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  1. Was not in any hurry to get to the shop today. Actually my afternoon was broken up by going to get the Covid shot. So today I glued up the second shelf. Then the fun began as I used the two handle scraper to get the glue off and level the joints. Next up the scraping plane. Now talk about something that is a pleasure to use it is this . It smooths and flattens a larger area and you push it just like and plane. If you want you can also get a toothed blade to make stock removal faster. I probably never would have bought it but was a Christmas present about 10 years ago from the wife. Well needl
  2. Most likely you have melted the hooks on pad. You need to use a sacrificial pad called a disc holder protective pad. This saves the original hooks and is easy to just peel off and put a new one on. Also there are different density interface pads to use with higher grits. Lathe speeds should be below 300 preferred and do not run sander at full speed. Now on to sandpaper H&L are not all created equal. Once a pad spins off it is trashed because the loops are stretched. Also all mandrels are not created equal and Skilton at Turning Wood are great, Woodturners Wonders has a great Ro
  3. Thanks but the glue only got on waxed cauls and not on the clamp bars. I did notice a considerable stiffness in the mechanisms so guess I need to lube those a little with maybe a teflon lube and wax the bars. The thing is I used some clamps for this I have not used in maybe 3 years.
  4. Got my Covid shot just a few minutes ago. Got to get to shop and work on more glueups for table and clean up . Some day I will get back to turning wood.
  5. Great job. Actually you can get by without the chain just put in a couple jumprings
  6. That should do the sharpening with less heat. I am not familiar enough to tell you it can sharpen all gouges. I think it requires an extra jig for turning tools unless you plan on had sharpening without a jig which take a while to learn,
  7. Like the pipe clamps for longer jobs but for under 20 inch K body works for me. Of coarse they have lots of dust on both types now as I don't do much with them, with the current project an exception.
  8. Just getting round to showing yesterdays work. Got the shelves cut and ready to glue and glued one . Also did not have stock at 8 inch so glued on a piece to get there on the back. Ran out of cauls so will do the rest tomorrow. Sorry left out the pic with the #8 in use again but that Glue Line Rip Freud blade did most of the work.
  9. Now you just have to figure a way to sharpen those gouges. From what you said I am guessing they are carbon steel and not HSS. Carbon steel will lose temper if it gets too hot, so keep the water handy for cooling unless you have a slow speed grinder. Lew gave you one of the best places for kits
  10. A note on that they will treat this as a new membership and not a renewal.
  11. The best time to turn to prevent cracking is what Rusty said NOW. What you cannot turn today seal the ends of the logs with old latex paint (at least two heavy coats), or paraffin, or Anchorseal. Store it in a cool dry place out of direct sunlight. Now as to what you can turn. Bowls may be what everyone turns to but there are many simple things you can turn. Cups, weed pots, boxes, plates. And yes pens are good for newbies. As to places to look for how to AAW website is a great place to start. Also on our club website https://mwt.clubexpress.com/ look under the res
  12. My uncle used to throw them to the hogs. Had a huge tree in front yard
  13. Gunny I really like that can storage idea. May have to to steal that
  14. As to cherry I learned this from the old Wood magazine finishing guru. BLO and garnet shellac. It actually seems to make the cherry hold the color and reduce darkening. Oh and it evens out the color in cherry since it tends to have an uneven color due to sapwood and other reasons.
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