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  1. That looks too good to be in the shop!! Great Job!!
  2. Alot of great looking projects and lots of new ones going on!! Great job to all I'm just sitting here waiting my time to get back out in the shop. Can't do much since surgery. For the next 4 weeks I can't lift anything other than a penny with my right thumb and hand. On a lighter note 65 days until spring!!!!
  3. Great job Artie!!
  4. Might need a boat this weekend. They are calling for about 3" of rain from Friday to Sunday. About 2 months worth of rain in 3 days
  5. Happy Birthday Cliff!! Have a Great Day!!
  6. Won't be long now!!! Happy New Year Everyone!!!!
  7. John, what a great gift that your daughter came home for Christmas!!
  8. Found these on Amazon. These look like your Dewalt case that you have unless your looking for something different? https://www.amazon.com/DeWalt-DWST14825-10-Compartment-Organizer-Metal/dp/B00AUVX394/ref=sr_1_4?qid=1577756374&refinements=p_89%3ADEWALT&s=power-hand-tools&sr=1-4
  9. UpDate: I got the Freud 8" X 24T Super Dado set (SD508) today. I had to go out and try all of the blades put on at once. Man do they cut nice. I know I only made 3 dado cuts right now but they are nice smooth cuts. I have a old (used to be in a school) Powermatic saw with a 220v 3hp motor. The table saw handled the 8" blades just fine. Thought I would try the blades out since I won't be able to for awhile. Getting Basal joint surgery Friday. So I'll be out of the shop for about 3 or 4 months. The only thing I'm not happy with is FedEx. They delivered the blades @ 6:17pm and the left it out by the mail box post with a door tag stuck on the mail box. My house is about 100' or more away from the road. I live on a busy highway and the $170 dollar blades are laying on the ground. Left a complaint with FedEx along with leaving a complaint with the seller not to use FedEx again.
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