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  1. My oh my - keep those pics & videos coming David, beautiful work
  2. aka @Jeroid Morris - Hope you have a wonderful birthday way out there in Cally land!
  3. This will (is already) great. Please keep a lot of pics coming of the build
  4. That looks pretty dog gone super to me Lew!
  5. A somewhat successful run to Atlanta over the weekend. My big project was to install a glass shower door. My chinglish isn't the greatest and I struggled somewhat. The final straw for me on that was to cut the top "rail" to fit between the walls. Said rail was a stout 1 1/4" tube. I had a hacksaw and flat file to smooth the cut. Went well until I put it in place. They didn't really mean to cut to fit between the walls... they meant to cut to fit between two bracket pieces that are up on the wall. Need to cut about another 1/2" off and smooth it again. That will wait until the next trip up and I can take a jig saw up with me. Julie & Elizabeth and SO made good progress on painting while I was translating the install instructions. Week ahead - lawn care. Need to do a good job this week, Julie plans to do a yard sale this weekend. I've a bunch of stuff going in it too. Glass is here for my display cabinet, but unlikely at this point I will get the etching and install done this week.
  6. The last time I did my table saw top I used Trewax. That was probably 4-6 months ago and it is still slick and looks good and it's been getting regular use. I wonder when we talk about longevity of the wax on our work surfaces if weather conditions might factor in? With a surface like cast iron and a humid day, would we be - in effect - sealing in some moisture that then leads to early "failure"? 4 to 6 months ago would have put me back to late winter when our humidity is generally lower. This Trewax is lasting much longer than the Boeshield (or something like that) that I had been using.
  7. My plans changed "a bit". Earlier in the week we were preparing to head north (again) to Atlanta today - and Larry - my compass says it north Then I got asked to help with a stage prop for an upcoming play. One prop in particular that they had ideas on and had started to build but were kinda floundering on the execution. We got a good start on it yesterday and hopefully (has to be) we will get the build completed today. Painting said prop can take place without me. Got a huge rain last night, starting about 5 minutes after we got all the prop parts and tools moved into the shop It poured for a bit over an hour and measured 2.5" at that point. So if I can finish up in time today I plan to mow the lawn. Then load up the truck - and head north on Saturday morning and likely return Sunday evening or Monday morning. See y'all next week
  8. Are we talking table saw top/jointer bed or something else like old M&E framework?
  9. True fact... These last three posts are like messaging my younger brother. He dictates his text and hits send without ever proofing them. There are times when I've no idea at all what he's talking about
  10. Our daughter makes her own shoes, I will forward this to her
  11. Upper garage... is getting there. Glass for cabinet doors has not been cut yet. Still have a few signs to decide on also, but for sure will post up pics when the last cabinet doors are installed. Got the lower garage somewhat cleaned up too - at least as much as the leaf blower allows SWMBO says she is doing a yard sale next weekend, so I plan to take a couple days this week gathering up misc. stuff to put in it. Been waiting for the auction company to call... but if they don't call first it will gets it's day here. I need the space!
  12. aka @Rodney - hope you have a great one friend!
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