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  1. Thanks Larry, it's a lifestyle change for sure, I just got too much to do, too many things to teach my kids still, and I gotta show my wife a great time in retirement when that time comes, I gotta stick around man! And so I will!
  2. I like cold bottled tea, green tea, great stuff!
  3. Thank you my friend Artie, thank you.
  4. The simple pleasures Gunny, they mean a lot in our lives.
  5. In my quest over the last few months to get healthy, and focus on what goes into my body, in an effort to bring my blood levels under control and do my part, I have learned a lot. And I have drastically changed my habits regarding what goes into my body. I have turned into somewhat of a purist and I think we are making headway into getting my health under control. During my quest we found a tea brand that is really nice and good. This tea really works, I have had many teas in my life that claim to do this and that, but this Yogi brand is really quality tea. They of course have products for many moods and reasons, I use the Stress Relief and the Bed Time. Doc tried to put me on anxiety meds, and sleep meds, I am already on Prednison, and two other nasty ones that I must have, I figured if I can replace the anxiety and sleep meds with natural products, my body would like me for it. And it has. Long story short, and there may be no relation, but my blood levels are getting better and more stable, I eat completely healthy now, no take out, only whole foods, nothing processed, I only drink water and juice and tea, no coffee, no sodas, no alcohol, never an issue since I stopped drinking alcohol years and years ago anyway, but that's one less thing I have to be concerned about. So my blood labs are coming back strong these days, and I haven't missed work in a month. Missing work is what stresses me out, my blood levels I figure will take care of themselves, it's the missing work part that I really get peeved about. But now that I have had a solid month without hospitalization, and full employment, I feel good to go, and I think I can also attribute some of if not a bunch of it, to changing what goes into my body. So folks, I highly recommend this tea, it's good stuff, specially the sleepy tea. I don't think I'll ever go back to my sodas and coffee, I am off of them now and there is no reason to start back up even if and when I do get completely healthy. Also a wonderful by-product of my health craze, is my family is following along and liking it too. Just thought I'd share my tea story with ya'll, and perhaps if anyone here is a tea toddler like I, you may like this brand. Cheers! https://yogiproducts.com/
  6. Actually that's an easier way Fred! I had not tried that one, I have always gone to my profile and then clicked on "Notification Settings", your way is much more streamlined, thanks!
  7. Go to your profile and "Notifications", you can get it all handled there. Take your time, the land hasn't changed since the last time you been here, you know how it's all laid out. If we see ya we see ya, if we don't I hope you find a more suitable forum experience elsewhere, truly I wish you the best. Cheers
  8. Thank you Gerald for starting this blog! Looking forward to more contribution on it.
  9. @DAB, do you want to participate in this community or not? You are more than welcome. We don't hold grudges, you were suspended for two weeks and you never came back. Till now. You are here, our community is here for you. I am not going to rehash old news, out of context statements etc. What's done is done. Our doors are open to ya, it would be a wonderful thing if you came back on a positive note, instead of this dancing around that you are participating in right now. If you don't like it here, that is ok, nobody is forcing you to stay, there is no void to be filled if you leave because one member does not make our community, yet all our members together make this a really special place, and that includes you my friend. If you do like it here, then that is really special and I/we are thrilled to have ya back. Now lets be done with this, and get to contributing some valuable content for others to use, benefit from, and collaborate on. Cheers sir, and I hope to see ya on the forum!
  10. The Patriot Woodworker Community door swings in, out and in and even a couple more times at that, we love it when folks return, more the merrier, and we are a better community of information when we have such a mixed group of woodworkers and artisans. This is all we ask, of everyone: Anyone deviates from this basic, very clear, no non-sense cardinal rule, you'll hear from us. It's really very easy to do, just be nice.
  11. Saw that the other day, their website is a huge improvement over what they had, top of the line development, it's about time. Beautiful site, and easy to use interface and navigation.
  12. John Morris

    No "L"

    Absolutely cool Christmas project, I love that. And, you really know how to create a title Duck! It got me!
  13. These days it's cheaper if not the same to just buy a new chair. 90 percent I'd say of an upholstery shops business is re-upholstery, since the general public is mainly ignorant on what a great sofa or chair is, they buy cheap. Heck I don't even know if I could recognize a great sofa anymore. I remember as a kid we had a Made in the USA Lazyboy that got re-upholstered twice, it made sense considering how well the chair was built, and how little the cost of new fabric was compared to a new chair. These days, the chair gets a tear, or a bad spot, folks go buy a new one. It's the disposable culture we live in. Also don't forget they sell insurance with new furniture as well. You get a spot, or rip, they ship a new panel of fabric to your door, then an installer followes up with a phone call to come to your home and install the replacement panel.
  14. Aww shucks Artie, It can only be me! Errrr, I think. Feeling the love, thanks sir!
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