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  1. Last report the gnomes are holding out for indoor plumbing and AC 😎 Paul
  2. That is exactly what is happening now. They announced last week that lumber sales were way down and commercial demand had slowed dramatically which means we should see prices dropping soon. The only question is how far. The usual routine is for prices to drop but not to former levels. Paul
  3. Fortunately we will not have to sell her in our lifetime. 10 Forward has been in the family a long time and my son has agreed to continue on with her. Selling a boat right now is not an option anyway. Our friends were selling their boat but had to pull it off the market. They are threatening a retroactive 44% capitol gains tax. That coupled with a 10% brokers commission means they would be giving up over half the value of their boat upon sale. Paul
  4. During the summer months our habit has been to spend 3 or four days a week on the boat. It gives us a chance to escape the heat here in Las Vegas and spend time with the grandkids. I try to spend one of those days every week doing boat maintenance. This week it was removing the heat exchanger on the Detroit diesel. The process involves tearing it down and then taking it to a shop I have been using for years to do the acid bath and bead blasting to clean it all up. This is a fairly large shop and usually there are four or five guys working. Yesterday I walked in and the only person in the shop
  5. It is getting pretty crazy out there. I called Shopsmith tech support for a question about the drum on the belt sander and I had to make an appt 2 weeks in advance. Then they call you back at a designated time and if you happen to be on the phone and can’t answer you get to start all over again. Paul
  6. Nice start 40. European Beech is one of my favorites ! Warning…. the addiction has begun 😎 Paul
  7. Looks good ! Love the frame and the glass. Paul
  8. Once again Steve you have proven you are the King of Hand Tools 😎
  9. For most jobs I just do single side. If it involves end grain in any way then it’s definitely two sides. Paul
  10. Nice job Gerald. Love the dye work ! Paul
  11. We are back on the boat this weekend getting things done and enjoying the grandkids. Weather here is always overcast in the morning with the marine layer which burns off usually by 1000 or so. I’m taking the kids to the Aquarium this afternoon. There is an Aqualink dock about 100 yds from our boat which will take us over to the aquarium by boat. Paul
  12. Yesterday and today was installing the electronic gear so I can get an idea of the trim. We got everything installed but the rear speakers. We are going to have to make two custom brackets out of walnut for them. Paul
  13. Excellent job Lew ! It will keep me busy for a day or two. Paul
  14. The price jump for Doug Fir framing lumber has created a very difficult situation for builders. At four times the cost it’s going to be difficult to build a house and make a profit. Who could imagine that framing lumber would exceed the cost of some hardwoods like soft maple and alder. Strange times. Paul
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