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  1. The last time I checked (with B+B) the cost to rebuild the two NiCads was nearly the same as buying a whole new kit with Li batts. I only have one large battery for my Milwaukee trimmer & leaf blower. It works good, but I can tell it's not what it used to be. My usual routine is to trim first until the batt dies, let it cool off and then put it on the charger while I mow the lawn. Usually by then it is fully charged and I can blow the driveway, walkway and my neighbors driveway off. It is usually about done after that. A second battery will be useful. The one I now have is 4-5 y
  2. Hope it's a good 'un Fred, Happy Happy!
  3. Very timely Fred, thanks! I stopped at Ohio Powertool last week in Columbus, but didn't pull the trigger for a new battery. Glad I didn't. I will try one of these
  4. Beautiful Rusty. I'd say that you and that new lathe have made friends now!
  5. We did that same project Danl with swapping out the fan/light combo and installing the LEDs on dimmers. Overall I like the LEDs, but I do find them very "shadowy". I had to search all over the house to find a good spot to take pictures of printed material... Nice work btw.
  6. I have used drill bits to get a good even spacing. wish I had thought about taping them in place!
  7. @Old Coasty is having a party today, hope you have a great one Bob!
  8. That's a great start Bob, kitchen & cookies
  9. So sorry for your loss Gunny. I will be out of pocket for a couple weeks, but you have my number if there is anything I can help you with.
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