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  1. Sorry I missed this on your birthday Happy Birthday!!
  2. Happy Birthday Allen! Have a Great Day!
  3. Happy Birthday Steve! Have a Great Day!!
  4. Glad to hear that you are back up and recovering.
  5. Sorry for your loss. Prayers for you and your family.
  6. Thank you all for the Birthday wishes!!!!! Spent part of my day visiting our oldest son in the hospital. Not exactly how I wanted to spend my birthday but at least it was better news today about our son which makes it better. Then off to Bob Evans for a nice fish dinner. @Grandpadave52 I really liked being a member of HOCA but I never bought into the lifetime membership. I just kept renewing my membership every so often. Still have my card though
  7. Happy 65th Anniversary Al & Ellie!!
  8. Really looks nice!!!! Great Job!!
  9. We are at $4.79 here also.
  10. If you get the urge to want to mow lawn again I'll be mowing our 5 acres tomorrow. Your more than welcome to join me
  11. I've just come to hear that Bob passed on February 21, 2022. What a great talent he had since I and our old Handyman clubs members on here have seen for a long time. His talents will be missed here and for everyone to see.
  12. Happy Birthday Bob!!
  13. Happy Birthday Steven!! Hope you had a Great Day!!
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