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  1. I think Lew hit on the solution. If you remove wax the mold may spread . Drying the blank may induce cracking nut a turned piece is less like to. Possibly the mold was introduced by a scratch in the wax coat.
  2. To echo Lew yes Guitar strings. You can cut one in two and have one and a spare. Don't forget to turn some handles for them . Drill a small hole , large enough for two wires. Put the wire thru hole and wrap around to go into the same hole again and pull it tight. It will not come out. Eventually burners do break. Gonna have to make a picture of that.
  3. Always interesting seeing what wood is harder that the wood you are using
  4. Nice touch with the texture. As a suggestion I like to cut a line with point tool on both sides of texture and then burn that line in . It just sets the texture off even more. You are really coming along with improving your work.
  5. Love the foot you use. What is the mount you use to turn the bowl?
  6. Thanks for the video posts some good stuff today. I think Alan's process on the top is a bit extreme. I feel that top speed is a major factor and really like his launcher idea. Also weight distribution is a problem so will have to try his idea of returning the bottom. Lyle makes a threaded tool post , might give you some ideas.
  7. I see they are over 2000 now, I paid under 1000 for mine 20 plus years ago. I would say start at 1200 so you would have wiggle room for negotiation. Looks about like Gene's answer.
  8. img_2149.mov Late for Monday as the wife had a hen party yesterday . Was doing last minute stuff. Weekend was good . Saturday woodturning club went off well . Yesterday while party was going on did some reorganizing of the stuff from my WW store in totes and got on the lathe. Trying to perfect tippy tops. Have actually gotten to the point I can be successful on 2 of 3 to work.
  9. Great work. That rim detail really sets it off. Have not done any laser work just wondering how much difference wood and finish makes to final effect?
  10. Yes that is like a bowl with a square rim at the top.
  11. That is a nice form inside. You might try turning the outside to reflect the inside leaving the top square. Will be a good test of skills.
  12. It amazes me that that inclusion on the side did not come off when turning. I like to epoxy (with color added) those on pecan.
  13. Hate that you couldn't do it properly. I would not have thought of gluing in a dowel which might make future repair more difficult. Not bashing just inquiring. would a tapered plug driven in work as a reversible repair? Yes it is a beautiful chair. I have never had the opportunity to sit in one as all I see are in museum.
  14. Demo at the Ag Science Fest today and tomorrow, but woodturners meeting early tomorrow. Had a good day today but not as many children as we usually see.
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