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  1. KevTN

    Bar Top

    That really came out looking good!
  2. Good advise...if I may add. If you haven’t urinated in a couple of hours drink water. When finished look at urine it should be clear to light yellow without a strong smell. Drink the water over time (drink continuously). Don’t just slammed the fluids. Water is your best friend.
  3. Gerald thank you I meant to ask if the grain was too open. If I were to seal it and use it as a serving tray? The last thing I want to do is make some one sick. Gene if I left the live edges on it would be too big to fit through my planer. Thanks for the compliment of the wood. I have several pieces I will get too eventually lol
  4. Last year I bought a slab of pecan. Being new to woodworking I wish I didn’t cut it up as it would have made a nice desk top. Lesson learned. I had completely forgot about the pecan until I had to take a break and looked in my wood pile. I found this nice slab (picture)that I am thinking of making into an12x16 cutting board? A couple of questions 1) when routing pecan how much do I need to worry about with grain tear out? 2) Is 12x16 to big? (Thinking storage for the average person) 3) Any well earned experience with pecan is more than welcomed. thanks...
  5. That is a gorgeous cradle.
  6. This week...took the bat project to the painter. Lots of emails and a few job interviews to try to get income coming back in. Trying to figure out next project.
  7. Ours is in Townsend. When we go there I just tell everyone else to do whatever I’m not leaving. Lol hope you had a good 4th.
  8. KevTN

    Project finish

    The picture stinks as the sun was going down but here is the dry fit before final sanding and off to the artist.
  9. I will heading to family cabin in the Smokies for wife’s family reunion. I did some pork belly burnt ends. Enjoy your day everyone.
  10. KevTN

    Lid ideas

    I have some old flooring could that be used?
  11. KevTN

    Lid ideas

    Thanks guys. I now understand that pallet wood is meh. It was free and helped me catch the bug. The sides slates are brad nailed and glued I put silicon between the slates.The bottom is single sheet of plywood. The skeleton is glued and screwed together. The top is plywood with the top wood is brad nailed. I got happy with the brads. The lid lifts off. This stays out in the weather year around. I appreciate everyone’s input. I just could not get a good idea what to do. Kmealy I like your sloped idea and then painting.
  12. This my first project I built about 15 mos ago. It was made out of pallet wood. It is where I keep my charcoal and wood for my smoker. As you can see the top isn’t looking good. Any ideas of what kind of wood would work any better? It is kept outside year around as I use my smoker year around. Thanks
  13. Being of Norwegian decent I may have to look into this. Mortise and tenon is something I would like to learn more about.
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