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  1. The upside down method is favored by Jimmy Clewes. I grind my scrapers face up at 70 degrees. Now for more Reed Gray (Robo Hippy) says that the grinder created burr is very fragile and comes off very quickly if you use it (which I usually do). He says that a better and longer lasting burr is derived by burnishing. Hone the grinder burr off and then use a burnishing rod to raise a longer lasting burr. You might also try instead of laying the scraper flat on the tool rest hold it at an angle and get a shear scrape.
  2. Half way thru the drawer faces and all brass is off. Polishing tiny screws is not one of my favorite pass time. The fabreeze and shellac seem to have cleared a lot of the odor. Today I it some charcoal in.
  3. Getting ready for turning club picnic and our first meeting since January 2020. Gonna be tired after that tomorrow.
  4. One more thing . Not all beading tools are created equal. All of mine are homemade, but my understanding is the D Way is best.
  5. Sorry to hear of your loss. Words cannot express but my Dad went in a kinda similar fashion.
  6. Funny you said that. My MIL finished oak bench slats with BLO and it did not last long at all. Thinking back was probably red oak. Now you can use Thompson's water seal or brand of your choice might be better.
  7. If that curve can be eliminated you could do the curve on stationary belt sander. Just do a long piece then cut to length needed.
  8. Got the wheels on and put drawers in. Decided to try to refinish just one drawer face. Ok I know I was not going to do that yetbut could not resist. Started trying to sand and not good results on lacquer. So tried a cabinet scraper and WOW what results. So I started taking brass off and polishing. Note brasses are the same but there are phillips and straight screws. Then the colors on faces leads me to
  9. Hate to disappoint but those are not formed beads. Beginning of maybe but when you make a bead the top of the bead should be at the level it started out as . That is the top center of the bead does not get cut , it remains. Now true it takes lots of practice to do that and a spindle gouge is usually easier to learn on. Also beads are rounded over and it looks like you have flat or pyramidal sides. Now as to why have a beading tool, well until one is as good as Glenn Lucas at forming beads the beading tool can shorten the job by a lot. When he make beads he never lifts the gouge off
  10. I applied shellac to inside and started applying General Finishes Arm R Seal to top sides and front. and working on platform to mount wheels to so will not add holes to the case.
  11. Labels, labels,labels. Now I also get my reading in in the shop.
  12. Ralph will be greatly missed. i never had the opportunity to meet him but from his posts and from others he was a busy bee of a worker and if an answer was needed on wood or finish he was the go to. Always looked forward to his posts from answering questions to the quizs. Maybe we could dig up the old quiz he posted weekly?
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