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  1. Gerald

    TPW Gathering, Aug. 25. Time To Put Details Together

    John you can find the prop at American Pickers. They bought one last year.......
  2. Had a sleep study last night and today finishing up on some bowls I had sprayed the last coat on yesterday. Getting ready to do part of the demo tomorrow at the club. Doing the demo on laminated boxes
  3. Gerald

    Question About Woodsmith 'Tip'

    Guess we will have to hire someone to protect us from all of these sharp objects. My wife talks about taking my tools away every time I get a scratch in the shop
  4. Gerald

    Pecan Platter

    I cannot yet address the longevity of the sent but it is kinda nutty with something else. I put several coats on but you know how it is if 2 looks good 4 will be fantastic. Looks like walnut oil and tung oil are both best suited for porous woods like oak and pecan. These type oils are not good on woods like cherry but I do have a cherry in progress with walnut oil so will see. I have found recently that 2 or maybe 3 coats of Watco works fine on cherry. Love the oils because if you do apply too much it will buff out , just takes time.
  5. Gerald

    Pecan Platter

    Just finished this pecan platter from a crotch. Not very thick , maybe quarter inch. Tried Mahoney walnut oil for first time . This is an interesting utility finish. Does not look like it buffs out. Good for a delicate project and gives a flat finish, no shine ok maybe a little. Easy to apply.
  6. Good one Lew and those Finials look great.
  7. Gerald

    Rust On My Table Saw---Again

    A thought just came to me would an electric charge affect rust formation? Why not wipe down with WD40 and clean that off when using saw, not really needed to wipe because it will evaporate.
  8. Gerald

    Pen Turning Deal

    Hey all you pen turners , Woodcraft has a deal pen deal
  9. Gerald


    Looks like a conundrum
  10. Gerald

    Extreme Wood Turning

    That is far out for sure. Like the torch work and will show some of my own soon.
  11. Gerald

    Next Up?

    Steven I never have figured our where you find the time to do all the PIP you do. Good job. Shame how the vehicles just go right in the prime.
  12. Gerald

    Lathe Switch Failure

    My first lathe ,a Delta Midi, had a switch problem. I opened it up and the contacts melted together. I filed it and worked fine till it did it again. You know I have been dropping a few things lately, guess I just need to slow down ....some more
  13. Gerald


    I think the phone app may require the phone to be out of the case for consistent readings
  14. Gerald

    Display for the 'Maple Rocks' Bowl

    Nice idea. I have a walnut knot was thinking of the same thing just have not had the right thing to display.
  15. Gerald

    Media Resources

    Hey @John Morris How about a library listing with names and authors with a brief synopsis of the topic? Then instead of having links have numbers on the books and the refer to library in post.

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