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  1. Very interesting Eddy, feel free to post it in our classified section with some images!
  2. Good Monday Morning! Good Monday morning Patriot Woodworkers! What did you get done over the weekend, and what have you planned for the week ahead! Inquiring minds want to know. Please tell us what's happening in your shops, your life, and any events going on with you. Thank you for being here folks! My mind is always spinning with new ideas to have fun in the shop, lately I have been infatuated with the old American Longrifles, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, Virginia, etc etc. I would love to build one, or many. Just for fun we ordered a plan for a Virginia Longrifle from Track of the Wolf and my son and I are anxious to do something with it, but for now we'll just watch YouTube videos of other people building and firing these majestic firearms of the past. I still have a ton of Honey Do's around the house to complete before I can get back on any extra curricular work. First on the list is our fence needs re-building! Image below, my son excited to get his hands on these full scale Virginia Longrifle plans, so was I! This rifle is to be built as a .50 cal. We got our plans here: Track of the Wolf - Muzzle Loading & Black Powder Guns Kits, Parts, Accoutrements, Rendezvous Gear & Primitive Americana WWW.TRACKOFTHEWOLF.COM Muzzle Loading & Black Powder Guns Kits, Parts, Accoutrements, Rendezvous Gear & Primitive Americana. Community news As you all know we are celebrating our 10 years anniversary this month, thank you all for making this community what it has become today! To participate in the 10th Birthday topic click on the preceding link. We have been contacted by a veteran in need of a hand up, if you'd like to participate in this project please read on at: As you all know, we have an informational wiki that is always on the move and being added to frequently. Help us build our wiki by editing the Glossaries section of the wiki. Click on any Glossary and edit, you don't need to be logged-in to edit the Glossary section of our wiki. Don't be afraid to make mistakes, we can revert back to any stage before the mistake was made, it's that easy. We are also working on a new section of our wiki for Green Woodworking. New Members Please welcome to our community, @bobmann, @edlew10, @Bruce, @Ron Sandstrom, @dgraham1995, @Purpleheartguy @Scott Angel, please click on their names and leave a message of welcome on their profile page. And to our new members, welcome to your new community folks! Featured Topic Our Featured topic by @Kevin Beitz, has also been added to "Our Picks", this is a page for content that has stood out and been chosen for a special place in our community, and for a limited time showing on our Home Page for the world to see. Featured Link Our featured links are website links added by staff and members, add your favorite links today at "Links Directory" Featured download Featured Image Culture: Haida Old Massett, Haida Gwaii, BC Yellow and red cedar ca 1870 MOA purchase, 1960 (H.R. MacMillan Funds) A7103 a-b Great bentwood chests were considered heirlooms, treasured within families and often passed down through the generations. This unique chest, with its projecting bear snout and paws, was collected in the 1870s by the Reverend W.H. Collison while he was a missionary at Old Massett. Photo: Don Hitchcock 2012 Text: Display, Museum of Anthropology, University of British Columbia This diagram shows what is necessary to get a tight fit, with no gaps. Notice that the profile of one side of the channel is curved, while the other is straight. Thus when the board is bent, the thin wood bends in an arc, which is supported by the corresponding arc on one side of the channel, leaving little or no gap to be filled with pitch or filler of some kind. This method will give a solid and long lasting, hard wearing corner. Source: Don's Maps
  3. Folks, thanks for the interest in helping us with this project, it's greatly appreciated. Stand by, I'll be taking all of you up on your generous offers.
  4. Welcome to our community Jerry!

  5. Jerry, so glad you are here my friend, welcome to The Patriot Woodworker, and welcome to your new home No egos are attitudes here, so feel free to open about anything, we are here for ya.
  6. I miss Keedy, I still visit his Facebook page now and then and leave a "miss ya" comment around his birthday time.
  7. Man I just don't see it. So exactly how does this 'thread chaser' thing a ma jig work? I've seen hand held thread chasers before and typically they are only one thread cutter or two, or three, not the multiple threads you see in this example, that would be very hard to plow through specially with those very short handles, hardly any leverage at all. Now threading machines for threading pipe have rows of threads to cut and clean as it goes, but hand held thread chasers to re-groove threads, typically one cutter or just a few. Just think about it, with the tool you see above, you'd have to clamp the tool down on all threads at once, and with damaged threads, how lucky are you going to be to hit all the threads correctly?
  8. Dear folks, is there anyone here who is masterful at making walking canes? We have a disabled veteran who has contacted us, and needs a hand up. Our community is willing to pay you for your work. We will be gifting this walking assistant to our veteran. No disrespect is intended to our folks here, but I would like only a woodworker who builds canes and is masterful at your work, we can't risk a "one off" product with mistakes or a bad design style. Our disabled veterans deserve only the best. Please drop me a line here if you are interested in helping us with this project. We'll be asking for images of your prior work in canes, thank you! Request from our veteran
  9. Brought up from the archives, wonderful back n forth by the members on this one, great job guys!
  10. That was an interesting read Dan, thanks for that! I'd also like to submit a different spin on this virus, everything seems to be measured by negative rates, mortality etc. Lets take a look at positive rates! The negative Covid19 Death Rate, Source: World o Meter The positive, by my math Covid19 Survival Rate 80+ years old 85.2% will survive 70-79 years old 92% will survive 60-69 years old 96.4% will survive 50-59 years old 98.7% will survive 40-49 years old 99.6% will survive 30-39 years old 99.8% will survive 20-29 years old 99.8% will survive 10-19 years old 99.8% will survive For those who have passed on and their families, this means nothing, my heart goes out to them. To my friends in the 80 plus year old range, folks like my own dad, please stay in, be safe, be careful of those who enter your space, though those odds in your age group look ok, they are still not the best. I take groceries and supplies up to my dad's place in the mountains, and drop off the groceries, say hi, love ya, keeping a distance between us, we visit for a tad, and I leave. Coming from the valley where the mob of people live, I could be bringing something up to Dad's country place, I am very paranoid of that.
  11. Bundoman, I just love this, and it got even better with the images of your kids working on the saw, what a cool thing! Thank you for sharing this journey with us.
  12. Welcome to The Patriot Woodworker Ed!

  13. "What's It" Basic Rules Reminder For a full run down on this project and rules please go to: "The Patriot Woodworker and MWTCA "What's It" project" Only Patriot Woodworker Members are eligible to participate and receive the award. The MWTCA only accepts a verified source to support your answer, so one should be submitted with your answer, such as a patent, catalog entry, tool book reference, or a respectable website on the subject. Do not let these requirements prevent you from having fun and submitting educated answers on the subject without verification, we can worry about references later. All answers are welcome, as well as healthy debates regarding "What's It". If a verified and referenced answer is not arrived at by the end of each month's "What's It" project, a random draw will be performed for a "One Year MWTCA Club Membership". Only Patriot Woodworker's who participate in this "What's It" topic will be included in the random draw. Additional What's It Rules Unless you are completely sure what this item is, please avoid "definitive statements" that appear that you are without a doubt claiming that you know what the item is. For example stating, "this item is called a "widget xx" used for "insert purpose here". If you are making a definitive statement you must accompany your statement with evidence or proof from a secondary source. An example of acceptable statements within the realm of having fun and educated guesses would be something like this, "I believe it could be", or "It appears it's made for this or that", etc etc etc... Ok ladies and gentlemen, we now have our "What's it" live and ready! The image(s) below is a MWTCA "What's It" image for you to research, and tell us all here in this topic post, just what the heck is it! Project Details The information provided hereon is all the information that is provided, no further information on this item will be added.
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