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  1. Lumber Run the other day...one of the boards was a1 x 6 x 6'5" plank of Maple....the other Maple was even longer...decided to see about a Project for October.. Sides are curved.. Fancy stuff.. However...sides needed to be 9/16" thick, not the 3/4" that the Maple was...lid panels are at 5/8" thick...need to do some resaw, it looks like. Hauled that plank to the shop, once the bench had been cleaned off.. IF I can hit me head on the way down the steps...imagine what this was like...had a few spots to work around, too.. Usual knotty stuff.. Even a "split end" Went to the cutting list...and started to lay out what needed to be cross cut.. Board was a wee bit too long to be cutting on the tablesaw, so.. we have ways..Disston D-100, just need a cut line to follow.. And work my way along until.. Left-overs? Will provide a 9/16" x 4" x 6" piece for the end of the box, to go with these.. Includes a "spare" side...but, these are all too thick...need to set up a kerf cutter, again.. Best face against the fence, run all 4 edges through...fence set at just over 9/16" for some cuts. and 5/8" for two others..blade does not reach high enough.. But, this will...just follow that kerf.. Until... "POP"...Repeat for the rest of the sides.. Will work on the other 3 parts later...will need to plane these smooth.. Before any joinery can start in.. Stay tuned..
  2. Have a pile on the bench.. Follow that kerf... Cardio Workout....
  3. Teaser? Hard to get the full lengths in ONE photo....there are 8 boards at 1 x 6 x 4' standing in front of the taller ones... 1 x 6 x 6' Ash...and a sample of the Maple.. Camera turned things a bit reddish..found a single defect in all of these boards... And this was it... Letting these sit a few days..while I figure out a Project or two..one for the Ash...one for the Maple. Stay tuned..
  4. Tuesday it is! Made a Lumber Run this afternoon.... 8bft of Spalted Maple 24 bft of Ash Cost? other than the gas for the round trip....$25 for the lumber....mainly all 1 x 6s...took a while to both load up the Chevy Equinox, and then unload it into the house...that Ash is heavy...had to cut some of the boards down, so that they would fit into the Chevy...I'm bushed... stay tuned..
  5. Monday? Monday? Meh....wake me up for a Monday? Let me know when Tuesday get here....
  6. Found all of this IN that Green Tub... At one time, long ago...this would have looked like mine...except for the brand NEW Mag Trowel... Been sorting through the rest of the mess....have thrown out a few items.... BTW: What are these things for? Hmmm...
  7. Have a big green tub to sort through, today... But, why did this cost me $10? Hmmm..... Hmmm.. Wonder what goodies reside in there? Still sitting out on the back patio..just in case.... need to do an Inventory...make take a while....
  8. Rust Hunting...Wednesday, Thursday and today....almost to the end of this years season of sales....
  9. This was because not every location was the same.....couple varied left or right...and one was a little higher up than the others... Have made one a few years ago...more of a T-square....to install handles on drawers, of a Chest-of-Drawers. Wanted them to all line up, top to bottom. Made of pine, at the time...wore the poor thing out...
  10. Honey-do Project...involved repainting all the doors and drawers in the Kitchen....Uppers were easy..take them down, paint them up....the handles needed a second hole drilled for the handle bolts...Easy to do on the table, once the paint was dry.... 9 doors for the uppers....Drawers? removed the 8 handles, paint the very FULL drawers in place, re-install the handles... It was when we got to the lower doors...this old bod is NOT getting down on the floor to remove the screws from the bottom hinges, would have had to call 911 to get me up off the floor... Again, I still need to add the second, lower bolt for the handles...after I had removed the handles, and painted the doors in place...make a cheap little jig to drill that second hole... just a scrap of Maple...lay out two holes that matched the locations of the handle's bolts...mark one hole as T..for top...insert a bolt through that hole... Bolt sticks out enough to be inserted into the existing hole on a door....Then clamp the jig in place.. MK II, MOD 4 (Bifocals) to sight down the side of the door, and the jig, when bot look parallel to each other.. Drill the hole for the bottom bolt...remove the jig, install the handle..move on to the next door....easy, right..lower back said NO, after the fifth door out of 10..will do the last 5 handles tomorrow...
  11. Monday? Got almost as much paint on me this morning, as I got on the Lower Cabinet Doors in the Kitchen.. Might post that Desktop Organizer over in the Gallery. While waiting on paint to dry.....then use a jig I made, to re-install 10 handles. Pay Day is not until Wednesday, this week....
  12. All done.. Desktop Organizer #1 and Desktop Organizer #2... and..
  13. Friday's tasks Involved this tool, among others.. Including that smoother plane....coping saw was to clean up dovetails... hand plane to do the round-overs, again.. Once all 4 edges were done, time for hinges.. And installed on the box.. Close the lid, before a spider gets in there! Which leaves a drawer to build... Parts get cut for length... Checked for height. Drawer front covers up a false front, and the plywood bottom... Drawer box and bottom. Corners of the box are dovetailed , plywood to help keep the box square... Once the glue had dried, then the Front could be glued on? Once the box had been cleaned up, of course, and check to see how it fits...THEN the front was attached.. Laminated to the front of the box....when this had dried... I could add a Ash Knob ( Hobby Lobby)...close things up.. By Saturday Evening Post? This morning, I had one more task to do.... There are 6 of these holes, that needed plugged. Figured no matter what I used, it would still show..might as well show off a bit tablesaw to rip a few strips of Rosewood.. Several different sizes.. Find the size that fits the best, dab of glue...mallet to install....coping saw and a sharp chisel to trim flush.. Because, as soon as the Witch's Brew hits these plugs.. The Rosewood will turn black...Yes, I even stained the insides.. But, there wasn't any plugs here in front.. But there were 2 on each end, and... 2 more around in back. Calling this the Desktop Organizer II, because... There is another one in the shop, already....Desktop Organizer I? #1 is out of Ash....#2 is out of Maple... I think that will do, for a while
  14. What's on the bench, tonight... Just a PIP....close this up, before something flies in...
  15. Waiting on glue to dry.. So I can attach the drawer's front to this box... And wait on more glue to dry....
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