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  1. Have no projects to do...nor lumber to use. May just clean the shop up, sharpen things that need....and take a bit of time off.... Besides..it is once again Yard Sale Season.....
  2. And..installed... At least they will stack.. I think I'm done building little boxes....so much easier to recycle a tray, or two.. And just stack these up on a shelf under the bench... And, that will do it....
  3. a Label has been found... Printed out, trimmed and glue to the box....waiting on a coat of clear gloss to dry...
  4. Out of the clamps, for a quick clean up. Panel for the bottom was roughly trimmed to size....then glue and a single clamp... Let this sit all day....then, this evening...moved it around and did a bit more clean up... Until the end looks good... And the sides.. Opened the lid, and waxed the bevels... And, to make sure the candle wax was spread into the grooves... Just slide the lid shut a few times Even after the Brew was added... And, yes, the plane does fit the box.. Letting the stain dry overnight, then see IF it needs a second coat. Stay tuned...
  5. Have had better days in the shop....at first...the corner joints were looking good.. Circled area is the groove for the sliding lid...then came the last corner....laid out for the pins... Bad enough I had these backwards...then I cut and chopped them out....was wondering why the tails were looking...funny..THEN I figured out the problem Had to go back and re-do a new side for the box, complete with the groove...and, re-do the end piece from scratch. "Concentration, slip away"....Ok...was almost done with the re-dos....one more tail to chop...... Lights go out....power outage in my section of town,.. Took about 15-20 minutes, before the power came back on....and back to work. Sliding lid needed trimmed a bit, to fit the new groove.....and then trimmed for length, once I made a handle for it... Yes, I used the Stanley 45 to make that groove...... Test fit....then made sure it fit the box... Seems to fit ( but, which end?) Guess the glue , cauls, and clamps can take over? Well, after I check that the plane still fits.. And, that the panel for the bottom of the box is the right size Close enough. Set the panel aside, with the plane on it, and glue up the lid and handle.. Which left the four sides to do... Hmmm, only needed 5 clamps? Will let this sit overnight...might try to clean it up, then.... Maybe tomorrow will be a better day....stay tuned
  6. Not much else going on in the shop....thought I'd try a few ideas out. Was getting boring doing finger joints, anyway.. Laid out some more blanks, to make a box for a Stanley No. 18.. Should be enough. A little bit rough.... We have ways... Takes awhile, when you get see-through shavings..Then rounded up the Usual Suspects... Toys? Seems to fit the scale of the parts, better..pins first.. Yes, I used that toy knife. Was getting ready to trim to the baseline....then used these pins to lay out the tails.. And cut and chop them....repeat for the other corner... Then made sure the plane would still fit in the box. Other end can wait for a bit....Set up the Stanley 45 With the skinniest cutter they made for this plane....can't even use the sliding skate.... Used a pair of "holdfasts"...time to get groovy.. Both of the long sides got a groove along the top edge....and the end even got a stopped groove The "lid" was test fitted.. Needed to bevel 3 edges...once I had the width and length figured out....Stanley #110 was still being put to work...more test fits... Needed this to size the other end panel...as it will also provide a handle... Big piece will get dovetailed in place, the other will get a rebate, and glued to the lid. Bottom will get glued to the bottom of the box. May turn the lid into a Raised panel looking thing... Well, it is a start...stay tuned
  7. Tell you what...I'll end this thread. I'll start up another one, because: Corner joints will be differently made Lid will be way different.... Rather than dig through all of this thread, a new one with a fresh start, seem to be in order... Stay tuned...
  8. Label ain't the best...there was some confusion going on....as to whether it was a No. 118, or a No. 18 So...a hybrid? Actually the plane IS a Shelton No. 18 Will see how tomorrow goes....may just rest the leg.....been a busy day. Stay tuned...
  9. Missed one last week. Drove by one this morning.......clothes and nic-nacs...meh.....couple of turns, found a second one, un-listed.....but... There was a large Flat Rate box...about 1/2 full of Lego parts....bought that for the 10 yr old GrandBRAT....$8....as for me....spent $6.... $1 for a plastic baggie... Need to inventory it, and see IF it is worth a dollar bill....the other $5? Stanley No. 110, "bottle cap" adjuster, and a Wm Johnson of Newark, NJ 6" Tempered compass... Hmmm...not my pencil. As for that "inventory"? Most of them...even a bit holder I might have a few, to fill in the missing ones... The stamp is an "S", not too sure about those 2 huge tips... The Stanley No. 110? Almost the same as the one I started out woodworking with...still had the factory grind edge on the blade. I turned down a Millers Falls No. 75 that was also sitting there. Compass has been cleaned up, new pencil, too.. So...not too bad for the first day of the season?
  10. 2 yard sales to check out....one was a"drive-by"....second one had TOOLS....guess who just had to stop.... Mowed the yard today...then did a Beer Run....not much else to do today....
  11. Yeah, right....that is what they all say... Out of the clamps, sanded smooth and a bit more square Inside of the lid was too snug...we have ways... Wide chisel to pare the fat parts down until the inner box will slide inside... Piston fit? Seemed almost a shame to close the "vent" Then a coat or two of Witch's Brew.. Then wait for it to dry, while I find a Shelton Tool Co. label to stick on an end... Label has been printed..for Shelton No. 18 All Steel Low angle Block plane....need to trim it to fit, and attach to the lid... Next? Plane #3? MIGHT be a Stanley No. 18? May need a longer box...to cover the big...back end Stay tuned....
  12. Chisels are done... That big one is a Stanley Handyman 1-1/2"....the PEXTO is 1" wide, and the Fulton Special, and the Witherby are bot 1/2" wide. May need to build a rack for these...if I keep getting any more ( yeah,,riiiiight) Used the Stanley for a bit, today... Inside of a lid was a tad too tight...so, the fat parts got shaved down...fingers and a chin to power the chisel along.
  13. Box #2 needed a lid/cover,so Do a bit of sawing, and a bit of chopping.....that chisel, is from an old Handy Andy tool set. Working my way around. Got to about here...when I had to take the boss shopping...and pay a couple bills, too Joints WERE looking good....corner #3 had.....issues Seems the end piece(the short sides) got flipped over while being marked....bass-ackwards fingers Had to remake the end from scratch Once that was done, and things did fit together..somewhat....time for the glue & clamp routine... The caul is there...because I also installed the topper...after cutting, sanding and planing it to just a slip fit.. Getting all 4 corners of the topper to sit in their places.....was a bit like herding cats....3 would go in, one would come back out....Glue was getting a bit"sticky", that helped out a bit....Caul was more to keep the sides from bowing inwards, and keep the clamp from sliding around ( must have been talking with the "cats") Letting this mess sit a while....maybe after Lunch, I can remove the clamps? Stay tuned....
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