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  1. Well my milk of human kindness has it’s limits. I told the MIL that I would demo the old shed, and build/install/research the new one. I also said that I would have nothing to do with the emptying of the old shed. Old shed is still pretty full. This probably has at least a 25% chance of not even happening. BUT YES, iff’n it comes to fruition, I will try to do a photo/essay narration on the project, on a par with John, and Jess’s, (no way I can do one as good as Steve’s) so all will know how NOT to build a shed.
  2. I have yet to eat at one, BUT it is a major item (also very doable) on my bucket list. I am fully in line with their values and beliefs.
  3. I do kinda wish that my efforts weren’t quite so humanlike LOL.
  4. I live in a small town in Mass. Small by Mass standards, population 12, 000 (us and NJ are the two most densely populated states in the union) Anywho when I moved out here there was one barber shop (still only the one), so I go there for my haircuts. I’m mostly a buzz cut with a #2 cutter, in and out quickly, good for 3 more months. So the barber shop is named Mel’s, for Mel the barber. His son does most of the cutting now. Mel was on the beach 75 years ago this June 6. Mel wouldn’t talk about his experience, but would talk about his buddies that didn’t make it. Unfortunately for the last couple of years Mel is back Lon the beach, more than he’s in current times. Maybe I’m just out of the loop (highly likely), but it seems there is very little attention being paid to the fact that it was 75 years ago this June 6. On Monday, the low tide is at 11:00, at the beach. I’ve only gone detecting once since September, really want to go Monday. I will no be there, because I refuse to be anywhere other than in our back yard, clapping for those in our Memorial Day Parade. It get’s so little turnout compared to the July 4’th parade. I understand the that a Memorial Day Parade is a MUCH more somber occasion, but if those old vets can get up and march, I will be there, clapping and saluting. Bout 4 years ago there was a heavy rain forecast for the parade so they cancelled it. I guess that having gone through the experiences that qualified them as veterans, they don’t melt in rain. So a group of the vets (youngest mighta ran in his mid 60’s) marched without a police escort, or official blessing. Somehow they survived their ordeal. Think they’re tougher than the crowd that sits and watches. Year before this occurred, a call came in, in the middle of the parade. The two fire engines, and police escort vehicles beat feet. Everyone else just stayed where they were, talking to each other, roads stayed shut down. Bout an hour later the fire engines and cruisers returned, and the parade picked right up where it was. I like the town the Missus and myself wound up in.
  5. John, I will especially want to read your report on the SS lathe.
  6. Sorry John, we covered grounding on the other thread.
  7. To pry off the top cover? Or to mortise a pouring hole?
  8. That or. “Hold my beer, and watch this”
  9. Yeah, I think that’s what DaVinci said after he painted the Mona Lisa, it looks okay.
  10. Not all states go by NEC. Many make changes to it. Massachusetts does, then passes it as law. It becomes Mass state code. 1 ground rod is sufficient, but you must prove 50 ohms or less resistance (I believe it’s 50, wouldn’t swear to that number), if you just install 2 rods, no resistance metering required. I installed two on a service change I did for my Grandfather’s neighbor on Plum Island (relative of Alan Shepard the astronaut). I threw the rod into the sand, it went more than halfway down, I hit it with a 3 pound sledge, and it disappeared into the sand. I had to dig down to find the end and pull it back up. I put two rods in the sand, and when it’s dry out, I wouldn’t trust that ground, but it met code.
  11. Congrats and thank you to your nephew.The plane is simply magnificent.
  12. Larry, they don’t have to go straight in, you can put them in on a pretty steep angle. Having said that, still a job for the helper LOL.
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