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  1. smitty10101

    Table Saw blade Issue

    Ok so take the blade off, turn it around, remeasure from the left, rotate blade backwards if you must. the measuring gauge can't tell the difference smitty
  2. smitty10101

    accessing new work recessed can lights ic rated

    It's a whole new light (s) going in. Our old eyes can't see in the dark anymore so I'm afraid that someday I might get fed something that will knock the light out of me----accidently of course!!!!!
  3. smitty10101

    accessing new work recessed can lights ic rated

    @Artie thks for the quick reply I was planning on stripping the new wire & using either the old wire nuts or use new next size up nuts. The bitch will be feeding it into the box w/o cutting the insulation on the individual wires. My hands are "normal" size but I do figure on doing this job semi blind. The blown in insulation & the resulting mess that will have to be cleaned up to swmbo satisfaction. Good luck with that. The new can should only present a problem with the insulation. Construction is new--- 2015-- Just rambling & thinking this through before I cut the new hole. Fall back will be access thru the attic Hopefully only fall back----not fall through Again thanks smitty
  4. smitty10101

    accessing new work recessed can lights ic rated

    Hey I THINK I found it ?!?! You tube video so be careful---didn't check it for bugs!!
  5. Calling any electrician out there How do you access the electrican box that is attached to a new work recessed can light from BELOW. the light can is obviously anchored to the ceiling joists with the straps so you can't easily bring it thru the sheet rock. The can is mounted either flush with, or sits on, the finished side of the sheet rock. You (I) can't move the can to the side to access the electrical box. So--- from below-- how do you get to the wiring?? I want to install a remodel light in the pantry and want to tie the electricity into an existing hall light. Attic access IS available but it's going to take some contortions to get to the space and my old body doesn't like learning new twists. thks smitty
  6. smitty10101

    Bosch 1617evspk kit

    Here's the link if anyone is interested https://www.tylertool.com/bsh-rsa-9662/bsh-rsa-9662%2Cdefault%2Csc.html?ref=em20181128&src=bshcyberemailexcl&utm_medium=email&utm_source=em20181128&utm_campaign=cyberweek-bsh&rcid=MTA0ODkzNTcxNTUzS0&modalsignup=hide&spMailingID=37603776&spUserID=MTA0ODkzNTcxNTUzS0&spJobID=1403001290&spReportId=MTQwMzAwMTI5MAS2 smitty
  7. smitty10101

    Bosch 1617evspk kit

    Stick I misspoke---- there is tax but the dust shield is only $37 not $44 so it's pretty much a wash smiity
  8. If I can get a NEW Bosch 1617evspk kit for $165 USD is that a fair price? Yes this is NEW & not a recon I'm thinking that it's a pretty decent price. smitty
  9. smitty10101

    tear out routing a circle

    2nd time I've used it since being resharpened. Clean & shining more than my bald head!! Sharp as a new bit I MIGHT have taken just a tad too much material Went to get a Dialbo bit today. Just to practice. HD said they had 2 in stock--NADDA--Their inventory systems SUCKS!!! and they "count" stock at least once a month!! I hope their accountants can count better than their clerks--or maybe they are just cooking the books. Got two different bits coming in from Amazon
  10. smitty10101

    tear out routing a circle

    Actually I was using a Whiteside pattern spiral up cut bit recently resharpened by Whiteside. Still managed to rip up the end grain! Will be trying a shear bit as soon as I can get it here.
  11. smitty10101

    tear out routing a circle

    Stick that was what I was commenting about in that reply Are these type of bits "better" for end grain? smitty
  12. smitty10101

    tear out routing a circle

    Ron have you used a shear cutter on a circle? My "fear" is that those kind of cutters are too agressive for that task. Yes/no?? Come to think of it you can't plunge with a shear cutter can you?? DUH!!!
  13. smitty10101

    tear out routing a circle

    I was pattern routing a 3/4 inch deep outside circle today until the spiral cutter grabbed the end grain and tore (chunked out) the wood to bits. Had diligently bandsawed the wood close to the desired circumference so not to have the bit chattering too much. Good theory!! Bad execution!! So I gave up & walked away bitching & dejected for the day. Then in the dark depths of my "mind" I tend to remember that if you encapsule/surround the bit in wood the bit doesn't tend to grab the endgrain as much. Similar to routing a groove in wood even though usually with a groove you're going across the grain. Soooo-- is my mind correct? I understand that I'll be comparing 2 different bits--the bearing guided pattern bit & the plunge cut bit. But both are spiral carbide cutters and the only real difference(s) I see is the location of the cutter & the amount of material I choose to cut. Trouble with doing a circle 1/2 the circle will be end grain at all times. So climb routing 1/2 the time & normal routing the other 1/2?? There must be a better way. ALL opinions welcome. Thks smitty
  14. Drawing on your own personal experience---- do the major electric hand tool manufactures put their wares on sale (with decent prices) for the season? If so what time frame?? Black Friday? Electronic Monday? Some other day? All season? 10% off isn't a "sale" to me--it just covers sales tax at best. I'm PROBABLY going to need to replace my Hitachi router-- starting to sound like a bearing is drying up. Will be looking at the Bosch kit b/c it appears to plunge smoothly. Thks smitty
  15. smitty10101

    Shelf lengths for inside cabinet

    For internal measurements I use a regular carpenters folding rule with the slide out on one end. Of course you must add the two measurements together for the final length. Guess I'm just old fashion ----or too lazy to make a story stick (or both)!

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