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  1. Hope your daughter is improving Gunny. Sad to have to deal with the ex, but it was important. Looks like the day ended well.
  2. Al B


    My question exactly. Will it be worth the time to set up a sprayer and then clean it for the projects you're making. I know you don't plan to get involved with large projects just based on the room you have to work in. You don't have the option of setting up a spray room, so overspray in the shop might be a problem. I bought a Wagner hvlp unit with 2 spray guns, one for large projects and one for small tasks. I've never had a project that justified using them in my shop.. Both sprayers still in the box and have never been used. The information the experts are giving you is great, but is i
  3. Al B


    Hey Artie, join the club! Finishing is most everyone's nightmare. I keep it simple . Selection of the wood for a project is most important , then let the wood do the talking. I often use a water base urethane. 2 coats of wipe-on seals the grain . You can then sand lightly to remove any raised grain or dust that might have attached itself. Then apply 3 coats and lightly sand and continue with 3 more coats.Sounds like a long process, but the thin coat of water base urethane dries fast so you can apply several coats in a day. I've opted at times to apply the first wipe-on coat sand then after san
  4. These are the parking lots at the state reservation Artie. Meanwhile, the town has started construction of a two million dollar welcoming center and rest rooms at the town beach center. The town parking lot at the beach center may be available, but I'm not even sure about that. I know some beach residents do use it for winter parking during storms.
  5. The parking lots at Salisbury beach have found a new purpose in the off season. One lot has been set up for covid testing while another lot has many trucks and tents set uo for the filming of a Netflix movie titled 'Don't Look UP" with Leonardo Dicaprio and Meryl Streep. Normally, this is the time when I like to visit the beach to enjoy the peace and quiet while listening to the surf. 2020 has really been a year to forget, IF that's at all possible.
  6. Nicely done Fred. The continuous grain really works well.
  7. Looks great Artie ! Waiting to see some of the in progress results. Drilling all those holes does sound boring ."Pun intended"
  8. Home Again ! Hospital released me last evening. I'll be having therapy and visiting nurse at home. Still a bit to go before things get back to normal, but at least, being home is a plus. Thanks all for your support.
  9. Well, spending time in a hospital, but not for covid. A bit of rehab, might call it a "stroke" of bad luck. Family is doing well. Hospital is taking all precautions for covid.
  10. Masks slow the spread. Unfortunately, if only 60% or 70% of the people wear them , then their effectiveness is minimized. People were dieing at the rate of about 1000 a day early on and had dropped. Now we are seeing deaths as high as 1200 a day, simply because of some people's attitudes. Horray for me, to H*** with you. Seems this is be becoming the American way.
  11. Happy anniversary Tonya and John. The next 29 are easy.
  12. Thanks for letting me have your share of Thanksgiving dinner Gator.Not really a duck fan though. My personal choice would be a ham You've thanked me many times for the use of Lois Keener's book Steve. After you, I believe Dave Zimmerman took it, and later my brother-in-law. Now it is back with me. I remember when the book went out of publication, Amazon was selling used copies for upwards of $100 each. Guess the publisher realized what they gave up.
  13. Earthquake? I hadn't heard! Maybe it's mother nature telling everyone we can wake up now, the election is over.
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