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The Patriot Woodworker Annual Summer Fundraiser 2022

Winners Announced! Please click on the link above to view the winners drawn.



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  1. I’m not sure how many models they have. I do have a DeWalt 12 inch miter saw.
  2. Thank you for posting this. I do own one, so I’ll have to look further into it to see what action is needed.
  3. I am sorry to hear of your wife’s passing. I wish I had words that could help. You and your wife will be in our thoughts and prayers.
  4. Congrats to the winners, and the participants. Congrats to John for running another fund raiser, thank you to John for running another fund raiser. This forum is my #1 place on the web.
  5. Are you sure you didn’t just party a little too hearty overseas there? Ashamed to admit it took a couple months to recover? That foreign booze has a kick! Glad to hear you’re okay, glad to see you posting again. Us SS owners gotta stick together.
  6. Yup! That’s the one!
  7. Think I have her sister.
  8. Options are always good! Always with this hover stuff, some of us are using iPads, no hovering! Meme, meme, meme! (Hopefully by now you know me well enough to NOT take me seriously)
  9. Yeah I’m on an ipad, no hovering. LOL
  10. Thank you Fred. I think I’m gonna put Poobah after the Grand Master
  11. Well the Missus and me live in a 1140 square foot townhouse. On Thursday (July 21) She tested positive for covid. On the previous Saturday her uncle had died (expected), and they had all met at her Mom’s house (uncle was her brother). 3 people at the house were testing positive for covid in the next 5 days following the meeting. She has had both shots and both boosters. I have had both shots and 1 booster. Me Missus had maybe 3 really bad days, and is now just experiencing a BAD cough. She finally tested negative yesterday. I have tested every other day since I had to leave work on that Thursday. Negative all times. Dunno how I could be in such a small space with her and not catch it. I have been out of work since then, and plan on going back on Tuesday August 2. Not the way I wanted to spend8 days of vacation.
  12. Sometimes ya gotta do what ya gotta do!
  13. CRAP! Now I gotta go look and what I am!
  14. What did you do to/with Boris? (Anyone needing the reference, Google The Who and Boris the spider)
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