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  1. Yes and the fix is clean it and allow solvent to dry. Put it back in socket and place a piece of wood against it and give the wood a solid smack. As long as there is no galling this should work. Sometimes just lowering the quill down onto a piece of wood will set it also, just be careful not to force this too hard and break the handle.
  2. I have never heard the 3 month figure but like you I have lumber in my shop that has been there in excess of 5 years so I just use it and since I do not use a large volume it is never a problem. Now as to turning wood that is a different story.
  3. Can't find a price so I guess it costs more than I can afford. I wonder how it measures corners and that crouching to measure a floor must have to have a 5 year old do the rolling.
  4. Some good points but note Relative Humidity is moisture in the air and not what is in wood. That is MC or moisture content and is expressed as a percent. Now that brings up another topic what kind of meter to use. Pinned meters are most popular and cheapest but will only measure a small distance into the wood. Pinless have gained a lot of ground and measure deeper in the wood. MEQ or moisture equilibrium is a word we use in turning. This means the wood is mostly dry or is not losing weight daily. It can be turned but will still dry more. This is not a significant useage for flat work where you will want the MC at 12% or less. Now there is that other thing Michael touched on stabilization. Your shop will not match the environment the piece will finally reside perfectly as most shops have no central or are only used while shop is occupied. A home will be conditioned 24 hours a day. To ease this a little we let the wood acclimate in the shop for at least 7 days before working it and some go as far as 14 days. Again not a guarantee but it helps.
  5. I can see why you have worked to save that beauty
  6. Welcome back and thanks for good news. What tools to buy ia a varied answer and I do not think starting with expensive tools is the answer as you will be spending 100 or more for just one tools where the HF set will give you several which once you get some experience your can re purpose to other uses. When you have some experience and want to upgrade then we talk about more expensice carbides, Thompson tools, Carter, D Way, Crown and maybe more. One thing about carbides is that they can be a quick start but are not the answer to a one tool does it all. They tend to make you depend on them and not learn to use traditional tools which once learned will allow almost sandpaper free finishes.
  7. You will need to use a chainsaw . I would not even think of using a BS. Look for people offering firewood . I have seen a great deal in Mississippi. Or you could come over I have lots due to my offering plate project. @John Morris I have attached more photos .
  8. You might try piano wire or guitar strings (wound type) . Stay away from galvanized as it does not last long at all. I have been using piano wire over 4 years and no breaks.
  9. Note for oak use oak or plastic for the stickers as the tannins in the wood will cause staining. If you have a box to dry in or kiln then that is where the dehumidifier and fan come in. If doing this outdoors he will want to cover the stack and leave the sides open for fresh air circulation.
  10. If you let the glue sit for a minute or two it will soak into the wood to a small extent and should be enough to hold. Anyway how much would a spline hold?
  11. Worked a craft show on Saturday and barely got booth rent. Have a two day short event and an all day Saturday now to sort out for. Now on to making Christmas.
  12. Very nice DP and that table looks like a great plan. When I got my Delta about 25 years ago they recommended to mount on a sheet of ply. I think it may be 3X4 but to move it I tip and place pipe or rod underneath and that works well.You could do something similar with your wheels on the ply if you find this as top heavy and you will find that out someday when a wheel gets blocked or you get in a hurry.
  13. You must have the patience of Job. I think I would re purpose the best looking parts. How about a picture?
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