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  1. On another site...was this complaint. He could not raise the iron on his #60-1/2 Low Angle Block plane high enough that it would fit through the mouth of the plane, and make a shaving.... Ok....happen to have said plane....2 actually....one still in the box.. First off, the colour is called Cordovan. 1967-1969. BFD... IF you remove the cap iron, and find this set up.. This will not work. Bevel goes up on these planes...the notches go down...because that is to change the depth of cut.. Arrow points to 2 prawls sticking up....they engage the slots. The correct way the cutter/blade/iron goes into the plane.. Is like this, with the bevel facing up. Then it can peek through the sole.. And make a low angled cut ( need to sharpen this one) i prefer to keep this "spare" in it's OEM box, and use the twin.. And that concludes today's Show&Tell....
  2. At least I got the plank to the shop..BEFORE the restrictions were put in place. If nothing else, I can just let the planks slide down the steps...and pick them up later...
  3. Other than a sore spot on the right leg...not doing too bad, right now. As long as I cover the table, I get to do some finishing....and the rubbing out. have a couple more boards to work on, when I am allowed again....one is a bit fancy.. The straight edge of the board is sitting on the table... Now...what would you do with something like this? There is also about 8' of 4/4 x 6" that has a little calmer grain.... Might be interesting?
  4. Table now has 3 coats of Amber Shellac, and has been rubbed down....so... Side view A "Front view" A view of the top... A view from the back...table sits 22-1/4" tall, top is 16" x 20" Need to find a spot to sit it in, next...
  5. First...one needs the cash to afford one of them fancy things....then a place to set it up at...
  6. Well, it IS a F R I D A Y, is it not? Plan for my weekend? 3-4 coats of Amber Shellac applied to a small Shaker Table.....otherwise, I am doing as little as I can get away with...and even less IF they let me. Follow up with the Doc next week...on the 9th...and see what he says. Right now...everywhere they shaved, is starting to ITCH!... Soooo, what's on YOUR schedule? Hmmmm...
  7. Note: Hours the place is open. Mon. Tues. and Friday....2pm to 6pm....
  8. Back home this morning...VERY sore. No stents were needed....they think maybe a kidney problem causing some of the problems....Getting that checked out next... Can't lift more than 5 pounds, and can't do stairs.....
  9. Maybe just a gauge, to let you know what size bolt and/or nut to use....and what size wrench to grab.....Like when one was replacing broken boiler plate bolts when doing a service call at a house. Can also use the "rounds" to line up the bolt holes.
  10. Top was given a round-over...with a router.. Slotted holes drilled in the corner blocks... Clamps came off. Then used a square to center the base on the underside of the top... Then add a washer to a screw, and install the base to the top... Set this aside, while I find a brush and the can of stain.... Then, add a coat of "Gunstock" stain.....and then wipe it down... A let it sit until fully dry. Need to buy a brush for the varnish.... Later today, I get that Heart Cath done....which will stop all work in the shop, for a while....have to let that "plug" heal. Thanks for looking in...
  11. Trying to get a table done.... Waiting on the stain to dry,before a top coat, or 2..... Tuesday afternoon, going in for the Heart Cath..... After that?
  12. Hour #3 for today.... cleared off the bench....after I cut some 1 x 2 scraps to make corner blocks from... Used this as a pattern....and then used the mitersaw. Quieter this way...had to adjust the depth stops a bit....finally was getting some decent cuts.. Those slotted "stops" can limit how deep a cut will get made. AS long as the saw doesn't try to cut that metal "gib"....how well did it do? Here is the 4 corner blocks I needed... Needed to drill pilot holes, and then counter-sink them... Then glue and screws to attach. Fun part....holding 2 legs, and an apron....and trying to add glue and a clamp...all at once. Wound up doing sub-assemblies....2 legs, and a long apron...then another set...finally, two shorter aprons to connect the two longer assemblies...then add the corner blocks... Sides of the aprons that will show, sanded and planed smooth....bottom corners were given a slight round over, with a plane... Letting this sit overnight....then attach the top tomorrow.... Stay tuned...
  13. Hmm...2 hours today....1430hrs to 1630hrs....half of that was just sitting around.. Got out the tools to do mortises with... Used both squares.. To do the layout work...along with a tenon to locate where the mortise needs to be... Had 8 of these to do....chop a while, test the fit.. Almost deep enough...dig a little more... Had a few "crumbs" in the hole, needed to shake them out...then rinse & repeat, until all the mortises were done...then a dry fit Need to make some corner blocks, and then do a glue up....til then,, I'll just hang up the shop apron, for now. Stay tuned
  14. I can go from this.. 9 board glue up...to... With just a couple handplanes....a longer #6, and this #3 size plane. Doesn't take all that long...
  15. Spent about an hour in the shop, this morning....panel for the table's top is out of the clamps, planed and sanded... This is going to be the underside..there is a bit of a chip-out.... Best to leave this out of sight. Then laid out where the legs will be....set a 1" overhang. Then laid out where the tenons were going....1/2" long tenons on each end of the aprons... Squared one end of a blank... With my cordless Mitersaw. Marked the blank for length, and cut the blank.. One done, 3 to go... all done? well, I also needed to cut tenons on these blanks....as I do tenons first...so... May need a little fine tuning....but... Aprons might be done....leaves chopping mortises next....tomorrow. Debating on an edge treatment...and need to set up a jig to hold the legs still, while I chop a few holes Stay tuned....
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