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  1. Part 3 All have a "bumpy" finish. The white is chalk to try to bring out the bumps. All take Brown & Sharpe rule.
  2. Part 2 these 3 heads take a Brown & Sharpe rule. All have the same finish. Possible B&S??
  3. Ok lets see if I can get the pics in. These heads appear to be Starrett. The protractor has LSS Co on the edge. The finish appears to be the same Japanning (sp) finish. Interesting though the protractor head does not accept a Starrett rule but will take a Brown & Sharpe rule. The Starrett rule is too thick. More to follow
  4. I'm actually talking about "combo" squares. The 90-45 head, the center finding head, and the protractor. I always thought that the 45-90 head was called a try square, Guess I was/am wrong.
  5. Do you need a flat bottom? or just less break out? maybe something like this? Adjustable speedbor bits? most come with hex shafts but the extensions do work with hex shafts https://www.googleadservices.com/pagead/aclk?sa=L&ai=DChcSEwj7xO-lo5rnAhUJjrMKHcfGCAAYABAJGgJxbg&ohost=www.google.com&cid=CAASE-RocPzIV255CrDG3gy020AKSFQ&sig=AOD64_25nt8rNeIcly6lzojrexBNjnlrtw&ctype=5&q=&ved=2ahUKEwjykuilo5rnAhWLVN8KHVFhB0QQ9aACegQIDRA4&adurl=
  6. working on it--- newfangled computers are not my strong suit. bring back my old flip phone
  7. Ok I don't know whether this qualifies as "machinery", so if not please feel free to move it to the correct sub forum. Does anyone know how to properly and easily identify, differentiate between a Starrett, Brown & Sharpe, Miller Falls old try square heads. Old being 25+ years. The rules are easy--they are marked, but I can't find any makers marks on the head(s). I've noticed that on some heads the sides are knurled--for lack of a better description, and some are just smooth. Why do I care? I'd like to keep the unit with the associated parts. I Gauging marks their heads but I'm lost with the older heads. thks smitty
  8. BTW thanks for the spelling correction. Don't know how that got past me---must be getting old----"vice-vise"
  9. @johnmorris john very similar to this https://www.pennstateind.com/store/DRILLCENT3.html her's is probably last years model though. Gerald #1 table is as level as you can get with a Craftsman benchtop DP that's about 40-50 years old. #2 brand new bit--I broke it in #3 clearing often but no less than every 1/2" @Lew Truthfully--- only every so often -- when turning. Since I don't normally use the lathe to drill--not recently. But when I did it was as good as a Harbor Freight will allow Lew a "pen drilling chuck" https://www.pennstateind.com/store/CSCPENCHK.html @handydan interesting video, interesting ideas thks to ALL. Will keep trying. Will cut up some scrap blanks and try to eliminate my "errors". smitty
  10. Need some help/insight. 1st off I don't do pens, the wife does. BUT occasionally I get drafted into it and refusal is not an option. the set up: Craftsman bench top drill press a dedicated vice to hold the blank the proper sized brad point drill bit for the desired hole. the problem/question: when drilling the hole 8 times out of 10 the hole will be angled through the length of the blank. Both in wood & acrylic. Same result while drilling using the lathe. Is that a problem with my technique? the grain direction? the set up? the equipement? I try to clear the chips while drilling----she doesn't-- NORMALLY. So do you turners use a press or do you drill while on the lathe. How do you, if it can be done, cure/alleviate the bit from wandering? More questions to follow as I think of them. thks smitty
  11. "Sorting order of articles" doesn't highlight so I can't use it. Unless you're talking about some other sort function---then I'm lost
  12. Hey Smitty! Just rattling your cage, how ya doing?

    1. smitty10101


      Thanks for asking.


      My cage?? You're trying to get me in a cage also???  stand in line--wife has me fenced in.       Just busting.


      Had to do a road trip to Jersey for one of the grandkids--- to babysit after surgery.  Rods in back for scoliosis. Recovering extremely well.


      Back home in SC on Friday to return to jersey on 12/23.


      Been in & out on TPW almost daily but not always signing in.



  13. Herb---you sure that's the direction you'll be going?? Maybe bring some scraps of wood along just in case the fires need fuel. (If you go in the opposite direction) just kiddin' ya.
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