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Steve Krumanaker

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    Nothing in this world can take the place of persistence. Talent will not: nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with talent. Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb. Education will not: the world is full of educated derelicts. Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent. Calvin Coolidge

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  1. Steve Krumanaker

    Gorgeous maple

    Exactly John, that grain is the star of this show. The bowl is about 10.5"X4" deep. Thanks to everyone who liked it and commented. Steve
  2. Steve Krumanaker

    Gorgeous maple

    I really like turning maple, many times with the intention of embellishing it as the grain can lend itself to that. Now and then however you stumble into a piece that would be a crime to embellishment at all. I feel I hit the jackpot on this particular piece of wood, at least as far as it having beautiful grain. Didn't put my normal zentangle pattern on the bottom of this one, the grain was just too spectacular. Hated to even sign it but found the "plainest" spot I could. Steve
  3. Steve Krumanaker

    Thank you Ron Altier!

    Those are beautiful! EWT is going to have a great Christmas tree this year!! Steve
  4. Steve Krumanaker

    Proud new papa

    I'm going to give a little different advice. The first bowl gouge I bought was a Thompson because I asked for advice and was told they are the best. I agree, they are the best HSS tool or very near the top. As they are a premium tool they go for a premium price. Because I didn't understand about sharpening that gouge lasted me about six months, a tool that should last an amateur 3, 4, or even 5 years. I simply ground it away. I then bought a cheap set of Benjamin best bowl gouges and figured out sharpening on those. Now, nearly all of my HSS tools are Thompsons although I really like my Glenn Lucas signature tools as well. Learn to sharpen on cheaper steel and then invest in quality tools. Another reason is that you don't know where this lathe will lead you. You may think you want to turn bowls but find you like spindle work better, or hollow forms, or who knows? Why invest in expensive bowl gouges when you need spindle gouges? Or, vice versa. I don't use a lot of carbide tools but I like them for hollowing and for material that isn't wood like resin and corian. Easy wood tools are the best available when it comes to carbide, the fit and finish are impeccable on them. Steve
  5. Steve Krumanaker

    Lew - Lew - Lew

    WOW Lew! You've definitely got the Christmas spirit! Steve nice turnings too!
  6. Steve Krumanaker

    Wednesday's Wisdom For Woodturners October 10, 2018

    Thanks Lew. Mike's videos are always good. Steve
  7. Steve Krumanaker

    Proud new papa

    Nice!! At $1400.00 that looks like a great deal to me. Keep going to those meetings, best thing in the world for a new turner. Steve
  8. Steve Krumanaker

    Walnut ornament

    Looks good Ron. I've tried inside out ornaments but just haven't figured it out. Steve
  9. Steve Krumanaker

    Picnic Pieces

    Look good from here Tom. Nice work. Steve
  10. Steve Krumanaker

    Lathes station

    Nice setup Gerald, tools look close at hand. Steve
  11. Steve Krumanaker

    Wood Carving Forum

    Just a thought. The wood turning club I belong to is N.E.I.T.C. or Northeast Indiana Chiselers and Turners. The "chiselers" being wood carvers. It's not uncommon for the two art forms to be combined. I have no idea what's involved to create a new forum or the expense as far as storage or dollars but maybe it would be more effective to rename the turners forum into turners and carvers or something similar.
  12. Steve Krumanaker

    Shopsmith Lathe Live Center

    John, it's a number 2 morse taper, at least on mine. I can't see any good reason why it would be different from one machine to another. Steve
  13. Steve Krumanaker

    Thank You from EWT!

    Have seen your work, the term "fullabulla" comes to mind. Steve
  14. Steve Krumanaker

    Wednesday's Wisdom For Woodturners October 3, 2018

    Nice post and nice ornaments! Like Jim, I am a big Tim Yoder fan, just fun to watch him. Steve
  15. Steve Krumanaker


    You flatter me Dave, I am very much a novice and don't have a clear idea what I'm doing. Incidentally, that's much worse since I got new glasses! Steve

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