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  1. Turn a hollow form and put the 4 carvings on it . Then do that fancy carving you do. second idea turn a large platter and put the carvings in the middle with clock hands tuning over it. Forgive my drawing but this is the basic idea.
  2. Now see we give him a little leeway and he moves into a walled mansion.
  3. Working on finishing drawer install and setup to clear some stuff off my workbench areas. Hope to get that done and get back on the lathe next week. Have a virtual meeting with the woodturners club tomorrow. Gonna have to retire again life is getting too hectic.
  4. I have hardboard on my workbench. It is in a recess and the result is the edges are flush with surrounding trim. It is attached only with brass screws flush fit. As to protecting the protection I use Steve Mickleys formula: Turpentine BLO Bees Wax With this on the top glue just pops off.
  5. Well Got this set of drawers finished. Did not have two pieces long enough already trimed so joined two pieces with pocket screws for the top of each drawer. Hey look I might have as many clamps on this as Gunny uses. Now what is great is that every thing is back in drawers and there is more in this now than there was to start, with 2 drawers empty and two half full.
  6. Kevin take a look at this forum. JLC online Here is another Router Forums and one more Lumberjocks
  7. This is my progress in installation up to today. Pulled the old drawers out Monday , which was more of a job than I thought. Actually had to pull the bottom set out first and then pry the upper off the counter top. This is what the space looked like after the old was removed. The pieces on top are for a base. Not using a full kick on these so I can put another drawer in above these. Here is the box I built to house the two additional drawers with the slides mounted. Oops the slides were set for taller drawer in the cabinet but the single drawers I have are not that tall so today had to reset the slides . These shorter drawers had attached a high riser on sides and back for RX vials so had to remove that and cut the back down. Then there is the fact the front is too short so cut some scrapes to add to top of the fronts to be completed tomorrow . Actually got all the items from old drawers moved either into the new or in another deep drawer. Now the new section is maybe half full . That is why small drawers create more space for all nut a few items. Now to say I will never move because I would have to leave all this.
  8. Spent my Saturday getting salvage drawer units and lots of other goodies at a closed Walgreen. Had to go back Monday to get drawer slide parts and picked up some more stuff. Today I started installing the drawer units and got two sets installed and almost got two upper drawers installed when I notice the drawers are different sized from the others I already installed.
  9. That is one substantial build. I don't do that much flat work so if I had a table like that it would have to break down.
  10. I do not care to turn pine but it can be done . If you can turn other soft woods like basswood then yes pine can be turned. Yes sharp tools but also approach the grain properly by always cutting downhill.
  11. Had a wonderful day. Found a drug store that had fixtures for sale. This is my fifth store but usually I do not pay anything. Between three of us the total was 101 and my share was 18. We got 3 5drawer units and two 4 drawer. Plus mats. Plastic prescription storage boxes, plastic totes, goose neck lamp, 4 wheel platform, latex gloves, bath scale, 5 boxes rubber floor tile. Oh almost forgot the new shop vac.
  12. Those other limbs dropped off because they plant very close together perhaps 2-3 feet . Then when it is large enough to thin the thinned "logs" , well actually up to about 8 inch , are sent to pulp mills. Trees grow more and another thinning for pulp. After that they grow for maybe 20 to 30 years depending on the county and they are poles or saw logs. I have loosely interpreted what I have been told in this paragraph. A forester in Warren County (Vicksburg) told me in that county a hardwood tree that takes maybe 30 years in other counties to get 20 inch diameter will do that in maybe 15 to 20.
  13. Now that is a unique ornament, Nice. As to topping a tree. We bought a star last year and the mount was so simple. The mount is a clip to the tree. From that clip a vertical post, 90 degres to the clip , holds the star.
  14. I always wear a shield which has a filter and airflow(trend Airshield Pro) . I use my old Pharmacy smocks all short sleeved. But my shop does have a heat pump so climate is not a problem. Sanding I use a EZ mask and no sheild.
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