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  1. https://www.shopsmith.com/ownersite/handson/index.htm Hands-On Archives Below is a list of Hands-On issues that have been collected. 2000 Archived Issues September/October 2000 The Grandfather Clock -- Part 1 Gumball Machine The Dancin' Duck Puppet Frame and Raised Panel Construction Safety, A Matter of Respect November/December 2000 The Grandfather Clock -- Part 2 Toy Crane Build a Chess Set Six Easy Steps to Squaring a Board Dust Collection--It Shouldn't Be An Option! 2001 Archived Issues
  2. https://www.rockler.com/rockler-carbide-cutter-honing-system?sid=wjwkly&utm_source=constantcontact&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=wwjwkly I am curious to your thoughts. How many times can you hone before the tip is too thin and weak? Does it really sharpen it back to be efficient cutting? What about the screw that holds it in place? So many questions and not enough information. Curious to your thoughts.
  3. Geeze, September already! Pretty busy week here for our Patriot turners Our Patriot Turners- @Smallpatch posted this in another forum but it directly applies to everyone turner here. THINK SAFETY!!! @PatriotWoodturning showed us some of the beautiful bowls he has turned- Check out his posts to see more of his fantastic work! And speaking of bowls, @PatriotWoodturning gave us a look at his method of drying his bowl blanks. Our turners added their thoughts to his post- @Gerald is wo
  4. I thought this video/message needs to be heard. It is not graphic, but it is very gut wrenching to listen to. Be safe. Danl
  5. About a week or so ago I was ripping a 2X4 block into a 1X2 on the table saw and was using a plastic pusher stick that came with my Bosch table saw. I really like the feel of the pusher stick as it is heavy and fits my hand. Apparently as the block was leaving the saw blade, I angled the pusher to keep it tight against the fence and the blade caught the push stick. The pusher exploded in my hand, putting a gash in my palm that required 7 stitches. The fact I am on blood thinners didn't help the situation either. It wasn't squirting ,just seeping and soaking. Later upon examining the
  6. Here is an interesting concept for spicing 120V wires where a junction box and cover would be unsightly in the final result. http://www.homedepot.com/p/Tyco-Electronics-Romex-Splice-Kit-2-Wire-1-Clam-CPGI-1116377-2/202204326 Herb
  7. These have been out for awhile and came on sale a while back ,so I had to try them out. First picture is the way I usually run trim through the router table, and then the new way. I like the new ones, they do what they are advertised to do. Herb
  8. I just purchased a "set" of 5 wood turning bowl chisels, made from files. I'm curious about how these will work for turning bowls. Any advice on the maintenance of these?
  9. Do you always use your table saw guard? If not, what percentage of the times would you estimate you do you use it? My thoughts on this subject have changed over the years and I am wondering how others operate their saws.
  10. Are there any risks associated with turning spalted wood/ using it for fruit bowls or pepper mills? Thanks, Urbano
  11. I am usually very thorough when I operate machinery and recheck my equipment. I make sure all is tight and guards are in place as it should be. I had turned a very thin finial and took it out of the chuck, removed the chuck and put another project between centers. After I finished, I returned the chuck and finial to the lathe for polishing. I got a phone call and they returned to polish the piece. I turned the lathe on, the chuck unthreaded in a micro second, fell on the lathe bed smashing my finial. I gave myself a compliment by saying loudly "You big dummy!"
  12. While going through and scanning Workbench plans for us to use here, I came across this series of safety tips they used to have in their issues. Still relevant today, I thought it'd be fun, and beneficial to share one of their article series "What's Wrong Here" with you. If I come across more of these I'll post them up .
  13. I bought some Manzanita root (thought it had interesting grain) hoping to use it for some heart boxes ( 1 1/2" cube). What would be the safe way to cut this into blocks for the scrollsaw? The tablesaw and the chop saw tend to throw small pieces so, Bandsaw?
  14. I was asked to make another manger for a friend. Today I went to rip some Poplar down to 1 1/8 inch wide pieces, for making the frame. I have a Shopsmith. I set up the tablesaw and with the fence 1 1/8 inches away from the blade, and the blade guard on, there was not enough room between the guard and the fence for a push stick (at least the one that came with the Shopsmith.) These were 6 foot long pieces of Poplar. So, with my limited ww’ing experience I was wondering how to do this safely. Then I remembered that I had bought the Grr-ripper push blocks when there was a 2 for 1 sale going on (a
  15. 12 sheets of 3/4 BB, and 4 sheets of 1/4 BB stacked on edge, 36” high stickered stack of walnut about 16” away. Standing between. Needed the 1/4. Naturally, it was behind the 3/4. Pulled the whole stack over. Knocked me backwards on to the walnut. Trapped my legs between the ply and the walnut. I was flat on my back. The ply just inches off my chest. Couldn’t move. Hurt like the devil. Finally worked a short board loose and got it between the ply and the edge of the walnut stack. With more strength than I thought possible, was able to pry the ply up enough to get one leg free. Had to take
  16. If you think carbide router bits are delicate creatures, check out this Youtube video from Tom Lipton, a machinist in the San Francisco area. The interesting part starts at about 8:45 and goes to the end. Yep, it grabbed me by the short hairs too! NOTE: NOT FOR THE FAINT OF HEART! But certainly educational. Jon-439 (from the WOOD Magazine forums)
  17. I guess it was bound to happen. http://www.union-bulletin.com/local/local-man-electrocuted-using-dangerous-wood-art-process/article_daf59a2a-3420-11e7-8508-c7eb2f3dc175.html
  18. Ever had a power failure at night while in the shop? 'Round here we get "monsoon" storms, and the occasional power failure. Caught me at the far end of the shop area: had to negotiate the DC duct, step down/over obstructions, bump past work table, table saw. All the while remembering how many sharp things I'd left laying about.... Bought a 6-pack at Amazon for less than the average tool. Put two in the shop spaces ('cause I don't never never never want THAT again!).
  19. Hi, so I have a Ringmaster, still unused, and am looking into turning also (all you guys making all those beautiful things, it’s your fault). I’ll be starting with the Shopsmith as the lathe, probably will start with the Easy Wood Tools (supporting a sponsor). Maybe the Nova chuck and live end set for the Shopsmith, universal tool rest, so there is a wish list to start thinking of, for this to eventually come to fruition. My real question is SAFETY! If I stroll down this woodworking avenue, I wanna be safe. Is there a face mask with adequate dustprotection, that will NOT fog up, or need safety
  20. I'm not a turner and know nothing about it, but I found this video interesting. Danl
  21. Quite a wide variety of things this week. Our Patriot Turners- @Ron Altier posted a question concerning his lathe's faceplate. He was having difficulty removing the faceplate after use. Our turners offered several suggestions and modifications. Head on over to Ron's post and see if you can add anything to what was discussed. @Gerald added a really great tip to the Woodturner's Forum tip section. He gave us a link to an article using the bandsaw for cutting bowl bland. Lots of good information- @John Morris Asked for information o
  22. Just think, in less than 2 weeks, we will enter Daylight Saving Time- for those who live in states that utilize this archaic standard. This sees to sum it up- Our Patriot Turners- Member @Thad posted a new project of some handles he was turning. Thad also asked our turners about making ferrules. The handles turned out fantastic! Check out the post here- @Ron Altier Started a discussion concerning using gloves while turning and if that practice was safe. Lots of thoughts and discussion followed- Ron also pos
  23. My magnifying safety glasses broke. I don't remember where I got them. They were 1.25 magnification. Where do you folks buy yours? Brand recommendations? I use 1.25 readers but don't want to use plain safety glasses over them. Thank You.
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