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Found 25 results

  1. Laguna just announced! https://lagunatools.com/classic/planers/px12/?utm_campaign=PX Planers%2FJX Jointers Launch&utm_medium=email&_hsmi=116781021&_hsenc=p2ANqtz-_o2f9LgxJrWx_7Dowjc8LYzwNX2NDGsBdYoZhmUx4jzydGP0-IJCXX-RFbR2YGBeJgODnEUXKQftGNTQ_ZGKqXr4kEHA&utm_content=116781021&utm_source=hs_email
  2. I have had a problem for a while in the shop with the crank handle on the planer. It juts out into the narrow walkway between the jointer and the planer and I have an ongoing set of hip bruises as a result. The solution was to turn a handle that has a wooden tenon that I can just insert into the threaded hole for the handle and only when I need it. It probably won’t last forever but hopefully for a while.
  3. Folks, I have been looking for a Shopsmith surface planer for a reasonable price for a long time, last year I was bucks up and could have pulled the trigger on this one, it's a fantastic deal! I am not bucks up this year, but I figured I'd share if anyone cares to pick this sweetheart up, pristine, mountable, nice machine, and a great price! If you live within a 200 mile radius of Georgetown Indiana, it's worth the drive. Shopsmith Mark V Mounted 12” Planer M5990 #12362 WWW.EBAY.COM Model # 12362. Extra set of used sharpened knives. Pick up only. Kn
  4. Greetings fellow wood artists, new to this site. I'm not especially adept at these. Any way I've joined to learn more and garner tips to help me improve my skills. I'm a prop/set builder in Arizona. Involved in a few major film and some independent films, mostly westerns. I'm also interested in old woodworking machines. Just recently acquired an industrial jointer, J.A.Fay & Egan. Now to get it apart and locate parts and history.
  5. I’m trying to figure out basically what I’ve got here. I bought my grandfathers farm and he passed a while back. It’s a Baxter Whitney planer, machine no. 3323.. latest patent is dec. 19 1899 30” square 2 knife cutter head. any information would be greatly appreciated!
  6. I have this great piece of Sepele that has a slight twist in it. I want to, some how, get rid of this twist. It seems to me that if I just put it through the planer that the twist will not be straightened out. Need help in trying to solve it. Anyone?
  7. Got this from another site but very interesting if you like old 'arn...starts cutting chips about 13:10. Note it's a 2-1/2...wonder what the 2 or 3 looked like?
  8. I have an older Delta 11" surface planer. Maybe 12 years old. I don't use it a lot and it has always done a good job. Today I got it out to plane down a couple of blood wood pieces 12" long by 7" wide. The cuts were wavy and not good. I haven't used it for a year or more. The blades are sharp. I'm thinking that the wavy cuts are a result of slippage in the drive roller. I took thinner cuts as I went to see if that would help, it didn't What are your thoughts? I'd like to know before I tare it apart. Thanks
  9. @Artie or any Shopsmith owners, just curious, do you have the surface planer? And if so, how do you like it?
  10. I bought the Dewalt 733 planer seems like in 2000 and at the time I thought how I should take care of it... And my answer to a post the other day was completely wrong for I have never applied any kind of slickum to the base or table where the wood lays while the rollers are pulling the wood through the blades, never. The reasoning back then and still now.... A person should plane both sides of a board and try to take off the same amount of wood from each side. So the board gets flipped back and forth swapping sides until the ruffness and thickness is achieved.... Each time a person flips the b
  11. Can the stand alone SS surface planer be converted to an accessory planer?
  12. This image is an open sourced image uploaded to this community for re-use within our community graphics.

    © Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0)

  13. I mentioned a couple of weeks ago after my 20 year old DeWalt 733 died that with the new DeWalt 735 I wanted to build a stand. Well, it is built and works just fine. I started out to build it entirely of Walnut but it turned out I didn't have quite enough on hand without getting into my good stock and I wasn't about to do that. So parts of it are Walnut. Here's the finished stand under my tablesaw extension - And here's the build video - Enjoy! David
  14. If a sled isn't your style, here's an alternative trick err...technique. Enjoy.
  15. Well, I posted the other day that my 20 year old DeWalt 733 planer died and that I would probably repurpose it into a veneer press. That is now complete. Here's the finished press - And the 'making of' video - Enjoy! David
  16. Sunday afternoon and I'm planing off about 1/32 of an inch in two passes to a beautiful 8' piece of 10" wide Red Oak. Going to take two 1/64" slow speed passes on one side, turn it over and take two more passes on the other side. To my knowledge, the procedure is correct for this species and width of wood. This piece is going to make a "Table Top Nativity" set. First side come out beautiful Smooth with no defects. Time to do the other side. First pass goes as planned. OK - you KNOW what's coming next ! ! ! ! Second pass grinds to a stop and before I can get
  17. bought this old lady for restoration,she runs great,could do with some tips from the experts.may be i need my head looked at never done any thing this size before ,help......mick
  18. ok need help,picked up a planer from craftsman(pics uploaded),where do i go to find out how to set it up,i have a motor for it just need to know where to place it.
  19. Today my back-ordered feed rollers arrived for my 13" Delta planer so I spent the afternoon tearing it down, putting the new rollers in and getting it all dialed in. Wow, I should have done this a year ago. On the Delta the infeed roller is stationary and the outfeed roller is 20 thousandths lower than the blades. I fussed with it until I had it perfect (OCD kicking in) but it was worth it. No snipe at all and the board is dead flat all the way across.
  20. So I am in the market (finally) to start better outfitting my wood shop. Found a Facebook post of a guy I know selling pretty much everything he has. I got extremely excited and went to call him up. Then I realized that the post was almost two years old. Man I felt like an idiot. When I discovered my mistake I had already left him a voicemail. Long story short he called me back and as it turns out he had only sold the table saw. Well I've already got one. I scored on a Dewalt 735 planer and a porter cable 3 1/2 horse router. Picked them both up for $600. He threw in 2 brand new sets of knives
  21. "Back From The Archives" The Wadkin R family of machines were designed in the 1920's and built up until the mid 50's they were the first generation of machines made in England to be offered Line belt or motor drive. Most of the time you will see that the motors are just after thoughts. I have been on the look out for a few of these rare machines. I have an RS lathe and RD jointer but the Wadkin RM is a hard one to find. When you talk as much as I do about Wadkin, people start to contact you and give you the heads up on where machines can be had. It is in this cast that the RM makes
  22. From someone who owns a Dewalt 735 13 inch planer. I need a picture of the sprockets and chain assembly. This is very easy to do. Standing on the infeed side of the planer look on the left side and you will see a plastic guard that covers the sprockets. There are 3 hex head screws that remove with the supplied T handle wrench that's in the hole in the top of your planer. Remove that cover and take a picture and post it please. Also check and see how tight the chain is across the top of the sprockets. Thanks.
  23. UPS drove up while I was out working on my rocker. The delivery was on time as they said it would be. I will post a thorough review of this later this week once I get it in and run some boards through it. But for now I'll show you what came in the box. I was very impressed with how they packed it, the cardboard was nice and thick, taped from here to the moon, and the sub box that the Accu Head came in was wrapped from here to AZ in bubble wrap. The Accu Head box is impressive, I was not expecting it to come this way. The box you see below is a wood box that was within the cardbo
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