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  1. Thank you for adding those tags Gene. I’m still trying to figure the forum out. Nope. Not moving. This is my final house. The appraisal is so I can fold the doors/ windows, solar and pool equipment into a final loan. With interest rates so low my house payment will actually go down even with the add ons. Choosing to do this house in Art Deco is a big deviation for both of us. From the woodworking side this is one of the biggest challenges I have had. Paul
  2. The tulip turning project had to be put on hold for a week while I get the house ready for an appraisal on Friday. We had one bookshelf/cabinet to get in and so we completed that while still keeping the roof for the garden window project moving forward. I still have to make the zebra wood moulding for the top of the bookshelf but that can wait until after the appraisal. Paul
  3. I guess my confusion was that all I see is Woodworking Tips, Book Review and Archives In sub forums and none seemed to fit for woodworking projects etc. Paul
  4. I think I see my error now. It is in the gallery so it’s not a subforum. Where do we post general woodworking projects like cabinetry etc ? Paul
  5. I am not sure I am seeing all the forums. When I go under General Woodworking I am only seeing Tips and the Archives. There appears to be a Furniture Su forum I am mot seeing. I am using an iPhone. Paul
  6. I have to agree with Smallpatch. I just let the chips fall where they may 😎 I also am under strict orders to blow off with compressed air whenever entering the house from the shop. She lost her sense of humor about that years ago. Paul
  7. That seems like a good lathe to start on Larry. But one warning. Turning is very addicting. Also find a local turning club. A little instruction goes a long ways to making it a pleasant experience. Paul
  8. Since it was originally framed with the thought it was going to be sheathed in copper they were not to concerned with accuracy. I’m going to attempt to cut the panels at the ridges with a cut off shoe and a skil saw but I don’t have a lot of faith that will work due to the angles being compound and not consistent at all. Plan B will be to make a ridge cap out of the same wood. It’s probably a better plan anyway because it will allow for more movement in the wood which is an issue here in the desert. Paul
  9. We have been in the process of remodeling our house and part of that was having all the windows and doors replaced. We contracted for them back in April and it has been a nightmare all the way. We had to reject the doors twice due to poor quality. The windows were finally finished up about a week ago but the doors are supposedly going in next week. But now the issue. The kitchen window is a garden window with a faceted roof over it which was supposed be copper sheathed. When they went to put on the sheathing it was about 5” too big in all directions. The installers declined to cut to fit as they merely install and didn’t have a clue how to do any sheet metal work. I finally asked for a credit for the roof sheathing which was granted to save waiting another six weeks. So time to do some woodworking. The roof is under a large sun deck so there is no issue of direct sun or water. I covered the 3/4” ply with adhesive membrane just in case. We decided to create a roof using African mahogany. It’s fairly cheap and we have about 100 bd ft of 8/4 in the rough to work with. I started re-sawing it this morning and gluing up the three panels. It’s about 30 square feet total. I divided the panels into sections less than 20” so I can run them through the planer, and then I will join the three sections after planing to cut down on sanding. My plan is to screw and plug the mahogany to the subroof. Paul
  10. Wow. Nice tool. Are you sure the handle is long enough 😎
  11. Today was roughing it out on the bandsaw and then getting it down to the balanced blank. I decided to weigh this one for grins and it was 45 lbs before starting. Paul
  12. Beautiful work Kevin. Do you make your own iron supports ! Paul
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