats of finish. I imagine the 40G might be ok for paint or rust removal. Overall, that assortment would leave me with a lot of extra discs that might never get used. Not being critical of your purchase Andrew, but not for me. Keep those reviews coming! And your projects, I am enjoying your growth as a turner here.
  3. I do hope we hear from him soon. It looked like his area was going to catch the worst of the storm... From what I know of Steve, if he is ok he is likely busy helping his neighbors and such.
  4. That's good Lew and likely accurate to boot! Just have to put the hinges back on and hang the door and I do call it "done". At least until move in time, and window treatment time, and hang the TV time, and, and, and...
  5. @Jeroid Morris - Have a great time of it out there Jeroid!
  6. Good pics Ron, what did you take them with?
  7. Pretty slick Mark, a great and useful addition to the counter top.
  8. I have not seen those mats. I would be concerned about moisture being trapped under it - but we live where the humidity is normally quite high...
  9. Have to flip the MBR door over to paint the other side today, hang trim around the closet doors and install pulls - and the MBR is ready for move in! Except for blinds, not sure yet what the boss wants for window treatment. I will spend the rest of the weekend doing yard work and cleaning up the shop and likely some planning for tackling the LR-DR area flooring.
  10. Hey Kevin, I made this halloween decoration one year. A dime store doll and a little red paint finished it off... Digital photography has sure come a long ways!
  11. Andrew, if you follow Lew's link it was a VA system that was hacked into. Nothing to do with the AL.
  12. Thanks Gerald. It is a question specific to my brother's service as shown on the form. John Morris is looking at it for me.
  13. That right there is impressive Beautiful work!
  14. Wow, what a project! What type of equipment do you have to move this monster when it is completed?
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