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  1. Finished up the room today. It was nice to finally get all my reloading gear back in operation. The gun safe also adds a little more security to the situation. I sold my old gun safe with the previous home so the weapons have been at risk here for a while. For years I have had a small corner in the garage for my reloading which was not really optimal due to the wood dust everywhere. I like the cleat system. It is something I have wanted to try for a while and seems very adaptable. Paul
  2. I’m not addicted to turning. No I’m not. I could quit anytime I want. Really I could. I’m sure I could. I could get a therapist to help. Maybe aversion therapy. Hmmm. I could get an elastic wrist band and snap it every time my hand reaches for that beautiful, lovely on switch for the lathe. But then what would life be like post turning ? 😎
  3. That’s an amazing turning. I love the color and the knotty wood. Paul
  4. Beautiful work ! The use of the contrasting wood is very well done. Paul
  5. Today was completing the drawer fronts for the little stack of drawers and a new cleat for paper towels. I’m kinda gettin in to this cleat thing. Very nice way to organize stuff. Paul
  6. No dripping sweat here Gunny. It’s so darn dry everything evaporates instantly. Just hot. Paul
  7. Hope you get well quickly Gunny. Sometimes the treatments are worse than the symptoms 😈 It’s going to be hot here this weekend. Potentially triple digits so the shop will only be open in the early morning and then all doors closed with AC on for the rest of the day. That sort of becomes my summer routine here. Paul
  8. I love the different colors and the burning technique ! They really are beautiful. It’s always nice to have a piece of art that was made in the shop to give visitors. Paul
  9. Here is an excellent video showing the speed and how you need to be shaving not scraping. Also notice how he tucks his arm in to pin the chisel to his body.
  10. Usually when you have these issues it’s because of the disparity in hardness in different parts of the piece of wood. When some parts are soft your tool digs in and then as it turns the chisel, which is taking a fairly deep bite in the soft wood, hits a hard section and the bite is too deep and causes a catch. Catches like that can be brutal. If your chisels are not razor sharp it will exacerbate the problem. The remedy is to use a large roughing gouge that is very sharp. The handle needs to be long and very sturdy. When you watch turning videos you’ll notice the pros use really big, long handles on their roughing gouges. Your speed needs to be fairly slow. You should have shavings coming off and not dust. You need to be cutting not scraping. The long handle will give you more control at the cutting edge and more leverage. This is one of those times the handle of the chisel needs to be tucked to your side so your hand is on your hip. This will give you the control you need. Hope all this helps ! Paul
  11. The glass arrived as well as the hardware for the door so this project is officially done per the boss ! Paul
  12. I recently scared myself by discovering I had left the table saw running without realizing it. My son bought me a set of Bose noise canceling headphones to use in the shop. It Bluetooth connects to my iPhone and allows me to listen to whatever and even answer the phone without touching the phone in my pocket. It has three levels of noise cancelation. The problem arises when it’s on the highest level of noise cancelation. You can’t hear the tool running. Very dangerous. There is also an audible aspect to woodworking that is necessary. One needs to hear the load on the machine or the pitch of the cutter head etc to safely use the tools. I have learned to use the headphones at a medium level which gives me the noise reduction I need but allows me to hear the tools. Paul
  13. Had limited shop time the last two days but did get the drawers made and played with cleat design. I decided to use the Shaper Origin and make a generic cleat that I can use to mount various other boxes, tool holders etc. I mounted a box on the first two to test the situation. Paul
  14. I agree with the maple call. Very beautiful wood. This could be the beginning of some amazing turnings ! Paul
  15. That’s a nice start ! There are a lot of tutorials on YouTube which can be helpful. The first thing to master is sharpening the chisels. It’s the difference between frustration and fun. Don’t get crazy and buy a bunch of expensive sharpening setups. If you have a stationary or hand held belt sander you have all the tool you need. With very little effort you can build your own jigs and get the razor sharp edge you need. Another great idea is to find a local turning club. There is generally one around. Spending a day with an experienced turner will put you miles ahead on the curve and increase the fun factor. Paul
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