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  1. I just called the local bowling alley and I get to pick up some free bowling balls tomorrow. Been wanting to make some bowls out of them.
  2. When you have green wood I have always been told to paint the ends to keep it from drying too fast and cracking. Well if you finish turned a bowl that was green and gave the whole thing a few coats of poly would that keep it from drying too fast and cracking?
  3. The bee farm gift shop that sells my honey dippers also sells LOTS of loose leaf tea, I think she told me she stocks over 50 flavors. She wanted to know if I could make lids for those tea jars. They are much smaller version of the dipper lids but with no dipper. The lids these wrap are about 2-1/2" diameter and ideally I would just drill that with a forstner bit. I don't happen to own 2.5" forstner and didn't want to spend 40 bucks on speculation. It occurred to me that I have a 2.5" hole saw and I wondered if I could drill with that and then hollow out the center with a 2-1/8" forstner and sc
  4. RustyFN


    I got the walnut log cut in half and one bowl rough turned.
  5. My process when I'm making lids involves two basic steps. First, mount a blank in a four jaw chuck, drill for the lid and fit it. However many I'm making I will do this step to all of them. When they are all drilled, they get flipped around and all the finish cuts and sanding are done. I discovered early on a four jaw chuck wouldn't work for the second step. There is no room for tooling and it puts my fingers too close to the spinning chuck. My solution was to make a wooden expansive chuck. That actually worked really well and I've been using it for years. It uses the s
  6. I built a center steady years ago. It works fine, however the wheels I used (white) were used on shower doors. No bearings. Wheels hard plastic. They worked fine, but I kept my eyes open for wheels with bearings at a good price. I found some at Amazon. They are made for printer mechanisms. They do have bearings and (not as) hard plastic wheels. I added them to my old center steady. I have NOT tried them yet, but I can not see any reason why they won't work. The one dimension I wish was smaller is the 3/8" wheel thickness. They were really cheap 5 for $7 I set the two spares down with th
  7. I made a small bowl while I was putting the finish on my other bowl. It is around 5.5 inches in diameter. Also a picture inside the other bowl I just finished.
  8. Just got everything set up and running. Took a seasoned log and practiced some basic shapes to get the feel of the tools, familiarize myself with the lathe, and see how it all works together. not a masterpiece but feel it’s a great start.
  9. RustyFN

    New bowl

    Started a new bowl. It is a log the neighbor gave me. I think it is apple.
  10. Has anyone ever had good results with this type of sizing tool. It's supposed to make duplicate tenons/parting cuts and I keep getting tearouts/catches when I try to remove the tool. By the way, without the spacing arm, this parting tool(1/4") cuts like a dream.
  11. While waiting for the Soectraply mill blanks to arrive. I'll be clearing my bench off rolling pin stock and building inventory for next year's show season. This should put 72 pins in the bins.
  12. I am looking at a low speed grinder at Home Depot. It is made by Wen. It is 1750 rpm. Comes with one white 60 grit wheel and one 120 grit white wheel. They are 8 inch wheels with 5/8 shaft so it would be easy to upgrade to CBN wheels later. It cost $105 and has a two year warranty. What do you all think? https://www.homedepot.com/p/WEN-120-Volt-8-in-Slow-Speed-Bench-Grinder-4286/205413322?source=shoppingads&locale=en-US&mtc=Shopping-B-F_D25T-G-D25T-25_9_PORTABLE_POWER-Multi-NA-Feed-PLA-NA-NA-PortablePower_PLA&cm_mmc=Shopping-B-F_D25T-G-D25T-25_9_PORTABLE_POWER-Multi-NA-Fe
  13. Hey folks, I have these small rounds of wood pieces that came from an old wooden viking bowling set. they are angled at the top. I'd like to keep this feature but when I start the hollowing Process I run into a lot of catches, even after I drill center of the piece. Any ideas could I possibly use forsener or small spade bit?
  14. As a wood turner, cutting up logs into bowl blanks, is just part of the fun. As I mentioned in my introduction, I was a logger for nearly a decade, so using a chainsaw is second nature at this point. Now obviously I don’t use the Stihl 066 or MS 660 for cutting bowl blanks, but my MS 210 always worked well. However, a noisy gas powered saw isn’t always appreciated in my neighborhood or inside the garage. So, I went searching for an electric solution. Now I have to say, I was very skeptical about battery powered saws, but after much research I pulled the trigger on a Stihl MSA 220 C. This
  15. Has anyone had the occasion to do any turnings from African Blackwood? I've got a spill vase, that I want to turn from that wood, and I've done spill vases in other woods for practice. The last vase, in the photo, is from Lignum(guaiacum?) vitae and was a real lesson in turning!!!
  16. Ok in a different thread I posted a picture of my handmade emblem. I have come up with a few different ones. I would like to know which one people like most. I think I like number three best.
  17. Our Adopted Family Christmas Project was a complete success. Thanks to all who participated and congratulations to the raffle winners! Our Patriot Turners- Lots of great projects and discussions this past week! @Ron Altier started us off with a sweet little birdhouse ornament! Ron tells us a little about this turning and the little additions he added- @Steve Krumanaker embellishes some of his orders with an inexpensive laser. Steve shows us just how versatile one of these machines can be- Check out the c
  18. Everyone here knows, when I'm making honey dipper lids for mason jars I use a cheap laser to embellish the lids. Everyone always asks, how big of a piece can you do? No one ever asks how small. I had an idea today to embellish a knob or two to see if it would work. So, here is the result, toothpick on top for scale. Keep in mind this is done with cheapo machine that's probably 4 years old now, not sure about that anymore. I'm still amazed at what it will do. They actually look much better in reality, picture is blown up enough to show the imperfections pretty good. Stil
  19. After working on the media room all day it was time for a turning. The wife has been reminding me for a while to replace a knob on one of her cooking lids. Paul
  20. The gift shop that displays a few of my turnings sold fifteen ornaments for me this year and several honey dipper lids. I don't want my hobby to be a job but a little extra cash lets me spend for the shop without feeling guilty about it. More about that in a minute. I'm working through a batch of honey dipper lids for the spring season now. There will be 25 this time. All of the lids are completed and I have 23 dipper stems done so I only really need to do a couple more tomorrow. However, I have nine more blanks prepped so I'll turn them all and put some in the kitty for next time
  21. I went to Woodcraft today to buy some finish. I was looking at the 1/2” bowl gouges. The have Robert Sorby and another English brand for $100 each. They also had a China brand but as soon as I saw China I lost interest. I went online when I got home and looked at Thompson lathe tools. I can buy the Thompson for $120. On the Thompson site they offer a V bowl gouge and a U bowl gouge. Is one easier to use than the other or give a better finish? Does anybody know the pros and cons between the two? I think they said the V gouge had a fingernail grind.
  22. Just finished this one. Originally it was just going to be a plain birdhouse. My wife saw it and showed me some small Christmas items that she had. She got a box of them at a garage sale years ago. See photo. I added a few and this is the result. She likes it...........I musta done right
  23. I plan for doing one for my carbide cutters as well but this one I'm starting to put together for the hss gouges I just purchased and for future ones that I may or may not purchase. I got the measurements for the tools fortunately. I maade it just long enough to hold all 6 on the same one its not the best looking but it will work better than what I currently have slim to nothing for tool holders. I'll either mount it to the lathe bench or rip down the pvc holders I've got up on a 2x4 and place it there. I just have to see how much space I'm working with and what I can manage. Fortunately
  24. I posted a few days ago about my son deciding he wanted to make "river" tables. Here is a picture of one his first efforts. Not exactly turning but there's more to the story. Know I'm his dad but I'm seriously impressed. Anyway, he had resin left to use up so he threw some scrap pieces into something and poured the resin over it. He brought it to me asked could I make a globe out of it. It was not quite 5" long and about 5" diameter. I wasn't crazy about the idea and I have no desire to turn resin but he's my kid, you know? Told him I
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