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  1. KevTN

    Lid ideas

    I have some old flooring could that be used?
  2. KevTN

    Lid ideas

    Thanks guys. I now understand that pallet wood is meh. It was free and helped me catch the bug. The sides slates are brad nailed and glued I put silicon between the slates.The bottom is single sheet of plywood. The skeleton is glued and screwed together. The top is plywood with the top wood is brad nailed. I got happy with the brads. The lid lifts off. This stays out in the weather year around. I appreciate everyone’s input. I just could not get a good idea what to do. Kmealy I like your sloped idea and then painting.
  3. This my first project I built about 15 mos ago. It was made out of pallet wood. It is where I keep my charcoal and wood for my smoker. As you can see the top isn’t looking good. Any ideas of what kind of wood would work any better? It is kept outside year around as I use my smoker year around. Thanks
  4. Being of Norwegian decent I may have to look into this. Mortise and tenon is something I would like to learn more about.
  5. KevTN

    Project finish

    Thank you for the information.
  6. KevTN

    Project finish

    I apologize if I was unclear. I am just wondering the best way to seal the Purple Heart with the painting on it.
  7. KevTN

    Project finish

    I am leaving the bat alone. When she bought it it was already finished. Thank you.
  8. Good information everyone. Thank you for taking the time to give the information.
  9. Here goes my newbieism the blade that broke I think it was 1/2” I have a small 1/4” on it now that came with it. I can measure in a bit.
  10. Thanks Gene good information. I have watch that video a few times. I need to watch it again as my blade snapped the other day while I was using it. No damage done other than a bit in my shorts 😉. thanks on the tags. I have not been on a forum that uses them. I appreciate it.
  11. That’s the miter saw I have as well. It has seen good use for the past year. Thanks for the review
  12. KevTN

    Project finish

    Good morning. I still have a ways to go but as my latest project moves forward I am thinking of finish. My daughter plays D1 softball and has a wooden bat that has some sayings she likes on it. So I jointed some Purple Heart together, my neighbor is a professional artist and will be painting her schools logo and mascot on it with oil paint. I am going sand to 120 thinking this would be smooth to the touch but also allow the paint something to ‘grab’ onto. with this in mind would a simple poly be the best final finish? I really would like to keep the sheen down. Thoughts? thanks
  13. I bought an old 10 inch Craftsman bandsaw. It gets the job done but I stink at cutting straight lines. I have watched some videos on making a fence but was curious if any of you have your own and what was your experience. Thanks.
  14. Thanks Cal. I have been woodworking for about a year and not very consented because of work and such. I watch ALOT of YouTube videos for information. Have not made any guitars. My wife just bought me a plunge router for Father’s Day. I need a ton more experience for guitars.
  15. Thank you friend. Only if I can bring my home made smoked pecans and BBQ peanuts. Of whiskey sour seeing I am only 1.thr from Jack Daniels and Dickle 😏. Have a good night
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