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  1. I am going to make a command decision here, the item has not been verified appropriately for a clear description of what it may be, but Steven Newman put a whole lot of effort in, and I really enjoyed his lessons on cannoning. So this month we are going to award @steven newman a new membership for the year of 2019 for MWTCA for his grand efforts in the October What's It. Thank you Steve for your gallant attempt on this one, thanks again for your in depth lessons in this topic. Steve, please shoot me via PM your shipping address, along with the name of Mrs. Newman (MWTCA requirements, not ours) and your telephone number. Thanks again all for your participation in October's MWTCA What's It project!
  2. John Morris

    Self-Framing Projects

    Awesome tip by @Fred Wilson!!! Up from the archives.
  3. John Morris

    Welcome to the Dungeon Shop

    Newmans, shop intro, up from the archives.
  4. And your doing a fine job Larry, your work is greatly appreciated, now how do I get the other 20 thousand topics moved up!
  5. John Morris

    Wood Turners Center Finder

    Up from the archives, a center finder.
  6. The Gold Star Family Home Program, launched in September 2018, honors the legacy of those who made the ultimate sacrifice while serving our country. The Foundation will provide a 100 percent mortgage-free home to surviving spouses with young children. The Foundation is committed to raising $250 million to provide 1,000 homes to Gold Star Families.
  7. John Morris

    Everyone OK?

    Here in So Cal, a few miles away from the fire, everyone in my 6 degrees of separation are fine. What's super harsh and sad Tom, is the fires are happening in the same town and city where the recent shooting occurred, the town was rocked with the Borderline Cafe shooting that took 12 innocent lives, then within hours the fire started up just a few miles away. They got hit from all sides.
  8. John Morris

    Return to quoted post arrow

    Woops, now it's on!
  9. John Morris

    Return to quoted post arrow

    I am sorry Stick that return arrow is hard coded into our software, unlike the advertisement graphics. I cannot do anything on this front. I got a great idea, tell those other danged forums to stop flooding you guys with all those ads, then when you come to a forum were we don't take advantage of our members and look at you only as a quick click buck, perhaps you all won't need those danged ad blocker apps. We are the clean and honest forum, yet it seems we pay the price because our users who frequent the other forums need those apps to keep their sanity. Not your fault Stick, it's the way it is on the other communities, I get it, it's just a tad frustrating sometimes that you all have to use those ad blockers to begin with.
  10. John Morris

    Noob New Shop Setup

    Batman, first off welcome to our community, we are glad to have you and we are proud to have you aboard, thank you for your service. We have all been in your spot, well, not exactly with the budget you have, but we have tried to think out what we need in advance, and how our ideal shop should look. Here is what I would do if it were me sitting on 10 grand for tools and if I was looking to outfit a machined shop. You have a pretty good outlay of tools already, the table saw, SawStop is a great idea, get it! Although, the 52" fence may not seem right at this point, I would opt for that too, I had a table saw with a 52" fence and it really came in handy, and often. I could cross cut a sheet of ply with my table saw with the 52" fence, so you basically have a panel saw in your table saw when you have a 52" fence. Grizzly G0490X 8' Jointer (YES!) Dewalt DW735X Planer (YES!) Laguna C flux 3 hp Cyclone dust collector (YES!) Jet 12" JMS-12SCMS (YES!) The machines above will serve you well, are there others? Of course, but those machines are fine too. Here is where it all gets overwhelming, trying to plan too much as you may have already found out. I would say, with the tools you already have, and the machines you want to purchase, should be more than adequate to get you going in your ventures for now. I would bank the money you have left over for now, after those purchases, then tap into it as you dial that wonderful shop in, because it's impossible to plan it all out perfectly the first time. You don't really know 100% what you need now, but you'll know more about what you need when you start firing up those machines, and creating furniture, it is then, and only then with those in depth projects, will you know what more you'll need. The same goes for the layout of your shop, start out bare bones with shelving, a bench, etc, then as you work, you'll know what you are lacking, and what you need. This plan of attack will ensure that what you acquire, will be absolutely necessary to your work, and you won't be buying anything you thought you needed, and it ends up sitting in the corner collecting dust. One example, I lost count of how many folks purchased a drum sander, a Performax for example, for a grand, used it once or twice, and never again, having a boat anchor sitting in the corner. Nothing against the drum sanders, but I think they are the most un-neccessarily purchased feel good machine of them all, but only for a short time. But, if you sit back, and work your shop, build your projects, and purchase the remaining machinery and tools as you have the need, you will end up with a shop full of essential tools and machines, and not tools and machines you use only "now and then". What an exciting time for you, this is really cool. I look froward to following your progress, please keep us in the loop, and please post images as you can, how cool!!!!
  11. John Morris

    Maybe its my79yr. pld brain

    Guys, @Buckaroo, the Veterans message is temporary only, can we at least have a message to our vets for one day, without folks getting butt hurt? All you gotta do is scroll down past it, mobile, laptop, desktop, just get past it and everything else is the same. My goodness, Buck, one last time, nobody is targeting your PC, nobody is targeting your forum experience here, nobody is hiding behind black muslims (very offensive by the way). Buck, please keep an open mind, just because you think your old and crotchety, don't mean ya gotta act like it, love ya ol feller, but please, nobody is targeting you my friend!
  12. John Morris

    Butcher block material?

    Facts are so inconvenient sometimes aren't they? I had a feeling about this one, the complete rejection of wood cutting boards for meat, just didn't jive with my own experiences. We use only wood cutting boards, since I was a child, since I've had my own family, never ever have I had a problem. Thanks Gerald.
  13. John Morris

    Rust Removal By Electrolysis

    We should also have Cal's boxes in another topic dedicated to the boxes, as they deserve a topic all their own, otherwise they'll get lost.
  14. Good Monday Morning! Good Monday morning Patriot Woodworkers! What did you get done over the weekend, and what have you planned for the week ahead! Inquiring minds want to know. Please tell us what's happening in your shops, your life, and any events going on with you. Thank you for being here folks!  Latest Wiki Entries Glossary of Woodworking Hand Tools is being updated at light speed thanks to the great open source book Principles of Woodworking by Herman Hjorth. Also, the Glossary of Woodworking Hand Tools has made it into our main navigation tab under "Wiki" at the top nav bar of our community. Just hover your cursor over "Wiki" for the drop down. As you all know by now, the wiki page for Glossary of Woodworking Terms is open for editing. Just visit the page, do not log in, it's not necessary, and hover your cursor over the down carrot symbol and click on "Edit", the page will then open for edit. Once you complete your edit, you'll be asked for a short description of what you did, simply enter into the field short terms such as "edit text", "added chisel", "corrected spelling", then you'll fill in the simple captcha anti spam robot field and submit, and your edit is recorded! Editing our Wiki Folks may be apprehensive about editing our wiki, I must admit when you open the page for edit it looks a tad strange. Just use the examples that are already there and you'll be fine. At this point we are using "wiki syntax". Soon I will open up the wiki with a standard windows style editor, but for now I am hoping folks will give the "wiki syntax" a chance as it's much more reliable because it's all "plain text" entries. Not too mention once you get used to it, it's quite fast too, since you are relying on text to create fonts, and bold lettering and underlines, it's actually much faster than having to highlite your word, and click on a formatting button as you do here in this forum. Here are a few examples of plain text entries for our wiki, and what those entries generate. The "Desired Formatting" is what you would like to see in your text, the "Syntax" is what you type, the "Result" is what you'll see once the page is saved. The Golden Rules of Editing our Wiki Really there are only two Golden Rules in wiki'ing. Be Bold! Be bold in your editing, be bold in your page creation, be bold in accepting others editing of your own personal work, and be bold in referencing and checking the facts. Be Creative! Don't be shy, and don't let the standards of wiki'ng stop you from editing or creating. Wiki's rely on research and references, in order to create content that is factually based. Our wiki should not contain content based on personal opinions, nor biased writings, but the wiki should be a source that readers can count on for factual statements about any given subject. Enter your content, enter you knowledge openly and freely, don't worry about the reference or research details if you don't have them, we can always come back and edit in those details later, so edit without fear! Creating and editing a wiki should be fun, since you cannot really damage a wiki page you should not worry if you are going to make a mistake or erroneously delete something that cannot be retrieved. The reason is that all wiki pages have a history, a history of edits and changes that can be recalled and re-established as a page. So if you accidentally destroy a wiki page, no worries! We can simply revert the prior page back to its former glory. So, create, edit, and just have fun! New Members Please welcome to our community, @therealwahnsinn, @AudioChris, @Harold Phair, @Skip Ellis, @MadJester, please click on their names and leave a message of welcome on their profile page. And to our new members, welcome to your new community folks! Featured image Clarence Goddard, student from Lamar, Nebraska with deafblindness at Perkins Institution on the Glover Scholarship Fund. A class in Sloyd woodworking. Samuel P. Hayes Research Library, Perkins School for the Blind, Watertown, MA (1928) Ref: Retrieved from the Digital Public Library of America <https://ark.digitalcommonwealth.org/ark:/50959/kh04dw97q>

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We are a woodworking community with an emphasis on sharing and learning the skilled craft of woodworking and all of its related disciplines. Our community is open to everyone who wishes to join us. We support our American veterans and active duty, being a veteran is not a prerequisite to join. Join us now!


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Of course just like most online woodworking communities we are centralized in the arts, crafts, and trades that are woodworking. But, we have another focus in our Patriot Woodworker community, we are the only woodworking community that was founded on our care and concern for our disabled veterans.


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