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  1. I guess we are lucky too Andrew, we really haven't had any issues with any service, there was one instance about 7 years ago I had a full set of Easy Wood Tools that I sent to a member for a fundraiser prize, and USPS lost the shipment, scared the heck out of me, because I could not afford to replace that set, we tracked it to a facility but it ended there, I insured the set but still it was scary, I had the recipient on hold for about three weeks, the shipment finally showed up and I was contacted that it was going to be delivered finally. That was one instance out of probably thousands of mail in my life time, same with the other guys, Fedex, UPS, never that I can remember having any issues, I'm lucky for sure I guess.
  2. If I can remove the rung from the chair, and if the rung tenon is smaller and looser than it originally was, I'll plane a nice curled shaving from a piece of wood, and glue and wrap the shaving around the tenon, to increase the diameter of the tenon for tighter fit back into the mortise. You can either do multiple thin shavings, or one thicker one by trial and error till you get the right thick shaving. Just a nother little trick to add to this discussion.
  3. It's fine Frederick! I just moved it to Classifieds is all What a lathe!
  4. No delays in Southern CA, at least not yet!
  5. August 11th my good friend Gage succumbed to "after surgery" issues. I will miss him dearly. Gage was doing really well, he did his chemo for weeks on end and reduced the tumors in his esophagus, then last week he went in for surgery to have part of the esophagus removed along with the rest of the cancer, and sewn back to his upper stomach, it was a great success, even the surgeons were happy and marveled how well it went, they biopsied his body for left over cancer and were able to officially call him cancer free this last Wednesday. He was recovering as expected, his family was calm, and happy, they were looking forward to having dad home and get back to life, then on Sunday he had difficulty breathing, a fever, and it got worse, by the early morning Monday they had him back in surgery trying to find out what it was that was causing all of this, they could find nothing, till later his kidney's started to fail, and the toxins took over, and by Tuesday after noon he was gone, the family is devastated and our home has been in a somber mood these past few days. He will be buried tomorrow with full military honors, and after the burial one of his sons returns to his Air Force base in Texas, the other goes back home to his family, and his daughter will return to her family and their mama will be alone to think and reflect. My wife and I are flying out next week to be with his wife, I'll stay for the weekend, and then I'll fly back home to return to work, leaving my wife behind so she can stay and help her friend for a few weeks to a month, whatever it takes. I wish I could be there tomorrow for the burial, but I just can't, I hope Gage understands and I hope he is looking down and approving of our decision to be with his only love wife to help her as much as we can next week though. I miss him already, not only will I miss my buddy, but a piece of my past has left me, the part of me that was young, and in service of our country, raising hell, being stupid, being brave, the beers and songs he and I had together back then, the travels and exploration of a foreign land we were both in together, the women we ended up marrying from that same foreign land, who are still best friends with each other today, all the memories that we used to talk about when we'd reunion and at barbecues. And now that's what I have left, memories. Gage, you will always be in my heart ol buddy, now, GIVE EM HELL! Howard Gage, February 10, 1996. Darmstadt, Germany. While stationed there he purchased his brand new Harley, he still has it today, and I do believe his younger son is riding it home
  6. Masks work, I won't wear one if I'm the only one standing on a one acre lot, but when I get into populated areas such as in a grocery store or retailer or ordering take out, the mask goes on. We could never go into full lock down as a nation, and it wouldn't of been wise to just ignore the whole thing obviously, a responsible middle ground is what I think we are all trying to strive for, from the Mayors of big cities, to our states governors to the Federal level, they have tried but there is no solution, only trade offs and it's a fragile balance of trade offs. People can be dumb about it, and people can be zealots about it too, and some I dare say even find comfort in a good ol fashioned crisis and actually enjoy this, all in all we'll get through it and as long as you all are here at the end of it, I'll be happy! We are doing ok actually, I know we all live in our own nations news bubble and we can get down on ourselves easily, but unfortunately Europe's cases have been rising, and they are issuing new lock down orders for their inhabitants, I know this is not a contest, I wish for all nations to be free of this scourge, but I feel we should also keep our own country in context, and not get down on it so much.
  7. Good news in California, slowed down by 16 percent and continuing! Yay!!!!
  8. That's not a rant Al, that's an observation my friend!
  9. Al, you mean the media actually cares about accuracy and responsible reporting? Not laughing at ya sir, just getting a laugh out of it. I get what you mean though.
  10. Don't ya just love how the media labels these criminals "alledged" attacker. Or how about "suspect", there's no suspect about it, that's the guy!
  11. I found it: Man punches 72-year-old vet in the face over mask comment WWW.MERCURYNEWS.COM SPOKANE, Wash. (AP) — Spokane police say they’ve arrested the man accused of breaking a 72-year-old veteran’s jaw in a hotel...
  12. Hat, you got a news link to this story? I'd like to copy paste this filth on every media news channel I can and let folks know who this piece of trash is. Take away the fact the man was a veteran, the fact he was disabled and 72 yrs old is horrific enough. The fact that he was 72 yrs old is horrific enough.
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