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  1. Welcome Andrew, from the New England Chapter of the forums.
  2. That's the bad news. The good news is the number of new cases has dropped significantly. The number of new cases is down to 1.8 %. Hope it stays that way. Unfortunately, my town is an oceanfront town and people are flocking here to the beach. Town requires 6' distancing and masks, but the number of tourists exceed the town population by about 10-1 and they are trashing our beaches something awful.
  3. Al B

    My other hobby

    WHAT? You drove by and didn't stop? HA HA. If you had stopped it might have been a long time before anyone got to the door, and if it wasn't me, the welcoming might not have been what you hoped at 3:00 AM.. The beach has been seeing a lot of people, even though the town has tried to enforce maintaining 6' distancing. I believe the state reservation is now open and the campground has been opened. Traffic in town is a real horror show. Hampton beach hasn't been allowing any traffic on Ocean Blvd. Nice find on that ring.
  4. If you saw one of the maple tops cupping, I think that is reasonable warning to avoid that particular product.
  5. Great job gator. I'm sure the recipient will love it.
  6. I have used a dollar bill as a spacer for the blade guides.
  7. Looks like you did very well !
  8. Welcome aboard Kev. You've found the best of the best here. Great people without egos and everyone is here to help and share their expertise. I've learned a lot here and have made many friends.
  9. The Hitachi was my first SCMS. Great saw. Accurate and smooth operation.
  10. Lost several friends in Korea. I served during the Korean conflict but was never sent to Korea myself.
  11. OK Kevin, We believe what we want. I prefer to believe the scientists and not the politicians when it comes to the causes of death. Admittedly, not all covid related deaths were directly covid deaths, but covid compounds problems in people with preexisting conditions, resulting in death. So, covid was the cause of death in people who would have lived many more years with their preexisting conditions. I'm happy you haven't known anyone who has died from covid. Wish I could say the same. I definitely don't want to get into the politics.
  12. The flu has done worse? The number of people who die from the flue in the USA averages about 90,000 people a year. Covid 19 has killed, as of today, 122,521, people, and the year isn't half over. Based on the rising numbers now, the numbers of daily deaths will rise rapidly very soon. Because states didn't follow a pattern like NY with social distancing and wearing masks, we now will experience many more job losses and many of those jobs will never return.
  13. Doesn't it bother people that of the 456,726 deaths around the world, more than 25% of the deaths are here in the USA ? We are now approaching 121,000 deaths. Earlier I said we would reach 250,000 deaths by the end of the year. I'm now more convinced than ever. If everyone had followed the NY example, we would be looking good today. Now the problem with the economy will continue on because of bad covid decisions.
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