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The Patriot Woodworkers with Operation Ward 57 Adopt a Wounded Warrior Family for the Holidays - 2019 project is live, please click on link to view our very special annual project.


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  1. There's just a little over a week remaining to help with our Wounded Warrior Family Adoption project. If you haven't made your donation, yet, please see this link- https://thepatriotwoodworker.com/forums/topic/27849-the-patriot-woodworkers-with-operation-ward-57-adopt-a-wounded-warrior-family-for-the-holidays-2019 Our Patriot Turners- @Woodbutcherbynight posted his first impression of his new Easy Wood Tools chisels. Like most of us, he was duly impressed! Check out the really sweet gobblet handles he made and our members comments- We had a couple of questions this week on lathe purchases. First, @Larry Blighton asked our opinion on the Delta LA200 Midi lathe. He received several comments and suggestions. Check out his post and see if you can add to what the others have said- The second question came from @BillyJack. He also asked our opinion on a Delta lathe. This one was a 1440 Iron Bed. Our members responded with lots of ideas and suggestions. Head on over to his post and give him your thoughts- Member @Ron is back with us and is anxious to get going on his lathe. He's looking for some turning tools and asked us our opinion. We all know I'd recommend starting with Easy Wood Tools ( @Jim from Easy Wood Tools )! How about the rest of you?!? @Ron Altier shared his "turning's jacket" story. Several members added their experiences and what they are currently using. How about the rest of you. Any favorite chip protection clothing?? What’s Coming Up- Continuing with our randomly selected state turning club pick- https://www.swiwt.org/ For The Newbies- Sometimes, after turning a piece, it is necessary to remount it on the lathe. That can be problematic, especially if the tenon/recess has been removed. Cap'n Eddie recently posted a video demonstrating various ways to hold pieces when this happens- Expand Your Horizons- The founder/owner of Spiracraft produces a weekly live production that plays on Facebook. It can later be viewed on YouTube. Bradley McAllister demonstrates various techniques, procedures and equipment. This is the video from this past Monday- New Turning Items- Even though I have dust collection and air filtration in the shop, I have realized I need more dust protection. Just today, I received my new dust mask. I hope it does the trick. I have an older 3M cartridge mask but it doesn't fit under my faceshield. This low profile design shouldn't interfere. One of my concerns was that my hearing aids and the ear straps would not work together. A quick test run seems to eliminate that concern. It is rated N99. https://www.amazon.com/BASE-CAMP-Breathing-Woodworking-Activities/dp/B07RLLCJZF/ref=sr_1_4?crid=SWIM04A15S7O&keywords=base+camp+dust+mask&qid=1576111628&s=hi&sprefix=base+camp%2Ctools%2C184&sr=1-4 Everything Else- The walnut bowls for Christmas presents are done. The finish was one application of mineral oil and then a second application of hot beeswax/mineral oil. Then buffed out. I did make a lid for the larger hollow vessel. Mimi said it looked like a cookie jar for the Keebler elves. Safe turning
  2. lew

    Carved Clock

    I really like the muted colors.
  3. lew

    A wish

    Back at you, Pauley!
  4. Watch for our Wednesday’s Wisdom For Woodturners. We are always looking for projects, ideas and suggestions. Please jump in and tell us what you think!
  5. Super! Those Easy Wood Tools make turning a real pleasure!!!
  6. In what Gallery subtopic did you post your pictures?
  7. I really didn't mean to break it!!!
  8. Is there a limit to how many posts can be added to a thread. I noticed there is no place to respond to Steve's thread. Cannot even quote a response.
  9. Just post them in the General woodworking forum. Add tags like "furniture", "table", "cabinet", etc. Also you can use the word "furniture" in the topic title to help the search engine locate the topic.
  10. Paul, Where did you see the sub forum?
  11. Excellent! Of all the wonderful things Sketchup can do, printing full size is one of the most frustrating.
  12. lew


    Looks like everyone was having a great time!
  13. lew

    Worth $300

    Nooooo! I just replaced that lathe. It has a reeves drive as the speed control. The pulleys are not available. I did some research on other pulley options and the closest I could come to was similar ones form Grizzly but the diameters were apparently not the same so the original speed specs were not obtainable. I read where some folks were converting the lathe drives with single pulleys and dc motors from treadmills. The lowest speed on this lathe was about 450 rpms. The reeves drive is very noisy, also. I sold mine for $70- without the legs.
  14. 1/4" might rattle. Plywood shouldn't expand and I doubt the stiles would change widths any significant amount. The 1/16" allowance might not be necessary. Just my 2¢
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