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  1. I've had this set for several years. Used it on my TS with good results, but will admit it scared the H out of me. Haven't used the set since I built my router table.
  2. The soft white 3000K LED's is the light color my wife prefered for in the house lighting. A bit more like the incadescent lighting it replaced.
  3. Al B


    Glad all is well Lisa. We're expecting heavy rain and less severe winds tonight and into tomorrow morning.
  4. I'm a really late comer to this topic. I've been a fan of LED lighting for some time. All the lighting in my home is LED. My wife didn't like the light color of the 5000K so I switched to the soft white bulbs and fixtures which are more like the incadescent lighting. Been wanting to replace the florescent lighting in my shop with 5000K led's but haven't done it yet. It really becomes a necessity when the cold weather comes because the florescent lighting flickers constantly in the cold shop. The LED's also save on the utility bill. Great job on the carport !
  5. Al B

    Knee replacement

    Sure hope the marathon is no longer than 26 1/2 yards. Elly might make it, but I may have to crawl to the finish line.
  6. Al B

    Knee replacement

    It's great getting back to a little normalcy. Sitting at the rehab center for hours was no fun. Less fun for Elly.
  7. Al B

    Knee replacement

    Thanks everyone for your support. Elly came home yesterday afternoon and her spirits are a lot better. She is using a walker to get around, but I doubt she will need it for long. She has a nurse and physical therapist visiting her at home for a short time, but things are looking good for her.
  8. Heck no ! Never a day off after you retire !
  9. I hope not. Had this problem for over 40 years. Valiun seemed to help, though the doctor told me they didn't know why it helped. Really violent dizziness would come on suddenly. It could last for minutes or sometimes for days. This is an inner ear problem. For no apparent reason the dizziness stopped probably 10 years ago more or less.
  10. It takes a week to recover from a week off.
  11. I did step into the shop. Looks like everything is still there .
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