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  1. Artie

    My other hobby

    Yeah, we went in the basement for maybe 20 minutes and the National Weather Service called off the warning. Now it’s high winds and hoping for no power loss during the night.
  2. Had a discussion today with a person involved with the administration of the vocational school, in the town I work for. The (very strong and powerful) teachers union is advocating no in classes school for at least the first quarter. All online classes. How do you teach vocational school classes online? Cause I wanna see how one solders a joint online, makes a splice, OR to tie in with the company I keep here, how do you make a dovetail joint online?
  3. Artie

    My other hobby

    Yeah we actually received a warning on both cell phones to immediately take shelter in the basement. That was a first for me. I was in the shower, all soaped up, and me Missus rushes in and tells me to hurry and get in the basement, she’s gonna grab the cat and go straight there. I quickly (well as quick as one can) rinsed off and clothed myself, grabbed some slippers and headed down to the shop, er Basement. So while down there I started thinking of how and where, i was gonna keep the new additions to the shop.
  4. Artie

    My other hobby

    Al and myself will send you an invitation to the 2021 Patriot Woodworker New England Chapter winter luncheon.
  5. Steve’s pics will be the after pics, my pics will be the before pics.
  6. Artie

    My other hobby

    D’OH! I forgot the pictures!
  7. Artie

    My other hobby

    So 2 1/2 hours of sand fishing and the finds are 2-quarters, 2-dimes, 2-pennies, and 1-nickel, 1-S925 toe ring, and 1-S925 ALE (Pandora) infinity ring. .77$ and 2 silver rings, plus the indescribable joy of being on the beach, and watching the sun climb over the horizon. Happy I am!
  8. Artie

    My other hobby

    They have reported that a woman swimming off of Bailey Island (We love to vacation there) was attacked and killed by a shark last week. Apparently this is the first documented shark fatality EVER in Maine. People just gotta stop looking like seals when they’re swimming
  9. Artie

    My other hobby

    Sniff, sniff, please don’t yell at me LOL I’m of Irish descent, yelling at us usually makes us go in the opposite direction (I kinda suspect you’re wired like that, too). I just spent a whole lot more time on the couch eating Klondike bars, than usual. Two to three hours of walking the beach, swinging the detector, will help with the after effects of too many Klondike bars Dunno exactly what flipped the switch, but I have gotten back to hoping I can retire soon, and disappear down to the shop. Finding out how fortunate I was in the raffle today has certainly gotten me thinking of what I need to do to try turning. Those inside out Christmas ornaments displayed here, have always made me wish I could make them. PS you spelled BLOODY wrong LOLOL.
  10. Artie

    My other hobby

    So the alarm is set for 3:00 am, and if I can get ANY sleep tonight, I’ll be passing by Al’s house around 4:15 am. Low tide is 5:20, it’s been hot out lately, and time to prospect at the beach again. Also not a bad idea to make a visit before the hurricane may make an appearance, so I can see if there is any sand movement due to the storm. Hopefully an excited post tomorrow morning .
  11. Artie

    My other hobby

    Steve, quite frankly this Covid pandemic has put me in a funk. Have not had any interest in going down to the shop at all. Now some of this happens every summer, cause I like to be outside, but I was in a deep funk for a while. I did clean up all the clutter that had somehow mysteriously appeared in the shop last weekend, and am now starting to leave the funk behind. I have several projects half done, and need to complete them before thinking about others that I have already planned in my head. Please don’t read more into this post than it says, I’m okay just kinda had an induced lethargy that wasn’t usual for me, but then again I did just turn 60, and couldn’t have a party
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