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  1. I bought the Festool and have been using it for a few days now. So far it cuts as accurate as I could ask for. The double laser is extremely accurate. It completely eliminates the need for second cuts. It allows you to split a fine pencil line. The dust collection is really impressive. I made 10 cuts on a 2X4 and there is almost no dust. I will post a picture of the table behind the saw. Paul
  2. Take it slow Dave. This is an ugly one. The worst possible effect from Covid for me is it changed my sense of smell and taste. Which means my morning coffee doesn’t smell or taste right. This a cruel virus. Paul
  3. Woodman I ended up blowing the wad I made off that teak work and bought the Festool. I will keep you posted on how I like it. I got 30 days to return it. So far the dust collection is as stated. Almost no dust. So far the downer is all the plastic. For the money I expected aluminum knurled knobs etc. Paul
  4. Today was edge and the new workbench top and rebuild the miter saw station for the new saw. Still waiting for the fence to get here Wed to complete it. Tomorrow is limited shop time as it’s our anniversary. Hope everyone is having a great weekend ! Oh and we are both finally Covid negative which is a good thing because we have a new Granddaughter due any minute. Paul
  5. At the end of the Covid guff guff and feeling about 80%. Today seemed like a good day to replace the workbench top. It was getting pretty tired. Paul
  6. Looking good knockonit. That’s a lot of work but the results are great !
  7. In theory yes you could cut them as small as you could find a bit. They make 1/32” bit. The issue would be the cutting length of the bit but they make 1/8” bits with 1” cutting length so that would be possible. The cutting length would determine the thickness of the wood you could use. Paul
  8. I know Artie. I probably do but it’s so rare in this business to see a game changer like this. Kind of weird though. Every time one of these advances occurs I think it takes us a little further from the actual art of woodworking. My grandfather was a lot like Steve in that there were very few power tools involved and IMO so much closer to the wood and the art of it all. Paul
  9. Feeling a little better today and managed about an hour in the shop before pooping out. I decided to try something I been wanting to do for some time and try the box/dovetails joinery system built into the Shaper Origin. No computer work required. It’s all done with onboard software. In keeping with their history the guys at SO made it quick and simple. Had the operator read the instructions a little more completely it would have come out even better. But then again following instructions was never my strong point. Paul
  10. Don’t feel bad Gene I didn’t either. Thought they were also German.
  11. This is the Grizzly https://www.grizzly.com/products/grizzly-pro-12-double-bevel-sliding-compound-miter-saw/t31635
  12. Well it’s down to wire on ordering the saw. I’ve researched it all ad nauseum and tomorrow it’s time to bite the bullet. I’ve talked to quite a few fellow woodworkers who’s opinion I trust (Gene and my son ). Thanks for your input Gene. It’s seems to boil down to three choices for me. The main decision is how hard and fast I want to stick to my guns about not buying anything Chinese. Only two out of all the saws available are not made in China. The Grizzly is made in Taiwan and the Festool in Germany. The Grizzly is not an option due to spacial limitations so then it boils down to Festool which is over double the price. Hard to justify. Paul
  13. Now that the pantry is done my workbench is clear at least for a while. Ileene and I came down sick with the flu after our arrival home from the trip to San Diego and are now both Covid positive so it’s hunker down and get we’ll time. Paul
  14. Today was making a paper towel roll dispenser. They go on the very top shelf and are always falling down on her so she wanted a dispenser of sorts. This is what I came up with. I decided to do all the jointery using the Shaper Origin. Looks like it will work. Paul
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