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  1. Al B

    Spice rack

    To me, a dado is a dado. Doesn't matter whether it is with the grain or across the grain. Just a groovy slot in a board.. You taught me something today Artie.
  2. Absolutely beautiful. Great photography !
  3. Here's another happy birthday wish for Tiffany. Congrat's on your graduation.
  4. Al B

    Pauley's birthday

    Sorry about that Paul, Got a few crumbs on my fingers and I don't remember what happened after that.
  5. Just wishing Pauley a happy birthday in New Hampshire. I meant to bring cake and ice cream but it looks like it has disappeared. Hold on a minute, I have to get another napkin. Have a great one Paul.
  6. According to the manual the max resaw capacity is 12", but the distance from the table to the bottom of the upper guide actually measures about 13 1/4". The throat is 13 5/8" according to the manual. The table dimension is 16" X 21 1/2"
  7. First thing will be to cut some 1/2" thick strips from some split birch wood. Hope to make a box using the strips. Then I'll have to head to Highland Hardwoods in Brentwood NH to pick up a bit of wood for BS boxes.
  8. Wonderful ! This is one solid machine. My daughter helped me to get it upright. Getting the mobility casters was definitely a smart decision. Never would have moved it otherwise. I love the design for the ceramic guides. No tools needed to make adjustments. Never had a BS with a table that tilts so easily. Again, no tools needed there. The high and low fence option is another great feature. An insert below the lower guide can be slid in once the blade is on to help direct sawdust to the collection chute. Even the blade insert on the table has levelers to set it flush with the table. The quick release for the blade tension is a real blessing. Laguna thought of everything when they designed this saw. My blades arrived today so I'm hoping to get it running soon. Won't be tomorrow though. Temperature is supposed to feel like below zero and my little wood stove would struggle with those temps.
  9. Here are a few more photos. Assembly is done. Bottom photo is the packaging as I opened it. The next up is after removing the base assembly parts and the styrofoam from the box Then the saw, and finally the saw with the base and the mobility wheels and table attached. The fence has yet to be put together. Once I have the blades, we'll be ready for fine tuning. This is awesome !
  10. Maybe you'll get to finish the project before your retirement.
  11. Like your work bench John.The forever plot plans look great. I call them forever plans because it takes the town forever to approve them here. Takes more time to get the plans approved that it does to build it. Money down the drain.
  12. We had two consecutive days up in the seventies. Never happened before in January. Dropped into the twenties last night and we're in the lower 40's now. Wierd weather !
  13. I was there with you when you were asked if you could make the trophy shelf. You did a great job building it and did it in a short time. Nino looks proud standing there below his medals.
  14. Enjoyed building model airplanes in my earlier years. Never did get into today's remote control models. I enjoy the daily criptoquote and sudoko puzzles in the local newspaper.Gotta keep the brain working.
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