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  1. steven newman

    Bandsaw Issues

    Ok, Chester Drawers is done. Cleared the bench....then modified it a bit.. . I wanted no parts rolling off the bench, or down a dog hole....took the bandsaw apart...one key stock about fell out....anther, the keyway was too worn out.. Bolts, rings, keystocks (2)......Those fancy pliers didn't work...used a pair of screwdrivers, instead. Shaft was a tad worn.. Ya think? Took a bit to get that last ring off.. heading for the trashcan. bearings and the spacer looked dirty....but were in good shape.. Got everything back together... Nail set? Helped drive the last ring into it's slot. Scrathed my head for a minute, trying to remember which way this went back in.. Figured I try it this way. Got the wheel and the pulley back on....ran the motor for a bit....no shaking, not much noise...rechecked the set screws to make sure they were tight. Added a 1/4" blade. And ran it for a bit....blade stayed put.....teeth in the center of the wheels... pulley even stayed put...when I went to remove this earlier, the slots weren't even lined up...was worn that bad on the shaft. Strange thing.....I haven't swapped out the motors...yet. The Craftsman one NOW starts right up...no issues. May swap them out, anyway..when I feel like laying on the shop floor....not today. We'll see how this goes..
  2. steven newman

    Next Up?

    So...drawer is out of the clamps.. Hanging around...getting these.. Cleaned up and smoothed down...holes filled..until they look like.. This. Then installed the knobs...5" in from the ends, 3-1/2" down from the top... Set up the router with this little bit... To make this profile. ends and front edge of the top.... Both ends....and the the outside corners.. Ran this up until the router base hit the top...."lamb's tongue"? Bottom of the front.. And a little on the foot. All have since been sanded to 180 grit....for now... Time for a PIP... The woodworking part is done....letting my Daughter decide what flavour she wants this Need to get this up and out of the shop.....before the next Gulley-Washer comes along. Not too bad of a Project?
  3. steven newman

    Next Up?

    Board has been bought...$6.53 for a 3/4 x 8 x 24" Poplar board..... Maybe I should have it framed? Needed trimmed down to the size I needed.. Crosscut was with the speed square The Rip cut was done about the same...without the fence.. No..I did not cut into my vise... "Missed it by that much, Chief.." Set the back aside... Knocked the three parts for the drawer apart....so I could mill a groove for the bottom to sit in.. Then decided I needed a "new" jig made.. Since I was done doing grooves, decided to change the Stanley 45 over to a dado plane... Which meant these spurs needed rotated down to where they would cut....Needed a #18 cutter, as it matched the thickness of the back Even ran the cutter across an oil stone, to refresh the edge. Sliding skate moved to the edge of the cutter, depth stop set at 3/8"....fence set 1/4" away. To start, I drag the plane backwards a few (3) times....but, due to blow outs on the edges...I also use a saw.. Just the edges....sawn done to the depth I need. Ends the threat of blowing things out.. Run the plane until you hit the depth stop. Check the fit... I also bevel that corner. Remove the back for a bit.. Drill bit, that is. Then flip the board over.. And do the countersinks....and a bevel to the bevel with a chisel. Figured out what size to cut the plywood panel.. The one under the saw is the new bottom. Missed the length by a 1/4".....utility knife took that off... Spread some glue, bang things together, clamped it up, and got it square....added screws to the bottom... Front corners are drawn up tight. Will clean these up, later.....while I install the last set of knobs.. May also take the Stanley 45 apart, and pack it up... Stay tuned..
  4. steven newman

    TPW Gathering, Aug. 25. Time To Put Details Together

    Just a teaser.... Did a couple of these things today....makes a mess on my clean floor.. And this was after just one dado.....I had all the grooves done...decided to do a dado or two....
  5. steven newman

    TPW Gathering, Aug. 25. Time To Put Details Together

    Can even be a 2 x 4.....
  6. steven newman

    TPW Gathering, Aug. 25. Time To Put Details Together

    Should be able to travel by then....hole in the leg should be healed up, allowing me to drive. I'll bring a couple fancy planes along....someone can provide the practice boards? Might even bring along the Infamous Aldi's Chisels?
  7. steven newman

    Next Up?

    Finally got motivated to go to the shop...about 2pm today....just closed the shop at 6pm. This is what was on the bench, before I started in.....needed to clear things away, in order to work.. That's better...As for this jig I use for the Stanley 45? One end there is a dog.... In the middle, there is a clamp, to keep things from sliding around, or flipping over... A single screw, in line with the dog, is driven in at an angle, to tighten the part into place....solid as a rock... Got this groove done...laid out for dovetail pins.. And somehow gained yet another pin? Once all the lay out is done, I lower the board down to run the saw..first, I also wax the saw's plate...makes it easier to saw. Getting ready to chop the waste from the skinny side first. I run the knife a few times, to create a knife wall...for the chisel to stop at. Once both ends were sawn, and chopped..time to work on the two side boards.. Langdon 75 mitre box to square the ends. Then mark each for width. Was a tad wide...jack plane to fix that. Then ganged both up, and planed until they matched. Making a lot of shavings, today..... Used the "pin board" to lay out for the tails.. Saw and chop...Dry fits were tight.. Had to plane the top edge of the drawer front...then test fit to the case.. Will try to get a board for the drawer's back tomorrow. Then maybe a little assembly work on the drawer? Until I know how thick the back will be, I can't really do the dados. I can, though, get the grooves done in the sides of the drawer. May run the router around a bit, too. Was too tired to even pick up the last of the shavings.. Maybe later/ Stay tuned...
  8. Need to get a dresser done.. So I can tear a bandsaw down and rebuild it....Have a bunch of dovetails to cut..today Will have to see whether Daughter wants to paint the dresser...or have me finish it....and what flavour..
  9. steven newman

    Next Up?

    About 8pm, drawer came out of the clamps. Planes and sanders went to work.. Worked on both sides of the corners... Side dovetails, too. A few high spots were leveled, and a knot was filled in... A little glue and pine sawdust, then hit with the sander a bit. Laid out for the two knobs.. 5" in from the edge, and centered on that middle pin. Glue and the knob's bolt to install....test fitted.. Something didn't look quite right.... Hmm, well, I did have a thin strip of Pine scrap....I can cut a section, and glue and nail it it to the side of the opening...NOT the drawer. Got both sides "veneered".. A little better? Got the drawer parts out for the last drawer.....piece for the back...became the piece for the the other side.. I wanted two decent boards for the sides. I got the front all fitted to the opening ( no gaps) I figure I can buy a short "Project Board" of Pine at Lowes for a back. That one side piece? Somebody shot a Pine tree a while back....that be a bullet sitting there. Slightly bigger than a .22.......may leave it there. At least, I can do the dovetails tomorrow....and see about getting a back. Almost done.. Stay tuned...
  10. steven newman

    Next Up?

    Amazing what can get done...before Lunch.. Stairs have been swept floor has been swept....about 4-5 times... As for that thing on the bench? That be the second drawer. Will be fitting it into the top drawer opening, later.. Because for some reason, the first drawers fit in here, better. Ok, I can tune the second drawer into the top opening. Have to wait for the glue to dry, first. had an "issue" with a knot.. Was right where the dado needed to go through....was a bit rough on the Stanley #39....used a Panel saw to better cut the dado's walls..to where the were LEVEL across the width of the board... A D-8 20", 10 ppi saw. Was kind of handy. Clamp to pull the "box" square.. This time, I installed the center screw, then pulled things square....then added the others. laid out the knobs for later.. Centered and set about 5" in from the ends. A dab of glue is added under each knob. These come with their own "bolts". Thinking about using this for the edges of the top....we'll see Maybe after Supper, I can get a sart on the last drawer? Depends on how the glue dries...stay tuned
  11. steven newman

    Next Up?

    Appointments are being rescheduled.....don't have to go to Columbus, OH in the morning.....maybe I can get this project done in the meantime? Slipped back to the shop, this evening. Drawer #2 was started... There goes using this to resaw things to width......( maybe this weekend, I can tear it down, and rebuild it?) Old school....Drawer front didn't need a whole lot removed.... Took a while...made a bunch of Moxxon TP... The other half is on the floor. Checked the ends for square....nope. Tried a plane to "shoot" it square.. Meh....went with Old Reliable, instead.. Takes a while to cut a 1 x 8, on the flat. Got the Stanley 45 and a jig set up.. There is a bench dog at the far end, a block behind the board, then a screw to tighten it all down...yes, that is a Pitch Pocket....will clean it out, and fill it back up, later..Laid out the pins again...somehow wound up with a few extras... Then used the backsaw to make a few cuts.. Then clamp the board to the bench....and do a bit of chopping.. Half from one face, then finish up on this face...transfer the lines to the other end, lay out the lines and saw those. Then do some more chopping.. And the Chopping Crew. Front is done. Needed it to size one side panel ( for now..) Was a bit more than I wanted to jack plane off.....clamped the side panel to the bench, circular saw to buzz the 3/16" off, then a pass with a plane. Then I used the front panel one more time...to lay out for the tails....and then saw the waste side of the lines...leaving the lines.. Then chopped the waste out. Then did a dry fit... Mallet just to get it started. Was getting to be almost 10pm....time to stop. Staggered upstairs, and called it a night.. maybe tomorrow, I can get one drawer done....we'll see about the third.. Stay tuned..
  12. steven newman

    Next Up?

    Got Drawer #1 out of the clamps this morning....lot of clean up, and fitting done....sticks a bit right before it closes up all the way... Trying a bit of candle wax.....it will close, just binds a bit at the end. Other boards have been cut into MOST of the parts for the other two drawers... Yeah...and these are the good ones. I can work around some of these knots, I hope.. These? No way.....the two underneath? May be able to rip the good part off.... Taking a break for now.....and trying to decide which bit to use as an edge treatment.. mainly along the top's edges. Circular saw needed a break, anyway.. May go back and sweep the shop....again....already have twice today.. I do make a mess, don't I? Maybe when the shop cools down this evening, I can start on Drawer #2? Stay tuned...
  13. steven newman

    Next Up?

    Ok, dovetails, the Dungeon Shop way... Laid out for the pins on the end of the drawer front.. Nothing fancy here....just a combo square and a bevel square... Tried the new saw.. Not sure I like that boxy handle....went back to the old saw on the next set.....anyway, chopped the waste with a chisel, first one side Leave a little for support, flip the board over, and remove the rest.. Then transfer the marks to the other ends, and repeat....this is the front of the drawer front. I then either stand the pin board up To mark the tails. or.... A couple corner clamps to hold things still, while I trace around each pin. I use a pencil, and it doesn't really need to be all that sharp...as I cut on the waste side of the lines, trying to leave the lines... A few "extra cuts" helps out. This was just before the bandsaw fell apart....the other set of tails was by handsaw..just like the pins, chop 1/2 way then flip over and complete the cuts...then a test fit.. Then repeat for the other end.. Ok, reset the jig for the Stanley 45.. As both side pieces need a groove. Then they need a dado....I cut the dado walls with the mitre box.. Set to the depth needed. had to redo the jig. I was just going to chisel the waste out.....then thought of a different plane.. Called a Stanely#39 3/8" Dado plane...they did make a 3/4" wide one....all I have is the 3/8"....no biggie, just cut along both walls, and meet in the middle.. Works for me. Got both side parts done...still needed a few holes drilled.. The "Twins" came over, drilled and counter-sunk a few holes. The miter cut is to help start a drawer into it's opening. Got some glue and clamps installed...had trouble with the plywood bottom..needed the sabresaw to trim it to size.. Once I could get the plywood installed.....I pulled the drawer into as square as i could..THEN added screws to the plywood Yep, it be square. Will let this sit until morning, then fit it to it's opening. have two more to get done...and a bandsaw to repair. Just imagine all the cussing that went on today We'll see IF I get anything done tomorrow....no wheels, can't do a whole of anything else. Stay tuned...
  14. steven newman

    Next Up?

    Estimate for the repair of the van...$500....ouch. Lung Doctor visit this afternoon...meant a 5 block walk to the hospital, and a 5 block walk back....kind of put a dent in the shoptime.....sooo, do you want the entire 48 picture shop story, or just the Cliff's Notes? May do a couple shorter entries....had two separate jobs done today.... Ok, Plugs. Set up the Veritas 3/8" Tapered Plug Cutter in the drill press. Which tends to eat a plug now and then. I needed to mill at least 29 plugs, plus a couple extras, just in case.. Yep, it ate two plugs...and I had two others that weren't usable....still, was able to install all the ones I did need.. Simple enough to do. Use a screwdriver to pop a plug out, coat the narrow end with glue, and hammer each one home... And, IF you pay attention to the grain.....the plugs will vanish after you trim them down... These two are the "trimmers". A light tap with a hammer is all they need. As for the plug vanishing? Look right in front of the chisel's edge...there IS a plug sitting there. I had gone upstairs to get one 1 x 8 x 8' plank and bring it to the shop....allowing enough time for the glue to set up. A little sanding with some 180 grit....then I could set the case back on the floor. Needed to saw the plank into a few parts.. Circular saw was having "issues" following a line....couldn't decide which side it wanted to be on....Used the plane to square an end. Checked for fit..was a bit too wide Bandsaw to hog most of this off.. Junior Jack to even things out. Same thing with the two pieces for the drawer's sides....the one for the back of the drawer needed even more removed.. A little bigger Jack plane. I also clamped the two sides together, then planed them...they also needed a little more done on the ends. Test fit the front of the drawer... A little tight yet....I also tested the two sides.. And...before I throw these three things away.. There is one more, but it is already in the trash can.....where these three are headed. Set up the Stanley 45, to plough a #12 sized groove.. And, set up a jig, to hold the drawer front in place.. Groovy......needed this done first, so I can lay out the dovetail pins. Yes, I do pins first. Decided to try out a "new" dovetail saw today.. To kind of give the old guy a bit of a break...I also got out the Shop Stool...as the next episode will be sitting down on the job.. Stay tuned.....episode 2 will be here, shortly...
  15. steven newman

    Next Up?

    Shop was closed today, and not just because it was a Bad Monday.......had a Gulley-washer rolling through town....next thing I know, there are a few creeks running across the floor of the shop. Good thing I left the case up on the bench. New glue bottle has been bought, and a few knobs. No sawdust was disturbed. Will see what I can get done in two days....anyone want to help?

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