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The Few, The Proud, The Patriot Woodworker's! Make no bones about it, we aren't many, but we are very proud of our community here!


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  1. Artie

    Good Clean Fun

    I have never used that line before. (Might think about it)
  2. I had someone give me a hint (I thought it was Smallpatch, but he insisted it wasn’t him), to use red ink when printing out a pattern. I did find it easier to follow a red line. If you’re having fun, nuttin else matters.
  3. Artie

    Pet Humor

    Said no dog, ever!
  4. Artie

    Good Clean Fun

    Absolutely my favorite comedy of all time.
  5. It will mean more to them, for sure.
  6. Me Missus has had some issues, I didn’t make it to work the last two days, and I am taking her to a chiropractor on Monday. So today was Friday?
  7. I was just thinking this could also be in the Shopsmith forum Beautiful!
  8. Tough year, but almost no matter what, I’ll be good for $100. If fate smiles on me a wee bit, it could be more. One of our neighbors/friends, who is on the condo board with me had a son born Sept 9, he was born with a severe, rare, neurological disease. Only 200 people in all of the USA have it. Has been in the NICU for about 35 of the 44 days he’s been alive. There was a quick public service piece run on the family’s situation on FOX news tonight, trying to raise funds for them. He is a local police officer. Most of our discretionary, meager savings went to help them.
  9. AL B. You ever see the orange T Rex on Route 1 in Saugus? Was at the Mini Golf place.
  10. Artie

    Let's Vote!

    The Missus and myself voted this morning, no wait, and now no worries about being able to do so on Nov 3.
  11. Artie

    Pine sap

    I’ve seen it once (now).
  12. If the fuse holder had become a loose connection, it would start melting the connection till it got so loose it would blow the fuse. A massive short circuit SHOULD only blow the fuse, where it was all melted makes me think loose connection. Bad battery connections shouldn’t cause the fuse holder to melt. (Can cause fuse to blow by having the the bad, high resistance, connection increase the amperage draw.)
  13. I had to drop out, I pulled a hammie
  14. Artie

    Let's Vote!

    We can vote at town hall Saturday noon to 4 pm, and Sunday 8am to noon.Thinking of taking care of it on Saturday.
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