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  1. HandyDan

    Good Clean Fun

  2. HandyDan

    Good Clean Fun

  3. HandyDan

    Tabs on the Weather...

    Plenty of sun today. Still in the 50s.
  4. HandyDan

    Bought this is Mexico

    Amazing piece of folk art Jess. Great story to go with it.
  5. I took the store's bulb number right off the receipt to find and create the link. Go figure.
  6. HandyDan

    Good ole boys

    Couple of real pumpkin heads.
  7. HandyDan

    Shoulda tied it down

    Lucky no injuries. Half the sheet on the far side/passenger side is inside the car.
  8. HandyDan

    Gorgeous maple

    Oh Man! That is a beautiful piece of Maple. It should be honored to have you bringing a wonderful bowl out of it. Nice, Nice, So Nice!
  9. Don't know where the mistake was made but I will go by the box which says the bulbs are 2,000 lumens. I would think the right description is on the box. The ad I posted also only says T8 replacement but the box says T8 & T12 replacement.
  10. Sam's Club sells 4' LED light fixtures with bulbs for $36.00 if the whole fixture needs replaced or to replace 8' lights.
  11. I have all four footers. The Home Depot had the bulbs in stock at $12.95 each bulb and no shipping since in store stock. They are direct wire and the ballast is eliminated. Comes with instructions which amounts to removing the ballast and the wires from one end of the bulbs and running a hot and neutral to the other end. The bulbs are marked which end goes to the wired side. The bulbs also come with new tombstone ends which need to be used if replacing T8 bulbs. The T8 tombstone ends are shunted but the T12 are not so the T12 do not need replaced. Doesn't take long to do and I love the results. The store SKU# is 1001716707 for the bulbs. Below is a link to the bulbs used. https://www.homedepot.com/p/toggled-48-in-16-Watt-Daylight-T8-Dimmable-Linear-LED-Tube-Light-Bulb-D416-50311/206723425?keyword=853889005853&semanticToken=200300000+++>++++st%3A{853889005853}%3Ast++cnn%3A{0%3A0}+cnr%3A{8%3A0}+cnb%3A{9%3A0}++853889005853+{productkey}+qu%3A{853889005853}+oos%3A{0%3A1}
  12. Been working at changing the florescent light over to L.E.D. Have a few more to do. They are brighter but the best part is there is no hum. Need to get the leaf collector on the back of the mower too.
  13. HandyDan

    Tabs on the Weather...

    A bit warmer today. Upper 50s but comes with more rain.

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