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Free for All

The Free For All Forum. Anything unrelated to woodworking, your other passions, hobbies, family, trips, day job, post it all here.


Please read these guidelines before posting in our Free For All forum

Thank you for joining us!

The Free For All forum is a place for off topic (other than woodworking) discussions. Please read these rules before posting in this forum.

  • Refrain from jokes that contain race, sexual, national origins, or posting of images and cartoons that contain such items.
  • Foul language is never appropriate, please do not post it in text format nor in image or cartoon attachments.
  • Commenting on sexual orientation in a negative manner is not permitted.
  • Sexists commentary or jokes are not permitted (blonde jokes, etc, you get the point)
  • Offensive content or content that goes against the above rules, will be removed without warning, you may get an explanation if time permits, but not always.
  • Political commentary is not allowed.

These are the basic rules, just keep it classy, and keep it tame, we are a family website, we want people from all walks of life and all age levels to feel comfortable here.

These rules will always be subject to change as needs arise.

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