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  1. Skil used to be owned by Bosch. At that time, it was a lower quality line, maybe with the exception of the worm-drive Skilsaws. Now it's owned by Chervon and some reviews I've seen lately it's a good quality line of tools. Porter-Cable used to be in bed with Delta. They were some of my original tools and very good. Then Stanley Black and Decker bought them. They, I guess, didn't want them to compete with the DeWalt line so they seemed to be downgraded. Now, it seems that they are doing a more quality tool now. Craftsman, as we have discussed, used to be a long-
  2. I worked for Sears (actually the Allstate subsidiary) as my first job after college. I bought a few Sears tools, getting a huge 10% employee discount and few places around that offered tools. With a bit of use, I found them all lacking and quit using them. In the last couple of years, I got two Sears routers (one free, one $5) and figured they were probably worth what I paid for them and could use in conjunction with my Porter-Cable, Bosch, DeWalt, and Hitachi routers. You know, like Norm, don't change bits, change routahs. I thought, hey, I could maybe put one in my new rou
  3. The club was given a craftsman table saw by the estate of Jim Schaefer. We also received boxes of hand tools and hardware. I like to sell the table saw. (It's taking too much space in the garage) It has a 1.5 HP Baldor motor and a carbide blade. The motor new is now selling for about $400. I am trying to get about $150 for the saw. This money and money that we will receive for the other donated items will be part of the Jim Schaefer Toy Fund. Jim was a long-time member of the woodworking club and this is an older saw. Message me for more information or questions. Located on the west
  4. Ok so bI picked up a Craftsman 11320680 jointer that v really needed to be cleaned up. I removed the fence and cleaned everything up, replaced the blades. When I remounted the fence it is square to the outfieed table but is out about a 1/32 or so to the infeed table. The bottom of the fence needs to come in some on that side. Having issues getting the bottom of the fence on the infeed side to move in some without throwing out the outfieed side. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  5. Started cleaning up my table saw. Body style has many shelves & pockets for saw dust to accumulate, blew it out & turned it over and the dust was still falling out. Why didn't I remove the blade, I don't know, but it was a lot harder to remove this way Without the motor this is a heavy beast. Cleaned out all the old grease & crud from the threads. Moving parts are still snug and moving freely. I had changed the arbor 15+ years ago and the bearings are tight & roll free. Broke it down as far as I feel comfortable. Didn't mess with any pivot
  6. Years ago, I picked this at a yard sale....really, it was just laying in the grass...$10... Craftsman 13" Tilt Table. Today I gave that table a darn good cleaning....rust bunnies were trying to take over... not to mention the spiders.....actually the saw itself runs! Nice and quietly, too!Tilt seems to work.. And even locks in place. Even found a bag of blades for this saw... Yes, it takes pinned blades....May just keep it that way..... Reason this saw came out of hiding? Thinking IF i start making a bunch of these... I mig
  7. Checking out the local auctions yesterday I came across this old Craftsman rotating workbench: I remember them being available many years ago, but I never had one nor do I know anyone that had one. It looks to be in good shape and might make a good addition to my son's shop who is just getting set up. Have any of you had/have one? Like it? Pluses or minuses? I did a small amount of research into it last night. Not a lot of info available. Anyone have any info to share about this?
  8. I have an ancient craftsman 4 horse compressor. It won't die. I want to replace it, but it won't die. I put it in a rather inaccessible location and ran hoses and a remote switch. Draining it was a PITA till I figured out that there's no harm in a little leaking air from the drain plug so I just leave it cracked a scosh. So I don't drain it.
  9. I cashed in on the Emerson $100.00 recall on my Craftsman radial arm saw. Now What? I don't want to make a pin router. What else can the remaining frame and jack be used for? No I don't have a boat.
  10. https://www.consumerreports.org/tools-power-equipment/lowe-s-is-now-selling-craftsman-tools/ I have mixed opinions on Craftsman. Their mechanic's tools are OK, and at one time one of the few alternatives. Now, everyone has a lifetime warranty -- Kobalt, Husky, Channelock, GearWrench, Harbor Freight. They're all readily available at the ubiquitous big box stores or corner hardware. And what used to be Sears' swap across the counter is now, "Here's your rebuild kit." There are a few decent power and woodworking tools, but I think they've been on a slow decline for 40
  11. Bought one of the a few years ago. Any good places to go for user information. Cant remember if I have the manual or not. Thx?..
  12. Yesterday was Orthodox Christmas. My Dad gave me this gem he got in high school and hardly used. Gave the blade a sharp edge and it works like a charm. I blame @steven newman for getting into this.
  13. Interesting article. I, too, worked for Sears for a couple of years, but have become disappointed their products and customer service since.
  14. A few weeks back, I posted a thread about a pick that included a Black & Decker corded drill kit. I also have alluded to the fact I may have a problem when it comes to the number of corded drills in my possession. Since the temperature is dropping and we alternate between white-out snow then momentary sunshine and now darkness, I thought I would present this thread for your entertainment, amusement, amazement and harassment. Enjoy the show. WARNING: Proceeding beyond this point is at your own risk. The content of this thread is not advised for those with rational thought proces
  15. So over the course of the spring, summer & fall when I haven't been working on the lawn mowers, mowing/trimming the acreage, working on someone's vehicle or coordinating repairs while in a shop, transporting grandkids, attending grandkid's events, tending to other family matters and maybe the occasional nap, I'd squeeze in some small tool re-conditioning from my yard sale & flea finds...Thanks for looking... This came from a yard sale...got it tossed in with a 7-1/4" Skil saw & case...all for $5; Sorry no before pictures but the screw and rails had a fair amount of surf
  16. Went to Lowe's today and noticed they are giving their tool department a makeover. Looks like they are dedicating a large area to Craftsman Tools. It appears the Kobalt brand is staying too. I saw a special section for Dewalt also. They are nowhere near done with the improvements so we'll have to wait and see what else is planned.
  17. Big B


    From the album: Turnings

    Thought this one looked like something out of a star trek episode so named it the alien due to its organic shape specifically related to the finial. The hollow form is Cedar with turquoise inlay in the cracked and small voids. The headpiece or Finial is made of Bradford Pear and has turquoise inlay as well in a concentric pattern on each side which was all turned and hand carved. Size including the finial is around 14.5"x9.5". Hope you enjoy as much as I did making it.
  18. Picked a Craftsman Miter box, for $5 at a barn sale. A bit on the rusty side, seemed to be a home for wayward spiders Lovely, ain't it? Sitting on my Saw Bench, too. Well, I took the saw itself out of the box/base. Took the tote off. Shined up the three bolts. Medallion just says CRAFTSMAN. Sanded the tote a bit to clean it off. Wire brush in the drill press to get rid of the top layers of rust on the plate. Brought the plate back out to the saw bench, hooked up a palm sander and some 220 grit. sanded down to bare.clean metal. Wasn't worried about any etch. Too rusty,
  19. About a week ago I was building a set of stairs for my son's new place, when the old Craftsman router started to shake badly. I drove home and got the Triton from my router table, which fortunately is equipped with the same Lee Valley base, so it would work in the jig. It ALSO vibrated, so I exchanged the 1/4" shank bit for a 1/2" one. WHAT A DIFFERENCE! Later that night I dismantled the Craftsman and found that a wood chip had been sucked up into the fan, bending it badly and breaking off two of the blades. The vibration resulted in a crack across the 1/4" bit shaft, creating the problem with
  20. Look at what jumped me from a pile of junk. It's an "Alien" head 2" X 6" surface planer! Made for Sears by Central Specialty Co. which later became part of King-Seeley Corp. I found it listed in Sears catalogs from 1941 through 1964. I couldn't find a 1965 catalog but they are not listed in the 1966 catalog. These were sold under two different model numbers 103.1801, & 103.23700 in their later years. This one has the 103.1801 model number on the tag. Here's a few more photos for your enjoyment.
  21. I have long considered Skil as a non-pro, Joe Garage, DIY tool line, with the possible exception of their worm-drive circular saws. (I don't know if it's still true, but the brand used to be part of Bosch). Now that's changing, https://www.protoolreviews.com/tools/power/cordless/drills-drivers-cordless/skil-20v-brushless-impact-driver-review/44407/?utm_source=newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=skil_makes_us_question_their_diy_status_plus_our_latest_giveaway_and_more&utm_term=2019-04-03 Stanley Black & Decker has acquired a bunch of lines and is now re
  22. Will the "real" Craftsman tools, please stand-up. Not surprising this dispute would surface sooner-than-later... Stanley sues Sears
  23. Tony Konovaloff is a hand tool woodworker.
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