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  1. Fine Homebuilding just put out an article on sheds.
  2. My nephew, a retired Marine Aviator (Lt. Col.) just finished flying a restored Pan Am DC-3 over to Heathrow to work in the anniversary celebrations. Note the range of the plane that jumped over there.
  3. Interesting Amazon offering. Too bad it's not just a little bigger and without the center walls -- would make a nice man-cave workshop https://www.amazon.com/Lillevilla-Allwood-Cabin-Kit-Getaway/dp/B01NAR617Y/ref=pd_day0_hl_86_8?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B01NAR617Y&pd_rd_r=82f9e3a4-7caa-11e9-a045-19daa5a404f5&pd_rd_w=4mZw6&pd_rd_wg=tAwmW&pf_rd_p=ad07871c-e646-4161-82c7-5ed0d4c85b07&pf_rd_r=NQP22VVS34883WSG60DP&psc=1&refRID=NQP22VVS34883WSG60DP
  4. Come to think of it, I have a little plug in voltmeter that I keep in the RV. It tells me what voltage I have to the campground hookup as they are known to be faulty, that I'm still plugged in, and serves as a nightlight. Very similar to this one
  5. I have heard good things about LP SmartSide siding as it's supposed to be more weatherproof durable than just standard T1-11 I'm planning to use it on my residing this summer.
  6. A couple of months ago, as I was about 2 hours into my trip to NOLA, my wife called and said there were electrical problems. Some things were working and some not. I think I told her to check some things but putting a volt-meter on the circuits was more than she was able to handle with phone directions. I had her unplug major appliances. It turned out there was an area-wide low voltage an the power company suggested turning off the mains. It was about 5 hours until they got it fixed and luckily, nothing got fried.
  7. Looks like DeWalt and Porter-Cable (brands of Stanley Black&Decker) are starting to share some. No mention though of the motor / bearing / etc. differences inside, though, other than the variable speed on DeWalt https://atelierdubricoleur.wordpress.com/2019/05/22/tool-brands-compatibility-good-news-compatibilite-des-marques-doutils-bonne-nouvelle/
  8. I guess I'm a table saw guy, as I could never justify the cost of a track saw when it can't do many things (like joinery, non flat and wide shapes) that a table saw can do with ease and repeat ability. And I only use my circular saw a few times a year to rough cut out plywood sheets. But I see there's a new kid on the block. Not enough to make me spring for one, though.
  9. I believe most of the big box home centers, maybe 84 Lumber, and even Costco, sell kits that might be cost effective and include roof trusses. Might be cost and/or labor effective.
  10. Corollary: When you are a woodworker, you tend to think of every problem having a wooden solution. Two PT 2x4s, a few 60 degree cuts and a handful of screws. 100' of hose.
  11. I am always a bit conflicted because my first professional job was with Sears (1974-6). At that time, there were no big orange retail giants, no Harbor Freight, no Festool, no local Woodcraft nor Rockler, no Amazon. It was Sears or some (unknown to me) professional grade tool suppliers. I bought a few hand tools as I was just getting my little toes in woodworking, and eventually got a few power tools. I became disappointed with their power tools. I gradually went to professional grade, first Porter-Cable, then many years later, Bosch. One of the problems with Sears power tools, other than their quality, was availability of repair parts, even though the repair depot was about 3 miles from my house. When they switch to manufacturer du jour, the old parts quickly became unavailable. Compare with Bosch where I could go to the repair shop and ask for a new pad for my ROS and they'd ask if I wanted the firm or soft one and had it right over the counter. For many years, Sears was not even on my short list. I decided to give them a try again about 18 years ago when I started up the business and needed some tools. I finally got fed up when I went to the store looking for some staples for my old staple gun. The first salesman saw me with the stapler in my hand and ducked into the back room. I asked at the sales desk and got the wave, "I think they might be over in aisle 18, maybe 19 or 20." So I find my way over and locate the bay of staples and have no idea what style I wanted. I know now that they are the nearly ubiquitous T-50 staples. But I grabbed a clerk who was walking by and asked him. He looked at the rack, looked at the gun, they said, "I dunno, you'll just have to look around." I let out a sigh and when I turned to look at him, he was gone already. As I'm walking out of the store in frustration, two guys are leaning on the lawn tractor in the next department and one says, "I don't know why no one shops here any more." Duh. And my case for my 1/4 & 3/8 socket set fell apart and they could do nothing for me because they didn't sell that assortment any more. In frustration, I wrote a letter to the store manager, expecting at least an apology. Never heard back, and thus never set foot in that store again. In the meantime, M&A put DeWalt and Porter-Cable in bed under Stanley Black&Decker For whatever reason, DeWalt became the "prosumer" line and Porter-Cable got largely cheapened to Joe Garage level. Now SB&D bought out the Craftsman name. It will be interesting to see where they position that. My opinion is that they will just make existing and emergent product lines under the red and gray label. And try to rely on the reputation of the pre-1960s Craftsman line, to quote my son-in-law's father, "They make the best." But they are bringing some production back on shore, good for them, (not a political comment) https://www.foxbusiness.com/retail/stanley-black-decker-craftsman-production?fbclid=IwAR0kjj142p5Ca6RHqyJe7EztPjG0Rt9ZwprIcZw6GBJA2NRsAx4QZsbNWB0
  12. Wettest 12 months in US history Watching the neighbors either trying to mow the wet areas or skipping altogether. I have a spot in my backyard that is almost dry enough to mow over, driest it's been since September.
  13. Famous red-neck last words.
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