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  1. LarryS

    Knee replacement

    Al Sorry to hear about the complications that your wife had. Glad to hear that your she is on the mend and getting better !!!
  2. Thank you. It was scary for awhile. I was more worried about it being cancer. I just learned to live with it. I have some scarring of the lungs but all is good. Although there is no cure for Sarcoidosis it is treatable if it flares up again.
  3. Happy Birthday Al !!!!
  4. Sarcodosis. That’s what I have. Scarcods of the lungs. Mine is in the dormant stage now. I had a lung biopsy for it about 9 years ago and been going to the Doctor for about it for about 14 years. I don’t know how long before that I actually had it? The way I found it was a x ray before a surgery that I had.
  5. LarryS

    Party time

    Happy Birthday Steve!!
  6. LarryS

    Big day

    Happy Birthday Allen!!
  7. LarryS


    Keep going for as long as you can Al. I know what you are going through with knee replacements and arthritis through out the body. Just take it easy when working with power tools and be careful. I really hope that you will be able to continue and we are able to see your projects that you make. We are pulling and praying for you and your wife.
  8. LarryS

    Happy Birthday

    Happy Birthday Phil !!!
  9. Great news John!!! You and the Dr's must be doing something right!! Keep up the good work!! Glad to hear that you are getting better.
  10. Really Nice!!! Great Job!!!
  11. Looking Good!!!!! Looking really Good!!!!
  12. The desk is really neat!! Great Job!!
  13. Great news John!!!
  14. Thank you everyone. I really had fun working on this project!!
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