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  1. Got a 750CCA AC Delco Group 34PGHR (Pilot calls for group 24FA) for $31.50 w/tax. Terminals are of course reversed, but the cables will reach by simply turning the battery around. They had one group 24F battery, but it was one of those "Wally World NeverStarts". With the way the critters are already acting, I've got a feeling I might just need that extra 130 Amps on them thar cold days. Had some fun getting back on the interstate, "Cutie" driving a Tesla S wanted to give it a run on the on ramp so I kicked that old Pilot's V-Tec in at about 40 MPH and was bye-bye to 70 MPH crusing speed faster than she could think about it. Man did I get a strange look after she decided to go around me after I set the cruise control. Not to shabby for an old V6 with 276K on it.
  2. Just checked one of my favorite boneyards websites, any battery is $30.00 ($10.00 Core), with a 90 day warranty. See ya'll in about an hour or so,...
  3. It didn't miss me, just a continuance of Saturday when car batteries started heading south.
  4. Sure was, left car stranded in four different locations in the middle of winter. They tried insisting I had a bad alternator, my and their auto shop meters showed the alternator was fine. I buy a lot of parts at boneyards, some most people wouldn't think about. Paid $10.00 a piece for what looked like brand new rear rotors for the Pilot, they didn't even have the beginning of surface rust anywhere on them. AutoZone listed price $69.99-91.49. Also took what looked like brand new calipers/mounting brackets off the same vehicle $15.00 each versus $85.99 at AutoZone. The new looking pads ($39.99-61.99 at Autozone) were a freebie! For my Dodge truck, the steering box seal at the pitman arm decided to let the PS fluid run out as fast as you could pour it in. Took me a little over a year to find a good (Non leaking) one in the boneyards. $40.00 pull it yourself, $1295-1385.00 for a rebuilt. (Only used for 1998-2000 model years standard cab/short bed 4X4) You'd be surprised how many new/almost new parts end up in a boneyard. Of course you need to take the time to pull the parts, but with price differences like those I'll make the time. IIRC the last battery I got at a boneyard lasted almost 5 years, paid $15.00 for it.
  5. No, it's the left go/no go pedal.
  6. I'll never buy another battery at wally world. Went through five of them before they'd give us our money back. Not sure if it was just a bad batch, but they had half a skid of returned ones all the same group number.
  7. Not sure what the last part means but not as small as this one's became. The clamp wouldn't tighten down on that battery, but did on the one I ended up pulling out of the Dodge truck. (Still have to get around to replacing that steering box) Battery from Jeep wouldn't take a full charge. Now that I think about it one of the boneyards I frequent sells some pretty good looking used batteries for $20-25.00 with a 30 day guarantee. Might just take the voltage/load test meter up and check out a few tomorrow.
  8. She's the little old lady from... Dang, just saw Fred beat me too it!
  9. I haven't gone with yet this time around, trying to get caught up to what I didn't get done while helping Bruce, but Bruce told me he got an older Delta lathe with a bunch of tooling, and a Craftsman 6" bench belt sander at one pile. He said the "Old Timer" was downsizing, and hadn't used the machines for quite some time. I ran to grocery store on Saturday, and then stopped at Quick Trip. When I came out had to get the Pilot jumped. Charged battery when I got home came up to 12 volts but marginal on load test. Negative post on battery has reduced in size. Charging system checks out. Now trying to figure out why it's cooking the ends off of the original negative battery cables. Waiting for cables from Rock Auto, got all 3 (Positive, Negative, Engine to body ground) for less than AutoZone, or O'reillys wanted for just the positive cable. (Same brand and part number) Looked at prices for a new battery. Guess I haven't bought a battery in awhile. Have the 800 Amp battery from the Jeep on charger now. It's a 7 year battery that's 4-5 years old now. Of course the terminals are on the opposite side, but if I leave out the plastic battery surround not a problem. I paid $89.00, same battery today, $189.00.
  10. I've been getting them for a couple of days John. Started with the Weekend Agenda topic. Couldn't figure out why it was asking if the posts answered my question. I'm like what question?
  11. Thanks Cal, you wouldn't believe some of the stuff people throw out!
  12. Not quite done, but the JRV makes it's first official run later today. Spent yesterday finishing up some work on the roof rack, and ladder that will get you up there. BION there was a little woodworking involved! First up was figuring out what to do with the damaged rear doors. While we ponder that we'll show a bit of what's been done. First a frontal view of the replaced bumper, hood, and grill along with the front mounted hitch. Now a view from the top of the roof rack. The perferated steel plates are roughly 3/16" thick. It took three of us to get the rack minus the wood onto the van. This should prevent the caved in/leaking roof syndrome of Bruce's other roof racks. That suckers 14' 2" long X 58" wide. And another first with Bruce's roof racks. A tailgate! Side view with the hitch shelf in the stored position. Still have a bit of bodywork to do. Those rear doors? How's this grab you? A bit of aluminum diamond plate covering the lower damage. (Doors work fine after a bit of ) The ladder was made from a bunk bed ladder, two carraige bolts, and parts from a cyclone fence gate. The original ladder rack, ladder, gate, diamond plate, and the tailgate were all found "Curb Shopping" Bruce about fell over at the price of those 1"x12" standard grade pine boards for the front, and sides. Not to shabby for a couple of mid 60's nut cases. We may be , but dang straight we're bold!
  13. Friday again folks, we survived another week. Here in the land of "Two Weeks From Anywhere" it's the big push day for getting the new JRV (Junk Rescue Vehicle) ready for the fall "Curb Shopping" season which starts tomorrow. Earlier during the week it took three of us to get the roof rack on the van, got it mounted, the sides installed and yesterday I modified a bunk bed ladder to mount on the rear door. I'll be installing it today. This roof rack will save the roof from getting caved in like Bruce's other vans. There's still work to be done, but will be put off a week while the JRV goes through it's shake down test run. I don't see any big problems arising, but one never knows. I'll try to remember to get some photo's so you can see why I named this one the JRV. I need a break anyway, so I can do what might just be the last mow of the season, and get back to closing the Pilot "Mouse Motel". I'll also be "Batching" it this weekend as the wife is headed north to visit her sister with our son, and my stepson. The stepson is going up to set up his tree stand for the bow hunting deer season. So, that's my weekend plans, "What's on Your Weekend Agenda?
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