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  1. This cabinet is not mine, I found it on the Shopsmith Facebook Group page, a gent by the name of James P. Wright built this for his, I just wanted to share it because I thought it was a really nice example of a storage cabinet for our SS supplies and tools. Perhaps it'll lend a little inspiration too when you go to build your under storage cabinet. Enjoy!
  2. This thread is classic me LOL (laughing with/at me is encouraged). So the other night after work, I’m sitting in my La-Z-Boy, trying to make it appear I’m still awake. I hear “Honey, can you make me one of these?” I ask, “What is it?” She replies “It’s a quilting clapper.” Silly me, I think that’s what turns on a quilting machine when you clap your hands. So I look at a picture of a block of wood she is showing me, and I’m like yeah, I can make you a block of wood LOL. Apparently you use these to flatten out seams, with an iron (and said block of wood). So I go online and some guy makes them
  3. A few pics of some of the things I do. Not a lot of fancy but it keeps me occupied and just enough variety to make things interesting.
  4. Looks like Central Machinery took a stab at the market too, I did not know they built these. For sale on Craigslist. 120 bucks just a few miles from me, not interested but it is interesting!
  5. I thought I would move this one over here. So I came home from a trip to find one of my SS's missing. It was the Power Pro that I have used for years as my lathe. It was a misguided attempt by my wife and son to get me a new lathe for Xmas and give my son a second SS. He is a pretty serious woodworker in his own right and has wanted a Power Pro for a long time. He did pay for half the new lathe for which he could have easily purchased a PP upgrade. A new lathe in my shop would require that I get rid of one SS no matter what due to spatial restrictions and the sentiment was very nice. I would h
  6. Saw this on Letgo. Crazy cheap deal. No room or I'd buy it. https://offerup.com/item/detail/972750118/
  7. Pretty ok and complete machine for $300 if anyone is in the area. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/762920377879143
  8. I love it when folks can get their hands on a brand spankin new Smith! I feel really happy for them and I just wanted to share here. Over at the FB Shopsmith Owners Group I belong too, Chad got himself a brand spankin new 7! Congrats Chad! If he has images of the unboxing I'll share them here too.
  9. Howdy folks, just got an email requesting project images made off your Shopsmith be sent to them, if your image is used you'll get a little thanks gift. Sounds fun!
  10. I’m hoping this is what we’re supposed to do here.........
  11. Yesterday son and I made some Pull Out Shelving for mama, see proceeding link. And while cutting down the panel for the shelves, we had to do some cross cutting of ply on my Shopsmith. I was pleasantly, actually, very very happy, to see the quality of cut that was produced on the smith with the blade I used. Also this cut was made without a zero clearance insert, I just had on the factory insert, and the quality was perfect, I was very impressed. I don't remember getting this good a cut even on my 12" 5hp Grizz cabinet saw using an 80 tooth Amana Blue melamine blade. I am not sure what ha
  12. Folks, I have been looking for a Shopsmith surface planer for a reasonable price for a long time, last year I was bucks up and could have pulled the trigger on this one, it's a fantastic deal! I am not bucks up this year, but I figured I'd share if anyone cares to pick this sweetheart up, pristine, mountable, nice machine, and a great price! If you live within a 200 mile radius of Georgetown Indiana, it's worth the drive. Shopsmith Mark V Mounted 12” Planer M5990 #12362 WWW.EBAY.COM Model # 12362. Extra set of used sharpened knives. Pick up only. Kn
  13. @Gene Howe what do you see in this machine? Taking the machine images at face value, assuming everything works, would this be a good deal? https://inlandempire.craigslist.org/tls/d/shopsmith-mark-5-tablesaw/6645360301.html
  14. Artie here are the pictures of the SS’s. The first it the sliding table. Second is the lathe and belt sander, third the band saw and sanding disc, fourth is horizontal boring and lathe chisel sharpening jig. Fifth is the drill press
  15. Hello wonderful community! The Shopsmith Forum is now open, thank you to all who helped make this happen. Cheers!
  16. Nice old machine, very clean, only a hundred bucks! Shopsmith - tools - by owner - sale ORANGECOUNTY.CRAIGSLIST.ORG Works, great condition, missing a couple of small parts that are easy to find online.
  17. 50 years ago, I started teaching at the local Vocational School. After retiring, I continued to substitute for another 17 years. This year I finally decided to officially retire. We'll see how it goes. Our Patriot Turners- Last week, @Artie posted about his new toys he won in our raffle and asked about any additional equipment he needed to get started. Tha post generated a lot of great ideas. But @Cliff added something very important about lathe speed and safety- From Cliff's post, I found this article- Yamaguchi_SafetyMatters.pdf @R
  18. So you get a Shopsmith and it is new to you. This versatile machine will do or help you do many things in woodworking. Some folks think that this machine is only a lathe, but it is so much more. This is dedicated to the Mark V (500 series - 500, 505, 510, 520 including the Power Pro). You should inventory to see if you have the following parts. In the lower left is the powerhead with the quill showing. On the masonite board are the tool rest, live center, dead center, box with faceplate, adjustment insert, and tail stock. Of course the mighty and almost univers
  19. I've just received a molder set and dado set; I'm planning to use them on my Shopsmith Mark V/500. I'm wanting to build a rip fence (vertical) extension which can also be used as a sacrificial for work right up against the fence. Right now I'm planning to use a 1 x 8 x 2' piece of lumber and dado out a 3/4" wide x 3/8" deep slot lengthwise where I can mount a pair of featherboards to help control the work as it moves past the heads. I have one featherboard from Shopsmith already; I was planning to mount that horizontally before the blade. Last I checked Rockler had some featherboards on sale;
  20. I'm just getting started in this hobby, but one of the things I know I'll need for the projects* I want to build is a router and router table. My funds are modest, but I'd rather save my pennies for another month or two and get something which will be good for the long haul than just get whatever's on sale at the local big box. I do want quality, but I'm not big into bells and whistles. I generally prefer used and US-made to Cheap Chinese Crap, but good older equipment may be hard to find at a reasonable price and it's possible that I'll want or need some features that the older models may not
  21. I just learned I got a slow speed grinder built into my Shopsmith! How cool! Keep your woodworking, gardening and other household cutting tools sharp with Shopsmith's Grinding Wheel Guard and Grinding Wheels WWW.SHOPSMITH.COM Keep your woodworking, gardening and other household cutting tools sharp with Shopsmith's Grinding Wheel Guard and...
  22. I knew it! In order to be a Shopsmith owner, you must be logical about your woodworking! Except, Spock is using the tablesaw backwards?
  23. @Jim from Easy Wood Tools, or anyone in the know, does EWT make a lathe chuck for the Shopsmith? I thought it was discussed at one time, or perhaps considered for development? Thanks guys.
  24. Just a little tech tip, the one thing I absolutely dislike about my Shopsmith bandsaw, is later on in their infinite wisdom, they decided to remove the convenient band saw access door knobs with allen screws. So when you need to get in and change a blade, you have to break out the allen wrench and unloosen three screws, a tad time consuming, not horribly, but why? So I was goofing around a couple days ago and just happened to look at the table saw fence knobs, and a rare flash of light materialized in my lil ol pea brain, and I thought to self, hey self, those fence knobs sure look like t
  25. Learn something new every day, a Shopsmith table saw! I have also seen a Shopsmith traditional work bench too that looked pretty robust. Found this saw on the Shopsmith sales group on Facebook. The owner says this one has the under-table Radial Arm Saw capacity. Huh!!!! Who woulda thunk!
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