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  1. Just a curiosity question-- why is the flat platter object that we put into a computer spelled "disc" and in the real world flat spinning things are spelled "disk"? disc vs disk??? is disc an acronym? Digital Information Storage Computer
  2. Have one----useless--- oddball small hose and really doesn't suck well or hold much. Good for the wife for small jobs but useless in the shop.
  3. Ok got the suggestions from Stick. As I understood, previously, that the heart was a "like" button---as in I liked the content of that particular message/reply that I was liking. To me the is a huge difference between a reputation & a like---probably a holdover from the business world. Also still don't fully grasp the loss of the acknowledgement of being signed in, only because it avoids trying to do a message and then find out that you need to sign in. BUT--- I do like the fact that you can readily see what forum you're looking at. I'll be exploring the upper right of the toolbar in time. It takes me a while to warm up to change. I'm a great fan of the status quo, especially with software. As I'm typing this there is a small red dot to the lower right of the message window that changes #s and/or pinwheels. When you hover on it you get various options. Is this just me??? b/c it appears to be related to "GRAMMARLY" the spell check that I use. Or did TPW also start using Grammarly?
  4. "@John" gives a drop down with 7(?) names & no way to continue down. If you know the name of the member that you sending the message to then you just continue to type---but if you don't then you're screwed (frustrated) On a side note ---on the left there is (for me) members & underneath a plus sign (+) & the # 155-- members reputation. The question is how does one a) either increase that # or b) give a reputation to another member? As you can tell I'm really a genius with computers & software---yeah right. smitty
  5. ok John let's see if I can do this!!?? 1st off I'm using Win10 2nd in the above screenshot in the upper left I use to see "smitty10101" showing that I was signed in where "the patriot's pulse" is 3rd on the same banner now shows 7 icons Before I lose this I'll send it to you more to follow smitty
  6. I'll need a little time to get the screen shot to you Wife wants to spend my money smitty
  7. @johnmorris Did I miss something, an announcement or such? Formerly when I was signed in my name appeared in the upper left (round about the header/banner of TPW.) Now nothing, no way to identify quickly that I'm signed in. Also when I addressed this post to you (@johnmorris) I got a drop down that gave a partial list of "john" w/o the ability to scroll down & find you.!?!? Did I fall asleep & wake up late to the game? Also the upper right of the banner has changed & when I scroll down to the bottom of the page I don't get a listing of the forums. Confused--as usual. smitty
  8. App for smartphone to test for lumber hardness https://www.proconstructionguide.com/mississippi-state-develops-smartphone-app-test-lumber/ Just FYI smitty
  9. Everyone did catch that the original post was 8/11/2016---almost 3 years ago. smitty
  10. a tongue depressor for those who "speak with forked tongue"?
  11. nope---I don't understand the function of the "Forums" nav button. In my "brain" logically it should give you a list of the forums---as opposed to going to the bottom of the page. And NO i don't have pointed ears (ala Spock). HOWEVER---- I will play with it some more so don't go crazy with it on my behalf. thks smitty
  12. When I sign in to TPW the banner has (from left to right) a steel plane, TPW logo, "about us", "forums", "wiki", "our picks", &"more" when I hover over "Forums" with the dropdown arrow ( expecting to get a list of the various forums) I get a dropdown box that lists Chatbox calendar guidelines members online users staff is this correct? also "our picks" gives no dropdown---will check that out after I finish this message smitty
  13. So I was just over in the "chat room"---- I can't see any way to either reply and/or post (did read the multiple posts---all 2 of them !! did I miss something?? smitty
  14. Ok--- I'm CHEAP!!!! I'm toying with the idea of buying some holly @$16.50 BF. Don't have an exact project in mind just yet---maybe using as an accent in some pen blanks-- If I resaw it I'll be losing about 1/8in of the wood so I thought that MAYBE there was a way to split off some thin strips. So I'm looking for some advice & learn from your experiences. IIRC the wood will need to be pretty straight grained but what tool to use??? A knife, a chisel, a plane set for a thick slice? something else? Time for a new tool?? thks smitty
  15. @John Morris I think I finally got rid of the 2nd quote bar. I spent some time fiddling with the box & cursor placement & hitting the cancel button. Looks like it went away. PLEASE don't ask me to recall the steps---I basically reread your suggestion & fiddled around. Sorry, I can't be of more help. I do appreciate your help in solving it though. smitty
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