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  1. I agree with the previous posts.
  2. Al B

    Bronze or Iron?

    As someone who has given up on planes, I like this little difference of opinion. Steve is set on the older planes while John is bound to the newer products. In both cases, the work performed by them ( John and Steve ) looks pretty good. John, you're sounding a bit defensive with Woodie. It's just his opinion.
  3. More or less, but their sales are primarily on TV. Order can be made on line at QVC.com
  4. QVC is a TV channel that spends all of its time selling products, mostly women's products. Diamonique is their brand name. Years ago they had some good deals but not so much any more. Glad SWMBO has lost interest in that channel, though, I do see occasional small charges on my credit card from them.
  5. Cubit Zirconia . A manufactured stone that looks like a diamond. They are called Diamonique on the QVC TV channel
  6. AHHhhhhhhhh, that feels good.
  7. That ring looks like it could be silver or white gold. Looks like some engraving on the inside. The pendant looks like opal.
  8. I've never felt the Coast Guard gets the credit it deserves. Took a lot of guts to board that sub and open the hatch.
  9. Al B

    64 th anniversary

    It has been a wild ride. If I had it to do over again, changing fathers would be my only request. Guess someone was watching over me, I enlisted in the Air Force during the Korean War but was never sent to a combat area despite several requests for a transfer to SAC.
  10. Today my wife and I celebrate our 62nd wedding anniversary. We're planning on going out for dinner and then probably take a nap.
  11. Should have opened the hatch and watch it sink. That's a lot of coke.
  12. Glad to hear you are feeling better John. Now that things have stopped spinning, it makes it a bit easier to put up with the other problems. Now we can concentrate on the platelet problem.
  13. My doc tells me to drink lots of water, but I do like to supplement that with a 7.5 oz can of Dr pepper from time to time.
  14. Guess it was a fun day Artie.
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