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  1. I started going downhill in Jr. High (grades 7-9). In some ways Dyslexia is both a curse, and a blessing. We tend to have good spatial relations/mechanical abilities. After I went through that Dyslexia facility I could do a lot of the things that I couldn't before. Went on to get a 3.976 G.P.A. after getting my G.E.D.. Even Aced the quadratic equations test. ...Wish they would have caught it when I was in school.
  2. @FlGatorwood, Not sure if it's the same elsewhere but around here they've gone from teachers actually teaching to using the computer for most classes in the class rooms, so I don't really see much difference between in class or virtual teaching. I didn't do real well in school due to being Dyslexic without knowing it. I went for some classes that the Union put together for people that wanted to get their G.E.D. and take Skilled Trades testing. The woman that was tutoring the classes noticed I was having problems with doing Algebra, and asked me if I was Dyslexic. At that time I didn't know what Dyslexia was. She got me set up with a testing facility, and sure as heck I was. After a bit of training at the facility it was like a wall suddenly collapsed and I could make sense of things that I couldn't before.
  3. They can throw rocks at me too Aaron, won't miss what you don't pay attention to in the first place.
  4. 1665 new cases yesterday in Wisconsin. Kenosha Unified School District sent out a notice last evening @ 10:30 PM that 7 more schools will be going to virtual versus in class sessions due to Covid cases, and teacher shortages due to same. KUSD was already facing a teacher shortage before the Covid mess.
  5. ...Murphy must have not heard me. 51° with forecast high of 73° partly cloudy/smoky ..not sure which?
  6. So are ours Lew, the free upgrade from W7. The 2004 build installed on the wife's PC without any problems, everything kept working!
  7. ...Might wake some of those that don't seem to care up, but I doubt it.
  8. No frost here yet, but wouldn't be surprised to wake up tomorrow to a foot of snow. 55° now with forecast high of 68°, & SUNNY!
  9. I'll have to see if I can find the report again, but quite a few eligible to retire teachers have decided to do so. Others are simply deciding to give up, and refusing to return to the classrooms.. I don't blame them.
  10. I've got two like that they were my dads. Are yours two sided with different sized teeth?
  11. Far too many out there that don't care about your health or their own.
  12. I'm not sure how many are on campus Gene. They've put some dorms on lockdown, and allowed some to go home after being tested. For now they're allowing the students to decide whether to stay due to concerns about taking it home with them. Like I said, it's a mess.
  13. Ours have been open and they complain of low attendance rates. Some have had to reclose due to occurring infections. The schools around here basically took the same approach. Bristol Grade School has had to already go to virtual learning due to staff, and students testing positive. There are also a couple in the city of Kenosha that have had to do the same. The UW College system is almost a total mess. UW Madison Campus has reported over 2,500 cases since reopening.
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