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  1. A small cardboard box had this sitting inside.... I stuck the edge guide in place, so as not to loose the dang thing...Logo? Never heard of it....might be before my time? 3 prong plug, though...Price? Yep...$2.00...even came with a blade.. There is a set screw that goes through that hole, another the notch goes up against... So...talk to me about this pointy thing.... Do I turn the guide over, and this becomes a circle cutting jig? Bar that slides in and out of the base, has a scale in inches. Foot plate can be tilted to do 45s? One of 2 old power tools I picked...the other is a WEN No. 930 ( $4.45) Power planer... and... And.. I guess these will fit right in with my SKIL Home Shop 6" circular saw ( all metal,too) Not too bad of a rust hunt?
  2. Well, I finally got the Laguna bandsaw from the fundraiser in December. It got delivered on Friday, Apr 2. It took me awhile to get it all together and set up properly. At least I hope it is set up properly. I made a cut to check blade drift, and I can't see any drift at all. And that is with the fence locked up square to the table with no adjustments. I am posting a picture of that cut, showing a marked line, and the cut line slightly off from the marked line to see it it wandered at all, and it looks perfect to me. The lighting in the picture of the bandsaw is weird, but that is because I normally have a "corn" light in that room that I purchased from Rockler. That is a very bright light, and it flooded out the picture, so I had to remove it and put in a weaker flood light to get a better picture. So here are the pictures.
  3. John Morris

    Frame Saw

    From the album: John Morris's Hand Tools

    My beautiful frame saw I acquired a few months ago, I love this tool. It cuts wonderfully. Did I say it's beautiful! The top horizontal bar is turned to tension the blade.
  4. I know that Radial Arm saws are not in favor these days , but what can I say I cut my teeth on these saws and have my old Craftsman set up for cross cutting. I use it for just that purpose, no angles or ripping. The saw is known for making lots of saw dust and it piles up in the most inconvenient place, behind the saw. I rigged up a dust collection box behind the blade that the blade is buried in when not in use. The dust collector 6" duct is attached to the top of the box, the front of the box is the fence. Then I made a ZC insert for the blade that slides in and out of the table to the front with a dado under where the saw blade cuts that extends back to the DC box. This system works 98% to remove the saw dust, and the ZC is replaceable. Herb
  5. Worked on this while stuck at home. Two 4 X 8' - 3/4" sheets of plywood glued together. Self adhesive edging around the outside edge, several coats of floor quality polyurethane and on 300 lb. capacity wheels. Exact height for using it as an extension table for my table saw.
  6. This past Sunday I ordered the Shop Fox Mini Base for my Grizzly G0555 Band Saw. I have had my band saw up on casters for years, and it's always been a tad high. The casters are about 3" tall, so the band saw is kind of a good fit for a 6' tall woodworker at this point, I am only 5'-9". Also when pushing material through the resaw blade, the band saw wants to walk and rock a bit because of the height of the casters, so am hoping the low profile mobile base will stabilize the saw. I should be getting it this Thursday, I'll let ya all know how it feels and works!
  7. I see more and more of these coming on the market. I have a couple of "Clamp & Guides" and some shop-built guides, but wonder how they're all working. Do any of you have one you like (or dislike). I'm thinking we might use one of these at the furniture bank for cutting out melamine sheet goods. There's one size that's too big for the table saw we have. Repeatability of cuts would be a BIG help as we do about 68 table tops at a session but only 3 different sizes. Would be nice not to have to measure each one (measure once, cut 24 times). Fe$tool is probably out of the question due to cost. But we'd need to get a circular saw to go with one of the guide-only aftermarket versions http://www.woodworkersjournal.com/track-saw-review/ http://www.boratool.com/ https://www.kregtool.com/store/c48/saw-attachments/p424/rip-cuttrade/ https://www.kregtool.com/store/c48/saw-attachments/p425/accu-cut/
  8. I finally went and done it. My R4512 finally stopped making good cuts so I got a Grizzly. I am SOOOOOOO impressed with this saw. Came with out a scratch on it. Easy to set up (with help). The hardest part was getting it to my shop. It weighs 300 lbs in the box. Got an appliance dolly and a great big friend to help me move it. Made several cuts with it today. If you are thinking about an up grade, this is a really good deal.
  9. I'm tooling up to do my first resin table and I'd rather not spend the $600 for the Festool track saw I'm seeing in all the videos. Is there a comparable model that performs as well? I definitely won't be a high volume producer. Don't need it to do any specialized functions. Just need it to have settings for cut depths and use a vacuum system.
  10. I've never seen a saw stop demo in person, but have seen a few videos and I was very impressed. However one question. If you have a saw stop, would you be more inclined NOT to use your guard? I know most guys don't anyway, but using it makes all cutting safer, especially on some of the more risky cuts and kick back risks too. Anyone have an opinion that owns one?
  11. I have an inherited table saw which came down from my grandpop, to my late father, and now to me. My dad always talked about how he wanted to fix up the old saw. For the last few months I have tried to do my pops proud. I have replaced all the bearing, rebuilt the motor, add a new belt, put the PALs alignment system on it, built a crosscut sled, stiffened and lengthened the rip fence, tonight I finished the out-feed table, and put it on a roll around base. The hanging motor threw me for a loop for a little bit. I wanted an out-feed table that was quickly and easily removed and I figured it out, it's even adjustable. See attached. As fun as I had building it with my dad there in spirit I can no longer put off the wife's honey do list. Please let me know what you think.
  12. I have been doing some web research on saw lubrication. There are MANY different opinions. First the band saw. Olson recommends a wax like lube in a stick that you press against both sides of the blade. They make the blades and say that it will make you blade last a lot longer because of less heat build up, which causes heat crystallization of the blade and failure. Others I have asked on this site say use nothing. I have used the Olson lube and it did seem to work well and I did notice a noise reduction. I have it beside my saw, but rarely remember use it. Nothing was said about dry Teflon spray. Anyone tried it? Table saw. For lubing gears and all things that move under the table. I read of people using WD40, home made brews of different concoctions, and several sprays. The one that got the best reviews by far was Dupont Teflon dry lube. So I tried it. It did a great job and lasted much longer than anything I've used before. I tried to find if it would also work on the TS blade itself, but could not find any info. I am going to get out an old reserve blade and give it a spin.
  13. OK, decided the old saw vise needed new lumber....old was too narrow, and too short... With the idea that when this is in the vise, sitting on the rods...a saw's tooth line would be about 4' off the floor....closer to my eyeballs, easier to see. Oiled the moving parts, wiped off the crud.. Note to self: IF you are checking how well them jaws work..don't have a finger in the area...DAMHIKT Logos? Logos?? "NO . 1 " Logos... PAT. APR 8 79.....April 8, 1879...been around, awhile. Set this carefully aside... one of the saws that was sharpened in that vise....20-1/2" long, straight back, 8ppi Panel saw. Wrong bolts...not sure about that handle...seems to be filed "Crosscut" might give it a try.. Scrap from the plank the saw vise was rehabbed with...might be a good test? Lots of sawdust....lumber was left-over treated pine, from the Porch Project... In about the same amount of time it took to type that last sentence....I just might get the hang of sawing by hand? Split the line. All the way around.... Thumb rubbing alongside the saw's plate seems to help..Might just keep that Panel saw around....and save the 10ppi Disston 20" D8 for finer stuff... Have no idea who made the saw used in this test... Not too bad of a saw?
  14. Here is a great article on Florip Toolworks. Best High-End and Affordable Dovetail Saw! | Wood and Shop WOODANDSHOP.COM I recently discovered an amazing toolmaker who has found a way to sell his top-notch tools at prices that real people can...
  15. This is my first shot at "picking". Since I picked these up at the local Restore, it may not qualify as legitimate picking, but you get the idea. The brace was $10.00, and the saw was $5.00. The saw looked pretty good, needing only some cleaning. The website Common Woodworking has a guide on sharpening and setting the teeth, so I may be referring to that if needed. My main concern is with the knob on the brace. It spins freely enough, but seems to be very loose and wobbly. Is this normal, or are there some parts, bearings or such, that I need to be looking at? As for bits, if I start looking at used bits at yard sales, etc., once I get past the obvious defects like broken spurs, points, or bent shafts, what else should I be looking for? Any info would be welcome. Here are the pics of what I scored. The saw is 25 3/4" along the teeth.
  16. Picked a Craftsman Miter box, for $5 at a barn sale. A bit on the rusty side, seemed to be a home for wayward spiders Lovely, ain't it? Sitting on my Saw Bench, too. Well, I took the saw itself out of the box/base. Took the tote off. Shined up the three bolts. Medallion just says CRAFTSMAN. Sanded the tote a bit to clean it off. Wire brush in the drill press to get rid of the top layers of rust on the plate. Brought the plate back out to the saw bench, hooked up a palm sander and some 220 grit. sanded down to bare.clean metal. Wasn't worried about any etch. Too rusty, and Craftsman used a silk screened logo. Set the pieces to dry a bit, since I used a pad of Never dull under the sander as a last step. Buffed that out. put the saw back together Yep, it is a biggie. 22" saw. Maybe 11 or more tpi. Looks a little better? Ok, next the base. Old broom to evict about ten resident spiders, and demolish their homes. Had a sprayer cleaner from odd lots, gave the base a good soaking down. Then a wipe down. Couple places had some rust going on, sanded that off. About time to put this saw back together Does look just a little better, don't it now. As for the base Yep, you can read every degree on that scale. Rollers work nice and smooth. Still learning about all the locks this thing has. The levers seem to lock the rollers in the "up" spot. That thumbscrew thingy seems to be some sort of depth stop? No, I haven't found a motor under there, nor a place to plug in a battery. Not too bad, for a $5 saw?
  17. One of the very first woodworking blogs I ever became interested in is this blog by Kari Hultman, a wonderful craftswoman and artist really, in my opinion she brings hand tooled woodworking to another level of refinement. Kari and I have been social media buddies since the old days of this blog, even though Kari has picked up a new line of work and interest (leather), I still visit her blog frequently. It reminds of a time on the internet when things were just simpler, and straight forward, and her old blog is still live, whenever I visit the blog, a nice cozy warm feeling comes over me, enjoy!
  18. With all the stuff going on, I finally got my Brand New Saw Stop contractor saw all put together. I had it all in my garage for some time in boxes. I had to put it aside as I needed to get all of my tools and stuff out of the tubs and onto some new shelves and get my wife's stuff in order so she can put the car in the garage. So here are a few pics of the new table saw with the mobile base which works really good.
  19. Estate Sale this morning...LONG drive up to Mt. Victory, OH....a JET jointer...was already sold...but.. Rather lonely looking...spent a dollar bill....and, like most other vintage planes.. Paint splatters...pretty blue ones. Why another block plane? Why to clean up any saw marks left by the rest of the $21 I spent this morning.. To replace the all metal one from Sears that I broke the guard on....even weighs about the same.. Might get a little use out of this one...
  20. Hello All, My old craftsman bandsaw broke and of. course I broke it more when I tried to fix it. I was in need of a new saw so I bought this one from Amazon for around $80. It seems to cut well and it is very quiet. Since I am a neophyte to the world of scrolling I opted for an entry level saw. The ratings are pretty good and as an added bonus it takes pinned and unpinned blades. Do you guys think this will serve me well as a beginner? The Dewalt SS comes later WEN 3920 16-Inch
  21. Version 1.0.0


    Publication date 1953 Usage Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 4.0 International This is from the site WKFineTools.com.
  22. View File Disston Saw, Tool, and File Manual Publication date 1953 Usage Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 4.0 International This is from the site WKFineTools.com. Submitter John Morris Submitted 11/24/2018 Category Book and Literature
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