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  1. Oh yea, "THE BLIZZARD OF 79" (New Years Eve) I delivered pizzas during the storm, made over $200.00 in tips. Not even the Police were on the roads. I was driving a 67 Pontiac Bonneville with illegal studded snow tires, only got slightly stuck once. After the storm ended (1/1/79) you could just see the tops of the telephone poles, houses were totally buried with people climbing out the second story windows. Now to the present day. 8:20AM 32° WC 26° breezy and grey skies.
  2. I asked a member from another website about Shane. Below is the response I received. This link will take you to Shane's Facebook page.
  3. This is Wisconsin. Don't like the weather? Wait 5 minutes it will get worse.
  4. @HandyDan, If this is the same storm we've been having expect several inches of wet heavy stuff. 9:35AM 32° WC 28° with 3-4" of heavy wet stuff on the ground, and still coming down. Snow blowers useless, Oh my aching back.
  5. 9:40AM 35° rain, and fog. getting to be a sloppy mess out there. If it keeps it up maybe I wont have to shovel.
  6. 7:30AM 34° and rain/snow mix, more of that wet heavy stuff on it's way. We're at the forecast edge of either 1-3" or 3-5" more for this evening. Here we go again.
  7. Talk to the guy that owns a golf course somewhere around there. He's into walls.
  8. 7:25AM Still in this reverse heat wave...8° with no WC. Forecast high of 27°. Might make it above freezing tomorrow.
  9. Managed to get about 6" of snlush cleaned up before the freeze. Still in slow motion. Now need to fix 3 out of 4 snow blowers.
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