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Found 13 results

  1. Simple enough title. Thinking maybe build a box from the results? For right now, this will be about turning thick scraps into thin scraps..and the steps I use.. First, rounded up a few likely suspects.. Then set up the tablesaw. Wanted to saw a kerf all around each piece....helps with the handsaw part. had to check the blade.. Run the blade all the way up, use a square to check for any tilt...no gaps seen. That red plate sit lower than the surrounding top, and has a wide opening..too wide. So. I use a "Zero Clearance Overlay" of 5mm plywood. Slot was cut by the blade. Then, lay a fence on top.. Set the height of the blade above the plywood to 1"....then set the width between the fence and the blade to just a hair under 3/8", and clamp everything in place.. Check to make sure things are aligned up square..and.. We are ready to go....made 4 passes on the wider scraps.. making sure the board doesn't lean either left or right. The skinny scraps? just 2 passes and done.. Which meant the special push stick was needed... The "blade" on this handsaw is a plywood strip, with a notch. Plywood blade is fitted to an old saw handle...keeps me fingers safe. Now, I could use the bandsaw to finish the cuts... But the blades seem to burn their way through.. Too much work to smooth out...there ARE other ways.. And get a Cardio Workout to boot...and even some actual Saw Dust.. Which leaves a few saw marks.. Which means I have to turn this into.. This. We have ways.. And another Cardio Workout, to boot. Whew. Once I get all these planed flat and smooth, I can start to lay out to build a box, with a few drawers? Lowes has thin "Project" boards...cost a bit, and they only have Pine, Poplar, or Oak in stock...and not any Ash. Thinking something like the project Paul Sellers is working on, maybe add a second drawer? There you have it, how I get thin stock, from thick. Beats planing away 1/4" of wasted stock. And..I am a bit ..cheap, er...Frugal. Do I continue with a box build here...or..start a new thread? Stay tuned
  2. Check out my Table saw/band saw fence. I used two dial indicator magnet bases for the saw attachment. One side works just like a fence and the other side has a removable feather board.
  3. I was asked to make another manger for a friend. Today I went to rip some Poplar down to 1 1/8 inch wide pieces, for making the frame. I have a Shopsmith. I set up the tablesaw and with the fence 1 1/8 inches away from the blade, and the blade guard on, there was not enough room between the guard and the fence for a push stick (at least the one that came with the Shopsmith.) These were 6 foot long pieces of Poplar. So, with my limited ww’ing experience I was wondering how to do this safely. Then I remembered that I had bought the Grr-ripper push blocks when there was a 2 for 1 sale going on (at least I think I remember it as a 2 for 1 sale, maybe just a good sale on a 2 pack). So I took off the blade guard, used a plain riving knife, and set up the Grr-rippers. These things are NICE! Held the Poplar down, against the fence, and pushed the entire piece across the blade without contacting the blade. I think I bought these last year at Christmas time, and had assembled them, but not used them till today. Kinda one of those things that when you do need them, you’re really glad to have them. If this needs to be removed because it sounds like a product endorsement or I posted it in the wrong forum, I will not be offended if it is relocated or removed.
  4. I have the first edition and Jim Tolpin has written an updated version. I did not read the whole book, just looked at the pictures . Well I did read some because I have made several jigs from the books and still use them today. The jigs and other tips are very well illustrated and information is easy to understand to build the jigs. I would recommend this for anyone from newbie to experienced woodworker. He covers everything from tuneup , blades, jigs, crosscuts ripping , accessories, and grooves and dados and much more. You can get it as low as 1.99 at Barnes and Noble or 4.99 at Thrift Books. I have on my saw the magic fence pictured below. it can be added to for tenon jig that can do more than tenon.
  5. @Gene Howe what do you see in this machine? Taking the machine images at face value, assuming everything works, would this be a good deal? https://inlandempire.craigslist.org/tls/d/shopsmith-mark-5-tablesaw/6645360301.html
  6. Everyone hates these sort of days....Mom is staying in an assisted living center....her house has been sold....the "kids" and their kids have to go in and clean things out, before the new owners arrive. What we don't want, will go to an estate Auctioneer.... So....Dad was a Mechanic...all his life....had two full sets of about every tools Craftsman, S&K, Proto ever sold...I got the set he used at the house...I also got a ladder or two.. 8 footer. Got a couple lawn chairs.. Not sure how well this will do in gravel... Have spent many an hour on this thing..with these in use.. Anyone know what this big tool was for? There was quite a bit of tools for working on cars.. I'm keeping these two.. Just in case I change my own oil... Or a tire. As to what all of these are sitting on? The wheels are in the house, along with the wrenches, mitre gauge, and blade guard (2) While there was a drill index... There was also this.. Drill Mug? There were a few other power tools.. Weller, B&D, Craftsman. Framing square is an oldie. Tag on the one 2' level says "FURROW"...the one behind it? Port Austin, MICH. USA.....about as old as I am. Then there was this box... Not sure what that is...but what IS inside? Taps..lots of taps..some were a bit BIG... The two bigger ones are both 7/8"....from there on down....regular and Pipe thread ones. Coffee can full of hole saws? Anyone need these yellow plugs? In addition to about every size wrench, screwdriver, socket sets ( all of which in now in my roll-around) and pliers...I haven't even started on this bucket.. Along with quite a few electrical tools and supplies. A "Trouble Light", and a cord in a reel ( needs a plug)...We had a pickup truck and the van loaded...whew. Need to find a decent 8" saw blade..sometime. BTW..what is this "level" Almost like looking through a gunsight....Bonus question.. Says Stanley on it?
  7. "Back From The Archives" Good day gents. Please forgive me if I have some problems understanding how this works. I am new here although I have been involved with OWWM for three years.
  8. My table saw (10" Dewalt portable) is everything I want and need. It does a great job, saws straight & square. It did not come with a zero clearance throat plate and none is available for that mode.. I made one that works just fine. The only glitch is that When I use it I can't use the riving knife. I can not use it because it would weaken the home made throat plate too much. I could use an 8 inch blade and make one that would work, but that is too labor intensive and time too. Today I was cutting several small pieces using the home made zero clearance plate and when I finished I put my regular throat plate back on. I forgot the riving knife. First cut after that, the small piece I was cutting changed positions and kicked back hitting me in the neck. I never have my face or head behind. It put a pretty good hit on me, but did not do much damage. Only bled slightly. The it occurred to me that if it hit harder and over a bit.....it would hit my juggler vein. I will use an 8 inch blade with the riving knife from this point forward. I was lucky. I will also change my sawing stance. Maybe a face shield too
  9. found this elsewhere... might be of use to some... https://www.familyhandyman.com/woodworking/quick-and-easy-cabinet-doors/view-all/
  10. Need yall's advice. I need to lay / run a 3-10 wire cross CC floor to table saw. ????What can I cover the wire with so I don't stumble / trip over it? Yeaw I'm early, wanted catch everyone for zzzzz time.
  11. Laguna Tools is one our biggest donors to our charity events for the veterans projects we are involved in. Laguna Tools, owners Catherine Helshoj and Torben Helshoj, are both dedicated to the men and women who have served our nation. We are very fortunate to have them by our side in all we do. Please support Laguna Tools with your purchases, as they support us, and our veterans.
  12. I have seen the SawStop demonstration with the hotdog a dozen times. But I always felt that it was done under premium conditions to ensure that it worked properly with optimal results. At several of the demonstrations I had questioned the demonstrators and requested that they place the hotdog in a glove so we could see the results. My request was always denied and I was always told, “You shouldn’t wear gloves at the table saw.” Well, I live in the real world where other contractors are on my equipment, we work in extremely harsh conditions, and I can’t keep control of everyone every time they use the table saw. So, even though it is unsafe, contractors wear their gloves at the table saw all the time. That is just reality. My local cabinet hardware supplier, A&H Turf, recently became an authorized SawStop dealer and so I made the request to them and they took me up on it. This video shows how far a SawStop will drag the glove into the machine before it kicks off. I hope you enjoy my version of the SawStop test and stay safe out there;) Your friend in the shop, Todd A. Clippinger Let your work be your signature.
  13. I unexpectedly acquired this saw when I picked it up for someone who then changed their mind about wanting it. It is an eight inch tilt top table saw made by the Henry Tool Company of London Ontario Canada during the 1940's. It is cast iron and quite the heavyweight for it's small size. As I really did not need it I put it aside in the rat hole. Finally decided to give it the onceover and move it along to someone who appreciated it. Fairly simple overhaul as there is not much to these saws. Biggest effort was replacing the arbor bearings. The rest was clean, polish and paint. Also cleaned up the 1/2 HP General Electric motor I got with it. I had a not so old Delta stand around so I mounted it on that. Surprisingly it runs smooth as can be. The real frustration came when I went to sell it. I listed it on line and got two responses the first night. The first guy said he was coimg but then did not show. He at least called me and explained that his wife was unexpectedly working overtime and as they only had one vehicle he could not get here that night. I told him to call me by a certain time the next day with a time when he could get to my place. I explained to him the other guy was anxious and in fairness he had to commit to buying the saw. The deadline I gave him came and went without hearing from him so I phoned the second guy who told me he would be right over. When the second guy showed up accompanied by his wife he said he wanted the saw but forgot to stop at the bank on the way. Said he would go to the bank and be right back. He never returned and never called. In the mean time first guy calls and says he really , really wants saw. I explained second guy just left to go to the bank and was coming back to get saw. So two buyers but no sale. I relisted the ad the next day and who should call but the first guy. He has a friend with a truck and can be right there if it is still for sale. He showed up an hour later cash in hand. Turns out he was a nice young fellow who just seemed to be a little disorganized. We got to talking and he told me that he had recently purchased a Craftmaster bandsaw. I went into my rathole and came out with a box of spare parts from a Craftmaster bandsaw I had purchased for parts. Told him he could have them. He left one happy camper. By the way, I lost money on the saw but not enough to matter.
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