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  1. Where to start is to determine just what do you want to use the bench for. At the time for me it was flatwork and planing. I looked at many plans and decided on parts of several. Not sure where each part came from but the contributing plans were in Wood Magazine, Shop Notes and Popular Mechanics. I started with the vices. Both are Lee Valley and maybe even paid full price. They are both front vices but one is mounted on the end. Next is to decide on the wood. I wanted White Oak and it is hard to find at the mill. Well, I did not want to pay 8 plus a foot for that so it took a couple years to find. I think I paid $2.50 a foot. The design I put together has a three layer MDF (3/4) top plus 1/4 Masonite sacrificial layer. This is trimmed in 2 inch White Oak. Yes it took 2 people to move this into place. The legs are a three board glue up and have a center rail thru mortise connecting two end leg sets. The upper and lower rails are wrapped around a lower shelf of MDF and attached with bed bolts. The drawer unit is designed to fit planes , chisels and other small woodworking tools. Full PIP with pictures will be next up just stay tuned.
  2. Dab I have some strong opinions too just not on woodworking. More like political , religion , patriotism and a couple other things we will not get into. Yes I sometimes get into a push comes to shove with the pantywaist liberals about guns on the political cartoons but have learned to make the comment and do not look back for a response. That makes my life much easier not having to read the stupid uneducated gun control remarks.
  3. Thanks Lew. I like the magnet holder on your new tool rack. I have the tools I do not use much in three drawers and the regular use in a 4x4 with holes drilled on the rack in front of the lathe.
  4. Make the chair and leave off the rockers. I was really looking forward to that chair. Tell the wife you are getting practice with the white oak lumber.
  5. Wow John you know how to scare a fellow I already feed the bread mix and saw it was Monday a day early. Glad you clarified. @lew looks you could put that planer on a portable stand to store nnder that post drill press. Move the sink into that spot and viola "lathe space". Oh if you concentrate like I do a compress startup under my feet would be a hole in the ceiling. My schedule gets tighter . Yesterday a neighbor had some pecan and redbud I cut up. Got the pecan back to shop (all large limbs ) and removed the sapwood which was full of bugs and holes and squared it. That killed a lot of time and nearly wore me out. Had two bowls I did a Inlace ring on . One was dry cherry and worked as expected. The other I forgot has to be dry before inlay or the drying bowl will shrink out from under the inlay and yes it did. Oh forgot went by a friends house and he gave me two cherry blanks Monday morning. Then went by Hobby Lobby and Michaels and got some supplies for making necklaces. Gosh what a day.
  6. Yep you gotta watch out for those cooters.
  7. Too late But I was thinking that the dowel holes could be on he back only , that is not a thru hole. As to alignment mark a line on the clock side (top) on each leg with the pair clamped together, extend the line to the back and drill. I know too late, just athought.
  8. Hey those LEDs don't need to warm up. I am in the shop six days a week unless I have to work (not often) or have another engagement
  9. We ha a WINNER. Don't know what he won but got the answer right . Tag says "Fireplace log roller $45.00"
  10. I sad in my last crosses post I was working on a new cross design and here it is based on a Maltese cross. Takes maybe twice as long to turn. The cross bar is made like two bowls back to back hollowed and then cut on bandsaw.
  11. This is a highly decorated item and the last of the unusual I saw on my trip.
  12. John glad to see you feeling well enough to share knowledge and get some time with your son
  13. This is the catalog but I cannot tell if they ship other than commercial. https://www.ferscosaws.com/sites/default/files/2018_catalog.pdf
  14. I have used Timberwolf and the Highland turners blades and all were good but since I am kinda rough on blades getting kinks I changed to a local supplier. I get a 3 tpi 1/2 inch blade from a place called Fersco who also does commercial blades and they cost less than 10 but last me 3 to six months . Most of the cutting I do is blanks for turning and a lot of that is green wood. Since I got the Carter berings setup it is even better. Even with a kink in the current blade does well. By the way I usually sharpen my blades 1 or 2 times before change.
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