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  1. ...Had to dig out the left handed plane.
  2. ...If that's not big enough, I've got both a 36" & 48".
  3. If MS did the latest Edge update you probably also lost the Home button on the Edge top toolbar. (4th from left looks like a house) If you want it back (I did) you have to go into the settings go to Appearance tab on left, and turn on the Show home button switch. For some reason these things get turned off with the latest Edge upgrade.
  4. Mike, I think @steven newman might be interested in one.
  5. Thanks Lew, I could have sworn I tried that yesterday. You also have to turn on the switch below the plain text box. I don't remember if I did so yesterday.
  6. ...Must be one of those tropical illusions, in this photo it almost looks like three sets of legs.
  7. This is what I want to get to work on. ...Neighbor called, said he found the pedal.
  8. Trying Chrome. ..Seems a lot slower than Edge, but if it's what I've got to do.
  9. Friday again everyone! Here "Two Weeks From Anywhere" we're still waiting for the weather to make up my mind. I'm wanting to get to work on cleaning up machine parts in my electrolysis tank providing I can find everything. It's only been about four or five years since I used the setup, but I have to wait for the temps to remain above freezing. The process releases hydrogen gas, and I don't feel like going BOOM! ...Besides that I don't think the wife would appreciate me launching the roof. So.. What's on your weekend agenda?
  10. Gene, link just takes me to top of page.
  11. Might as well be, house was built prior to 1870.
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