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  1. It was Norn who spiked my interest in woodworking. I never became the craftsman he is but it was his inspiration that allowed me to build the addition to my home, build my garage/workshop and utility building and move forward to building the kitchen cabinets for my home. Then continuing on to build various pieces of furniture for my home and making many bandsaw boxes jewelry boxes and more. Thank you Norm!
  2. It will be airing on PBS in Boston today at !:00. I'll be watching.
  3. I have a large maple tree in my front yard that was in need of some serious pruning. Got out today and accomplished that. Now comes the work of cutting up the branches and running the smaller stuff thru the chipper. Took this old pfart about 5 hrs to prune what could have been done in 2 hrs 20 years ago. Lots of rest periods.
  4. Al B

    Hurricane Ian

    Saw a video of Pine Island damage from hurricane Ian. It's devastating. Hope your daughters friends are OK;
  5. Congratulations Keith. Loved your story.
  6. Relax John, things will be fine. Butterflies are normal on your daughter's wedding day. She'll be smiling from ear to ear as you walk her down the aisle and I'm sure her proud dad will be likewise. Congrats !
  7. Al B

    Hurricane Ian

    MY older sister "92" lives in Beverly Hills Fla. She feels a bit safer with the track now landing further south of her. She isn't worried about flooding because she is on higher ground.
  8. I believe the buyer got a great deal, and if you're happy with the sale, that is all that matters.
  9. You mean you've been spelling his name boB ?
  10. Today we had the most significant rainfall than we've had in months. Definitely welcomed in this drought stricken area. Didn't mind the continuous thunder that woke me up early this morning.
  11. Love that grain.
  12. Thanks @Cal, I thought I did get a good price for the tools. I didn't feel like I had to sell, so I kept firm on my prices. I was lucky enough to have a buyer who really wanted the tools. He wanted the BS too but selling that would have pretty much ended my woodworking.
  13. There comes a time when we have to face the reality of life. At 91, My wife and I decided there are some tools in the shop I should avoid using. Saturday I sold my Jet contractors tablesaw, my 1617 Bosch router and my router table for $875.00. Still have my bandsaw, SCMS, Scrollsaw, Spindle sander, belt sander, Joiner, several hand held tools and clamps that I feel will allow me to still enjoy making bandsaw boxes and do some scroll sawing. The buyer tried hard to get me to sell the bandsaw but I couldn't let it go.
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