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  1. I have a SandFlee DS, and they use a narrow strip of what's really "scotch" tape (or packing tape) that wraps around the edge of the paper to keep it down. Might try that? And fwiw, I sand pine all the time and have not noticed any clog.
  2. Well there is a YT video out there about how to rake leaves. The old guy (ok, ok, ok, about my age) seemed quite serious about the value of his instruction. I suppose there is also a tutorial about how to use toilet pap.....OUCH! visualization.
  3. After 3 years in the Army and 25 years as a Scoutmaster...well, yeah, I believe the video serves a purpose. Sometimes the lowest common denominator is well, pretty low. Competes with whale defecation.
  4. Hi John.  Not sure if anyone has mentioned (and I'm assuming the colors are set by you), but the contrast between highlight and text for the topic tags is very difficult to read.


  5. Hey gang, thanks for the insights. I'm not yet decided whether to keep or toss, but I've learned a lot. Since the acquisition (free) was motivated by a g-kid's desire for round legs on a desk (and that would cost money, eh?) (and the desk got done a month ago, tapered & "rounded" legs), not quite sure what investment is warranted! But I did find: --Gerald, Mr Sears was listening to you, and put a keyway under the entire tube, so the head/tail/tool clamps are fixed in rotation --again G, the manual says use a blank longer than finished piece, and oil the non-rotating tail (but
  6. Curiosity: what's the diff between the 2875 and 1985? They look the same to me.
  7. I can't tell the diff between the two samples you listed. Mine looks just like both, but maybe I'm missing a detail or two. The stamped info on mine is "1-133" (and "75621" which I suspect is the serial). I found another commentary that indicated the C'man 113 had a tool rest marked in inches: mine isn't, but since the tool was made in the 50's, can't be sure what is OEM. I think Gerald is cruel. "Boat anchor". That's way off base Gerald, and I refuse to dignify that idea, only because I don't own a boat! The word "recycle" has floated to mind. I've never owned a lathe, and thought if
  8. I saw there is at least one other Craftsman model 113 lathe in this group (or was). I was just given a 113 for free (and wondering if I overpaid?!). [the model 113 is distinctive because it has a 2+" tube as a base] What do you do for parts? Specifically, the adjusting wheel on the tail, but probably more before I'm done! Thanks
  9. There are some things to keep in mind: --The heater uses oxygen from your room. Your room should be well vented to make sure you don't CO yourself --The heater has an O2 sensor; sensors go bad, given time (see comment below about time) --The heater is open to the atmosphere in the room: explosive mixes of atmosphere (usually vapors, but dust....sometimes) can ignite. Avoid flour mills. --Radiant heaters mounted on the floor are usually blocked by those annoying tools, so you get better coverage by hanging it on the wall or from ceiling --Personally I'd get a segrega
  10. And yet is this gentleman still a member (in spirit) of the organization(s) that encouraged us to wear the steel pot to avoid that round labelled "to whom it may concern"? I see a traffic accident up ahead, I pick another street. Dying doesn't bother me: Dying stupid would be a shame. I don't avoid necessary risks, but "necessary" is such a slippery concept when considering risk/reward: we convince ourselves that "necessary" and "just plain want to" are the same. I suspect the resurgence of covid is related more to mental health than physical health. Want motivation? Research your stat
  11. Don't know how widespread this is, but I was tracking a couple of hand planes on my "Drool list", both from Grizzly, both on Amazon. About a week ago, the smaller (14") went "unavailable" at AMZ. When I looked it up on the Grizzly site, they were offering it for about 30% less than previous (I'd compared prices both on Amazon and direct from Grz). So I bought it. Today, Amazon still lists the 22", but the Grizzly website has it for about 35% less than Amazon/prior. Is it the Zombie Apocalypse? Can you kill a zomb with a hand plane? How many strokes? Do you have to sharpen af
  12. You might have the client check with the original CNC shop, asking for a free ("in-warranty") replacement. You might help the process by offering to provide a more suitable piece of wood to the CNC process, and then explore a better UV-resistant coating over the paint (the CNC people, assuming they did the painting, should be able to provide a scrap piece with the same paint for you to test coatings on). My impression of the CNC "biz" is that it has a great raft of amateurs who got really interested in gears and motors, but have no clue about the media they're carving, or even what come
  13. I've noticed that building outdoor structures (pergolas) out of 4x6, you get beads of "sap sweat" after a few days exposure. Sunlight heating might be part of it.
  14. Amen bro. Wait, more than one? ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
  15. Is this a "kleenex / Kleenex" discussion?
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