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  1. Can somebody explain this to me? https://www.homedepot.com/p/RIDGID-100-ft-10-3-Gauge-58-Extreme-Weather-Extension-Cord-758-103100RCL46/301210975 This cord, supposedly, is a 10 gauge. But is only rated for 15 Amps!!! Yet, other 10 gauge extension cords are rated for 20 Amps. In my limited knowledge/experience a 10 gauge should easily hold 20 Amps. Did I miss something? Somebody please enlighten me.
  2. Laptop or tower? Laptop has mouse pad & screen built in. Tower needs room for tower, screen, mouse, mouse pad, key board. Screen--14", 20", 24", etc.? Just saying, it might be cheaper in the long run just to buy a small new laptop.
  3. Currently raining. Won't have to water the lawn. 74F & 94% humidity
  4. Just throwing this out there----- I wonder if walnut oil is ill advised for those with tree nut allergies. I know that some people with peanut allergies cannot be even in the same area as food made with peanuts. As in even the same room---not just touching/eating something made with peanuts. And yes I know peanuts are grown in the ground & not on a tree, but with some people being hyper allergenic to something/everything I figured I'd ask. Curious minds want to know.
  5. IIRC the coupons will not work on the tool chest, among many other things.
  6. I'm sure by now you surmised that either the gas line has a smaller OD than the hole , or that the hole has somehow enlarged. So thinking out loud-- a) if the trimmer is a name brand, I can't tell from the pics, then go to a service center & buy a name brand hose and try that. b) mic the new hose(s) & old original hose to see if there is a difference. Metric versus Imperial. c) buy a slightly larger OD hose & either trim to fit (sandpaper) or force it into the hole. d) use Permatex gasket maker and/or Permatex blue to coat the OD of the hose & force
  7. Are there "nipples" off the tank into the lines? If so, you could (a) put a small clamp (gas line clamp) on the offending line(s) {don't over tighten} or (b) take the lines off the nipples & put automotive silicone (I usually use the blue stuff) on the nipples & then reattach the lines. Let set up before putting gas back through the lines. If it was my unit I would use the blue silicone. YMMV
  8. Good for you-----I'm jealous. Hoping for you for the closing.
  9. 6:15 am not even sun up 82 degrees with 88 percent humidity feels like 92 another wonderful day for a walking swim
  10. Just took Johnson off the top. I wasn't really impressed with the slipperyness of it. It was OK at first but became sticky/gummy with time & with little use. Buffed it with an auto polisher and still wasn't impressed.
  11. Looking for advice on dewaxing & re coating a table saw top. I recently just dewaxed my table top. Why? It was getting gummy. Used (in order) mineral spirits, straight household ammonia, Rust Free. I think/feel that it is now 99% wax free. Does anyone have a suggestion of another chemical that would have made it easier? Now I want to treat the table top to make it relatively slippery. I ordered a can of Slipit for woodworking--no silicone. But as I await the delivery, I went through my chemical stash & found the following: Super Dry Lube
  12. IF (very big IF) I recall correctly: If you have an "altercation" (fight, shooting,etc.) with a USPS employee it is a Federal crime. To be prosecuted in Federal court. So if they are not Federal employees what warrants them getting Federal protection?
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