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Found 32 results

  1. Working today on the drill press and the crank handle broke. The swivel just ended up in my hand. The other end cracked years ago and was temp holding with some epoxy. And of course the bushing is 12mm. So I probably can't find a generic replacement at the repair shop. Also a while ago the connection of the table broke (because the bolt was minimally long) and since it had an odd thread pattern, I just had to tap it out rather than spend $25 with them for a bolt with the right thread pitch and hope it was longer. Another tool from them is the jig saw that lost its setscrew to hold the blade. It's about 4" down a hole. They insisted the setscrew was 1/4" (another $25). Finally determined it was 6mm (must have gotten a deal on them at the factory and didn't let corporate know). But I had to buy a new allen wrench set to get a metric one that was long enough because the supplied one didn't fit a stock setscrew (49 cents). I did sell my band-disk sander before it gave me more problems. People seem to like their stuff but i've had nothing but problems, no more of their stuff for me.
  2. So this afternoon I wanted to do some more turning while I wait for my last project to cure. Either way I finally decided to try out my High Speed Steel spindel Gouges. I sharpened them up on my belt sander. Please keep in mind that I DO NOT HAVE A GUIDE, to sharpen the chisels. I do this all by eyeballing it. So I got started on my new project and gave the new spindelgouges out. So far I like them. I origionally bought the hole set for a cost of 76 dollars. For the handles the England beech wood feels great in the hand and is a really comfortable hand hold especially if the chisel decides to buck you've got a good firm grip on it. Overall length of about 10 inches. I'm only doing the review on two of the chisels since I have not yet been through all of them. Eventually I will be doing that. I believe it is the 1/4 inch bowl gouge and the 1/8 inch bowl gouges that I've used. Sharpened quite well they do hog off quite a bit of material. How ever I had a few catches (Please NOTE... I am not sure if this was due to OPERATOR ERROR in not having an exact proper angle on the gouge up against the work piece and tool rest). Either way at 76 dollars for an Artisan Chisel Set with 6 inch HSS blades. I'm not going to gripe and complain. I bought these a while ago and just now got around to using them. Would I recomend buying them yes. If you are on a budget buy its a bit of a jump cost but worth the money for an "In Expensive" set of chisels. Either way that's my 2 cents on the deal. I'll put up some photos in here of the work piece some of the wood shavings and chisels. My opinion they are good enough for me. Here is the web link I bought these through the Home Depot website. (Please CORRECT ME if I am wrong on the gouge sizes THANK YOU). https://www.homedepot.com/p/WEN-Artisan-Chisel-Set-with-6-in-High-Speed-Steel-Blades-and-10-in-England-Beech-Handles-6-Piece-CH11/308758879 Hope this helps for anyone looking for an in expensive set of High Speed Steel Chisels.
  3. I mean honestly guys should a hollowing tool handle be this big. Is it me or is this company over compensating for something???
  4. Any how I purchased carbide tipped chisels. They are the Savannah Carbide Turning Tool Large Size 3 piece set. Which I bought all three of them in one go. Not a tool review by any means since I haven't used them as much. But so far I can say I like them. I started turning a new piece since the other piece I was working on quite literally snapped in half on me any how no big deal. So I put up the black walnut piece that I had started and about a half hour to an hour or so later I had something of a shape turned out maybe it will make some what of a candle holder but it turned into more of a tier drop shape. Link to tools https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01GQIYUZA/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_image_o02_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1. But from what I can say I like the round one. Works well hogs off a lot of wood. I was semi swapping back and forth from the HSS to the Carbide the carbide worked alright. I'll post some picks once I get back out to the shed. just trying to figure out a wood screw issue for the face plate, I guess the ones that I was using were too small for it so I will have to buy some longer ones. Any how yea the Wen variable works like a breeze. But did not drop lower than 700 unless I had a tool load on it.
  5. Just read a story about Dremel's new oscillating multi-tool (OMT), called the "Velocity" (Nov 2016 Family Handyman) I don't use my OMT often, but when I need it, it comes in handy. Differences between this and the competition: - 5 degree swing so faster cutting - shoe base to help get square cuts - bigger motor https://www.amazon.com/Dremel-VC60-01-Velocity-Hyper-Oscillating-Remodeling/dp/B01CYDA5PU/ref=sr_1_1/157-8410337-4345846?ie=UTF8&qid=1475877655&sr=8-1&keywords=dremel+velocity
  6. Please see the brief video on how to use our Book Review Application.
  7. Please see the brief video on how to use our Book Review Application.
  8. Has any of the websites actually taken table saws from each year and done comparisons on prices and performance based on the manufactures specs. Table saws,blades ,etc.....
  9. Please see the brief video on how to use our Book Review Application.
  10. Interesting article. I, too, worked for Sears for a couple of years, but have become disappointed their products and customer service since.
  11. Please see the brief video on how to use our Book Review Application.
  12. Please see the brief video on how to use our Book Review Application.
  13. So, if you use a scrollsaw, what brand, make or model do you use? Pros and cons appreciated. I'll start; Delta Model 40-560 Type II with quick clamp, blade clamp. Pros, not terribly expensive, Two speed, very fast blade clamp/unclamp (important for fretwork), up front tension release/adjustment , fast tension release. Cons, some vibration, small table, never use the slow speed, adjusting the blade clamp for different blades cumbersome.
  14. My table saw is a 1947 Delta Uni and is extremely accurate. I had been using a digital Craftsman miter and it did the job well but I wanted to upgrade my miter. I looked at several Incra models as well as the new Kreg KMS7102 and after reading the Kreg reviews, I opted to buy it. The pricing wasn’t hateful at $140 and I was hoping that it would be as accurate and repeatable as promised. The assembly took about 20 minutes and wasn’t rocket science. There are 5 adjustable nylon set screws that you tension the slide in the miter slot to get a nice tight but movable fit. In my mind, the best option on this miter is a flip down stop that really makes short work of accurate and repeatable pieces. I cut 4 3” pieces of oak off the stop and checked the lengths of all four with a digital caliper. There was only .006 difference in the length of all four. I can live with that. The angle of the miter cuts is set with a pin that drops into a pilot hole. That is, you turn the miter to say 45 degrees, slip the pin in the pilot to secure the position and the lock down the miter. I cut a 22.5 and a 45 and checked them with a digital protractor. Both angles were spot on. The only potential negative that I can see is that you must be careful not to lose the brass locking pin. Or buy a spare. My final word on the miter is that it proves to be as good as the reviews and it is made in the USA. Another plus.
  15. A brand new year! Now I have to remember to use 2019 when I write a check. Make sure you check the Raffle results to see if you were one of the winners!!! Our Patriot Turners- @Gerald posted an update on his new off-center chuck- @DAB solved a problem we have all seen with those "leaky" salt and pepper grinders- He also included a how to in his post- @smitty10101 posted a question concerning how to safely turn a serving platter. His request spawned a great discussion that included some alternative procedures- @Woodbutcherbynight also asked a question about creating an adjustment wheel. Again, our turners came through with a lot of great ideas and suggestions. Check out his post and see if you can add to the discussion- What’s Coming Up- https://schoolofwoodwork.com/events/introduction-to-wood-turning-with-rudy-lopez/ For The Newbies- Mike Peace posted a video that covers an often overlooked part of lathe maintenance- keeping the Morris Tapers clean. Mike shows various bought and shop made "tools" for this process- Expand Your Horizons- Tim Yoder has a new 2 part video on creating all wood, captive ring goblets. Tim's approach is always entertaining and informative. Check out the Easy Wood Hollower and the Easy Wood Chuck ( @Jim from Easy Wood Tools ) as Tim creates this gorgeous piece. Part 2 of the video is linked from Tim's YouTube page. New Turning Items- About a month ago, I purchased a variety of Wonder Weave from Woodturners Wonders. I wanted to compare these sanding sheets to the Abranet sheets I had been using. The sheets I purchased ranged from 60 grit to 400 grit. I also purchased a sample pack of 3" discs. I have had an opportunity to use these products and I am very pleased with the results. First, as you can see from the above images, these items have different colors for each grit and the backs are in light colored velcro. Both of these characteristic makes identification quick and easy. The Abranet products are almost all the same color and the backs are very dark making the printed grit identifiers very hard to read. Another thing I like about these products is that they are a little more flexible than the Abranet- especially the courser grits. This allows easier sanding of finer details on a turning. I think the flexibility comes from a different construction technique. The Abranet substrate looks similar to expanded metal screen then the abrasive is attached to the substrate- However the Wonder Weave substrate is more like long filaments with the abrasive attached- The Wonder Weave, like Abranet, doesn't load up like sandpaper and is easily cleaned with just a few taps to shake loose the dust. The Wonder Weave lasts as long, or longer, as the Abranet with the sanding I have done. I was buying Abranet from a sanding supplier near here. Their price is $8 - $9 for 10 sheets. The Wonder Weave is $4 for 8 sheets from Woodturners Wonders- a nice savings! Here's the bowl I've been using as a testing vehicle. The outside sanded to 600 grit. Each sanding consisted of sheet sanding with a grit then the same grit of sanding disc using an inertia sander. For the last pass, I went from 400 grit sheet/disc to 600 grit disc. The inside of the bowl has only been sanded with 60 grit at this point. I will be buying all my lathe sanding supplies from Woodturners Wonders from here on. Give them a try and check out their other products- https://woodturnerswonders.com/ Everything Else- If you haven't noticed, @John Morris has added a link to in the Woodturner's Forum that directs you to our forum's archives- https://thepatriotwoodworker.com/forums/forum/5-wood-turning-archives/. A trip down memory lane! Carl Jacobson has tried yet another way to dry partially turned bowl blanks and he is having good success with it. Check out this video- it seems faster than shavings in a bag. Safe turning
  16. Doing nothing this morning I thought I would compare Amazon and Wood Carvers Supply with the same 1/8"bits I use all the time since Woodcarvers supply has the original numbers beside their numbers in their catalog.. These pictured on the left side of the page are the ones I use most ll the time... the 1/4" bits are too big for getting into tight places but some are okay for starting the process. I think I ordered these in the middle of 2015 so they have lasted through all my clocks and still look like new once I get them out of the bottle of lacquer thinner and clean them up with a real fine bristle brush.. The second set of numbers and letters are the ones Amazon uses like the T-18D and T-14D and you have to be careful for they also have other numbers and letters added here and there so the prices will vary up so be aware . These pictures here are of a light grey with no color added. I did order more different kinds but only use the 4 numbers circled so I spent money on some not necessary in my carving... When looking at Amazon they do have the second set of numbers but not all the bits are available for sale. The number RS-34E is listed for 25.50 at Amazon where Woodworkers Supply has it for 14.50. I had to keep looking for Amazon has lots of identifying letters and numbers close with all kinds of prices so be aware. Some of their items are fine grit where all these woodworkers supply numbers are course grit.. Some of the exact number bits are the same price as each supplier but if there is any difference, Amazon is higher. The machined cut carbide bits are good for some places but the real course models will dig fox holes before you can blink your eyes.. so change out the bits before a screw up can't be repaired. The finer cut models will make a smoother surface on the wood than the nugget type bits. These Saburr and also Nugget brand are long lasting and clean up good. When first starting I like to use the 2" Carbide Nugget brand wheel which has to use a 1/4" shaft so I have to switch to my air tools for the first wood removal.. This is on page # 3 of the Woodworkers Supply catalog. I just mentioned this because anytime I go to Amazon I just assume their prices will be cheaper than anyone else but that's not the case when comparing these exact items!!!
  17. Introduction Dear folks, I am going to dive head first into creating forms for tools and machinery reviews as part of our projects list we created the other day. Please see this topic at: Input I am looking for your input as to what you want to see in a review for a Table Saw. I am embarking on the table saw arena for our first review form because it is the most popular purchase we make for our shops, and I feel it will help those who are ready to jump in and buy that first, or replacement table saw. I need your help. Fields For now, what I would like is some feedback from you regarding the information you need to see in a great review. Let me start and lead this off for an example, perhaps the fields that you are prompted to fill in may look like this on your table saw review form. Firstly we will have four categories with four different forms, the categories will be Contractor, Portable, Hybrid, Cabinet. Within those forms could be the following fields: Title (Brand of Saw) - text field Model No. - text field Image upload - button prompt to browse for image of table saw Design - 5 star rating Functionality - 5 star rating Price - 5 star rating Review Summary - text area with full editor Weight - text field Dimensions - text field Voltage - text field Wattage - text field Power Source - a drop down menu with choices (corded electric, battery, alternative fuel, human power) Basic Features - text area with full editor Design - text area with full editor Dust collection - text area with full editor Safety - text area with full editor Pros - text area with full editor Cons - text area with full editor Conclusion - text area with full editor I was able to glean the above ideas from this website https://www.toolnerds.com/saws/table-saw/portable/dewalt-dw745-review/ I don't want our review area to mimic the site I linked you too above, the list are only suggestions. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated, this will be your review department, you will be using it, so please think about what you would like to see in these review forms.
  18. I needed a quick workbench so I could set up for gun maintenance and reloading away from the dust of the woodshop. The wood bench with four drawers and a vice looked like it would do the job and it was $119.00 with a coupon. The first one I picked up the top was totally destroyed beyond repair. After a trip to HF for a replacement I put it together easily by not reading the instructions. About a half hour and some extra screws and glue it is surprisingly very sturdy and will fit my needs. All that is left is assemble the drawers and mount my reloading equipment. Someday I will build a better one and donate this one to Habitat. My rating: 4.5 stars for quality and assembly and -1.5 for packaging.
  19. Came in a no nonsense plain brown box. Packed well. Initial impressions, very solidly built, a tad heavy, sealed on/off buttons, 6' cord, box style DC. Nice, comfortable top grip. Not too soft, not too hard, just right. Variable speed. Velcro pad. Came with 6 sanding discs. Minimal vibration on high. Fairly aggressive, great DC. Hardly any residual dust after 5 minutes of use with 80 grit. Easily controlled on crotch grained mesquite. It replaces a not quite dead PC 5". I think I'll like this one better.
  20. In my opinion some the open stand 6 inch jointers such as the Delta JT360, Jet JJ-6OS, General International 80-075L, Steelex ST1001, CraftexCT086, King CanadaKC-150, and probably a couple other brands that I may have missed, which all basically have the same type of open stand and dust collection setup where the dust port is directed very close to the floor of the dust chute, more then likely causing some air flow resistance and lowering CFM before it reaches the cutter head area. I feel that the port should be pointed in the direction of the chute's flow to be efficient. I had a JET JJ-6OS, and this is what I came up with for a more efficient dust hood.
  21. If you have WIFI dead zones in your house this may be a solution. The WIFI router supplied by our internet provider isn't the most robust so, I've never been able to get a WIFI signal in the shop. Even though, the shop is only about 100' from the router. Several different types and brands of extenders were tried and returned. Thank you Amazon. I finally happened on to this TP-LINK AV500 range extender that uses your house wiring as a transmission medium, thereby eliminating problems caused by walls, metal studs, distance, etc. There are two components, an "adapter" that is connected to the router and plugged in to a nearby electrical socket, and the "extender", plugged in to a socket located in or near your dead zone. It's optimum if both sockets are on the same circuit. In my case, I used a socket in a wall closest to the shop. It's not on the same circuit but, it works. Now, I have WIFI in the shop.
  22. Picked this up off of a G+ account. Just posting it as another point of view- http://besttopreviewsonline.com/blog/10-best-planers/
  23. Picked this off of a Twitter feed- https://tablesawreviewspot.com/best-table-saw-under-300/
  24. Introduction @Jim from Easy Wood Tools contacted us a time ago and asked us if we knew of a turner here on The Patriot Woodworker, who is experienced, and open minded to new tooling and designs, in order to fill a product testing position. Of course we could think no further than our own Lew Kauffman, our Wood Turners Forum host. After some back and forth and information gathering between interested parties, Lew was hired on an as needed, on call basis to test Easy Wood Tools products. Album by Lew Kauffman Candle holders by Lew Kauffman We are pleased to announce Lew Kauffman as an official Easy Wood Tools product tester. Lew is a highly experienced turner, he knows the industry and he has the pulse of the turning world. Lew's work speaks for itself, from bowls to chairs to candle holders (shown at left) and various other vessels and forms, he has proven himself to be a great asset to our own organization here as a form host, and now he is being called upon into service by our own supporter, Easy Wood Tools. What happens next Easy Wood Tools will occasionally send Lew a tool to test, and review. There will generally be three kinds of reviews that Lew will perform for Easy Wood Tools. Reviews of tools in the development stage, not market ready, but in development. These reviews are confidential, these are intended for product feedback between Lew and EWT only. Reviews of tools ready for market entry. These tool reviews may or may not be accessible by the public. Reviews of tools that are in open market, these reviews will be publicly accessible, as a review topic here in our community of that particular tool, and the review will be displayed throughout our newsletters and social media. Lew's reviews, both to our community here, and Easy Wood Tools, will be open and un-biased. We would expect nothing less of Lew. So without further adieu, perhaps @lew will step in and offer up some words, and this topic is open to any and all feedback and attaboys for Lew. Thank you for reading along, and thank you Easy Wood Tools for entrusting our very own Lew Kauffman with this important task at hand.
  25. In today's Email.....Paul Sellers was doing a review of a new drill from Aldi's.....18v Lithium ion. Seemed very pleased with it. Cost him about 24 pounds ( English money). Seems to think it will do the same as his DeWalt 18v. Seem to be about the same size. I guess I will have to keep a eye out around this side of the "pond" and see what they look like. Just a heads up...
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