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  1. Stick486

    Tabs on the Weather...

    W/ all the different simultaneous weather systems in progress around the country.. I thought I'd try getting away w/ putting up a continuous running thread about what's going on around the country/continent weather wise... Here... High Mountains of central Colorado... a two front snow storm broke loose... (you should be here for a three front)... this isn't unusual and easy to deal w/... further out... add severe hail, T storms and high winds... out further, add severe rain and higher winds...... reaching into the low lands... all the above and tornado warnings... severe flash flood warnings are up for everybody... (severity just upgraded/extended through reverse 911)... now this could be worrisome... I'm 10,560'... I flood and a lot of you guys are gonna need the plans for arks... or... got boat???
  2. Stick486

    Tabs on the Weather...

    'skeeter farm...
  3. only the Shadow Knows...
  4. yur late... getting past the dogs and dodging the rocks and bullets was a bit tuff but... like I said yur late...
  5. Stick486


    I'm in...
  6. Stick486

    Birthday Wishes

    HOLY SMOKE!!! there Preston.... Happy Birthday dude...
  7. Stick486


    who'da thunk...
  8. Stick486


  9. that's some beautiful wood you have there Herb...
  10. Stick486

    Leigh D4 Jig

    no phd here...
  11. Stick486


    is that similar to de feet...
  12. Stick486


  13. YEAH!!! who said the dog is better at fishing than I am and routinely out fishes me... well... TAKE IT BACK BUDDY... I mean like hours and hours and hours of trying and she so busted out... like as in ZERO, ZILCH, ZIP - NADA!!!
  14. Stick486


    leg pulling allowed???
  15. Key lime pie... moved the work bench to the dining room....
  16. Stick486


    I'll help...
  17. Stick486

    Tabs on the Weather...

    you got that right... just wait Peter... we'll get ours and these heat fanatics will stop torturing us.....
  18. Stick486

    Leigh D4 Jig

  19. Stick486

    Recipe Box Prototype

  20. Stick486

    Useless conversation and other drivel...

    I know everybuddy here isn't fashion minded.... but I just saw a new fashion design that could also be practical for the working man or woman. Say you are working and wearing your cold weather and insect protective gear including your suspenders and suddenly get the urge to go.... What to do but strip down and expose yourself to bites, injury and the cold..... Well, here's the fix for that problem....

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