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  1. Gerald

    Skeleton Clocks

    @Steve Krumanaker Just saw this on FB https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=2053764234858437&set=gm.1917838181594541&type=3&ifg=1
  2. Gerald

    Tissue Boxes

    Thanks for the comments. Plan is for a bead on sides and modified cove at edge of top. Also will add bead at bottom and round over the corners.
  3. Gerald

    Hollow Shelter

    Woodturners picnic last weekend and there is this tree the owner showed that he discovered after being on this land over 70 years
  4. Gerald

    Tissue Boxes

    Had a request from facility mgr at church for tissue boxes so they would not get crushed. So this is the beginning PIP. That small piece on the corner is tyo glue on the slide for a handle. view of the bottom dados r e test fit of bottom. After this discovered I had a gap on ends of slide so will have to fill that. More later this week
  5. Gerald

    I Don't Know If Anyone Knows

    I bought pack of 5 of those elastic stick on lens cap retainers from Amazon for about 5 . Sure saves the trouble of looking for the cap
  6. Gerald

    Jump To Unread

    @John Morris it is doing it again but this time even when I go to the next topic it auto loads to first message in the thread
  7. Gerald

    Made for Woodworker Swingers

    Now that one took some imagination and looks like will be there a long time
  8. Gerald

    I Don't Know If Anyone Knows

    My camera may be a bit larger DSLR. Tried cases years ago and decided not worth the trouble also used to turn off after every shot and that was a waste of time. So now I have lens cap on lens and switch is always on . With rechargeable battery is no problem.
  9. Gerald

    Brand Names Are Often Overpriced

    Most hand planes can be tuned or upgraded to do a good job. I bought a Craftsman with a crack in the mouth and was able to tune it to get a good shaving but that is nothing like my Stanley #7 with a Hock blade.
  10. Gerald

    Hole Saws

    Lets go in a different direction and use a pattern bit in router. Make a circle pattern in ply or masonite, tape it onto your board with double stick tape and use the router with pattern bit to get repeatable circles.
  11. Gerald

    Starting To Build A Tea Pot.

    How about gold guilt cream by Liberon. https://www.amazon.com/s/?ie=UTF8&keywords=liberon+gilt+cream&tag=googhydr-20&index=aps&hvadid=241955782946&hvpos=1t1&hvnetw=g&hvrand=18011335604052645365&hvpone=&hvptwo=&hvqmt=b&hvdev=c&hvdvcmdl=&hvlocint=&hvlocphy=9013919&hvtargid=kwd-1266014487&ref=pd_sl_8mue7f7ppf_b Not cheap but works well and does not take much
  12. Gerald


    Something called Mighty Track I bought over 25 years ago that takes a regular 1/4 bolt. Now I cannot find that company , must be out of business. Bought some other track that is 3/4 high and very heavy duty, used this on my drill press. Also have some on a fence for TS from Dick Tolpins Tablesaw Magic. Think I also have some on my steady rest for lathe. Oh also on a dovetail jig for router table. Holes for mount is not a problem because aluminum is easy to drill and placement may not be right with predrilled. Do not have need for the track with what I do mostly now so not looking. However I did learn that a measurement is necessary to decide which track to order.
  13. Gerald

    Don't Buy Cheap Tools.

    Metal carbon or crystallized did not "cause " the break. Dan and Steve have the conclusion I have made with the extra info. 1. a gouge 1/4 inch is way too small for hollowing or roughing stock 2. even an inch extension is risky for that size in any turning tool No offence intended but for roughing 1/2 to 5/8 is safer and roughing. You can hollow with 3/8 spindle (for boxes) or bowl gouge. If it broke that far back and only 1 inch over rest the steel was already stressed at that breaking point.
  14. Gerald

    WW Magazines

    Gene may have summed it up for most of us "i don't remember seeing this before. With the experience most of us have any magazine is getting to be "old Hat". Like most I have been thru several. Handyman club offered these tools to "test" and all I every got was a drill and screw guide so dropped that . Cannot even remember the next one but it had home and garden in it also and I cut out the articles of interest and discarded the rest. Then the story on Wood that was just what I needed at the time till they ended the forum and that ended it for me. Still have 2 boxes full of Wood for now. I loved the stuff in Shopsmith and bought the back issues when they had an offer with the binders and all. Had the Woodsmith in binder also but not all and stopped that one about a year after SM went. Picked up Popular Woodworking somewhere in there and the staff has mostly changed but still some good stuff from Fixner and Follansbee and sometime Schwarz . Then there is American Woodturner for AAW , not as much of interest as used to be but have been turning for 12 years now so have to cherry pick there. Still all in all I think we have seen so much and channeled our interests that most of what is out there is no longer of interest to us other than solving problems and jig building.
  15. Working on some tissue boxes for the church. This weekend is Woodturners meeting and cookout. Supposed to be 93 tomorrow so will be interesting day .

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