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  1. Unfortunately we live in a townhouse, all the outside is association area and subject to association rules. Also not sure when it’s gonna be warm enough outside to paint, for a while.
  2. Okay, some changes to me project. After going crazy trying to figure out how to use oil based products both safely (would be done in basement, where both a gas water heater and gas burner, dwell. Plus if SWMBO catches a whiff, I’m in trouble) and effectively. I decided to go with a blue furniture paint bought from Woodcrafts. I will use a General finishes glossy topcoat on it. Both are water based, non flammable, and odorless. Also I needed to go to Lowes today for a piece of wood, so I bought a piece of Poplar, wide enough for the back piece. So the entire shelf, other than the top piece, will be Poplar, with the top piece being Cherry. The Cherry will be clear coated. All the Poplar will be painted. I wasn’t sure if using a 30 X 12X 3/4 back piece of pine, with Poplar glued to it for sides and bottom shelf, might not mix well. Pictures will follow (so as to prove it really happened )
  3. Artie

    Honored twice

    Congrats! Now i can say I know someone famous! Seriously, great job!
  4. I haven’t really cut any small pieces yet, good idea on the sharp cuts, Another suggestion I got, thought it was from you, but you told me it wasn’t from you, was to use red color when printing patterns. I find the red color easier for my eyes to follow. You could (maybe should?) write a book on this. I’d buy a copy (of course I’d want a nice inscription )
  5. Okay, this is where the blushing emoji needs to pop up. Another weekend gone by with no shop time
  6. So I’m gonna try to duplicate the shelf in DanL’s picture. I bought a piece of Cherry for the top shelf, I bought a bunch of birch pegs for Nino to hang his medals on. I was gonna just put 3 coats of General finishes high performance finish on the Cherry and the pegs. In like the blue color in the picture, the blue in the picture will be all Pine. Now the only painting I’ve done is walls and ceilings I’m just used to buying gallon cans of latex from one of the BORGs. What king of paint do I want to consider? I’m looking for a slightly brighter, shinier color than the blue in the picture. Latex? Acrylic? Enamel? Something else? All suggestions/opinions/advice wanted, Thank you
  7. Those are flawless! I have a hard time just cutting a word on a Cross, a very simple Cross.
  8. I just love seeing all the great work here. DanL nice chair, you oughta make a how to video. I’d want a copy.
  9. I’ve got some very nice pine. No knots at all. I ordered a piece of cherry, for the top. I think I’m gonna make my own version of Danl’s shelf. It’s coming together in my head, we’ll see how that plays out it the shop.
  10. I am amazed by the many different projects you do! Also by how beautiful they all come out.
  11. John, I’m still trying to get the stuff I glue together to stay together. I put a torch to it, I’ll most likely burn the place down.
  12. I was thinking that plain pine, just sealed would look a little too much like one of those do it yourself projects, from the inexpensive stores.
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