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  1. When this topic comes up I usually take a couple minutes to pull the latest stats. NYT & NPR to see the real numbers, and the GA DPH website to see how they are spinning the numbers. GA is now averaging over 2,000 cases/day, nearly 3,000 on Thursday, over 90,000 total. Deaths at 2,856. DPH still says near 0... Today, when we should be celebrating the 4th with friends and family - and maybe watching live fireworks with strangers at dusk - we will do very little of that. And I am reminded, "it didn't have to be like this". In early March the US was on the same trajectory as Europe. That graph is two weeks old, EU is holding steady while the US is now over 50,000 cases/day and climbing rapidly. This isn't medicine, socialized vs private. This is leadership, an absolute abject failure on the part of our political "leadership" in the US. And it still continues, as evidenced by the GA DPH numbers. Stay safe folks.
  2. Thank you Andrew for stepping up to give John a hand, appreciate your being here and taking on the responsibilities.
  3. Not being real familiar with aspens, do they grow large enough to yield a 16" board?
  4. Covid parties? Floriduh needs to look into that... beaches, bars and covid parties - what could go wrong? Wait a minute, didn't OK & AZ just play host to big time covid parties? I seen the pics, and there was hardly a mask in sight...
  5. HHH is the name of the game here during the summer. The last few days we have been getting a brief PM shower or thunderstorm. Those are good when they come in the early evening, cools things off and keeps cool; when they come in the early afternoon - it will cool off during the rain but afterwards the sun comes out and makes it feel like it is just boiling the water back out of the ground - very sticky and humid. But, we'll take whatever rain, whenever we can get it. I mowed the lawn Thursday, so I am good for the weekend. I hope to hear from the building supply that some moulding is in that I had ordered. If it's here I will be back on paint duty. If not, we are cleaning out the MBR to redo - paint and such. In addition to MBR it has served as the home office - there is a lot of junk in there to clean out!!! Taxes, likely be doing them next week. Income taxes are due on the 15th. I ran them through the computer back in March, seen the numbers and closed the books until now. Seems we owe the Feds and the State a sizeable chunk this year For the fourth, I think we are grilling out tonight and going to SIL's to cook out tomorrow
  6. It looks like poplar to me also.
  7. Joseph, that is a gorgeous table! It looks like walnut. What was your joinery method for the top? What did you use for a finish?
  8. Actually we hit the half way mark yesterday... For those of us in the US - what a ride it has been so far! No matter what happens here on out, 2020 will be one for the history books. Until this year, had you asked me what year in my life was the most tumultuous for the country - I would have said 1968 without hesitation. At this point, I have to say 2020 by a KO. A KO and then a stomping by a hobnailed boot! A KO and then an a$$ whipping.
  9. Our very own "Junkyard War" General, @Kevin Beitz has a big one today. Happy Birthday Kevin, hope you can get back to the yards soon!
  10. Yeah, there is a serious disconnect going on Gene. Tough to reconcile how your county gets 78, but the state as a whole reports "0". BTW - NYT shows AZ hit 4700+ new cases yesterday
  11. Georgia's numbers are now going almost straight up - except for those people under the Governor's thumb who still show the count at near zero I guess the truth hurts... Over 84,000 cases; over 2,800 deaths thus far.
  12. Welcome aboard @Sebastin, glad to have you here. May I suggest you start a new thread to introduce yourself here. Please tell us what things you have done, pics help! And let us know what your current interests are too.
  13. Cal

    Lid ideas

    Kevin, is this in a location where it gets wet? It looks like those two boards have gotten wet and swelled. Is the top hinged, or do you lift it off? I would also like to see the underside of the lid to see how you put it together. What are the dimensions of it? I wouldn't be afraid to make another go at it with pallet wood again. Use the experience gained from this one to do improvements on the new one.
  14. Many of the flooring stores (around here anyhow) also deal in countertops and might be worth a call. Lumber Liquidators also have countertops, kind of pricey as I recall - but they used to have regular clearance specials that differed with each store and you could search online. @lew - that maple & walnut job is a beauty!
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