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  1. What is that part Gunny? I don't recognize it, reckon I've never had to change one
  2. I like that first video Gerald, wish I had seen that last year when I was building kitchen cabinets! I have not done anything fancy, I use two sawhorses and my truck. With the sawhorses the same height as the truck bed I use the truck and one horse to support the longer piece of ply, use the second horse set at an angle to support the offcut. Make the offcut a bit oversize and trim on the tablesaw. One benefit to this is that I do not have to wrestle full size sheets of ply at all for a crosscut. Could not guess how many sheets of ply and osb I've cut down this way.
  3. @nevinc - haven't seen you lately, hope everything is A-OK. Happy Birthday Buddy!
  4. On a lighter note, I have never really looked very close at a Rockwell painting. In this one I must say that is one big bird! And very small legs! And what's with the babies face in the fruit bowl? But over the weekend I did get a tool box painted, I did get the brake job done on B-I-L's car, I did get a set of picture trays made. Looking ahead; apply some color and finish the pic trays, add felt to the aforementioned tool box drawers, likely work on a new mirror etching and frame for the mbr; and, of course, eating a bit too much on Thursday. It will be a pretty quiet Thu
  5. That is surely coming together Keith. Going to be one absolutely gorgeous piece of art when completed!
  6. Thanks for the update Charles.
  7. Destined to be a family heirloom Steven. Beautiful, hope you sign & date it. btw, how old is the granddaughter? Of all the gifts, for all the family, and for all the money spent... this has to be "numero uno"
  8. That looks like an ambitious project (for me). Looking forward to your pips Keith.
  9. Cool project Irish. I am not familiar at all with this instrument. You will have to post up more pics, or a video, of it when it is complete
  10. Congrats on the anniversary Steven. This project is motoring right along. I like the small you've installed. I've not seen one like it before.
  11. Be sure to take pics along the way Rusty, sounds interesting.
  12. A couple pics along the way Artie. Sounds like a good project. Like that collection of clamps you have hanging up also!
  13. Hey Fred, you might try to sneak in a quick trip to your hardwood supplier while you are out...
  14. Lots of projects underway for me to take the next step with. - Another tool box rehab, this one a machinist chest for our daughter's bf. I have it cleaned up and primed (no tanking this one) with the bottom painted. Plan to paint the rest of it tomorrow and add felt at some point during the week. - I made a set of picture ledges and have dyed and applied shellac. Will do a final coat of satin poly this morning and will put them up during the week. - I have sorted out a few more boards for another set of picture ledges, I will plane these down to size this morning. - Our
  15. Hey Gunny, please be prompt about giving this set a whirl and posting up the results! Sent you a PM Gerald
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