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  1. Great job on the restore. Looks like you are contributing already. Welcome to the crew
  2. Dan I got a pair of those in that machinist chest I bought
  3. I cannot see the tension getting there with what you have. If you have watched The Woodwrights Shop Roy has a buck bow saw with a rope for tension. This could be done on a small scale and use a long bolt for the tension mechanism.
  4. @Lew thanks for the remind on the Starbond black. Got some in today and filled a few cracks . I like the way it fills in but it did seem to keep flowing down into the crack forever. Just have to sand Monday and see the final result.
  5. Gerald

    Rolling pin

    Hope my first effort at this comes out half as good as yours
  6. Here is an ideas and it is cheap. Use 1/2 inch rebar shaped in a c shape. Drill a hole in each leg , stretch the wire thru the holes and wrap the excess around the bar. By the way always move the banjo out of the way when doing burn lines.
  7. That is a good idea and it should work, just needs a reasonable tension on the wire. That is what I was thinking when I saw Kevin's post but I was thinking a Y shaped tool .
  8. Found this article in a Woodcraft email on photographing your work. It is a bit more extensive than my blog Lets talk Photography Woodcraft Magazine Photographing Your Projects This is a downloadable PDF.
  9. Not a swami but just wait we all get at least one . The thing is when it happens , just like a TS accident, it is so fast you will saying "What happened" or " i knew better than to do that". Yes I have had a couple and one hit my face shield . I think that was a bad bark inclusion I did not know it went all the way thru. By the way slow is better if in any doubt.
  10. I have reread some of those and note I responded the first time and do not even remember that.
  11. Had two on the back of my hand when I was a kid. Surgery the first time and burst it with a book the second time. Oh That is the treatment, burst the fluid sack and that is it . If it is accessible. Hope you have a quick recovery with no repeat.
  12. The "bumpy" finish " is Starrett. I have one just like it. Starrett makes many types of rules and squares and the fit is not universal . some of the rules I have seem to be thinner although I have not tried to measure that.
  13. For Starrett all the heads will have Starrett and Co marked on the edge. I have some over 60 years old and all are marked. oops just thought all of mine are adjustable square. Is it adjustable (two piece) or try square (one piece ) you are talking about? Not quite what you asked but just found this . Look at beginning about page 400. Brown & Sharpe 1904 catalogue
  14. Ok Gunny you now have to do a review when you try it out.
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