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  1. Another 1" of rain over night. The rain just seems to never end. So sad that the farmers are out of time to plant anymore corn or beans. Lot of fields never got planted this year. It's also been a tough year to mow lawn also. I mow 5 acres and have been doing alot of slip sliding away. Good thing I was able to mow yesterday. This is my yard today. And no that stream of water is not suppose to be their. Supposed to get a high of 67° and more rain today.
  2. Good to hear!! Sorry to hear that he is so busy but at least it sounds like he is alright.
  3. That is neat!!
  4. Hang in there John. We're Praying for you. I'm sure your going to get through this and be just fine. You have quite alot of people rooting for you.
  5. Thank you for some great ideas!! I just might have to put some screws in the hinges or get new ones. First I should get it and fill in the holes. I'll be checking Hobby Lobby out for some screws. I'm just thinking if I put some pronged hinges back on it's just going to end up doing the same thing it is now. I'm glad I came here for some ideas!! You all have given me something to work on. It'll be about a month before I can start working on it.
  6. Trying to get some ideas?? My Mom has these albums which my Dad got when he was in the Navy? Really not sure when? Might be when he served in WWII after he got back? So the time line is somewhere around there. She wants me to try and fix these photo albums and I'm not really sure how to fix and still maintain the album without drilling holes or just messing it up. The Hinges are just the type that you hammer into place. Some of the prongs are missing and the hole are out of shape that you just can't pound them back in. Any Ideas?? I should had taken a picture of the whole thing. The album Says Remember Pearl Harbor and the other one has a picture on the front. The holes that are in the wood is for string to hold the picture pages and the back into place. Doesn't have to be complete restore. She is just wanting the hinges fixed.
  7. LarryS


    So sad. Hopefully everything will work out. Glad no one was hurt.
  8. Thanks for the update John. Sorry I haven't responded. I just seen this. Thoughts and prayers for a quick recovery. Sounds like you have a good team to watch and to get you back on the road to recovery.
  9. I'm not sure what even happened that someone would want to stay away from here but I hope they can get over it and come back to this great forum. I know that I don't check in as much as I would like and I do miss some important stories, projects and alot of other issues but I will always come back.
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