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  1. Thanks Steve, but we've been there done this with the wife before. ......
  2. Could be worse, could be one of those Chrysler 2.7L engines.
  3. I'm still "Safer At Home" ing it, wishing the weather would cooperate so I can UNPACK the shop.
  4. ..Going to be a trying weekend. Through the weekend into the beginning of next week, and the wife's got a prednisone buzz going!
  5. That would be Southern Comfort for me, drank my self sick one night at least 40 years ago. To this day that stuff is like a rubber ball. I need all the help I can get, cold days are the norm in these parts. That bottle of 190 Proof has to be at least 30 years old. You're not supposed to wash the floor with it!
  6. 6:30AM 42° through last night with possible severe after 2:00PM today. Most of weekend into next week forecast for even more
  7. ...I've got some 190 Proof Vodka if you're interested John.
  8. Probably a "Stupid" question as we make our way through the Pandemic gripping the world today, but just had to ask. As to us here "Two Weeks From Anywhere" the wife had to go to the Doctor yesterday, no we don't have it, Don't want it. She started having breathing problems a couple of days ago, luckily she decided better get it checked before she ended up in the hospital where we know they do have it. Turns out her Bronchitis got triggered by the "Rust Dust Pollen" our Norway Spruce trees started dumping earlier this month when we got our first, and last 60° day. She's now on a couple of meds including the boss's @John Morris favorite.. Prednisone. This isn't going to be fun. Sure is strange going out with all the closed places. So how are Ya'll dealing with the sudden strangeness of the world around us today?
  9. I still don't know all the crap on a flip phone. I have no interest in anything with a touch screen (wife's new phone) they don't see me. ..But I bet it would see the tree I'd be "Frisbee" style throwing it at in less than 5 minutes!
  10. ...The way I would interpret "Not at this address" is that the person the piece is addressed to doe's not live at the address that the item is addressed to. The local Postmaster called me after the package was delivered yesterday, and asked if I had received the item on the 25th. I told her I received it in the mail today (yesterday) and she said it was reported delivered the 25th, not 26th. She told me she had a good talk with the route driver, and asked me why..." I hadn't just called to report the problem". Her voice got rather nervous when I informed her that I had left a message on the answering machine last Friday, and talked with someone Monday morning and told her that I was told that the person was too busy, and that I would get a call back in about a half hour but was never called back.
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