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  1. What a week! Hope this Wednesday finds you all safe and healthy. June 1st started our annual site fundraiser/raffle. Our generous sponsors have kicked in some fantastic prizes. Please check the announceent- Our Patriot Turners- @Ron Altier used some spalted Maple to make another fantastic ornament! Ron continues to use this UV finish and it really looks like it does a fantastic job. Check Ron's post for his description of a "happy little accident" @Ron Altier also started a great discussion based on something th
  2. Pulled motor on Powermatic 65 table saw, made repairs to elevation gears, reinstalled motor, and it will not run. It just buzzes and tries to turn. I checked switch for loose wires, plugged into wall socket that is running fine on belt sander. My volt/amp meter conked out, so I bought another one that has a clamp-on the cord type tester, but haven't checked it out. According to youtube, I can check capacitor with this tester. Will check it and also to see if a connection on the motor might have pulled out. Any other suggestions? Thanks!
  3. Looking for a good small detailed sander to use on turning projects. I just watched the video Ron Altier post about the whatchamacallit thing. I saw the guy using a small Makita sander that I think would be nice. Does anyone have this or is there something better out there. Not sure what to look for. Is there attachments that would be useful?? Thanks for the suggestions John T.
  4. One of my favorite blogger and craftsmen is The Renaissance Woodworker, and he has some great advice for the hand tool start-up woodworker. If your considering taking a dive into hand tool woodworking, read this wonderful advice, by a trusted source. Hand Tool Woodworking Instruction and Thoughts WWW.RENAISSANCEWOODWORKER.COM The Renaissance Woodworker is woodworking education with a focus on hand tool only construction techniques.
  5. I bought the Dewalt 733 planer seems like in 2000 and at the time I thought how I should take care of it... And my answer to a post the other day was completely wrong for I have never applied any kind of slickum to the base or table where the wood lays while the rollers are pulling the wood through the blades, never. The reasoning back then and still now.... A person should plane both sides of a board and try to take off the same amount of wood from each side. So the board gets flipped back and forth swapping sides until the ruffness and thickness is achieved.... Each time a person flips the b
  6. Ok so I need some advice about depth of a workbench / outfeed table I am about to build. So far height will be 36 & 1/2” by 44” wide. I have a fairly large table saw so I don’t need a ridiculous amount of out feed I don’t think. I have a Delta 36-725 for the record in half to 3/4 of a garage and with everything else in there not a ton of pathway. This is more like an assembly / outfeed bench. I just wanted to get some suggestions on how much depth I should build without wanting to rebuild it bigger a year later or get mad it’s too cumbersome. Max I can squeeze is around 30” maybe 36” if I
  7. So, I just broke another blade. What's the best one for the money for 14" Rockwell saw? Not interested in bi-metal ones. Anybody used a HF one? If so, would you do it again? Thanks!
  8. Hi, my mother-in-law has a storage shed on her property. It’s about 27 years old, neighbors tree fell on shed, roof no longer rain tight. Shed was an cheapie, did a great job lasting this long. Doors are sagging/rotting, roof has moss growing on it, particle board has become fall-aparticle-board. So I’m trying to find out whether it’s more cost advisable to buy a new, already made one(probably not), buy a precut kit, and assemble (maybe, but quality could still be an issue), or just get a set of plans build it myself, well with some help of course (I’m thinking this is the most inexpensive, an
  9. Ladies and Gents, I intend to spend time in the shop this summer. Time to tool up. I have a standard marking gauge, the kind with the spike on it. I don't like it much, it follows the grain. I see a lot of youtubers using a metal marking gauge with a rotary cutter on it. Who uses one of these, do you like it, and what brand do you recommend? Same question for saws. If I were buying a tenon saw or panel saw, what brands should I consider?
  10. Hi, I am hoping that some of our very knowledgeable members here will share their bountiful wisdom with me. (Did I lay it on too thick?) A good friend of mine has a small cabinet in his bathroom that matches their medicine cabinet. It appears that the wrong hinges were used on this cabinet. For the cabinet door to lay flat against the face of the cabinet, the hinges would need to be spaced out from the face by 1/8-3/16 of an inch. My friend tried to force it shut, and well........ the door didn’t take kindly to that. So the advice part.... I believe this is what is called a raised panel door.
  11. I'm not a turner but, I subscribe to Ron Brown's newsletter. He often publishes content applicable to general woodworking. This one is such a case. Hope you all find it as interesting as I did. If not, well it's only a few minutes lost. Choices I heard an artist on the radio voice his disgust over his recent interaction with the owner of an art gallery. It seems that the gallery owner had put stipulations on the kind of work he would accept – imagine the audacity! The artist was insulted that he wouldn’t be able to do whatever he wanted and go wherever his artistic leading too
  12. October already but the weather is more like early September. At least it isn't raining! Please checkout @John Morris's announcement concerning the Easy Wood Tools ornaments. Let's all pitch in and help load up the Easy Wood Tools lobby Christmas tree! You don't have to be the most experienced turner to create some neat items for their tree. Here's a couple of really easy spindle type items- Remember, you don't have to paint/decorate the turnings. @Jim from Easy Wood Tools told me they have volunteers who can do that.
  13. Guys, I need a doweling jig. Seems to be many to choose from. Any recommendations? Rick Sexton
  14. Hi, I am in need of advice from those more knowledgeable than me (so everybody). I’ve been looking on the various used items websites and have found two scroll saws I think I’m interested in. One is a 2004 Hegner Unimax, listed as brand new. This soon not seem to be sold any longer. They are asking $250 for it. Will it serve the needs of a newbie, and yet maybe last into journeyman status, or if I take to scrolling will it not be adequate in the future? Two is an RBI Industries scroll saw, used, and model number not listed. It also looks like the upper bar that holds the safety/clamp (I’m sure
  15. I may need to replace my inexpensive B&D jigsaw soon, it really heats up after about 15 minutes of use (130 degrees). I am looking for personal experience here I can google reviews or look on Amazon, but I want real reviews not cheerleaders. So, a couple of questions: 1. T or U? 2. Brand and model please. Thanks in advance. My usage is occasional, but when I do use it, it will be for hours at a time. The current project is cutting out large (38") snowflakes for the bosses wife (local winter fund raiser) 2 full sheets of 5/8 plywood. 4 sizes of snowflakes, at least
  16. My old faithful PC sander for 20 years finally went belly up. I need some suggestions for a replacement. Thanks for any help.
  17. Any commerical solutions that work at low cost for dust collection of my sliding miter saw. Also what are your homemade and proven dust collection for a miter saw solutions.
  18. I bought it new in 1997 and used it off and on for the first 17 years but in the last 3 I have used it a lot, sometimes daily. It has always run fine but today I turned it on and it ran for 1/2 a second then quit. Here's what I know: 1) It is getting power, I even switched to different circuit altogether 2) I pulled the switch out to verify that it is good 3) The brushes, though original, are still 1/2" long and show no signs of chipping or abnormal wear 4) The wires on the brushes are intact and the springs have plenty of tension 5) The motor is easy to spins (took the s
  19. Hi, I have an Unisaw and I bought it second hand about 10 years ago. Up until a few days ago it was opperation fine. But after ripping a few boards, when turing the saw on, the blade rotated slowly and then the 20 Amp breaker tripped. I attempted this a few more times and the same thing happened. I have a planer on the same circut and it worked fine. I took out the capacitor and the other fuse and had them tested at a motor shop and they told me that they were fine. I will attempt to switch the breaker on that line with another, but with this information, what else should I look a
  20. I need to lengthen a water supply line to a sink. The ½” copper supply line routs up through the bottom of the cabinet. Questions: 1) To lengthen the supply line I wanted to add a coupling, an extension, and a shut-off valve. What is the minimum distance I should try to maintain between the sweated on coupling and the sweated on shut-off valve? When I sweat on the shut-off valve I do not want to create a leak at the previous sweated on coupling . 2) What is the minimum distance I should have between the cabinet floor and the shut-off valve? I do not have anythin
  21. I am in the Market for a dust collector. I need 785 CFM for my Thickness Planar. 6" main line, 4" drops 2 x 2 1/2 drops (router and Chop saw) Will only use 3' of flex near tool then transition to rigid back to the dust collector. Static loss around 3" 1. Priority low noise. 1A. Hepa or 1 mciron. 2. Priority Cyclone separator 3 Priority must fit in 8' floor to ceiling. 4. Yes I only use one tool at a time now but if this build goes well I may have friends over running 2 to 3 devices. Total CFM then ~1500 CFM. 5. Blast gates will be used
  22. Want to install glass into an old grandfather clock door but found the door frame was warped,how do I straighten the frame? Thanks
  23. I need to add solid sides to my trailer so that I can pick up mulch. Please review my idea and let me know your thoughts. Purchase 3/8 x 4 x 8 CDX sheet of plywood. Purchase 2 X 1x4x8' of treated lumber. 1. Cut the plywood to fit the trailer length and width. 2. Cut the 1x4 into 3/4" square and mill a 3/8 deep by plywood thickness width dado down the middle. 3. on the top cord taper so water will drain. 4. on the top cords bottom install two saw curfs 1/16" deep 1/16" in both sides. (Water drip edge). before glue 5. on the bottom cord top taper to the
  24. RustyFN


    I am looking at two different lathes. I am looking at the Delta 46-460 and the Rikon 70-220VS. They both have 12.5 swing over the bed, 1hp motor, 5 year warranty, same price and same speed ranges. The Rikon can turn a 20 inch spindle and I think the Delta is only 16 inches. I would like to hear the good and bad from anybody that has experience with one of these lathes. I am leaning toward the Rikon because it is a little longer.
  25. Hi I am new here buy want to use this site for info on wood working. I want to start using box joints for some small boxes I want to build. I plan on using my table saw. with a sled Want to be able to do 1/4" and 3/8" joints. So here is my questions. How do I tell which size opening I need to use. Related to the width of the wood. All the videos I have watched no body says a thing about how they came up with the proper spacing on the last cut. Jeff
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