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  1. They’re beautiful. Hope you enough wood to ride out this situation. From what I’m seeing, our parts are about to start seeing large increases in the next couple of weeks. Stay safe.
  2. You’re not late, you are posting a measured, well thought out, intelligent response. (What can I say, I was a spin doctor in a previous life LOL)
  3. Artie

    Getting Nervous

    Our governor just announced that schools will be closed through April.
  4. Glad I’m on your good side! (I am on your good side, right?)
  5. You ARE a jerk, but you’re my kind of jerk LOLOL.
  6. Artie

    My other hobby

    One of them is a 1946.
  7. So with some crappy weather forecast for the upcoming days, I went to a friends house today with my detector. He stayed indoors, I met with no-one. The charm/pendant is Sterling silver, the other rectangular piece is a key fob from a moving company. $1.41 in coins.
  8. Did the taxes and the census last week. Already got the refund from the state.
  9. I’m not trying to cause trouble, or make any magazine look less than stellar. I thoroughly enjoy that magazine. I also didn’t set out to look for flaws. BUT after reading a lot of posts from the turners here, I think I am at least a little bit more book smart on turning than I was. I have posted before about asking for acceptable levels of safety for turning, because I do have som,e interest in trying to, and want to be safe when I do. When I saw that cover, something in my head clicked and the little voice in my head (okay, one of the little voices in my head lol), was saying, hey that don’t look right. So I hope I haven’t PO’ed one of our sponsors/future sponsors, Thanks for chiming in, everyone.
  10. Long sleeves to the wrist?
  11. Artie

    Getting Nervous

    John, mucho thanks. We’re fine, just worried for me Missus, she doesn’t have a really strong immune system I was thinking of calling up ESPN and offering to let them put some of their cameras in my friends house, televise our cribbage games. With our trash talking it would be both sports and comedy. I’m in for helping on the fundraising front if we have any needs here. Obviously this is very early in whatever we have in front of us, so many here may have their circumstances change. Any craziness on the west coast?
  12. I was figgering that would happen. The cover just struck me as wrong. Waiting for the turners to pipe in.
  13. Gonna change direction here, John feel free to move it. I got the recent April issue of Woodcraft magazine, and on the cover is a man at a lathe, turning. He’s wearing regular glasses, maybe readers. No mask, shield, face protection, and is wearing long sleeves, down to the wrist. Having NEVER turned before, but having done a little reading about it, this doesn’t seem right. Their version of an April fools day? I gotta think this isn’t the image they would want on their cover. Thoughts?
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