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  1. HandyDan

    the Great Bald Eagle

    This one was in the news this week. Eagle wanted the fox's rabbit.
  2. HandyDan

    Starting To Build A Tea Pot.

    Keep it going. Enjoying the show and tell.
  3. I have been sick with the flu for two complete weeks. Finally started feeling better yesterday so I think I will take it easy a few more days.
  4. HandyDan

    Must Have Tools ?

    The Wolfcraft drilling guide caught my eye. I would use the proper drill bits for the hole size though.
  5. HandyDan

    Retiring and Planning On Moving ,Thinking About Texas

    You guys put a hoodie on when it gets down to 75°. That's t-shirt weather for us.
  6. HandyDan

    Tabs on the Weather...

    Low 80s and nothing but sun. Yard needs to dry out a couple days so I can run the mower over it.
  7. Thanks Lew. Good reminder that we can save a few dollars doing our own repairs where possible.
  8. HandyDan

    the Pen Jaws Worked.

    Looks good Tom. A lot of times the bit will drift and not be on center too even with the store bought chucks.

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