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  1. Hmmm, not much working out, today.....even the shop fan stopped working.. Try cutting pins for dovetails...in stuff like this.. Cutting around the worst parts.... let alone chop out the waste. The "bad" corner? Not only will it be at the bottom of the case, but it will be at the back of the case. Finally.. Got both ends all pinned up....which led to the sides get tails cut... One corner done..and...test fit both corners.. let's see...blank I was going to use for the top....too narrow, and too short...will make a new one.. I WAS going to use that 1 x 6 for the raised panel...was. will use that fancy plywood panel instead. Oh well.. Will need a handy panel from Lowes, to make a back panel.... was getting too warm in the shop...called it a day...got a little bit done, in 2 hours Stay tuned...
  2. Roh-kay, raggy...was a BUSY afternoon... Just from 2 boards...they needed a bit of work to get to S4S.. Both of the side pieces for the cabinet were cupped a bit....and the edges needed a bit of work.. ya think? Edges are the easy part, if you have the right plane... One done...and.. Now, about the faces...used the no.6 to start.. Then check.. Then clean up with either the #4, or even the #3 smooth planes..whew... 4 edges, and 4 faces..done...set these two aside..for now....then jointed the edges of the piece for the bottom of the cabinet...and then lay out some pins.. Will be a rebate one that bad edge, to house the back of the cabinet...layout tools? Just the Usual Suspects.... Was a bit of a workout...decided to stop for the day....was soaked, anyway. May start on Dovetails for the bottom of the case.....tomorrow? Stay tuned
  3. Box arrive, via Buster Brown, from McMaster-Carr.... May keep the bag, to keep track of both of these items...Chuck Key has arrived! And...it FITS Not exactly the biggest things... But..it works! Hats off to McMaster-Carr's Customer Service!
  4. On my mitre boxes...there IS a setting labelled "12"....as in the angle needed for a 12 sided box...
  5. Log gripper....missing 2 pins, that lock the jaws in place.. Does look kind of painful...doesn't it...
  6. Took the day off, today ( and maybe tomorrow..) But, I found a Poplar plank for the shelves.. Should be able to cross cut a couple shelves out of this...but...2 problems.. 1) It is tapered...and 2)...slightly too wide....might be able to fix both....we'll see... Might try about Tuesday, or so....stay tuned
  7. All I did was clean it up a smidge, and set it in it's new home.. Front can be closed up.. parts for the lock are still inside...not needed, right now.... Usually, it sits around all day, looking like this...
  8. Yard sale item, a few years back....now sitting on top of the 5 drawer Shop Dresser...filled, of course.. was full when I bought it.....$10? i think...
  9. Sometimes..I actually USE these things.. Hmmm, I guess I should have polished it up...for it's "close-up"...
  10. Well, plan is taking shape in my head ( should be plenty of room, in there ).....managed to haul a plank to the shop...to make 2 sides and MAYBE a door panel....Laid the plank in the vise..flat.. Both ends needed a trim...Mark a line, a few strokes with a knife as a guide....saw wanted to "ghost" to the right...one or two passes of an oil stone along that side of the saw's teeth.. Saw is a 20" long, 8ppi panel saw, of uncertain vintage...once I got it to start, laid it down a hair, to saw all the way across....thumb pressing against the blade to keep it vertical...as for the grip? Index finger to point the way...task was to split the line...this time.. Barely left any line...checked for square.. Close enough for the gals we run around with? Rinse and repeat.. 2 sides and an "extra"...that may wind up as a panel for a door...edges still need jointed. Might have this as the outside/show sides...vs.. The other face of the boards...that extra one? Hmmm, too short to be a side, live edge may become a raised panel edge.. Top and bottom panels...and.. Might be the back of the cabinet? or...if I can't get the extra board to work, may be the door's panel? Will be using these , next time in the shop...for now.. I think this will do, for one day... WOW, look at that..REAL saw dust... stay tuned...
  11. Have the Craftsman version of that tool chest...same colour, even.... McMaster-Carr had the key for the chuck...$2.16....had a bit of trouble completing the order.....called them up....straighten things out... CS is sending one out as a FREE SAMPLE, no charge! Just because of all the trouble I had in placing the order....excellent service!
  12. Sorry...I just have a Sears Craftsman 8" direct drive....from the late 70s....twas my Late Dad's for a while....
  13. New tire is on the van...no longer waddles down the street like a goose. Might get a start on a DVD Cabinet over the weekend...now that the bench is almost cleaned off.. May need a new lower shelf Stay tuned
  14. The Ladder Bench...easy to set up. . Just need a step ladder.. Cut a plank to length(Saw bench?) Crosscuts, anyone? Joinery bench? ( was building Saw bench, and later the Dungeon Shop Bench out here on the back porch.) Can clamp things vertical, if need be (legs for the saw bench..) My, how things have change, from being out in a pole barn Or, outside on a back porch railing.....
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