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  1. Cal

    Web Site Changes (Button Color Too Light)

    This is what I have (on a Mac)
  2. Cal

    Food! . Food! and Grub.

    Boy that sounds good Stick. I love most anything made with oats. Maybe that's why I am likened to a horse's rear occasionally? Ok, maybe not so occasionally
  3. Some great things you have going on there John. I really enjoy seeing the quality and different projects that you do. I have a particularly tough weekend facing me. The wife has to work this weekend - in Savannah. So, after I get the shop and workspace cleaned up I plan to load up and head for Statesboro where I will meet up with her. Plans call for an evening with friends, shrimp & grits at a local micro-brewery and delivering a mirror I made last week. The mirror was a yard sale find I think and I debated throwing the frame away until I read @kmealy's post regarding clean up and waxing. Saturday I will follow the Mrs. to Savannah. After she gets her mobile training center set up we get the night off to check out one (or more) of our favorite spots in town. While she works on Sunday I will check out many of the information booths at the convention she is at and then likely walk a few miles around the historic district looking at architecture and gardens for ideas I might bring home with me. I have done that a lot of times, and I always find something that I never seen or noticed before. Hey, it's tough - but somebody has to do it!
  4. Cal

    Equisite Rot and Spalted Wood

    An interesting and beautifully illustrated article John.
  5. Cal

    Happy Birthday David

    @difalkner - Hope it is a great one for you, and there is enough cake to go around!
  6. Cal

    Cheap Router Bit Storage

    A nice set up all around, thanks for sharing those pics Tom.
  7. Cal

    Extreme Wood Turning

    Yeow!!! Extreme is right... For me personally, this would be in the category of things that "can" be done - but that doesn't mean they "should" be done.
  8. Y'all planting birds up there now Dave? What sorts?
  9. Cal

    She Is Back To Helping In the Yard

    Great news Jess. Please tell her I said hello,
  10. A big thanks to @kmealy for posting this info and these articles up! A few days ago I completed a mirror for a friend. The mirror and frame I think must have come from a yard sale several years ago because it has been in the garage coated with dust and debris for a long time. Anyhow, I was ready to simply toss the frame and make one from pallet material when Keith posted this up. So, I decided to give it a go. I gave it a good scrubbing with soap & water and applied two coats of wax. Not the same as a newly made frame, better than a pallet based frame that I was going to do. Unfortunately, I did not take any "before" pics. I think it will be A-OK hanging in a relatively dark room!!!
  11. Cal

    Occasional Mis-Direct?

    Working fine tonight John. Using Safari on a Mac.
  12. Cal


    No, this is the compass in my iphone. If it did not come with the phone, must be the Mrs. or one of the young ones put it in there for me...
  13. Cal

    Hand Tools - Use 'Em

    What Lew said!
  14. Cal

    Little Jug

    Very unusual looking. I had never heard of leopard wood either. I sure like what you did with it!
  15. Cal

    Cheap Router Bit Storage

    I always like to see good ideas.

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