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  1. Nice glove you got going. Hope it fits, looks a little small
  2. I have the Delta also . Don't use it much as was intended for demo lathe and now the club does most demos at the club site where lathes are stored. Think they must have reduced it. Was over 800 last time i looked. Like Lew It is a good lathe 1 hp/, 1x8 spindle, reverses and easy to change speed ranges with unique belt lever. I like it much better than the wen .
  3. Any idea what size the motor is all I could find was 4.5 amp? If it is less than 3/4 you will not be happy.
  4. I built a stand for my Midi, first lathe, with extension. It worked well . Had sand in the bottom box for weight. As to height. Measure the height at your elbow bent and that should be spindle height. Measure on lathe the distance from lathe center to bottom of base, now subtract that from the spindle height and that is he top of the stand.
  5. Congratulations Ron , ours is in June and the kids were going to do a party. I am not too adventurous for a long trip. Today helped a friend with two trees down . The oak about 22 inch and by the time I got home after 4 hours was a wash for the rest of the day and just vegetated and slept a bit. Got to work tomorrow and then rehearsal for reopening Church Sunday.
  6. Before you look at new again look in tools for sales section of Facebook marketplace and Craigs list. Also try local turning club usually someone has a lathe for sale . Uur club has two for sale bu too far for you probably.
  7. Think they still make the hinge. For those who do not know they were either double swing or single. The holes on one end used to tighten or loosen the spring and watch our if you lose your grip on the punch you use to wind it with.
  8. Gerald

    Good Clean Fun

    Hey only a 5 hour drive. I am surprised it is not exlax you want to put in the bottle.
  9. Reeves drive do not just leave , leave running like wild. Reeves drives have a long list of problems . Any reason you want a 16 inch? Maybe get a 14 with better stats and digital controls about 1400. Also might want to look at used for more lathe and less buck. Lew said something I did not consider with my first and that is minimum speed, under 200 is preferable but 250 will work.
  10. My first turning was a practice spindle. Not sure but think these ornaments were the first finished turnings. Now if you ask for first bowl not sure there, but I think it was a piece of pecan for which I did not know how to turn the tenon off so it became the foot.
  11. Gerald

    Good Clean Fun

    Do not think there is relief for that, just suffer it out.
  12. Called Blood Stop or also available as Stop Blood. Styptic would not stop blood from wounds.
  13. Yep what they said and more. Such flexibility of design.
  14. Sorry to hear you had a close encounter. Yes it will be sensitive for a long time. Tried to cut a finger off on TS couple years ago. Was using push stick and it tipped into blade. Good thing was the blade was only 1/4 over the board. I will not post picture and the rest of the complications that occurred .
  15. Great post Lew. Yes Gunny I have blunted a few spurs , til I figured out how to knock one out and not have it hit the floor. Now I am using a drive by Nova that screws on the spindle. It is called a NOVA ONE PIECE DRIVE SPUR and you can remove two of the spurs to make it a two prong , Now that works great.
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