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  1. Nickp

    I Regret To Be the Bearer of Sad News.

    Sorry to hear, Bill...prayers and sympathies for you and your family.
  2. Nickp

    Must Have Tools ?

    Nice tools...! I have some of them...couple are DIY... Ultimate Doweling Jig...gotta go ! $600+...WHAT...! ! ! Dowel Press...gotta go...if it made dowels longer than 6", maybe... I have the Worx jig/sawsall...love it...light, compact, great for tight spots, cuts straight...
  3. Nickp

    Hey Y'all

    That is one helluva introduction...! ! ! WOW...what awesome work...! ! ! And that mill/lathe is really something...! ! ! AWESOME...
  4. Nickp

    the Toolbox of America -- Stanley

    Do not supply paint to big box...and yes, very much still around...
  5. Nickp

    the Toolbox of America -- Stanley

    I worked for a very prominent, high quality paint manufacturer (name withheld to protect the innocent) and it was described to me that it would NEVER put paint in the big boxes because they were NOT going to be dictated for selling price... @schnewj Bill...excellent points...
  6. Nickp

    Hey, I'm Just Thinking Out Loud but

    I heard one gentleman exclaim once "I hope they don't just sell them for what I told them I paid"...
  7. Nickp

    Doweling jig

    ...and that since it is self-centering, the boards must be an absolute same thickness.
  8. Nickp

    Hand Cut Dovetail Tips

    Nope...! ...and once one gets the hang of sawing in a straight line, they come out even mo' better... Hell...some folks complain about their bandsaw not cutting in a straight line...! (ya think this'll start a ruckus? No offense intended to those that own such bandsaws...)
  9. Nickp

    'Off 90'

    Congratulations, Ed...nicely done...well represented. ...and your boxes are absolutely the finest...AWESOME...
  10. Nickp

    Sliding Router Table Upgrade

    Amazing...freakin' amazing... ...and your use of square footage is equally amazing... WOW ! ! !
  11. Nickp

    Another Auspicious Occasion

    Told you there was kink involved...foot fetish ?
  12. Nickp

    Another Auspicious Occasion

    Sunk !
  13. Nickp

    Another Auspicious Occasion

    Hmmm...the whole thing sounds a little kinky to me...a mother/daughter team...? Fantasy...? @Grandpadave52 Dave...don't let these old guys make you sink to their level...! !
  14. Nickp

    What To Do With My Tools ?

    I'm thinkin' it's okay to sell your stuff (or give/donate it)...on one condition...you take as long to get rid of it as it took you to accumulate it. This will insure you have sufficient time to do as much as you want...
  15. Nickp

    Another Auspicious Occasion

    Sorry I didn't acknowledge your well wishes earlier...this weekend was a bit crazy... 200 miles for a wedding Friday night, 420 miles Saturday to and fro Baltimore, 220 miles Sunday visiting daughters, 518 miles yesterday to and fro New Bedford, Massachussets... I thought birthdays were supposed to be restful... So, thank you all for your wishes... I did have fun visiting with my daughters...

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