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  1. Good info Dan, thanks for posting it up. This ordeal that we are living through has certainly shown us some examples of "leadership". I've seen examples of darned good, and some plain awful leadership being demonstrated. I watched our Governor and several of his appointees do a Q & A on tv a couple nights ago. For an hour they dodged and weaved and provided no clear answer to hardly any of the questions asked. I was pretty disappointed with it. I've watched another Governor of a NE state that gives numbers, expectations, reasons for actions being taken and what plans are being made. A huge contrast in the "leadership" department. Here is another example of what I call leadership - a no-nonsense take charge General of the Army Corps of Engineers. Nothing wishy-washy here, just "I've been given a problem, a task and timeframe to meet, and a get-out-of-my-way so I can do what needs to be done".
  2. Those are really beautiful Paul. The contrasting lids make them really stand out.
  3. Thanks Paul. Didn't see my size listed (20x20) - but knowing that I can consider a floor register will open up whole new possibilities for me. I appreciate it
  4. That right there is some kind of spectacular! How about posting up some pics with the different color lights?
  5. I'll say! But, ummm... could you relabel the red extension cord? In my world it goes to a water heater...
  6. Hey Charles, please show us one of your aromatherapy necklaces. I really do not know what that is, but sounds interesting. From what I can tell, my life is "pretty normal" right now. Working on various outside projects, doing some maintenance and such on the vehicle fleet. It is unusual to have SWMBO home all week... All that is not entirely true We do have two young ones. A daughter that lives in Atlanta, and Atlanta is on "shelter in place" orders. And a son that works for The Ohio State University at the medical college. Although he (and his SO) are not on the front lines and are working from home. The wife and I also have a lot of family in New York state, thankfully they are all scattered around upstate and none of them close to NYC. If I stay busy and concentrating on the project at hand I am not actively worrying about everyone...
  7. Great job, looks a whole lot better in that wood frame.
  8. Those are pretty cool Ron. What type of bird are you hoping will nest in them?
  9. Thanks for the heads up Ron. I have an Iphone - I will watch out for that update. Photos have been a huge problem for me with the Mac. All of my pics use to be arranged in date order - then a couple updates occurred and they were (seemingly) in alphabetical order? I mean why wouldn't April 2019 come before May 2003? Now, they just seem to be in a random scrambled order
  10. Beautiful casework Paul. May I ask where the wife found the HVAC cover for the inlet? It sure does look better than that white grill
  11. Cal

    Star Ornament

    Now that is unique and most cool Ron!
  12. That is really dressing up that corner Gunny, almost to be a shame to wash dirty hands there
  13. Some do Lew, not that it helps me at all...
  14. I like that mobile base you have the jointer on. Did you make it or did it come with the machine? I occasionally see sanders such as the one you pictured up at auction. Check out the woodworking tools on govdeals.com ; some decent deals can be had.
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