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  1. Artie

    Coffee and Honey

    Read the heading and thought we wuz gonna be talking about some dogs, or cats LOL. My last coffee was 36 years ago. I am (or at least was) allergic to the stuff. I curled up in a ball, vomited (rather profusely if memory serves), and shook. If an OJ doesn’t get me started in the morning, I’m toast. Now tea, soda, beer, wine, juices, water, are all fine (I love the drinks at Chinese restaurants, oh my).
  2. Artie

    My Other Hobby.

    I will talk to him about it. The last time I saw it I believe he had duplicated the Boston to Springfield layout.
  3. Artie

    My Other Hobby.

    If only the USA would follow Canada’s lead, and remove the one dollar bills from circulation, and replace them with $1 and $2 coins. Then I could really find some money
  4. Artie

    My Other Hobby.

  5. Artie

    My Other Hobby.

    Today’s report from the beach! Yesterday I was looking for buried treasure, but mostly found buried trash. I found plenty of trash today, pull tabs, foil, bottle caps, but was more successful with the treasure part. 1-stainless steel ring, 1 silver ring (seems to be a child’s, it is smaller in diameter than a dime, but it does have a 925 marked on the inside of the ring, so that’s silver), 1 costume jewelry earring, and a pair of sunglasses. The sunglasses were found in the wet sand so they were deposited in the barrel with the rest of the trash. I also found $2.78 in change. By the looks of some of the quarters they had been there for a while. The zinc pennies (we refer to them as Zincolns) don’t do real well in salt water. It eats them up fast. So having been here long enough to know the secret hand shake, and the mantra “ If there are no pictures, it didn’t happen” pictures will follow.
  6. Artie

    My Other Hobby.

    Was that fresh water? Saltwater? Both? Looking for treasure? Lobsters? Just mucking about? I dunno how to swim so that’s a very foreign world to me. Under the water is where all the really big treasures are, but methinks they will forever be out of bounds to me.
  7. Artie

    My Other Hobby.

    A friend of mine does that, I think he has 570 feet of track in the basement. Any chance/plans for getting back on track (sometimes I just crack myself up ) in the future? I would like to see your set up when you get it back up and running.
  8. Artie

    My Other Hobby.

    After what was left of hurricane Sandy hit us, the sand that had previously covered up the gun mounts on the beach, where exposed for the first time in about 30 years. I usually detect there when I’m at Salisbury. I like finding the shells from the 50 cal rounds. I have a 5 gallon bucket with the bottom 5 inches full of them. Also found a buffalo nickel 1936, there and one of the silver Claddaugh rings there.
  9. Artie

    My Other Hobby.

    I told this tale to a friend who works for the library, in the town I work for. He said he was reading a book on philosophy. The quote he gave me was “A coincidence is Gods way of staying anonymous ” I liked it.
  10. Artie

    My Other Hobby.

    This is the short version of the story (I can picture my wife rolling her eyes at me saying I was gonna tell a short story LOL). 3 years ago, on June 6, I was at Hampton beach NH, detecting. I saw about 24 other guys there detecting, it was a Saturday. I see a guy older than me, with a women younger than me, detecting. They are using antique metal detectors, from the early 70’s. I know they are not gonna find anything in the wet sand, the technology wasn’t available back then. The guy comes over to me to say hi. I take off the headphones, and we talk. Turns out he used to live about 600 feet from I currently live. As we talk the woman comes over to say hi, she is his daughter. Her son lost a charm on Mother’s Day, at the beach. It was Jesus, with a crown of thorns. She shows me a picture of it, from her phone. It doesn’t ring any bells, but I give her my e-mail address and tell her to send me an e-mail when she gets home, I’ll check my tin, where I keep these things. I ask her where the charm was lost, she shows me the area they were in, I concentrate on that area. I don’t find any charm, but do find a Mercury head dime (SILVER!) with a 1944 date on it, did I mention this was on June 6 ? D DAY! So I go home and search my finds and find the charm! She had sent me an e-mail so I took a picture, of the charm and e-mailed her back, asking how to return it to her. I sent my phone number in the e-mail. Within ten minutes she calls me, and she’s sobbing uncontrollably. This charm was the last thing her Mother had given to her grandson (her son), before she passed away on Easter Day. They had my wife and I over to their house for a cookout, and took pictures of me giving Nathan back his charm. I have never taken any drug that induces this beautiful a feeling. In the picture of the 3 gold rings, I am keeping the two wedding bands, because I hope to return them. One is a distinctive design, and the other has a beautiful inscription. Once a year I post on facebook , and have placed notices in the local papers, in the lost and found sections. Any jewelry that is not returnable due to no way of verifying ownership, goes to the Missus to see if it fits her, if it does and she likes it, end of story (this also makes it very easy to get permission to go detecting LOLOLOL). If no fit, I sometimes sell them, put new tires on the car once. I looked up the 10K white gold wedding band online, new it sells for $1100 to $1200. What I would get from selling it, is a percentage of the gold value in the ring. NO WHERE NEAR $1100 ! If we were talking about a grand or two for a ring I might have a moral quandary on my hands, but for the couple of hundred I get, I feel much better after returning them, than selling them. This is being written after returning from the beach this morning. I was searching for buried treasure, but I mostly found buried trash LOL. I got a dime, a penny, a lobster trap knuckle, and what my wife identified as a Lotus flower charm. The charm is other than gold or silver. Lots of pull tabs, and aluminum trash, part of a lobster trap. I had a great time and am going to a different beach tomorrow
  11. Artie

    My Other Hobby.

    First picture left to right 10k gold ring, 10k white gold ring, 14k ring. Second picture 2 women’s watches, they look like gold, but alas.....NO. Third picture left two rings tungsten carbide, right two rings stainless steel. Bottom picture is all silver. I love being on the beach, and the sights sren’t Too bad either.
  12. Artie

    My Other Hobby.

    I seem to recall reading somewhere here, if there are no pictures, it didn’t happen. So with your indulgence here are some peek-a-tures.
  13. Artie

    My Other Hobby.

    So we got our little heat wave going on up here in the northeast corner of our country. I have the next 6 days off. People have been going to the beaches, and because of the heat going in the cold water. I will be at beaches the next 3 mornings trying to break my 4 year dry spell on finding gold with my detector So fishing and golf come to mind, what other hobbies do the sawdust creators here like to do?
  14. Artie

    There Are Only Two Types of People

    There are 4 rods to a chain, and 10 chains to a furlong. (Unless I mixed up the the ratios while getting back here from Wikipedia)
  15. Artie

    There Are Only Two Types of People

    Doesn’t that depend on the size of the links? LOLOLOLOL

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