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  1. Ok, made a shopping trip, to pick up a latch for the box. $1.99 + tax... Part of the job today...was to make sure the two plywood runners could be installed under the plane. Threaded rod stuck up a bit too high, for the lid to close...Rubbed a black sharpie on the top of the bolt, pressed the lid down....then drilled a clearance hole about 1/4" deep...lid fits better now. Bead of glue on the plywood runners, stick them in place, set the plane on them, and close the lid.... Place the box into the vise, as a clamp. and try to install a latch....TINY screws, too....means I need a tiny pilot hole drill bit.. Headless nail in the drill seemed to work...also needed a SMALL screwdriver... Sanding had already been done, brushed off. Time to brush on the stain, and wipe it off..PIP? Latch needs a bit more adjustments... If you look into the lid, you will see the clearance hole...also keeps the plane from rattling around in there... Hinge side... waiting on the stain to dry, before the top coats go on.. Stay tuned, almost done..
  2. I guess to install the hinges...one needs proper hinge tool? Wax for the threads, cordless screwdriver for the slotted brass screws, and a couple cordless drills... Be sure to clock those slots....the fill the box up.. And close the lid... And go shopping for a latch...
  3. Look up Cauls....hardwood sticks you clamp across a joint. Helps if they have a slight curve to them....helps put pressure out in the middle of the glue joint. Then just a clamp on each end...works best using two sticks....
  4. 2 hours of shoptime....clamps taken off, and put away...for a while Clean up began.. Only the ends needed any work.. Second end done...then the "fun" can begin Hope I had the inside groove deep enough...ran this outside groove all the way around...tried to cut the lid off with a saw, and a knife....wound up using the tablesaw, again.. Had to reset the fence...and trim the seal a bit to fit....didn't have the inside groove deep enough... So, I used the 45 to thin the seal a bit, until the lid fit. Lid needed reglued in one corner Letting the glue dry...installed the bit holder...drilled it for a cutter.. Will go with a pair of 1/4" thick plywood runners under the plane. Pine ones were too tall....also, thumbscrew was too long, shortened that done, and.... IT FITS will glue the plywood runners down, once I check the fit for fit. Found some hinges, too.. Should do the trick. Even put the router plane to work.. Had a few high spots that needed trimmed down. Just waiting on the glue to cure, again Stay tuned....almost done...
  5. Okay....as to those dovetails...I "cheat" a bit....Router was used.. But, with a jig being involved... I marked a couple lines, first....kind of "Stop Lines"... I knife in the outside ones, as this is where the sockets end, the inside lines.. Are at the top of the vise, router hits the top of the vise, and can not cut any further...I mark the pin locations using the sliding bevel gauge, then eye ball the rest.. Rather a messy way to work....I have goggles to cover my glasses..and eyes Then a clean up with a chisel or two.. Then use these pins to mark out the tails. Bandsaw to cut on the waste side of the lines...and a chisel to remove the waste, as needed..then a test fit... Someday, I might get the hang of this....got the 4 corners done, check the plywood bottom.. And found out the original one was a tad too narrow...made a new panel for the bottom. Reset the Stanley 45... Clamped a side to the bench.. Plough a groove for the bottom..and.. To house a raised panel for the lid....dry fit for the bottom... While I cut a few more grooves, than another fitting Should be enough room? Did not drive things all the way together,,hard enough to get them back apart...raised panel? Used a different way to do this sort of thing...involved a zero clearance insert on my tablesaw, and tilting the blade 15 degrees... And run the blank through on all 4 edges...leaves a little wedge behind. Then a hand plane to add a back bevel...and clean a burn mark or two... There are two other grooves to do, as I want a dust seal lid... Hopefully a bit better than this one, on the box for the Stanley 45. I plough the one groove on the inside, first. Layout lines for when the box comes out of the clamps, idea is enough of an overlap between the two grooves, that a knife cut can separate the lid from the box. Then the lid fits down to seal the box....first, I need to glue the box up.. Glue and a forest of clamps. let this sit a day. both the rest panel and the bottom panel are installed.... Have to set the 45 to match that outside groove. Had to sweep up a bunch of crunchies... Plus a pile of sawdust under the tablesaw...then close up shop....2 hours of shoptime, today Stay tuned....will see how things look when the clamps come off...tomorrow...
  6. Have a forest of clamps growing on my bench... Waiting on the glue to dry....
  7. Roh, kay...here we go, again.....drew a few lines, once I found a decent piece of plywood for the bottom of the box-to-be.. 1/4" in from two edges....this is to allow for a groove to house this plywood....bunch more markings coming. And the rest of the grooves...mainly to allow the plane to sit in the box.. In theory....however...other things must fit inside. There is a wood block to hold the cutters.. Which sits between the plane and the end of the box...like this... Had to add a bit...I also traced around the plane. And, made 2 runners for the plane to sit on... Cut the plywood to size.. So..NOW I can figure out the sizes of the box's sides....There is a plank, that I'd like to use.... So the grain runs all the way around the box...There was a slight problem, though.. Edge I wanted to use was a bit too wavy...other edge was a bit better.. Plank was also tapered, end to end....we have ways.. Set to the narrowest width, set the better edge against the fence, buzz the bad edge off, reset the fence a bit, and straight line the other edge. Not enough room to cross cut the plank on this saw...again, we have ways... This keeps up, I may have to send this out to be resharpened... all sides cut for length.. Don't really need the box this tall.. Just a little off the top? Next ...set up the other router, with a 1/2" dovetail bit. Cut a few sockets, doing pins first....then laid out and cut a few tails.. Will fine tune the fit, after the grooves are milled..got a second end done.. Nice, when I need a hammer to drive these together...let alone drive them apart.. Was getting a bit tired... Swept the floor, and called it quitting time. May work on the other two corners tomorrow....start time was 1445 hrs...quitting time was 1630hrs... Stay tuned...might get interesting....
  8. Found this on the inter-webby.. I think I could build a better version? Might take a weekend?
  9. Roh kay, raggy...Since I now have a better grinder wheel on the grinder...decided to finish working of the 3/8" cutter from an allen wrench... had to get a cup of water...had to shorten the length a bit.. As it was a bit too tall, a case of grind and dunk, grind and dunk...Once it was the right length, and the end rounded over...then a Dremel with both a cutting wheel, and a grinding wheel the right size to make the notch...Two cuts to define the notch, then the wheel to make and level the notch..test fit? And, we have a 0.380" wide cutter. Look just above the left knob, you'll see a track made by this cutter. Now..my Stanley #45 has it's own box/case. There are 3 other planes that call a box home.. A Ward's ( Stanley) #78, a Stanley #39 3/8" Dado plane, and that Auburn Tool Co. No. 181 skewed rebate plane...had to tear down the 78, but, everything fits...even the lid closes Sooo, thought about building a box to house the 71-1/2, and it's cutters....might have some lumber left over.. Not sure about a case for that other router sitting there.... Did a screen shot, of a candidate for such a case....might just keep me busy over the weekend?
  10. So..since the stain is on, a few last minute details done...stain has been wiped down, and being allowed to dry a day...how about a PIP? End details..note the grain? Tried to line things up a bit.. I relocated the hinges a bit, and now they can hold the lid open... A view of the back? Someday, I might get good at dovetails.. A look out front...had to "adjust" the fit a little bit more. That "extra" groove has been filled in...I added a thin strip to the top of the drawer..making it a guide, of sorts.. Almost can't see it? That is the idea. Maybe tomorrow, if the stain is dry..will see about a top coat...might even be a clear gloss? Stay tuned..
  11. Roh Kay...nothing from the Kidney Doctor....stone is not the problem....been referred back to Family Doctor....Still HURTS like I was kicked in the side.. Drawer has been "de-clamped" and leveled.. Just used a smaller plane, is all..test fit? When you slide a drawer shut, and all the dust inside comes whooshing out in a cloud..tis almost a piston fit... Will call this a PIP... All sanded down awaiting a coat of stain, and some shellac....except... There isn't enough stain left in the can, to even do the front of the drawer..grrrrrr Went out to the Blue BORG, and bought a new can, tonight...maybe tomorrow I can finish this thing... Stay tuned..
  12. Well,got the front of the box fixed.. Will just have to do Hinges were installed....not my type of job I like to do.. This is what Sellers calls out for...meh.. Drawer is out of the clamps, cleaned up and a fitting began,,,, Top of drawer needed a shim glued on....then nailed down...going to be one of them days....while trying to level the bottom edges of the drawer...heard a "CRACK" Now I had to wait on more glue to dry... When this dries, I'll have to sand it smooth, and try again...at least there is a handle I can pull on, if the drawer sticks.. Got tired of fighting things...a pen just happened to roll out into my way...was soon on it's way to parts unseen...was that kind of a day..time to stop. Stay tuned, close to the finish line, now
  13. A cable ran between the "spring" and the calipers. Cable was looped to allow a chain hoist's hook to latch on.....Powered or just chain hoist....can then lift an item off a pallet/flatcar/flatbed/wagon. Can even be used to move Railroad rails to where they are needed..or...railroad ties...
  14. Trying to get a box done.... Lid was cut to size, today...drawer is now in the clamps for a day.. I get to see the Kidney Doctor tomorrow afternoon...been being worst than a racehorse....and getting cramps from it....
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