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  1. Put the finish on and they are on the wall. Paul
  2. Very cool Keith ! Ahh fame. Now its on to your own blog, sponsorships and paid speaking engagements at all the cool woodworking conventions. We can say we knew you when. 😊 Paul
  3. Along with the media room duties I managed to finish the tool head cleats off. Just waiting for glue to dry and then I can apply the finish and be done. Paul
  4. I think the initial strength of a joint that involves end grain, whether its end grain to end grain or end grain to any other orientation is very good. The problem arises when the wood expands and contracts over time. That can cause the joint to fail if its not reinforced in some manner. Paul
  5. I have the Trendaire and really like it. It filters well and is comfortable. Not sure what the negative reviews are but one issue was the battery pack which didn't last long enough between charges and added weight to it which after a few hours bothered my neck. I took out the battery pack and wired in a larger battery pack that I wear on my belt which solved both issues. Paul
  6. I like Lew prefer a heavier scraper. The weight seems to give me more control. Take a look at Mike Thompson's lathe chisels. I am finding them to hold an edge far better than anything else I have. Paul
  7. Looks good for a first one Rusty. Does your new planer have a spiral cutter head ? I thought it did. That should handle end grain easily. Paul
  8. Why does it have to be Monday ? Oh well. Its back on the media room. Hopefully get some time on my fun projects. Paul
  9. I'm glad the planer worked out for you Rusty. That carving is very cool ! Paul
  10. Did the turnings today for the tool heads and got them mounted. Paul
  11. I have done them several ways. Small latches and the last set I used a set of small round magnets which worked very well. I decided to keep on playing with making more stuff for the gun room. I am making three tool head stands that have small drawers underneath for all the caliber specific doodads that go with each caliber conversion. This is a great way to use up all the small scraps in the shop. Paul
  12. Decided to play hooky from the media room today. I liked the ammo rack so much I decided to build another along with an ammo box. Paul
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