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  1. Lissa, I would download Sketchup Make 2017. It is the last free version that runs on your computer. As @Fred W. Hargis Jr mentioned, there is a free version that runs over the Internet. It is currently not as comprehensive as Sketchup Make 2017. If you do download the 2017 version, burn it to a DVD. There is no telling when Trimble will pull this free version download. If you like the program, you'll have a permanent copy in case your computer crashes. There is a learning curve but Sketchup has a tremendous community following. YouTube is filled with how-to videos and there are bunches of Sketchup forums. Here's the link for the download- https://www.sketchup.com/download/all
  2. Well, you can never have too many clamps! Looks awesome!
  3. @Gerald I use their accelerator to “set” the CA. A couple of spritzes freezes it in place.
  4. lew

    Rolling pin

    Pauley, this is how I make mine- https://thepatriotwoodworker.com/blogs/entry/67-part-1-the-jigs/ Your first one looks better than my first one!
  5. Well that sux! Keep us up to date on how things are going. Maybe we can get you some easy projects. Guess this would be a great time to learn Sketchup!
  6. To avoid damaging to antique headboard, maybe you could remove the its bed rail hardware. Use the old hardware mortice area for the screws to hold the 1x3.
  7. That's actually how I did the joint on the round table trivet
  8. If I picture this correctly, in my mind, the headboard will be not as wide as the frame. If the frame is self supporting, your idea sounds workable. But if the headboard actually holds up the end of the frame, you might want to consider something a little beefer than a 1x3.
  9. A real reason to belong to the Patriot Woodworker. Ask a question and you get a genuine, helpful answer. I did some smaller edge banding on some table top trivets. These were done in maple. I made a steam chamber out of PVC pipe and bent the edge band A word of caution, the PVC pipe was not solid plastic- more of a cellular wall structure. It did not hold up well to the heat. But it worked for what I needed to do. I used a web band clamp to apply the pressure and bend the heated wood.
  10. @Woodbutcherbynight Thanks! I'll have to renew my CDL license for the bus trip!! @Gerald Thank You! @HandyDan Thanks! I know where you are coming from! @FlGatorwood Thank You! Looks like it's that time of year for family visits!! @Lissa Hall Thanks!!
  11. Happy B-Day, Tiff! Congrats on completing Boot Camp, too!
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