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  1. Looks like a rainy weekend here. Maybe get some shop time.
  2. IMO... This would almost identical to turning a freshly cut log. I would turn it without removing the wax- let the tools do that for you. You have a couple of options: 1. rough turn it, seal it with your favorite bowl sealer- mine is old Titebond glue- let it dry slowly over time. 2. turn it to the finished thickness and let it air dry. It will warp but that is what some folks like 3. rough turn it, seal the end grain and dry it in a kiln/warming box- @forty_caliber has a really nice kiln build This next one is what I would do- rough turn it, soak it in a soap and water solution- look up Ron Kent or Ernie Conover for the formula- after soak put it in a kiln/warming box until the weigh stabilizes. I usually soak for 3 days then into my warming box. Depending on the size (thickness) it usually is ready for final turning in less than 3 weeks.
  3. Go to the local music store and get some discarded music string- banjo, guitar, etc. Different diameters for various burning widths.
  4. lew

    Rip tides

    I recently saw information that was different from what I had always been taught about rip currents. Previous wisdom said swim parallel to the shore to get out of the pulling current. This new advice said don't swim at all. Save your energy and let the rip current carry you along. When it stops, then swim to shore. Haven't seen any change in signage along the beaches. Maybe it was just another opinion.
  5. Summer's about over and the days are getting shorter. Less yard work means more lathe time! Our Patriot Turners- @nevinc has really put his lathe to work this week. He showed us a bunch of bowls, with different design! He describes what he has done in this post- Nevin also worked on a box elder bowl with a unique shape- He provides us with more information in his post- @forty_caliber also has been busy with more of his pecan stash! he posted a couple of bowls for us to drool over- There's more images and descriptions at- Forty then had a chance to finish up the bowl on which he used epoxy and diopside inlay- More images and specifics can be found in this post- @Gerald added a video of a neat little toy on which he has been experimenting. He calls them "Tippy Tops". Check this post to see what they do! Another addition to our continuing thread- "Off The Lathe And Just Finished" What’s Coming Up- Click on the images for more information and registration- For The Newbies- A few video short from Tim Yoder and Ron Brown Both Tim and Ron have been producing these short videos to help the newer turner understand some of the nuances of turning. You can check out their series at https://www.youtube.com/@woodturningwithtimyoder/featured and https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMD5dw_8FCyaHPjztP5sklw I think everyone knows how I hate to sand, mainly because I never get the results I see from other turners. Cindy Drozda recently did a live Tool Talk showing her sanding techniques. I learned a lot. Expand Your Horizons- @Gerald's post on Tippy Tops coincided with this video from Alan Stratton. Alan revisited these in hopes of having better success. Check out Alan's process from turning spheres freehand. Kent Weakley turns a wooden bowl but not without some difficulty. He explains what happened and how to correct it. Mike Peace shared a video of an IRD he recently conducted. The video is rather long but the demonstration of the threading jig/device is interesting. Not all tree logs are suitable for turning bowls or larger pieces. Richard Raffan explains the phenomena of "wind shake" or "cup shakes". New Turning Items- Not new but some better prices- https://lylejamieson.com/ Free shipping continued until September 25. https://woodturnerswonders.com/ Everything Else- Woodworker's Journal published their Woodturning Monthly newsletter. https://www.woodworkersjournal.com/woodturning-monthly/?utm_medium=email Safe turning
  6. Gorgeous! I like the way you create the foot.
  7. A little far for me but been through Fredericksburg many times when in the Navy. Would run up that way from Virginia Beach
  8. Fantastic! What tool did you use to make the embellishments on the outside?
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