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  1. My old Kodak doesn't care for LED's either, if I take a picture with it using LED lighting the colors and focus seem off.
  2. @Fred Wilson, Have a great Birthday Fred!
  3. ... I don't know, LED's mess with my eyes.
  4. ... Almost a repeat of yesterday 35° headed for... reverse the previous numbers. Otherwise tomorrow calls for most of the day.
  5. ... We made it to another Friday Folks! ...Seems like I lost a couple of days somewhere since Monday. ... Have to wonder where they went. Won't be a whole lot happening here "Two Weeks From Anywhere" forecast calls for rain most of the weekend. ... Oh well, the lawn will still be there next week, just more to mow. So, What's on your weekend agenda?
  6. 44° this morning, forecast high of 56° also forecast for frost tomorrow morning.
  7. ...45° and forecast high of reverse the previous numbers.
  8. ...Weather similar to Fred's 39° forecast high of 60° if it makes it. Everything just wet enough to make outside work stop.
  9. ... I usually lose things ... only to find that it's right in front of me. ... ...
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