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  1. smitty10101

    Cardiac stents

    How is her energy level compared to prior to surgery? Is she able to do more than before the stents? My biggest concern is that the Md will promise you the world and then you can't do any more than what you could prior to the surgery. My feeling is that if you're going to rotor rooter me then I want a better quality of function/mobility. I guess I'm trying to turn back the clock a bit. You know---Glory Days by Bruce Springsteen.
  2. smitty10101

    Cardiac stents

    I'm NOT looking for medical advice but I am looking for your experience if you have had stents put in, especially if you're in your 60-70s I'm thinking that I'm going to need 2 put in on the heart---been stalling for about 5 years now. Stress test on the 19th so #1 what did the MD relate to you about to expect post surgery? you'll be as good as a 50year old? You'll be able to run a 6 min mile? #2 did the MD go through your right armpit? What was the time before you had total use of the arm? How long before you could lift weights? #3 your shortness of breath (sob) will go away and you'll be able to exercise w/o getting winded? #4 anything out of the ordinary that you weren't told about? I'm not concerned about the surgery --I've seen enough of them--especially thru the groin but I've never seen the followup. Reason for my choice of the armpit---shorter distance & a straighter shot to the heart. thks smitty
  3. smitty10101

    Numbering of posts (gone)?

    That's the puppy!! Thks Yup just like before. Any progress on making it something like "post 3 of 23" (example)?? thks smitty
  4. smitty10101

    Numbering of posts (gone)?

    IF--really big IF---- I recall correctly about 1yr to 1 1/2 yrs ago the powers that be had instituted a numbering system for posts. The result was that someone could go and reference a particular post/response so you didn't have to weed through all the responses for an answer. It seems that that has gone away. Or am I doing something wrong and/or should I change my prescription for my glasses? smitty
  5. smitty10101

    Spell Check

    Grammarly is what I use. But---just recently it looks like a different spell checker kicked in when I switched to Opera. It looks like what was coming up several months age but it disappeared on its own. It doesn't do grammar however. The best one that I found was to go back and read EXACTLY what you wrote, not what you THINK you wrote.!.!
  6. smitty10101

    Spell Check

    John---just a thought--- I've noticed that a lot of the misspelling comes from those that use TAPTALK. I'm assuming that sometimes it gets to you & others--me included. But while we're somewhat on the subject a grammar checker would also be nice. combined it might alleviate the need for extended time to correct content.
  7. smitty10101

    Border Patrol/Customs

    Anybody a former worker for either the Border Patrol or Customs?? Our HOA has had a shipment of flooring "delayed" at the border according to the HOA association. No further explanation. unknown originating country. So I'm thinking from Mexico?? Drugs, Bugs, People in the shipment? From China--Bugs, not wood not fumigated ? any thoughts or insights?
  8. smitty10101

    Tabs on the Weather...

    63F expecting TS been in shorts & sandals for last week & into next week going down to 40's overnight not bad for 2nd-3rd week of winter just saying smitty
  9. smitty10101

    turning a square to round from tailstock

    ??? wouldn't the glue block mitigate that? ASSUMING that the glue block is at least the same size as rings?
  10. smitty10101

    turning a square to round from tailstock

    could you ease the back of the blade to eliminate it hitting the wood or would easing the point make the teeth to weak/brittle?
  11. smitty10101

    turning a square to round from tailstock

    Don't know ---will have to look Blades will bend/wander---VOE. Had to true them up(the rings) with a spindle sander. Can also cut them with a router & circle cutter (originally did it that way) but end grain was giving me problems with tear out so I was exploring alternative methods.
  12. smitty10101

    turning a square to round from tailstock

    he used a cutter on the outer edge. I was planning on making the "rings with the parting tool addressing the wood in the same fashion that you would if you were parting something off normally. (along the axis of the bed) Might (would)have to be thicker(wider) than just the thickness of the tool
  13. smitty10101

    turning a square to round from tailstock

    face plate & screws
  14. smitty10101

    turning a square to round from tailstock

    glue block was going to be my choice with brown paper separator. If that fails to separate then bandsaw it

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