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  1. Sometimes I worry, I don’t do enough manly stuff.
  2. Damage actually seems pretty slight, they make it as good as it was, and pay for it all, I’m happy. It’s a 2016 Honda Fit mileage around 158,000. Was sore yesterday, just a bit today. Haven’t even taken an aspirin. The forehead is still sore on the impact area. The steering wheel is fine! LOL. Car was dropped off at the body shop today.
  3. Well apparently we didn’t get any tornados, haven’t heard how Leominster made out with the rain, last night. I’m okay, didn’t even take any aspirin yesterday. Knot on forehead is still sore, but only when I rub it. LOL
  4. They are forecasting for severe storms today, already had a couple of heavy downpours. We are fine where we are. I’m praying Leominster gets spared.
  5. Congrats to all! Now I gotta send John my address. Again! (Read that in a Forrest Gump voice)
  6. Leominster, 2 towns over, had 8 inches of rain over night. Sink holes, streets washed away, a bridge washed out, water in one mall parking lot, moving the cars into a ditch,nad people down side of a dam, being evacuated. Pretty ^%^%^&^ sure that hurricane is not gonna leave us alone! Got rear ended on the way home today, head hit the steering wheel. Went to the emergency room, had a cat scan. No concussion, or bleeding, pretty sure there’s gonna be some aches and pains tomorrow. 7 year old car with 158,000 miles, wondering if they’ll bother repairing it.
  7. Got called in today, DOUBLETIME! Just got home 6:00pm. We STILL have more than 1/2 the town with no power.m I saw crews from Brunswick Canada, and Tennesee. They already called no school for tomorrow, and I’ll be damned surprised if they have school on Tuesday. I could see this going til Friday, cause even after all the power is restored the sidewalks gotta be cleared before the schools can open. Out by us, it was just a storm, some lightning, rain.
  8. “When you come to the end of the perfect day, you know it ain’t over!” Andy Capp
  9. Not like I’m too profound or anything, but I fear/think we are at that point where WWII is no longer a living history, but an academic one. Almost no live veterans left, and their children are reaching their end. I’m 63 and a grandchild of that generation. i have no problem with them getting stuck with that “The Greatest Generation” label.
  10. I’m hoping you are at least getting the feeling that they are going to a good home, where they will be used for a long time. To make room in the basement for my workshop, all my fishing/boating stuff had to go. I gave most of it away to friends who still fish/boat. Last summer my friend Jim told me he caught a small tuna on one of the rod/reels I gave him. That made me happy.
  11. Time to bring public executions back! And then to actually carry through with them!
  12. I think that is the best before and after picture post I have ever seen!
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