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  1. Looks like it's going to rain but hasn't yet. Clearing to sunny skies this afternoon or so they promise. Low 70s.
  2. In Reed Gray's video pay particular attention at 20:30 where he talks about tool presentation and again at 24:30 where he talks about the importance of the amount of the cutting edge presented at any given time. Both very important when using scrapers. Keep in mind that he is a production turner and went this way for speed and he does this mainly in wet wood which almost always easier to turn with any tool. Physical strength is also needed for this type of turning, watch how well he holds the scraper so it doesn't get away from him. It is a very good video and as always practice is key.
  3. Any good high speed scraper will work well. I have scrapers like shown but I actually usually grab my Robert Sorby multi tip scraper. So I guess it comes down to preference. The Sorby tip is a smaller radius and I feel the less contact area makes it work better. I like the rounded shaft too. It makes for easier positioning for me. It also has various tips that can be had including a beading tip.
  4. Don't know the name brand but it is nothing fancy. Similar to this.
  5. Another friend of mine caught Covid and died last week. No underlying conditions but was 70 years and didn't get vaccinated.
  6. Mostly sunny and upper 70s for us. Another nice day but a bit windy.
  7. The one I have and showed fits under the face shield just fine.
  8. I think all of them leak. I can't see how they can be perfect. I use this one and see dust in the mask and clean it out once in awhile. I never feel as though it has failed to do the job. It is important to change filters when needed. I changed mine a few weeks ago and a good amount of dust came out of the old ones when I hit them on the table. I was surprised with the amount of dust that came out and am going to change them more often. I guess with the light color of the wood they don't get to looking dirty. The filters are readily available through Amazon too. These have a large filter area with the pleated filters which is important.
  9. A pleasant mid 70s and sunny. Puts a smile on my face.
  10. Or you're not using it to scratch the old caulking off the basement windows and concrete block. I've sharpened a lot of them but then I made a lot of them too.
  11. Everyone 65 and older are eligible for the booster shot. Latest article on it. https://www.msn.com/en-us/health/medical/covid-19-booster-shots-explained/ar-AAOOsMv?ocid=msedgdhp&pc=U531
  12. I do the same as Lew. Some of mine have a removable shaft and for those I remove them and chuck them in a drill.
  13. Just a little over a week since I got this years flu shot. Suppose I should wait another week or so to get the booster.
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