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  1. Grandpadave52

    Tabs on the Weather...

    Today's AM rain came early mid afternoon yesterday; still in the same month so forecast was right on Current equal amount of clouds & sunshine; 88o with 72% RH giving an adjusted feel of 95o... One might say it's hot & sticky
  2. Grandpadave52

    Cutting Dowels in Bulk

    Awesome idea Dan. Thanks for the thread.
  3. Grandpadave52

    the Pitfall of Retirement

    I really liked most all aspects of my job except the travel became tiring...it was the people who wanted to toss you ( or anyone) under the bus to advance their careers and all of the politics I detested.
  4. Grandpadave52

    Tabs on the Weather...

    Low 90's today with plenty of humidity pushing a heat index around 105o. T-storms in forecast late tonight through Monday.
  5. Grandpadave52

    Old Tools

    Very cool...First time I recall seeing the hammer set complete. Yours appears in excellent condition.
  6. Grandpadave52

    Swivel Bar Stools - Production

    Excellent design, execution and craftsmanship Dan. Those are some really classy, high-end looking stools.
  7. Kiddo's are gone for about a week with their dad so chauffeur service is on hold; I have about 3 hours of work left to do on the front mount mower then start mowing. I'd planned to go to town today to pick up oil, filter, couple of belts and new battery for the mower...got all the recycling loaded into the truck...hit the key, it cranked for a couple seconds, then slowed down and pssst...battery is shot. It is Friday the 13th for sure. Battery was an Autozone Gold---5 year battery...it's 5th year anniversary was April 7th...so will get (2) batteries tomorrow at Advance Auto. Remainder of the weekend will be determined how well things go tomorrow and the weather. I do have a fan motor capacitor/starter to install in our 18" high-velocity, oscillating fan...never thought I would find one anywhere...ordered it on eBay (from FanMotorControls, Texas) Monday mid morning; wasn't due to arrive until Tuesday...was in the mail box this morning.
  8. Pictures Pleeeeze...I've got an old base I plan to do something similar to...It needs sandblasted and painted first...
  9. Grandpadave52

    Dollar Store Hanging Solar Light Idea

    Very cool idea Ron. Thanks for sharing it here. BTW, once you get everything lit up at night, we'll need to see pics of that.
  10. Grandpadave52

    Almost Got To Review a Tool I Wanted Nothing To Do With

    Glad you both are OK Patch...windshields (and underwear) can be changed...injuries not always so much. I assume they didn't let you keep the drill either?
  11. Grandpadave52

    More Old Tools

    Love seeing these! Awesome set of old Starrett mics and the inside mic set being Lufkin is pretty rare. It's been a long time since I've sen a slide rule & a Post no less along with all the 3 sided drafting/engineers rule. Very cool... I love old tools and I cannot lie. EDIT add: Oh...I just went back and saw the old adjustable feed grease pencil---I've got one of those...suppose you can still get re-fills?
  12. Grandpadave52

    the Pitfall of Retirement

    True story: I've been having nightmares the past few nights. I've been dreaming I was back at my old job before I retired...same old issues...same stress...I literally have been waking up in a cold sweat. Gotta' change what I'm eating before bed-time...Wouldn't think it was the recent change-over to gummies fiber vs tablets but come to think of it, that's about the time this began....hmmmm...thanks guys for helping me through that.
  13. Grandpadave52

    Another Anniversary

    Congratulations to you both Al. A celebration well worth making note of. Hope you both had a great day and an enjoyable time out with your "surf & turf." Lucky for you you're in the midst for fresh lobster. Wishing you both many more full & happy years ahead.
  14. Grandpadave52

    Coffee and Honey

    we know this though...
  15. Grandpadave52

    Coffee and Honey

    Grew up drinking straight-up, STRONG black...my dad made all the coffee; if there weren't grounds in the bottom of the pot (later carafe) and some it your cup it was too weak. That consumption practice remained until 3-4 years ago; now I use a shot of White Chocolate/ Raspberry creamer most days...seems to help with the acid, but have to be careful not to over do because it does contain some sugars. @John Morris...take a look at Agave Nectar too. my wife drinks hot tea more so in the winter and uses Agave vs Honey. She still enjoys her Peanut Butter & honey on toast though. https://www.healthline.com/health/food-nutrition/agave-nectar-vs-honey

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