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  1. ultra sound update.....blood clot still there. spinal stenosis lumbar is making things a bit rough. blood thinner apparently did not work, yet the doc wants to renew it.....ah nope. Will update later..
  2. Lower back HURTS. Getting an Ultra sound on the right knee this afternoon...should be lots of "FUN".... Yep, a Monday...leave it at that.
  3. Also..those vials were set into Plaster Paris. Will need to clean out all the old plaster. IF there are brass plates on the ends of a level....remove them, BEFORE you try to joint the bottom edge of the level, can always trim a little off the plates, once they go back on. While working on that Plumb Vial...take the time to clean and polish both sections of the brass vial protector ...as the outer one is supposed to rotate around, to protect the glass vial. Some have that brass plug cover, all have a wooden plug....the brass cover is more for looks....in fact, one can even add one of their own... The Stanley leel I have right now....is a No. 3, 24" long level.
  4. I wonder what my Degree in Advanced Puttering will add to the "Titles"
  5. steven newman

    Corner details

    view of the back corner. Tricky part was getting the angles for the lid's parts to meet up....
  6. Got nothing done today...been walking around with just the knee brace...and no cane. Just took the trash out to the curb. "I'm a coming,Mr. Dillon.." as Chester was known to say .... Family Doctor visit tomorrow, Knee Rehab Wednesday and Friday.....kind of leaves Thursday for anything else...been raining off and on all day, today...doesn't help the knee much. "Hell when ya get old, ain't it" Hmm...might see about a "Saltbox" style of box for the resawn Ash? finger joints at the corners? just a simple lid? Just something to keep me from getting too bored?.....I can sit at the bench and do joinery all day long....trying to remember the top profile for a Saltbox..... next 2 days, the Single Brain Cell Sketch Up should be working on a "Plan"....Hmmm... Guess my week is now all planned out
  7. Monday? Monday?? Oh..Monday....leave it at that.... Might be Thursday..BEFORE I can try the shop, again....
  8. Just can't sit around and do nothing...too boring....need to keep things moving, else it all locks up... Might be Thursday, before I can get back to the shop...we'll see...may have to evict a few spiders down there, first..
  9. Well, I did have a slab of Ash left over from the Tool Chest build... Too big for a box project, too small for much else. But, IF I can resaw this down a bit...maybe a box could be made? It is laying on the tablesaw because this is how a resaw begins in this shop. I set the rip fence to about center of the board ( 7/8" thick =~3/8"?). Needed to set the blade up almost as high as it could go...without bogging down.. Think of this as a powered kerf saw...where other use a plane that makes a kerf cut to guide a big frame saw...Bandsaw? Ah..nope. Mine leaves more waves than the English North Sea..Goal here is to run a kerf all the way around...keeping the same face to the fence....and hope the board isn't too cupped.. This one was just a hair cupped. at least on this end..the other? Was a little "fun" to hold upright...but wait, there's more....about 3-4" down the center needs sawn...saw blade can't reach THAT deep...and the bandsaw is too narrow of kerf to follow the tablesaw's kerf....so... Something like this. Leg vise, aided by that c clamp...slight angle to help the saw. The saw? A Disston D8, 5-1/2 ppi, 28" long RIP saw. Olde School. If one buys 28" of saw blade, one is expected to USE 28" of saw blade....so, after 5 minutes of saw work.. Got this far. Goal is to get as close to the top of the bench, flip the board over and saw down from the other end...started to bind a bit here..we have ways. Nothing fancy... Just some 1/4" scrap plywood..that other saw laying there? Disston D-112, 7 ppi, 26" handsaw...some do use it as a rip saw...but... That be more of a cross cut saw...and cuts slower....time to flip things over... I leave the wedge in place...so the leg vise won't close the kerf up too much...this is the start point...3 minutes later... Just syeady, full length strokes, not looking for speed, just making sure the saw tracked with the kerf....again, started to bind a bit...need a wedge.. Wasn't very much longer, a minute or two...then a "pop". Note all the saw dust? Got the saw out of the board, went to hang it up, out of the way....it bounced back down onto my arm.. Ow! Saw WAS going to get hung up! Along with the crosscut saw...as for the slabs? Not quite a book match? Waiting on a plane to flatten and smooth these 2....then we'll see what happens. This small board has been kerfed, and waiting it's turn....may leave that angled end? Maybe a "Salt Box" set of ends? grain is running the wrong way... And...that is how I resaw here in the shop....thanks for looking in...
  10. I did as little as I could get away with this weekend.....and the knee still hurts. Not sure which is worse, walking with the cane, or without it....them first 3-4 steps are..."fun", until I'm able to sit the heel all the way down. may post a blurb about that resaw I started...haven't decided what to make out of the boards, yet....have two 3/8" x 5" x 24" slabs of Ash to plane flat and smooth....may have a few more pieces, sitting around....we'll see...
  11. Friday was Knee Rehab Day....new knee brace seems to be much better than the stappy old one....Garage sales this weekend....not much else..
  12. Resaw is done,, took about 5 minutes today...and a single round trip to the shop.... Start here.. 3 minutes later...even changed hands a couple times....was getting a bind, added a thin strip to keep the kerf open.. Then the second or third stroke...board made a pop sound, and this was a far as the saw went... Wonder what I could cobble up out of these 2, once I get them trimmed out....maybe another small, fancy box? have to be careful, when hanging saws back up...that big rip saw didn't want to be hung...decided to bounce onto my arm... yep, them teeth be SHARP, but.. they got hung up, anyway..
  13. steven newman

    Back view

    Chair moved across the street to their front porch...seems they would use it more than we would...
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