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  1. Thanks @Jim from Easy Wood Tools! @Artie, let me know if I can do anything to help you!
  2. As usual, I'm late to the party again! All I can say is WOW !!!
  3. https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT201697
  4. lew


    Awesome turning! Looking forward to seeing the brass work, too!
  5. EWT sells unhandled tools- See the attached PDF EWT_retail_demo_crt_price_sheetno-whlsever09-23-14_final.pdf
  6. I have some full and mid sized EWTs. I find I use the mid sized tools more.
  7. @Jim from Easy Wood Tools Thank You! @Steve Krumanaker Thanks! I always enjoy seeing what other woodturners come up with. @Gerald Thank You! I sure wish I had his knack fro getting that finish! @HandyDan Thanks! Looks like it's gonna be a rainy Friday here. @Mijohnson1984 Thank You for posting your work! It really great when our turners share their stuff! @Woodbutcherbynight Thanks! You are right- we all started someplace! I wish my first bowl was as nice as that!!!
  8. I've read several different thoughts on this subject, especially with the introduction of affordable CNC and Laser devices. As you said the opinions fall generally in the traditionalist or modern thinking camps. I always think of the Shakers. Most folks think of them as traditionalist; making simple, serviceable items. Yet, they are credited with developing many time saving devices. I, personally, "vote" with my wallet. If I can afford it, then it is the right tool for the job. Who knows, maybe in 20 years we will be using 3-D printers creating actual wooden pieced. After all, they just recently printed a working mouse heart using biological materials.
  9. Here's something I saw today on a Facebook post from the AAW. Not so much storage but how to make spalted wood-
  10. The old dogwood tree, in the backyard, has its' blossoms almost open. I replanted that tree as a small "sapling" when I moved here over 50 years ago. Spring can't be too far away. Our Patriot Turners- @Steve Krumanaker has been turning more honey dippers and lids. He utilized his shop built laser and decorating "elf" to embellish the turnings. Steve received lots of comments and questions on his procedures- Steve also showed us a walking stick he is making, One of the additions to the stick he has used in the past is to mount a small compass in the handle. Unfortunately, he is having trouble finding a source for his original compasses. Check out Steve's post and maybe you can give him a source for this very specific piece of hardware- Steve's decorating of his honey dipper lids inspired @HandyDan to post his version of the "decorating elf". Just goes to prove there is more than one way to accomplish the same ends- Dan shows us how he made his tool in this post- @Ron AltierPosted a timely image of his Easter Eggs. Timely not only because of the holiday but also the method of decorating. See more of his Easter basket in his post- New member @Mijohnson1984 was offered a deal on a used lathe and asked our members their opinions on it. He received lots of feedback on it. Check out his post and see if you can add anything- Matt also showed us his first turned bowl- Lots of praise and comments for his work. Read more- What’s Coming Up- If you are in the Washington DC area, the Smithsonian Craft Show is coming up- Click on the above image for a link to the wood turning information. Captain Eddie is having a contest. He wants us to send pictures of "tops" that we turn. He is giving away some cool prizes. Here is his video explaining the contest- the contest information starts about 11 minutes- For The Newbies- One of the problems I had as a new turner (and truthfully still experience) is creating something that has pleasing proportions. If I had paid attention is school, I would probably have been aware of the "Golden Ratio" and how it can help create well proportioned designs. Well, ratio implies math- another of my weaknesses- so I probably would have avoided learning about it anyway. Fortunately, for those of use who are math challenged, there is an easy to make measuring device to eliminate any calculations. Mike Peace recently posted a video describing the construction of a Fibonacci gauge that can be used to help get turnings more pleasingly proportioned. Expand Your Horizons- Our very generous sponsor- Easy Wood Tools ( @Jim from Easy Wood Tools ) shared a video from Heath Knuckles. Heath is a fantastic turner who does much of his work in acrylic/wood hybrids. His abilities and imagination are wondrous. Heath is a champion of the new Easy Wood Tools negative rake cutters and for good reason. Watch and be amazed- New Turning Items- Woodturners Wonders have several great deals available. Here's the link to their main site- https://woodturnerswonders.com/ Everything Else- Carl Jacobson just added a video of a shop made "off-set" turning jig. What I found interesting was that the jig could allow for the addition of counterbalances that would help reduce vibration for those of use with lighter weight/benchtop lathes. I'm not really thrilled with his mounting method. See what you think- Safe turning
  11. As "Norm" used to say- "We're gaining on it now!"
  12. I picked up a Rigid at a moving sale. SUre a lot nicer than the old Craftsman I had.
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