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  1. Everybody who doesn’t go detecting thinks the hobby is just about finding valuable stuff (and we certainly like it when we do!), but so much history Ive learned through detecting.
  2. +1 on the electrical tape. Probably due to always having a supply of it since I got out of the voke school in 78. Generally don’t put anything under it, does make it self known when arriving home (or medical facility depending on seriousness of wound), and removing of tape. My left hand has hated my right hand since Ive been 16. Right hand is usually in possession of weapon, and left hand is usually the victim.
  3. That kinda sums up life, iff’n I ever get to making some signs on the scroll saw, I may have to borrow that one.
  4. If the unit is 50 years old (younger than me LOL), and all metal I would have thought the original cord had a ground. I was of the opinion that appliances had to be double insulated (whatever that term means specifically ??), to not require a ground. One thing that has crossed my mind, when you install the grounded cord, will it be plugged into a GFI receptacle?
  5. Yeah, I wanted to see all the worlds wrongs righted. Now I want to go home after work, see the Missus, have dinner, and NOT worry about anything. I used to try to take care of all my family, and friends issues. Now its the Missus, our son, and some days the circle stops there. There is a reason the tee shirt says grumpy old geezer on it, and not grumpy young know-it-all
  6. Scaring the bejeebers outta me! I have only used a joiner once, just to test the Shopsmith one was set up right. I flattened a piece of 2x4. In my lack of experience I always thought of a joiner as relatively safe. I think of the scroll saw and bandsaw the same way. I may have to concentrate on my metal detecting as a future hobby. Other than people, biggest danger in beach detecting is toeing through a pile of scooped up sand, and running foot into a needle. Haven’t run across one yet, but they are making the papers. Other danger is stepping on crab when detecting in the water, this actually happened to me, hurt like the dickens, ended up worse for the crab. I am hoping you make a 100 % recovery!
  7. Sometimes you can get paid for showing up and hauling the clothesline, er I mean treadmill away.
  8. 14 or 16 gauge will work for a 4.5 amp load. If the original cord had a ground wire ( a 3 wire cord) that is what I would use to replace existing, if existing (and if it was bought by you originally) is a 2 wire cord, that is what I would use for a replacement. I like to stick with factory/UL standards. If it is a tossup on wire gauge, 14 is better than 16.
  9. I bet it wouldn’t be that simple sounding for me LOL.
  10. I shall call this ornament The Swan! It started out as an ugly duckling, but through an artiste’s touch it is now beautiful.
  11. Way cool, and even though I’m probably not ever gonna attempt one, I would be interested in how you managed to make this. It looks very difficult (as well as way cool).
  12. My wife said he was spot on.
  13. Kinda red faced here, not really much of a motor electrician. I can order a replacement motor, and replace it, but not up on what controls work on single phase motors. I gotta think online info should be plentiful. I’m pretty inexperienced on VFDs also
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