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  1. A friend gave me a Festool 55, used, and it's a beauty to use (and I have a DC, not Festool, that makes the saw pretty clean...but, no, not living room content). However, had I not gotten it as a gift, I'd think it way way way too expensive. One of the keys to any design (as noted by Gene) is that the saw is fixed into a groove so it cannot wander from the guide. I also note that Festool uses rubber gasketing on both long edges of their guide. This locks the track on the work by friction, so clamping isn't needed: convenient. The gasket also serves to press down on the workpiece, holding the fibers down so you get much cleaner cuts (on the guide side). The gasket on the blade side is installed proud so the blade trims it the first time it's used, and that gives excellent fiber control. But I think for the money ($8 c-notes?) you can buy an awfully good circ saw and some BB ply, etc. And a really good blade.
  2. I had a similar exhaust duct transition issue, wanting an easy transition from a 4" throat scoop to a 1.25/2.5" small hose (Kreg jig, bench sander, etc). The scoop serves my miter saw, and is difficult enough to modify that I don't want to mess with it, so I made a "plug fitting". At the heart of all that (Gorilla) black tape is a 2.5x4 transition piece. The tape plugs the depth of the scoop and gives me excellent draw on the hose.
  3. Such old time solution. Modern: duct tape.
  4. I just grab that corner of the table (I need something to hold on to with one foot in the air, anyway) and let it down gentle like.
  5. I have these as well. I like them. The trick to release: edge the side of your foot under the lever (not your toes), then pull up. It helps if you're wearing foot gear with uppers (good sandals will do...shower shoes? meh).
  6. PeteM

    Lid ideas

    Yeah, treat that pine. Paint it! :-)
  7. Ditto, great idea, been using it for couple years. Like SR says, picking the dried glue out of brush can be addictive.
  8. If you are gluing every day, Bots are great. Periodically, will need to empty and spend some time cleaning. If you are gluing once a week, the glue will set up and it's a bear (pardon expression, Honey people) to clean. Picking dried glue out of the spout tears up the spout. The standard cap/spout on Tite glues also seems to gunk up too easily. I bought a couple of mustard bottles that have the simple caps/outlets, tossed the bottle and mustard, kept the caps. Been using those for several years: easy to clean, rarely jam. I use an old Qt cottage cheese container to hold bottle upside down on the bench while using. Come to think, bought the cottage cheese, tossed the cheese, kept the container. I'm wasteful, but consistent.
  9. I think corner cuts as proposed will look awkward, highlighting the misalignment of lines. Rounded corners might look more finished.
  10. Some wood vendors will run your project through their (usually larger) drum sander for a reasonable fee. In the true spirit of DIY, I've used a belt sander.
  11. People like "ted" exist at a skewed angle to the rest of society. They make choices that don't work well in the end. I used to pray for the punishment of those who wronged me, until I saw the punishment delivered on several occasions. Now I only pray that my own offenses do not merit such demise. It turns out that the old saying "what goes around comes around" is very true, but we usually aren't there when it arrives. This does not prevent me from avoiding or defending from harm, but I don't worry about the "one that got away". I do pay more attention to Karma.
  12. Turns out the YT videos are rather poor quality, and limited in scope, but it appears that the NYW site allows free viewing of all the old videos, and quality is much better: https://www.newyankee.com/
  13. Thankee sir!!!! I had not realized YT had all those NYW's, a series I remember with fondness.
  14. Embedded in the video: control icon that goes full screen, but the picture is long axis vertical (a little different than most). Gel stain: I like it for vertical surfaces (in-place door) because it drips less. That said, I find water based finishes and dyes so advantageous I just don't use any oil based any more. Better things to do than clean up.
  15. Welcome Chi65! You might look into Steve Ramsey's on line courses at https://woodworkingformeremortals.com/learn-woodworking/ I found good value for what I spent there. Even the hat.
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