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  1. LarryS

    Tabs on the Weather...

    That's what I'm talking about. Lots of rain. I see that your getting alot of rain also. I had a river running through my yard yesterday.
  2. LarryS

    Tabs on the Weather...

    RAIN RAIN AND MORE RAIN Instead of getting my mower out to mow I should get a swamp buggy and drive around the yard.
  3. LarryS

    Happy Father's Day

    Hope everyone had a Happy Father's Day!!!
  4. LarryS

    a Few Interesting Tips

    Thank you Stick I'll keep that for further reference. I have built doors like that but always looking for better ways to build. Might have to give it a try. I have also never glued the plywood in the doors.
  5. LarryS

    Table Finished

    The table is done. Put the finish on the table and put in the camper where it belongs. The lamp looks good with the table that I turned about 6 years ago.
  6. LarryS

    Part III Ipad/Tablet Holders

    Great Job Herb I like them
  7. I second that on the Golden Oak
  8. LarryS

    Tabs on the Weather...

    That would make me a really cool grandpa!!!!!! I'm in !!!!
  9. LarryS

    Humble Beginnings.

    Sent a message to him through Facebook.
  10. LarryS

    Humble Beginnings.

    His name is Bob Phelan. I am friends with him on Facebook.
  11. LarryS

    Clamps Were Cheaper Than a Tire.

    I was looking close to see who manufactured this tire. I don't think it was any tire I built!!!! I wouldn't have built a tire that looks like that.
  12. LarryS

    Tabs on the Weather...

    Rain and 64. Suppose to get to 75 today. Just mowed the lawn last Wednesday and it needs to stop raining so I can get the lawn mowed again or I can just have someone come in and just bail it.
  13. LarryS

    a Simple, Little, Bedside Table Project

    I like it!!! Great job Steve!!
  14. LarryS

    Tabs on the Weather...

    Mostly cloudy and 63. Looks like a good day to mow the lawn before it rains again. So much rain this spring that I've been mowing the lawn twice a week.
  15. Thank you Al I think the dogs look really nice also. And the table looks just Ok compared to the dogs. That's the only reason that I put the dogs in the picture to make the table look better!!!

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