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  1. Roh-kay, Raggy....phone call said 0800 to noonish.. This morning, another call said 1030 to 1045...delivery was at 1100... Spent awhile re-stacking all the lumber, taking the hardware into the house..inventory showed I was short 5 boards...4 x 4 x 10' that I needed to make the posts with,, Spend most of the morning (0800 onward) clearing away junk, dirt, leaves...and planters,,,even used a leafblower To get things ready.. Tried to remove the tapcons holding the tread on the step ( was in the way) and just stripped them out...crowbar to pry the tread off the blue screws, hammer to snap the screws off... While awaiting the arrival of those posts, got started anyway...using cutoffs for the posts.. 1st joist was installed (tapcons to the concrete slab) then turned the corner twice... Back corner is sitting in a joist hanger...then the posts arrive...started adding those...cut them to 5'.. Grandson and my son helped get the posts in place, and things leveled up...then turn the next corner.. The Boss even came out to supervise...other end? Into the wall...that be the last post, installed, today....decided to do a level line for the posts out in front...seems the concrete pavers were throwing things off a bit.. Just a bit...that is what a sawzall if for...Harbor Freight clamps helped out, too.. Decided that 1730 hrs was close enough for quitting time...tarpped the rest of the lumber, put all the toys away in the house, time for a "Cold One" ( or two?) IF it doesn't rain tomorrow...I will try to add the decking....first need a few more posts, and some blocking between the joists...more hangers to install.. Stay tuned...I might just get something done...
  2. Got a little bit of work done...6 hours outside.. Cut 10' posts to 5'....then do a level line...concrete pavers were throwing things off bit....That's why they make sawzalls for...maybe tomorrow, I can get a little something done? may try to add the decking....if it doesn't rain tomorrow... Quitting time today was 1730 hrs....
  3. Tote was given to my Daughter, to hold the jars of seasonings she uses in the kitchen....perfect fit for 6 jars...no varnish, as she likes to paint things ...seemed to like it very well. And that was the last of the thin Ash scraps.....now I get to be a Carpenter for a week or so...
  4. Stain went on the tote... More on that handle in a moment...Brass nails at the front and back corners,,,and.. Along the side edges of the bottom panel View of the end? Almost has a Dutch roof feel to it..now, about that handle...was a LONG day, yesterday, had a meet & greet in the shop..finally was able to stain this tote, was tired, and in a hurry.. Compost happens....will add a dab next trip to the shop, was a bit hard to hold the piece, and stain where my hand was... meet & greet also meant the last of the thin ash scraps are gone....he can do a few projects with them, too. Other than the stain, and add a coat of varnish...this is done....TV remotes fit, the ones for the Cable Box are like me,....too fat. Thanks for following long..
  5. Hmm..phone call today..Lowes was confirming a delivery date and time, for Monday, between 0800 and noonish.....then, I went out to Lowes..Boss wanted a few plants..I needed something else... Can't work as a Carpenter, without a toolbelt, right....no way will this stay up during use, so. For about $9 or so more...then spent 1/2 an hour adjusting the height of the belt..down to where I can get into the pouches... printed out a plan for the stair stringers.. You enter the sizes you need, the site will calculate and draw up a plan....will have to "fudge" this a bit....was unable to get the deck low enough for the calculator to work need to lose about 2" in height....they even show the treads and risers.. Fancy....doubt I'll add the risers.. When this project is finally done...I intend to pull this cork... on this bottle .... Of 12 yr auld J & B , J.E.T. Scotch, and share with the help...if anyone wants to drop by and help out... Stay tuned
  6. Ok...clamps came off, today....everything got sanded smooth. Picked up a dowel at Wallie World.....got it cut to length, sanded, and installed... Added some brass nails to hold the plywood bottom on the ends...sides were too thin..had to pull a couple... Little screwdriver to drive the screws for the handle...and that be my nail puller...had a lot of use for that #3c plane...getting the dividers to match each other...and flat..more tools? See IF you can ID them all.. Countersink drill.. One of these days, I might just get organized...then look out! Anyway,,,got the parts for the dividers all sized, and notched.... then an install, with glue and clamps Glue on the bottom edge of the center divider..locks the other two in place...let this dry a while, and then see about a coat of stain... Stay tuned..
  7. Shopping trip, yesterday... since I am working on both the front and back porches....woodworking consisted of.. Boss found this flat-pack item at Aldi's...guess who had to assemble it....also, for the back porch, we are closing off the south wall of the gazebo neighbor issues..Replace the shower curtains with treated ( painted) plywood...joint will be about center to help stiffen the wall..which means a post will need to be there... Less than $7...need to cut to fit. Grandson is using that circular saw on his back porch project, at the moment. Plywood he is removing from the enclosed porch, will be recycled on the Gazebo wall. More shopping.. I have 3 framing squares in the shop..none have enough left of their markings to be of use so...I bought one I could read...that little package? These clamp onto the square, once I have the stringer's first layout lines made...have three stringers to cut...4-3/4" rise, 10" run...four treads, top being even with the deck's floor. ( there is a"calculator" online to figure the layout with...)Now, IF the normal April weather will cooperate ..I might have the porches done before May gets here...At least, I can go hide in the shop when it rains.... stay tuned...
  8. LATE night shop time...Was shopping and bill paying most of yesterday, Menard's had a couple items of use for the shop... After getting blank stares from the other two "BORG" places about buying a Pushstick..("never heard of it" sort of thing) Menard's had these for $2, counting taxI also wanted a true 1/4" wide chisel I could whack as hard as I wanted to....so, I am testing out the Irwin/Marples one... So far, so good....everything was going good...too good.. Pins at least were good....tails were having "issues"... Slightest pressure during a test fit...snap Decided enough was enough..4 trips to the tablesaw,,no more dovetails... Found a stash of 1/2 brads...tried to nail things together...had to chuck a headless longer nail in the drill...predrill through the sides...then nail and glue Cut a plywood panel to size. had to square and level the four sides so the tote would sit flat...and buzz a few nail heads down....forest of clamps appeared Once they all disappear, again....I'll sand the edges flush...handle now looks too clunky...will pick up a dowel, later today. There was a job for a handplane...sides needed flattened down, before the dovetails could be attempted... Had plenty of tools laid out... Just wasn't working out...this time...edge grain issues. Letting the glue dry awhile.may try to build the dividers, and size them to hold the remotes for the TV.... Stay tuned..
  9. Had to go back out and check on one location.....seems there is a second downspout.. Right about where that green planter is.....Thinking the new decking can slip under the elbow....new decking will be even with the threshold. Big thing, is to form up the rear corner..joist comes right onto the step, from the front corner to the back...then the back rim joist heads "south" across the sidewalk...then "east" along the south edge of the sidewalk. Connecting that corner may be a bit.."cozy"? Waiting to see IF I need to remove the old tread....just a couple tapcons holding it in place. Picked up the 3way plug, today. can connect both drills and the saw to one cord....saves all that plugging and unplugging to use each tool as needed. BiFocal glasses arrived today....at least I'll be able to see what I am screwing up....walkway lights ( solar ones) will migrate up onto the railings....we'll see.. First joist to be cut and installed, will be along the east/front of the existing porch...from just under that other downspout to just short of the south edge of the sidewalk...decking will run east-west. Two more LONG joist to get to the front ( 37" from the front of the concrete) with 4 x 4....some will be even with the top of the joists, others will be 1/2 of a 10' post, to attach the railings to. Lots of joist hangers to install....and a bit of "blocking" in-between the joists... Circular saw has been fixed....meeting up of the "D" shapes cured it... This thing weighs more than my old all-metal Sears one did...has a new blade installed, don't think I'll need this rip blade.. heavy Beasty...may use the lighter 6" Skil saw to trim deck boards... Stay tuned..
  10. Used that tray to hold a bunch of bolts, while I built a potting bench the Boss got....another Honey-Do item done.... Got two panels cleaned up, squared up. ... and cut to shape... Will be ends for another tote...may get to hold the tv remotes...laid out some pins.. Usual suspects...then the backsaw and chisel routine.. Use these pins to lay out the tails....saw those out and try a dry fit... Then repeat for the other end... Still have two more corners to do...I also shaped a handle... IF'n I ever get organized... Dang, I'd be dangerous...back was having issues, decided that was enough for a Monday Maybe tomorrow, I can get something done? Besides Honey-Do items stay tuned..
  11. Ok...lots of tapcons to install...needed a hammerdrill to drill the holes....don't have such a drill in the shop. trip to Lima, OH harbor Freight, today....couple more clamps F style clamps, and a cheap 1/2" chucked hammer drill.....just need it for this one job....can always take it back and get the money back....thinking a corded drill will do a better job the a cordless one....at least last a day's work....have a corded impact driver to drive a few bolts with....just won't run a drill bit. Monday after Easter....delivery whenever they get out and about...have ONE pair of sawhorses to use...Have a decent enough 4' level...chalk line can also be a stringline as needed...need to practice up on cutting stair stringers....and fix a circular saw....may have the blade in wrong....can spin the blade with ease, without even turning the saw onWe have a back-up plan,,,,either a D-8, or that 6" Skil saw...may need to bring a mitre box up from the shop....bevel cuts for the step railings.. Have a week to get things all lined up....maybe get a few extra bits? Drill and otherwise...They are even sending screws for the joist hangers Stay tuned....again, if anyone wants to drop by and help..."Cold Ones" will be at hand....work first, then the brews...
  12. Saddle makers leather vise.....nail and staple puller used on shipping crates...scorp, maybe a Cooper's Scorp to do the insides of barrel staves...
  13. But, it is the shoes and flashlight.....for the middle of the night trips......maybe run some 120v out there, add a night light on the inside, and a powered ceiling vent/fan...that cold air draft coming up around the seats, on a windy day, might cause a bit of shrinkage?
  14. Roh-Kray, Raggy....this is the existing front porch. . one too high step, even with the added lumber....no handrails...Boss HATES this porch, needs help to use the steps....so.. tape measure, pen and a sheet of paper...trying to measure things while fighting a stiff breeze...Came back inside, and drew up a PLAN That I could take down to Lowes this morning, and do a materials list, and refine the plan a bit... .Decking will go across the concrete slab, a rim joist will be tapconned to the edges of the slab...the rest will go onto 4 x 4 posts as needed...I even get to cut my own stair stringers...that aught to be fun to watch I will cover the sidewalk and that POS step... With the NEW stairs covering this cracked section. Front corner of the house has a bump out window, so where the bump-out starts... Is where the front of the new deck/porch ends...railings go right to that corner 2 x 6 top rail. No digging for the posts, as they will sit on concrete pavers, 1' x 1' squares. Railing all around the non-house sides, with hand rails for the steps. Lumber and hardware arrive the Monday after Easter...went can you people show up to help out? Even with the Mil. Discount...tain't cheap.... project is less that the 10 x 10 minimum that means I do NOT need to get a permit for this job. Should I be blogging this project, or just surprise everyone when I get it done?
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