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  1. lew

    Birch Bowls

    We are all members of the "Funnel Club"!
  2. lew

    Birch Bowls

    Lookin' Good! Depending on the intended uses, bowl diameter, and the type/condition of the wood- the wall thickness can vary considerably. Display pieces (not for actual use) can have wall thicknesses so thin that light can shine thru them. Larger utilitarian pieces can have a thicker wall. Try to aim for consistent wall thickness from the lip all the way down thru the bottom.
  3. Mimi's updated yesterday, I have to go back and set network privileges to be able to access some of the shared folders.
  4. All my Windows versions are free! ...at least until MS decides to make Windows SAS
  5. @FlGatorwood Thanks for the update! So wonderful to hear that the damage wasn't any worse and that you all are safe!
  6. Good idea. I have my set so it doesn't update any hardware drivers from Windows updates. But this was the Windows 10 Pro version 2004 (Build 19041). Practically like reinstalling windows from scratch and it reset almost all my settings.
  7. lew

    Bottle Stoppers

    Dan, Here's the deal on those stoppers. These were designed by Ruth Niles ( https://nilesbottlestoppers.com/ ) and well, you can compare them. To avoid making it tough on Ruth, I won't post what happened. Needless to say, I feel bad for her. BTW, Ruth doesn't have a minimum order.
  8. Works fine now. Just a driver update. Simple fix that just caught me off guard.
  9. Do one edge using a tapering jig AND having the blade tilted. The flip the board end for end- keeping the same side up- and cut the other edge.
  10. Had a similar problem after my laptop updated to the 2004 windows version. It didn't like my video drivers.
  11. After I got married, I learned the difference between curtains and window treatments- About $100 a window
  12. I don't see a problem with it. Remember, anything that's pleasing to your minds eye is OK. Not every everyone has the same idea of a pleasing/functional shape. Also, keep in mind when turning the inside that you are using a tenon for reverse chucking. You'll need to leave a little extra "meat" on the bottom to avoid making it too thin when turning off the tenon. This time try using @Gerald's suggestion of embellishing the bottom to add a little bling!
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