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  1. Elbo 2 Hollowing System review. I purchased this tool from Tim Yoder via his website. Specifically this is the Advanced model. They are currently in stock. Tim was great to work with and put my name on the waiting list as they were out of stock when I ordered. He was responsive and answered all of my questions before and after the sale. The tool is #25 of nickel plated cold rolled steel. I can only describe it as heavy duty and ready for anything. I had some doubts about articulating arm tools centered around torque on the arm. This tool performs admirably with no noticeable deflection. It was very easy to setup and use. I tested the tool on a piece of knotty dry figured pecan. Cuts were easy to achieve with only finger tip control and there was little to no tear out observed. Boring bar is 3/4" and accepts 3/8" round shank or 1/4" square cutting tools. In the future, a nice addition would be a dual use boring bar so that we could use a straight cutter on one end and an angled cutter on the other. For now there is only the straight option available. The kit included 2 HHS cutters 1/4" and 3/16". I was able to quickly and easily sharpen the cutter after use on the Sorby Pro-Edge using an 80 degree setting on the platform. A carbide tool is available from Hunter tool systems. One of the reason for choosing this tool over a captured bar is fitment on a short bed lathe. It comes with a universal bed mount and an ingenious angled under bed bar that will fit any lathe. It also comes with a stop collar so that the hight adjustment is repeatable. The laser arm is also very easy to set up and use. The design is remarkable in two ways. The wire runs inside the arm protecting it from the spinning stuff. Secondly, there is a very easy to adjust laser mount included. In the future, I would like to see a ball bearing detent on the laser mast to help align the arm. The laser seems high quality and has a narrow beam. Also available on Tim's website are storage hooks. This makes it easy to store the tool away when not in use. .40
  2. Planning and organizing my work space, I am going over in my head different ways to build, or not to build, storage for my hand tools. I have gone over in my head a whole bunch of ideas, and one thing I always love to think about is re-purposing old cabinets for my storage solutions. I currently have old kitchen overhead cabinets now, where my finishing supplies and hardware is stored, they were given to me by a buddy at work years ago, and they have served me well. I was looking through local ebay sales in my area for antique cabinets, that I could reconfigure to fit my hand tools, and I came across this old pine cabinet for $285 bucks on Ebay. The lumber would cost that much to build it, and then my time, of which I have very little, it would be nice to just have this cabinet, and retrofit some dividers into it for my hand planes, and shaves and braces etc. I think this would be a really fun project wouldn't it? I could most definitely make this work for my hand tools storage.
  3. I saw some new Lithium batteries on Amazon, rated 6kAh (my other ones are 1.2 and 4). These are about $50 for a pair (so get a pair!), roughly half the price of the 4's from Ryo. I cannot speak to longevity, but after several uses, they sure do extend the use time. I was tiring out before the juice ran out, but then I'm more derated every day! I've only looked for the Ryo ONe+ thing, but I assume other compatibilities are available or coming soon. https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B08LPP48M1/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o06_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  4. Well we went by another antique store today and found several what is its. Tgey all had tags but who knows if that is correct.
  5. Thoughts on putting a tool like this with a handle and using it for a roughing tool? https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08GC642WD/?coliid=I2S5SZWVNLVCKN&colid=NYT47X9AHMES&psc=1&ref_=lv_ov_lig_dp_it .40
  6. I got my chuck made today. Don't thinki could have picked a hotter day. 93 feels like 100.
  7. Using a parting tool, yesterday I was unable to get the tool to cut properly. Tool was chattering, squeaking, and causing vibration. It would cut but not very efficiently even though it appears reasonably sharp. Material old hard red oak. Savanah brand HSS tool, hand sharpened on stones. Spindle turning setup between drive center and live center Any tips to get this working better? .40
  8. Has anyone ever had good results with this type of sizing tool. It's supposed to make duplicate tenons/parting cuts and I keep getting tearouts/catches when I try to remove the tool. By the way, without the spacing arm, this parting tool(1/4") cuts like a dream.
  9. Road trip to Piqua, OH...to pick up my 2 saws from Chuck's Sharpening Service. Figured $20 for both saws....Chuck figured it at $10. Ok, Road Trip back home...stopped at a Yard Sale ( took up their entire yard, BTW).....had to get a tailgater off my rear bumper anyway....walked around a bit.... Bit of a handful... Pliers merely say Stainless steel.. One handle had 4 pointy objects...the other? had these 3, plus.. A square drive screwdriver....Price for this Gem? Seems to have been a decent day...
  10. From the album: Patriot Woodworker Community Fundraiser 2020

    The Patriot Woodworker's are honored to have this Easy Wood Tools Hollower #2 donated by an anonymous Patriot Woodworker for the purpose of our Summer 2020 Fundraiser. One of our Patriot Woodworker's contacted @Jim from Easy Wood Tools for the purchase of this tool, and instructed Jim that he/she remain anonymous for this donation, so we just want to say to whoever it is among us, THANK YOU! As of July 5th, 2020. This tool has been added to the line up of our prizes for this fundraiser. Value: 139.99
  11. From the album: Patriot Woodworker Community Fundraiser 2020

    Enter to Win! One recipient will receive: The Patriot Woodworker's are honored to have this set of tools donated by an anonymous Patriot Woodworker for the purpose of our Summer 2020 Fundraiser. One of our Patriot Woodworker's contacted @Jim from Easy Wood Tools for the purchase of these tools and instructed Jim that he/she remain anonymous for this donation, so we just want to say to whoever it is among us, THANK YOU! As of July 5th, 2020. These tools have been added to the line up of our prizes for this fundraiser. Value: 359.97
  12. I mean honestly guys should a hollowing tool handle be this big. Is it me or is this company over compensating for something???
  13. The Takenaka Carpentry Tools Museum was opened in 1984 in Nakayamate, Kobe, as the only museum of carpentry tools in Japan, with the objective to collect and conserve such disappearing tools as a cultural heritage, and to pass them on to the next generation through research and exhibitions. Source: About Us
  14. I have the 3 piece carbon steel turning set that Rockler had on sale last year. They stayed sharp a long time. If one edge dulls, you turn it to a new sharp surface. They are round, square and triangular. Today I went to turn the round one and got an idea. I removed the cutter and placed it on my hand diamond sharpening tool. One side is course and the other fine. The tops and bottoms of these are perfectly flat. I placed the top (cutting edge) down and worked my way thru the course to the fine. It did a good job and I am pleased at the results. The sharpener is from Home Depot and cost under $20
  15. Hey all you wood turners out there, I have a question for you, but first a bit of background on the problem. A few days ago I purchased a round bar hollower because it was a reasonable price without breaking the bank, and the cutter looked to be about the right size for most of the jobs I would have it do. Well I got it Saturday and tested it out a bit on some random scrap last night. Problem: When presenting the tool to the wood, the wood wants to yank and twist the tools cutter away from the wood. The question: Is there a way (WITHOUT destroying the tool) to flatten the bottom side of the bar to keep it (hopefully) from twisting? Of course I would wish to avoid grinding the back of the tool where the screw attaches to the bar, but beyond that I should be ok right? Thanks
  16. When I turn I go back and forth from a regular lathe to the Legacy and not excelling in either. This is where I started doing tea pots. Wife has been collection tea pots for a while and I thought why not add my little brainy thoughts. Just like hers, they don't do nothing but just sit there needing to be dusted......The tea pot I made her for our 50 th anniversary I accidently sold it at her yearly sale. I felt bad but money talks. So since then I made her a few more hoping she forget about it??? I don't especially like red stain but I still got lots of it from more than 50 years ago and need to use up. A few drops of this stuff goes a long ways. Some of the bottles the lids were not on real tight and in all those years the liquid has turned to dust.
  17. It was more than a hunnert dollahs It was the Glen Lucas one. Anyway I was jonesing to try it So I got myself a hunk of cheap steel bar 3/8" x 1" And I rummaged up a half inch hunk of hardened High speed Steel ( a metal lathe tool bit) TIG Welded 'em together and got this
  18. I've used the Makita drill set and know it's a workhorse for around $240. Is there anything truly comparable on the less than $240 side? I prefer Dewalt but not familiar with the new stuff...
  19. Wouldn't this make a wonderful tool cabinet conversion? The case is there, just add dividers and such, reinforce the doors and install piano hinges, I've been on the lookout for sometime now. I like the style too. Only 125 bucks, just a couple miles from me. I love repurposing, this I think would do the job.
  20. I have a soft spot for awls, ice picks and pin vises. Seems I can't pass one up when I see it at a sale. It does have to be reasonably priced though. If the tip needs replaced in a pin vise I found auto brake spring links can be reworked for use as seen in the upper right corned. The end from a long stemmed spring will work too. Get the Dremmel out, cut it to length, chuck it in the drill and sharpen it on the belt sander. For the Exacto knives the sharp end of a big safety pin works well. I like to use it when trying to get the release paper off the double stick tape. I have one ice pick that is new old stock and has a protective cardboard tube still on it. Here is a couple pictures but there are more I didn't gather from the metal shop out back.
  21. I am a self taught turner and have learned by trail and error, videos, books, etc. I have a nice assortment of turning tools and have learned to use all of them to achieve some nice turnings. However the tiny gouge pictured has me baffled. I have tried several times to use it and always end up digging or bending. I'd like to use it to make something but want to do it knowing much better than I do now about how to proceed. Does it require special rules? Things like speed, size of stock or just something that requires patience. A small twist of the wrist can inflict damage. Any advise is appreciated Thanks
  22. Version 1.0.0


    Publication date 1953 Usage Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 4.0 International This is from the site WKFineTools.com.
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