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  1. Have a great celebration B0b. Its your special day.
  2. Thanks Keith. That's a bit closer than I expected. Yes there are more dimensional tolerances to consider with the flush drawers but I'll give it a try. Wish me luck.
  3. I've started on the build for my daughters sewing room cabinet. She wants flush drawers. What is the recommended spacing around the drawers from the face frame? I'm thinking 1/8" but a bit of professional advice is in order.
  4. Guess the price of plywood has really soared. One sheet of 4' X 8' X 3/4" oak ply cost $103.46 including the MA 6 1/4% tax.
  5. Planning to get to work on the cabinet for my daughter. The oak plywood was finally delivered after three weeks of waiting.
  6. Great news John ! Now see your doc and ask him about getting the covid shots.!
  7. My wife and I and my daughter have all had all the Moderna shots. Glad that is done. In case anyone missed it, John said his wife is recovering but his 16 year old son now has tested positive and is showing all the symptoms, and he is experiencing symptoms while waiting for his test results. Wishing for negative results John.
  8. That is one beautiful table Pauley. Great job.
  9. Al B

    Eye test

    Mother nature sure has a way of hiding the obvious.
  10. Glad to hear your wife is coming home today. No question in my mind that being home does a lot for her mentally. Will you have a visiting nurse to help and follow her progress ? Prayers are with you and your wife.
  11. Looks great , and the boat looks pretty good too !
  12. Another happy birthday wish Cal. Wishing you many more.
  13. Our prayers are with you John. Your wife will beat this, but in the meantime stay strong. We know you have your own heath issues so take care of yourself. The fact that she is out of ICU is a good sign.
  14. Today would have been Ralph's 86th birthday. Wishing you a happy new birth in heaven Ralph.
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