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  1. Sorry, just got a free moment to get back here- @Gerald Thank You! By getting into mushrooms I assume you mean turning- not eating @HandyDan Thanks! @Woodbutcherbynight Thank You! Finally cooled off here.
  2. There is a turner on YouTube- Brian Havens- who is excellent at explaining the technical aspects of the use of turning tools. Here is a link to his channel- https://www.youtube.com/user/BHavensWoodworker/videos This video talks about using the toe of the skew for cuts- For me, if I have to use the skew, I use the heel. It's how I learned and feel comfortable.
  3. Sorta the same idea as this- https://www.core77.com/posts/69981/How-to-Make-a-Watertight-Wood-Joint-Without-Using-Glue-or-Sealants
  4. Me Too! Great minds must think alike!!!
  5. lew

    Lathe Mover

    Cool idea. 2nd one looks a little more stable.
  6. lew

    Oak and Dye

    Nice! How big is it, Gerald?
  7. Our Patriot Turners- @Ron Altier turned a sweet little cup for his Mrs. He glued up several species to create a really neat pattern. Checkout more in Ron's post- @RustyFN Is continuing to work on his vase. He now has the blank completely glued and ready to turn- Rusty gives more information in his ongoing posts- @Pauley turned nature's surprise into a thing of beauty. His red oak bowl developed cracks during drying but Pauley used that to add to the beauty of the turning. Pauley got loads of positive comments in his post- What’s Coming Up- The Southwest Association of Woodturners symposium is this coming weekend (August 23-25, 2019) Click on the above image for more information and registration! For The Newbies- Mike Peace has a couple more videos covering nice mods/accessories to a lathe. You might find these useful. Expand Your Horizons- This past week, I was introduced to a website for turners that showcases a wide variety of turning styles, abilities and subjects. It is free to join and seems pretty easy to navigate. You can find the site at- https://thewows.com/ New Turning Items- Sorry, couldn't come up with anything new this week. Everything Else- Carl Jacobson makes a cute little project. Reminded me of the late 1960's (what I can remember of it). Safe turning
  8. lew

    A Good Start

    Nice! Remember there's only 131 shopping days left until Christmas!!
  9. lew

    Red oak

    Gorgeous! Love the grain pattern and the color. Nice save on the crack!!
  10. Awesome tutorial, Thanks! And, thanks for the diagram on the router base, too!
  11. It was just a made up name for a mixture of beeswax and mineral oil (4:1 oil/wax). Heated in the microwave until the wax melts. Stir, let cool and use it as a finish or to lub screws or to wax tools. As far as the pen press, I stole the idea from a YouTube video and made some adaptations. In the video the press is around 4:58 minutes. I can take more pix and measurement if you want.
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