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  1. Ok I understand how to square up a framing square but how do you square up a carpentry square---the ones with the wooden "handle"---now that I've gotten rid of all the ones I inherited. You can't punch the outside or inside corner due to the wood
  2. Just throwing this out there-- A phone call to Colonial Willamsburg in VA.? Roy Underhill uses one often. Maybe they can give you a lead and/or have the blacksmith shop make one for you?
  3. NOTHING!!! it's been 100F in the garage for the last 5-7 days. Too @$&$$! hot to stay out there! Humidity's been up also. Probably lost a pound or two.
  4. Called several----$150 to cut the circle & polish the edge & then the cost of material. ouch!! Lew are you suggesting to cut stone on the TS? I've seen videos of cutting wood circle but not stone.
  5. Daughter #2 has requested a marble/granite lazy susan. About 12" to 18" in diameter My dilemma---- a remnant from a counter top is 3/4" to 1" thick and will be kinda heavy and chances are I'll not be able to cut it with what I have at hand. So I was thinking of a floor tile. Cut it with a diamond jigsaw blade. Has anyone cut a circle into stone with good results? What did you use and how much of a PIA was it? The stone top will be attached to the mechanism with construction adhesive and then to wood base with screws. Edge I can treat with the diamond disks that I have. Thoughts? Comments? U tube has limited video---that I can find. thks smitty
  6. Just did a mini hope chest repair for the wife. It had the exact same hinges. I had previously tried to straighten the prongs on the original hinges. That lasted about 2 months with minimal openings. Hinges pulled out so went to plan B. Got mini hinges from the craft store with screws. Before you try the supplied hinge screws get a couple of steel screws to run in the wood so you can avoid breaking and/or striping off the head of the screw.
  7. Well now I know what that pin is for. Always thought that it was for either keeping the slit open to facilitate changing the blade or for just keeping the slit open, period. thks for the wake up call but that begs the question--- how would you adjust the flatness of the table with the pin?
  8. @stick486-----Sorry Stick--Missed your birthday!!!! Was thinking about it for the last week but then it slipped my mind (fell through the cracks of gray matter) Hope all is good with you and you just are sitting back & chilling. Can one chill while drinking hot coffee??? Seems a contradiction of terms. So now that you're a year older should you change your call to "stick 487"?? BTW did the fire department respond in time or do you keep a fire extinguisher handy to blow out the candles? just ribbing ya!! Wait--your birthday---you bring the cake & muffins/cookies---we'll supply the beer or coffee. Again happy birthday and many more to follow. smitty
  9. @John Morris enjoying the old magazine uploads. Esp like to eyeball the ads---seeing what the prices were & the products that were available. Keep up the good work smitty
  10. @John Morris --- did we ever get the reading books sub forum? if so can you please direct me to it. Thks smitty
  11. @Lew, @Gene Thank you both from both myself & my gray matter. smitty
  12. Just a curiosity question-- why is the flat platter object that we put into a computer spelled "disc" and in the real world flat spinning things are spelled "disk"? disc vs disk??? is disc an acronym? Digital Information Storage Computer
  13. Have one----useless--- oddball small hose and really doesn't suck well or hold much. Good for the wife for small jobs but useless in the shop.
  14. Ok got the suggestions from Stick. As I understood, previously, that the heart was a "like" button---as in I liked the content of that particular message/reply that I was liking. To me the is a huge difference between a reputation & a like---probably a holdover from the business world. Also still don't fully grasp the loss of the acknowledgement of being signed in, only because it avoids trying to do a message and then find out that you need to sign in. BUT--- I do like the fact that you can readily see what forum you're looking at. I'll be exploring the upper right of the toolbar in time. It takes me a while to warm up to change. I'm a great fan of the status quo, especially with software. As I'm typing this there is a small red dot to the lower right of the message window that changes #s and/or pinwheels. When you hover on it you get various options. Is this just me??? b/c it appears to be related to "GRAMMARLY" the spell check that I use. Or did TPW also start using Grammarly?
  15. "@John" gives a drop down with 7(?) names & no way to continue down. If you know the name of the member that you sending the message to then you just continue to type---but if you don't then you're screwed (frustrated) On a side note ---on the left there is (for me) members & underneath a plus sign (+) & the # 155-- members reputation. The question is how does one a) either increase that # or b) give a reputation to another member? As you can tell I'm really a genius with computers & software---yeah right. smitty
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