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  1. @Jim from Easy Wood Tools Thank You! @Gerald Thanks! @John Morris Thank You! @Steve Krumanaker Thanks!
  2. lew

    Happy Birthday Bob!

    Happy B-Day, Bob!!
  3. lew

    turning Blue ply

    Beautiful! Love the color and shape!
  4. Looks Great!! Love those big old trees!
  5. Working on some ornaments for the Easy Wood Tools Christmas tree ( @Jim from Easy Wood Tools ).
  6. lew

    Next Project start up

    Hope the finished piece fits up the stairs (don't ask how I know about this problem)
  7. lew

    I want a lathe.

    If you have never tried turning, and you are not sure it's for you (but I know it will be ), there is a Woodcraft store at 209 S Royal Oaks Blvd, Franklin, TN 37064. I'd go there and check out if they have classes or can let you try it. If you like it, it is a slippery slop from there on . There are lots of great lathes out there- Grizzly, Jet, Powermatic all make great lathes. From your description, you'll probably want one that can turn spindles at least 36" long. For bowls, it depends on how big in diameter they will be. My lathe has a 14" swing over the bed. I can make bowls a scooch over 13" in diameter. As for tools, start with Easy Wood Tools (carbide tips) the learning curve is so easy that you'll be turning projects in no time! Keep asking questions and we here at the Turner's Forum will try to guide you along.
  8. lew

    Machine lamp

    Great idea, Thanks!!
  9. The sun has finally returned and the humidity is a little lower. More like fall. Before we get started on this week's stuff, I'd like to remind you of the request from @Jim from Easy Wood Tools. The generous folks at Easy Wood Tools are decorating their lobby for Christmas and would like to use turned ornaments for the tree. The ornaments don't have to be finished. Plain wooden ones will be painted by volunteers at Easy Wood Tools. The ornaments can be simple turnings from non-descript wood. However, if you wish to make some fancy ones- think of the type made by @Ron Altier, @Gerald and @Steve Krumanaker- those would be displayed just as you made them-- No Paint!! If you need ideas, I have a list of websites, tutorials and ideas. Just let me know!!! These are a couple I've started. Got ideas from the list I mentioned above. These are maple and intended to be painted- Our Patriot Turners- One of our newer members, @JohnM posted a question about purchasing a lathe. Somehow I missed his post until today. I know he would appreciate hearing from those of you who might have experience with the particular lathes he is considering. Please head over to his question and see if you can offer any advice- @Gerald is getting a head start on his Christmas ornaments! He has been discussing design considerations with his Mrs. See what our other turners had to say about these beauties- @Steve Krumanaker posted some images of really cool turnings that used magnets to create awesome illusions- Check out Steve's post for more images/designs and comments about his efforts- Member @Bob Hodge Asked our turners for hints on how to address tearout. Bob turned a beautiful apple wood bowl but he wasn't pleased with some of the surface areas. Several of our turners offered ideas- @Ron Altier posted a picture of a specialized rolling pin/cutter. The "noodle cutter" looks deceptively easy to make. But, having tried this in the past, I can assure you there are pitfalls. The cutters must have sharp points and all be exactly the same height and no ragged edges. I think the best tool for this might be the new Easy Wood Tools Micro Detailer. From The Internet- Always a favorite, Tim Yoder posted a nice video of making a bottle opener using the new item from Ruth Niles. Many of us use Ruth's bottle stopper hardware because we know it's the best on the market. If you haven't seen her products, here is a link to her site- https://nilesbottlestoppers.com/ . Tim uses his Easy Wood Tools to turn the wooden portion of the opener. He discusses his method of finishing. For the second time this week, I've noticed folks using Yorkshire Grit (thanks Jim Luley for the first time). It looks like the only US distributor for this fantastic finish is http://www.thewalnutlog.com/. Gonna order some tomorrow! It's kind of a morbid subject but Mike Peace has a two part video on turning a cremation urn. The second part is linked from his video. I've made pet urns but they were flat work to match the design of other builds. Everything Else- Safe turning
  10. lew

    Hurricane Florence (Members)

    Thanks for checking in and letting us know you are OK. The images of the flooding there are incredible.
  11. lew

    Grizzly G0838 vs G0766

    First, sorry you haven't received any responses to this post. I don't have any experience with either of these 2 lathes. If you expect to be turning really large diameter bowls, over the bed or long stuff, then the 766 looks like the choice to make. The electrical specs are slightly different so that might be a concern for your shop wiring. I didn't see a bed extension listed for the shorter lathe, but Grizzly may have one, just in case you would opt for the smaller lathe and then want to "upgrade". My lathe is an older Delta iron bed with a 14" swing and about 42" max length. Other than the Reeve's Drive, it is a very serviceable machine. It only has a 1hp motor but rarely has that been a problem. I am going to include this thread in today's (Sept. 19) "Wednesday's Wisdom..." and hopefully that will generate some more responses.
  12. lew

    Home Canned goods

    At home, we always had shelves. Made it easy to see what was available (or to avoid )
  13. lew

    Plans and Software ?

    Beautiful drafting setup!
  14. lew

    Arched Raised Panel Door Template

    I've only made one set of arched doors. Instead of the raised panel, they had stained glass inserts. I just drew up a template for the arch and then used a stick/cope bit set to create the frame.
  15. lew

    utility door replacement

    Maybe a sheet of marine plywood to reduce the rotting issues and bolts/nuts for the hinges mounted to the door.

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