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Found 27 results

  1. This isn't anything new to most of you but I just picked up the HF wireless remote receptacles - $20 for 3 receptacles and one remote. They're good for 15 amps each. I was looking at the high dollar versions and then kept hearing people talk about using $7 Christmas tree light remotes or picking up $5 versions on the bargain table and I really didn't want to spend a bundle on this. But it was getting old being all set up to make cuts and then realize I had not turned on the DC or shop vac, have to put everything down, walk across the shop to turn the DC or shop vac on, and then get ready again to cut or sand. My concern was the current draw so I checked them this morning and to my surprise the running current on the HF dust collector is 10.5 amps. My '6.5 HP' shop vac pulls 12 amps. If I recall the HF pulled nearly 12 with the 5 micron bag filter but I just changed to the Wynn 0.5 micron filter with a lot more surface area and correspondingly a bit less current draw. I guess time will tell as to how these hold up but as of now I have one spare. $20, not a bad deal - David
  2. Pauley


    I have a Babinga bowl blank that I’m attempting to turn. Wow! I never run across something as dry and dusty as this one! My shop, being what it is...(no windows and one door that leads into a finished room), I had to stop turning. I do have a dust collector (harbor freight one that’s been modified with a filter on top) and a room air filter to collect all that fine dust. I’m wearing an RZ dust mask and a face shield. I have the lathe connected with a 4 inch hose to the dust collector with one of those “big gulp” funnels, but it does little good unless I’m sanding on the lathe. so my question to you expert turners, what do you use...? If possible could you post a photo of what your using..? thanks for any help. Merry Christmas and God Bless.
  3. No problem~!! This is a 380 thick 4"diameter 60601 alum disc. I'm making sumpin fer my wood lathe to hold my newest loony idea for a dust hood the slot is to give me positional adjustment
  4. This is how I set up the Dust Collection on my RA Saw. It plunges in and out of a wooden box and has a zero clearance insert in the table that has a dado under it back to the box so the saw dust below the blade is sucked out. No sawdust at all comes out of the blade guard fitting. Herb
  5. Around 8 years ago I bought a barely used 14" Jet bandsaw. A great buy at $125. Before I did a thing with it, I used the manual to adjust every single thing about the saw. Not one adjustment was correct and most were loose. No wonder it didn't cut good for him. After I used it for a while, I noticed that dust was collecting at my feet. It was coming from the underside near the blade. So I fashioned a plastic piece to contain the dust and allow the vacuum to suck it out. It worked................however I didn't know what else it altered until recently. The saw wouldn't cut straight at all. An inspection showed the dust had settled in the lower ball bearing and it froze up. So the "great idea" wasn't so great after all.
  6. I've had a Rigid drum/belt sander for a year now and it does a really good job sanding. However, even with a high volume vacuum, it still does a poor job collecting dust. I tried building a cardboard enclosure and I'd cut and reshape as I went. I have had limited success. Without enclosing the whole thing, have you or anyone you know came up with a better way of dust suppression on this tool?
  7. My first one was really clumsy. it was mostly wood and nothing I did would hold up well. I used 3/8-16 threads and huge knobs and still I couldn't get a solid positional clamp; it kept flopping. Anyway this one is all aluminum and steel. I made it tool-less. There are knurled knobs for everything. I had an extrusion I mounted to the back of the lathe and hung it all from that. The threads in the aluminum are all helicoils.
  8. Hi all how have you resolved the dust issues with your Compound mitre saws? If any of you have plans can you please share them.
  9. Then I noticed my dust extraction unit might need attention.. I really have to watch these new grinding bits for they really do a great job of making saw dust...the wood borers must can tell when the bit is getting too close for I can hear them yelling and screaming!!! Maybe this dust is not too visible to the untrained eye. I hardly ever notice it.
  10. This window mounted fan support is a long overdue shop upgrade project. Every time I spray lacquer I had to rig the fan to stay in the window (it fell once and bent the blades). And it didn't work very well, either. As much air came in the window as the fan blew out. Also, every bug that got near the window got sucked in by the vortex on the periphery of the fan. This is much, much better! Enjoy! David
  11. In rebuilding my shop after move, I intended to build a Thien baffle for my Rigid shopvac. Part of it is the function (preserve the good VF6000 filter I put in the vac, and also slightly easier to empty/swap buckets that empty the vac)... but part of it is the intangible joy of the build and pushing the limits of it's effectiveness. Then I stumbled into this cyclone for $16. I don't know how effective it is, and I'm never thrilled about ordering from China... but at that price it's very hard to justify building my own Thien baffle until all my other shop wannabuilds are done. Has anyone tried this, or other clone cyclones? All opinions welcome.
  12. Well I guess I'd better start thinking about doing some Christmas shopping, maybe on Saturday... Thanks to all of the woodturners who participated in our Gold Star Christmas Family raffle. It's going to be a great Christmas for those kids! Please continue to tag your posts. It really does make site navigation easier. @Steve Krumanaker posted a really beautiful walnut bowl. The finish is absolutely flawless. Checkout this post! @HandyDan made a BUNCH of string tops- Check out how he did it and his great repurpose of some of the wood- @Joe Candrilli posed a question about turning and dust collection. He is turning Alumilite and the curlies were not being collected by his dust collector. A great conversation about this ensued- We have discussed different dust collection techniques here, in the past. While looking for help on Joe's question, I did run across another solution that may work for other dust material collection. The video is a little long but you may get some ideas from it. While on the subject of Alumilite, turning, shavings and Christmas, Rick Turns creates an acrylic Christmas tree- Some of us may be lucky enough to get a little cash from Santa. If you are looking for a new lathe chuck, Mike Peace has posted a video comparing/contrasting some of the chucks on the market. While the information has presents is great, in my opinion he has overlooked the best chuck available anywhere- the Easy Wood Tools chuck. Buy the EWT chuck first and you'll never need to buy another. Merry Christmas! Safe Turning
  13. Hi all. I hope you can provide a bit of advice. I just started using Alumilite full time in my shop. Love casting with it, love turning it, but my dust collection system hates it. I have an Oneida Dust Deputy with its own dedicated shop vac. Up until this point the system worked flawlessly, everything in the bucket and little into the shop vac itself. I was going to build a shop vac silencing box last weekend and took the system apart to measure the shop vac. I opened it up and was surprised to find it full of long, thin ribbons of Alumilite. So I set the system back up and did some testing and found that the ribbons are so light they just spin at the top of the dust deputy and eventually find their way into the shop vac vice falling into the bucket. Of course I did what any respectable tinkerer would do and attempted to fix it. I found some screen door material and put it over the center suction of the dust deputy and voila! No more ribbons in the shop vac. Now they gather on the mesh and clog the suction limiting the suction at the point of collection (lathe). So now I have to stop every 5 minutes or so, stop the shop vac, smack the dust deputy (or worse, take it apart again) to clean it, then go back to work. Am I the only one having issues like this? Wood, acrylic, and everything else works as intended. Alumilite seems to be so light and thin that it just goes right up the top suction and out to the shop vac.
  14. I have been wanting to hook up my vav to my drill press. I gave it some thought and came up with this. I used super magnets, an old lamp flex shaft and Dap Rapid Fuse glue. (It was free, from an offer on this site.) It held really great, however you must remember it is a CA glue and must be handled as CA. I custom made a wood block with 3 small super magnets and two large iron magnets. I put it on the bed post so it would always follow the work. It works really well and stays in place. The flex allows easy positioning.
  15. I have been having more problems with my allergies and am thinking of more protection from dust, that would protect my eyes too. I presently use a material mask that has coverage for my mouth and nose. It also has a check valve to exhale. I also use a full face shield. I am thinking of getting something better. Perhaps one that covers my face. Problem there is that I must wear glasses or magnifiers to see my work. I know I can buy stick on magnifiers that goes on the googles. There don't seem to be any clear cut answer I would like to hear what you use/recommend Thanks
  16. I have a Jet mini and wanted to use a vac to help with the saw dust problem. However I have very limited space. I got some cutting board plastic and some quarter inch styrofoam from the dollar store. I used some left over tape from a furnace duct job. The kind that has real aluminum. I sized it for my limited area and put in a support with an adjusting clamp. It turned out OK and I am anxious to start a new projedt.
  17. I'm at that point where I'm ready to start that final opening at the lathe for DC. What do you have why -- do you like it what would you do different? Got pix?
  18. I got my DC to each machine but the lathe and the router are open questions What do you do for DC at those stations, what would you prefer - - - and why? Post pics pls thx
  19. Just ordered one. Got it with the Dust Extractor. And got a bunch of abrasives with it from Beaver Industrial $999 for the sander and Extractor comes with the power supply. 6" diameter in 5mm orbit ( they sell 8mm and a 2.2mm orbit sanders too) Like a dummy I managed to order two sanders. Can you believe that? Two at more than half a G each and I still hit CONFIRM. I swear it's the age. Growing old is the one true extreme sport But two minutes on the phone and they straightened that out. Pleasant enough to deal with I was pole sanding sheetrock mud and hating it (ohh how I hate it) and remembering why I hated rebuilding houses so badly. It's the dust. Then I realized that I'm going to order one of these sanders to complete the floor ( edging) and stairs in the room I'm redoing. So after kicking myself several times I just ordered a sander the DC is supposed to be excellent and that'll solve for a most despised and loathed problem - - sheetrock mud dust. HA HA HA I' will be sanding sheetrock mud dust free. I may even like it now. The dust extractor ( glorified vacuum) is probably the exact same thing that NILFISK sells for a little less (Nilfisk Attix 30 AS/E) but I couldn't tell about the hose connection. So I spent the money for a branded model
  20. Lew I saw in your "turned round" picture, your set up for your vacuum when turning. Does that work well? Do you use all the time or just for sanding? I've been thinking about a vacuum set up, but haven't come up with much yet.
  21. The other day I posted a lathe project which prompted a question about my dust collection system. First off, I have to say I am the worst when it comes to dust collection. I just simply forget to turn it on. Anyway, the question was about the lathe collection. I have a 4" collection port at the lathe. It does a pretty good job of getting most of the dust as shown. I also have a short 4" hose (not shown) that can be positioned nearer the turning to make collection even more efficient. I use a couple of bungee cords to hold the extra hose in place. The main collector sets next to the lathe- The metal garbage can contains a shop made Thien separator. To help control overall dust, I made an exhaust fan from an old furnace blower and mounted it in the basement window- You can see from the dust on the filter, it does pull the air to the window. In fact, it does such a fine job that I have to make certain the furnace isn't running when I fire it up or it will pull the fumes into the basement. Also made a similar device that sets over head, near the lathe. Currently the filter needs to be upgraded to remove finer particles, but you get the point. A couple of more connections-
  22. lew

    Window Exhaust

    From the album: Dust Stuff

    Exhausts to outside

    © Lewis Kauffman

  23. lew


    From the album: Dust Stuff

    Shop made Thien separator inside metal garbage can

    © Lewis Kauffman

  24. lew

    Saw And Jointer

    From the album: Dust Stuff

    floor lines for equipment

    © Lewis Kauffman

  25. lew

    Lathe Collection

    From the album: Dust Stuff

    Lathe Port

    © Lewis Kauffman

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