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  1. Gerald

    Shopsmith Destiny

    Published 2/9/2016. All Youtube videos have a publish date at the bottom of the post
  2. Gerald

    More ornaments

    That was a lot of work getting that much beautiful finish done. Question on the third pone from the bottom the finish seems to have a non matched line in it , was that a photo-graphical error?
  3. Nothing in the shop. Demoing at Ag Museum and I was only one there for a while , no one could find the key to the storage area where our lathe was locked up... took three people to find that. Then traffic was very ligh today. Going back tomorrow , maybe better.... at least no set up.
  4. Gerald

    Filling holes

    Gene beat me to it. Since your are clearcoating it will not even show
  5. Gerald

    turning Blue ply

    I do like the color of this one. You must have a bucket full of ply cutoffs.
  6. Gerald

    I want a lathe.

    Don , Like you said it can get expensive . I have 3 lathes and did get a bargain on one. Try looking on Craigs list and local tool sales on Facebook. You can also get into the FB turning groups and will see a few there. If you do not want to wait How much do you want to spend ? Then we could make a recommendation . I have a Delta 46-460 for demo use and it is great but not cheap. Another thing you could do is go to a local turning club and ask if anyone has a lathe for sale. There are two or three for sale in our club now. There are several clubs near you and the TAW has a symposium in Franklin in January you might want to look into.. I would stay away from HF lathes unless you do the research as Steve said they have had some duds. Jet and PM are safe bets . Not all Deltas are worth a boat anchor either. Hear good stuff about the Rikon Rusty got but that will not turn table legs, however they may have extensions for the bed (not cheap). If the posts get seem oll over the map it is a BIG and OPEN question. You did not ask but I do not recommend a full set of turning tools because you get tools you will not use and probably will be cheap tools too.
  7. Gerald

    Magnets and wood turning

    Do not know if us made but here are a couple more https://supermagnetman.com/?cPath=31&osCsid=38e14ae849954e86dd19b06682e730ec http://appliedmagnets.com/surplus-magnets-clearance-c-8_71.html
  8. You just want us to spend all our time watchin videos . Thanks for the research you do
  9. Gerald

    End Vise Tune Up

    Waxing or oiling the wood also may work
  10. Gerald

    Wood Brick House

    Looks expensive and labor intentensive
  11. Gerald

    I be back!!!

    Welcome back
  12. Gerald

    Whats for Christmas

    Working on Christmas . Slight changes to my bells and angels. Wife said the base of the bells not wide enough so this is the result. so also widened the angel base. May even put jingle bells in them. So what Christmas item are you planning now?
  13. Gerald

    Magnets and wood turning

    Great stuff. I do remember the last one and probably saw the others , just that my rememberer is not on full power today
  14. Gerald

    Tear out on an apple bowl

    Might try lacquer sanding sealer, then sand again
  15. John that is some bench. Must have taken 4 good men to move it , I know it would take that to move mine about the same size. Had a good club meeting Saturday after which I was wasted. Today plan to get the club computer out and update it and try out the new webcam setup. Then out to the shop to unpack tools from the weekend and do some turning for Christmas. Hope to get a sheet of 1/2 ply to do drawers for lathe storage this week. Could not believe they wanted $21 for 2x4 or 43 for full sheet, sounds like highway robbery.

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