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Found 16 results

  1. For those that remember that far back....ever see a hacksaw with a handle like this? Wing nut is also a bit strange.. That be a wing nut and a normal nut as one piece? Logo? WARD'S MASTER QUALITY....not too sure who the owner was, that left his mark... As for a square.... Note the heart shaped area? It IS missing the level, though...not a biggie..
  2. Spend $17 Saturday..2 sales were $1 a sale...first sale... Craftsman/Millers Falls block plane...Stanley 8" square...cleaned up nicely.. Plane? aka: Millers Falls No. 16C...next sale.. Irwin 3" No.2 Phillips , No. 8000.....General Calipers...insert for a Montana Brand Drill/Driver set...$1 for all of this... last sale was a bit more "Costly".. Price tag said $20...got it for $15....EC Stearns adjustable tenon auger... Cleaned up nicely enough...needed a brace to drive it... Just happened to have one....with a chuck that has no issues holding a 1/2" round shaft So..IF I ever need a round tenon made....anything from 1/4" up to 1-1/4"...and up to 4" long....we now have the tool.. Not too bad of a Saturday morning?
  3. John Morris

    Just a Fun Image

    From the album: Big Ash Mallet

    Here is a fun picture showing the hand tools I used to help make this mallet, it took a combination of my table saw to make the slots, the shoulder plane to clean up the slots, the miter saw to cut the blanks at 5 degrees, and my hand tools to shape and make it interesting.
  4. From the album: John Morris's Hand Tools

    I got in the shop a little and decided to make my own layout tools, starting with the ever so useful 6" square. Since it's the most used size in my work, it's a good jumping off point. Then I'll create a smaller 3" followed up by a few larger squares. I love how this one feels, and you know what? No more accidental scratching or marring of wood surfaces like you may get with steel squares.
  5. From the album: John Morris's Hand Tools

    I built this square from left over Walnut from some project eons ago, and the Curly Maple is scrap from a Shaker Rocker I am currently building. The two pins are of Walnut as well. They are through-pins.
  6. This might be better in the "Tip" section, but.. How to check a square for...square? Get a nice straight edge piece of wood scrap. Set the square against that edge...and mark a line across the face of the board.. Yes, there are two lines there ( already done the test..) Next, flip the square over... Mark a second line beside the first one. You are looking to see IF the two lines are parallel to each other. If they are not? Square needs adjusted until it will pass this test. Usually a hammer strike on the blade..up or down..recheck, and adjust til it does pass. At least this old Stanley 8" passed the test...close enough for the girls I go with So..give it a try....doesn't take very long, either.
  7. About froze me tailfeathers off, this morning.....a BREEZY 50 degrees....second sale of the morning was a Barn Sale....TOOLS!....wound up spending $4..as i turned down another 3 axes. First items? Screwdrivers are addicting! Same with squares. North Bros. No.30A with 3 patent dates, and a tip. The square got a good cleaning up when I got home...has an etch: Winchester Trade Mark Made inUSA saw plate with a nib? Belongs the the larger of the 2 saws Was trying to find any sort of an etch....Bigger saw has the nib, and has brass split nuts.. But, no medallion.. Them big rip teeth are about 5-1/2 points per inch...plate is arrow straight...on both saws! Smaller, Panel saw did had a medallion.. Kind of fancy, for a Warranted Superior medallion? I did find a bit of an etch....has a banner across the rest of the etch. Inside the banner? SIMONDS SAW CO. I may be able to sharpen this 8 pointer up, sometime. Same with that rip saw. Not too bad of a morning, despite the cold weather....
  8. Took a look at my Starret squares and found different markings for hardened on each. The 12" has hardened marked on the rule and the square frame but not on the center finder. The 6" set has hardened marked on the rule only. I know this is an original set for sure because I still have the box. The angle head has hardened marked on the rule only also. It is not stamped on the frame. I wonder if the hardened rules were used with the common sets but a true hardened set would have the frames marked as hardened too.
  9. Since I've been hostage for the past month + between swim meets/events, furnace outages along with truck transmissions & alternators, finally had a "fun day" after my brief time getting a haircut to break the cabin fever. Stopped at a couple flea markets...not much in the offerings of interest or priced above new in store prices but I did pick up these treasures for total of $5. Sorry for the fuzzy picture(s). Must have been a thumb print on my phone lens??? As always, didn't need any of it (well the clip boards) but somebody had to rescue them. Craftsman 12" Machinist Combo Square, a small miter gauge and the two clip boards. I'm always misplacing my clip boards. Probably where ever my missing pencils are at or where the grand-kids last used them?? It'll take a little work, but I think it will clean up pretty well. Square head is all steel and complete with scribe. A little heft to this one From the paint color and Craftsman script I'm guessing latter part of the 1950's to very early 1960's. Same color that was used on some of their early table & RAS's.
  10. Just got an email from Woodcraft pushing a "one time tool" that is now back by popular demand. The tool is a Woodpeckers square. Advertised cost of a 18" one is $160, $190 with case. My wife and family have deemed me as being cheap, but I prefer to say I'm financially responsible. I'm sure these are of great quality, but sure seems like a lot for a square. Is it just me? Signed, frugal in KC...
  11. Got to ride along to visit a small section of The World's Longest Yard Sale.....Stopped at about half of the sales we found...I think I bought items from 8 different vendors....spent..$18...Soooo, first up was a "Truckstop-like" place in Cartegena, Oh area, on US 127.....large barn for selling Golf carts, another for selling sporting goods, another was the gas station/deli/grocery.....and a few tents of vendors....and another long building full of antiques.. Prices were a tad too high, for me... and.. Next booth.. Table in the center of this booth.. Yes, it says $9 for that block plane...Bought a pair of Yankee/North screwdrivers from one tent, and a Dunlap #3 from another... Stopped at a few other sales......one had this big tool.. Has a drive shaft to a PTO. Didn't have the room in the van...or the shop... Stopped at a place called "York Woods" (?) a campground in a woods. Also had quite a few vendors....one was 80% tools! Got a backsaw, a square, and another Yankee/North Bros. One other stop got me a short rip saw....Started the day with a twenty, came home with $2..for these? Square is a 12" model. Backsaw isn't much bigger. Might take a little clean up? Road weary now....might be too tired to try the shop today....Had tried to do a little rehab on the 5-1/2ppi rip saw.....glued a crack in the handle, and replaced one bolt.. Yep..THAT one (bolt and crack) Someone had peened the bolt over onto the nut....had to grind away to remove the bolt. Handle is sitting clamped up, with a bead of glue where the crack broke out.. Warranted Superior medallion...might take awhile to get it rehabbed? I think I'll sit and rest for awhile....
  12. Went out Barn Sale-ing....two stops were....meh. a panel saw, and not much else at the first stop. Framer's square at the second one.. At least I can READ this $2 square...the saw? Once I got the rust off, a fully readable etch appeared. There is an "8" inside the "D" 10ppi, 20" long crosscut Panel saw....everything looked good.. Except Disston never used this type of medallion. Hmmm...spent $2.50 for the saw. After hammering the plate flat and straight, and the rust removed....had to set things aside...Road Trip to pick up the GrandBRATS... Stopped at that place in Brandt, OH......fellow is getting too pricey to stop in any more...I spent $3 on a saw... 26" long, has 6points per inch. Has a strange etch.. Never really heard of it... small box at the top of the etch looks like a M9? Bolts? Don't get too excited.... Not sure when this style came out.. . Stamped as a "6". need to do some research on this saw Not that great a day, not that bad a day...meh. As for Brandt? Bypass the place. Way overpriced...18" F style clamp ( made in China) $18 each? same with a 24" and a 12" one...same price...and won't come down, either... Maybe tomorrow, I'll have better luck?
  13. Here's a neat tip for squaring the drill press table- http://www.woodsmithtips.com/2015/10/15/drill-press-checkup/?utm_source=WoodsmithTips&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=9998
  14. Well, cleaned a few up for Polite Company to view, handled a small chisel to make it usable. Lets start with these..thngs What you see here cost me about $10 today... 3/32" nail set, a 3/16" drill bit ( Craftsman!) and a counter sink bit with no name. $0.75 for these.. A pair of Millers Falls 3/4" wide chisels, one with a fully readable logo. Permaloid handles...$1 each $1 for this block plane iron, with a Stanley "triangle" logo. Might have a plane for this... How many tri squares have a level in the handle? Must be why this was $2? In the first picture, the tool with the ball on the end? Is a Stanley YANKKEE offset, ratcheting screwdriver. No. 3400, even has a patent date. Both "tips" are for slotted screws. Ok. the next one came home in two pieces. I had to fit a new handle to this 3/8" wide chisel.. I think I paid a dollar for each? This is a Buck Brothers 3/8" Mortise chisel Says so right on the back. Chisel will need a bit more work to bring it up to "Ready" status. Have started to grind a new edge, and work on the back a bit. This might take a while. Haven't done anything to the red chisels, other than give them a trip on the wire wheel...were a bit rusty. Out of the $10...I got a quarter back. Three different stops. No wonder I'm worn out. Had to walk today.....sheesh.
  15. Well gotta love Yard sales on Thursdays around here. Only hit a couple, only spent ....$4 Mainly at one sale. They wanted way too much for some of their tools, as usual. Did pick out three "gems" though . That Stanley 8" square wasn't too bad, for a dollar. Cleaned it up, and could almost make out the inch markings on it There was a flimsy Japanese style flush cut saw. $1. Figured I'd try it out sometime. Speaking of saws A Millers Falls No. 2 Fret saw. I think it is a might too deep a reach to be a coping saw. Took two pictures to get it all in. This one had a $2 price tag on it. I changed out the new style slotted screws for a pair of thumbscrews. It takes a pin-less scrollsaw blade. How do I know what type of saw this is, because the maker stamped it on the saw,deep! Very readable. Two saws, and a decent square....$4 total. The one dovetail saw they had @ $8? Came back two days later, and got it for $5. Been active on FeeBay as well, but that's another story......
  16. lew

    framing squares

    From the album: Old Tools

    Aluminum square from 1962. Steel square is a Sargent 14B that was my grandfather's.
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