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  1. KC and Buffalo playing tonight. Looking at all those folks in the stands, and players on the sidelines rubbing elbows, and I'm thinking, I still can't sit out front of my favorite diner socially distanced and masked up and enjoy a meal, nor can I worship at my church, socially distanced and all kinds of precautions, I think the hypocrisy just makes many of us shake our heads and say, "WHATEVER!". Ho hum, I guess if you make a few mil then the guidelines don't apply. Hey, good for them! More power to em!
  2. Good thing you didn't rejoin on your own dime for 2021 Al!
  3. Introduction This topic is the official Winners Board for our MWTCA What's It Project. Here you will find the the winners of current and past "What's It" projects for the current year. For project guidelines please go HERE. Recipient Information If you are a recipient of the 1 calendar year membership to Mid West Tool Collectors Association, your name will be listed below. To claim your membership please message John Morris with your spouses name if applicable and your mailing address. Why spouses name? The MWTCA ask for your spouses name. Members
  4. Winner @Al B has been selected as this months MWTCA Membership recipient. Since a verifiable answer was never arrived at for this item, we went to "close eyes and point at the computer selection" . Award Al, for your participation you have won a 2021 Calendar Year membership into the MWTCA. Please Private Message me your contact info, shipping address, spouse or significant others name (if applicable). Thank you all for your participation! Links https://mwtca.org/member-benefits/ https://mwtca.org/the-gristmill/ https://mwtca
  5. Indeed, Happy B Day Pauley!!!!
  6. Mortise and Tenon Magazine has zero ads.
  7. I found the home site Tom, at: Quercus Magazine – For anyone working wood by hand QUERCUSMAGAZINE.COM For anyone working wood by hand And here's a little write up by Chris Schwarz ‘Quercus’ Magazine. Yes. – Lost Art Press BLOG.LOSTARTPRESS.COM As a lifelong journalist, I’ve struggled to come to terms with newspapers and magazines. They must exist in order to promote... It is a subscription rag in Europe and the UK, but it appears here in the US you gotta buy it like I did, buy the i
  8. Just checked our local Woodcraft, they sell Arm R Seal oil based, cool!
  9. Thanks Dan, that is what I would do typically, just as you described, but I really want to try General Finishes for this project, our newest sponsors, I am going to support them and give feedback/review here, on the product I purchase. Thanks Dan!
  10. How about Armor Seal oil based wipe on?
  11. Dear folks, my son and I just finished building a solid cherry with walnut accents desk, we would like to finish the desk in a satin clear, but we also love the warmth and patina that develops with oil based finishes. We are not staining our project, we are applying the finish with brush, or wipe on. I am going to dive into the General Finishes line of products, I'd like to know if anyone here has any recommendations for our project?
  12. just ordered issue 1 and 3, 2 was sold out. Looks like a nice publication on the subject Tom, thanks again for the heads up! I am currently a subscriber too Mortise and Tenon, and love them very much. If you have not subscribed to them Tom, I'd highly recommend it. They call themselves a magazine, but reality is, you're getting a soft cover book each issue.
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