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  1. We'll be spending the day at home. Nowhere to go anyway, everything is canceled. ...I might have some old fireworks stashed somewhere. I know I've still got a couple of quarter sticks.
  2. Another day of over 500 new confirmed cases here in Wisconsin. State totals 30,408 confirmed cases with 797 deaths. Our county's totals 1547 confirmed cases with 44 deaths.
  3. John, In the first photo it looks like the guy has the two vises mounted to a board that he clamps to his workbench when using them. You could look for a couple of Versa-Vises ( Ain't cheap very collectable)
  4. I've got three out of the four carbide tipped chisels that Delta offered during the early 40's along with the complete set of HSS that were given to me by a former co-worker that didn't like the way they felt when using them. I was by his place with another former co-worker and saw the box on a shelf above his lathe, and commented wow where did you find the old Delta chisels? He replied want them? They're yours, I don't like the way they feel. I don't argue with getting freebies, especially when they're collectables. I've seen the same sets go on eBay for over $100.00.
  5. Gee Wiz I guess I'll be the only "Old School" turner. My lathe is from 1941, my chisels from the late 30's early 40's.
  6. ...Wait until you see my first piece once I'm set back up. ...I haven't turned any wood in 45+ years. ...Man does that make me feel old.
  7. Great post @lew I'll hopefully be getting back to making things shortly. Just need to find a top for the machine bench now that I can somewhat unpack some of the main shop into the new space that will be shared with yard equipment. Didn't have enough room to change my mind in the trailer shop. ...I'll have to see how much $ is in that zip-lock baggie full of change.
  8. Andrew, It's not a failure if you had fun, and learned something doing it.
  9. ...Are you referring to the no social distancing/masks with the normally overstated attendance rallies?
  10. @Cal We sure know what you mean about the HHH weather. We've got that pond called Lake Michigan about 12 miles east of us, and when we get into the 80's we get dewpoints in the 60-70° range. Makes for some pretty sticky thick to breath air. Our lawn needs a mowing, but it will still be there when the dewpoint/humidity level drops. Hopefully soon. That reminds me I have to call the I.R.S. I sent the taxes out in March, and still have heard nothing about our small refund. The State return came back in amazingly only 3 weeks!
  11. And somebody's wishful thinking said "The summer heat will kill it." From what I read online it would have to get to 132.8° to kill the virus. I don't know about you but I'm plenty uncomfortable when the temps get into the mid 80's and higher.
  12. Happy 4th of July weekend! Not much going on around here in S.E. Wisconsin. We're having a HHH (Hazy, Hot, & Humid) run of weather here, and that simply doesn't make for allowing getting much done. Too humid to paint, and I can't take being out in the direct Sun like I was once able to. Moneys also tight this month with property taxes being due. So I'm kind of at a standstill for the time being. We might fire up the grill for the 4th but don't really have plans to go anywhere. So...What's on your 4th of July weekend agenda?
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