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  1. “All people bring joy! Some by their arrival, others by their departure”. One of my favorite Mark Twain sayings.
  2. And also repostable LOL.
  3. Instead of thinking about it as like a monster, think about it as a hobby for your second 100 years. (after you get bit by a vampire ). There’s gotta be an unlimited amount of designs for you to dabble in. Those look great. “ Ron’s ‘Rings ”
  4. Good to see another Shopsmith’er here. Please keep us posted as I’m hoping to try turning for the very first time soon.
  5. That’s for the box with 2 switches and a duplex receptacle on the other side of the room.
  6. I’ve been known to beat my chest .
  7. Residential electricians have low opinions on the plastering trades. I knowI do.
  8. I’ve always referred to chipmunks as rats with better PR.
  9. I know he will get something (probably a LOT of something) from this. I rather suspect you will too.
  10. From a time standard on contract jobs, no one is gonna take the time to tin wires. Solid to solid, and stranded to stranded are pretty easy, solid and stranded together can be difficult. Difficult in getting the splice tight and the wires to stay in the wirenut without being able to be pulled out. The code (NEC) is sometimes not very specific, splices must be mechanically secure(?). Some wirenuts get crimped on, some had a screw in the side of the wirenut, after you made the splice, you tightened up the screw and then screwed a plastic cover over it. My preference is the screw-on type. Easy to
  11. I have never experienced a Wago nut failure. It looks to me like they are a much better design than the back stabbed receptacles. I have a hard time understanding how UL can still list the receptacles.
  12. I believe that both will have UL listings on their containers specifying what size wires they are rated for, what number of combinations (stranded/solid). The Wago Wall Nuts are onetime use, you are not supposed to twist a wire out and add another. Twist on wire nuts can be used (twisted) multiple times.
  13. There are a couple of different plastic (proper terminology-non metallic) conduits/raceways. The only one I have worked with is PVC. Easy to use but if you think wood moves depending on the weather, run some PVC outside, up here in New England without the expansion couplings. With at least a 100 degree fluctuation between the coldest winter night, and the hottest summer day the force of the expansion can tear electrical boxes from the structure they were mounted to. In winter it will pull the PVC out of the boxes/couplings leaving exposed wiring. The new corrugated nonmetallic tubing I have no
  14. Okay still too lazy to get out the NEC, but I did get a roll of the stranded I used in my basement. It’s insulation rating is 4 different ratings on the same insulation. Photo to follow
  15. Once, when troubleshooting a circuit that had stopped working, I found a squirrel in the attic with the Romex (shorted out and melted) in it’s mouth. Think I had barbecued chicken for lunch that day .
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