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  1. Al, I owe you an apology. After I read CZ I didn’t look any further. Went back and checked all the engraving, saw the 925, so it’s silver.
  2. Did you have fun? All that matters.
  3. Al it says Tacori, China and CZ. It’s very light, probably tin with cubic zirconium. The earring has no engraving. Neither rang up on the detector like silver or gold
  4. Came back from Ogunquit beach Maine this morning with a first, found a Sacajawea dollar coin. Had 2 quarters, 3 dimes and 9 pennies, plus a ring, and an earring. Neither piece of jewelry was gold/silver, Fun was had, was on the beach at 4:30 am, watched a spectacular sunrise. Funny how fishing and detecting on the beach are the only two activities I don’t mind getting up early for.
  5. I keep trying to explain to him that’s NOT a voltage tester. It will NOT tell you what the voltage is. However if the circuit is live it IS a very effective circuit tracer. Plug it in, find the tripped breaker (assuming a fire wasn’t started )
  6. Phyl might not mind the burn marks if they happened to be arranged in an artistic manner.
  7. I know’d there was a reason I liked you!
  8. Hi Aaron, and welcome. I be a newcomer to woodworking, so ya don’t want to be asking no questions on that stuff. I’m an electrician so questions on that I do pretty good at LOL.
  9. Artie

    64 th anniversary

    Congratulations to you two! We are 46 years behind you. Hope you have a great dinner
  10. Artie


    Artiste! Artiste!
  11. I wish this was a subject I am knowledgeable on, but no. Seems like you don’t get to lead a boring life.
  12. Artie

    Welcome sign

    2 years ago, I would not have realized just HOW much work that is. Beautiful!
  13. Looks like it’s gonna be a great place to have some cold ones, when you are finished.
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