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  1. Quick update. I just got off the phone with Grizzly and they will ship a replacement today. One of the reasons I really like Grizzly is their amazing customer service. I was afraid they might have to wait for the old one to get back before they could ship another one. Paul
  2. Well yesterday was pretty interesting. The new lathe arrived via an 18 wheeler which presented a problem getting it backed up to the driveway to use his lift gate but he managed to back it all the way down the street and get the lift gate on the driveway. Then when he goes to bring it to the rear of the truck on the pallet jack it looked a little odd. As it gets to the rear of the truck it’s obvious that things are not right. Somewhere along the way it had fallen some distance. The crate was shattered, it was laying on its side on another pallet with the lathe exposed and mangled. So I refused
  3. More cabinet work in the media room and then a crew arriving this afternoon to help me deal with an 800 + pound lathe package that is arriving.
  4. More work this weekend on the remaining cabinets and gluing up scraps for drawer sides. Paul
  5. I gotta say I prefer Gunny's method the best. A tank has a certain style to it. It makes a statement as to your intentions
  6. Those are amazing ! Gives a whole new meaning to turning. Paul
  7. I thought I would move this one over here. So I came home from a trip to find one of my SS's missing. It was the Power Pro that I have used for years as my lathe. It was a misguided attempt by my wife and son to get me a new lathe for Xmas and give my son a second SS. He is a pretty serious woodworker in his own right and has wanted a Power Pro for a long time. He did pay for half the new lathe for which he could have easily purchased a PP upgrade. A new lathe in my shop would require that I get rid of one SS no matter what due to spatial restrictions and the sentiment was very nice. I would h
  8. I didn't know that anyone was even doing this. Very cool ! Could you sand a flat spot and then drill and tap for the arbor ? Paul
  9. Wow. Wife and son are really pissed at me for being “ungrateful”. All I said was I would have liked to be consulted on the matter BEFORE they haul off one of my favorite pieces of machinery. They showed me the replacement lathe finally. New lathe looks nice but it’s not my SS 👿
  10. That is a lot of holes to drill ! Keep us posted. Paul
  11. Nice effect with the grain Fred. The result is beautiful. Paul
  12. Got back last night from Southern Ca. Had to get some mechanical work done on the boat and also picked up another load of black walnut for the media room. Driving there is nuts. I came home to a missing Shopsmith from the shop. My wife and son have apparently been colluding to steal my lathe for some time. He is a Shopsmith nut also and has been coveting one of my Power Pro's for some time. Anyway a big hole exists where it used to be. I have been informed that I am getting a new lathe for Xmas and it will be here Monday. Problem is I liked my SS lathe a lot and I am not sure what they ordered
  13. Thanks for the heads up Lew. I ordered one stick from them. That stuff is painfully expensive but for some inlay work it’s the only choice. Paul
  14. I am continuing on with the media room project. I am mostly gluing up panels to make cabinet components using the black walnut. Paul
  15. Progress today. Got the first cabinet on the wall and glued up the two large panels. Paul
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