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  1. It sure does look like walnut! Did it smell like walnut? I agree about the possibility of an exotic wood but but I don’t have a lot of experience with them
  2. I have a Porter Cable but really don't like it. Very heavy and hard to not have it "double fire". It uses compressed air.
  3. Click on the image for today's deal. Each day there's another special!
  4. Looks like that new sander is working out great!
  5. @Gerald Thank You! I missed an opportunity to "procure" a piece of American Chestnut. There was a small roadside motel type business, not far from here, that was demolished. It was one of those types that had individual tiny log cabins, for each family, and was constructed from chestnut logs. By the time I got there, in the middle of the night, the logs were all removed. @FlGatorwood Thanks! And, thanks for the heads up on the wood source. I'm still on my original Tormek wheel. I would love to upgrade to the CBN but seeing how most of my turning tools are Easy Wood Tools carbide, I
  6. Or you could add some cross pieces on the bottom of the lathe mount locations. Then use clamps to fasten the cross pieces to the bench top
  7. That's some beautiful wood! Can't wait to see the grain pop when the finish hits it.
  8. Yeah, I would have had to research that, too Really cool build. What doe it sound like in "operation"?
  9. Gorgeous! I really like that you kept all of the knots and natural imperfections.
  10. One of these days, I'm gonna surprise you all and actually do some turning. But in the meantime let's not forget our pledge to make our "adopted" family's Christmas the best ever- Our Patriot Turners- @Steve Krumanaker added more birdhouse ornaments to the bunch he already completed. I think he must be staying up nights! Steve shows us some of the fantastic details on these, in his post- @HandyDan cranked out a slew of awesome looking Awls. As always, Dan provides detailed descriptions of his process. H
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