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  1. Problem with the new shot is that it is in very short supply and store with it must save it for those who have already had the first before beginning new people on it. There is not a new strain of shingles it is just that the new shots ar supposed to be more effective.
  2. Herb that is a great tutorial . Now I have a question from my turning experience I know the log was not dry, so as the wood and especially the drawer dry . How does that affect the integrity of the piece ?
  3. Hey Sid good to see you and I will echo Dan this is a good place to be. What happened to WWF site?
  4. Another way is to use a tongue and grove connection for the separate boards. Do not flush the joint and use one screw or nail top and bottom of each board . Then hand as toy would ordinarily. This is not something I would do as I use ply but I saw Chris Schwarz do this.
  5. Try Keim Lumber. They will ship and have have good experience with them online or Call them
  6. I used to use a soft and a hard Arkansas. Long before that a Carborundum with two grits bonded , but that was just for pocket and hunting knives. Any light oil will work such as the 3-in-one I used. I use jigs so stopped using oil stones when my WW got serious and use Scary for flat work tools now.
  7. Gerald

    Log Box

    Great job . How did you get the bark to stay on?
  8. I vote carpenter bees too. I have two fence posts they always return to. You can get a spray for the holes and then plug with a 1/2inch dowel. They make a perfect 1/2 inch hole and then go sideways
  9. I liked PC but the quality went down and just cannot justify the search even at lower price
  10. Artie if you put a raised lip around that raised platform then the chair will not roll off
  11. @John Morris you are fired as safety officer. If you value your lungs yes some dust protection is a must. I use a Trent air shield pro and lots of turners use something similar. Yes turning produces dust that floats , yes floats in the air and yes you will inhale it except for green wood. Try turning in the sunlight and you will see the dust. I do switch to a Ezmask for sanding to save batteries. Ok off my soapbox. Artie if you want to find out if turning is for you or if you have an urge to see something interesting and educational go to a AAW wood turning chapter meeting. There are seven clubs in Massachusetts. You can watch for free sbefore deciding to join and you will learn things you never thought you might need to know. That is advice I give to every turner wiether new or old. Look at https://www.woodturner.org/search/newsearch.asp look at chapters and then Find a Chapter.
  12. Oh we will put that on the calendar , oh no wait what calendar.
  13. Not likely to find any deals. Turning tools do not go on sale often. I have seen 10% off at Craft Supplies but that is as good as it gets. At symposium you can get tools without paying shipping and maybe a little discount.
  14. Great job there Steve. Capn Eddie did one at our club . Just building the jig seems daunting.
  15. Ok the clarification just served to confuse me. As to pro or hobbyist some on both sides. Look at Follansbee , Underhill , and Schwarz for hand tools even tho Chris does use powersaws. The whole thing is what you want to do, how you want the final product to look and how much time you have to get there. Example Our sponsor Easy Wood Tools makes some fine tools but I can get a better finish with Hunter carbides. Carbide is nice but learn to sharpen and the pleasure of turning comes to the front and after all we say is that not the reason we do this. Even finer finish with gouges and some wood scrapers , especially negative rake. And then all of these depend on the type of turning I am doing from Bowls (gouges & Scrapers) to hollowforms (use all of the above). Again the quick may leave you with more sanding to do and who wants to do that? Repeatable in precision is a question mark. No matter how close the cutting tolerances wood moves and wood from different parts of the tree move differently. So those two boxes that were cut exactly the same and fitted together the same may measure differently in a month and really what does it matter. To repeat myself pleasure in working with wood is why I have all those tools and shop. Oh and speaking of pleasure. Notice the paragraphs in this post. That is what makes reading a pleasure and if more of y'all will do that your post will be much more readable and for some understandable , not to name any names.
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