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  1. Wasn't there a Picture Framer's Miter Box that used this to set how long a piece was set in the cutting area ? Thinking either a Goodell Pratt Co. or...a Stanley? Basically... a length stop in a mitre box....tab that sticks up for the wood to rest against. Ruler part would be sitting down in the groove milled for it, in the metal bed. Was later replaced with a wood ruler.... You could "dial" up the length of cut....leave it sit there for the matching cuts....Gear drive allows to fine tune the cut.
  2. Ok..you asked for it.. Walnut, Brass, and steel...Tain't nutting better... Finger grips.....steel screws..blued at that.. There is another small screw, on the other side of the blade, screws were countersunk... And now..the logo Centered under the 1" mark... WINCHESTER TRADE MARK MADE IN U.S.A. 9706 They just don't make these like they used to....
  3. Winchester needed a way to keep its workers employed after WW1....as sales for weapons went downhill......so, they started to sell a full "kit" of handtools...I also have a square with the Winchester logo on the blade....
  4. Happen to know where 2 more are....a W4 ($65) and a W6c( $80)....about 3 blocks from me...
  5. Just got done posting it. I keep a cheap paint brush around the shop....I load it with 3in1 oil....then just rub the brush all around...
  6. There was a tub brought home from Fred's get together up by Wapak, OH.....had, among other things, about 7 block planes....well...finally got the last of the 7 rehabbed. The "Before" looks ( Hide yer eyes, Mabel!) Uuummmm.. Coyote What? Had newspaper stuck to the sole... At the start of the Six Million Dollar Man TV show...they talked about how they could "rebuild him" We also have the Tech to do this...and send this back to 1955....no Delorian needed... A selection of wire wheels...some big.. Some not so big.. Some d
  7. This was Monday's "Project".... This "thing" came home from Fred's place.....I think I have finally got all 7 block planes rehabbed..this had newspaper stuck to the sole.. The goal here was to take this thing back to about ....1955 or so.. Hmm, this may take a bit.... The sole and the iron look better....as for the rest of this "Project" Millers Falls V-Line gray body colour ( 3 coats of spray on primer...) Knob was stripped to bare wood, and a dark stain applied. Red is called Red Pepper Red... I could post the entire story down in
  8. In no particular order... 26", 12ppi Miter box saw( $15) Sold by the Canadian store before 1972, Simpson-Sears Next.. Just over $30 for these two....North Bros/ Stanley No. 130A and the smaller Goodell Pratt Co. No. 185 ( with 7 tips in the handle Then... A pair of dividers, by The S. Starrett Co., of Athol, MASS. USA ($4?) Finally, for about $8 or so... A Stanley SW Bevel Gauge....rather a tiny one.. As that is a "normal " sized Stanley sitting beside it.... Then, when I paid me $68, counting sales tax...drove
  9. Road Trip/Rust Hunt today.....snuck in past Jungle John.....Heart Of Ohio Antique Center....2+ hours of walking around....and I still got lost a couple of times in there.....be warned. They were very busy in there, today.... Spent $68 in that place ( 5 items) then drove to the west side of town to Harbor Freight...and spent a wee bit more...Hey,,even the sun came out today...FINALLY! Might post a few photos..IF anyone wants to see them....
  10. Load 'em up.. Might change, according to what is on the grill, this summer... I am guessing this is the "back" of the box.... And this be the "Front"? Have a fancy end, and... Not so fancy end....
  11. Loaded up... tried out the branding iron, again.. On the back of the box....kind of hard to tell, otherwise....Cedar just doesn't seem to do brands very well....
  12. Friday...again? last I looked...it was still Tuesday.....compost happens.
  13. Pickles, Mustard, Tartar Sauce, Hot Sauce, Salt, Black Pepper, Garlic salt, and Onion powder.....carry them out to the grill this summer....saves a lot of trips....
  14. In my shop, there are just 2 spokeshaves. The one in front is by Seymour Smith & Sons....the other...haven't a clue ( hanger hole was done by me) No-Name was having issues, was chattering more than it was cutting....took it apart.. The cutter needed it's back flattened, and the bevel honed. The cap was ROUGH...needed the bevel polished up, the underside flattened to match the iron/cutter....but....the "bed" for the iron to sit on....60 grit sandpaper would be almost smooth....we have ways .. Still a bit more to smooth out. Needle file, run all the way to th
  15. Sanded the box to 320 grit, today....by hand. Decided to just varnish the insides...more about how the box looks, than about the Cedar Smell... Ash dividers, glued to Luann Plywood...top bar is also Ash... Then close the box up, and added a second coat to the outside.. More about how the grain looks, than smells for this box...a view of the top? Those were the smallest locking rings Lowes had in stock.... So, until I do find some smaller ones, these will just have to do..... Letting things dry out for a day or 2.....then a rub down with so
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