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Found 132 results

  1. I wanted to try my new aluminum faceplate. I went to HD and found a piece of pine that had some evidence of Pine kill beetle. I've used it before and like the colors it produces. I made it the size of hole to hold/store knitting/crochet needles. I sprayed a clear finish. You can see the new faceplate still on the piece. I used a forstner drills to the required depth. I'll glue some felt on the bottom and the bottom of the hole. It's 5 inches high. I put a block of the glued up pine next to it. The Easy Wood face plate works SO MUCH better........sure glad I got it.
  2. Well I got the cabinet done. It is not fancy. The wife wanted it made out of pine and wanted it plane. It is 48 inches wide, 7 feet tall and 19 inches deep. Everything is glued and pocket screwed. It was made from 1 by 10 pine. For the trim and doors 1 by 4 pine and 1/4" plywood and 1/4" plywood for the back. I stained it with a light Maple and put two coats of poly over that. She was happy and wants two more smaller ones.
  3. I am finishing a pine project and the client likes the look of mineral oil over the pine. Then they want a satin finish poly. I am used to BLO not mineral oil. How long does it take mineral oill to cure so that it can be top coated successfully?
  4. I am about to inherit some blue stained pine. I am to "make something out of it". It is what I call "story wood" that carries as much history with it more than being some high quality piece of wood. I will make some sort of box that is not to be used heavily or often in hopes of protecting it. I've read some older posts on other sites about blue stained pine. I thought I would see if there are any new thoughts about working with it: . What might I do to harden pine so it doesn't scratch or dent quite as easily? . What might I do to finish it such that it doesn't ruin the natural blue coloring? Maybe there is a single answer to both questions. Robert
  5. DAB

    Pine bowls

    got a call late last week from a cousin who i have not seen in 30 some years. she was born the year i graduated college, so that would make her about 33. she's an accomplished actress, her next gig is not until Feb 2019, so she is driving east coast to west coast, seeing some sights, and will stop by wed. evening if the schedule holds. well, in addition to putting her up in our guesthouse, enjoying a nice dinner and breakfast the following morning, i thought she'd like to take something beside memories with her, so off to the shop yesterday i went. whacked off two pine blanks from an ever shortening beam i've had laying around for years, and made a pair of bowls. i'll let her pick which one she likes best, and then give the other to her as well to bring home to her mom and dad (my aunt and uncle) when she gets home later this week in LA. hope she likes them.
  6. IF I can get this camera-ooski to upload a few photos, looks like it might work. Seems I have a duplicate shot. Just a Walnut & Pine Tool Box. Filling up fast, too
  7. While the sliding tray is .....Ok, I wanted a second one that I could carry to the work site. Needed to have a tote. One with a handle in the middle. Picked up an UGLY plank of 1x10 pine Handsome, ain't he? Figured i could get at least a few pieces out of it. Measured the space for the tote. 25" long, and abot 6-1/2" wide was available, thanks to a backsaw's tote sticking up. Picked out one area for the bottom slab, and two more for piece work. At 6-1/2" wide I neede to slim down the 9-1/2" wide plank for a bottom of the tray. Had an old jig, measure where the blade on the circular saw wound up at, and the outside edge of the sole. Clamped the jig in place to rip off the excess wood Just have to keep the saw's sole against the jig, cuts nice and straight. Grabbed a Wards #78 and made a few rebates ( rabbets to you southern folks) This one is on the end of the bottom piece. needed to go around all four edges on it. Ripped two more boards @ 25" long, by 3-1/2" wide. These were to be the sides. Had a third one ripped a bit wider, for the handle. The first two got a rebate on each end. Counter-bored some holes with a thumbnail-killing 3/8" Forstner bit ( got the nail, but no blood) and installed the sides. Measured two 1x4 pine pieces for the ends. Cut to length, and then laid out a stopped dado. Had to make sure the other was a mirror image of the first. Dados will house the handle piece. Sawed the waste a bit, then chopped the rest out with a couple chisels. One was done, and installed. Needed to find out the height I needed for the ends of the handle. And the final length. Cut to length, then laid out a handle. Finger hole area was done with a 1-3/8" forstner bit, overlapping the hole. Sabresaw cut the rest of the handle out, and then a 3/8" round-over bit in the router to smooth thing up Yeah, yeah, got a bit of an over-cut. Take a good long look, this is about the last time this tote will ever be empty. Handle is just housed, no glue or screws hold it in place. Just the two dados. And now, this is what happens when something empty is placed into the Tool Chest Two full trays. the tote can be lifted right out, to access the tools underneath. And, wonder of wonders The lid will even close! igor needs to use the broom for something besides flying around. Used a few planes to clean up the boards A Jack plane at work. Ohio Tool Co. ( of Auburn NY) #05c and another smaller plane A WWII era Wards Master #3, cleaning up after the Jack plane. As for that second coat of varnish This is while I was rubbing things out. Took two people to get this onto the floor. Needed the bench to work on a few things, I could have got it down, but I wanted it in one piece....Weighs as much as I do
  8. DAB

    Three bowls

    finished the last of these today. will be given away next saturday.
  9. It's been years. I have put up with a cluttered sloppy mess of bits in pill bottles poly wrappers making this drawer a complete unworkable disaster. Finally I got fed up with the madness and drilled a few holes in a hunk of ply I've seen People pooh pooh those router bit collections ( see the ones in red) I bought one for 30 sumpin bucks at a show and have never regretted it. I use the daylights outta them.
  10. I ordered the Shopsmith accessories shelf last Sunday and it arrived yesterday. I am very happy with this new addition to my SS. I could have made one, but I did not want too, plus I wanted the factory fit and finish with the CNC slots for many of the basic accessories for my SS. The shelf is made of solid Pine at 1 1/4" thick, very sturdy. It bolted up to the lower legs very nicely. I am impressed with the SS quality thus far, all the way down to this shelf. My small things were starting to get scattered in my work area as I am completely unorganized right now, and I needed something quick to organize before I started losing "stuff". This did the trick, very pleased with it.
  11. Had some Pine scraps.....decided a simple little step stool would be nice to try to build... The one board was too narrow, and a bit too thin....I cut it into two (almost) matching pieces...about 8" long.. Needed to loose the knot, too. Now you see it.. And now you don't. These came from the same board? We have ways.. Stanley No. 3c Jointed both edges with these clamped together. Faces of the boards needed some clean up too.. Did I mention we had quite a bit of rain, lately? Floor is starting to dry out...back to work... Nice and clean. Did all four faces.. Might have this plane set up about right? Then, mark out a few center points, draw a few lines, even used the compass for some curve work. Bandsaw to cut things out.. Hey...they match! These two will get a stretcher between them, something like this? Will cut a pair of tenons on each end of the stretcher. Whew...set these aside, for now... First panel...has two issues, the knot, and that pitch pocket. Second panel? Has even more issues...the wane will have to go, the remains of a big knot, and yet another pitch pocket...mark some lines, run the bandsaw a bit.. Bad stuff removed...which left these three pieces.. Yeah...I can also handsaw about this straight, too.. Back to that plane, again.. Jointed the sawn edges straight and square....beginning to like this plane.. Jointed the third one. The two in the background? Already done, and just stacked up, no glue used. One board was a tad long, and ugly grain on the end.....we have ways... Tried to match them up, for the best grain.....not too far off? Time for glue and clamps.. Couple scraps to help out, and steady things...then set the legs in place... Maybe once the glue cures, I can chop a few through mortises? May have a trick to help with that, so I can chop from both faces. Need to cobble a few Walnut wedges. Round a few corners, ease a few edges, maybe add a curve or two to that stretcher? Stay tuned.....might have it done in time to take to Fred's place?
  12. Have to start with a glue up . Did not think I could find 6 x 6 dry pine so here we go with 3 pieces of 2 x 6. Tried to get the knots toward the surface outer edges as these would be turned off. Remember you can never have too many clamps After squaring the blanks on table saw we will need a centered hole to assemble the two parts of the post as this lathe is not long enough to turn as one piece. Having that hole creates a stabilization problem for turning which is solved by using a cone center in the tailstock. The left picture is the fluting jig cutting the upper post . The right picture shows a closer look at the the jig cutting the post. These are the finished post parts with fluting done on one. Right picture shows the connection for the parts of the post. This round turning and finial go on top of the headboard and footboard. This shows the incomplete mortise and tenon to join the posts to foot and head boards. The raised panels are installed and at this point are prestained. The complete project. Not exact but a close similarity to a bed we lost when our house was flooded over 30 years ago.
  13. Well...yard sales today were a bust......Was told by the Boss we could not go to Menard's today, to buy lumber...but..we could try at Lowes here in town....Yeah..Riiight.. Shopping list said I needed 1 x 10s and 1 x 8x...and 1 x 2s.....Showed the Boss the prices Lowes wanted....STICKER SHOCK! Lowes 1 x 2s? I could buy 3 at the price they wanted for ONE, and is was 2' shorter, at that! Got to looking through the racks.....found some glued up Pine panels....looking like they used to be part of a much longer panel...price was a bit better....and I didn't have to do any glue ups of my own.... Two panels for the sides. 3/4" x 12" x 36", and a panel for the top..3/4" x 16" x 48" Picked through, and found four of the best 1 x 2 x 6' boards they had, to build webframes with. Also dug around and found the best 1 x 3 x 6' in the rack.... Will go to Menard's at a later date, and get the parts for the drawers, and a plywood back. Spent $42 at Lowes...for 8 boards...sheesh. Before I can get anything done IN the shop, I need to clear the bench... Hmm....now you see them ( see anything you can ID?) Look quick.... NOW I can do a bit of work, here....need to get the mitersaw dug out, and ready.. And swing it back to 90 degrees...have a bunch of parts to make ( hope I bought enough 1 x 2s..) The plastic case? Somewhere in the shop..there are a few other of these bits....need to round them up and into the case...set of 25. Plan is to build 4 webframes...then sliding dovetails to join the frames to the sides. Then add a back and the face frame. Then see about a trip to Menard's for drawer parts. it is a start...stay tuned.
  14. skiler


    Need help identifying this wood and finish. It looks like pine to me but could be really knotty cherry. The finish almost looks orange. I am trying to build something to match it and not sure how to go about it. Any help greatly appreciated.
  15. Simple my.... Started out as a way to kill time, waiting on parts for the bedframe project....Had a leftover 2 x 10...ripped it down to get some stock for legs.. Had a 4' long 1 x 10...cut it in half, jointed the edges, and now I had a panel for a table top...let it sit, while I finished up the bedproject... Smaller Mitre box to cut these four legs to 25" long...needed planed to make them match.. Yeah..this will wear you out.... Well, time came to make a few parts for the table.. Panel is out of the clamps, edges jointed, ends squared...set down on the bench.. Flatten the faces of the panel. Set this aside... Blanks for the aprons...after I had cut out most of the "bad stuff". Set these aside...needed to work on the legs..made sure one power tool was running.. And those be the leg blanks... Marked out where the apron will go ( in theory) and then made another mark.. 3/4" wide "toe", metal straightedge to connect two points.. Normally, i would hand plane this...not today. Bandsaw to "hog" off most of the waste...mark another taper.. Kind of rough and wavy, needed a jig to hold the leg steady, yet net get in the way.. made a notch that just fit the toe... A screw holds the other end....Now I can plane the tapers smooth... Jack plane to get it close, #4c to smooth it out... rinse and repeat..seven times.. Four legs, each tapered on two "inside" edges.... Part 2 coming right up...stay tuned...
  16. Going to try to get that 3 drawer dresser built...BEFORE July 18....Went and priced some lumber today. Not counting the plywood..right at $40 for the pine boards. Three 1 x 10 x 72, three 1 x 8 x 8' and eight 1 x 2 x 8' Pine boards....sides and top to be glued up panels, take doesn't take as long as a frame and panel build would. Webframes into sliding dovetails in the sides. Face frame on the front. may add a bit to the top panel... Now have a pair of Cut-resistant gloves...son brought home a pair from the glass factory he works at. Waiting on Uncle Sugar's Army to pay me my monthly allowance...then maybe a week to build? No pictures, just yet...that will start when the lumber gets here...stay tuned..
  17. I've been the scrap pile again, experimenting with wood and acrylic glitter. The ball is thin pieces of Yellow Hart and Bubinga (I think). The shaft is plain ole pine. I painted the pine and I layered the glitter in thick layers in the crease and allowed to dry overnight, then repeated with the glitter. It came out OK and I think I may have an effect I'll use in the future
  18. My wife wanted me to make a large sunflower for our fence. I used plywood and pine to make this one for her, its about 3' dia. I grabbed some old acrylic Paint and made it pretty colorful. I sprayed it with some weather resistant stuff. I haven't found anything here (CO) that can take this sun for long, with the exception of porch and deck paint. I've tried just about everything you can think of or heard of, nothing holds up, especially clear stuff.
  19. Starting a new thread...since the Plough Plane is done, and the Shop is cleaned up.... Had started a bit of Pine a while back, before all the clean up started. Resawed a few fancy Pine boards into ~3/8" thickness. Even glued up a couple "slabs" into a fancy grained top panel... Today, in-between a pair of long road trips....I manged to square a few ends, and cut a few pieces to length. Mitresaw? I am the motor for this one. Had to joint a few edges to match each other...couple of boards needed planed to match the thickness of other boards... These are a Stanley #7c and a Millers Falls No. 14....also used a Stanley #4. had four pieces that needed to match for width....and two that needed to match for a glue up. Book-matched. One was almost an 1/8" thicker than the other....WAS. Once they just about matched, time for some glue and clamps.. All that for a bottom panel....got out some toys.. That be an end for the box...things over in the vise are sides. Can never have enough SHARP pencils ( they seem to run away..) and the chisel was a Lay out tool... "X" marks the waste. I saw either on the line, or just on the waste side of the lines. Then that chisel is used to chop out the waste. End panel is also there to set how deep to saw. One end is a tad thinner than the other. I'll do this end, then use the other end panel to layout it's finger joints. Top and bottom panels will get a pine molding to house them. Bottom unit will get attached to the box. Top becomes a lift-off lid. Still debating on the knob/handle thingy That is the "Plan" so far....will see how this goes....stay tuned..
  20. Took an Inventory of the "better" pieces of Pine in the shop....mainly leftovers from the last project build.. A 1 x 2, a 1 x 4, a 1 x 12, and a stack of 1 x 6s.....There is still a stick of this stuff.. That may get set aside and made into a fancy little box....resaw work. Some of the rest need trimmed, here and there.. Yeah... Might have an idea about what this mess can be made into... Kind of out grown this til. Room for 6, has 12 in it....at the moment...Will do a bit of research and see what I can cobble up, to fit these into a better spot. Might be getting a spot over beside the drillpress, as I don't need or want that scrollsaw sitting there. Have only used it a couple times, just collecting grime, right now. May get stashed away, and the space used for other things. Stay tuned..
  21. turned this today. will give it away.
  22. Hi all I am finishing a pine door with a medium brown water based dye, then two coats of shellac then water based poly. My problem is the dye on hardwood always colors everything evenly. The Pine is not acting that way. It seems to have some issue. When dyed it is even and uniform. But by the time the first coat of shellac is put on with a brush or foam brush the dye is not uniform. Would I be better off spraying the shellac? If so the alchol is quite flamable and I need to turn off the water tank and furnance. When I get home I will upload some pictures. My very kind spouse says she likes the variation. This is my first endevour with a closed cell softwood.
  23. Introduction Our very own Patriot Woodworker John Mordus, or better known in our circles as @honesttjohn, is an artist on CNC (computer numerical control) woodworking. John was one of the first CNC woodworkers to join our community and helped crowd our new CNC forums. One of John's favorite creations he performs on his CNC machine are the military plaques he enjoys carving. You can see his CNC gallery featuring these very plaques here at: John's Contribution John contacted us and asked us if we could use any of his work to benefit our current project for our Gold Star Widow Nicole Merlo. As you all know we are in the midst of raising funds for the Merlo Family. The carvings below are for sale. All the proceeds from the sale of these items will be used to purchase their Christmas meal for the family, which is a stipulation of our project as assigned to us by Operation Ward 57. Yes I know, 200 dollars is a good fair amount for a Christmas meal, but let's hope the Merlo Family will have a Christmas meal they will never forget! Perhaps they'll invite some friends over, perhaps they'll go a Prime Rib route in addition to the traditional Turkey and Ham. Whatever they decide to do, it will be memorable, and they can shop without worry for their memorable Christmas meal as provided by you, The Patriot Woodworker's. Each plaque has approximately 10 hours of glue up and carving labor into them. These are American Crafts of high quality and workmanship. (shipping will be paid by the TPW community, so that all 200 dollars will reach the Merlo Family) How to purchase Please leave a reply to this topic here if you wish to purchase one or both of these beautiful carvings. Keep in mind, these are also displayed throughout our Merlo Family project portals such as Facebook and Twitter, we reserve the right to sell these carvings outside of our Patriot Woodworker community, all here will be notified immediately if one or both carvings sell outside of our community before they sell here. In Closing We want to thank everyone who has contributed to this project with your raffle ticket purchases, your "getting out the word campaigns", just being here, and all your best wishes for the success of this years Christmas project. And we want to thank John Mordus for his material contribution to the project. You all have come through wonderfully this year, nothing more can be asked of you all, we have some big donors of treasure through our raffle, and we have had some very important smaller donors through our raffle, because even though they don't have much for themselves, they still managed to come up with a few extra dollars to help make a difference in a Gold Star widows Christmas. All contributions hold equal weight, we have all given what we can, and most importantly, it was all done with heart. We truly have the greatest and smallest woodworking community in the cyber world. After all, we are: The Few, The Proud, The Patriot Woodworkers! Thank you Patriot Woodworkers!
  24. Hi all we purchased some barn doors made from douglas fir. We want to dye/stain to a warm brown with black grain. I figure dye warm brown then seal with 1 lbs cut of blond shellac then stain with a black/very dark brown stain. We want to stop blotching. Have a consistent brown background and black grian similiar to gunstock on oak. We need your help.
  25. From the album: Southwest Kitchen Cabinets

    Below the bar area was a dead space the customer wanted me to take advantage of, so I cut in a door and I also installed a nice shelf inside as well. The Aztec style cut out is prevalent throughout the kitchen.
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