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    Nothing in this world can take the place of persistence. Talent will not: nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with talent. Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb. Education will not: the world is full of educated derelicts. Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent. Calvin Coolidge

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  1. They are two completely different animals. If a person buys a drum sander and thinks they are going to use it like a planer they will very disappointed. Aside from that, from my experience and what I do, I use my planer 100 times more often than I do my drum sander. Do you have a good dust collector? It's nice to have with a planer but with a drum sander it's an absolute necessity to have good dust collection.
  2. Are you talking about little spin tops? Never heard them called snap tops before but I can see the logic. People are funny, I had some items in another nice shop and she displayed my tops on a mirror laying flat, it was really good idea. They spin perfectly on a mirror and the reflection adds to the magic of a top. Anyway, the shop owner told me a lady was looking at one of my bowls. Said she really liked it but she wasn't paying $40.00 for a bowl. As the lady was leaving she noticed the tops and bought six of them at 8 dollars apiece for stocking stuffers. That's been a few years ago and the numbers are fuzzy but they're close. I'd had my tops in another shop for five dollars apiece, this shop owner said that was too cheap and she was going to charge $9.00 for one. I thought she was nuts but she sold a lot of my tops out of her store.
  3. Wish I had a magic formula for you but I think it's as much luck as anything. There happens to be a bee keeper close to me with a nice gift shop. I showed one to her and she wanted 10, just to see. Took forever to sell one. Then, one day they were all gone and she wanted ten more. Since then, she has sold several hundred of them. I don't make much on one but she usually wants at least 25 at a time but usually 50. That makes it nice.
  4. My "honey lady" ordered more dippers for her gift store. This is the first batch of 25 I just finish sprayed. They've been good to me.
  5. I invested in a Tormek a couple years ago and I really like it. With that, I've no doubt the pro edge is a good system as well. In the pros for the Tormek you didn't list what IMO is one of the most important reasons to own a Tormek. Since they are low speed with a water bath, no grinding particles are put into the air for us to breathe. The modern high speed steel alloys have some nasty properties.
  6. I would guess 90% of bowl turners, or more, learned this the same way you just did. I know someone had to tell me.
  7. Fred, just want to make sure you know, the bearing surface on wood chucks is the face of the jaws, not the base. A mortise actually only needs to be deep enough to seat 1/4" or so into the mortise or onto the tenon. A little more or less as necessary won't hurt anything but there needs to be a gap between the wood and the chuck body
  8. I personally would chalk it up to lesson learned but I am a coward and hate surprises of the spinny kind. It's a perfect example of why I prefer a tenon on a bowl blank. Just an observation but that mortise looks really deep.
  9. The laser looks like a vast improvement over the original that came with the elbo tool. Nice set up.
  10. Two beautiful bowls, spectacular grain. Agree with Lew, I really like the bottoms.
  11. Glad you're ok, that's a very dangerous situation.
  12. Very thoughtful Ron and very nicely done!
  13. Absolutely, without fail, always wear your face shield. Even a small turning at high rpm can hit with a lot of force.
  14. Busy, busy! Nicely done Gerald!
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