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  1. Gerald

    Mobile Woodturner Station

    That is one fantastic tool cart. The only two things I can think of is you will need more storage for chuck since you already have all the turning tools and it would look better in my shop
  2. Gerald

    Off center project

    These are what I have come up with as a new project for the off center chuck. The colored rim platter is about 8 inches of pecan. Originally I tried to cut with point tool and burn the circles——not good. Tried several tools and found that my new Hunter Viceroy with a #1cutter works superbly with no tear out on cherry nor on pecan. Had to do something to highlight the cuts as they just did not stand out plain. Painted with acrylics then sanded the over painted area. Pecan one may get liming wax later, but for now has lacquer on rim and Watco on center. The painted areas were sealed with shellac. The cherry will get Watco over shellac.
  3. Gerald

    Found this turners site

    @Stick486 this one is in the links but enjoy anyway. Click on each name to see different galleries. MAGNOLIA WOODTURNERS
  4. Gerald

    New Turner First Project

    That is a start. To help with centering the tool it is best to drill the hole with the workpiece on the lathe before final shaping. Then place the cone center on the tailstock and place the drilled hole over it. This will give you a centered straight hole to mount your tool every time. You might want to look at the Thompson Lathe Tools site for a article on making handles including how to mount a tool with a flat tang.
  5. Gerald

    Using gloves when turning

    I have never seen a need for gloves and most do consider it dangerous around machinery. That said there are some of the pros who wear gloves. Kinda like the deal on long sleeves and rings, I do wear my ring but not long sleeves.
  6. Lew that is some great info. How about showing us how you cut the threads for that cone? Gotta see if Steve did this funny or serious in his critique.
  7. Gerald

    Shelf pin jig

    Well.... there are time the store bought will work ( need flex to connect dust port to store bought) and times it wont so we make something to fit. If you want that port in the middle of a run of 4 inch PVC you will have to make it your self. Now it is true that the time I spend figuring out the solution I could have just bought one and been done but where is the fun in that. And we will not even talk about the solutions that did not work so had to buy one anyway.
  8. Gerald

    Chest of Drawers plan

    Actually Norm had no helper and only one cameraman. Steve I am like Dave and I wonder how do you get this all done. I cannot even get a pic of the finished product I do.
  9. Gerald

    Hello everyone!

    Welcome to the crew , motley tho it is. Those are some nice pieces and the finish looks like perfection. Of coarse you will have to get some sawdust on that perfect shop so you do not stand out in the crowd here.
  10. Gerald

    No 51. Shoot Board Plane (Lie Nielsen)

    I did the same thing when I got the Sig P320RX , but it is fine now. John we will expect PIP on the first project.
  11. Gerald

    Clewes weekend

    Ok it is over and turned out very well. For background our club has scheduled Jimmy Clewes twice before this weekend and both times the weather caused cancellation of his flight. Well in January 2018 I saw him at the TAW Symposium and scheduled again. Through all the planning and communication finally he was here Friday. We had a great turnout Saturday for the demo and have six new members for the club. Had a great time and all our video and sound equipment worked flawlessly. What Can I say I was responsible for getting that done with some help we made it happen and every time we do this we will get better. Jimmy did four pieces and we all learned something. Today was the hands on and we had 8 people turning . We did a colored rim platter and a scorched ash bowl with lid to be completed in home shop. Needless to say we created a lot of compost or bedding material. Yes everyone had something to take home to work on finish. Overall it would have been worth twice the cost.
  12. Gerald

    Making a picture into wood

    When you place the parts on the backer board (picture) are they incised into the board? By the way this looks like a very ambitious and time consuming project
  13. Got to haul lathes to friends shop for hands on with Jimmy Clewes this weekend. Taking Clewes to supper tonight and then operate computer for cameras at demo all day tomorrow.
  14. Gerald

    Butcher block material?

    The bacteria question has been brought up for years and the thing is there is little to no bacteria growth on wood. THIS is but one article and not at home I think I have others showing wood is much better than plastic . Amazingly this one says oak, beech and ash in that order are best for limiting growth. But I would stay away from red oak due to porosity.
  15. Gerald

    Butcher block material?

    Gary that is a great look you got going. Did you have any problems with the glueup on the top?

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