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  1. Artie

    Angel Flight

    Wouldn’t it be nice if there were no Angel Flights in 2019.
  2. Artie


    The Missus has some stencil templates, 1 inch, that seem like they would work. Gonna try just stenciling the letters on the Cross in pencil, and cutting out the lines, gonna go vertical instead of horizontal.
  3. Artie

    Carving A SW Desert Cane

    Another one who crosses the line from craftsman to artiste.
  4. Artie

    Woodworking projects

    Does this mean there may be a second table in the near future? Just speculating here.
  5. Artie

    Woodworking projects

    Methinks someone is too modest.
  6. Artie


    Did battle with snow and ice (call it a draw). I cut out 8 Crosses from the cherry i had, and cut out three test dummies from poplar (that’s kinda misleading, I did the 3 test dummies first, of course ). They might be keepers too. The lap joints came out very well (in my judgement, having never made any before, whadda I know?). One was a wee bit loose, but just barely. I cut them with a dado blade. (In my my mind I’m screaming Yay! I cut my first dado, and lap joint!!!) They are glued up, and should be ready for whatever I decide to do with them tomorrow. I’m thinking of rounding the corners, maybe coving the edges, and I’m wanting to scroll. “FAITH “ across the horizontal piece. This leads me to todays question, for the scrollers, Per what I read on Steve Goods site, I put on blue painters tape, spray adhesive on it, stick on the pattern, and cover with packing tape (for lubrication I read). If I stencil FAITH on the wood, can I just cut it from that? Or do I need the lubrication? Forgot to mention that yesterday when making the holders for the miter sled I ripped down some pieces of scrap (mistakes from the raised panel stiles and rails). So the scrap was 1 1/4 getting ripped to 3/4. I remembered that I had bought some Grr-rippers, they were on sale for a 2 pack. They worked awesomely, especially for that situation. Me Likey.
  7. Artie

    Woodworking projects

    Hat, they don’t provide me with an adequate emoji to express how beautiful your work is. You are setting the bar awfully high for this newbie. (Course you are giving me something great to shoot for).
  8. Artie

    Woodworking projects

    I am still in the trying to figure out which end of the bit goes in the router stage. I’m kinda leaning to doing projects that involve some part of the craft that I haven’t done yet. (Which is most LOL)
  9. Artie


    Yeah I’m funny like that, some mistakes I see as honest mistakes, I can live with them, laugh about them. Others make me feel so $%&*^%$ stupid I look at my wrists to see if IN and OUT are tattooed there to remind me to breathe. When I had the boat there was a day or two on the water where I just went back to the dock, tied up and went home. I’m sure there’s gonna be some days in the future where I’m just gonna go upstairs and turn on the idiot box. So far, all good, all fun.
  10. Artie


    About the only real positive of townhouse living is that I only have to clean off two cars, shovel off 5 front steps and maybe a 4 foot by 5 foot walkway, and a rear deck of 4 feet by 6 feet and 4 steps. The negative of this is when the plow gets in the parking lot, and beeps his horn, you need to be ready to move your vehicles. So good night to all, be safe everyone.
  11. Artie


    If making mistakes is real woodworking, then I’m the realest LOL. I like how you think GrandpaDave, The cutting off the wrong side of the shelves is the one that b%$##@@$%^ me off. That was bad (or truthfully, no) thinking. The cabinet door oopsie was me trying to go too fast, I know I can control that, but bad thinking, ????
  12. Artie


    If I start putting smiley faces on my mistakes, I’m gonna need a WHOLE bunch of smiley faces But I like your idea, I just may have to do that.
  13. Artie


    I’m jealous, though I see you are set up for a lot more than just woodworking (PVC/HVAC fittings) The shop is a work in progress (a lot of progress today, not so much, other days). That does look like a really nice set-up
  14. Artie


    Yeah, that’s why I wanted to relocate them somewhere I can access them without a ladder. I had actually forgotten I owned the system. I also have to mount the slide onto the circular saw on the next shop day shopday. Yeah, but fun. I dunno bout the rest of the WWers here, but I enjoy working on the shop as much as in the shop. When I had a boat, it was in a slip for the season, and I enjoyed being on it, cleaning it, as much as fishing on it. The elder I get, the easier it is to amuse meself.
  15. Artie


    Hi All! I figgered instead of piggy-backing on my raised door thread I would start a new one for the Crosses. I have MLK Day off, so it’s a 3 day weekend. With the impending swirling vortex of doom forecast for tomorrow I got all my honey do list items done today. So when I did finally get down to the shop today, I had to clean and organize it. It was a mess LOLOL. I had started installing/assembling the Incra Miter Sled I bought with the Shopsmith, I finished that today, and had to figure out how to store it. I made some brackets that went on the inside of cabinet doors. Course I got too rambunctious with the impact driver and put a screw through the door , and I had to remove the two shelves and cut them back an inch so the miter sled would fit. Of course being the smart guy I am, thinking a step or two ahead, I took the inch off on the side that had the finished edge on it now leaving me with 4 bare wood (or substitute) edges. I also had bought a True Trac system when I bought the SS. The tracks had been being stored on top of some of the cabinets. Drove me crazy, didn’t like them up there, needed a ladder/stool to get to them, was keeping me up nights LOL. So I figured out that there was a 4 inch spec under the cabinets. The doors extended down 4 inches from the inside of the cabinet. I put up a shelf that would hold the trac system, and give me easy-peasy access. On my next shop day for the shop, I have an ibox to unbox and set-up, a hingecrafter to unbox and look at, and an Incra LS-TS fence positioned to unbox/set-up, figure out, and find a place to store it. Tomorrow all Crosses all day, until they’re cut/glued/assembled or I run out of day (plus the requisite snow removal as needed). On a serious note, I hope everyone stays safe during this storm.

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