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Found 23 results

  1. Hope all of our turners have heat and electricity. Looks like we are due for another dusting here in south central PA. Our Patriot Turners- @Gerald spent some time cleaning up around his lathe and sorting out drawer contents. That's something I know needs done in my shop a sediment shared by our members. @Ron Altier has been working on a couple of projects. He spent time modifying some canes he made. These are beauties! Ron tells us the what and why of the changes Check his post for some of the nice comments left by our turne
  2. Does anyone have, or know anybody who has, or know anything about, a Grizzly T28780 router table? Really hard to find info on it except on the grizzly site.
  3. Has anyone gotten their Grizzly Catalog for 2021? I still get it even though I have not purchased anything from them in years, but I do love just perusing the pages, it's fun to look at!
  4. Hi, while perusing my 2021 Grizzly catalog (which arrived 2 days ago), I noticed they had a new company . It was Southbend, now I have a circa 1968 Southbend drill press, but I was unaware they were still manufacturing drill presses, table saws,bandsaws, and the like. Has Grizzly bought the name and is trying to go upscale? just curious. The machines looked very good.
  5. Got a chance to mount a small block of mahogany on the new lathe and also glue up a larger platter. So far so good on the lathe. As usual compared to the Shopsmith it is very high. It’s solid as a rock and seems to function well. Having the ability to go down to 25 rpm is interesting when applying finish. There is absolutely no vibration. One drawback is that all my faceplates won’t work and Grizzly seems to be out of their 6” faceplates. Also my G3 chuck needs an adapter which is two weeks away. I did get a faceplate from Maxwood but it takes a 1/4” spacer to work on this lathe and it is als
  6. Working today on the drill press and the crank handle broke. The swivel just ended up in my hand. The other end cracked years ago and was temp holding with some epoxy. And of course the bushing is 12mm. So I probably can't find a generic replacement at the repair shop. Also a while ago the connection of the table broke (because the bolt was minimally long) and since it had an odd thread pattern, I just had to tap it out rather than spend $25 with them for a bolt with the right thread pitch and hope it was longer. Another tool from them is the jig saw that lost its setscrew to hold the
  7. Anyone have any experience with the Grizzly mobile bases? I'm looking at the T28923 which they call The Bear Crawl "Papa Bear" Mobile Base. It's rated at 1200 lbs, so it should handle my Delta Contractor's saw. My main concern is if the foot levers that allow movement of the saw and then stabilize it again are robust enough. The price is reasonable, if it is a good product.
  8. I finally went and done it. My R4512 finally stopped making good cuts so I got a Grizzly. I am SOOOOOOO impressed with this saw. Came with out a scratch on it. Easy to set up (with help). The hardest part was getting it to my shop. It weighs 300 lbs in the box. Got an appliance dolly and a great big friend to help me move it. Made several cuts with it today. If you are thinking about an up grade, this is a really good deal.
  9. The Tormek sharpener came up in a thread a couple days ago. Coincidentally, I got a flyer from Grizzly yesterday. They have a Tormek knockoff. Does anyone have this Griz model? How does it work for you?
  10. I got mine in the mail today! I know what I'll be doing tonight at bedtime! Reading, and reading and reading till I fall a sleep with images of sugar plums, or I mean machinery and tools dancing in my head! I only wish the postal service would figure out how to get this in my mail box without fraying and ripping the edges! It looks pretty good in this image but that's only because it all laid flat for scanning. In real life it's all ripped up!
  11. I have a Delta 1 1/2 HP dust collector in my shop that for the most part does a good job. I have 4" PVC pipe run to all of my machines and usually only have one gate open at a time. However there are times when I have help in the shop and we are using multiple machines and just don't get enough air flow to pull on the machines. My Delta table saw is the worse of the bunch. I have the overhead guard/dust collector and pulling off the bottom but it just doesn't get the enough pull. I am thinking of going to a 3 hp to get the higher CFM's and to allow multiple machines to run at the same time
  12. This past week I had the opportunity to visit Grizzly Industrial in Springfield MO. My wife and I were on our way to Branson, MO to see the shows and I just had to stop. I have been there before, but it still was a treat to see and touch. Danl
  13. Grizzly's history Another interesting video. Danl
  14. Saw this on another site. Looks like a great price. I don't own any so can't say how good they are. They are said to be a Vic Mark clone. https://www.grizzly.com/search?q=(altcategory:"Summer+Sale+Specials")+AND+(category:"Wood+Chucks")
  15. To all my esteemed, multi-talented woodworking buddies who always resolve the most complex difficulties associated with WWing, I pose this dilemma. I like to make jewelry boxes and prefer nice-looking tight joints and square corners. One problem that drives me to religion is my inability to achieve such joinery. I'm out of square by about 1/32" along an 11-inch run. There is a 1/64' difference in distance between the 2 diagonals. Perhaps trivial, maybe I just need to stop drinking so much coffee. Today, I launched a full frontal assault on the problem as follows: I have Grizzly ta
  16. For those considering an electrostatic air filter Grizzly has a pretty good price on theirs this week.
  17. I am looking seriously at falling into the wood turning vortex in the near future. I want to buy my 2nd lathe 1st. I have been watching CL for several months and the majority in my area for sale are either midis or ancient, so I am looking at maybe going with a new machine. Trying to get the most bang for my buck I am looking at the G0838 or the G0766. I don't currently anticipate doing a lot of spindle work so I think the shorter bed would be OK. Apparently the 0838 is fairly new so I am not finding a lot of reviews online. Would appreciate any comments from those that might have one or the o
  18. Because I can rip the occasional beam when I need too, or 4x4 post, in one pass! The lumber I am using for our new balcony and patio structure is roughsawn full dimension. My 4x4's are 4" by 4". Love it! I have a small beam I needed to rip an inch off, my 12" TS cutting limit is 4.25 inches in one pass. Plus the 5hp helps too. You see me pushing hard at the end, it's more to do with the fresh paint on the beam, was grabbing the workbench surface.
  19. While not the greatest discount...probably would cover shipping for small items...at least they're thinking about our men & women who've served! Grizzly Offers Military Discount
  20. I am looking for a set of guides that would be an upgrade from what I have now, which is just the stock roller guides for my Grizz 14" Ultimate Bandsaw. I have folks say they love the freeze blocks, and then there are some nice bearing guides too. My saw is this one at http://www.grizzly.com/products/The-Ultimate-14-Bandsaw/G0555?utm_campaign=zPage A 14" with riser block. Does anyone have any recommendations for a new guide set? Thanks!
  21. So I now have the 24" Drumsander up and running. Wow does this thing really sand. I ran an end grain cutting board through yesterday that needed leveling up. Less than 5 minutes and this board was done. So so I got the old breaker box out and put in a new 100 amp box and ran a new line over to the sander. a a couple of more circuits and I can close up the wall. I will need to extend the power cord. It has an 8' cord on the machine but it needs to be about 12'. I'll work on that later. Got to get some proj
  22. I order a new Jointer back in December for the shop. I got a notice back that it was on back order till March 20th. I called and was told that was not correct, they were in customs and I should have it in a week to week and a half. I waited two weeks and still no jointer. I called back and was told they were on backorder and ti would be February 20th. I decided I would just wait till it got here and not bother them any more. Last Friday I got a card from Grizzly stating it would be 30 days from January 29th before it would be shipped, oh well. Then on Monday, I got a call from UPS and they
  23. Before Christmas when I was using my drum sander for making gifts I decided to take it apart after Christmas for a little tweaking. When I got it the table needed to be made parrellel to the drum (fixed), I found out that it works better with a dust collector attached (so far), but the biggest problem is that the drum is about 10 thousandths out of round on the outside end. This makes a vibration when used on that end, and it doesn't allow the full use of the sandpaper around the drum. This is what it looks like right now. My plan is to take the drum to my cousin and have him remachin
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