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    A vacation is what you take when you are tired of taking what you have been taking.

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  1. I can remember when parents raised the kids themselves. Am I aging myself ?
  2. Here in MA the governor has ordered all businesses to close except for essential businesses. My neighbor and I had a chat with a distance of about 15 ft between us . He is a cop and is now working a one day 24 hour shift per week.
  3. Must work, women do it all the time.
  4. Al B

    My other hobby

    The wheat backs are getting scarce. Been saving them for probably 10 yr or more and have accumulated about 125 of them. Sellers ask ridiculous prices for them.
  5. Al B

    My other hobby

    Looks like you had a profitable day Artie, along with a bit of jungue. Those old cars may well be worth keeping. Any of those pennies have wheat backs?
  6. Al B

    Getting Nervous

    Just happens that I have several tee shirts that I intended to use for rags. Never got a chance to cut them up.
  7. Al B

    Getting Nervous

    A few weeks go I discovered I needed more dust masks for the shop. Ordered them at Amazon. My expected delivery date is Aug 2-3. Guess I'll have to improvise.
  8. When you do, you should be able to reduce the number of unit by probably 1/3. LED's put out so much more light.
  9. Al B

    Getting Nervous

    In my lifetime we've experienced many critical issues and kept moving forward. Don't expect we'll fail here.
  10. Al B

    Getting Nervous

    I remember when Japan bombed Pearl Harbor. Only 10 at the time, but I remember how people responded, first in shock, then it seemed everyone was enlisting in the service to fight back. Actually the war boosted the economy at that time. This is causing the econony to crash. Most people seem to be coming together today except for a percentage of non believers.
  11. Al B

    Getting Nervous

    At 88, I guess that would put me in the high risk group. Really don't get out to mix with people much anyway. I do miss getting out to eat though. Maybe a ham and cheese sandwich in the shop would suffice. Probably can take a ride to the beach and enjoy the surf. At this time of year we don't see crowds of people there. Since this town thrives on the tourist industry, if this continues into the summer months, it could be disastrous for local merchants.
  12. Al B


    A breakfast like that would be like an anchor on me. Just a bowl of cheerios with a sliced banana with 2% milk suits me fine.
  13. Another happy birthday to you Larry.
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