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  1. Relating to lasers and CNC, Vectric just announced that they have an add-on module to support lasers in their 10.0 and greater versions. Pretty nice features too, including mapping laser toolpaths to 3D surfaces. $49 for the module when it becomes available. This help explain to me why several CNC companies have been announcing laser attachments for their CNCs.
  2. No. The book stand has been delivered and installed since before the college was closed for the pandemic, and was featured in a newsletter sent out to the college and alumni. Everyone in the college knew about the stand, but only I and the DH and the college accountant knew the DH didn't want me to be paid for it. To get paid my DH needed to sign a form, and he refused to. It is pretty likely though that the DH saw this thread and knew my stance, and so either he brought it up or the accountant did. It is also possible that he just gave up and told the accountant to go ahead and pay me while both were at the meeting. As they've already bragged about the stand I'm sure me taking it back and the reason why wouldn't have looked so good.
  3. As to what changed the DH's mind, I know they had an administrators meeting yesterday so I suspect the Dean settled the issue. The email I got came right after their meeting ended. 4D
  4. Beautiful and brilliant! I love the mix of woods used. Great excuse for keeping scraps! 4D
  5. Not sure how a mind was changed, but I just got an email from the college accountant that I'll be getting a paycheck for the gross amount of the invoice in a few weeks. The DH does have a CNC, so perhaps he's been following this thread. Thank you all for the kind words and friendly retort. Nice to have a little company when venturing down a rabbit hole.
  6. There are 18ish faculty in my dept. The number fluctuates with enrollment. 90% typically show up to each meeting. I don't think anyone else yet knows of this situation. 4D
  7. The thing the DH can't seem to realize is that contract or not, I designed and built a book stand. No one challenges that. As I built it it is mine to keep, sell, or donate. Those three options are intrinsic to the stand itself, and when the DH stole the option of selling it from me, and usurped the option of donating it from me, he left me only the option to keep the book stand. Me keeping the stand means the library isn't keeping it. I'm left with moving it off campus to sell or donate or keep. The DH I'm sure is assuming I'll concede my owner rights and the library will keep the stand. He's fairly new to the job, and obviously unaware of my history in the college of many designs built and sold to the college. Many of my builds I also chose to donate. I also build things that I keep for myself. Never did a previous administration fail to understand that those choices were mine. When they wanted the thing I made they paid me for it. 4D
  8. The ongoing tale of a rogue department head: He insists that I donate the stand, and to force the issue has refuse to authorize college payment for it. I am on the verge of charging him with theft. He has stolen my right to sell my design. There are three things we all can do with the things we design and build: Keep the thing, sell the thing, or donate the thing. All options are intrinsically attached to the maker of the thing. This DH in trying to force a donation, and preventing a sale has stolen those two options from me. What he does not yet realize is that he is effectively stopping the library from keeping the book stand. I haven't been paid for it, so keeping it is the only option he has left for me to choose. He is interfering with/breaking a verbal contract between the librarian and myself, even after I've delivered my side of the contract agreement. He's insisting that the college can steal the book stand from me. I'll be bringing this up in our Zoom department meeting this Thursday. I'm curious what the rest of the faculty in my department think about this. 4D
  9. A side benefit of Aspire (I'm still using version 9.519) is the ability to export 3D models (components) as .STL 3D files. I own a 3D printer and greatly appreciate that feature as I can 3D print the .STL files. I've been making models of handles for some jigs/tool fences, prototypes of an invention I'm working on, replacement parts for broken knobs and switch levers, etc.. I used to use Sketch-Up, but am aggravated with the tendancy to move to online software and monthly licensing fees. 4D
  10. Thanks John. I've got a 3D printer and some wood-filled PLA filament for it. Since you can turn toolpath previews into 3D models using Aspire, then export them I might make a smaller scale version using the 3D printer. 4D
  11. Update on what the belly bar of the book stand design is made of. Watching a Youtube video of Alex Steel, he used a piece of ironwood for a knife handle. The dark initial color, and brighter yellow color revealed when sanded was exactly like the wood I used for that belly bar. In the storeroom of our fab lab we have a "rare woods" section, with samples of woods long forgotten. This piece was found there, and I initially thought it might be Imbuia. I'm now certain it is ironwood. 4D
  12. Just curious if you have a good market for these, or you are just experimenting to help pass the shelter-at-home days? I'll confess I've booted up my CNC a few times this last month not because I needed to but was happy to have found a useful scrap and something to make of it. So you'll know just how bored I am I keep picturing a larger calendar as a basketball backstop, rigged so the swoosh of a light saber sound would play for any swish shot that didn't touch the rim. The photo is a rough prototype of student's design I made to show her a simple way the parts could be assembled. She insists on complicating things for no reason except a fear of asking about how a thing might be put together. All parts were cut using my CNC from plywood scraps I had. Her version will be a mix of hardwood for the exterior and plywood for the triangle sides. More detailed as well. She is making several of these that stack together in different arrangements to display her collection of model chairs. 5" x 5" x 5" each, and will use 3mm metal pins to align when stacked. 4D
  13. Thanks Cal, I'm not making the acrylic version. The fellow who made the dodecahedron with religious symbols on each face is. I'll post a link to the Vectric forum when and if he ever posts a photo of the clear version. Over there every now and then someone will ask for strategies on how to CNC cut a sphere. Various reasons, from wanting to make Christmas tree ornaments to Croquet balls to 3D surface models of the earth or moon. Not sure this strategy would apply well to any of those, but it definitely is one way to cover a dodecahedron with a sphere. I previously helped the same fellow make toolpaths for sphere sections to cover a cube, but never cut them myself. 4D
  14. In a couple of other threads the author of the original inquiry posted photos of dodecahedrons he'd been making. Each face had a different carving on it. Something interesting to see on each face. In one case it was a different religious symbol on each. As I was carving the wood sections I had a momentary thought of VCarving the name of each month on the different faces. Maybe make a nice wood base for it so I can put the green tape back in service. I'll likely sand everything smooth and put some tung oil on them, then add the sphere to the collection of CNC samples I have in the university fab lab where I work (when there is no pandemic going on). 4D
  15. Photo showing the book stand in the front window of the library special collections room. On it is some original Frank Lloyd Wright work. Pardon the glare. 4D
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