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  1. PeteM

    Graphic Error?

    If you examine the "QUICK LINKS" section at the bottom of these pages, it appears that some of the links are "covered" with a curved graphic.
  2. PeteM

    Question About Woodsmith 'Tip'

    The publication choice is guided by marketing thoughts: tips from readers give the impression of "involvement", which fosters a sense of inclusion for the customer. They'll publish what you send in, but they'll also just make stuff up as filler. It's a form of the old "shill" bidder at auctions: they're just bumping the price up. Readers DO participate, but editors are guided by the need for people to subscribe. We have recycling, so I throw all the metals into that bin. I don't bag because our service uses the big automated bin-loading trucks, so there aren't any hands to cut; and bags are a real problem for recyclers. I think most iron items get screened out with magnets, so someone getting a cut on screws or blades is unlikely. I'd think that glass and sharp plastic are more of a problem. If people are sorting through trash by hand, without gloves, they are already beyond our help.
  3. PeteM

    Rust On My Table Saw---Again

    Condensation requires a temperature differential, and you wouldn't expect that in your circumstance. The kraft cover plastic prevents stray handprints from placing oil/moisture on the TS surface. The felt lining (underside) allows moisture to move in/out. Thinking on cast iron cookware, you coat with oil but then heat it to drive the moisture out of being trapped under the oil. Wax protections might still trap some moisture under them. (No I am not advocating heating the TS after oiling it! ) But I do think "live with it" looks like your future (well, you could move...ok, forget that). You may just have to settle for polishing the surface before each use.
  4. PeteM

    Something From First Monday Shopping

    Or use a small water pump and make a fountain that sprays the water up. While it's Up There it absorbs oxy from the air, and you get oxygenated pond water. You'll find such sprays pretty common in commercial ponds. Waterfalls or other agitation do the same thing. Or get a really nasty shark and have it slam the water back and forth to froth it.
  5. search "5 ways to print on wood" on YouTube. 10" high graphics probably mean you'll exceed 8x11 paper. A school should have word processors and printers* that can do reverse image on 11x17. Laser printers give good toner. *or take the image to a print shop and for a fairly small fee they'll convert it
  6. PeteM

    Rust On My Table Saw---Again

    I also have a Delta 36-xx, but in Phoenix the low humidity makes rust infrequent. Is it the cast iron? That's undoubtedly part of it (I get involved with corrosion), but the humidity is the #1 motivation. It sounds like B-shield might help, but I've never needed to try it. I have found that covering the TS with an old scrap of craft cover helps (top plastic, felt lining on bottom) keep stray finger (or arm) prints. Saying it's "cast iron" doesn't really tell much because (absent sending a sample to a lab) probably the factory couldn't tell the exact chemical composition between batches from their supplier. Might be leftover gypsum from the baby food crisis. Or melamine from the pet poisoning crisis? "Stray electrical currents" are often suspected in advanced corrosion processes, but it's hard to prove one way or the other. As your eyesight fades, rust won't be such a problem. In Olden Days hereabout, it was common to evap cool automobile parts storage rooms; that produces 90--95 temp, 80--90% RH, just like SC. Pretty much everything rusted, no matter what they did. So now you find parts air conditioned.
  7. PeteM

    Something From First Monday Shopping

    Some ideas that might help with ponds: first aerate them (bubbler): the oxygen kills or retards a whole buncha bacteria and slime. Second: pennies and dimes: have to use the silver dimes! The copper and silver ions also kill/disable a lot of bacterias (the different ions go after different bugs). Scatter a few of each, and they last for years, ionizing the water. Worth every penny and every dime!
  8. I Feared cutting glass for many years. As well as above, what did the trick for me: glass breaking pliers: they are shaped like mild chevron, and when you close them on the score line, they bend the glass for you right on the line. That I can make work. (Without them, I am but an egg)
  9. I've had 4 K's: all could/can expand a PDF if they could download it at all. As I recall they all reacted to widening fingertip swipes. Original K and Paperwhite couldn't download at all; Fires work with opening swipes. I prefer PC viewing, tho. Good article!
  10. PeteM

    Dollar Store Hanging Solar Light Idea

    Smoothing the inside surfaces and painting with white enamel would almost double the light output.
  11. PeteM

    Swivel Bar Stools - Production

    Thinking of the recent discussions here about woodworking, your stools are the why of it. Nice custom jobs. How'd you do the swivel "back to center" thing?
  12. PeteM


  13. PeteM

    Needs and Wants

    I don't care. Do you? Where have I seen that lately? But ever since I stopped worrying what others think, my blood pressure has improved. 120/62 at last doc visit. Alfred E Newman was right?
  14. PeteM

    Needs and Wants

    It's not that they're cruel. They're just thoughtless. Literally. No thinking at all. And about woodworking, too.
  15. PeteM

    Hey Y'all


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