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  1. For the skew you can cut grooves with the toe but I would not even try to cut beads. Now for some good videos . The classic is by Alan Batty , Stuart's dad and he is a great teacher. Alan Batty The Skew
  2. Some heavy equipment there
  3. Really Coming along. Now for the doors.
  4. Wear may be relative since you will sharpen before the blade truly wears
  5. That Depression where the joint was is a very interesting thing as to what wood will do.
  6. Another creation. Now what colors will it be and is the flower multicolor?
  7. Gerald

    Oak and Dye

    The piece is 7 inches tall. Jesse I like your technique. That pic I just noticed does not show the grain aspects that create this technique so I made another pic to show the grain at center pith and rays. This shows the highlights to rays and how they can pop. And as much as I like spault It takes away from this methods appearance.
  8. Gerald


    That turned out very well . Like the way the light wood seems to cross itself. You have given me an idea but will need a bottle cutter. Cut the bottom off a wine bottle and invert for liner for flower vase, or cut the top of it.
  9. Gerald

    Oak and Dye

    Well I have been tied up with my Offering Plate project for some time now and this is part of a little break i took last week. This piece of white oak had been hollowed for some time so decided it was time to finish it up. As it was drying it developed a few cracks and somehow some staining so I decided dye as the best finish. Applied Chestnut Stains Royal Blue and then sanded most of the color off below the rim. Now to add yellow and of coarse Y + B = G. topped that off with semi gloss lacquer. Maybe more to post later this week. By the I almost sanded this one off and start over as the wife did not like the color scheme and she suggested I call the DIL . Well you see the result
  10. Thanks for the post Lew. I have kinda gotten into mushrooms lately
  11. Gerald

    Red oak

    Nice job . Resin looks good in the crack, now you can try colors in the next one.
  12. Had a woodturners meeting Saturday, Security Sunday morning and then off to Louisiana for a friend who had surgery today and home tonight. Back into the shop tomorrow.
  13. Saw this plane on Facebook. Lady asking anything about it. I see Stanley bought Bailey's patents and machinery in 1869 and then used them and that is why Stanley planes are Bailey . So thinking this is before 1869 ?? Edit : Opps did not do enough research . It is a G-3 Gage Patent plane. Patent date 1885. When Stanley bought the company in 1919 and produced this plane from 1920 till 1920. Mystery solved but it does not make sense . I have never seen one of these , has anyone ?
  14. Pretty weighty at 400 pound 36 inch long with a 16 inch swing. But only 3 speeds not what will make an impact and looks like to me handicapped would need more speed variance.
  15. Gerald

    Fancy Cup

    Like that ply , adds a dash of different color. The Red wood looks like Mahogany, lots of pores in the wood.
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