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Found 413 results

  1. Sanding may sound elemental but to get that good finish it is essential part of the process of turning to a finish. The best way to improve your finish is to first learn to turn to a better finish off your tools. This will take time so lets look at what to do till that happens. Always sand from beginning grit to finish grit. Do not skip grits. My progression is 80,120,180,220,320,400,600,800,1000,2000, 4000. Unless my finish off the gouge is good those steps are followed. Might start at 60 for a bad piece of wood , yes it is always the fault of the wood . For most turnings I only go to 400. How long do you sand with each grit? Answer=Till all scratches from the previous grit are gone. How do you see those scratches? Answer= LOW-Angled light on the surface. Sometimes these scratches show better if you do not remove the sanding dust but be sure to check after dusting off too. There are occasions when you will find scratches after a higher grit and in this case go back two grits and continue to follow progression. Is power sanding a good idea? Answer + can be used for at least part of the process. Do not power sand at full speed , a medium or low speed on the sander is sufficient. Do not press on the sander, its weight is plenty of pressure. Use hand rotation of the piece on the lathe, speed causes the sander and hand held paper to skip on the surface. Do not hesitate to work more on a problem area but be sure to feather out the area to disguise the spots symmetry . When possible sand with the grain by hand on the last two grits. In power sanding use a softer pad under discs over 180. Now what do I use. Sander Ridgid Job Max(corded) for 2 inch discs. Pros orbital sander (air Powered) for 3 inch discs. Sanding mandrels for both are from WoodturnersWonders.com in a system of Rolox pads with hook & loop. Paper for sheet I use Norton 3X and pads are Mirka gold from TurningWood.Com And Abralon pads Backup pads save your hook and loop on your mandrels. There are many ways to mount paper on handles , and inertial sanding handles that spin from the lathes power. For sanding inside hollow forms I use long locking tongs with the paper wrapped around a foam pad. For this lathe will need to be turning at a slow speed. You will find your own solutions and mine are not the only way to get there. When you find it necessary to sand on lathe under power always use speeds of 250 or less.
  2. If y'all recall I recently did a plate with a reflective powder. Now have found something much easier to apply and with more vibrant results. Welborn Gourd has a Metallic Ink which gives great results. The pattern is from their Stained Glass Stick n Burn collection. This particular pattern was easy to burn . The rim is done in Black stain from Chestnut Stains. Finished with acrylic lacquer.n The Metallic Gourd Ink comes in 20 colors and yes I will be getting more.
  3. Gerald

    Walnut bowl

    Did the rough turn on this last week and just getting to post.This is from The walnut the club harvested on city property. Might have gotten two platters but had some flaws. A bit of a different shape as it is a platter with high sides. This is 14 inch so left it at 1.5 thick. May take a while to dry this one. Have not turned walnut this wet before and it looked to what light streaks when first turned. Also has some of those purple streaks. there are the purples Running a bit of water. This is is where I stopped. The light areas look prominent here. Today it is dark like walnut is supposed to look. Plan is to use stick n burn patterns and color with Welburn metallic dyes.
  4. Finished these off today I'm turning thinner and thinner in wall thickness and bottom thickness and its getting easier to do with out blowing through the bottoms of the bowls. They came out nicely so I'm quite happy with them.
  5. Our site sponsor, Woodcraft, is having a clearance sale. Lots of great turning supplies for Christmas projects as well as other awesome stuff. https://www.woodcraft.com/categories/clearance?trk_msg=LBL5GCMLMLA457FTGEUL9N5PSO&trk_contact=QNSFAEQ45HFA1IHE09ORJKR45S&trk_sid=8QC3REUTE75ECCOSK66L59JQKC&utm_source=listrak&utm_medium=email&utm_term=September+Clearance+Items&utm_campaign=Clearance+Stuff+Must+Go
  6. AndrewB

    Birch Bowls

    I'm not sure if this is the right way of doing things but the birch bowl that I started working on yesterday.... I started hollowing out today. I took the outside walls down all the way to about an 1/4th an inch or thinner. I still need to hollow out the bottom I've still got about an inch of material left to work with. I wont be taking it too much deeper because of the risk of blow through. Not sure if this was wise or I should have left a little more material in the long run or not. But hopefully this one will turn out nicely.
  7. So tonight I decided to turn a couple of acrylic pen barrels since I just got a shipment in today. I also tested out a new camera for recording that was COMPLETE and utter trash. So I will be sticking with my iphone from now on. Either way I think I hit a few air pockets in the acrylic. It just wanted to chip I will leave the video from the turning in here. But the quality is NOT as great as my Iphone. Tomorrow I'll be starting off on some new bowl projects since those will get in. So I'll get to try out my new EWT Mid sized rougher. Can ya see the huge difference in the video with the Iphone and this camera. DONT BUY IT.
  8. I wanted to turn something today so I took a chunk of scrap wood I was going to use a while back. Its oak so it was tough wood to cut through. But I wound up turning a cup it actually came out quite successful in the end. Scrap to something not too bad. I didn't water seal it or anything just mineral oil on it. Did the water test in the end it worked out pretty good. I'm happy with it at least. But this one will NOT be going to anyone. I've got to get better finishing out the bottoms of the cups on the inside. The video is there not sure why it didn't come up with a image capture. Either way it works.
  9. So looking around in the house I found some more material. I had glue up four turning blanks that I had forgotten about... How ever unfortunately they didn't glue completely evenly they are solid but there is a nice little crack in the middle of two blanks. I'm currently turning on it. It seems to be holding up so far. But I am up in ears for suggestions on how to take care of this crack I do have my alumilite resin still plenty of it left. I'm wondering if that would be a better option of once I get to a point is hold off and fill the holes with the resin and then continue to carve but I am completely unsure. I do plan on turning this one out completely. I'm starting off with the live center bits instead of the face plate giving that another go as well. I am recording this one as well. I can't remember what kind of wood this is I'm working with but I'm assuming that its oak wood it feels like oak at least to me. Either way here is a shot of what I've done so far with it. I've rounded it out and I'm going to start shaping the cup. Just not sure how to seal that space because I would like to keep this one.
  10. Gerald

    Cherry burl

    Started today on a cherry burl my son gave me for Christmas in 2017. this is what it looked like after after cutting it open on bandsaw. Mounted between centers and tried to get a place to do mortise. No luck so went with a glue block. Used medium CA to attach this. finally got the bottom shaped and on to sanding which went well. Now on to hollowing and that that was rough. This is is what I started with. After breaking the glue bond and then breaking the sacrificial faceplate I tool another approach. Used myArbortech ball carver to get down to solid wood. Drilled to ease the hollowing and finished for the day at what you see.
  11. I was inspired to do this when I looked at a thin turned bowl sitting atop another round bowl. Can’t remember to take pics like Steven but did get beginnings and end. Two little problem at end. When I came back to it today some of the bark separated . Tried to glue and it came off so pieced back on. Did the bottom too thin and got two cracks in bottom when parting off. Good news is both anytime repaired. The bottom is about 3/8 and the top. Wing about 3/16
  12. Well again I'm impressed with packaging. I received it today, ups guy was late with it came back to my place after his deliveries were done and dropped it off for me which was nice. Product came in great condition. I have yet to use this tool but I'm sure I will be using it plenty. Over all tool length is good. Will be interesting once I start using it for hollowing but it will be better than the PSI tools I was using previously. I was expecting it this morning how ever as I said UPS guy was LATE shame. Either way here's what you can expect when ordering these tools.... They are quite nicely packaged and boxed. I can not WAIT to use this.
  13. Well, I gave it another try using what I learned from the first prototype. This one is about 3" high. It was bit easier this time. I don't plan on making any more...........unless the grandkids make some requests. This one is not an ornament, it was made to set on a shelf, per my wife's request.
  14. I got frustrated with a project I started yesterday due to wobble. I mean I've still got wobble in the blanks but its not as bad. I cut a mortise into the bowl bottom to give that a shot this time it was no where near perfect how ever it works. Hollowing internally does not seem to get as much wobble but when it does the chisel will bite into the wood. Also tied out cutting into the middle with the forstner bit as well to get a depth gauge and I think I'm finding that a better way to do do things so I'm just not hollowing until it blows through the bottom. Pen stuff should HOPEFULLY arrive at some point today. This project is the Walnut Claro. I'm almost now starting to wonder if the wobble is being caused from myself changing the belt and dropping the speed to 0 to 1000 RPM. But this one seems to be going smoothly at least so far.
  15. Either way with all of the information I've gathered about pen turning, watching quite a few youtube videos on basics and assembly, I think I'm at the point where I can get a functional pen made. I was out in the shed this morning I got the pen barrels turned out sanded and 1st coat of stain on in less than an hour and a half. Which is pretty good considering. I'm doing this one as a test run since I'm out of brass inserts and parts which are on order but wont be here for a week or so. I think my main goal is to stick with this for now until I can accomplish the task of getting this right.
  16. So lately I've been dealing with wobbly pieces. Even after they are rounded they still seem to wobble. Does anybody have any ideas on how to correct this. I've never had too much of an issue with it before until the last couple of days. I can't even explain it. Note I did hold the chisel one handed how ever I barely touching it up on the piece so it wouldn't catch onto the wood and cause injury, but I placed it just enough to show the horrible wobble not sure how to correct this issue. Video should give you a better idea of what I'm dealing with.
  17. Have had this hollow form turned maybe 3-4 years and got started on the plan yesterday. Plan is a rosebud just starting to open. These first pics are my carving setup for this type carving. Using a Wecher to carve with. The stand holding the piece is a Trent Bosch carving stand. It allows flipping the piece or spinning it. Then put on lathe yo sand. Better dust collection.
  18. Saw these on a demo and almost ordered one for 55 but on second thought. the c shape one allows to check bottom thickness with workpiece in the chuck due to the thin bottom of the C. Easy to make. This is next one is a simple Seth gauge and may make another with brass rod
  19. Had looked for a piece of live oak large enough to do a 15 inch plus platter quarter sawn for a long time . Well What I finally found a 19 inch tree and cut a blank next to the pith. Not quarter sawn like Mike Mahoney uses but close as it gets. By the way Mike cuts some huge timbers , maybe 4 foot diameter. Tree had been down maybe 60 days when I got to it. Then I cut the blank and did a first turn leaving the blank at 2 inch thick. I sealed all edges and toward the center with paraffin . After two weeks it developed some cracks so decided to finish turn. I started with the back and had some bad spots appear at what looked like a branch and discovered after reversing that there was a bit of pith that would be left if I finished in that orientation so I turned the front to almost complete then reversed again. That got most of the branch out so sanded back and turned again . For the final sanding and then some embellishment with a bead and burned line. Now decided that it needed some back embellishment. I did a crosshatch design with a Sorby mini spiral master, a middle with Decorating Elf, then the Wagner tool. Remember this blank is still wet so I bagged it to dry. It is now drying and not as yet warped as live oak likes to do and what hapens but the left over from the branch starts to curl . I filled that with black CA and now just wait. Started as 19 inch and finish is 17.
  20. From the album: Patriot Woodworker Community Fundraiser 2020

    The Patriot Woodworker's are honored to have this Easy Wood Tools Hollower #2 donated by an anonymous Patriot Woodworker for the purpose of our Summer 2020 Fundraiser. One of our Patriot Woodworker's contacted @Jim from Easy Wood Tools for the purchase of this tool, and instructed Jim that he/she remain anonymous for this donation, so we just want to say to whoever it is among us, THANK YOU! As of July 5th, 2020. This tool has been added to the line up of our prizes for this fundraiser. Value: 139.99
  21. From the album: Patriot Woodworker Community Fundraiser 2020

    Enter to Win! One recipient will receive: The Patriot Woodworker's are honored to have this set of tools donated by an anonymous Patriot Woodworker for the purpose of our Summer 2020 Fundraiser. One of our Patriot Woodworker's contacted @Jim from Easy Wood Tools for the purchase of these tools and instructed Jim that he/she remain anonymous for this donation, so we just want to say to whoever it is among us, THANK YOU! As of July 5th, 2020. These tools have been added to the line up of our prizes for this fundraiser. Value: 359.97
  22. Tried something new today; end grain thin bowl. Used live oak and turned to just over 1/8 inch live edge. Easy turn bud did start to crack in center when sanded. Fixed that with CA. Put in a bag to slow drying and hope for the best.
  23. From the album: Patriot Woodworker Community Fundraiser 2020

    Enter to Win! One recipient will receive: Full Size | Easy Wood Tools WWW.EASYWOODTOOLS.COM Handles are one-of-a-kind grained American Maple with a copper ferrule that gives strength. All tools come with a fresh standard carbide cutter already installed and a hex key that fits the mounting screw. Three types take your creation from start to finish, in three colors so you'll know which to reach for. Value: 389.97
  24. Time to watch oil dry....
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