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  1. Artie

    TP Dispenser

    I LIKE IT!! Even has a nice flat top to put your drink,ER... magazine/book on. Very nice, did you cut the two sides at the same time? They look remarkably similiar (not all mine do LOL)
  2. Artie

    Noob New Shop Setup

    Hi Batman, welcome to the group. I would give you shop/wood working advice, but I’m still on the receiving end ( the advice is plentiful ,and very useful here). The only bit I would throw into the mix is you mentioned not buying workbenches, absolutely! I built/assembled a very small work shop in the basement of our townhouse, and while I am still doing many things for the first time, I had a BLAST making so much stuff myself for the shop. I dunno if there’s anything I will make in the shop, that will be more fun than making the shop (and yes there were many things that didn’t work out the first 2-3-12 times LOL) Get all the fun you can outta it. Thank you for your service, glad you’re here, Artie
  3. Artie

    A very real picture

    Similiar story, growing up in our neighborhood there were a bunch of families with kids. Us kids played together, fought each other, went to school together, and basically knew each other’s family somewhat. After high school everybody went their own way. Maybe 10-15 years ago I stopped by Ma’s house for a visit on my way home. While I was inside there was a knock on the door, and I answered it. It was Mr. Willet, he was still with us, though his wife had passed. He wanted to know if I had a moment, could I look at his garage lights which weren’t working. So I went over and fixed his lights (bad switch, no big deal). Afterwards we were talking (I’m real good at that, just ask Alb LOL), I asked him about one of the boxes I had seen in the garage. It looked like it was full of military stuff. Turns out Mr Willet was on the beach June 6, 1944. I wish I had the talent to get him to open up about his experiences. He talked about a couple of things and just wasn’t gonna talk about most of his time over there. He did tell me that he was born in Presque Isle Maine, and had never left the state before he went to boot camp. I don’t know what happened to him over there, what he experienced, but that day we talked was the day I knew I was talking to a hero. I realize that Mr. Willet did not change at all that day, but my opinion/perception of him certainly did.
  4. Artie

    Good Clean Fun

    That’s about where the dividing line goes.
  5. Artie

    And today we celebrate...

    Ahh, to be 40 again. Happy Birthday Pat.
  6. Artie

    Visit to Al B

    No worries! I didn’t read it as a reprimand, or poke in the ribs. When I had my boat and fished, and now with my other active hobby being metal detecting, there is/was just a very small percentage of the online participants being the fairer sex. I dare say that when I was researching the scroll sawing side of our hobby there was a large number of women with their own websites, and some very nice plans. I believe the name of one of them is Sheila Landry. I have bought a good number of plans from her, hoping that some day I get some spare time in the shop.
  7. Artie

    Visit to Al B

    I wasn’t trying to be excluding anyone, I just unfortunately haven’t had the pleasure of talking (typing?) with any of the ladies yet. So Hi to all of the ladies here.
  8. Artie

    Good Clean Fun

    Thank God, I’m only in the forgetting faces stage.
  9. Artie

    Visit to Al B

    I could sell it to the Missus, if we also visited Canton. She’s a football fan. I love road trips. I really wanted to make the get together last summer, but life keeps getting in the way. If’n I was in that neck of the woods I would drop by.
  10. Artie

    Visit to Al B

    Yeah, he told me how you helped him with a head gasket issue on his tractor. There is a REALLY good group of gentlemen here.
  11. Artie

    Visit to Al B

    Hi all, wasn’t sure where to post this. Alb graciously invited me to visit him and check out his shop. I visited him this morning, said hi to his wife, and daughter. It was a nice visit, and I loved his shop. My Dad was a quiet soft spoken man (like, where did I come from? LOL), and his highest compliment of another man was “He’s a gentleman” Well, Al is a gentleman. Last time I checked the member map, there was only about 3 in a 100 mile radius of myself. Guess I’m gonna need to schedule the PWWF jet, to expand my visiting forays. It is really nice to put a face onto a name.
  12. Do we know anyone who can scroll a nice name plate, reflecting his new status? LOLOLOL Thanks for your time!
  13. Artie

    A different kind of workbench

    I have seen some of the snowy owls when I go metal detecting at the beach in Salisbury, during the winter. I dunno if Alb has seen them from his house, but a couple of years ago, they could almost have been described as prevalent. I believe Salisbury is where they release the snowy owls they catch at Logan Airport. They are majestic looking.
  14. Artie

    Learning to use a scroll saw

    Okay, bout all I can add to this is I scroll sawed (?) for the first time earlier this year, so I’m probably closest to you in experience, (or more accurately, inexperience). After following your work in other post, this is definitely the grasshopper talking to the master LOL. It was suggested to me to try the “Scrollsaw Workshop” There are many free online classes there, lots of free advice and plans, and quite frankly I don’t think you could stump Steve with any questions. I highly rate the website. I have a lot of fun, but can’t cut a straight line to save my life, never mind a circle. Pinless blades cut much finer than pin blades, at least for me. Good luck Artie
  15. I have seen the Albacore, but not yet gotten out of the car to get up close to it. In 1978 I was going to join the Navy, and go into the submarine service ( the recruiter told me my height of 5 foot 7 made me a prime candidate, and my ASVAB scores were rather good ). Then I learned how the Navy taught non swimmers how to swim. I joined the Air Force. I didn’t think they would take me up in an aircraft, open the black door, throw me out, and say. “FLY!” Cool video John.

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