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  1. Watching, and listening to it Again!!! @John Morris better send the corporate Ark!!!
  2. 65° with 60% humidity, and more on the way. Some farmers have thrown in the towel, others keep trying. A big 4 wheel drive tractor is buried in a field a bit N.W. of me. Still have a couple of places too wet too mow. The grass/weeds is hip deep now in those spots. If it ever dries out I'll cut it with the string mower.
  3. Check estate sales, you'd be surprised at some of the deals out there. a friend of mine got basically a complete shop for $300.00. The deceased's relatives had no idea what things were worth, and basically didn't want to deal with having to move/store the machinery. The table saw alone was worth roughly $1500.00.
  4. As you've probably already noticed I decided to retitle this topic with something more appropriate to describe what the project has turned into over time. The word Junque is a combination of junk, & antiques which pretty much best describes most of the raw materials that I begin with. The old desk, most people would have passed on and let find it's way to the landfill, but I'm just crazy enough to figure out what I feel was a much better fate for it.
  5. Steve, You're shops drier than mine,.... It's raining in my outdoor shop right now.
  6. Depends upon the items size, and use along with the sturdiness of the carcass. For my PC Desk project I'll be using a combination of dado grooves along the vertical sides created using mouldings to hide the plywood edges along with brass screws and finish washers to attach the back to the horizontal cross shelves. This back needs to be removable for cable access, etc.. The back I'll be using will be refinished as I'm recycling the back from a discarded bookcase. (One of those where they used a good plywood back with particle board sides, shelves, etc..)
  7. I don't see how this will work, the jets doing double duty as an Ark!
  8. A little different words but, So I pulled the hair down over that face and I became Cousin Itt!.....Signs, Signs, everywhere there's Signs.
  9. Thanks Lew, It actually came out better than I hoped it would! Thanks Gene, It's kind of hard to take a picture of a mirror without getting into the picture.
  10. @John Morris, Here's a look at the mirror I made to hide the upper monitor while it's not in use. First the back side. The upper edge has a groove for the plexiglass mirror to fit into. I added a cleat after this photo to the upper rear edge that hangs over the back of the monitor frame. Now the front side. And a view with the mirror installed.
  11. You're right Gene, forget the glasses us bottle babies won't use them anyways!
  12. Larry, If you want to keep the same look just get some #2 X 3/8" brass screws. (1/4" if the album wall thickness won't accommodate going 3/8") Drill two holes in each hinge section between the prongs, and hinge.(Make these holes 1/16" diameter) Predrill holes in the box for the screws using the holes you drilled in the hinges as a template. (Don't go all the way through) Now enlarge the holes in the hinges too 7/64" (Clearance size for #2 screws) Rub some bar hand soap on the screws to lube the threads, and attach the original hinges using the screws. No need to fill the old hinge holes because you'll still be using the original hinges!
  13. Thanks Gene, Funny how something you can't even see can kick your butt. Thanks Lew, I've got a lot to get done.
  14. Thanks Curtis, The wife and I are both hoping she can come home tomorrow. She was supposed to be released on Friday, but that didn't happen. One of the meds spiked her blood sugar level, so they're keeping her until at least Monday.
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