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  1. Artie that may be better, Now you can purchase better gouges and only purchase what you need. 1/2 or 3/8 inch bowl gouge 3/8 spindle gouge Maybe a 3/4 skew but that could come later Get started with these and you won't have all those got to have tools laying around. probably 98% of my turning is done with 3 or 4 tools.
  2. In finishing Cherry I use garnet Shellac to do this @Michael Thuman . It works well and seems to slow the darkening that cherry will do also.
  3. Guess I am first up today. Made the finial (I hope) trip to the pecan to harvest wood for my Offering Plates Project. Was a long 8 hour day in 94 degree weather, but I did get the wood and got it blanked out and sealed. My thanks to a couple friends and the land owner. Today spent 2 hours in the shop mounting the new Carter Products bandsaw bearings. WOW what a difference. It is now like a brand new saw and is extra quiet. I cannot believe the difference. Was not hard to install I was maybe extra cautious.
  4. To place the image in the topic you click the plus sign beside the image . The easiest way to enter text then is to press enter as John said one or two times till a cursor appears below the image.
  5. 250 is slow enough if you have a stable balanced blank. If not balanced sometimes even slower is better. Oh by the way 750 is too high for everything but spindles and well balanced bowl blanks. As to sandbags BTDT, they will help but putting them on the legs iss a better option and on the tubes will get very old fast.
  6. Gator and Gene those are some nice pieces of work. May not get the bearings installed till tomorrow. Kinda spaced out today after the 8 hours with saw, hauling and sealing wood yesterday. Gator the frustrating thing for me is that part " if the feed rate is slow enough" . With a fresh sharp blade feed rate is not a part of the equation even tho my 1hp motor could do with upgrade to 1.5, but maybe next year.
  7. Went to the pecan for I hope the last time today. Blanks are the largest yet. Found a large nail, after I cut thru it , just dulled the saw a little. Better saw chain than gouge. The other half of blank is 5.5 inch thick and the nail is all the way thru. This is what the load looked like. I will get a shot of the processed blanks tomorrow.
  8. Ok I give but a little unconventional with a plane . Tube lathes tho are not considered as stable as flatbed. Our Club has a Sorby tube lathe, Yes Sorby did make a lathe. It turns well but the swing is small and it is more difficult to make adjustments. Just my take on the tube lathe. Thanks for the video , best I could se he was making a post.
  9. Well Artie that is the first step. Not just take a look at the chart I sent you . 1. cut the blank into a circle, 2. Drill a 1/2 inch hole in the center , 3. Measure thickness in several places and average, 4. Get out that chart I sent you and use the PAG to set angle, 5. Mount blank and cut rings. Why wait for what you can do now?
  10. Steven look like you may be water locked. @Cal There are parts of about 3 counties in MS have been under water for over 4 months. Been a fun year.
  11. @Artie You gotta stop beating yourself up. We all make mistakes , even Sam Maloof made them . So learn from your mistakes and get better the next time. Believe me for those doing some of the work you see on here did not get there the day after yesterday. Like you said some pick it up by watching the video one time and some say on the 10th watching "Oh I See the Light". Keep plugging and Don't Give Up.
  12. Just got some kind of offer from Woodcraft for plans. PW just ain't got much anymore. Oh for the reading room you can read all the NRA magazines.
  13. Obviously allergic to all the things he did not test.
  14. Actually that is something that the pastor and staff looked at and the wood without felt is no louder than current aluminum with felt. Then in my opinion if the kids want to make noise they throw the coin in not a drop.
  15. Having a problem with my bandsaw cutting thru 6 inch pecan. Almost from the first entry was cutting slow and when 2-3 inch got a pinch and stopped the blade in wood.....stuck. Motor slowed before stop and slow feed did not help. Put on a new Woodslicer blade and started to cut then did the same again after 10 to 14inches. Posted in AAW forum and got quick responses so did not get a chance to get here. This is a Grizzly 14 inch GO55 saw and someone else had the same problem. The answer is in the stock bearings. The thrust bearing is mounted horizontal to the blade and the blade rolls on the side of the bearing. Apparently the last time I adjusted the guide bearings they were shifted forward and pushed the blade forward causing it to slip past the thrust bearing. Well that did it and the blade slipped past the bearing causing the guide bearings to flatten the set of the blade. The solution I hope is new bearing setup from Carter Products, will be in tomorrow.
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