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  1. I discovered a few weeks ago the the upper and lower guide ball bearings had seized. I could get a "kit" (not sure what that meant, it's one bearing, one bolt and one lock washer per side) from SS, but I first looked at a couple of bearing supply houses near me to avoid having to spend more on shipping. No luck at either. One place could special order, but had a minimum from the supplier of 12. I need 2. Continued the search and found a guy on eBay that had two bearings for the price of one "kit" from SS. They came quickly and even had a 2 page instruction sheet on fitting the old vs. ne
  2. Finally got some space and time to do the final assembly. Now we need to find a place to put it. My wife says it's too nice to give away.
  3. And I thought the piano mechanisms were complicated
  4. Got the detached parts back into the shop today. Will be back Monday to (hopefully) finish up and get the rest home. The lid has seen better days and will likely need stripped and refinished. I think it's too far gone to be refreshed. Here are some of the parts that will be converted into shelves and the keyboard that will be salvaged. Before images Top, keyboard cover, and music stand in the shop Keyboard assembly
  5. I had one tool that, while it had a hex socket, seemed to work OK on the tuning pegs. They were under a lot of tension so we loosened them all up, worked on removing from the pins on the sound board and ended up cutting them off. The first couple went shooting across the room and from then on, one person cut and the other held the strings. I have a neighbor that does "scrapping" and I'm going to see if he wants the cast iron harp frame.
  6. No word on the monkeys, but I have not seen a lot of news the last couple days. monkeys on the loose
  7. Looks great. Your miters are much tighter than the Sketchup
  8. Spent a good part of the day today working on this project. 50ish year old piano made in Cincinnati. A long road of discovery. My aim was to be able to get out the "harp" -- the cast iron frame with the strings. This will, I hope, significantly reduce the weight down from 500-600 pounds and needs to come out anyway for the conversion. So got apart: 90% of the harp the lid the music stand the keyboard the keyboard cover the strings the dampeners Details: A piano has 88 keys, but most of the keys hav
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