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Found 10 results

  1. Tomorrow is Thanksgiving. It won't be the typical holiday to which most of us have been accustomed. However, let's give thanks for what we do have. There are those who have a lot less and are in more dire predicaments than us. Let's share our good fortune with our adopted wounded warrior family. Please donate to make this their best Christmas ever. Our Patriot Turners- @Ron Altier found a piece of long lost wood and turned a beautiful ornament. Ron wasn't sure of the species and posted a query to our members for help. Ron's post is here- Ron also posted a neat video of a piece of acrylic with imbedded nails being turned. Not sure if I would do this but it's fun to watch! @Steve KrumanakerSwitched from birdhouses to toy tops. Steve showed us some of the ones he has made- Steve got lots of great comments and he also told us a little on how he makes these. @AndrewB is working on some claro walnut bowls. This wood has some awesome grain Check out Andrew's post- What’s Coming Up- Mike Waldt is hosting a live event showing his shop and setting up for streaming and videoing. This will be broadcast on YouTube on November 27. Check Mikes channel for more information- Cindy Drozda has another live demonstration on November 28. Click on the above image for the link to Cindy's site. Woodturners Retreat is presenting interactive online woodturning demonstrations. The program date is December 12, 2020 Click on the image for the link to their website. For The Newbies- If you are unsure about how to turn a bowl, here's a complete course from start to finish- https://turnawoodbowl.com/courses/wood-bowl-turning-start-to-finish/ Woodworkers Journal posted a nice tutorial on making earring stands. Maybe your wife or girlfriend (or both) would appreciate this for Christmas https://www.woodworkersjournal.com/project-turning-an-earring-stand/ Expand Your Horizons- Mr. David Reed Smith has added another detailed tutorial on making rim wire hangers for turned items. @Steve Krumanaker uses twisted wires for his ornament displays. http://davidreedsmith.com/Articles/RimWireHanger/RimWireHanger.html Carl Jacobson did a live demonstration this past weekend for the "Virtual Craft Festival" presentation. Although the turning wasn't completely finished, you can get a pretty good idea on how to turn a scoop- New Turning Items- Nova has a new chuck available! Check their website at- https://www.teknatool.com/ Ruth Niles created yet another bottle stopper design- actually 3! This is a copy and paste from her latest newsletter- You can see all of Ruth's products at- https://nilesbottlestoppers.com/ Everything Else- I was checking out some of the deals at Woodturners Wonders and noticed they are holding monthly contests. Although November is almost over, there is still time to submit an entry. Check back in December to see what the topic will be. Great Prizes- https://woodturnerswonders.com/blogs/news/november-turning-contest Every week Rick Morris posts a list of woodturning videos posted on YouTube. Well, this week he outdid himself. Rick posted the list of all the wood turned Christmas ornament videos on YouTube! All 1084 of them!!! If you can't find something that strikes your fancy, I believe your middle name must be Grinch! Rick also posted his regular weekly list of YouTube turning videos- Safe turning and stay well
  2. A while back I started sizing my ornaments blanks to have enough of a cutoff to use for the body of a two piece top. One piece tops waste a lot of material but two piece ones are just the opposite and provide a way to use up cutoffs and small spindle scraps. Add to that, they are quick and fun to do while building skills. I will probably make 30 or 40 of these before I'm done. Everybody loves a spin top.
  3. Daylight Savings time begins this coming weekend. Don't be late to Sunday School!!! Our Patriot Turners- Last weeks "Wednesday's..." had a reply from @Gerald showing us some tops he made. His post generated several comments- In case you missed it, here's the link to where the conversation begins- How about that cool way Gerald hold his turnings while the finish dries! Gerald then showed us some of the other tops he has turned- Check this post for more examples- I need to apologize to @Masonsailor. I completely missed his post on the additional work he has done on the Lazy Susan Tulips. Check out the metal work and his installation progress- Member @Bob Hodge posted a beautiful cherry bowl- Bob also asked our opinion concerning finishing the inside of a turning. He received a bunch of responses. Please head on over to his post and maybe you can add to the ideas from our turners- Bob also made us all jealous with this post about his new source of turning wood! How's this for some beautiful grain- Check out where Bob picked up this gorgeous piece of wood- @FrederickH asked our opinion on some shop made turning tools. Check out Rick's post and see if you can add any information to help him out- @Woodbutcherbynight asked our opinion on a technique for turning a narrow mortice- He received several ideas on procedure and tools. What do you think would be the best way to accomplish what he wanted to do? The topic of working with textures continues to receive comments and questions. If you haven't been following along, here is some additional information- What’s Coming Up- Our awesome sponsor, Easy Wood Tools, wanted everyone to know they will be displaying their products at the Secaucus, NJ Woodworking Show. Thanks @Jim from Easy Wood Tools! Also- Click on the above images for links to more information. For The Newbies- You have seen them in the videos and social media. You have probably thought "I can do that!" Well here is your chance to give it a try. Mike Peace shows us the steps for making a small Winged Bowl. Expand Your Horizons- Tim Yoder is always enjoyable to watch turning. With this video, Tim gives us an insight into what the turning might look like when still hidden within the tree. New Turning Items- Saw this while watching a live feed from Carl Jacobson. It's not really a "new " item but it might just open up a new avenue for some of our turning endeavors- A Carving Stand that can be locked into your lathe banjo or bench mounted. It accepts your lathe chuck so you don't have to unmount your turning. Available from- https://trentboschtools.com/product-category/carvingstands/ Everything Else- Well, I finally finished up that hollow vessel (spaceship). Two applications of brush on gloss poly and an application of black acrylic paint on the inside. The black burned rings on either side of the gold leaf aren't as pronounced as I imagined they would be. Live and learn. I am more please with the photo results from the Mike Peace imitated photo booth. I do need to be more careful in making sure all of the dust is removed before taking pictures. I have on final piece of that walnut log. But, this failure is going to mean a different, smaller turning. Just have to figure out how to remount it- Also started an elm bowl from the old tree we had taken down last year. Roughed out and now soaking in the liquid soap/water solution. Safe turning
  4. Gerald

    Flying Top

    Saw this on AAW Forum and thought it looked like something Dan would do. http://abctoupie.com/en/toupie-volante/
  5. The Patriot's Wounded Warrior Christmas Raffle is on! There are some great prizes donated by our very generous sponsors. But the real winners are going to be the Bassett kids on Christmas morning. Please consider purchasing tickets and let's make this the best Christmas ever for the Bassett family. More information about the family and the raffle is in this post- Our Patriot Turners- The turning club that @Gerald belongs to is having a demo and sales event. Gerald build a test arena to provide the kids a testing place for the spinning tops. Nothing like hands on to boost sales! @HandyDan is hard at work making Christmas ornaments. You have to look really hard to realize these are not real electric lights! Dan describes his techniques in his post- @Ron Altier showed us another on of his beautiful ornaments. We know Ron turns a fair number of pieces but wait until you read his post and just where those pieces end up! @John Morris turned some ornaments for the Easy Wood Tools Christmas tree. According to John, this was a family collaboration- John describes his process in this post- What’s Coming Up- The American Association of Woodturners, 33rd Annual International Symposium, Raleigh, North Carolina, July 11-14, 2019 For more information and registration- http://The American Association of Woodturners 33rd Annual International Symposium Raleigh, North Carolina July 11-14, 2019 For The Newbies- In keeping with the Christmas theme, Tim Yoder has posted a simple, spindle turned bottle stopper. These would make nice gifts for friends and relatives. Tim uses a Ruth Niles stopper. If you have never used Ruth's products, you owe it to yourself to try the very best! https://nilesbottlestoppers.com/ Expand Your Horizons- Mike Peace added a continuing video to the ornament posted last week. In this video he demonstrates turning and adding a finial to the hollow sphere. Those of you that use carbide tools may be aware that Easy Wood Tools has recently added negative rake cutter to their line. These cutters can be used to replace the standard EWT cutter. The negative rake cutter was originally created to produce smoother cuts on acrylic casting. Turners have found the cutters work equally on hardwoods ( @Jim from Easy Wood Tools ) Tracey Malady posted a video demonstrating these new cutters New Turning Items- I saw these on the Ruth Niles site. They would make a great gift for the Espresso lover- More information at Ruth's site- https://nilesbottlestoppers.com/product/coffee-tamper/ Everything Else- Last week, I mentioned an offset turning jig used in a Rick Turns video. Rick responded to my question about the jig. It is from Ron Brown. Rick provided the link to the product as well as a video of it in use. https://www.ronbrownsbest.com/index.php?route=product/category&path=63) I have been working on Christmas present and finished up the last 3 bowls/dishes today (5 in total). These are small flame box elder turnings finished with some Bumble Bee Butter (bee's wax and mineral oil). I heat the mixture until it becomes liquid, then apply and buff off. Turned completely with Easy Wood Tools. Safe turning
  6. Gerald


    Our club is doing a demo and sales event for two evenings . Had wanted a top display and finally got around to getting it done. When the kids take a test run with tops some of the tops end up on the floor so the sides will reduce that happening.
  7. We were in the midst of the famous "Pennsylvania January Thaw" but winter returned today. Cold and windy with a few flurries. Our Patriot Turners were busy this past week producing some gorgeous objects. @Steve Krumanaker Created a beautiful maple bowl with the help of Mother Nature- See Steve's post and the comments he received here- Steve also made a fantastic display holder. This one is destined to hold humming birds but he also uses this type of display to show his turned ornaments. You can see more images and additional information at in his post at While on the subject of turned ornaments, @Ron Altier is getting a jump on next year! This is his latest creation Ron answered questions about the piece in his post- @HandyDan Made some more Tops. He talks about some difficulties he had and what he did to resolve the problem. Read his post and see what material he found works perfectly for these little toys- Our friends and a most generous Patriot sponsor, Easy Wood Tools ( @Jim from Easy Wood Tools ) shared a video by Carl Jacobson on making a hybrid resin art piece. Carl uses the Easy Wood Tools to create this beautiful project. I've been experimenting with the Alumilite casting resin. Lots of possibilities but I'll need to add some specialized equipment if I want to make casting without imperfections. Tim Yoder posted a new video on making a dead blow mallet. What is really cool are the materials/methods Tim used. He creates his own thread chase and die for the project. Check out the Easy Wood Chuck, too! We always try to post the latest Rick Turns, video for the month's woodturning videos. Rick posted a summary of 2017 on YouTube- Last week I mentioned I was playing with a piece of Manzanita. The piece had a void that I was afraid would separate during turning. I wanted to fill the void with Alumilite and then complete the turning. You may remember I sealed the piece with modeling clay to create a barrier to contain the liquid casting resin. That turned out not to be such a good idea. The clay did contain the resin but it was nearly impossible to remove all of the clay from the nooks and crannies of the wood. I ended up using a heat gun (on low) to melt the pieces of remaining clay and air pressure to blast out the liquid clay. (Note to self: wear an apron so you don't ruin another sweatshirt). This process is certainly going to affect the type of finish I'll be able to use. On the positive side, the casting resin is holding the piece together. I sanded everything to 4000. That's great for the wood but the resin needs to go to 12000. I have the micromesh pads and I'll need to do the final sanding by hand. I think the finished piece will make a nice change/key holder or a place for extra paper clips. Safe Turning
  8. Back in December I made some spin tops with string launchers. Everyone enjoyed them immensely. Those were all made around 2.5 inches in diameter. They all worked well but some of them would dance around wildly if they were spun too fast. I had also made one special one that was twice the size at 5 inches diameter. Well the youngest of the kids were impressed and all wanted to take the large one home and since I had just one I had to promise to make them each a larger one. I made eight of them but there was a problem. Five of them spun wildly and it took me a while to figure out that it was balance that was throwing them off. Using wood it had to be straight grain lumber with all the growth rings close in size or flat sawn could be used if the grain on the end of the board looked like it was giving you a big smile and the center hole was dead center of the arc to get a good balance. Then I got to thinking what could be used that would have better balance. MDF or particle board would work but I just didn't like the idea of using them. I did make one out of cabinet grade plywood and it worked perfect but wasn't the best candidate for turning. I went to looking around to see what else I might have and found some shorts of composite decking boards. I almost passed them over thinking they would be in the same category as MDF. Luckily I didn't and threw a piece on the lathe. Worked out fabulous. It turns like green wood with big ribbons which is good but it also throws smaller pieces when making some fine cuts. The smaller piecse stick to everything, static electricity. Not so great but livable. It sands okay and burnishes smooth with some medium steel wool. They are perfectly balanced and spin a long time. I actually clocked one at over five minutes. They spin long enough and smooth enough that I got six of them going at the same time. There was two more wooden ones but the grandsons got theirs already.
  9. After reading & following a lot of these turning post it still amazes me what you guys can do with a block of wood. There are ton of videos on the web and I could watch them for hours, & a lot of times I find myself doing just that. Having said that it still leaves a couple hundred questions in my head. I don't own a lathe but would like to move in that direction. As a newbie: What type of lathe to buy, I"m sure there are plenty of choices, pros & cons? How do you set up your tool to eliminate vibration? Basic tools to start with. Keeping tools sharp. Types of wood, green, dry, walnut, maple oak? Woods to stay away from. Treatment of wood before and after turning. I'm sure there will be more questions down the road but let's start here.
  10. Decided to make string tops for the kids this year. I usually take a hand made toy for each of the kids when the family has Christmas dinner. Last tear was Yo-Yos and they were a big hit. Started last weekend and made some brass tips for them on the metal lathe. Once the lathe was set up why not make forty. There is not much out there about turning the tops. I want to thank Charles Nichols for his valued input and getting me started. These are the trial and error specimens. I tried to buy a top. Wally World and Toys Aren't Us didn't have one so I went ahead and turned the one on the far left first. Made a string for it from a ball of cotton string I had and couldn't get it to spin for the life of me. Took a break and watched a how to video on top throwing. Only thing I saw different from what I was doing was the actual string. Their string was way thicker than mine. I have a spool of window blind string which is about 1/8" thick and the top worked as it should. Why the string thickness matters I don't know. The first one spun well and for a long time but wouldn't stand up straight. The next two I lowered the center of gravity and found the last one (far right) spun the best. I saw only one suggested measurement on the net and it called for 2.5" dia. and a 3" length. So far I found that if the blank is turned round and a half inch is added to the diameter the top works very well. I also read that there is no need to make them smooth and shiny for two reasons. 1---The string will slip too easily 2---They are going to get banged up on the floor anyway. So I am sanding with 150 sand paper and will put on a Shellac seal coat and call them done as suggested.
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