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Found 12 results

  1. In my searches, I just noticed that the 14-12 Laguna BS is available at Woodcraft for $989.10. Really sounds tempting.
  2. steven newman

    Next Up?

    Well...yard sales today were a bust......Was told by the Boss we could not go to Menard's today, to buy lumber...but..we could try at Lowes here in town....Yeah..Riiight.. Shopping list said I needed 1 x 10s and 1 x 8x...and 1 x 2s.....Showed the Boss the prices Lowes wanted....STICKER SHOCK! Lowes 1 x 2s? I could buy 3 at the price they wanted for ONE, and is was 2' shorter, at that! Got to looking through the racks.....found some glued up Pine panels....looking like they used to be part of a much longer panel...price was a bit better....and I didn't have to do any glue ups of my own.... Two panels for the sides. 3/4" x 12" x 36", and a panel for the top..3/4" x 16" x 48" Picked through, and found four of the best 1 x 2 x 6' boards they had, to build webframes with. Also dug around and found the best 1 x 3 x 6' in the rack.... Will go to Menard's at a later date, and get the parts for the drawers, and a plywood back. Spent $42 at Lowes...for 8 boards...sheesh. Before I can get anything done IN the shop, I need to clear the bench... Hmm....now you see them ( see anything you can ID?) Look quick.... NOW I can do a bit of work, here....need to get the mitersaw dug out, and ready.. And swing it back to 90 degrees...have a bunch of parts to make ( hope I bought enough 1 x 2s..) The plastic case? Somewhere in the shop..there are a few other of these bits....need to round them up and into the case...set of 25. Plan is to build 4 webframes...then sliding dovetails to join the frames to the sides. Then add a back and the face frame. Then see about a trip to Menard's for drawer parts. it is a start...stay tuned.
  3. It Was Al B

    What To Do With My Tools ?

    I've been pondering the idea of selling my tools. It"s getting harder to get into the shop, with the aches and pains in these aging bones. My head tells me to sell, but my heart says no. I've kept active all my life, but, at 86+, it seems that no matter what, the body keeps loosing strength. As a youth ,I could press 150 lbs 10 times easily. Now I can't lift 100 lbs off the ground. Actually, a struggle to pick a bag of cement. All the yard work this spring from the fallen tree branches, from the winter storms, sort of found muscles to that I didn't know I had.
  4. Gerald

    Demo prep

    Part of the turnings for tomorrow and Friday demo and sales at Ms AGmuseum.
  5. steven newman

    Pickings, rather skimpy today

    Went out Barn Sale-ing....two stops were....meh. a panel saw, and not much else at the first stop. Framer's square at the second one.. At least I can READ this $2 square...the saw? Once I got the rust off, a fully readable etch appeared. There is an "8" inside the "D" 10ppi, 20" long crosscut Panel saw....everything looked good.. Except Disston never used this type of medallion. Hmmm...spent $2.50 for the saw. After hammering the plate flat and straight, and the rust removed....had to set things aside...Road Trip to pick up the GrandBRATS... Stopped at that place in Brandt, OH......fellow is getting too pricey to stop in any more...I spent $3 on a saw... 26" long, has 6points per inch. Has a strange etch.. Never really heard of it... small box at the top of the etch looks like a M9? Bolts? Don't get too excited.... Not sure when this style came out.. . Stamped as a "6". need to do some research on this saw Not that great a day, not that bad a day...meh. As for Brandt? Bypass the place. Way overpriced...18" F style clamp ( made in China) $18 each? same with a 24" and a 12" one...same price...and won't come down, either... Maybe tomorrow, I'll have better luck?
  6. Just ran across this old post from @John Morris while looking for pics of Lew's chopsticks... Maybe you would like to know "some of the rest of the story"... John Morris Master Carpenter Administrator 4,205 13,410 posts Profile Information Posted July 16, 2011 · Report post I was watching the news in the shop just a few minutes ago, and I saw a feature episode about a fellow that is making Chop Sticks and selling them to China! What a cool entrepreneurial spirit this guys has. Imagine, making chop sticks in America and selling them in China! Something just very entertaining about this story, isn't there an old saying that goes something like, "If a man could corner the market on chop sticks and sell them to the Chinese, he'd be a billionaire" or something like that. Apparently as the story goes, Georgia has a huge supply of sourgum and poplar, the most perfect chop stick making lumber in the world, and lumber that China is in short supply of. Way to go to small business man! John Morris The Patriot Woodworker Like this Go to top John Morris Welcome to The Patriot Woodworker! I cannot say for certain, as I did not see this news clip that John refers to. The timing is about correct however. In Americus, Georgia (about 60 miles from me) a "Chinese entrepreneur" proposed opening a chop stick manufacturing facility. I do not know how Americus was selected or where the initial business inquiry originated. There is not a lot of poplar trees in this region; maybe sweet gum is kin to it? Sorghum is a grain crop and a good bit is grown in this area for cattle and hog feed. Now, please keep in mind that in 2011 the country was recovering from a pretty severe economic recession. Places like Atlanta were faring ok, but in rural places like Americus there was very little new business coming to town. Cities and counties were pretty much in an economic war with their neighbors in an attempt to lure in new businesses. For the right business; property tax concessions, cheap building rental, employee training - even state grants (free money) could be had. A manufacturing facility used to be the crown jewel of economic development - you can bet the competition for a business like this would be serious stuff. Does this sound like it could lead to anything going wrong? It sometimes did - and our chop stick dream goes in this category. A suitable building was found, about a 25,000 sq. ft. facility in the Americus-Sumter County industrial park. Machinery & Equipment was ordered, some of it even made it into the building. The "Chinese entrepeneur"? He vanished! Some few months later y friend that owns an auction company was contracted to sell off the contents of the building and recover what could be had. Not a lot of demand for chop stick making M&E. Them's the facts that I know about our chop stick maker in Americus. How much in the way of incentives were offered, or how many suitcases of cash he left town with I do not know. At the time of the auction the whereabouts of the guy was unknown. I do not know if they ever tracked him down. And now you know, some of the rest of the story... Cal
  7. steven newman

    Yard Sale day

    Not much on the yard sale trail, a little bit of rustiness. $1.30 for this mess...might clean up after a while.. Bought out half of the stack, no room for the other two...price per clamp? So far, I have $3.30 for tools this weekend....not that I'm cheap, or anything....just Frugal....
  8. steven newman

    June 1st Rust Hunting

    Bright and early ( for me..) and off to a few Yard sales.....first three....Meh, turned down a $10 D handled 1/2" drill....already have one... Finally, at the fourth stop......found a tub with my kind of saying on it... Tape along the one edge said "Make offer..." Added a couple items to the tub, and paid the $6.......That pair of Visegrips, and the Carpenter's nippers were a dollar each. Got home, and cleaned and sorted a bit, found a wobble bit... 1/2" drive, 19mm for an impact gun. Socket set is one of the black, Laser etched set. 3/8" drive. There were 4 ratchets in the tub, all 3/8" drive. There was even a flashlight in there! And...it even worked! Tape measure is a Made in China,meh. I'll have to look at the Chalk box to see IF it is a Stanley. String even has the hook still on the end,,,! Not sure what I'll do with the tire iron...may keep it under the van's seat...never know Maybe Saturday, or even Friday, I might have better luck? we'll see. Stay tuned....
  9. Hear ye hear ye hear ye, Woodcraft has released their long awaited May 2017 Sales Flyer! See at this link woodcraft.dcatalog.com/v/Woodcraft-May-2017-Flyer/ Please visit our sponsor Woodcraft and return the favor for their support of our woodworking community. Buy Woodcraft!
  10. Woodcraft has released their April 2017 Sales Flyer! Click on Sales Flyer to load their PDF. Or go HERE for the intro page. Woodcraft supports our TPW community through sponsorship and donations to our veterans events and projects, let's turn it around and show them we appreciate them! As with all our sponsors, we would not exist if not for them, their sponsorship allows us to pay the bills to maintain this community.
  11. John Morris

    Laguna Tools

    Laguna Tools is one our biggest donors to our charity events for the veterans projects we are involved in. Laguna Tools, owners Catherine Helshoj and Torben Helshoj, are both dedicated to the men and women who have served our nation. We are very fortunate to have them by our side in all we do. Please support Laguna Tools with your purchases, as they support us, and our veterans.
  12. steven newman

    Road Trip!

    On the road, looking for some rusty stuff. First place we stopped at had a bunch of stuff....Just needed a bunch of cash Like this get up. Didn't have a spare $100 bill to buy it with. Model number is a 3000. Oh, just around the corner of that barn, there was a "Parts" saw Label on it says Rockwell. Way too many issues, and no motor. And, no price... There was a bundle of saws sitting out on a flatbed trailer..4 saws for $2? Of the four, that Tool Box saw is JUNK, by Great Neck. There is a Disston National Hardware Special and a D-7 full sized saws. There is that panel saw with a steel plate riveted to the handle. Have the D-7 torn down, bolts cleaned up, and the two parts of the handle glued up in a clamp. Hmmm. Spent a whole $2 so far, On to the next sale site......not open? Ah late afternoon sale, not going to wait around town for five hours. On to the next on the list.. Found a place on Aldrin street. Had a router set up for a shop. Router tables, jigs, and a big box of bits.....$85? Well, already have all of that, pass. In the fron of the garage, a shaper with a cast iron top, and huge tray of cutters and jigs......$260? Pass. Got to looking around on the tables, picked up a box with two planes in it. Yep, two planes! The box was what that blue Great Neck Corsair C-4 smooth plane was sold it. The little blue object with it? A Little Giant Razor Plane, the one that was an oval (egg?) shape? Still has the Wilkinson blade in it! Haven't figured out who made the two chisels ....yet. This box was $6 plus two for the chisels....$8 total. Not too bad a day. Cheap. Other than going to Menards, to buy the wrong sized bandsaw blade ( return for the correct one tomorrow) and lunch. Not too bad a day...

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