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  1. That’s cause they’re SNOOPERVISORS!
  2. I’ll have to take your word for it, all my experiences came after 1960 LOL.
  3. Artie

    Mud Slingers

    I’d be brought up on charges of false advertising.
  4. Artie

    Mud Slingers

    I do think I have that same loincloth.
  5. I don’t know anyone who started out at anything and didn’t have a learning curve. Pretty sure this conversation takes place in any and all of the trades, but when some of us sparkies get together and start talking bout when we wuz learning the trade, kinda amazin we’re still alive.
  6. The colors make it look like antiqueish to me.
  7. Artie

    Mud Slingers

    Good thing they’re not electricians. You have any idea on how hard it is to throw electricity up one level?
  8. Happy Birthday!
  9. Artie

    Good Clean Fun

    I’m now feeling a wee bit smarter.
  10. This post makes me think your Missus doesn’t read this forum on a regular basis LOL.
  11. It would appear that one could make a living over there if one can perform auto body work, or install car cameras.
  12. That is a whole lot of time and effort, and with a beautiful result.
  13. My very deep philosophy on life is “Happy Wife, Happy Life” We’ve only been married for 16 years, but that philosophy has worked for me so far. Some times I do throw one too many ‘Yes Dear” into the conversation (She really doesn’t like that LOL).
  14. If getting out of bed counts, I do over 200 every day
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