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  1. Quite a few of the old Oak furniture pieces I've acquired are done with a mix of Rift-Sawn, and Quarter-Sawn Oak. I was told a long time ago it was done to minimize large panels from cupping. Similar practice as alternating the grain direction.
  2. Rift Sawn would be less likely to cup due to the grain being more straight across the board thickness.
  3. Larry Buskirk


    Sounds like a RG problem.
  4. I've replaced a few myself, and it can be a PITA. 2006 Honda Pilot for one. As in who in their right mind would design it so you have to remove the motor mount to get the belt on/off?
  5. We only built the engines. They went out on racks of 6 to the assembly plants. Putting the timing belts on was a sit down job.
  6. That photo brings back some memories. Used to install 480 in an 8 hour shift on the assembly line.
  7. 33° grey skies, and snlush, YUCK!
  8. Sorting through lumber stash to see if I have enough to make a pair of machine benches. Probably will eat to much on Thursday, but I could stand to gain a bit of weight. Lost 10 pounds somewhere down below 150.
  9. Probably stuns them just long enough they don't get a chance to shoot.
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