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The Few, The Proud, The Patriot Woodworker's! Make no bones about it, we aren't many, but we are very proud of our community here!

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  1. Hey Lew, why the "HARD" on the template? Thanks
  2. My 87 year old dad as well, used to have a good diet and played by the rules, now he eats ice cream and Oreos for breakfast, hot dogs for lunch, and Schawn's frozen pot pies for dinner topped off with more ice cream. Hey, he looks great, still working in his wood shop, who am I to bud in!
  3. @DuckSoup man it sure is nice to see you here again!!!!! I hope you're absence was not health related or anything negative. But I'm really happy you came back to us. All great points here Bob, everybody is making wonderful points, man, if I could wrap my head around it all, and if I was a lot smarter, I guess I'd have answers. So all I can do is just bloviate my opinions all over the place and if anyone engages in discussion with me, well I feel somewhat significant in all this mess. We missed ya Bob.
  4. Here in Southern California we are locking our business's down again Cal, our Governor has determined we have been bad kids and he's slapping us.
  5. Good points Cal, most of which can be decided by each individual family, our Americans are smart folks, they can figure out how to keep their high risks members safe. I'd also expect our Americans to decided for themselves if they are high risk or not, personal responsibility has to rule here. And yes, all voluntary, to do otherwise would be against our American principals. Many Americans are already fighting for their next meal, what is sad is that they are struggling for their next meal because they lost their job due to unnecessary business closures. Bring back the work, and many of those concerns are fixed, in my opinion. Great discussion sir.
  6. You know Dan, I feel that if our govt. just lets us be Americans, and we use comon sense in hygiene, I think that is "working together." The healthy going back to work, while the high risk stay put, is "working together". The healthy can keep the economic engine running, while the high risk stay home and stay safe. To me, that is the essence of team work and fighting for each other. I think we need to get rid of the fear, have a healthy respect for what we are dealing with, and get on with life. Not saying you are fearful Dan, but fear certainly is being injected into all of this.
  7. My solution, back to work for the healthy, if you are in the high risk groups, take precautions. That's all I got.
  8. I get that for sure Dan. But if lockdowns occur because of the number of cases reported, and lockdowns aren't working, then where do we go from here. Personally I'm against lockdowns, it's nothing political, just my own observation along with the growing concern from those in the know who are questioning the validity of locking down a nation. We are talking thousands of doctors around the world, are questioning the effectiveness of lockdowns.
  9. @Cal I'm definitely not shrugging it off as the common cold. That being said, the lock downs aren't working, for whatever reason, they are not working. It may be the irresponsibility of people not following safe and hygienic practices, or scientifically they just don't work as many doctors are subscribing to that today. It's like putting up a deer crossing, and wondering why the deer don't cross there. It just doesn't work. I don't know if you read the articles I linked to. Like we all like to say, follow the science, if the science is starting to show that lockdowns don't work, shouldn't we open that up for discussion? Pneumonia and flu deaths WWW.SCRIBD.COM Pneumonia and flu deaths 2018-2019
  10. My thoughts on "cases". We are always going to have cases, it seems the bar has been moved now, and instead of focusing on actual hospitalizations and deaths, we now focus on cases. If we tested every live person in the US, there would be a huge influx of cases, at any given time, if we tested no one in the US, cases would only be reported by health care physicians whose patients check in with the virus, and our case numbers would diminish significantly. In 2017-2018, flu and pneumonia accounted for the death of 177,000 Americans. And we didn't frenzy into a panic of lock downs and social distancing. No offense and all due respect to anyone here, I feel we need to dig out of the "cases" hole and get our country opened up. Doctors from around the world are signing on to the idea, the lock downs don't work, they do more harm than good, and we need to protect the vulnerable and frail, and have the rest of humanity get back to being productive. Here's some interesting reading: Opinion | The Failed Experiment of Covid Lockdowns WWW.WSJ.COM New data suggest that social distancing and reopening haven’t determined the spread. The Evidence Keeps Piling up: Lockdowns Don’t Work MISES.ORG Extraordinary measures require extraordinary evidence. Have the advocates for lockdowns made their case? The data suggests...
  11. On the way out to the job every morning we pull over in this parking lot in Cabazon, CA. to eat our breakfast we bring from home. These dinosaur's have been an attraction off the 10 FWY since the late 60's. The big brown guy actually has a book store inside. The green guy to the right is a T-Rex. They are visible from the FWY for about a mile on approach, if you've never traveled this FWY they can surprise you at first!
  12. These don't come up very often anymore, one of my bucket list items to own someday in the far off future, I've always loved the styling and reputation these lathes have. The home made jig apparatus attached to it is a home made duplicator. Great price at 1200.00 https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/388294729242078
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