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  1. Larry Buskirk

    Help please.

    Might be the motor is wired for 220 Volts, and you're trying to run it on 120 Volts. It wouldn't be the first time I've seen that. It would seem like it develops full power but, stalls when you put a load on it.
  2. Larry Buskirk

    Help please.

    Hawkeye, Are you talking about a step pulley drive? Is the belt slipping when it stops turning? If not your motor might be weak.
  3. Larry Buskirk

    So you think you have a big gun

    He might be protecting his land, and doesn't want any proof left when he spots those darned poachers.
  4. Larry Buskirk

    My move from craftsman to art?

    Very nice Bob. I've tried giving Mulberry away in the past without any takers, after seeing this, I'll probably have to hang on to some for myself and others. I've got a White Mulberry tree that is now on it's last legs. I've also got Red Mulberry that are in need of trimming. @Gene Howe I forgot to pick up a flat rate box when I went to vote, the wife was getting a bit uncomfortable after standing waiting in line, and wanted to get home. Would you like some of the Mulberry to go along with the Box Elder? I just remembered that I've also got Swamp White Oak. The power company pretty much butchered our biggest one when the power lines came in contact with the tree and started a fire in the tree and the line came down in the process. Want some of that also?
  5. "Back From The Archives" @John Moody What ever became of this?
  6. Larry Buskirk

    The Farmhouse Table

    Nice work Ron. The table, and bench appear much larger than I was picturing in my mind. No wonder you had the football team on standby!
  7. Larry Buskirk

    Tabs on the Weather...

    Still coming down, and as I feared it's the wet heavy stuff 34° and dropping.
  8. Larry Buskirk

    Threading Wooden Dowels

    Thanks Herb, I was wondering if the TP holders shaft came apart like a regular bolt or not, or if you just slipped the roll over the shaft. Nice pictorial tutorial as to how you went about it. @Stick486 The sight of your various forms of TP brought tears to my eyes. OUCH! It brought back memories of when I had to have surgery after having my first colonoscopy. Some how when they Roto-Rooted me they tore the rectal lining, and I had to have surgery to correct it. I couldn't sit for at least 6 weeks, they ended up removing about 40% of my Wrecked Rectum. Needless to say I refuse to go through that again. That isn't happening, No Way!!!I don't care what they say.
  9. I should have looked sooner. I'm not sure if what I was told is true or not. While the wife and I were out browsing the antique shops about 30-35 years ago I saw what looked to be identical to this item. When I picked it up to look at it an older gentleman saw me looking at it with a puzzled look on my face. He had to be in his mid 60's to early 70's. He said that he remembered his grandfather having one of those, and that he kept it hanging from the straps on his bib overhauls. He told me his grandfather was a trim carpenter and that he used nothing but hand tools while doing his job. He said it was used for marking then drilling the holes for hanging doors. After making the mark he would remove the half of the hinge from the door then mark where to chisel out the frame to set the hinge into the door frame. He said that he also used it for the same purpose when he built cabinets in place I played around with it for a little while, and discovered that the mechanism with the brass knurled nut somehow locked the auger bit into position so it wouldn't fold back against the handle. I thought it was pretty cool but wasn't willing to shell out $100.00 for it.
  10. Larry Buskirk

    Tabs on the Weather...

    37° here now with that stuff Stick likes coming down from the S.E. from over Lake Michigan. Temps forecast to continue dropping into mid to upper 20's by tonight. Hopefully not that wet heavy stuff, but when it comes from that direction it usually is. Earlier they were saying that it was going to get sunny, they sure missed the target there. It's been nothing but gray, overcast, & gloomy.
  11. Cal, I suffer from the same affliction, one second it's there, the next poof! Gone like smoke in the wind!
  12. Two thumbs up Cal. Those tool boxes came out real nice! Thanks for posting your experience using the process. I've noticed when I do the electrolysis process it helps to scrub, & rinse both the part being cleaned, & the sacrificial anode plates when I notice the process slowing down, this occurs about every 4-6 Hrs. I've acquired a couple of my old machines in pretty much the same manner as you received your tool boxes. The previous owners did not think they could be saved, and were going to throw them out for the "Scrappers". When one of them saw what I had done with his contribution to my cause his reaction is best described as followed by and some comments I can't post here. He simply couldn't believe it was the same machine, that one had several coats of paint but was stripped clean in about 2 days. It might be the difference between my using Washing Soda, larger anode plates, plus the fact that I do what I stated above. I've never tried using Baking Soda for the electrolyte solution. A couple of times I've reached into my tank forgetting to disconnect the power and could feel the current flow much like the sensation of testing a 9 Volt battery with your tongue! Admit it, I'm sure some of you guys tested your transistor radio batteries that way when you were younger.
  13. Larry Buskirk

    I think I'll keep my Dewalt

    Thanks Dave, I needed that! BTW if there was a cure, I wouldn't take it anyway. It's nice to know somebody understands where I'm coming from.
  14. Larry Buskirk

    I think I'll keep my Dewalt

    Dave, Believe it or not that makes perfect sense to me! I've learned to deal with being Dyslexic, it's to bad I didn't know I had it before I dropped out of school to help the folks pay the bills. It wasn't revealed to me until the lady that ran the tutoring class to prepare us for getting our G.E.D. realized the problem I was having with doing math from the point of Algebra and up when the union offered the training, she asked if I had ever been tested for Dyslexia. I had never heard of it before she asked. She made an appointment for me to be tested and sure enough I was diagnosed as being Dyslexic. From that point on the upper math skills became much easier. The teachers I had in school never recognized it from the first grade on. When I was learning to print in the first grade the teacher couldn't figure out why I was prone to printing letters backwards, and would scold me for doing so. I simply was doing it the way I was seeing it. It took me quite a while to get it right, but I did succeed. I never had a problem with mechanical type things nor Spatial Relational types of problems. Those types of things just seem to spin around in my head and make pretty good sense to me. Why, I don't know.
  15. Larry Buskirk

    I think I'll keep my Dewalt

    @Gene Howe , You made me look up "delineated". Not a bad suggestion though, I have been trying to let the folks know by putting "Back From The Archives" at the top of the posts that I have brought "Back From The Archives" when I do the clean up on them. I hope it has helped. As to the post I mentioned above, it was my mistake to not have scrolled to the top and check the posting date. When I clicked on the heading it went to the last reply. After all it is Wednesday.

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