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  1. steven newman

    Chest of Drawers plan

    Have one, keep tripping on the dang thing...used the one from the Christmas Inflatables, as it isn't needed out there...maybe 15'....reel has about a 100' on it...
  2. steven newman

    Chest of Drawers plan

    Ok....After a nice long break after we got home, today...decided to get a little work done... . Clamps removed...had to set this aside...for now...brought a panel to the shop, to trim for the back panel.. Hmmm, had enough trouble getting this down to the shop...can't run it on the tablesaw...Piece needs to be 26" x 40" and leave enough for two drawer bottoms.. So..snapped a chalk line at 26" with the 26" ON the saw... And clamped the panel to the saw....making sure I had some clearance underneath.... Had to track down a e-cord for the saw...then chalked a line at 40" and cut that as well....Ready to install. Got this thing onto the bench... Yep, that is all the support I could get....bead of glue along one edge, and about halfway onto the webframes. 1-1/8" screws to attach just one edge...marked where the webframes are, spun this around, pulled the case into square ( 1/8" out) and finished all the screws, after a bead of glue was added to the second edge..set this thing up... Little clamp because a split showed up...glue and clamped. Wasn't quite done, for the day.. . Hmmm wonder where those are coming from... Must be something going on.... I had the top rail ripped for width...Don't think a router can do this...called a half dovetail...got both ends to fit..finally...And added a few clamps, and some glue.. and let this sit awhile...a look at the outside, minus the clamps? Kind of clean looking? Details? Not too plain, not too fancy? Detail of the dovetail.... Done for to day? Well....had the shop coat and shop apron to stick into the washer ( might be a little "gamey"?) so, I cut 4 corner blocks, and installed those... NOW, I am done for one day. Stay tuned....
  3. steven newman

    Chest of Drawers plan

    Getting ready to try to cut a panel for the back of the case.....anyone want to stop by and help out..... Might also involved attaching it, and squaring up the case...face frame may wait until tomorrow
  4. steven newman

    A plane is just a plain ole plane

    I keep adjusting for the lateral on the 62.....won't stay put. And, I don't plane much end grain stuff....have a shooting board, but it merely sits around, collecting cobwebs...
  5. steven newman

    A plane is just a plain ole plane

    Never got used to that #4.....unless you wanted see-through shavings everytime....took way too long to get a task done... The low angle one has issues.....wants to plane at a bevel.....rather than flat. A Millers Falls No. 11 does better work, and has zero tearout....
  6. steven newman

    A plane is just a plain ole plane

    Too busy USING my "old" planes, right now.....and would rather spend the budget on lumber.....
  7. steven newman

    Chest of Drawers plan

    Ok...the good news. Lost my wedding ring last night....found it this morning! Cardio Doctor visit today? Clean bill of health, "see ya in 6 months, no med changes needed""...also was weighed in...and have lost 14 pounds!Sooo, after an Old Fart Power nap....decided to do a little assembly.. Tools needed? Couple of drills. needed a layout block, to show where a pilot hole or two went.. Flip board around, drill the other hole...then the countersink drill.. Then do the same on the other end of the frame. Add a bead of glue to one end, and drive a couple screws... Frames are lined up in their layout lines i made the other day. Driver? With those kickers overhead, there isn't a lot of room. Also, make sure all the kickers are towards to bottom of the case. I worked with the rebate for the back towards me.. As the frames need to be flush with the back.... Like this. Finally got one side assembled... Hmmm, then the fun part. This assembly needed to move off the "work table". The other side needed to take it's place, with the rebate towards me...then a bead of glue was spread onto all the frames, hoist the assembly onto the other side....and line things up, one frame at a time, and screw them down..then add a few clamps to hold things tight.. And let this sit awhile.... Stay tuned..
  8. steven newman

    Chest of Drawers plan

    And Steve has no helpers, and is his own cameraman...Once I get going, there isn't much standing around, other than the camera shots. Sooooo Weather kept me sitting around the house, today....after Lunch, went to the shop....had a few things that needed done... Some of the rebates needed cleaned up. Was looking around for a pattern to use... Figured this would be easy to cut... Olden days, this would have been a straight line, running front the bottom rail to 1" from the edge.... Needs a bit of sanding...Needed this done, before the cove cutter got going... Not using much of this bit... As there isn't much room once the rails are in place... Got the 4 posts done, and sanded, which left the rails to be done.. Top rail only, gets a single cove, all the others get two coves. Once all the coves were done, and the router put away...I took a short break...had a mess to clean up, anyway.. Upstairs to go pee...have a bit of Mountain Dew...then back down to change the tablesaw blade.. A VERY tight fit....saw is an 8"...blade is 8-1/4" Stack beside it? Once I remembered which way the grain was supposed to go, I got all 10 panels cut to size. Decided to clear the top of the saw, and set up for a little assembly.. Not shown in this photo..there is a mid rail further down, with a clamp holding it tight. Square to help align the top three parts. Bead of glue and a few nails..had to stop, and find a pair of needle nose pliers, to save me fingers. Once the top is square and nailed in place...I could add a panel, and a mid rail.. Top two panels are 1/4" x 6" x 13-1/2" bead of glue all the way around, and a few nails..then keep going until the bottom rail is done.. A few clamps to keep things tight...once nailed off, I can set this aside... Set this aside , out of the way, and start on the other side.... Finger savers. Finally got this side done...and set it aside, back to back with the first one.. Another view? Sooo, next task? maybe tomorrow, I can drill a few pilot holes in the ends of all of these... 2 holes per end,,,to allow a 2" screw to attach these to the sides.... Stay tuned ( anyone want to play Cameraman?)
  9. steven newman

    Chest of Drawers plan

    layout stuff is completed. No saw dust was made, though. Clamped all 4 corner posts together... Set up as pairs, rebate to rebate. Marked which is to be the top of the posts... And used one webframe to make a few lines...top frame sits down 3/4" from the top of the posts.. To allow corner blocks a place to reside...which is why the top rail is a bit wider.. I then measure down 5" to the next rail.. Webframe to make a few lines, two for the frame itself, one for the kicker...then measure down from the kicker line to the next rail And repeat all the way to the bottom. first two spaces were 5", then three at 6-1/2"...until I get to here.. Along with markings for the feet details, which I'll cut next time in the shop....removed two posts, and tried a dry fit...with a lot of clamps.. Down near the foot....had to slide the rail down a hair... Got the rails close....added a few more clamps.. Then I could measure the sizes of the plywood panels... . Need a pair of each size. Did get a new saw blade, today.. Should work on plywood, at least? Along with a few other toys.. Used that square for these layouts, BTW. needed that LONG bit... This show where that tenon will line up on the lines. Stay tuned
  10. steven newman

    Chest of Drawers plan

    Visit to the Surgeon, today. other than a 30 day restriction of lifting anything over 10 pounds, clean bill of health! The only way I might get to the doctor's office tomorrow, would be by either snowmobile, or dog sled, neither of which I have. 4 x 8 sheet of 5mm plywood has been cut down, and bought...grandson to carry it in. two good 1 x 2 x 6' were bought ( face frame parts) a LONG screwdriver tip ( 6" #2 Phillips) and a 40tooth, 8-1/4" saw blade for the tablesaw. Will see IF the new blade works. Right now....I need a nap.
  11. steven newman

    Chest of Drawers plan

    Due to all the driving around the rest of this week...last night all the 1 x 4s were sawn down into something useful.. Top and bottom rails. Each get a single rebate for a plywood panel. 1/4" thick tenon will fit in the rebate on the corner posts 3" wide ones are the bottom rails, 2-1/4 ones are the top. Needed 8 mid rails... 1-1/2" wide, They have 2 rebates for plywood panels to sit on. Details? Plywood sits in a bead of glue in these rebates. "tenon" gets a single nail and some glue. Test fit, using a scrap of plywood... Something like this. Plywood is cut to size to fill this space, and nailed to the corner posts. Add in a webframe.. Which will use 2 screws to attach to the rails. Was a busy time in the shop.. Ya think? Have road trips the next three days... Stay tuned
  12. steven newman

    Chest of Drawers plan

    OK. Physical Therapy today...haul a 2 x 4 x 8' to the shop.. well dried, weighs maybe 1 pound. Skil saw to make two cuts And have two corner posts ready to mill....of course, I had to bring the other 2 x 4 down..and have all 4 posts ready.. I kept the one cutoff as a set-up block. There was a problem.. Even with the blade raised all the way up...had to run each through, flip over, and complete the cuts. Where a set up block helps out. Ran all 4 posts through, to get one edge done.. Then reset the fence, and set for 3" width.. And run them through again....next, these needed to be 1" thick,,,same problem with the blade Hmmm, well...that is what the bandsaw is for...after a brand new blade was installed... Which left that ridge down the center...we have ways.. Millers Falls No.11...junior jack. Face is now smooth and flat...time for the rebates? All 4 posts get this rebate. Where the rails and plywood panels will be nailed and glued in place. 1/4" deep x 3/4" wide..then picked the worst two posts, and another rebate was done.. need to clean these two up a bit. This is where the back of the case will be screwed and glued. And that was it for today, I think...still learning this computer's photo set-ups.. Rebates took two cuts....run one cut through, reset, run that through, and then reset for the back rebates... need to lay out the drawer spacings to find out where the webframes will get attached at. Then I can figure out a design for the feet. Stay tuned.
  13. steven newman

    Chest of Drawers plan

    Well, you had all weekend to get caught up....stomach issues, brought on by the blood thinner causing a "lump" where the Gall Bladder USED to be.....Friday night to the ER, back to the Hospital where the surgery was done....got kicked out this afternoon...back home now, no restrictions....
  14. The finger got poked this morning, count is 2.3. Have bills to pay off, and a van to have the brakes fixed....E-brake sticking, again....new caliper. Might get a little more done on Chester Drawers this weekend....viewing it as a form of Physical Therapy..... We'll see how the weekend goes.
  15. steven newman

    Chest of Drawers plan

    Not sure whether to continue the project here, or start in a new thread up in General Woodworking? Put in about 2.5 hours in the shop, today....viewing these trips to the shop as "PT"..... Webframes...got 1/2 of them done, today.. Will try to get the other 3 done, tomorrow. These are what a drawer slides in and out on, center part is called a kicker, and keeps the drawer below it from tipping down. Kickers do not actually guide anything. So, this view is the underside of the frame...Countersunk screws and glue. Corners are glued and " a couple of brads to hold things while the glue sets" So, let me know IF I need to start a new thread, or have Morris just move this thread...

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