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  1. Well folks been away for a while. Long story short. Got laid off my job. Went to Texas as part of the FEMA relief working the COVID ICUs for two months. Found a new job. I hope to get back to some wood working soon. Got a new Rikon 6 inch jointer I need to build a stand for. Anyways here is the finished product I was working on before I left for Texas...As always I am open for any suggestions for improvement.
  2. I added this photo on a thread already going on the turning forum, figgered i would post one here also. Thank you to everyone here and to all the sponsors! These beauties showed up yesterday!
  3. I have been planning to make this display bookcase into a more user friendly setup. After some work this week getting the shelves glued up for wider shelves but fewer today began the assembly. As luck would have it the person who made this originally did not use glue only drywall screws. So I salvaged all the material. The ply back was in two pieces and for my design I had to glue these together with a scrap of ply. This is the before picture. The back frame is put together. Set up to drill for inserts to hold the back of the shelf and allow folding.
  4. I left these pics off my post last week on the Monday so here are the pics of the setup I used for Jingle Bell Market last week. It was an unexpected success since this is something we started to attract new members to the turning club but may be developing into something else.
  5. Many years (45?) ago my father-in-law gave my wife an old pocket watch with parts missing. It is an very old Cartier. When I say parts missing, I mean the rear case door, minute hand and more. It is old bent and not worth much. However it is a family heirloom piece. I made a case for it out of a pentagon glass display I found at Michaels. I made a pentagon lid and base for it. I had a few problems with it. The watch face and rear hinges at two locations, one at 90 degrees and the other at 45 degrees. I wanted to display it opened front and rear. I had to find the best way to display it and ma
  6. Gerald


    Our club is doing a demo and sales event for two evenings . Had wanted a top display and finally got around to getting it done. When the kids take a test run with tops some of the tops end up on the floor so the sides will reduce that happening.
  7. I have a LOT of ornaments. I have given family lots of them too. I have about 50 hanging on display. I was running out of space and decided to make a couple of display stands. Each hold 6. What do I do with all of them, if I don't sell them? Most are spoken for by family members.
  8. Since we have the best woodworks in the world right here, I have a question. I just took a job building a display case that will hang on the wall. The customer’s father was wounded in WWII in the South Pacific and apparently was to be part of a Japanese invasion force. He was carrying a silk double map of Honshu and this is the map that will be protected by the case. Side note: The map still has blood stains on it. Anyway, I’m thinking about a basic oak frame on all four sides with either glass or plexiglass on either side. Weight will be an issue because the map is 26” square. The map wil
  9. Wow, January is in the books already! I spent the afternoon with the Electronics Technology kids while their instructor was away from the school. @Gene Howe posted a picture of a fantastic turning he saw- This is a functioning chess game. Several of our turners added their comments here- @Smallpatch posted a picture of a leg turning he did as a replacement for a damaged one. Jesse explains what he did here, along with an additional image- Last week @Steve Krumanaker showed us an ornament stan
  10. Thank you for joining us. Below is the Military Challenge Coin Display as described by The Patriot Woodworker network. This is a design that we drew up with the help of designs seen all over the web, it is easy to build, most folks have the tools that are necessary to build it, and the finishing process is quite simple. If you don't have the tools that I am using, your sure to find a way around that, as this is as I said, very simple to build. This basic display is 12" long, 4 1/2" deep, 1 1/8" tall at the front, and 1 7/8" tall at the rear. The grooves are 1/4" wide and 5/16"" deep. The beaut
  11. The Keim Lumber co in OH is an Amish owned company. On display is tools of the owners father and grandfather. I thought you would like to see them. If you look below the saw top left, it looks like your mystery tool
  12. This past summer, our town rebuilt the cupola that sets atop “The Old Jailâ€. The Old Jail was built in 1818. It survived the burning of Chambersburg, by the Confederate Army, in 1864. I was fortunate enough to get a piece of an original hand hewn beam from the restoration. Out of that beam, we turned 100 pens; made a couple of presentation boxes and gavel. We had the wood approximately dated from the early 1700’s by a professor at the Pennsylvania State University’s Forestry Department. As you can imagine, the wood was very dry and brittle, but amazingly still smelled strongly of pine
  13. lew

    Pine gavel display

    From the album: Old Jail Gavel

    Partially completed pine display board. Oval recess will hold an inlay of a carpenters mark cut from the beam from which the gavel was turned.
  14. From the album: The Patriot Woodworkers Challenge Coin Displays

    Another view of the sacrifices made during service to our nation. This display belongs to Garry Dietzman, a wounded warrior veteran as well he was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder after returning from a 1,700-combat-mission deployment to Iraq. Thank you for your service Gary, we can never repay your service.

    © The Patriot Woodworker

  15. From the album: The Patriot Woodworkers Challenge Coin Displays

    Can anyone name off the units, and ranks displayed in this lineup?

    © The Patriot Woodworker

  16. From the album: The Patriot Woodworkers Challenge Coin Displays

    A challenge coin display proudly holding some hard earned coins.

    © The Patriot Woodworker

  17. Within the past couple of hours (after 9pm EDT Sunday 9/21) Chrome no longer is displaying the contents of a forum or the entries within a forum. Using Chrome I see this Using Firefox to the same page, I see this- Cleared cache, cookies, logged out/in and restarted chrome- no change??
  18. From the album: The Patriot Woodworkers Challenge Coin Displays

    Another shot of Lew Kauffman displays, great job Lew!

    © The Patriot Woodworker

  19. From the album: The Patriot Woodworkers Challenge Coin Displays

    The lineup, seen here is the display lineup built by our own Ronald Dudelston, ready to be shipped off to Operation Ward 57.

    © The Patriot Woodworker

  20. From the album: The Patriot Woodworkers Challenge Coin Displays

    One side of a challenge coin that George and Sandy included in their display shipment to Operation Ward 57.

    © The Patriot Woodworker

  21. From the album: The Patriot Woodworkers Challenge Coin Displays

    George and Sandy also purchased a coin for each display, this was very kind and special, our wounded at Ward 57 are going to love these!
  22. From the album: The Patriot Woodworkers Challenge Coin Displays

    George Knutson left and Vietnam Veteran Sandy Smith on the right and an employee of the Seattle Woodcraft Store No. 307 standing with a shipment of Challenge Coin Displays before being sent to our headquarters for delivery to Operation Ward 57. Awesome job men!!!
  23. From the album: The Patriot Woodworkers Challenge Coin Displays

    Patriot Woodworker and Shop Steward Ronald Dudelson created some displays to be sent to Operation Ward 57 for their annual auction to raise money for our wounded and their families.

    © The Patriot Woodworker

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