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  1. Artie, I built my 8' X 12' utility building probably 20 yrs ago +. What are you planning for siding? To save cost and labor I used fir 5/8" T1-11. I set the bldg. on PT 4X4's . Used 2 X 8 PT joists under a 3/4" PT ply floor. I did recently have to build new doors because of rot, but otherwise, the building has been solid. Building it yourself is definitely the least expensive way to go. I bought my materials at a local lumberyard with free delivery of the materials. All construction except floor joists is using 2 X 4's including the roof trusses. Never a problem with snow, and I've seen over 3' of snow on that roof. I'm definitely not a pro at this, but if you wan't, maybe we can get together to figure out a bill of materials. Let me know. I did learn a little when I built mine, including a couple of errors in my construction.
  2. Al B

    151 years young!

    Happy birthday Herb. You're really aging well.
  3. Guess she was thinking of you while you were gone. Quite a collection of markers.
  4. A beautiful job and for a beautiful cause. Thanks for letting us see this,
  5. Al B

    Birthday Cake...

    Happy birthday Steve. Take a little time off from the shop and enjoy your birthday cake.
  6. I have a friend who had a craftsman combination square. The pin on the tightening screw broke. Sears told him he had to replace the whole tool under the warranty. The replacement they gave him had the Sears brand name on it, not Craftsman. I'm sure this in effect, voided future warranty replacements.
  7. Artie and Jimmien, This is probably too soon for you to visit to the Lowell boat shop. They are having a cookout on Saturday, May 18 from 12:00 to 3:00 PM. One of the on going projects is the renovation of the Mayflower 2 shallop. the cookout is for members only, but I can sign you up as members "on me", if you provide your full names and addresses. Use the pm's to send that info. Otherwise, the shop is open on a regular basis for visitors . "To get more info for yourself just type in "lowell boat shop" on your computer and you can go from there.
  8. Christmas day. Man, it's cold. Had a bit of dry cereal for breakfast and melted ice to heat water for a cup of hot chocolate. No plans other than trying to get some rest. After a few hours, the guys from the home came in and told me their parents know I'm living there. I was invited into the house for dinner. I must have looked pretty bad. Their mom told them to get some clean clothes for me. She then took mine and washed everything. I was given a towel and washcloth and was shown the shower. We talked a bit, mostly, what happened and what was I going to do. It was obvious that they were concerned for my welfare, but very nervous about my staying at the clubhouse. We later sat down for dinner and again some conversation. The guys were glad to have me there and we did have a few laughs together. As evening neared, their mom brought my clothes for me to change. It was close to time to leave. I really felt a lot better after a shower,clean clothes and most of all, a full stomach. When leaving, I was given another blanket. This was really like a gift of gold, and it really helped during the cold nights over the next week. I wondered that night, how things were at home. Wondered what my sisters and brother and Dick were thinking. That extra blanket really provided for a good night's sleep.
  9. you're sounding like a teenager Pete
  10. It was cold, and I had no idea what to do or where to go. I just started walking,and walking while my thoughts about things at home. Definitely not going back just to get another beating. After a few hours I thought about the club house that a couple of friends I always spent time in, though we only used it in the warm seasons. . The clubhouse was an 8' X 8' shed that was in the back yard of 2 brothers. Their parents let us use it and we did had power for a light and an electric heater plate.There was an army cot where I could at least rest for the night. No heat, but at least there was no cold wind. There was no sleep, but thought about what I'd do the next day. First, I had a paper route that I'd had for about two years. This was Christmas week, and this week would bring the best tips of the year from my customers. The papers had to be delivered and I had to go to school.The Truant Officer in town always checked when kids missed class, unless a parent had called in the absence. Don't want him looking for me. Because this was Christmas week, there would be several holiday vacation days so this shouldn't be a problem. When leaving the building, in the morning, one of the brothers saw me leave. I had to tell him why I slept there. Being my friend, he agreed not to say anything. We went to school. After school it was time to deliver the newspapers and then, find something to eat. Mr and Mrs Thiverge owned a little mom and pop store. We often visited the store and had gotten to know each other pretty well. Mr Thivege was always a fun guy who liked to joke around with us. This would be a good time to stop to pick up a couple of things. Then, back to the clubhouse. One of my friends did sneak a blanket up to me for a little warmth. This was about my normal day until Christmas day. To be continued
  11. I can't argue with that Artie, but you still have to think of your own welfare. I'm not saying you should end your help. Just saying your first priority has to be in your home. I know you're a very giving individual. If you weren't, you wouldn't have driven about 50 miles (one way) two times to help me, someone you had never met, except on TPW forums. BTW, I happen to think you're pretty funny.
  12. It's nice to be helpful Artie, but there comes a time when you have to put yourself first. Let people know you are busy and tell them they will have to wait to get their projects done. If this upsets them, then they are not the friends you thought they were. As for family, well, they can wait too. #1 should be your first priority. You only have one life to live.
  13. Happy 79th birthday Fred
  14. Happy 79th birthday Fred
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