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  1. Those are going to be some mighty fine looking lockers, John!
  2. lew

    Tissue Boxes

    Great start! Looking forward to seeing more.
  3. lew

    Improving On Everything

    I used to trap them and cart them off a couple of miles. Now about half the neighbors think their cute and feed them. Neighbors are too close to dispatch them with any type of projectile and I'm not good enough with a slingshot.
  4. lew

    Giving Credit Where It's Due.

    Super. I didn't realize retailers kept receipts.
  5. Watch out for icebergs! The rain stopped long enough to bale the lawn.
  6. lew

    Hole Saws

    Have you considered something like this- https://www.woodcraft.com/products/circle-cutter-small?gclid=Cj0KCQjwuYTYBRDsARIsAJnrUXAmQ-skUF_2N6QTJNORPjOmjOsVrDpL_X-dai4bVJFyLLKFjD0rJfsaAopYEALw_wcB Here are some thoughts about its' use- https://www.popularwoodworking.com/article/taming-the-circle-cutter-the-tool-i-love-to-hate
  7. Closest would be "Veteran Resources"
  8. @Steve Krumanaker Thanks! @Gene Howe Thank You! @Gerald Thanks! @HandyDan Thank You!
  9. That's just for that poor little old FireFox browser , that hardly anyone uses
  10. Another new Internet privacy addon for Chrome and Firefox- https://absolutedouble.co.uk/trace/
  11. lew

    Airbrushed underwater table1

    Very realistic! It's amazing what underwater views can be had by looking up instead of down.
  12. lew

    Rustic coffee table

    Love that burned finish, Dale!

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