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  1. Ok gang, only two weeks left before the end of the raffle and we are not even half way there. Please open your wallets and buy some tickets. Part of your donation will help the Hine family with grocery money. And, you just might score some awesome tools from our very generous sponsors. Our Patriot Turners- @Steve Krumanakeris creating federal housing for his local yard gnomes ! Steve turned some really clever little houses to decorate their lawn. Steve received some really nice comments on these- @steven newmanwas treasure h
  2. We've got sycamore trees in our yard, beautiful trees but they drop a lot of limbs. Now and then a limb is big enough to play with. Did some garden whimsy today. First day it's been cool enough to get in the shop for a while. They are a take off on some ornaments I did last year. I knew then I wanted to do some of these for the garden.
  3. Just did not have the room for it.. . Logo claims this is a Dunlap......Price was...ok.. Tool rest seemed a bit small. The Dungeon Shop just doen't have the room for this thing. As for that other machine? Again...no room..was even to big to haul home. Logo? Never hear tell of this one....Price? $25 I can remember a time when I would have bought both....now? I don't even have room for their router table they were selling.. And...not for this price... Without a router?....Pass.
  4. In fact, it only just qualifies as turning at all, very simple and easy. We have a spare umbrella stand on our patio and we only use it for an umbrella when the kids are visiting, mostly on holidays. I had an idea and turned a piece of scrap 2X4 to fit inside the umbrella stand. Painted it black and added a couple plant hangers. Simple, simple, and easy, peasy but with current lumber prices it might be the most expensive thing I've ever turned!!
  5. I normally hang out in the turning forum but this isn't really about turning so I'll post it here and hope my friends from down there will see it. I built my shop several years ago over a two week vacation with help from my brothers and nephews. When I built the shop I put a drop ceiling in it but knew almost immediately that was a mistake. It wasn't very long before I ripped that ceiling out, but then I never put a new ceiling up. Over the years, I've known I needed to as the insulation was exposed and didn't have any support. I've had put it back up a few times and the shop was also pretty
  6. Another box elder hollow form. Did this one using the camera setup. I can safely say, I'll never willingly go back to a laser. The camera set up is a vast improvement. I wanted to leave a natural edge at the top of this and I feel that went ok, about 3/8" thick, 1/4" would've been better but I got chicken. Overall, I'm happy with it but I feel the bottom could be better, a little more round I think. It's going to move as it dries anyway so we'll see how it ends up. My hollowing rig is home made but I did purchase Lyle Jamieson's tool bar.
  7. Didn't do any turning today but I tackled a project I've been contemplating for a good while. Many who turn deeper vessels use a laser setup to help them determine how deep the cutter is cutting. It also helps determine wall thickness and total depth. That is the method I've used for a few years. I've been wanting to upgrade to a camera setup and decided today to "git-er-done". I had pretty much everything on hand and it went fairly quickly. I haven't had a chance to test it out yet but I believe it will be a much better setup. camera project.mp4 It's kind o
  8. I've got a pretty special piece of wood on my lathe this morning. Funny, it's been laying outside my shop since last fall and I almost threw in the fire pit. Cut a chunk off this morning and decided to do a little hollow form. Was very surprised by the ambrosia. It's near final shape but not quite there. I had stepped back several times and thought it was pretty good. But there is nothing like a picture to let a person really see. I can see it's a little fat at about center and I'll address that for sure. If I don't blow this up or go through the side it's going to be
  9. We have started our annual site fund raiser. There are some fantastic prizes to be had for the lucky winners. If you like this site, consider donating to the operating costs! Also, don't forget this coming Sunday is Mother's Day. We can't forget our Moms. Our Patriot Turners- It has been a slow week here on the Woodturner's Forum, so we will jump ahead to What's Coming Up What’s Coming Up- Click on the above image for more information. Looking for some inspiration, ideas or conversations on turning? Ch
  10. One of the guys at the club I started going to came in with a bowl that was half wood and half basket. He is going to teach us how to do it. I made this bowl to take over for the class.
  11. Slowly but surely making progress on getting my shop back up and running. Hung my air cleaners today, love my kubota!!
  12. My daughter's birthday is coming up and she requested a pencil box for her desk. It must be large enough to accomodate pencils, pens and markers.( Plus who knows what else.) She wanted it colorful, so I made it of cedar and maple that I already had. I put felt on the bottom of the inside and outside base. Cutting those angles is always a challenge, followed by glue up and turning it round. I don't use aromatic Cedar much anymore, but when I do I use a lot of caution, a good mask and plenty of vacuum.
  13. Happy Saint Patrick's Day! Our Patriot Turners- @RustyFN added an addition to his new Record Lathe This outrigger adds a lot of versatility to the lathe as Rusty explains in his post- New member @Chris Brown, is looking for a new lathe and asked our advice. Our members aren't shy about providing help when asked! Check out Chris' post and chime in with your thoughts! We have been talking about various types of steady rests lately. @Ron Altier showed us his shop made version. Ron's is especially useful having two se
  14. Chris Brown


    Hello. I’m new to this forum. I’m looking to get into turning. I have a little experience at it. Currently I own a wood floor business. We install hardwood, sand and finish. I’ve hurt my back and think it’s here to stay but can’t see myself leaving the wood business. I enjoy making tables but want to add another level of custom to it by turning bases and the occasional legs. I also would like to dabble in burls. My problem is I don’t have a lathe and would like to buy one big enough to do anything I want to do. It can be used but in good working order. Any recommendations to me? Thanks.
  15. I got into some spalted cherry on the my latest batch of decorative tea jar lids. Unfortunately I only had enough for 8 or 10 lids. Would like to find a whole log of this, it's some pretty wood.
  16. You folks know I'm not turner. I used to be a "wannabe turner", and anymore I'm not even sure I'm that. Anyway, I have a lathe and the basic tools which I bought to help with my flatwork projects. But after 7 years or so, I haven't even done that. So I decided it's time. I'm trying to turn legs for a William and Mary table I saw somewhere, but the article was one of those that asks you to dig out an issue from 3 years ago to get the details on turning the legs. I don't have that issue so decided to tackle it on my own. I made a drawing (actual size) and made 2 blanks out of poplar to tune my
  17. Here we are, into March already. Hard to believe. The robins have been here for a couple of weeks so I guess spring can't be too far away. Our Patriot Turners- @HandyDan used his machinist skills to design and build a really useful drilling attachment for his lathe. His tailstock quill was reengineered for easier drilling- Dan received lots of comments on his work! Please check out more images and some of the things our members had to say! @RustyFN 's new lathe was delivered this week! I hope we didn't cause it to rust too bad
  18. RustyFN

    New lathe

    I bought the Record Power Envoy. It came in today. I cleaned up the shop Friday. Will probably never see it this clean again. The lathe was packaged very good. Had to remove the head stock, tail stock and banjo to make it light enough to put together. Fit and finish is very nice. The banjo locks up tight. The tail stock locks up tight. On my old Rikon when I would tighten against anything it would slide on the bed. Never could get it to lock up tight. The belt was on the center pulley so I tried it there. Very quiet. Getting 450 to 1750 on the center set. I will update when I turn something.
  19. I've got a really good start on this project so far. I've just now started to drill out the holes in the main body. @Gerald the 4x4s worked like a trick but a pain to trim down to the correct size. I got this one decently lined up for the small mill grinder shaft so we shall see where this goes. I've got 3 other kits on order I just wish you could order the grinder mechanism separately from the hole 14 dollar kit.
  20. My daughter got me a couple of wood turning gifts for my birthday. One was a pizza cutter and the other was a measuring cup set. All required me to turn handles. I have posted the pizza cutter, it came out nice. The measuring handles were set up to be turned on as a pen would..........I had none of the required equipment and have no desire to make pens. I went to Youtube (Sam Angelo) and found a way to do it without any more new lathe parts. I turned a wooden headstock piece to mount the workpiece on (not sure what to call it) you can see in the first picture in the chuck. It worked fine and
  21. RustyFN


    Thinking of upgrading to something with more power. This will also let me turn up to a 16” bowl. Anybody have experience with a Grizzly? https://www.grizzly.com/products/grizzly-16-x-24-variable-speed-wood-lathe/g0838
  22. Does anybody use one. I am looking at the Oneway mini system. It can be bought for around $250 for a 12” lathe. Looks like it would save time, give me more bowls and a lot less chips.
  23. This project started with a left over scrap piece I just couldn't throw away. The beautiful wood made me think I had to make something else out of it. As you can see, it is quite small, but still a vase. Not quite sure of the wood type, could be a couple I've used. Anyway, it sure is a beautiful wood.
  24. Pauley

    Two bowls.

    It’s so nice to be back at work. I’m starting with two bowls that I’ve done. One is a Flame box elder. It’s about 6 inches round. Finished the way I usually finish bowls, with Triple E and Aussie Oli. the second bowl is about 3 1/2 or 4 inch round and about 4 inches tall. It’s a Granadillo bowl with a black Limba rim. Sanded this one for a long time (or so it seems). I love Granadillo cause it finishes up so beautifully. Open to any criticism.
  25. I turned a quick bowl out of that Osage orange I was given. I turned it thin and dried it for a week. Then I thinned it out a little more, sanded and finished with wipe on poly. It didn’t turn out as orange as I thought it would.
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