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  1. Nice looking, and original looking be
  2. The recent sub freezing temperatures might be an issue for painting outside. A latex paint should provide what you need Artie . It is available in a variety of sheens from flat to gloss. I'd go to HD to find the color and sheen wanted from their color charts. Have them mix a sample can , " about 1/2 pint " for you. That should be all you'll need. No need to buy more than the sample size.
  3. Al B

    Honored twice

    Congrats to you. Well deserved.
  4. You're right Herb, asbestos was always around us. After my apprenticeship I became a pipe welder and worked hand in hand with the pipe fitters and laggers. I'm now 88. Probably won't reach 94 but hey, whose complaining. Unfortunately I did know a few laggers who developed asbestosis, but at that time few precautions were taken because no one really knew the dangers. After I left the shipyard I worked in a factory where I spent most of my time Mig welding and Tig welding aluminum industrial air handlers. These are units that clean the air, control moisture and temperatures for factories,hospitals supermarkets, cargo ships and smaller units for submarines.
  5. Glad you were able to save it. Lots of extra work.
  6. That might work but I'm afraid it might take the shop with it.
  7. No time for shop time here. Way too many leaves have fallen ! Wish the oaks would stop !
  8. Artie really doesn't give himself enough credit for his woodworking skills. He showed me some of his scroll saw fret work . I wouldn't have the patience to do what he has accomplished. After a close look at his shop, he has demonstrated a lot of skill in the construction of his work benches and storage facilities for all of his ShopSmith attachments. Pull out shelves everywhere. Same for all of his saw blades. No reason why you should be lacking in confidence Artie, you can build whatever you wish to build.
  9. With the winter rearing its ugly head, the weather at Mt. Washington in NH is starting to act up again with blizzard conditions. Today's temperature 1 degree , 74 MPH wind and a wind chill of -34. We haven't seen Stick around here for some time, but I think he would love it there.
  10. I agree with Lew, pine can blotch pretty badly. You might consider a wipe on stain for pine.
  11. Hey Cliff, Now you have a team of three. No volunteers for riders yet.
  12. OK, I really messed up with the photos, so we'll try again. Artie and I got together for the second annual meeting of the New England chapter of " The Patriot Woodworker" without borrowing the company yacht or plane. Artie's taxi service did it all. The event was a huge success. Both of us really had an enjoyable day. Artie's very well organized Shopsmith shop was a pleasure to walk into. Very well thought out. After spending a bit of time chatting in the comfort of his shop we headed out for the annual dinner. Since we forgot the company debit card, Artie took care of the check. We then went back to Arties home and he showed me some of the fruits of his second hobby, scanning the beaches with his metal detector. Might be more profitable than woodworking. I got to meet Arties wife and some of the family before the taxi service took me home.
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