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Found 42 results

  1. What's on your work bench? This is the official topic for images and friendly chatter regarding that all important surface, the personal statement of your shop, the steadfast friend we can always count on, the space of your shop that nobody knows better than you, we are talking about the almighty "Work Bench". Submit your images now! That's right, don't clean it up, don't be embarrassed, the messier the better, or if there is nothing on it at all, that is fine too. If you have not touched your bench in years, and you have taken a break from woodworking and have boxes piled on it, we want that image too! All images are welcome. Spirit of Topic This is a Hit-n-Run topic, as you walk past your bench, whip out your camera or smart phone, and snap a shot, load it up here. No need for text explanations if you don't want too. To kick this off, walk out in your shop and snap a picture of your bench surface now, and lets get this topic rolling. This will be an ongoing topic, for you to share images of your bench top today, and every day. Types of benches Some of us have small benches, some of us have big benches, some of us use a space in our dining room, some may have a picnic table they use for a bench, and some of us may have a bench of all benches, the traditional joiners bench, or a beautiful full cabinet shakers bench. No matter what you call your work surface, no matter what your work surface looks like, we want to see images of your bench! Thank you in advance to the participants!
  2. I have been posting some of my furniture builds. Here are are few of the tools I have made. There are details and pictorial on my website for those interested in making their own: http://www.inthewoodshop.com/ShopMadeTools/index.html A few of these have been featured in Fine Woodworking magazine. This is one - a bridle plough plane ... The plough is based on the Mathieson Bridle Plough. The “bridle” is the method in which the fence is attached to the arms. For centuries many methods have been offered to ensure that the fence runs parallel to the skate. The bridle appears to have been one of the best, but it is difficult to build, and so few were produced. The wood is West Australian She-oak. Its box plus set of 8 irons ... Since we are on boxes, the box alongside was an entry in tool-making competition across Australia in 2009. I think it placed third. Not great images, my apology ... Jarrah box with drawer (containing drill bits and drivers) ... Inside the box is a small brace (throw of 5") and a screwdriver in She-oak. This was carved from a solid billet. The hand rest is Tasmanian Blackwood. Regards from Perth Derek
  3. About froze me tailfeathers off, this morning.....a BREEZY 50 degrees....second sale of the morning was a Barn Sale....TOOLS!....wound up spending $4..as i turned down another 3 axes. First items? Screwdrivers are addicting! Same with squares. North Bros. No.30A with 3 patent dates, and a tip. The square got a good cleaning up when I got home...has an etch: Winchester Trade Mark Made inUSA saw plate with a nib? Belongs the the larger of the 2 saws Was trying to find any sort of an etch....Bigger saw has the nib, and has brass split nuts.. But, no medallion.. Them big rip teeth are about 5-1/2 points per inch...plate is arrow straight...on both saws! Smaller, Panel saw did had a medallion.. Kind of fancy, for a Warranted Superior medallion? I did find a bit of an etch....has a banner across the rest of the etch. Inside the banner? SIMONDS SAW CO. I may be able to sharpen this 8 pointer up, sometime. Same with that rip saw. Not too bad of a morning, despite the cold weather....
  4. Ladies and Gents, I intend to spend time in the shop this summer. Time to tool up. I have a standard marking gauge, the kind with the spike on it. I don't like it much, it follows the grain. I see a lot of youtubers using a metal marking gauge with a rotary cutter on it. Who uses one of these, do you like it, and what brand do you recommend? Same question for saws. If I were buying a tenon saw or panel saw, what brands should I consider?
  5. A fellow that was not only a farmer, but worked to restore farm items, and also fixed up and sold cars and trucks....was having an "Estate Sale/Auction today... Located on a hilltop, over-looking the Great Miami River in DeGraff, OH. Parking was....the usual...found an old farm lane to a house that USED to be on the property ( along with a dozen other people) and parked the van.....found out I was only half way up the hill....to get TO the auction, I had to "take the high ground" ....Number on my bidding card was almost 400 ( 398!) walked around awhile....found a pile of saws laying on the wet grass. Had to stand my ground, as others were walking through and OVER things. Almost needed a flak vest and steel toed boots! Wind was a steady 20mph, and it was about 40 degrees out...two Auctioneers were going at the same time, different areas. Whew, They finally made their way to where I was standing firm....He "packaged the 11 saws into a single item...then I got into a bidding war....for the wet and rusty saws.....won it @ $20! sheesh! Some of the saws were prunning saw (2) and there were the usual "Meat saws" (4) decided I didn't need those, so I tossed them back into the auction. Then it was off to find a few yard sales, and raid a couple Antique stores...meh...very slim pickens....The place up in Huntsville, OH has the "Junk in the Box" dug around there a bit, and found two whole items...WOW! That little Handyman eggbeater, with an 1/8" brad point bit. And that screwdriver. The metal framed "saw" was hidden under the saws...Bonus? There was a 20" "DeVille" brand saw.. Will be a decent enough Toolbox saw. which left 5 full sized hand saws. Atkins No. 59, 8ppi, 26" long...later model...yeah, these were pretty dirty..but, all the plates were straight as can be, and sharp! Couple warranted Superior saws...one seems to be a D-7 style ( forgot to get a picture of the No. 59...this is the WS/ D-7..ooops) And this Mystery saw....There was also a Craftsman clone of a D-23.. Late 50s model. Then there was a Disston & Sons D-8, 10 ppi, 26" long crooscut.. That top bolt is a replacement Mr. Cook did. All the rest are Brass, top one is steel, and rusted solid. Plate is arrow straight, and them tiny teeth are very sharp. Legs are a bit crampy tonight, put a few "miles" on them. Will update as I rehab these treasures...at least the "good" ones...
  6. Have ya'll heard of Jim Bode Tools, ya, pretty cool. They are advertised in the MWTCA Gristmill. Have fun! https://www.jimbodetools.com/collections/whats-new
  7. Put things away when I get done....yeah...right.... See anyone you know? But wait, there is more.. One more time? Some things do get put away, though.. Couple open spots....I put a few things away..and something else takes their place.. But...it at least had some work to do... That steel ruler? Not just a yardstick.....a Tinner used it when making all sorts of "tin cans" I managed to get a little work done, today...inspite of the mess......
  8. Got to ride along to visit a small section of The World's Longest Yard Sale.....Stopped at about half of the sales we found...I think I bought items from 8 different vendors....spent..$18...Soooo, first up was a "Truckstop-like" place in Cartegena, Oh area, on US 127.....large barn for selling Golf carts, another for selling sporting goods, another was the gas station/deli/grocery.....and a few tents of vendors....and another long building full of antiques.. Prices were a tad too high, for me... and.. Next booth.. Table in the center of this booth.. Yes, it says $9 for that block plane...Bought a pair of Yankee/North screwdrivers from one tent, and a Dunlap #3 from another... Stopped at a few other sales......one had this big tool.. Has a drive shaft to a PTO. Didn't have the room in the van...or the shop... Stopped at a place called "York Woods" (?) a campground in a woods. Also had quite a few vendors....one was 80% tools! Got a backsaw, a square, and another Yankee/North Bros. One other stop got me a short rip saw....Started the day with a twenty, came home with $2..for these? Square is a 12" model. Backsaw isn't much bigger. Might take a little clean up? Road weary now....might be too tired to try the shop today....Had tried to do a little rehab on the 5-1/2ppi rip saw.....glued a crack in the handle, and replaced one bolt.. Yep..THAT one (bolt and crack) Someone had peened the bolt over onto the nut....had to grind away to remove the bolt. Handle is sitting clamped up, with a bead of glue where the crack broke out.. Warranted Superior medallion...might take awhile to get it rehabbed? I think I'll sit and rest for awhile....
  9. Went out Barn Sale-ing....two stops were....meh. a panel saw, and not much else at the first stop. Framer's square at the second one.. At least I can READ this $2 square...the saw? Once I got the rust off, a fully readable etch appeared. There is an "8" inside the "D" 10ppi, 20" long crosscut Panel saw....everything looked good.. Except Disston never used this type of medallion. Hmmm...spent $2.50 for the saw. After hammering the plate flat and straight, and the rust removed....had to set things aside...Road Trip to pick up the GrandBRATS... Stopped at that place in Brandt, OH......fellow is getting too pricey to stop in any more...I spent $3 on a saw... 26" long, has 6points per inch. Has a strange etch.. Never really heard of it... small box at the top of the etch looks like a M9? Bolts? Don't get too excited.... Not sure when this style came out.. . Stamped as a "6". need to do some research on this saw Not that great a day, not that bad a day...meh. As for Brandt? Bypass the place. Way overpriced...18" F style clamp ( made in China) $18 each? same with a 24" and a 12" one...same price...and won't come down, either... Maybe tomorrow, I'll have better luck?
  10. First off, I have two "orphans" to figure out what to do with Don't have any saw plates that match, the holes patterns are different than the plates I still have... Warranted Superior Medallions. Not sure what to do with these.... However, I did find one match for another handle.. As I have an Atkins handle.. Holes match! Need to clean the rusty plate and see IF there is an etch.....and see IF I can find out what model this was. Might have a bit of time this week?
  11. On the road trip from the Lumberjocks get together......trying to make it around curves and over mountains...back end of the pickup truck was FULL. Kept looking for ANY Antique Stores / Malls......got back into OHIO before we even found one open. To even get out of the Shindig, we had to load up as much of Charles Neil's "scrap wood bin" as we could. This is about half of my "share"..the rest is further back in that corner. Anyway, this is about tools.. These two are the "keepers" of the BUNCH... This one is only for the handle, plate is junk. Not too sure about this thingy... Anyway, I sold Charles 3 saws, and fixed up another for him....I had to haul all the rest of his saws home.... There are TWO Butcher's saws on the bottom. Most of these will be for parts. (free saws...) There was a bit of trading going on. Charles had a top shelf of planes and tools he did not want...I got two planes.. That little piece of metal is my plane stop dog. The plane is a Type 7, No. 8 Stanley Jointer plane. Next.. Type 1, Millers Falls No. 11 Junior Jack.. Also tossed my way.. A No. 85 Stearns hinge gauge. A few irons for planes.. Not too sure about the block plane ones, there are 3 from IBC for bench planes. One still in the wrapper is a 2" wide one. Was a few other odds and ends....oh, about that Antique store? They also sold Guitars and accessories, too.... Had to make it a quick stop, though, had a nasty Thunderstorm headed that way. Made one $9.99 +tax buy in the store... It even had a twist drill bit made for this style of drill. Stanley 6" sweep brace. With a 7/16" drill bit. Long weekend, had a LOT of fun, had a great host. LOTS of food. Met some new people, too. Was told to edit Charles out of this picture, as for these other two Hooligans...(note the SMALL planer?) Radial arm saw now has a router instead of a saw....pretty country down there and another.. This was from US 50, on the way home to Ohio. Right after we passed a group of "bikers" setting up to pedal up and down these little hills... Not a bad weekend road trip...
  12. Day one is done.....took two trips to do that, and bring the stuff home. Along with all the normal Friday stuff... Planes? Paid for three of them.. These two and a Great Neck thing hat was shaped like a block plane. I switched the front knob over to the Stanley No.4c, from the Stanley Defiance No. 3. The #4c is a type 10. More about these two later... Saws? It is a Disston....for tree trimming. Ugly teeth award.. Meh...have a few branches that need to be trimmed back....and First of two $1 handsaws...this is the better of the two. It even has a nib... Both of these $1 saws are 26" long. As for number 2.. Warranted Superior on the medallion. Bought this just for the hardware....not the tape, though.. Not sure IF this is a bolt, or a rivet....goes all the way through. And next.. Between the pruning saw and these items, I spent $5.25 Found the hammer head in one box, the handle in another. iron was a quarter. Largest hex key is 5/16". Straight jaw is almost brand new... Then there was this box.. Wasn't a full box, but.. Left side of the box.. And the right side. There were tapered shank bits.. Handsome, ain't they? I'm still digging through the rest, but there were another type of bit.. The expansive bit is a Craftsman, and goes out to 1-1/4". haven't cleaned the others up yet. May go back and see IF a pair of almost brand new braces are still on a table, tomorrow. Day One is done, day Two is about to begin...
  13. Did not have much to do on the chisels,,,had a couple old saws, though Last year, I bought three saws for $3....one was a plastic handled Atkins...meh Number 2? Disston/HK Porter "Journeyman" saw. Even had the price tag on it. "etch" was a silk screened thing. Handle is a bit to blocky...soo. Saw #3? Same size, no hanger hole in the plate. Had a slight bend I had to fix. Still looking for an etch. Seemed to be a little older than #2. Still had a blocky handle....had Amazing what a bit of sanding can do. Hardware has been polished up. Plate was removed, cleaned and polished up. Handle was given a "wipe-on, wipe-off" coat of "Brew". Screws were clocked. Saw MIGHT look a bit better, now. Plate is straight. May go back and sharpen those 8ppi teeth, next time. Not too bad?
  14. A bit of downtime today in the shop. Got to looking at those saws hanging up in the tills.....dusty, and spots of red growing? Time to take them down and clean them up. Dug through the piles, wiped down three Disston D-23s.....a Corsair 8ppi crosscut, But left the Disston Challenger rip saw alone for now..... Cleaned and added a finish to a few handles to brighten them up a bit....( rattle can Lacquer ) Soo, here is the results... Late 40s Disston D-8 with etch. 8 ppi crosscut, next.. Also, late 40s, I think this is a D-7? Might be a tad older, and maybe it is a No. 7, pre-1928? 10ppi crosscut, next? However, THIS one IS an oldie, a No.7 , 7ppi, with nib. The first two saws are standing up behind this on. And finally, a "mystery saw" I had "picked" this one up at an estate sale last year. Cleaned up nicely. Ron Dud MIGHT know the place where it was made.. This is an Atkins saw, from Indy, IN. Unable to read the etch, other than a few banner like things.... Handle is well worn, too. That is a "7" stamped in the plate.. So, it is a 7ppi. Teeth look like they are filed for a crosscut.... I also dusted off the 358's saw handle, and gave it a touch-up finish. There is another D-8 in the old tool chest I need to get to....and a third D-8 sitting upstairs. I intend to take it over to get it's 8ppi teeth done, aling with a No.4 backsaw. Once back here, I clean those handles, and hang them up in the tills. the "rattle-can" stuff even smell worse than the BLO stuff....
  15. Remember when I picked this mitre box a while back? Well, what little rust and dirt that was on this, is now gone. Met a fellow from the Cinci, Oh area who had the saw that MIGHT work. Paid $20 for it. While not the 4" x 26"....I think I can make do with this 4" x 24" version ( was made for the Stanley 2244A box) So, here we go. Boards are a few pieces of resawn pine. I already tried one laying flat......saw is quite sharp enough for that...yet. I needed the pine blanks cut to length ( note the time stamp) Less than 2 minutes later, this board is trimmed to length. And, I get a Cardio workout as well..... There is a Disston HK Porter stamped in the steel spine. There is a very readable etch on the saw's plate.. Might give it a dose of Gun Blue paste later, to bring things out better. Stanley logo, with the clipped corners box. " Made expressly for..." Not the best looking handle.....Medallion says it is a Disston USA. I have since found a fellow that sharpens these sort of saws.....so, maybe I can get these done The one in the back is a 5" x 28" for the larger mitre box I have. There is the 18" craftsman, and a #4 backsaw. @ $0.60 per inch...might take a few trips to get these all done. There is a home for the mitre box and it's saw.. Called "Home Station" As for those pine boards? two longs, and two shorts. That metal plate ahead of them? Piece of old saw plate ( with the teeth still attached, mind you) is attached to a wood bench dog. I didn't like hitting the plastic dog with the plane. Saw plate is much thinner, and the teeth hold better. Since this is a Tools thread.....the plane? Is a Millers Falls No. 11 ( Stanley size 5-1/4), type 2 Junior Jack plane. More of a long smoother, in a #3 width. 11" long makes it easy to move around on the smaller stuff. As for the boards themselves? Well, that will be in the woodworking section.....stay tuned. Will also let you know how the sharpening service does.....11ppi is just too tiny in teeth for my eyes.
  16. Good Morning Friends, Well another Saturday has come around and today's quiz is as follows; What is the difference between a cross cut hand saw and a rip saw?
  17. Well, went past the Home Depot on the way home, thought I could get enough lumber for the drawers......Gold Plated Pine meant I could only get enough for three drawers. Got the lumber home, and into the shop....about wore me out. Thought I'd leave them until morning.....nope. Went back down to the shop, measured for a few crosscuts. Since I was still a bit worn out, I didn't get down a handsaw.. 6-1/2" Skil saw will work nicely. Got a front, a back, and a pair of sides cut out....had just under a foot of scrap left.....and then I went back upstairs...thinking I was done.... Got to thinking( dangerous, I know) that I had a somewhat "better" saw to cut dovetails with. Needed to "test" it out. Went back done to the shop. Laid out some dovetail pins....saw worked nicely, nice perfect, but it is sharp. Got out the chisels, thinking I could have them set up for in the morning....Nope. I went ahead and chopped the pins.....which led to the tails being marked out and done...next thing I know.. I have this sitting on my bench, the same bench I had earlier cleaned off. This is the "side" view, and the front view? Before I left for the last time, I made a few marks, to tell me which was which.. The "T" is to show which edge goes up. Usual "in" and other marks. At least I'll know where to plough a groove at....Maybe after a decent night's sleep, I can build the rest of these?
  18. Web-frames. What I use in a case to let drawers slide in and out. Made long before those new-fangled metal thingys ever came along. last episode, I had all the parts cut to length, to make 6 frames. Today? Well first a "prototype" was sawn out.. Yeah, a tenon. The problem today was how to make about 24 of these tenons, without a lot of time being used up. Hmmm, I have that Mitre Box, and it has depth stops I can adjust.. Right there, under the guide, is a brass collar. Loosen the set screw, and slide up until you reach the depth you want to stop at. Did both the front one, and the one in the back. I used the prototype under the saw blade, to set the depth. while the prototype was sitting there, I screwed a stop block to the deck. so, I could do the other 23 tenons' shoulder cuts, and wear out my elbow, at the same time. Slide up to the block, cut until the saw no longer cuts, flip to do the other side, flip again to do the other end. Next, needed a way to cut the cheeks of the tenons...re-saw jig on the bandsaw was slid around a bit.. I pushed each side through, until the waste just fell over, rotate or flips as needed...soon had 48 of these little scraps laying around. As for the tenons? 24 tenons were soon done( the other ends look just like these) Next, I needed another jig. Had to go and dig it out...and then "up-date " it.... The side pieces were too tall, made new, lower ones. Spacing was too wide...ok, I clamped a part and the two new sides together in the vise Drilled a few new holes for screws, and screwed the base in place. Need this attached to the bench top, right over a leg.. With a few screws. Now, I can use a pair of Visegrips finger clamps to hold a rail, while I abuse it for a bit. Chose a tenon to use for the layouts. Used a backsaw to make a couple cuts.. Sawn at an angle, so as not to overcut too much, Have another way to dig out the waste.. The mortise chisel chops down at the back, then I can just pop the waste out. The wide chisel to fine tune things as needed.. Plan was to fit each tenon to it's new home. I also marked on all the parts, which part goes where. After a few chops, I could check for square.. Let's see, that be 4 tenons fitted in place, a lot of flipping going on here. I also cut some old, nasty pine into a kicker.. A kicker is to keep a drawer fromtipping down, when you pull the drawer out a bit. While the M & T joints will get glue and nails later, the kickers will get a screw on each end, and a spot of glue. So, shop time started at 1130 hrs, and ended at 1500 hours....what did I get done? Three frames are ready to be assembled with glue, nails, and screws. First, I had to get these off the washer, before the Boss sees them. Will try to get the rest of these done, so I can clear the bench and do a lot of assembly work. Been a long afternoon...stay tuned..
  19. And since I can't go to the shop until tomorrow, decided to clean out the tool tote that sits here by the desk.. Ok, found a few hand saws....a big fancy hacksaw, a crosscut saw, and a very OLD Disston compas/keyhole saw......There are some HUGE rasps still in the bottom of the tote. Two brace drills, one in very good condition, the other one not really. There was an 8" long "Tri Square" that even had a level in the handle ( level works) Overall feel suggests it is by Stanley....There is also a "Defiance" combo square, The kind that has a slot for about half the length of the ruler. Will have to look again, to see what Model # it is...looked like a #1221? Now that I went to all the trouble to make that Drill Bit Book....I found five more bits.....3 are the 16/16", one is a 18/16", and one is a 6/16"....guess I could keep them for the Millers Falls brace I found in there? There was also an eggbeater drill, the hollow handle has a metal "window" you open, the shake out a drill bit from inside. Luftkin #X46 ruler, with the brass extension piece. 72" ruler. A 50' tape measure, with a locking crank on it's metal case. And a couple 16' metal cased tape measures.... Found out where those BIG calipers from Starrett was hiding. A little tack hammer, with a loose head. Will try to tighten that up later.... A chalk box ( new one, by strait line) and a bottle of blue chalk.... A Stanley No. 46-825 Sliding bevel gauge, black plastic handle....and a General No.810 honing guide... Hacksaw was a Parker Line. There was a small mallet down in the bottom of the tote, I inherited it from my late FIL. I used it as a pattern to turn the one I use now. Somehow, a few screwdrivers got dropped in there, including all the Yankee ones, and both of my #41 push drills....Grrr. No wonder this tool tote weighed as much as I did.....Now I get to clean a few up. and stash a few away.......looking like about next month will be a huge tool sale on FeeBay for the shop here... Maybe when I can get the tripod upstairs, I might take a few shots of all the finds.....good or bad...?
  20. Had a case of gap-osis between the pages. After I finally got ALL the hinges installed....I clamped the box hinge side down in the end vise. I started out with a back saw, and then a crosscut saw. Saw was started in one of the gaps, and then I worked my way along. Each Gap was sawn the same way. Had to then open the box up, and finish things smooth with a plane, and a sander.....of course, some dummy forgot to bring the camera along......then had MORE errands to do... Finally was able to sneak back down to the shop..... Added dust covers on each end. Will order a bag of latches this weekend, too. One corner is bad...meh, adds character. Like how the gaps have go away, almost? Open the lid....then Turn a page. Need to clean these out...then.. All opened up. Yep, this one is facing the other way....meh. Got out the "Honey Jar" and got it all mixed up....had a test to do.. Trying to decide IF I like it this flavour....or maybe a bit redder? Depends on the lighting.. bTW: I finally took a tape measure to this box.....side to side= 11-3/16", front to back=8-5/8", height=5-9/16"......not too bad, for not having a written plan. Will try to order a bag of latches this weekend. I figure I can final sand, clean out, and add a finish, THEN add the latches......still working on a handle of some sort......this will be stacked with the rest of the wood boxes in the shop. May have to build a cabinet to hold them all....someday. Might even find some labels to attach to the box, when everything is done? Stay tuned..
  21. Ok, back to a bit of woodworking. Now that the internet "issues" have been fixed, I might be able to post a few items.. I got holder blank #2 into the clamps this morning Only needed three chunks, this time around. Will let this sit awhile. Now that a certain machine is about ready to go.. I might make use of this yard sale find. As for maxi-mouse? meh, save it for saw plates. Next, needed to cut the sides to match the holder. Ran a pencil around a bit, then a combo square to mkade some lines.. Plan is to cut along the line. Then, add the smaller piece to the holder already made. This will be the "bottom page" of the book. Needed to add some slots to the holder. Marked a couple lines where each shank was, cut a knife line to guide the saw. Then saw as much as I could. Then use a couple chisels to chop the waste away... Something like these two. Small chisel to chop, 1" chisel to pare away the junk. Finally got all the slots chopped and pared.. These slots will allow the bits to be raised up enough to be taken out of the holder. Did some trim to fit on the narrow sides and end pieces. A spot or schmear of Elmer's, and some 1" brass nails to add each side piece. Then...more clamps, including one to pull things into almost square... The one at the diagonal. Even using the end vise and a benchdog to help out. Will let this set a while as well......bench is a bit too full right now, anyway... If'n when I can see the top of my bench again...I'll start drilling the second holder.......have a different scheme to try out, drill wise. stay tuned
  22. Way too much like work. Added the extra parts to one end of the holder blank. Set the blank up in the vise..then had to take the Boss to lunch and Walmart. Piece of a Sausage,Egg, & Cheese sammich got lodged in the wrong spot...had a choking fit. Finally got it out. Ok, set up the large brace with a large bit, marked a center line, and started to attempt to drill a few holes.. First hole went a bit sideways, next ones were a tad better. Trying to get that big-arsed bit deep enough.. Something like this. Found out real fast which drill bit needs sharpened, too. I was stuck using just two bits... Last two were with a smaller bit. Again one went a little off, second one was a bit better. Marked a few more lines, time for a saw, or two... Just an old Keystone No. 6-1/2. Trying to rip rip down the center.....got to a marked depth line. Put the big saw away, laid the block on it's side, and got a crosscut saw... Hoping the two lines meet where they are supposed to.. Needed to keep drilling, as the shank holes were needed too. The 16" long bits were a bit too dull for a brace, but not for a 1/2" corded drill. Some chisel work to improve a few cuts, ran a #11 (7/8") 16" long bit in the corded drill. Finally got things to where a few auger bits will sit in the holders.. Still have to cut slots, so I can lift each bit up and out. Going to need a LOT of sanding. Will have to think about this for a day or two....quarter of the way through the holder builds.... Time to just chill out, dry off, and sit the rest of the evening......too tired for a Beer run, even..
  23. Kind of a weakness of mine...cheap food, and tool sales.....They had a set of saws, on sale, for $6.99, + tax......Decided to at least try them out, after all, not like they are the EXPENSIVE kind of saws.. Just the way they package their stuff, half in english, half in spanish, That "logo on the handle...."Tested & Certified" "in Germany". Modern saws....Made in China, tested and certified in Germany.. Crosscut panel saw, a backsaw that might work for dovetails, and a Drywall saw. Each with their own blade protector... These also have a 3 yr warrantee....I just got these out of the plastic package, haven't tried them out..yet. Drywall saw is a bit late, as I already have done a bunch of that sort of work. Aldis I was in had two boxes of saws,...hacksaws, a single hand saw and these. There was two left, and I had to dig into the second box to find this set...we'll see later how they do....I am only out $7 anyway,.... BTW: the addy in Germany for these saws? Ovibell GmbH & Co. KG, Steineshofffweg 2, D-45479 Mulheim an der Ruhr.
  24. As some of you are aware from my recent posts, I have been working on a few old saws. As testimony to how addictive rust hunting can be, at least for some (me), It seems that I may have lost track of how many crusty orphan saws I have been bringing home in the last year or two. I still need to file several of these. Even more troubling is the backlog of still rusty candidates that need the full treatment. The re-work saws include the Atkins 68 10 tpi crosscut from my other post, 3 D8 Disstons (2 thumbhole rip and 1 crosscut), A Spear and Jackson split nut rip, Disston miter box saw, 2 Jackson 14 inch backsaws, and my Disson 14 turned 8 inch backsaw to remove a crack. A priority on the to do list is a Rosewood handled Disston (i think its a victory but havent uncovered the etch) and several more miter box and backsaws in varying srates of disarray. I really need to build a till and maybe ebay some spares soon. I seem to have developed a weak spot and affliction for saws! Not pictured are about a dozen more on the bench and opposite wall that cant be seen. I suspect that I will have more before and after project to share soon. This will take some time!
  25. Ok, as part of a test drive for the Aldi's saws..I tried the larger saw as a Rip saw...not that great... First off, I tried a "kerf cut" to help guide things along. Set up a Stanley #45 with the narrow cutter.. Thing with a 45, you have to keep an eye on the fence, as it tends to slip a bit. Set about 3/4" in from the edge, with an almost ( fence) matching one one the other side. Stand this 4x4 straight up in the vise, and try a saw Super fine sawdust? This would take all day.. Tried out a little better saw.. Bigger teeth, coarse sawdust. But, towards the halfway point, noticed the rip saw had drifted a bit to the left. Flipped the 4x4 over and came down the other side...there is that drift again. Will have to "stone" the left side of the teeth.. Finally got this 4x4 cut, rather a bit ugly... Real ugly. So, I got out a couple other planes.....A cambered jack plane ala Schwarz That big old knot kept making things difficult....Then to a larger "try" plane... Instead of traversing the grain, I went at an angle to the grain ( plane is a Stanley 5-1/2, T-17) then, to keep from making a "banana" a LONG plane was used.. A No.7 Jointer should do the trick. The iron has no camber, and acts almost like a smooth plane See-throughs from a jointer plane. Still need to do the same with the piece I ripped off. I think I will stick to Bandsaws for this sort of work....I am soaked clean through....and in need of a Guiness...was too pooped to try a #3 or #4 smooth plane....
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