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    We the unwilling, lead by the unknowing, have done so much with so little, for so long, we are now qualified to do anything with nothing!

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  1. Friday again folks. Here in the land of "Two Weeks from Anywhere" I'm still waiting for the delivery of a hollow end mill so I can get at a broken off bolt on the Pilot so I don't have to go through dropping the front subframe to try drilling it out. Also still doing battle with that Astro van of Bruce's. Has a strange fuel injector shut off problem going on that when the fuel injectors get cut off the gas gauge rotates counterclockwise. It's not throwing any DTC codes but if you disconnect the battery for a half hour the system resets and it will start/run for about ten minutes before the gas gauge starts rotating and it will not restart due to the Vehicle Control Module shutting down the fuel injector system. Otherwise if you start/stop the motor without running it for the ten minutes you can get two to four starts before the VCM shuts down the injector system. @Gunny Any ideas? Well, it looks like that's my weekend agenda. What's yours?
  2. They didn't call us "The Cavemen" of the trades without good reason.
  3. We the unwilling led by the unknowing have done so much with so little for so long we are now qualified to do anything with nothing.
  4. So we have another "Fitter". Don't you just love it when the pipes you have to replace are imbedded in masonry walls, stairs, etc.?
  5. More today, need to get that Astro figured out. Fall "Curb Shopping" season begins in are you ready for it? "Two Weeks".
  6. Looks like I might get a reprieve, it's raining here. Only problem is that also leaves out the picnic table workbench.
  7. Mine will be too once I start tracing that fuel injector shut down problem with what probably amounts to a LA phone book worth of Factory Service Manual.
  8. Managed to get the Larkin desk cabinet stripped before the Factory Service Manual for Bruce's Astro showed up. I think I'm about to get a headache.
  9. Might get a decent day to work on the projects only if the other things needed to work on the vehicles don't show up.
  10. Waiting for the grass to dry up a bit before I go start mowing. Have about 4.5 acres waiting on me. It's rather dewy out there this morning. I never managed to finish the Spring yard work routine.
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