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  1. If you look at virtually all the controversial cases, they mainly all involved suspects not cooperating with the police, not excusing the most recent case, but as far as I can remember, the past cases involved interaction with the police where the suspect was un-cooperative, if you want to escalate a situation with a police officer, don't cooperate. Note to all: If you feel like you are being unjustifiably pulled over, or hand cuffed, or harassed or your rights are being violated, just do what the man says, then you both walk away and get to go home to your families, then afterward, you can file a lawsuit if you feel that strongly about it. Just my two cents today, or a half pence.
  2. @FlGatorwood, I even commented on that post! And I forgot about the attachment already! My brain is getting tired my friend. Great topic thanks!
  3. Just saw a blurb on our local news, Los Angeles protestors had enough of the agitators, and the protestors actually started standing guard at the store fronts to prevent looting, there is a stark difference between the two factions I believe.
  4. I agree with Ron. The instigators have nothing to do with the original cause, Floyd. They are Antifa and other anarchists throwing the objects. The looters are a mix of Antifa types and local bad guys who don't care about anything but themselves and their next high or a free bottle of booze or tennis shoes. There is a pattern, early in the day the protests are mainly peaceful, filled with people who care about the cause, then when the sun starts to set, the anarchists and looting begins. It's a coordinated effort as cars circle the blocks, then park in front of the stores, they loot, fill the cars up, then take off to the next spot. The protestors are even protesting the looters and brick throwers, telling them to go home, to stop, they don't represent us etc. Sure their are some outlier protestors that go rogue, but for the most part from what I have seen, the actual protestors for the cause are doing well.
  5. I don't have this attachment Gunny, but it sure is compelling. One of the more reasonably priced attachments by SS as well.
  6. I just learned I got a slow speed grinder built into my Shopsmith! How cool! Keep your woodworking, gardening and other household cutting tools sharp with Shopsmith's Grinding Wheel Guard and Grinding Wheels WWW.SHOPSMITH.COM Keep your woodworking, gardening and other household cutting tools sharp with Shopsmith's Grinding Wheel Guard and...
  7. Here's our orders: I don't see any where in the "allowed" folks, protestors, so apparently our city did not approve even legitimate protests, we just aren't having any of it at this point, peaceful or not, don't matter.
  8. Good Monday Morning! Good Monday morning Patriot Woodworkers! What did you get done over the weekend, and what have you planned for the week ahead! Inquiring minds want to know. Please tell us what's happening in your shops, your life, and any events going on with you. Thank you for being here folks! Welcome New Members To view our newest members and welcome them to our digs, please see our Members Page, you can "Sort" by join date and click on their names and be taken to their profile page where you can leave a message of welcome. Thank you for making our newest folks feel welcome. Featured Topic Our Featured topic by @John Morris has also been added to "Our Picks", this is a page for content that has stood out and been chosen for a special place in our community, and for a limited time showing on our Home Page for the world to see. We are now in the midst of our annual mid year fundraiser folks! Click on the topic below to see how you can help and to view the great prizes awaiting our winners.
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  10. @Cal and @Gene Howe, it's just a quick down and dirty pine chest for our girls room, to fit into a wall cubby, pine boards glued together, butt jointed and screwed at the corners, countersunk with wood plugs to hide the screws, it'll have a lid with sliding top tray, and the girls are going to white wash it for a rustic look, and store odds n ends in it.
  11. Thank you Steve! I do appreciate this. And yes, I'll be looking for that firewood when I retire, show me where the trees are man.
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