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  1. Thank You, Gunny, for remembering. It was many years before I could go to "The Wall".
  2. Sweet! I really like the vertical stripes and the little finials.
  3. Hi, Charles! Great to see you are still selling your turnings!
  4. They were out of that here so I stopped at the liquor store and got 151 Rum. Kinda of expensive but it'll serve 2 purposes.
  5. Fantastic! Are the LED light strips the kind that can change color?
  6. I'm like you. A work surface is made to be used. This is mine- although I would like to make it with an interior door- it's a "lazy susan" type of top so I can easily swivel the project instead of walking halfway around the shop to get to another vantage point. It sets on 2 saw horses. I added a peg locking system to keep it stationary, if needed. About the only thing that I need to clean off are glue drops and a paint scraper takes care of that.
  7. @Woodbutcherbynight Thank You! @HandyDan Thanks! @Gerald Thank You! @FrederickH Thanks! @FlGatorwood Thank You! We had a locust blight go thru here several years back. It killed off a lot of the trees but they seem to be coming back. Everyone, please be safe and stay well.
  8. Layin' low and trying to stay away from the TV. We live a few miles from a State Park. The trails are open so we have been taking Dudley (the basset hound) and going for walks. We can avoid anyone and getting out in the fresh air is stress breaking. Have been cleaning the shop and doing some updates.
  9. Cool! I read someplace about putting perches on the birdhouse. It said some birds don't like them and predators use them to their advantage. Not sure if that's really true.
  10. There isn't a lot of difference as far as quality. The HEIC format saves the pictures using less memory on your phone. The latest versions of Windows 10 supports the newer format. Here's what Ron did to make the changes-
  11. Hope this Wednesday finds all of you healthy and safe. I've added a few more videos this week just in case you are locked in the house/shop. If you watch and enjoy any video directly on YouTube, please give the author a "thumbs up" and leave a comment letting them know you appreciate their hard work. Our Patriot Turners- @Ron Altier created another beautiful ornament. Ron has a magical talent for design and color! Along with the picture, Ron asked our opinion on making it into a tree topper. Check out his post on the star and see if you can give him some ideas- Ron also posted an inquiry concerning negative rake carbide cutters and acrylic blanks. Check out the post. If you can provide some insight on his questions, please let him know. Ron is this weeks big winner in the number of posts department! Using input from his negative rake cutters question, he showed us the gorgeous acrylic egg he turned. In his post, Ron tells us a little about his experiences. Ron gave us a heads up on a cool video for an open segmented turning. The video author sure has a light touch and sharp tools! And another video where the author turns an unusual object. I found this especially interesting in light of a question asked by member @FrederickH concerning the use files as turning tools. Check out the parting tool at about 6:32 @Masonsailor continues his work on the lazy susan tulips. He showed us the trimmed out "home" for it! Check out more images here- @Artie brought up a couple of observations on safety. He noticed the latest issue of Woodcraft Magazine pictured a turner working without a face shield and was wearing long sleeves. We had a great discussion as our turners provided their thoughts. How do you feel about it? Self Isolation- For The Newbies- A video from Lyle Jamieson on tool rest position and rough turning between centers- Easy Wood Tools has started posting very short videos demonstrating their products. You can check out all of the videos from links at this YouTube Video- Expand Your Horizons- The Woodworker's Journal has a nicely illustrated article from Ernie Conover on accessories for hollowing tall forms. The complete article is here- https://www.woodworkersjournal.com/accessories-for-excavating-tall-hollow-forms/ @Ron Altier's experience with acrylics led me to this rather lengthy video. If you are considering getting into casting your own acrylic/resin blanks, there is a lot of good information. New Turning Items- Sam Angelo- The WyomingWoodturner- demonstrates the new Carter and Son Thread Chaser. If you are into pen making, Woodpeckers has some new kits- Check their website for more information- https://cdn.woodpeck.com/triton-rollerball-and-fountain-pen-kits.html?_bta_tid=32476282785476398023750574440026478214355615690754598719186774204374129149320745779994015069695242775658 The folks at Woodturners Wonders also a sale of until the end of March on many of their products- https://woodturnerswonders.com/collections/specials Everything Else- @Artie's post on safety gear was very timely. I had an old piece of locust that might have made a nice shallow bowl. I was getting a lot of tearout so I decided to experiment with different speeds and different negative rake cutters. I found that, for the outside of the bowl, the Ci2-NR2 (2" radius, rougher, negative rake) is awesome at high speeds. Unfortunately the blank had a defect that I didn't see. I still haven't found all of the pieces! Safe turning and stay well
  12. Cool! I've often wondered why they don't mount a bullseye level bubbles on hand drills.
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