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  1. Low 50s today. Supposed to see the sun off and on.
  2. I have a couple Oneway Talon chucks and really like them. I have an older Oneway that employs Tommy bars to tighten and a Wood River of the same construction. Penn State Industries always runs an add for a Tommy Bar chuck with free jumbo jaws. I bought one and was going to keep it ready with the jumbo jaws mounted full time. Well I must have got lucky because it is the most accurate chuck I own as far as run out is concerned. It is as closer to dead on than my metal lathe chucks. I use it quite often when doing small items. I wonder if it is closer to dead on because it was manufactured
  3. I really liked that peanut butter. It was a real treat to get bacon and was great on a peanut butter sandwich.
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