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  1. Had a Blood Draw at the Doctor's Office, today....something about a liver test? Stopped at Menard's, looking for a hatchet handle....No-Go... Somehow, during all of this..I managed to lose 5 pounds!....might have been the Hospital food?
  2. Remember that WIDE chisel I picked...? I got to checking the bevel a bit closer... About the 1st 1/8" was pitted..badly...even on the back... Makes it very hard to get a sharp edge....Bevel was rounded instead of flat... hauled a big glass of water to the shop...we have work to do.. First off, get rid of the pits.. 90 degrees, until no mo pits... Right wheel (coarse), left wheel Fine ...Coarse to grind away the pits...fine to flatten the back.. Tall glass of water...Oil stones in a little bit..Got the bevel hollow ground to just barely the edge...checking for square ( alot) Then off to the sanding disc.. 6", 80 grit...start near the center of the disc, and pull to the rim...DUNK, repeat as needed... 1st stone is quite coarse..a bit of 3in1 oil to get things moving....2nd stone is a 600 Medium India stone...a few drops of oil. On both stones, I also hit the flatten back..finally.. A few minutes on the 1500 wet-or-dry paper...paper is clamped to the India stone...helps keep things flat....getting close to sharp.. That is a 6" cloth wheel on my #2 grinder...A Green crayon gets applied to the wheel...and then the back and bevel of the chisel go for a ride... Back is flat where it needs to be...other chisel is 24mm wide...it is more of a wide paring chisel... And the bevels....there IS a bald spot on my left forearm...about 1-3/4" wide. So....how many hours of sheer "drudgery" did this take? About the same amount of time as this load spent in the washing machine. Have started working on plane irons too... The Stanley No. 5 now has a slight camber to it's edge, as befitting it being a Jack Plane. The Sargent 410c has been thoroughly cleaned up..pitted edge cleaned and now square to the edge... Millers Falls No. 9 with need a clean up and sharpening... Just puttering around...
  3. Leg is better...still a bit tender....Follow up tomorrow morning with the Family Doctor...
  4. Rehab Center for Hand Planes is now in use.... We have work to do...
  5. Thinking this MIGHT be a jig for either a Tinsmith or a Silversmith.... That square block could also have been changed out to a round ( Hollow) profile? The "spike" could also be used as an Anvil..... The "notches" in the fence MIGHT have been use to guide Punches.....
  6. Eric lives down in Dayton (Clayton) OH area....and we trade back and forth. Not sure what he would charge to do other's tools.... Small Sargent block plane
  7. Great Neck coping saw is done.. The Stanley No. 5? Sharpened edge has a normal Jack Plane camber to it.. Test drive in Ash. This was made back when Stanley added a splash of colour the the frog...Orange. This be the Sargent No. 410c...iron is in rough shape...other parts will need a bit of "polish"... Under the hood... We'll see how it goes...May send a couple lever caps to Eric Brown, and have him nickel plate them.. Next up in the rehab line..
  8. What little shoptime there was today.....cleaned up a Great Neck Coping saw, refinished it's WOOD handle....installled a NEW blade (tossed the old dull rusty one out). And hung it up on the outside of the Tool Cabinet... #2 Stanley No. 5, type 14/15: Iron's edge was at an angle to the side, way out of square. Regrind a new bevel. sharpened up at the Unicorn. Has a shallow camber, just like a normal Jack plane should. Polished the lever cap....polished the hump of the chipbreaker, to ease the way for shavings. And that was it for today...
  9. I would mow the yard....but...leg is still in recovery mode.... Not much else going on...64 sunny degrees outside!
  10. Took almost as long to get signed in at the Koisk as it did to apply for the new cards...did not even get to sit down until I was at the OPEN WINDOW.....with only one other couple being waited on in the other window! 15 minutes, tops...had to wait until Long John Silvers opened up at 1100 hrs..... In and right back out, cards are in the mail, now! Not too bad of a "Road Trip"?
  11. Was too busy to notice that is was a Monday Doctors' appointments to schedule, pills to go and buy...Block plane iron needed a small bit of work...and just sitting around...trying to keep the right leg elevated is a chore...bad case of fever blisters going on... Tomorrow, have to go and replace both the Medicare and the Social Security cards....as my son washed my jeans without checking any of the pockets, first. Night time pills have been taken...all 3 of them...more tomorrow. Still haven't quite got caught up with sleep, as a Hospital is NO place to get a good night's sleep.
  12. Thursday night...was taken to the ER...BAD leg infection...just got back home today from the hospital...still taking a lot of pills...but at least I am home again..
  13. Had an unwanted visitor last night.....a large BAT decided to try flying around IN my house ( no. NOT my Belfry..) Was last seen being flushed down the toilet,,,,whether he wanted to or not....since there have been reports of Rabid Bats down near Dayton, OH....we did NOT take any chance.....Broom slammed his but up against a wall....then a "Gripper" ( that I use to pick stuff up off the floor) grabbed him, and hauled him to the bathroom...The cold water seemed to wake him up a bit...too late....he is now in the sewer system... And this was the second bat in about a month....seem to be coming down the chimney through the Fireplace.....May have to find a stack of bricks, mix a bit of mortar, and seal the fireplace off.....unlined, so we don't use it anyway...might turn it into a Fake Mumford? Lumber supplies are at ZERO, until after the 3rd Wednesday. Eye ball surgery is rescheduled for the 26th of this month...in Piqua, OH. we'll see...and, they will do the other eye ball 2 weeks later...
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