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  1. https://thepatriotwoodworker.com/forums/topic/26913-early-delta-860-tilt-table-saw/?tab=comments#comment-259548
  2. Back on Edge- Early Delta 860 Tilt-Table Saw - Old Woodworking Machinery - The Patriot Woodworker https://thepatriotwoodworker.com/forums/topic/26913-early-delta-860-tilt-table-saw/?tab=comments#comment-259548
  3. On Chrome now. Works on Chrome. Odd because they are both based on the Chromium platform!
  4. So Edge is the problem, I think. Going back to Chrome.
  5. I'm on the pc now and Edge. Trying again- https://thepatriotwoodworker.com/forums/topic/26913-early-delta-860-tilt-table-saw/?tab=comments#comment-259548
  6. Really thin parting tool aren’t too common
  7. I just copied and pasted the url for your post. Maybe log out clear cache?
  8. If you have an old butcher knife, they make great parting tools.
  9. I just pasted the link directly into the comment section. Did not use the link function
  10. Just worked for me posted a test in turners forum
  11. What is the source of the video?
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