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  1. Yay Artie! I agree with Gerald, let's get started. I am here for moral support
  2. Gerald, please report back in after you've installed and tried out the new set up. Steve, some great work there. Please post up more of your work here on TPW!
  3. Wow - guess we got out of Ohio just in time! Was up there last weekend for a great visit with our son and his girlfriend. There were some overnight rains, but overall the weather cooperated with us on the visit. I did notice quite a bit of land that appeared to not have a crop planted (yet). I would think that it is about too late to even plant if it did dry out now...
  4. Hey John, hope you get to feeling normal soon. A quick prayer out for you this morning.
  5. Cal

    Offering plates

    That is beautiful Gerald.
  6. Welcome aboard Hysu. I have never seen or heard of a 4" filter either. How about fabricating up a 2 or 3" spacer to sit in front or behind the filter? Shouldn't be too difficult to do.
  7. Congratulations Gene! Mrs. Gene must be a very special person Hope y'all get more than pizza and an oil change today...
  8. Stephany, first off, welcome to TPW. Would love to see pics of some of your past work, and tools that you already might have. I am having a bit of a disconnect between your request above and your profile which suggests that you are well experienced and that you also have quite an accumulation of tools on hand... plus a serious health risk if you work with wood?
  9. That BLO sure brought out the grain, the tanning process took it to the next level! I have never heard of doing this. Are there areas that were shaded out, or did you have to turn the chair occasionally to get an even tan?
  10. I most certainly shall. This has been a most excellent ride along.
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