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    You got me, you figure it out!
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    I have nothing right now. When I think of something I'll be back.

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  1. LarryS

    Tabs on the Weather...

    Got down around 30 and frost this morning. I'm so ready for spring!!!! 155 Days 8 hours 34 minutes 50 seconds until SPRING!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. LarryS

    Seems Things Come in Three's

    Sorry to hear about your grandsons rough housing injury. Glad to hear that he didn't need surgery is on the mend and will be running around very soon.
  3. LarryS

    bad day

    Glad to hear that your wife is home Al. Hopefully everything is going well and she gets to feeling better soon.
  4. LarryS

    Some good news

    Great news Gene!!!!
  5. LarryS

    Birthday Salutations to...

    Happy Birthday Larry!!!!
  6. LarryS

    Arrived in Bowling Green KY and have New House!!

    Congratulations!!!! Glad to hear that you finally got to your home in Kentucky!!
  7. LarryS

    bad day

    Sorry to hear that Al. Thoughts and prayers for your wife and you.
  8. LarryS

    Good sale at Woodcraft

    I have turned pens. I haven't turned a pen in almost 2 years. With 2 knee surgeries and alot of other things going on. I just haven't had time. I've been thinking about turning again when I find the time. It is fun!!
  9. LarryS

    I be back!!!

    From one Larry to another. Welcome back!!
  10. Congratulations to all of the winners!!!!
  11. LarryS

    I am BACK

    Welcome back Ron. Sorry to hear about your Dad. Looks like some nice projects that you made. I tried the pallet road once, until I hit one of them hidden nails that I thought that I got out and ruined my brand new planer blades. Needless to say my pallet days are over.
  12. LarryS

    My Great Nephew has Arrived!

    Congratulations Kelly!!!
  13. LarryS

    A Grand Day!!!

    Happy Grandparents Day everyone!!
  14. LarryS

    From One Hoosier to Another...Happy Birthday

    Happy Birthday Ray!!!!
  15. LarryS

    And you think we have nutzoid intersections..

    That is some crazy traffic. Around here they are putting in roundabouts with alot less traffic than that.

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