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  1. At least when I waste my time it doesn't waste tools and ammo.
  2. Horrible game played by KC defense. Constantly making stupid mistakes that kept the ball in the hands of Tampa Bay, and very limited offence. Offensive blocking for Mahomes was terrible, and the number of dropped balls by receivers was totally unexcuseable. On the other side, Tampa Bay looked like they were there to play football. Definitely not the game expected for the Super Bowl.
  3. Quarterbacks for Kansas city and Tampa bay. You know, the only team members who get any credit for their efforts.
  4. Ha, Ha, Showing your youth John. In my youth, there was no superbowl. Not even an AFL. Just 8 teams in the NFL. I enjoy football, it was the only sport I played in High School. The only school sports in those days were football, baseball and basketball.
  5. I do plan to watch this year. Just want to see Mahomes beat Brady.
  6. We got our first shot of the moderna vaccine yesterday evening. Maybe I'll be able to visit the hardwood lumber supplier some day in the next month.
  7. Looks like Massachusetts is finally moving forward with the covid vaccine. Got a call and my wife and I will be getting our covid shots later today. Less than 10 miles from here.
  8. Some people have no taste. What did she expect, a portrait of herself ?
  9. Happy birthday Fred. You deserve a day off.
  10. Amazing what a little imagination can do.
  11. Happy birthday Mike. Thank you for what you have been doing to help our first responders and and school personnel.
  12. Snowfall according to weather reports was 17" here. Lowell Ma got 24". That's nearer to where Artie is. Looks like 3 homes fell victim to the ocean south of here in Scituate Ma.We keep building sand dunes here but they get washed away with each storm. The ocean is rising for sure.
  13. Bet he won't try that again. Got what he deserved !
  14. I hear ya Larry! Went back out this afternoon and spent another 1 1/2 hrs . Haven't even tried to get to the mailbox yet. Too old for this. Looks like at least another 4 hours of work left. Even my Ariens PRO 28" snowblower is having issues cutting thru this stuff.
  15. The snow has stopped for now. I'm guessing 12"+, then it turned into rain/snow mix early this morning. The net result is a lot of heavy wet crusty snow. My daughter and I spent about 2 hours this morning clearing the front deck and getting the cars cleared out. Lots more to clear yet, but time for a break.
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