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  1. Artie

    Magnets and wood turning

    Those are awesome, not only the woodworking, but the idea of using the magnets. DOUBLE KUDOS.
  2. John, fingers crossed, Prayers said, and thoughts wished, hoping everything goes as well as possible.
  3. Artie

    Good Clean Fun

    I heard this one today. “ I can work well with others, or I can pass a drug test, you can’t have both. “
  4. It’s like a perfect storm of busyness. My son got engaged and they bought a house (which has all sorts of things that need attention), and 5 or 6 friends (who have been there for me, so I gotta be there for them). Right now I’m hoping to be free by the new year. Having said that, the manger wil be done on time, or it’s the Lords’ will for it not to be.
  5. Artie

    Fires and explosions

    They announced they were letting people back into their homes at 7am today. They didn’t say whether they would all have electricity, and gas (I rather doubt it)
  6. Yeah I resemble that remark, LOL, thank you. I think your mind works like mine. i won a gift certificate now I can get the most expensive one! My wife doesn’t let me go food shopping if I’m hungry.
  7. I will take all the advice I can. I’m not sure I have enough time left on this planet to learn all this just by doing it. I’ll take all the shortcuts I can. This is just something fun for me to do, so safety is the major priority for me. I’ve only done one cut without the riving knife, and maybe 3 without the blade guard. I bought a Sharkguard for the SS, and it’s a huge difference in how much sawdust is there without it. The table saw function is the one that I’m most cautious with. (I almost said scared, but that wouldn’t be accurate) I should probably be more cautious with the band saw, router, jointer (which I’ve yet to use), they just don’t seem as dangerous as the table saw to me. I still have a DeWalt 735 Planer I bought, which hasn’t even been plugged in yet. I really REALLY, need my friends to stop asking me for electrical work, and get some time in the shop.
  8. Nothing the belt sander can’t fix Thank you
  9. YES! I have only made one cut with out the roving knife, and blade guard. (They are together on the ShopSmith, I do have just a separate riding knife, but have not used that yet)
  10. Thank you, I am learning by the way I learn best, doing it LOL. I got a Kreg pocket hole jig and am cutting a piece of MDO tomorrow to mount it to (One of the drawbacks to living in a townhouse, not nice to make noise after 8:00pm on a Saturday. Got little kids in the unit on one side, and the unit on the other side is the unit that makes the most complaints to the board on an annual basis. I is on the board ) I will try the cut with the blade set higher, but not higher than the gullets.
  11. And just in case anyone was wondering, all the screws that are visible in the photo’s are NOT pocket holes, I do know that LOL. I used the Kreg jig to make two pocket holes, for two pieces, which aren’t in the pictures yet.
  12. Stick, thank you so much! This is the stuff I got no idea about! I figgered the minimum the blade was above the cut, the safer I was. I will be doing some cutting tomorrow, so I will do that. Thank you again (and I will happily take all the advice you choose to send my way!).
  13. Okay, more pictures. I have the frame/carcass/whatever is the correct WW term done, and have the plans for the rest of the project in my head (so yeah, subject to change LOL). This is a bunch of fun, made my first pocket holes ever, today :).
  14. Artie

    Fires and explosions

    According to my mother-in-law (not always a reliable source), the city of Lawrence reported another explosion today. I wonder how many buildings have been unoccupied (people on vacation, in hospitals/ect) since this started, and may well be full of gas.
  15. Artie

    Fires and explosions

    Al, I gotta think that after this event they will have to check each buildings gas service, before they can restore gas to it. That’s an immense amount of work. Now this is speculation on my part, I’m a sparkie not a plumber, but after this many gas services failing after too much pressure, what else can they do?

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