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  1. Gerald

    Getting some done

    Maybe she should sell these nation wide. Some good looking work
  2. Gerald

    New type light

    Here is the light mounted as well as the magnetic mount I moved to headstock side
  3. Gerald

    New type light

    Regular screw in LED bulbs fit. BR20 is a good fit but hard to find in 5000K or more. I have a regular shape bulb in it now 1100 leumen.
  4. Gerald

    A platter and a bowl, or a bowl and a platter.

    Steve you just keep getting better. That bottom detail is getting to be real art.
  5. Gerald

    My move from craftsman to art?

    I think you can turn turquoise with turning tools but have to sharpen very often. Would not recommend carbide as the brittleness willchip easily when contacting hard (rock) items or metal
  6. Gerald

    Christmas Project For a Friend

    Awesome project , but still looks something from outer-space....
  7. Gerald

    New type light

    Came upon a new kind of light which an be very useful on lathes. Found it on ebay . It is a sewing machine light. It comes with no plug since it has to be threaded thru the mount you choose. I did a kinda cantilever so I can move it out of the way when not in use. Just happened to have a strain relief to relieve the cord . I used a led for the light and you can then pick the color temp (5000 preferred) and luminosity you want. This $20 saves me from buying a $100 led flex light. There may be a cheaper one but under $20 this was the best I was willing to look for. https://www.ebay.com/itm/SEWING-MACHINE-FLEXIBLE-GOOSENECK-WORKING-LAMP-LIGHT/401145445865?hash=item5d6621bde9:g:hPsAAOxykMpTJJ1I:rk:14:pf:0
  8. Gerald

    Threading Wooden Dowels

    Stick you may be a sadist Herb that is a great tutorial . Thanks
  9. Gerald

    The Farmhouse Table

    You turn a pretty good leg. That gets a ATTA BOY
  10. Looks like I will be watching some more videos. Thanks Lew
  11. Gerald

    My move from craftsman to art?

    Nice project. This going to be a wall hanging or a table display?
  12. Gerald

    Noob New Shop Setup

    @John Morris has some good suggestions , however I disagree with the drum sander comment. It is a very useful tool but maybe not on the gotta have now list. Later will be useful for butcher block tops and such. You did not say if you had investigated clamps so let me recommend Bessy K Body clamps. Start with 6 12 inch and 4 24 inch. Then you can add more small or larger as you do those projects. And by the way you will want a few hand planes in the mix. John will suggest Lie Nielsen and Lee Valley Veratis are also very good. To save money look for old Stanleys but wait till you know what you are looking at first. As always we are here to get answers or question ideas.
  13. Gerald

    Batman's introduction

    Just ignore that SS remark they are gone nuts lately. Welcome aboard and thank you for your service
  14. Spent 5 days last week at the MS AG Museum with the woodturning club. Had the best sales week ever and got 13 new contacts for the club newsletter. We have really high hopes for next year when we start having our meetings there. Working today but tomorrow start trying to get caught up in the shop. Got to get started on Christmas and get the drawers done for a lathe storage unit. Maybe we need to send @Stick486 a list. And we can start with Sticky Buns.
  15. Gerald

    Butcher block material?

    Ok time to end the argument on wood vs plastic. Look at this , in particular the fourth paragraph. https://www.huffpost.com/entry/wood-or-plastic-cutting-board_n_6133318

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