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  1. Stain has been brushed on, wiped down, allowed to dry for a while..PIP? Intend to line this with a foam pad...trying to find a way to add a chain to the lid... Good thing this is the back... Racing stripes...well, since this IS just a toolbox... This MIGHT get a handle to carry this thing with....as soon as I find two I like... As these would be a bit too small. Letting this dry a day, or so...then a coat or two of a gloss varnish? Almost done.... There is a spot, just above the top center drawer...that will get something "special" once the finish is done.... Stay tuned...
  2. This look a bit better? Not much I could have done with those drawers....
  3. Paint can lid was too big...had to use other things..
  4. Called a French Curve. Can be used to draw about any number of different curves. How many can you count. I use it for gradual curves, usually....
  5. Hmm... Will have to wait until a bit of stain goes on.... Then we'll see....Ash is a bit funny....as stain will change the way the grain looks....
  6. Hmmmm Mail came....bandsaw works.. . After a few curves were drawn.. Even some french ones.. All this after a hand plane worked over the lid.. Nice to have a level playing field...Handles were installed.. Like that little screwdriver? Candle to wax the threads. Fancy hinges were installed...brass nails, too... Set this thing up on it's own feet... Slide the drawers in...maybe open the lid? Almost done.... Stay tuned..
  7. Bandsaw update....old motor has "bearing issues"... So, the motor the saw came with...is now back on.. Will see how long it works, this time around....right now, everything seems to be working. Waiting at the Mail box today..hardware box is "out for Delivery" ....according to the USPS... Lid work today,,,after I get it flattened and halfway smooth...curves need laid out, and then the bandsaw can make a few cuts...need the curve tools... ONE of these MIGHT work? Stay tuned..
  8. Last night, snuck back to the shop about Midnight, or so...was to check on the glue-ups... About an hour or so later...came back upstairs.... Ran the mitersaw for a bit...couple straight cuts (pine backer board, molding has a rebated backside) and a couple 45 degree cuts (black line) Bolts for the uprights the saw runs in...needed tightened back up, was way too loose. Molding? Miters? You could say that....nails and glue to install ( sorry, I don't have Norm's pin nailer..) Drawers were taken out of the clamps, cleaned and fitted... Upper center, and upper right. Molding kind of dresses things up.. That lid came out of the clamps...needed one of it's LONG clamps to help clean up the base where the molding was going....needed that flat and square....also work on the sides a bit better, and around the top, so the lid will sit flat....Lid? Need to work on this, next. First need the bandsaw up and running... Someday, I might, just might, get the hang of molded corners... One hour.....see what happens when I can't get to sleep.. Stay tuned..hardware may arrive this Friday...we'll see
  9. Might find a bench, before too much longer.... If I can get that box out of the way... Kind of takes up too much space..
  10. Roh-Kay, Raggy....Clamps came off of the 4 drawers...and tried to clean them up, and get them fitted... Will slide them all the way in, once the handles arrive....Still had 2 drawers to build, so Build-a-Drawer.. Drawer bottom, and a side I cleaned up the rebates, and made sure all the parts will fit each other... bead of glue on the edge of the side (remember, large rebate faces in, small faces out) I used the drawer's back as a support, will I hammered 3 nails in place. Repeat for the other side Back is next. Glue on 3 edges... 2 nails through the bottom, 2 nails in from the sides. Then the fun.. Those 2 grooves (dados) and that rebate along the bottom.they each get the bead of glue,,,,then press/tap/hammer it into place.. Then about 4 clamps... And let sit overnight.. Decided I need filler strips, and a different base treatment...first the fillers.. Then wrap the molding around three sides. Mitered at the corners, too....maybe tomorrow, eh Tongue & Groove joint? Keep in mind, these are barely 1/4" thick parts...BTW...lid has been cut to size, ripped for width, and the ends square... Once this is done, I can round the corners a bit...sand/plane it flat and smooth... When it gets out of the clamps, that is... Stay tuned
  11. A tale of 2 one long sessions, today....with a break in-between them. 1st hour was about removing clamps.. And milling all the parts for 6 drawers. plywood cut to size for drawer bottoms. Sides were sized for width and length...even made the backs for the drawers. Milling also meant rebates, and dados. Sides needed 2 rebates...one for the backs to sit in.. Also needed to rip the sides and backs to allow for the plywood bottom...front needed dados and a rebate.. fancy way to build a drawer...plywood fits the rebate along the bottom edge. Checked the case for square? About here was Breaktime!...And at least I'll remember to bring the camera with me, for the next session... "Plan" is to nail and glue the sides to the plywood bottom....then glue and nail the back in place....then the clamps and cauls.. To glue the Ash front in place..no nails..then set this one aside, and assemble a second drawer.. Left just enough room for a 3rd one....had enough clamps to build a 4th drawer.. But nowhere to set it aside....maybe next time in the shop...I can build the last 2... I did drag out a small pilot hole drill, just in case... yep, those are the nails used... Dungeon Creeks had been running today...since we had all that rain, lately.. And... Right where I'm working.... Maybe next time, things will be a tad drier down there? Stay tuned..
  12. Jack plane is done, and being put to work... Along with it's older brother..Sargent #414c. IF I can get this wooden box done, and off the bench.. I can start on rehabbing the Disston D8 Rip saw....
  13. Well...those came off...had to "tap" one of the cauls loose.. Sanded the back flat ( had a bow in the center....)flipped over, and flattened the face frame flat ( had a lot of high spots and bows ) Decided a base would be needed...milled a few parts..clamps came back... Arrows pointing to the base parts. Back is flat.. Need to add some feet...tomorrow. Next up..resaw that 1 x 4 x 6' Pine down to something I can use as drawer sides, and backs crosscut things close to sizes, and get rid of some bad knots...then set up the saw for resaw work....zero clearance overlay...fence set so the blade is centered in the board's thickness....run each through along both edges... Yes, that is as high as that blade will go....8-1/4" blade on a Craftsman 8" saw....normally, I'd run this through on the bandsaw, to remove the narrow strip...but.....bandsaw needs the motor changed out... Might be "old school"? All it has to do is follow that saw kerf....about a dozen strokes later.... Saw lands on the wooden deck. Same problems as the bandsaw.. tablesaw makes a wider kerf...a couple passes with a smooth plane should fix that... More rips and cross cuts...then stack the parts where they will be safe.. All 6 drawers now have a front, and 2 sides that will fit...still need a back and a bottom milled.. Stay tuned
  14. Rust hunting Friday....box of papers... And... But wait...there's MORE! $15 for the box full Might come in handy.....
  15. Might have a family started? Sitting behind the Sargent #414c.....is the Craftsman Jack plane.... The Craftsman might be a little newer than the 1907 version...maybe?
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