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  1. Rained heavy last night about 3 AM----1/4 inch in 1/2 hr ?? Sunny right now--0830 Waiting for tropical storm to hit later on today with accompanying wind (?) & rain (?)
  2. Just saw on Y**Tube that HD is (may be) dropping the Bosch brand. Does anyone else have info on this? If so, should we be looking for discounted specials??
  3. A # 10 ??? Didn't think they went anywhere near that high. #1 & #2 are pretty close to the scalp. A #10 would be ??? Rip Van Winkle? A Rake?
  4. And you too, Gene Happy Father's Day And Happy Father's Day to all--if it applies! otherwise have a Happy (fill in the blank) Day
  5. I don't think cure time was a factor. It was in clamps overnight so the glue should have set up. But possibly the difference in densities of the adjoining woods might have resulted in different absorption of the glue. I really think the depression(s) were caused by overeager use of the ROS to try to get the cherry flush with the mating board. I was so damned concerned with getting the boards even during the glue ups that my brain never got into thinking about the methods to flatten it when all was said & done. Thks but SWMBO picked the wood & brainstormed the layout. I only supplied the labor & $$$.
  6. Not with the lock down in progress. Hopefully, soon the guild will be reopened & access to the bigger machine will be available----hopefully!
  7. For all of you that have built/use the router sled method How do you store a jig that would accommodate a glue up that size (27x24) ? Or do you break it down & rebuild it when you need it again? Thinking about that question---you really only need to store the "sled" part, not the runners that go the length of the glue up. Router bit used?? a bowl cutter? or a dado bit ? or something else?
  8. Subject is a 27" wide by 24" long glue up "doughboard". The problem: Sticks #1 & #3 (cherry) when glued to board #0 were "off" by about 1/64 to 1/32". Being higher,thicker, than board #0 (soft maple). Boards #3 &4 are black limba. The rest of the boards are purple heart, cherry, walnut & zebrawood. Before anyone goes crazy---I do as I'm told! She wanted those species. Period. So---how you you deal with the unevenness? I wound up sanding the heck out of the intersection of the woods.This resulted in the black limba having a detectable depression. Not by sight but by feel. But on reflection I think I could have: a) used a hand plane b) probably used a cabinet scraper c) sanded the crap out of it. So again how do you deal with it?? thks smitty
  9. Any cemetery that I've been in the head stones face any & every way. Depends on the way the road was laid in. The foot stones however all face the same way----up! IIRC, when being cremated you go in feet first, same way they would carry you if you were being carried into a church for the ceremony.
  10. @AndrewB I've got the exact same lathe. Believe it or not the legs aren't that terrible. I've gotten no noticeable vibration from the set up. I put a set of casters on it to move the lathe around the shop. Got them from Rockler(?) or maybe Peachtree(?). The set for splayed legs. They'll lock when you need them to. BUT --the casters themselves Now THAT'S a PITA. The casters sometimes will cooperate and roll and at other time not. Most often NOT. Assembly of the lathe (lifting) was accomplished in stages. Used the Workmate to get near the height & then muscled it the rest of the way. For chisels -- google a guy called "Capt Eddie". Out of either Mississippi or Louisiana. He sells various tools that, IMO, are decent for a beginner
  11. Gunny What did you use to route the recess? slot cutter? straight bit? T/S? BTW looks good!!
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