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  1. Another nice sunny day today in the upper 70s. Need to cut grass today as we may get some rain tomorrow and Saturday.
  2. I guess the Southern Pine Beetle didn't hear that story. https://www.treefarmsystem.org/SPBwhenbeetlesattack
  3. I go by recommended mileage not date. I need an oil change about every nine months.
  4. Mid 70s with all day sun. Perfect day.
  5. Where's the "Public Service Announcements". I realize it's a matter of choice but make it an informed choice. The more people vaccinated the better this works.
  6. This is the first time I've seen this in print. Should be seeing it everyday everywhere.
  7. Looking at the difference in the two signs the $18.82 sign must have been knocked off and is laying under the stack of 2X8X10s. Glad to see they gave you the price you saw.
  8. A lot of people on Welfare that have free cell phones so they can stay connected and be job ready. Call them up and let them know jobs are available. We have factories with help wanted signs out front. I don't get it, something needs done and now.
  9. It is becoming the way of the world. Years ago we complained about poor or slow customer service. Seems we expect it now and we praise a company like Easy Wood Tools when we receive good service because that is not the norm.
  10. Sunny with a few clouds. Low 70s for the high.
  11. Those are way cool. I'm thinking of making gnome ornaments for Christmas this year.
  12. Weather treated us nicely for the picnic Saturday and Sunday was nice too. Today is supposed to be a mix of clouds and sun with mid 70s for the high. Kind of cool for June.
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